North Carolina Newspapers

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Head Our - Spsclal Premium for-to Vdariy
SaEiccritjoro on tho Fourth Pane I
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in for Xotiii'ittiim ('iuiiiiil'r:
Dkak IR: Your letter Hiving ma
formal notice of my Domination by
tl.o Peoples Party for thy cffice of
Vice-President hns been received.
It isaokly becauso t.t my promise
to do ko, that I aeept tho nomina
tion. The unusual conditions cn
frtiutiup u must be my vxcan i r
-ubmittiog to the public a fair Ktste
iiK Dt of thH facta touching thi to
ti:ar?aM campaign, in otd-r that all
uuprt juilied minds may reach jmt
( i)li('lUio,JK.
As tLit lime for bi ginning the
I'lfsiiUmtiRl campaign 01 idjo ap
tho Democratic party
I II HI 1 "J'l'li ' uum null,
I , ,111, 1
and i retried to a desperate remedy
1,. sv- list If from dissolution. It
I1'"'' 1.1. fl t
ri iiuiinwi tue iicpuoucan
it bad already enact-
nl into I.-iw, ami proicsaeu trie 10,1
uliMt 1 n fd which it had bitterly aa
liUd. Having closed the dvors of
tint riiintrf t- diver, having tustaiu
t .1 Mr. ,'! vi land in his r ttiBal to
nil w tl.o niuiorago r.oind, hav
ing condoned hi issue of bond. in i-
i. la1 ion of ltw, having acquiorccd iu
I, Y contr.irlion policy of deatroying
tl.o gri ciiback?, having h'dped to
I. . d tho trusts by tho paaantfi of the
U':lMn-lorman-tIonca tariff till, the
I), in-, critic party, realizing that it
ii. 'id lost tho riapoct, tho coaudoDco
and tin patiMicfl of tho people, do
it iiiuiumI to Hiiticipato ILjo triumph
. I' Populism by a public toufeeaiort
of political Kinlt, iui earnest aparr
tiou or thaupo of heart, a devout rc-
cpt:iuco of Populist princiilcs, and
modest dbinaud that tho Peoples
I 'arty tdtould vacate ita quarters afld
.-Uir ndfr its political possessions.
A very utaircorini; piece of politi-
1 ul iiupudeiice was thin. It was not
i ntiriority of tho Democratic party
uhieu murdered silver iu 1S'J3. It
wus a majority that did it ama
nnlv in tho House, a majority in
ihoSeuate. And tho iucu who com
niitttd tho dned cau uot now promise
inoroFoleiutily to nudo th ir work,
than tlioy promised in lb'J- not to do
So subservient was the Democra
tic msiority that they mado no tf
fort to prevent Mr. Cleveland and
Mr. Carlisle from destroying more
than ouo hundred million dollars of
tho paper currency, in violation of
the iduin lancuairo of the act of
Tho Democratic majority could
havo compelled the administration
to havo coined tho silver bullion
purchased under the act cf 1800,
and with thc.e silver dollar to have
redeemed tho treasury notes cf 18'JO.
The law to commands. Ms. Clove
land cut tho law under foot, and
tbusimvfd tho way for payments in
gold, audTUUS opened up the op
nortunitv for issuintr bonds. The
Democratic majority made no effort
to vindicate the Jaw ami favo me
PoyVs. Hucb is tho record the un
iloniablo record.
During tho dreary years of 1892,
II, 4 and 5, wheu llcpublicaas and
Democrats alike were fr.llicf over
each other in tho tffort to bo firt at
Wall Streets feet, and lov.vst in the
dust of political pelf-abr.j:einont to
the trusts, tho National Dinks, tho
railroads, tho bondholders and the
gold speculates, tho Teoles Party
was the one champion of the poo
ide. It stood fearlebsly against the
hungry hordes of class legislation.
It proclaimed constantly its undy
ing antagonism to Wall street and
its policies. It held aloft tho s acred
banner of a pooplo'a rishts, and call
t . t
ui coarse me democratic cmuu.
tiea at oar National convention were
broadmmded fUtesmen. patriotic
ana uDieinn. We know bo-
cause the Democrats, in 1 fese in-
m ens tney went, tell on
need, bat they are not to be allowed
to furnish a candidate for cither
place on the ticket.
In view of this ud patriotic con
dact, so selfish that it defeats its
own ambition, is to be regretted that
Th7 tirnti1 thai tnftina 4 vf I Iyni:.4- -1 L . I
aid coneictency of rureoi s-jt not vention did not
only dtmandine that the '2 palisU Populist ticket. Mr iad rmnt was
nominate Mr. Bryan, but c t they against the fasion movement at the
time, and subsequent events have
onven-1 confirmed me m that opinion.
of-the- By listening to the overtures of
)sed it Democratic managers, our party has
flAlm been torn intn fAtinna lai l.ri
Pooulism should adbre to tne prin- deceived and ensnared, and the
cipjfig upon which the party had cause we represent nerm&nentlv t,n-
the policy dansrered. if not lost- The labor of
many years is swept away, and the
nominate Mr. Bewail also.
The other faction in th
tioe was known as "Mid
Iiisd.'' The men who co:
had the braien effrontery
of good people
been founded and to
whica had ifiyen it srroWth. The
contended that our party had been I hones of th
born of deep distrnst of p.rvrir I are ffone with 5
tho old parties, and that a com pro-1 Instead of findine that onr nomi-
miso with either meant surrender nation of Mr. lrv tin tLf Kf T.nnia Vt it c
t..l .1 .1- rpi 1 . . I. '7 ..
u 'tcoiu. xuey ciaim ea mar tne tea 10 a compromise ticket, we see
silver movement waa a Sonth and I that it h hrnmrht no tn n ntnnn J
VVest movement, and believed that ditional surrender, or a fight,
the best way to unite South and All Populists are expected to vote
West waa to nominate a Southern for Mr. Bryan, but n- Democrat
J tA tnn with the Western man. feels bound to vote for iSf. Watapn.
