1 1 4 ' " - ' ' ---- " THE CAUCASIAN PUBLISHED KVKRY THURSDAY. bv THE CAUCASIA PUBLI8HIMO CO. MARION KVTLICK, - - TMt- MAL AYEK. K. C. KIVSIH. MbbbkIdK Editor. Hasina M " SUBSCRIPTION RATES, ONK YEA It, MIX MONTHS THRRK MONTHS .11.00 . . . .55 KntorH In the Post Office at Raleigh, a HwHind Claw Matter. N. C, tion to be subjected to an increase! , . . . ; Nation. It is an evidence of A report hula been tirculatedto lessened ability to pay the Uxea now to the effect that the policy I have ad imposed, and an antagonistic party vocated with reference to the election would attempt, and perhaps with of a Senator, wbose record on tbe lome degree of success, to make finance question is unassailable, will 'bowline political capital" against neceMjute Democratic support to any party or combination of parties I ure h, eIectl0n or th4t j am in that would attempt an increase oi I . i j:: rPUlmuf taxation nnuer sucn conuiuon. Inn tViat an pVi renditions be . :i .,nria- to accomplish that result is ab- , , ,. ?asion ei , . ' :om edito rial- in Th Catv-asian and sent the country by-the Associated I'resH a roining from Senator But ler, when the editorials were written by the managing editor from a local standpoint. To prevent a recur rence of impressions thus conveyed, th editorials written' hereafter by Senator liutler will bo signed "M . 15." way encouraging, seeking or countenancing tbe support of Demo- the local Kepubl!rn boss will wait on him and lay down the law. We'ast remember that Cleveland and all of his hackers and criminal conspirators worked earnestly and desperately for McKinley's election, lie will he controlled by the same in famous influences and pant travel the same road of spoliation and oppres sion. Therefore, McKinley's adminis tration cannot bring prosperity, but will inflict upon tbe country four more years of Clevelandism. Tbe peo- caho. I come one-hAlf by contenting to oi- Ml Enrroa: I tee that I am re- metAlllsna.w ported as one of 14 who will bolt tbe Any man who AAA not enough PnlM Part eaneus on the Senator. MAM tO KSOW this Of CBOOfh hOB- -v ! k.. i. .i .!. t . I eatv to admit it. is not a fit kind of ropnlist and will abide by the action reprint the people in Con- of the caocus. W. R. Dixox. f" "7 .egw.uvw ity. ws a m. a with t&ehera without which theT i.iiuy wonld be worthless. Its destruction u P1! dodging for the porpos of OasCuvflDD p scrofula. I tions except in cases of useless andlM'u''y fle and without the shadow pie will grow poorer while tbe banks, strengthen both. I m m a . f I . I m I tes A m tenets m TA rr m w iaa rvAW I would not add anything of ralne to their term. The truth is we should elay, hoping to sidetrack the finan ial question. M. B IHt. .KNATOKSHll'. narlv everv utieech in tbe flagrant extravagance is contrary to the spirit of progress and a fiat de nial of the presence of prosperity; and a State can ill afford by any act to make such a confession. An aggravation of the conditions above mentioned consists in the fact that a number of tbe public institu- of foundation in fact. Mahio.v i;cTi.r.a. A BLANDZH ON TBE PEOPLES PABTT. There appeared In the News and Observer this morning, (Wednesday) I just as The Caicabias is going to press, a list of sixteen Populist mem bers of tbe Legislature (six Senators and ten Representatives) who, it is tions feel tbe need of increased ap- claimed, will bolt the Peoples Party :.;,.. this B irritt I tu luvuvrt wt. iiiwiuiu ivi I ' and justly great clamor is going up railroads, trusts and monopolies grow larger and more powerful. Public sentiment will begic to grow against him and his party from tbe day that he steps into Cleveland's sbtes. WILD REPORTS ALREADY nZGlTX. The mouthy and muddling Demmy papers have already begun to dissem inate wild and inexpressibly foolish and false reports. A late sample is a In nearly every ejeecli in iue iam an.paign Senator Pritcttard gave the j.uhlii: to understand t hat he had hanged hi views. He is reported not only hy the newspaper-, but by thoxewho heard him upeak, to have ied expression li" the following: I have rhanged my mind about the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of l- to 1. I now think that it would he disastrous I favor it if we can get it by international agreement. I stand liat-footed tin ev ery plank in the St. Louis platform, the financial planW and all." Again h is reported in a speech in Metro politan hall to have used the follow ing language. 'The free silver people want free whiskey, free trade and free diver and everything free but free negroes." In short when be did not keep silent, he ridiculed and belit tled free silver, which is only one of the lirst steps to unanHal reform, more money and relief. (.'an any Populist support a man for the highest and most important legis lative ollice in the country, who ex presses such views? ISesides the leading Republican paper in the State, editorially set forth the fact that Sen ator I'ritchard had changed and would in the future stand squarely by the "sound money" platform of the na tional Republican party, but that be vould vote for free silver till tbe ith of next March. The editor stated hat lie had a letter from Senator I'rifchard on tbia question and that he was stating his position. The above was understood to be his misitiori lv the State committees of s " both the Populist and Republican parties last summer. And this is why there was no co-operation on the Sen ator and liovernor. The Peoples I'art was very anxious to make such - . w ., il . e us the (Jovernor, i 'i it.- ; mittee by :i unani r "' to support Senator , man holding such : L'irn for the Gover nor. So the two committees co-oper ated as far as the.r ctuld and left each party to put up iti own candidate for the Senate. It is now reported that Senator I'ritchard is ready to change his posi tion again. Col. Skinner has a letter from him, vhich he is showing around to some of the members of the Legis lature. We are informed by those who have seen it that Senator Prichard Is now ready to pledge himself to vote for free silver if it is not offered as a rider to tariff and "other matters." This means that Ssnator I'ritchard puts tariff and other matters over and above the financial question. When a rider is put on any bill a man votes for or against the rider according to whether he thinks it of more or less importance than the other question In the first place no Populist could afford to vote for Senator I'ritchard occuping this position, even if he bad not changed last summer. In the sec ond place, no Populist can afford to vote for a man for Senator who has Jlopped around as he has, no matter what he pledges now The Peoples Party has vigorously and justly condemned the Democratic party for its inconsistent and Hopping course on the financial question. There are dozens of prominent men whose course and changing positions have been what his has; every Populist in the State has condemned their course as unreliable and unsafe. No Populist can maintain himself or Ins party unless he takes the same r, J toward Senator I'ritchard. Anv Populist who i Satisfied with bis course need never to have joined the Peoples Party, because he would have been at home in either of the old par ties. We warn each Populist who believes in his principles and loves his party to consider these matters be fore he makes a fatal blunder a blun der that will be'fatal to his party if his party is held responsible for his acts. for abetter and longer, and hence a more expensive system of public school. Then there is a demand for a Reformatory for youthful criminals which cannot.be begun for less than twenty-live thousand dollars. It is already stated that the ... . , penitentiary will require a larger appropriation than usual on account of the loss of crops from freshets and floods on the farms during the past There is-an imperative need the Senate. Col. Harry Skinner is re; ported as authority for this list. We do not believe the list correct, in fact we know t is not correct. The purported list is as follows : SENATE. J. F Newsonce, First District. J. M. Early, Third District. L. Hardison, Eighth District. Geo. II. Cannon, Tenth District. The State spends $335,000 lor lU public schools and $20,000 for its University. This is the smallest I : v . o. - l I Therefore, the People's Party, the sunken uy nj ooumwboiw cock aod buU c4nard .uting that a pioneer and moving force in this its University, and we likewise hATe gt- fight was going on over the great reform movement, must continue the shortest public school term. We speakership; that Congressmen Skin to lead aggressively tbe fight against need a real remedy and plan not a ner was booming Ilileman and that McKinleyism as it has against Cleve- scheme of destruction. The way in Senator Butler was advocating Schul- tanaism. ii mere is any ropunsi i which other States hare been sue-1 Ken, ana that a thunderous row was who has no heart in this fight, then Loacfi v,fta wn hv . astern of local I In progress. As a matter of fact taxation in every district supple- neither Butler nor Skinner took any mented bv s. State creneral tax. Ptrt in n contMt the speaker- a About three reers a-o I w roubled it h tnK Son on my .Kirh ftpnvrrd like I bought tl Crt they came from diseased Uetfa and I bad flTrot my tcrthet traded My health was moch impaired last I adti-ed to Uk Hood harMparllU to boild ro up. sad I bought U bottle. IWfore I hsd taken bs!t cf this anronnt I found that I improTinc. 