They likewise that the best wav All Populists are expected to tW
to UbitO Populists and I)flmor.tal for Mr. 15rvn nrrirsi 1 V,a - ia V,;-
was to nominate a Populist to run nominee, but they are not exnrc.ted
with the Democrat. These middle-of- to vote for Mr. Watson, although he
the-road men said that it would be is likewise their nominee. The logic
filly to allow our party to b3 scoop- which carries the Populist vote to
ed off the face of the earth bv a Mr. Bryan seems tot exhaust it-
tnoro political trick. The party had self before it reaches Watson. And
been built up under many trials, jet the Populist convention refused
difficulties and discouragements. It to nominate Bryan until Watson had
had worked its way onward through been nominated. This would seem
abuse, ridicule, misrepresentation to indicate that Watson was at least
and electoral frauds. In the South as strong in the Populist convention
thy Democrats had said we were in as Bryan was.
the py of tho-Kepublicans. In the The Democratic managers how-
Wett the Republicans had said we ever, not only claim the Populist vote
were hired bf the Democrats. We for Mr. Bryan, who is our nominee,
hsdrrown steadily in spite of all but they claim it, also, for Mr. Sew-
slandets and rascalities, and now all, who is not our nominee, and who
at length we were masters of the sit- was overwhelmingly rejected when
uatiou. It seemed a pity to let our offered to the St. Loui8 convention,
enemies snaro us and destroy us. Personally, there has been no dis-
The Middle-of-the-Itoad men said position to find fault with Mr. Sewall,
that ours was the only silver party, but the issue at stake is a public one,
and that all patriots who really we Populists have folt quite at
wanted silver coinage, could afford liberty to point out our objections to
to join ua. Four years of fidelity. Mr. Sewall as a candidate tor office.
under the most trying circumstances Some of our fusion leaders have
had shown that we could be trusted developed great tenderness of feel
as champions of silver. Not a man iQK on tho subject of national bank
in our party was against it. On the ers bondholders, and millionaires,
other hand, the Middle-of-the-ltoad This is something new. Populism
men said they could not uncondi- had its birth in revolt against class
tionally trust the Democrats. Fhey legislation, and nothing more fully
had too recently slaughtered silver, embodies the pernicious power of
They were too fresh from the de- special privilege than does the na
bauch of broken pledgee. They tional banking system. For some
were still reeling from their mad years we Populists have used unlim
carousal of class legislation. They jted ink and unmeasured eloquence
could not be accepted as our politi- in denouncing the national banker's
cal masters, when so powerful a mi- privileges. According to the gospel
nority, opposed to silver, still re- of tnis "fusion" Populism, it seems
mained in their ranks; a minority that we have been violating the pro
which remains with Bryan beeause prieties. We are now told that we
it can better assassinate silver from must no say anything against Mr.
the inside ef the Democratic party Sewall. We must not explain to the
than from without. people wherein he is an objectiona-
It was Populist pressure which had b.le candidate, and we rrust not men
forced Democracy to quit straddling tion the fact that he is a national
and get down on the silver side of banker, a bondholder, a railroad
the fonce. To remove the pressure magnate, a corporation millionaire,
by disbanding the Peoples Party aa enemy to organized labor, a ben
was to invite the Democrats to renew eficiary of trusts, a seeker after sub
ibeiir t raddling1. sidies for the merchant raarins, and
These Middle of-the-lioad men said a protectionist of the McKiuley va-
that they were willing to help the riety.
Democrats open the mints to Bilver, Theso things must be kept from
but that the Chicago platform was, the people, I am told. Why so?
after all, nothing but another Dem- Haven't the voters a right to know
ocratic pledere. and that Democratic for whom they are voting?
pledges were at a dismal discount I HacLPopnlism always been so ex
in the market. qnisitely careful about giving of-
They insisted that the Peoples tense to the favorites of class legis-
Party ought not to disband until lation, would there today have been
their principles had been enacted any such thing as the Peoples
into law. Getting them incorpor- Party?
porated into the Democratic platform Mr. Sewall represents nothing
was not quite equivalent to the force which Populism seeks. By his local
ana blessing or remedial legislation, environment; by his financial inter-
Between the broadminded Popu- ests, and by his political principles,
lists who were clamoiin? for nncon-l he stands incomplete antagonism to
ditional surrender to Democracy, Populism. Not even npon the silver
,t a narintd i mid i!.fnil th ami the middle-of-the-roaders who I question has h the right to demand
Republic. Winco tho bucie-noto oiP" rupuasm 10 uu irue iu 11s " duFj.v i "iw
lihodt rick wokotho highlands, and nnssion, quite a wrangle ensued at e nas inot Deen Known as a cnam
the fiery-cross tpod from mountain St. Louis. pion ot tne cause; ne made no pro-
to irlen and from elm to hamlot. You were present at St. Loui3, test when Maine nominated a gold
a... u v v, .n,.nf.nfln,w Senator, and von therefore know bug Democrat tor Governor on a
nntbiir-t of nonnlar nthu.niisim as that after Senator Allen made his gold bug platform, although he was
' - r-i . - . I ir a x. -rrri I V.- u
marked the irrowth of tho 1 eor,Ie3 puoiio statement mat ine western momuoi uj. mo uioro wuneuuuu
' I T1 1 A . A. 11 I U A M w r4- IntAIRII Yl.lWl.Alw AC A
!... .. I v,,,. n.nnDi nna I i UDU11SL3 WBTB I70ini7 O snDDDrt Ufl no.auv.-i, uuvnu uuuiii y . as a
xnnv. uuo tiu,uuo,uirov, vuv . . . . 7 . I e :i -loor
i,Q ,,n ;nintr.(;,m ninvt n.H. Democratic ticket, wnetner it was inenu 10 suyer unyi i une xoyu, anu
""l'v "" ok"V" " 1 Ji A.y T i; t j. 1,a aa V,a U U
vuuurseu uy me rouuiisis or nyi, iub i " 1110,1 no msuu wo giu
and had wo sternly put temptation
aside, and nominated a straight
Populist ticket at St. Louia, one man
from the West and one from the
Sauth, wo would havo swept this
land from sea to sea. Democrats
like Senator Gorman and D. B. Hill
would havo been driven to their true
toral vote eocid be cxpecUd in those
cbt as-ridden section.