1 roiia rri better at night and felt refrbed S tbe morning. I gs'.ned in Ceh, nd mhen I bd flnwbed tb sis bo'.tW tbe ore on my face bad all HMpred. My V t?e b Ufcen Hood's Srsrrlt!a lor nerToHe ith great treut. J. It. Hopfl:, NAhvi!le. X. C IS .1 TVv tili'rr -.. rcquirv maru:Tv. I h. Fertilie let him no longer masquerade as a Populist. If there is any Populist who has made up bis mind to seek for patronage from McKinley, be has al ready dropped out of the light he has deserted the people in their struggle to redeem our government and to re store prosperity he has surrendered This is no time for tearing down. Lotus buildup. The small tax for ship. In fruth there was no contest and never had been. Mr. Schulken was never in any sense a candididate for the position of his own volition. Sarsaparilla I tJ -m U-t l!w Tnw KV'I I'ui Ct n... .-vrt! ..) . . It take tlOOU S I'tllS !thlji .-rvijrCU. conuin .i hih of Pota!i. 5 0 year. or a commission to codify the State aws which would involve an ex pense of many thousands of dollars. hese and various other necessary demands requiring the expenditures of money will come before the legis-1 exact statements but fourteen of tbe ature, which body will find an al ready overtaxed treasury and a de creased basis for the creation of unds. criticism has often prevented the Jiarker or J.incoin . tnlrintr nf a nrnnr cnnifift bv the I This Charge Was a party .in power. If such a fear shall prevail in the presont legislature, we would not like to promise much rom the course it may take. It should always be borne in mind, however, that some cause for criti- to the enemy. If he gets a Federal K. H. W. Barber, Twenty-Ninth District, job, he will soon be apologizing for B. F. Wakefield Tkirtyrst District. JMc'Kin,e f doin t ge ing that he condemned Cleveland for do ing. If there is any such Populist the University is borne entirely by Some fiends had suggested that he property The man who pays poll wonld make an able officer, and these tax pays nothing and the average suggestions are the only basis for the man pays three or four cents only to LOWCH RATfcS AMD VARCS-THX SKM-ATOUSHtr. HOUSE II. E. Hodges, Beaufort. C. J. Yar borough, Caswell. T. II. llountree, Gates. W. R. Dixon, Greene. Frank Brown, Jones. R. D. Abernetby, Linooln. '. '. Fagan, Martin. C. M. Babbitt, Pamlico J. D, Parker, Perquimans. J. J. White, Randolph, In the brief time we had to inter view them, we are unable to give their it. It is not a tax by the many for the few but is really a tax by the fGod forbid it then let him make "" VA lu" vv - haste to openly join the Republican abling them to become men. And nartv. so as not to restrain the Peo- the State needs men. K m 9 j pies Party or cause it in any way to be responsible for his acts. M. B. "Democratic made" row. Mr Sctful- m . sen tooa occasion to say in caucus that he had never been a candidate and did L want the place, although it was ti. mor to any one who might get it. sixteen state that they did not author ize any such statement. Most of this number were emphatic that they would abide by tbe action of the Peoples The fear of ture is a great piece of literature. I j 1 AT i M j i.l rarty caucus, rne two wno wouia j.uoccio auciiuu6 andp&ilat make no denial of.tbe charge are Sena- mesne animals." Alter enumerauny antagonistic party I tor Hardison of Craven, and Senator the various kinds of insects that pes- cr w. j. rzixr. The Legislature, as suggested by Thi Cai'cASiAy, can now enter upon the reduction of railroad rates and fares. Two cents a mile for second class and two and a half cents for urst-elass passengers, and a propor tionate cut of freifkt rates, will make a good start, and will doubt less benefit both the railroads and a fopclist ob HXTEB refcplicax the people. The government has fobskmatob. made more money on two cent We notice that the Charlotte Ob- BmP8 it did on stamps at The last annual report of the Rail- server states editorially that Sena- I B road Commission shows that 2 1-3 1 tor Butler favors the election of a nopoly And greed Are not always p.Ant; is thfl Avcriice rjfljisencer ratal Democrat tn th Kanta mil fnth iuit in tv,; The last document gotten out by .. . ..m.