Therefore the bold policy of mak
ing adireet appeal to the South and
West, a against th money power
and corporation icf! ?enees . of the
Kant and North, was the one policy
upon which the two great producing
sections could have been united, the
ailver forces concentrated, tbe Pop
ulists and Democrats harmonised,
and MeKtnley utterly rooted.
Instead of this plain, maaly and
logical campaign in which the Pop
ulist masaes could have been en
listed, devotedly and unanimously,
we have had tbe crafty policy of fa
sion which compels the Populists to
vote for Sewall, and which has dis
heartened our taen and filled them
with disgust. A vote for a Sewall
elector, means a vote for Sewall. and
no Populist ran vote for Sewall
without abandoning his creed. -It'
once we support a man who stauds
for the National Banks, corporations,
railroads, trusts, and McKinley
tariffs, as Sewall does. Populism can
never be heard hereafter to declaim
against class legislation and tho fa
vorite thereof. We would be es
topped, because we had endorsed it
in voting for Sewall.
Besides, out- National convention
expressly rejected Sewall, and Pop
ulist voters should not bo compelled
to vote, though fusion deal?, for a
man their convention refused to ac
cept. Both Kansas and Colorado are
Populist States and yet the Popu
list nominees are not to receive
a single electoral vote in either
State. The Democratic ticket, Bryan
and Sewall, will receive them all.
In Kansas the people have been
soothed by the assurance that the
electors would vote for Watson, pro
vided Watson got more votes else
where than Sewall got.
When in Kansas, recently, I
warned oui people of this snare. -1
told them that Sowal! would receive
all those votes' else the Democrats
would not have conceded so much
to get them, oa have since sent
me a letter written by Chairman
Breidenthal, in which the tacit ad
mission is made that Sewall is to re
ceive all the electoral votes of Kan
sas, it tbe present deal stands.
Thus the Populists cf Kansas and
Colorado have been disfranchised.
Worse than that they have been
delivered to a fusion where nono of
their votes count for the Ponnlist
ticket. They must vote for Sywall
and thus violate their principles
In North Carolina where fusion
has been arranged with the Repub-
lcans on the State and county tick
ets, and with Democrats on the Na
tional ticket, Mr. Sewall gets a ma
jority of the electors.
North Carolina is supposed to be
a Populist State. Upon that idea she
was allowed ninety hve votes in our
National convention. Theact that
in North Carolina we have now con
ceded a majority of tne electors to
Mr. Sewall, would indicate our vote
in North Carolina has undergone f
disastrous shrinkage sir..e our Na
tional convention adjourned, or chat
the National ticket nas been used
for mercantile purposes
Senator, a reform party has no right
to exist if it has no valid complaint
to make. Populists cannot denounce
tne Bins or tne two old parties, and
yet go into political co-partnership
with them. Tho moment we make a
treaty, the war must cease.
Ana wnen we cease our war upon
the two old parties, we have no
longer any excuse for living. When
oversight compromises with Wrong,
it is the Right which suffers. A re
form movement is necessarily an as
sault an attack upon intrenched er
ror. Whenever the attacking force
halts, it begins to melt away. To
route Republicanism, we must con
tmually assail it. We cannot be
friends Vo it one day, and enemies to
it the noxt. The same truth applies
to the Democratic party. . Whenever
we.ceaae our warfare upon old party
errors, and go into partnership with
them, we lose all moral force; we
lose our own crusading spirit; we
show the public that we
middle-of-the-road faction met in clause" in ms own contracts proves
caucus and determined to put forth either a want of the sincerity the oc-
a straicht Pooulist ticket. Twenty- casion demands, or a lack of that
one States were represented in this taitn needtui to tne moving or moun
caucus. It selected Hon. S. F. Nor- tains.
ton of Illinois and Hon. Frank Bur- Mr. Sewall, then, having been re-
kitt of Mississippi as the middle of Ijected by the Peoples Party, and
welcomed aa ben-tily Binrfcrr
waa reird by WVUicirtoo - at Wa
terloo. They wanl my rrinforee
meata, bat they do nt wat me to
lead them. They ned Blacker
troops, bat they drsvw the line at
Blue her.
That U Latdly fair either to Blaeb
er or hu troop, cor is it lb
way to defeat Napoleon.
For thia attitude npon the part of
the Democratic manaffar. I believe
that you, Senator, are ltrgoly r
iou made no effort to nave me I
ltiabardly brcnry fr m
aay that I brtij ? th r!t.
fotui open whora I tmifttV.
In apecb, in editorial, ia pcjpll.
I have ditcautd. fvr ) ya,
every taaoe Popaluaa raiev. aid rat
poeiucn upon them a'l i . a,i
known that I need to ilio
beatlaioo of Pop lit t prineipl-t Lre.
Tbe poaitioa taken n h:t bttcr
will be bitterly aiaid Waid
that the pathway or datj wr 1
wart carp ted with nover. It rare
ly i. By making t&jftelf. and the
great party I reprei:t, a mr !.
mat for Democratic'in.r to
ipe ueir reel apoa. 1 outu iu
recognised. Yoa pablicly atattd that
I weald not be notified of my nomina
tion. You went into the f uaios pol-1 much applause, from that uanrter
icy, overmy written prof cat, witn I Hat it I were now Uckicc ia tl
an tne real 01 a man wuo wanvea 101 iwjaiiy wicn waa expected l rj
elect the Democratic ticket.
In this, I think you were wrong.
Aa chairman of the Populi-t com
mittee, the party certainly expected
you to do all you could to elect the
ropulist ticket.