-, et for sava that it ih ;frtMn.t;rt but if left uncontrolled, will fr! the U. S. Department of : Agricul- the pasEengers carried. This means the "highest authority.' The stAte- h" Plunder till they kill. The THOSE WHO BUT TICKETS, I AY FOR THOSE WHO BIDE ON PASSES. A REMARKABLE PIECE OF LITK.KA- Tl'RE FOB THE FARMER. ter domestic animals, it then pro- wonderful and confidential advice as to how to destroy and get rid of these insects. It tells the farmei that ho can re move these insects in two ways, "the first being by means of me- slander on the Peoples Party. We regret exceeding ly that there is any truth whatsoever in it. A resolution was passed by the joint l'opulist caucus last night.that every member would abide by tbe caucus action. Certainly any one who did cism can be created from almost any I not in tend to abide bv the caucus ac- action that a legislature body can tion in all matters should and would chanical devices or repelling odors, ake. Suppose the policy of curtail- have withdrawn then. But it is gen ment should prevail, and the annual erally understood that Col. Skinner is fatal to the parasite." appropriation to one of the State In- usin everT elfort t0 Set members to It is strange that such an idea sane Asylums should be decreased, bolt- If his PurPose is to disrupt and never entered the mind of the far say, ten thousand dollars. Straight- tP!iteptrt'n01 trUf PTli8t " mer beore' but' as in e case of way there goes up from the Demo- , making an egg stand on end, it can cratic press a cry that the party in POpr lists and federal patbon- be seen bow simPle lt is First yu power cares nothing for the poor, age. catch a flea, put him on a flat stone unfortunate people of the State &c, &c. such an appropriation should be in creased ten thousand dollars. From 0,Hce under th 6 M ,vmleT Adminis- with a "repelling the same source there goes up the I tratJon' get out of the house as quickly as ., u.u it. u.ui,.. -i- possible. It might have been sup- thaf iffVfirvr,aSfinfrprnRid bifnr mnt i wlinll, VL n P'' ,"V'UU weir reprt.enia- the rate of 2 1-5 cents! upon the Observer to make the cor- because if thev find :ther ara doine per mile, tbe railroads wonld rection and to give its false "highest injury or injustice, they wili;keep collect exactly the same total authority." The Caucasian and Jjjjaxfcitig until they get it right, amnnnt from th traveling nnhli. RniLir UntUv tm u t They hTe An interest both in them- ceeds to impart to the farmer some "7" " V. " " r, " " WM selves And in the railroads, - , . , tnattney ao now, n means mat aia ropuiist, or a silver Kepubhcan I while the road 2 1-5 cent a mile rate to all passen- whose loyalty And devotion to the mostly for themselves: and very gers alike would enable the rail- cause of financial reform cannot be ftn greed blinds too much roads to make as much money as questioned. M. B. ?r . clea.r discern.ment. The con- they do now, to pay .heir officer, big . - Si'pSfartKLk?. I VoS'.a in' salaries of from $10,000 to $50,000 a Mark Hanna in his desperate ef- railroad rates and fares imperative. year as they do now, This proves! forts to capture the U. S. Senate. 1 The high salaries of oCicials and that passenger fares should not be made an effort to defeat the will of fh?ir preference for a gold standard maicaies great prospemv m the midst of surrounding poveity. This ' I J J 1 1 i O 1 i. ! - I 1 : TTl- l a w the second by the use of substance feuuecu uul UU1J " - y C0Ul a muo , ,J"U anu gei uui evemower. xneir raws snouia pmiojr-ouwuwn oenaror iron mat I is all right, provided the prosperous be reduced in the same ratio that I State. There was not the least hope I do not prey upon the poor.- All soo the price of labor and produce has I of tampering with the present legis-1 Cll privileges become devourersof fallen. lature of that State, so he went into the ?Jla!fM they a.re arefully t,tt a a gnArded by those in Authority , , .. , , i ji j , .. . , i ' . . -v r "BY- xne lact mat tne railroads charge uociareu voiu, wuicn wouia re-conversion to "friendship to sil 31 cents for first-class oassenc-er I bave made the legislature elected I ver" shows, if true, how liable he is A few Populists have written asking and mash him with a hammer, alias rates to those who buy tickets shows two years ago hold over and elect A I aofehf JJ' 8ehool teatheTwhi Suppose, on the contrary, that my assistance to get a post office, a a mechanical device. If you are ; vcr iarB peopiw revenue office, or some other Federal tender-hearted you asphyxite him riue on iree passes, xneman wno rjuys - kmiu wtowu iw, office under the M'Kinley Adminis- Ufith a "repelling odor" and then Pis ticket is forced to pay from one 80 Hanna will have to look else- tration. Lot nut nM Knneo e nnipVi a to one and a half cents a mile more where to get a monopoly Senator. than he should, in order receive these letters, yet, I feel sure same cry that the party in power is increasing appropriations is squan dering the people's money and en acting reckless legislation. The record of the past two years told the school committee that it was a matter of indifference to him whether the world was round or flat; that he could teach either the round or liat tneory," as the committee might desire. All the man wanted 1-st now trtA mi t jj Ane rrogressive f armer, com- 01 the man I men tine on Sftrifttnr Prlfnliar oav.l 1 Was a td&PA Anl . sitUrr-. Prit,ar1 man wno in th CliarlAtfA ntr. ;n h;Mi, " seems, win adopt any views upon Tina ti a fiiof friAK n$ 4acA mAfViAri I raiiroaas tor tne rare At. A . lA- 1. a j. . t I lVBVU bAACWb V A tilvl VA tULOU UlQbUUUO I lUBl " UUI, lu.rreu wnnia h fatal to ih araitp. w who rides free. When the man who hn th PharlAtf .i.s.1. ht seems, will adopt any follow if thty got the places referred always, and so the department in- 13 expected and generally dees vote Says: "But Pritchard has pursued thereto attached, to. I take this means of replying to forms "the stock breeder, poultry for the railroads and against the in- a course recently that does not en- The professed silver man who justifies this statement. The Demo- 8uch letters and of stating my views raiser and keepers of various am- terests ot the public. .Let us stop title his denials to much considera- votes for such a "friend of silver" A man who will employ a servant cratic press sought to make capital and, P8ition on the ue8tion of Fed" mls fr Pleasure or profit" fm free pass infamy and reduce tion among people who cannot be JmZi out of the increase of appropriations, "tiT,,. i na ft n that in f an UnUSUaUy h&r" andpassengerrates. humbugged ffir f 0rth tarohna 11 rerd ..e i .-L.i uI In the first place, I will have no in- dened insect wnich mav ot be . - . .. . . . a i . dened insect which may not be amenable to the gentle influence of a to State educational institutions, but fluence with the MKimey Adminis nnuing mat sucn enorts would prove tration, and if I doit will be proof Hat failures, they actually whipped that I have bartered the principles of around and approved the very the People's party, my own convic- things against which they had tions, and the interests of the people launched the strongest criticisms for Federal patronage. This is what and bitterest invective of which they certain so-called silver Democrats did unuer tne Cleveland Administration. Would our people trust or tolerate any Populist Senator or Congressman who nothing that would Let the Legislature seek to find I would do this? world of obnoxious THE DIVINE BIGHT OF KINGS." The article that appeared in The f!ATTP1CTAvAti. Am ny private business of conse- mechanical device, they must use The position taken bv President LTm- : """ quence whose heart is not in it, is . . .... I - . . - . . iu xuiu nausuaasa vaniraiea Kina rec&rded as s fool. Tha irnniit . rt A -1 ! alaV r. ry f were capable. T a-. at a. r m i i I 4"n i a a o a trt , t aum suubiauce iut win oe sureiy uemana ana oecreiary or otaie of fool w-.iff(m h, - fl tt a tn nTnnln a i. fatal. Olnev that the President is entirelv -j;.- o. . . ... I - - - i unor. oenaior nauer nas written I r - ow;iu- T eCongr t0 exptessing disapproval of the jng to as disclosed Senator Butler hart sin k.a h; iAt;r.n .ni - - - - , t Assembly that they are influence of bribes or sroHs a hi one. It would have come with Ltiii ' grace, however, if it had not Ixl coupled with an implied rcrcpliceu-i -to Mark II anna and the KepublicanV" prty, u . resenting turn imputation that they would attempt to use mm1i or bribery as a means cf Mrutinc his re-election. Mr. Pritchard. f coat. i no. L aware or 11 anna s method. r ht would not have rushed to L. de t Una are; and nething but strct and nneorruptible integrity ran fortify any man against such methods a lianna uses and will um in North Carolina, if L regards Sen 1 01 Pritchard' election of