Had yoa demanded Mr. Sewall'
withdrawal from the ticket, he
wopjd nave been withdrawn. I have
a letter of yours in which you state
that the Democratic committee ex-
hen chosen, I would grieve tr - n.-t.
who have honored tne. traattd iu.
and loved me.
In tbia reform movement, t lii.b
I have devottd -U'ht of the tt
years of my l.fe, I have lett mu-L
bat my ova self-ret pret baa t ot btt t
los, ncr the resptct of ihoa hos
rrmeiple4 1 represented and h
battlea I Late fought.
Through good report and t-i'
pec ted you to make the demand, but I through sunshine and through a'.orm.
that you did not make it. 1 1 have been true to this great cauie.
rrom ice perversity 01 temper 1 sb'j 1 taaij not oisnonor it now.
with which the Democratic mana-l 1 id cot seek thia nminatioo. nrr
gera have refused to do the right
thing by the Populists, it would feem
that they prefer McKinleyism to
anything whieh might seem to be
partly a Populist triumph.
iheir subtle purpose is to couple
Bryan's election with the complete
destruction of the Peoples Paitv.
They mean to elect bath Bryan and
Sewall both or neither. They can
not endure the thought that the vic
tory shall be shared by Populism.
They are willing to use the Populist
nominee as a lever to move Populist
votes but not as an ally who had
any righta they are bound to respect.
The St. Louis compromise ticket
should have been insisted upon for
two reasons:
1st. Because Mr. Bryan can not be
otherwise elected.
2nd. Because the triumph of sil
ver can not be otherwise assured.
To elect Mr. Bryan, the Populists
desire it. Had I aikd th? Presi
dential nomination of the Peoples
Party and cone to St. ouis to claim
it, no power of the Democratic eai
earics could have kept it from tne.
It was cut of a b-artftlt d sire to
help unite all the reform forces, and
at tbe samo time to savo my prty
and its piiaciple from utter wreck,
that I agreed to accept second place
on the compromise ticket.
I stood ready to join hand with
Mr. Bryan, and to aid him in har
monizing Populibta and t.lver Dem
ocrats, and in uniting the South aud
West, to tho end that we might
achieve a victory against McKinley
and McKinleyism. Kuaioa with
Bryan meant no sacrifica of princi
ple; fusion with Sewall does.
No one regrets more profoundly
man 1 do mat tho Democratic man
agers have so shaped the campaign,
that the South has again been told
that she must grovel in the dnst and
votes are necessary, and he can not let an Eastern plutocrat put hi foot
get them if I should come off the upon her neck.
ticket voluntarily, or be virtually Nor does anyone regret more than
forced off by the bewail fusions. If 1 1 do that the Democratic ruauasera.
you and Mr. Jones think tbe Popu-lin shaping their fusion deale.
lists will vote for Bryan after they havo considered those Populists,
realized that Watson has been prac-1 only, who wero getting loaves and
tically pushed off the ticket by fu- fishes. They have lost sight of the
eion deals, you are making a huge great army of the privates-, whose
blunder. Bryan is being ruined by I honest hearts ana sincere fouIs
the efforts to force Sewall's election I forms the strength of th reinforce-
also. Populists will not vote a I ment Mr. Bryan needs. These Pop
ticket which is all Democratic. I nlists of the rank and file hae the
. In the second place, we must pre-1 spirit of the crusaders, and they
servetne feoples rarty from ab- would die for a principle more quick
sorption by the Democrats, in thelly than they would sell it.
interest of silver. These men will not vote for Sewall,
In Bryan's own party, weakened nor for Sewall electors. I f Sena
as it already is by the "Sound Mon- tors Jones and Gorman really wish
ey" defection, there is the powerful I to defeat McKinley let them lose no
Uorman element which will do all it time in realizing this truth.
can to tie Bryan's hands. Wherever
the Democrats can do so, they are
eieotiiig - men to Congress who
are enemies to silver. The Tam
manyites are really no friends of sil
ver. Neither are the repre
sentatives which Democracy may
elect from Chicago, New Or
eans, Philadelphia, Baltimore
and other similar money-centers.
Senator Gorman the goldbug.
is virtually controlling the Demo
cratic party machinery, and gold
bug Democrats everywhere are say
ing that they are supporting Mr.
Bryan because his election will not
meanfr6e silver. They boast that
he ean not carry out his pledges.
In the event of Bryan's election,
this anti-silver element in the Demo
cratic party will join forces in Con
Yours, etc.
Thomas E. Watson.
Thompson, Ga., Oct. 14, 'DO.
Tt railroad of tte United 8tav.
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et tbe to as mo eh cr sacre to carry.
to watrn mat sooner or ir Ik
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nDtMttfatm at least uuol
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l'nt. Tbero is bo y to e
eaH any ! tat tardea cfdeU. ea-
"pt ihr'vb the dKr of bBi-
rapVj. vitLtke Mntl f teceiter-
Mpsabd revrod tstioD. AlraJr.
laiu a irw years, s crest t-M rf
the ralay j'-e of the Lbiu1
o'ate bare rot rid of beitiob t
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inir tbiiitier ty Ibis very imrs
0;b rvise. the tutnl inlun. nf ...I.
w tni U itientined aove would
b ccn.l-rabJT ttrrtttr tbaa it tuv
iiii.l4 .t prefer, ilm rsilroj
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i-u-j-iliitl h inf tll'M .-!lf r
cbligrtt to niVe csetj tu.l f read!