anv impor tance to him or his party. Alter tbe Populists pass throuch the ordeal of temptation and Mdu tion in a thousand forms. suce fully, ! myself eipct to compliment Ibitra publicly, but compliment beiore they Lave won the victor Against temptation looks to mnrlil like flattery. lie sides the (Senator rouipliturui was in effect TAKts hack when Lr ; suggested that the Populists wouM or could elect him to tL Senat I PURSUAST TO A UA&iiAlV, while be ad ' mitted they could not t MducHl ' into it by spoils or other in : i.t roi rupting advantages to themhe , If hit election or that any iroldbui: or half-hearted silver man is acainn the Populist's principles, and again'. the best inU rests of the i'op!s all true Populists teach and U liev how is such election, made pursuant to a bargain any more hoaotablf than if made from motives of 11 , True personal advantage. It Mark Hanna 3nd out thitt tit i.n is a disposition among the PopuliM to elect Senator Pritchard way t 41 or a itARoAlN, when they would vn " elect hiui but for a bargain, he V discover in them the very materis1 he loves to work on and willcou . p down on them with his handj full . "good things. lie Mark Hanna will not doubt fur 4 moment that if the Populists wiiC bargain away the U. S. Senatorshiun for a past consideration they wiJmvl certainly sell it for a future onsiJds; eration. I therefore resent Senatu'ci Pritchard's defence of the PopuhstrT not only becauti it was ccp3.j will'iT a defense of Hanna and the Re pub r , lican party which can not be 1 a! fendeded) but lecause it involve na the Populists in the merits of lix-tX worst evils they started out t.. i B3 form. w " " ith ato ret si what is right and necessary, and then let what is necessary be done. Let no foolish fear of opposing crit icism cause them a moment's uneasi ness. The Legislature of two years ago represented a majority of twen ty thousand voters. The record and work of that body has been approved this year by a msjority of forty thousand voters. Let fairness, just- Ti a. 1 1 1 n iv I 11 can mus do soen now careiuuy in the very important matter of and minutely the department has recognizing the independence of any gone over the grounnd, omitting new government, is simply mon- belp na the strous. The claims of the "divine insects. To riht nf kirurs." whieh th Stnarts Administrations use patronage to think, too, that farmers and ponl- fttomnt0 tn t n in Wni.-,-i build up their own parties, and also to trv raisers hav lived and iovpd and u: a ; nmcu vvai uuo ui meu uib uvau, sorrowed and married and been was not more dangerous and mon- given in marriage, and yet they strous. never knew that a flea could be mechanical device or This attemnted nsnrnation of an- a force Congressmen and Senators to vote for their measures and schemes. Those who handle the patronage un der the next Administration will he man tchn miiaf- Kn f Vir. J1 1 I KlllOU DV A W WW VV bUC V, 111 Ul I M'Kinley, or rather to the will of Sher man and Mark Hanna. Cleveland used the patronage of the Government in this way. Vance could not get pat- choked odor! to death by a language used. If I . A s-v lir.A... Z A, T 111 1 I i r m a ropiios iw iiawuuHwui ue over ms nis- irienas now claim, has gone own signature. In fact he will here- back to" his first love again. The after put his signature or initials to ma? who, rau for th. Leslature as a ewy.hinKth.the.rite. here.f.er. 6r.;iir7umf;h?n?.,6,, A genuine And true Populist is a he least of lt if he votes or U. man who believes that a demolition s Senator who is thus backsliding of oppressive systems and the pros- or playing hide and seek with the perity And hAppiness of the people PPu"8t on the silver question, depend on the enactment of the Peo- Plenty of North Carolinians can pies Party demands into laws. There- befonnd of character and ability repellant thority and power by the President "re a , E"" is as dangerous to tree institutions action that does not yioo t0 hearts Are in the people? cause as the usurpations of authority by I growth and upbuilding of the Peo- uPon great question. They will ing ior relieve I B.H UK SBJ&IIS1 I. I mw-mr-mr mrm-vm WW Amm WWAoma A B. A LA is a monarchist. As z l mrwm.-mw W W WV WlUStKO as me usurpations ot aumority Dy growth and upbuilding of the Peo- uPn U18 KreAt question, lhey v The Secretary of Agriculture fails the Federal courts in attempting to pies Party, and to the securing of content themselves with voting mention in his list the "goldfeug," run the government by injustice, power that wiU enable it to further f nanciAl measures which will reli rhich is the moat nestiferons anil r-i v:- a- its demAnds. e people, they Will work. Kl ice and courage prevail now, and I ronage from a President of his own to two years hence the people will party because he refused to bow to the which is the most pestiferous and Cleveland ii- , i I nrimri at i avaiann anrl na n him tn i . . ........ I again give meir approval oy an em- -"--"IV. "TZ." , "T a"gerous or me insects mat disturb startling as this latest move against Hard times are here. Th wave silver for many years when the ones phatic verdict. ! Md ob the farmer. But still the free eovernment is. vet it is simnlv of prosperity has not struck na. Thia tion came up: his rote conld not pass it. cut wnes his vote was needed he voted aeain&t it. nis He test sa wt nsiorn wv t V a mpvI t mwr wA X a as n monopolists. But Ransom was not f"mef. might USe hlS ,Wn "P in keeping with and is indeed a part " 2? t th . . i i b ti n rt i an rwAv a f m a v AAhenita i i ii . . i i . i. i nu a w oiqkd ui &uuul lis i s. v buuii The plain people are taxed about made out of the same kind of stuff. r w , programme wmcn nas oeen .tg f 0-, position which can was not in the cause, all they can bear. The legislature He changed his views so that Cleve- device ? oftef fatal bstance that developing for the last twenty years. be given directly and indirectly by bAckslided when the crucial must reduce expenditures or put in- hnd understood him, and, hence; be- would relieve him of at least this fa- The trend of government under the the Legislature. When a people cnae, come it must to all. And creased taxes on foreign corpora- came head waiter at the North Caro- tal insect. tions doing business in this State and lina 8ection of the cleTeland pie coun- i j ii I ier. uu viusrs wuu uu uui uuw pay moir fair share of taxes, yet who are the only persons or business who are making handsome profits, ... KXI4TIMU CONDITIONS ANDANTAOO NISTIC PARTY CRITICISM. Tbe conditions which confront the assembling legislature offer no pros pect of a pleasant path or a "flow ery bed of ease." To begin with the State Treasurer reports that the expenditures for the' past two years were larger than the general public receipts. Then, it is further re ported that ,there ia a decrease in , taxable values of more than five mil tions dollars in the State. It is easy, to see, therefore,, that if the general expenditures should remain the same, there must naturally be an increase of taxation, not only to cover the present excess of expend! tures over, receipts, but also to cover the loss of revenue that must ensue from the shrinkage in taxable values. This very shrinkage in taxable values is an. eloquent declaration that the people are not in a cond 'WANTED FOl'R MORE SENATORS." On the first page of The Cauca sian will be found a cartoon taken from the Washington Post. Our readers will remember the three ar ticles which we copied from the Post at the time when Mark Hanna was in Washington con fei ring with Con gressmen and Senators as to the most effective way in which the Na tional Republican committee conld use its "influence" to capture the legislatures in certain States. Hanna decided to put machinery in motion to capture Kentucky, North Carolina, Washington and South Da kota. This cartoon was published in the Post at the time to illustrate these articles. The conception of the article is very clever. It represents r Hanna sitting on the House end of the capi- tol, which he has alret.dy under con trol, lie reaches his big hand (which has so long been used to crush labor and build up trusts) to grasp in the four States necessary to giye him and the monopolies, the control of the U. S. Senate. In his arm he holds as his own special property the "White House," which is soon to be occupied by McKinley, lV.2 A . uls uaorigagoa eauuiaate. it pains ns to be-forced to admit that this picture represents the truth a shocking sad truth! M. B. The policies and methods of the M'Kinley Administration will be, in the main, the same as Cleveland's. Tbe same monopolists the same asts ; the same foreign gold syndi- is LET US BUILD UP. Any request from any source that Cleveland domination of banks and monopolies are prosperous, minor positions are no with Ransom's fall and failure toward monarchy and one man um " worm cnasmg Dy p- " seriously rule. The same powers that control J 1 y,A aa i,:. . I mmt w A OTMVAAtJWKa 1119 III'IHI A K