in th whole votiutr .o ,cd pv
n'.rrtst on an averse fite. debt f
arn ut f 40,110-wsge ard otbtrvu-
eraiicg expta&es baring beea met
bttore anything can be rivt n to th
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wbtcn e l ave l-een releiririf of I
course do not ioclad- tbe volumin
ous lsu'H c r stock wbich temettat
m ownership rather than tbe in
debtiief rf the roal. Tbe 10 an-
ageiueot 01 lauwsy vompaciea 10
tb Uuitcd State- is'oftcn autocratic I
inthelaiit degree. When otsre di
rectors have been tlecUd bv the
voto of the uiai-irity of the share hoi-
dfrs taey take tb most impoiiatt
ttepi without ever eonsul'tcg the
the shareholder?; aud ia their an
nual report tbey give only sneh la
formation as thty pleaae, babjret to
no examination by independent au
ditors. Th'n ttate of tbinira natur
ally leads to grave abuaes, direc-
toral management and
speculation io bonds and ah area
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rman SSSta u
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tW.r rat it r.kOlU(kHit
aarly oa halt last santee lll
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til 1U UaM. mm
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tbtee Ibdrpeaeeal sllsef MPwr
ptiuaa lter, wTUr4
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Jeter C I'nteaard. sway bm eiiae a
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tare. b.n aMUr rty a mm:
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btre aed elect. la tl at 4
Irit:har4 Ult- rtum !. .
eewr, 11 I aerte4 l-e will l 4e4c.
ej In ftOiaeee la Ue i free eilt-r.
wbirti rlse tin B 4.
et.Jecl eilirr insn.
lt tbirtj hebatort sbuM twtu
expire II an t. 4 re: Allisvv.ef lesia ;
hj.rkburn. u Kenttray. HUarbard.
of LofcUltba; Urine. of tU; Beovv
of l.'lab; t ail. .f H.rtJa; Caener!
u reiicjli-ala. IiwU.U. ,f Idabo;
Ualiio(er,of HaBnbirr;Oibo.
of IfarjUnij; (Art., r (Georgia;
Ilanbrou(b. of .Norlb Ikt4a; Jlill
of New Yra; Irbr ofsih t arotiba;
Jan a!Ariit.;Jr.,f vatla;
Kjle. of rnutb llo.; Milrbell. 01
Orrgoo; SlinM.of VersM..i; atM.rr.
of liliMois; lvrrr. .f k ; IVrbia.
of Califoraia; Tiatl. f l.Bi.eetleut;
rritcbard. tr Ncrib t'aroltoa; l'ucb.
of Atabaoia; Mqulre. of Watbirglon;
inter, 11 t oturaaa; Vest, of Ml,
soun; Vilas, of n iscoasia.aad Voor.
bees, of Indiana. Tbe re rr claMe4
io I be last seweion of tbe present Con
gress as fourteen KeMiblienn. four.
di.bonI.i Jrala, one loerpeadent, and
dishonest one Farmers' Alliance. Nrnator Kyle
larea. I Is tne ladependent, and henator f.
fer tbe tarmrra' Alliance rtw
tattoo. Neitber one of lbewe ntl..
iben ia partial to tbe term of I'opu.
liat.cwsUMnarilr annli iu it.n.
PXMlKBAia Utridttl ISttOkl.
Wblle tbe llepubllcan apparently
Lave gained but one feeator, tney
have really gained a Senator m earb of
seven Mates. Maryland, New York.
I'iiilaJ:pLia Record.)
The railroad interests ot tbe Unit-
r d States, it ia hardly neceaxary to
say, are lnatnenaely important not
only to tho tdiare and bondholders,
but to the whole country aa well.
And yet their present condition ia
.1 ... 1 ...ii. t . . 1
u--i'i"iuiv. iuunv ui mrm wersei' . . . . . .
travaganlly built and many of them V!,., "a. Htoia. kentorkj.and
. . J 1 1 r.num m l l ti a a... . . . .
bare been corruptly manaeed. I n I " ... . " 7 , " . .m"
euna.qna.e- their bond, and atork. of Tu. X&i7X&
are out of all proportion to tho real question, tbe Keniibtican. bM. iwt
value of the roads Many of them Senators from Colorado, Idaho, H1.1.
by schemes of reorganization have ingtoo, Utah, and Nevada. Senator -yed the investment ? inuo- Jonas, cf Nevada, wbo will no reurn
c?nt hold. r, and enabled lbe reck- f4."111, bj claaaed a Populist ; Waab
leaa mann-.-er. whose nohev and ? f lflalatare will elect an out-
whc?o acta havo
ertiea with wnicu hey wf-re intrast
ed to l arkiuptcy, to retire in ae
curity vrith ill-gotten fortunes. Tbe
ouly r-nedy of this stati ui affairs
is effective legislation. Ancthtr
tning that tiquirt legislation and
To Hon. Tho. K. Wiuaci'i Letter of Ac
ceptance Why The Publication wmSop
pressed by The National Chairman.
Washington, Nov. 1C In view of
the fact that the letter of Tom Wat
son accepting tbe vice-Presidential
nomination of the PopulUt Party lias
been published, Senator Marion But
ler yesterday made public Lis reply,
written when Mr. Watson's letter
was received, in which be took ac
ceptance to its tone.
Washington, D.C., Oct. 26.
:Hon. Thos. E. Watson, Thompson, Ga. ;
"Dear Sir: Yo?;r letter of accepr-
gress with the goldbug Republicans, ance wa received Saturday night. It
and the Sound Monev -Democrats. M11 been detrincd In the ptistoillce
Remembering that even among the
silver Democrats who have been Te
nia the Republican camp; and me-roaa nominees ior rresiaem ana 1 tne compromise ticket having been
r . tt:. . n j l. u i tt. j i , - n i -m . ...
Democrats like Mr. Bryan and JUr. v ice-x resiueni respectively. maae up or joryan ana watson, mis
Bland would have been driven to these gentlemen been nominated l compromise should have been ac
TnKiii true place the Populist camp. "1 the middle of-the-road men of I cepted in good faith and carried out.
Thus Populist principles would convention, 1 uu not, ueiiie to Not only was the acceptance o
have been represented by Populist say tuat tneywouid nave received the St LoTlis compromise on the
leaders, men who aro neither "J. uearty support as againai tne part of Mr Bryan's managers neces-
asuamed of their creed, nor of their ,nicago ticket or tne uemocratic sary to pacify the Populists who had
associates. party. bitterly opposed the fusion pro-
At Chicago, the Democratic man-1 But I was ignorant of the action gramme, but this compromise which
agers having adopted the leading of the caucus, and did not learn the put a man from the West and one
Populists principles, nominated tor, 1 tacts till alter tne convention ad- from the South together on the Na
the first place on the ticket, a can- Mourned. I was asked to allow the tional ticket was earnestly desired
didate who endorses those princi-1 use of my name to harmonize all the I by the great mass of the Southern
pies. I differences which existed in the con- and Western Democrats. These
But there was a powerful minority vention and consented upon mat ex- Democrats of the rank and file, who
present which protested against the press condition. Thereupon, the were not seeking office, realized that
nomineo and against the platform. I names of Messrs. Norton and Burkitt a golden opportunity was offered to
To pacify this anti-Bryan element in were not presented and the nomina- unite the South and West and thus
Bryan's own party, they named for tion or tne Uryan-watson ticket join in political alliance two great
the second place on tho ticket, a I then followed; it being understood I sections whose interests and princi-
candidato who represents the mi- that if the Populists accepted the pies were the same, and which, if
nority element of tho Chicago con- Democratic nominee, the Democrats united, could dominate the union
vention as thoroughly as Mr. Bryan I would accept the nominee of the and redeem the Republic from the
represents the msiority. In the de-1 Populists. I ruinious class legislation of the
lirium of joy among the silver men, There is no doubt that among the East and the North.
which followed their victory, the voters of the Democratic party, ot only did the Democrats real
representaives of the Eastern cor- South and West, there Was an earn-I ;7a tVin.t lrtva.1 A.ihArAn.A to the St'
poration interests, railroad interests est desire that the Populists should Louis compromise was necessary to
anu manumciunug interests rurewa- oe met nan way. ine people wiauea Unite the South and West, but they
ly manipulated the nomination oi for a union among the advocates of saw wag ais0 necessary to the
Mr. bewail, and thus, before the silver, and they felt that union could combination which was expected to
Bryan men well knew what had I not be accomplished by demanding I A.jve ajj Qe 8iiyer votes to Mr.
been done, they had been checkmated I an abject surrender at the hands of Bryan.
in the very hour of their rejoicing. the Populists. . Hence, almost to a man, the rank
H ollowing the Democratic conven- Ihe leaders of the Democratic nlo nAmonrate nf the Sonth and
tion, came the Populi3t National party, however, having secured West said: "The Populists have
convention at St. Louis. Populist endorsement of Mr. Bryan r.. AT.ono.h: wo on?ht to meet
la . I D 7 O
Two distinct factions appeared, ojwurect vote in the convention, ae- them half way and thus unite our
une was composed of Democratic wrmmeu to secure u ior jut. obwwi people."
emissaries who demanded the Peo- aiso uu lur 11118 purpose mey nave jjat the Democratic managers
piea rarty should unconditionally wiu to mo poncy 01 insion. wonld not have it so. Tney were
endorse the Democratic ticket, and! Instead of meeting the Populists not ashamed to say that the Demo-
thereby abandon its own separate I half way, the Democratic managers I crats of the East and North would
existence, surrender its own creed, have demanded that we furnish all leave the ticket by thousands if a
and trust the f uturo of the country the patriotism whieh the occasion I Southern man were put npon it
to the patriotic impulses of a party requires; and they not only refuse Populists were expected to be pa
which had so recently plastereed the to make any concessions at I triotic enough to vote for the Demo
continent with bonds, closed the all, but- they treat with I cratic nominee, but the Democrats
mints to silver, acquiesced in Cleve-1 public insult tne party whose of the East and North were not ex-
land's "single gold standard" and votes are necessary to Democratic I pected to be patriotic enough to vote
made no effort to stay the lavish ex-1 success. - In other words, Populism I for the Populist nominee. Every
travagance in Congress, whieh was I is allowed to furnish all the earn-1 intelligent Democrat in the South
then, and is now, adding from two to paign principles, all the self-sacn- and West knew that the East and
ten million dollars monthly to the rice and patriotism, and the two North were not eromer to help ns
national debt. I million votes which the Democrats I win this silver fisrht. Not one elec
for want of suilicient postage.
"You, in effect, advisa Populists not
nominated for Congress, are many that have been arranged in a large
of the flexible statesmen who voted number of States. Is it possible that
against silver in 1892 and 1893, the you fully appreciate the effect of sucb
unprejudiced observer can readily advice? At least, upon reflection you
see that Mr. Brvan can no more car- must know that if enough Populists
are mere rv out his pledzes without Populist DOU,,low ?ocll dvice it would
liJ kel than he Catt b6 el6Cted 325oi of McKinley. ISweOfwSJ
wm. , . . advice ahould be followed by enough
duce the issue to that of merely ex- Again, if he is defeated, the anti- Populists, the Peoples Party wo.fld
changing one set of place-hunters silver forces in his party will at once not have a sioele elector in tbe eleo-
for another. If we represent noth- pull lose, and join the sound money toral college. In tbe States where we
ing but a contest of the "outs" Democrats thus leaving the silver have joint electoral tickets we will
against the "ins," we area lot of Democrats utterly homeless and get every elector that we name; and,
hnmbne-s. naradin? as reformers. 1 holnlona wirbnTil-. Prmnlist A Desiaes, it 13 in tnose Males Where
n tbe interest or th ra Irond com
panics tbt-mt.elri-8 ia tbo limitatioa
of amounts givrn by jarora in r.a;i
dont cates. If jirora may. withcat
imit, give to a plaintiff in accident
case whatever their prejudicea or
sympathies may suggost, it is easy
to perceive that herein ia a me
nace to the existence of the proper
ty itself a property in which not
merely tharcholdera and auditora
are inteicsted, but th whole com
munity a well. In England, by
the Employerb' Liability act, the
amount cf ccinpt mation iu the case
of injuiy to a workman, wo believe,
is not to exceed three years earning
of the employe. Thia may not be
enough; but both in the cae of em
ployes and others, we veutare to
thick, there should be at me limit,
some impediment to the extravagant
verdict which have recently illua-
rated the proceedings of the courts.
and we deserve the contempt of ail
good people.
To win in this campaign, there
should haye been immediate and con
centrated efforts to unite the South
and West, from whence the free sil
ver majorities must come. There
should also have been conciliatory
measures adopted to harmonize Pop
ulists and silver Democrats.
Thus far' in the campaign, the
South has been conciliated by sneers,
misrepresentations and abuse hurled
at the Southern nominee.
The Populists haye been mollified
by being toid "to go to the negroes
where they belonged."
vw A will rrat t.lia Kullr if nnf all nf IK.
v.. M I V.V VUW UU.n, UWU 4.1 , V.
xnereiore in eitner event, every Ponnlea Partv nnnrrMamon. In vonr
sentiment ox loyaiy 10 mi. rryan, 1 own state, and other
and to the eause or silver, demand
that we maintain the full national
organization of the Peoples Party.
We should not fuse its moral
force away. We should not hamper
its progress with entangling alli
ances. We should not lose the con
fidence of the public, and lose our
own self-respect by showing that
our principles and our vote merely
constitutes a stock in trade to be
sold to whomsover will buy. We
should bear in mind that onr voters
are men of convictions and can not
be delivered like cattle. to those who
States wbich
advice ' against
will not get a
fear not many
The American people are high- trade for them.
minded and fair quick to see in It should also be remembered that
justice, swift to condemn it. silver is not the only issae we raise.
To all unoreindiced and manlv We have been from the first its
have followed your
electoral tickets, we
single el e it or, and I
Congressmen, if any.
"You certainly cannot mean, how
ever you may have favored a middle-of-the-ro&d
policy in the beginning.
to advise your friends to do that which
at this time would be the most effective
agency in placing in power McKinley
and bis backers the trusts and mo
"Can any personal or party injust
ice, however great, justify ua in being
responsible, either directly or indi
rectly, for placing in power tbe stock
lobbers, monopolists, trusta. tbe Brit
ish gold ring, and all of the combined
robbers of the people and enemies of
rood government? In tbe name of
outraged and suffering humanity
whose prayers to-day go up rrom roil-
brought the prp-VU " , Zl 1
Idaho, Colorado, a i.d L'tab taill be free
ailvrrites, witboU much tegsrd for
political ainiiatitu with any otbr
party. I Maw are. wbir h has but balf
ita allotted representation in tbe en
ate during tbe past two years. Is not
claaaed witb tbe above thirty, as tbe
seat las been vacant fitire March 4,
1WS. Tbe legislature last elected In
that Mate la apparently 1 eaocratie.
and will probably elect a Senator of
that party. Kentucky's lat lgi.U
ture also failed to elect, but Senator
lltackburn'a term does not expire un
til toe ro 01 jaarcn.
An rip-! Laiary
The British people keep an et-
p?P8ive luxury, the royal family.
all, like qaen bee?, fed bj th work
ers; numtrous children, gracd-
children, et, each drawing an in
come from the government fir his
caaTAiv to arav anions.
Senators wbo art certainly not com
ing back are Blackburn, of Kentucky;
Brice, of Ohio; Cameron, of Pennsyl
vania wbo baa already declined f o bo
a candidate; liill.of New York; Palm
er, of Illinois; Yoorbees, of Indiana;
Vilas, of Wisconsin; fiordou, of Geor
gia; Irby, of Mouta Carolina, and Ar
thur Brown, of Cub. Senator Gordon
declined aome time ago to serve again,
and Senator Irby 'a successor was chos
en at tbe late primaries lo South Car
olina, where tbe candidates were ex
Oovarnor John Oary Kvans and Judge
W. II. Ksrle. Evans waa a Tlllmamte
and waa defeated by Earle, wbo will,
therefore, under tbe new Constitution
oft Mate, be tbe next Senator.
Brown, of Utah, waa not a bolter at
St, Louts, and will not be returned by
tbe free silver legislature of bis State.
Other Senatora wbo may not be re
turned are Call, of Florida; Squire, of
Washington, and Dubois, of Idaho.
While tbe Florida legislature la safe
ly Deroocratie there are otters be
sides Mr. Call wbo want Lo be Sena.
i. . v :.. .i.;. a I wuw wiui
Ui uu.Um. c .u vu.o ia,uuW), tsrt ana ,t Atd fc Lm a-AadT fa.
A A' 1 AA A VA. 1 A AA. I. ff I. I A I - -
uuu imiii iti isuiiiT. wub wc 1 tu uruioa id UN race, rsoaire ted iu.
have a telegraph monopoly tj which I boia are practically in tbe same boar.
we contribute jest acout a much
each year as it takes to support the
British roval family, with all its
branches, palaces, c-btles, etc. The
British have gotton rid cf their
or rather have fallen out of it. Both
were Republicans, and bolted tbe St.
Ixuia platform.
riaTT-rirTH rovaaasu
Tbe full list of Congressmen elected
mil. a in jn.a hi. ana a a a. a i.i cm iin. uoaii a a'-' . ... -
riavr-iifnr nnr hein and demand our ' recebtlf rstatlished a branch in
- : . . a a M W 11 a 1 A 1 A m.
a 1 r ranee, an on me mwei vdv. wc
men, regardless or party, I submit inenu. xnvery one ot our votes nave 1 lions of homes for William J. Bryan
the statement that never before has been given tor it. iney always win in his historic and marvelous strug
anv party, so badlv needed as ours. be. I gle against the miniooa of corporate
" - ' I T . a 1 I -aA ..9 st-,. 1 1 1 a a am ati sea. A or
been so badly treated. Invited to uut mere are ouier pianss m our ru uu mB ucmou 8viu "--w
n c a 1 a.IaI- r. 1 niflrTfififi sinna v aa. a 1 m viwra vt r aa 1 icv o omn i j wua.a -v.wa.-.
U Ul. llitj UOlUlObS UV- I f-va.w nMa.Vj 0 aaaaaewaavawaav. I J k.U nM K.'. k.nH. and Ha t ha
. - 1 a-1 -1 a.z 3 a. I nuu iiuiu uu 111a iiai uuo amaiaa v v aua
mocracy, we naye receivea no gen-1 fuii dutV of Americana and patriots.
erous recognition from those who anora 10 aoanaon our enure ruuai, i..II..HlTl.inh.rth.titUs sutTerina
appealed to ns, and whose appeal wnen we can aiu me democrats quite 1 neoole and a betrayed republic, and
we heard. We did not co to them as well by preserving our identity not Democratic politicians, that to-
for aid thevcame to ns. And vet I as by losing it.
a I a- . a -a m I S a. 1 a. B S
they refuse to recognize our right to I in tneir maa poney or jeoparaiz- services, jjryanwui oe eiecteu sou
either place on the ticket which theyl iug the cause of silver, rather than the government redeemed if every pa
admit our votes must elect. They make any .concession to national t"'doa, bl8 ,UL d,T- .
want our help;-bnt we must come Populism, it appears that the Demo- t&h
asservants earnings a wage, not as cratic managers would be willing to advice which, if followed, would
friends sharing a duty, and an honor, make asaennceor notn xsryan ana Bureiy help the common enemy.
They are the prodigals, not we, silver, it tney can out destroy ropu- "Ityou do not, then you youraeir
yet they signalize their return tollism. I must assume the responsibility or giv
princiDles thev abandoned, bv per- in your letter, senator, you say ing aucn a aocumeot to tuc
sistent efforts to dno-radft and disrnnt ours is the first political party that this time. Yours truly,
. . . - 51 I 1 . .1 V aB 1 I
the party which has been true to su-1 ever aemanaea aoomion or oanas 01
ver during the years in which . they I issue, monopolies, etc. in tnis you 1 a woman senator,
Were raise. are mistaken, aho national piai- na n, tVia ftf the recent
They seem to resent, as a strange I xorm or tne ureenoack party (IB'OJ I v.. . mmA nnK.
piece of impertinence, the fact.that contains every principle for which Ho attentionof a WOman as Sute
the Populists dared to nominate a I Populism now stands. The Green-1 a tta. ..n;.M.H;.TTnffiiM
. I . . ,,.a. I DIllUUJIi UOt MAmtMAV awotmv aab.m-w
ticket differing, at the rear end; DacK party was muroerea Dy Cannon, and she was elected to the
from theirs. promises and treacherous fusion. Hf-i. s...(. nr nh bv a hnsre mav-
lt - 11 ... i, . . M I T. a .Va a. -aa. Ia a.a I -'"' w -J
uomuK to mem wim me two mu-1 --01. ub waiuuig uvw .u 1 iA;f- nvy nar nnnoasnL who
. . a sw a-v t aa a s v v - . v. A mm J v v w w w w
lion votes they were begging for, I in every state or ime union waere tW A h hnaband. Anams
ana piteonsiy neeamg, 1 can say 1 x-opuiuuu um an viisbimuv. wo 1 yvtitiati
with a perfect assurance of telling I should see to it that the national I
the unqualified truth that my arriv-1 Populist ticket is represented byl Subscribe for the weekly CaTJCA-
al on the field of battle has not been I Populist electors. I stAK 11.00 a y ear
Iowa it
Kansas 2
Ijooistaaa 1
Maine 4
Mascan us iz
"Marion Bctlkr.
tclevraph moaopolj, and uwtheylbas been carefully revised, aad may
..a 1 a I M..asr Ka a-fa si ail ft aaarsi ra aa a A i M.
have a government uigrapi't wnicni " ,zZ ' i"'-"" w
is a pai t cf th ir postal system, and rec '
ODerated not for rro.t bdt tatl l)ma roB.
for the service of the people. They I Arkansas '.
would net thitk of goio bick toM 'J0" to
., . i nr. I ' oioraoo ............ ..
tne private mcoio:y pian. ve (onnertieat....
would nit think of havirgn rojall Ieiawara
r :l : . 1 . i. .. . I t lorida .... ...
iainuv in me touutij, out
tribute tbe tncnyjust the same to j (ieorjU
a family whose name tegici with G. I j-g-
Can vou guess iir ve aon r. con-i
tnbote it in tte form of annuities,!
as the British reorde dc; but as I
divide&ds on watered stock, exorbi
tant cargei for tele rams, etc.
The British roal family stays at I Mtcbuaa.
home 'as a rule, at, d its membera I J'n9?t-
fpetd the money given them ia their I".".""....
own countrj: but oir "O." lamiij i
hobnjbs with aristocracy in foreign svn"V.'.V.'.
capital, 6Mls yacht ractf with xw Hampshire t
. : . A Urm SewJeraey a
njiijm -uirijiu ii-i , ' ". I Kew York 9
Korth Carolina S
North Dakota l
give them mainly through oar tele-1 oSSTT.-----I i
graph service. We would be horn-1 f,t,T"f
tied at the ide of placiog our pUl gff gj:;;;;::
systemjo tbe bands of private mon-1 Booth Dakota t
opolyaxd having topay about fan l?fnr"'"". !!:!!"!!!.;
cents i stfad of two tor every letter, i utan
and have inferior eervic, and atrik I yiftdnb. J
by underpaid p-stal em pl-jjes. xt I wsnco)iuaia..l 10
we complacently do this with oar 1 Wyoming
telegraph service and have jft5rTavxd"...IIlI! "
forgotten that extensive telegrapn I Oklahoma l
l '
operators' strike not many years ago I
mm mm I
which crippled all kinua ci Dusi-1 Thm popviitm get five StaU ofi-
ness so badljl Dr. U r. lajlor in e.n, namly. Worth f or Trvasnrvr,
The Medical World. Cyras Tbompaoh for Secretary of
8UUt HaL'Ayarr for Taditor.CnarWs
REFOSaiY tUZtZXZIZ Ti TKX JT for Asaeiato 'tefttftt
CAUejjiAit-l 1X9 A YEAS
8npreme Court,
soonT Ueranry.

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