elected McKinley. The The Speakership is usuallv the ab-1 shall come. If the Ponlt the State withdraw entirely from people must yet struggle if they sorbing topic on the assembling of gainei the confidence of the people the field of higher education ia en- would regain their waning liberties 010 Legislature. This time, how- and gone into power denouncing tirely impossible. North CArolina and prosperity. - IJffilH Bw j AA-mAA a, A. A, - ii i Ql , . I I " aww w 9w AW VDbWCVU I wvvwlf we , BUB AA mJTJ fl f llf fJ cates that elected one, elected u. I Saturday evening and Tuesday night, I if they betray the confidence of the other. Therefore, I will oppose the ern state without a system of public they oivk it up. e e queBtion "what about the people by electing a man they know. 1 1 - 1 . A ' 1 TTT 1 1 m 1 T- . A A A 1 A Wa. &m- ..TV 1 . I . . . . I one as I have opposed the other. I nigner msiuuiions. ve neea more xne democratic tom-tom Dealers euwruHip was asitea on an aver, or nave every reason to believe, is Sole Micirm vhi, r... will have nothing to do with its Fed- euucation, ana not less ana mere is nave given up tne ngnt against " ; ; ,tt. " uvu "j u nuu w uwir cause, eral patronage. It belongs to those need of both State and Church to Brown, the enrolling clerk of the " vv proiess an FREE) I IU. Ml (MtllHl PWt m I. , j Abe OT III ft . : xk Agents Wanteds Within the next few we-ks wear,jt desirous of securing a good tain man in every county In Eastern Sort! Carolina to manage and supervise tra sale of the 1 Portable Spring BcilK Qrdway .if !. . jsc "Tt-r.ecce i. requirracrV r? i. trier ne iTirn wL jdt rmnesi a Able em;. ojn nt. IT .ti' Hi Agents Make $103 per Moalfc JJ 7 upervising tbe sale an tfdrreric E ot Springs by sub-agents bo ot under their directions. Agents ne not leave their oPV cr Bg)ect an.'r business in which they may now 1 J engaged. mCt AO one ne4 apply who does u mean business and can furnish go 71 references. For particulars, ad3r.u"' BUTLER BROTHERS, who voted for M'Kinley, and who are work for higher education and lower last General Assembly. They tried If the Democrats would just keep! u wm ffi f m nail, mnnrnt inil innlAoi.. fi. k.'a . , i- .... .1 . . . . , . , I tliaiv nafitif Avnno nA.a. miA -4l. I great ueai OI AlaiS i'i''j'vS. u" eaucation, mougn mere is no real to prove mat policies and measures. In the second place, and for the same reasons, no Populist, unless he is ready to join the Republican party, can afford to accept Federal patron age from the M'Kinley Administra tion. distinction- between the' two. Only I in connection one denomination in the State has I Assignment Act, and so far as the I But whenever and wherever they principle rn.AA.CMh, tyAAAO W UVUCi A DQVLIVU I J J S A, VMV SVTT Va VVUID U 1U MtVIV AO OVUlV 1 V lUOiA UU AA UU of the Methodist church simply op- were concerned, they did prove (!) Account of the offensive results. poses the State's giving free tuition it. But the Supreme Conxt ordered The neraonnel f the T.;.i-. man (who is the least to K tr. We did not co-operate with the wider the law of 1887 to cripples, that a new trial be granted, and this ture warrants the Assertion tlmt J ne wo) eJ wiH bave written Mtne, tntnftttln If the Populists the Senate, or a . half-hearted silver or Republicans in the Presidential elec- ministers' sons and teachers. Why was just what the tom-tom beaters I so Bod work will be done, de-1 luir Paph tion. We did not help to elect Mc- thev should oppose eivinir free tni- were afraid to risk. Thev notJbpiw ine.. loun Prooiems tn&t willM"""" Kinley, We have nothing in common tion to a few male teachers at the prossbp the case this week, and thus pr sent ttte5?ilei: SXKator pritchard's dkpbxsk with him or his policies. University and be in favor of divine? ends one of the most unreasonable Now f?F eord that will more 0 . . 37K ro'wusTs. There are dozens of Republican can- U li feml. teaser- af a. ana nnntemntiWe .fft a. ".Wtf"16 .pmion nd confi- LLor rntchArd's compliment to idates for everv Federal office frnm " . . .- r i aence ox me people as expressed at lUB puiisi memoers of tbe General evenue gauge! ? up H a pface is 7- " t0 Se' . M1 th ther Chlis- by a "t party partisanship, the last election. sition this intkrnaxiokax humbug. , i;on.t 161 an7 foreign eorporAtioB if ni;na r,c tA !. I Bw uniess mey r nuvsB mra vimnff To svbide hv th. A-;.i . . 1 J 111-- m " J WW1M revenue gauger up, fered to any Populist over the heads of these Republicans, it will be because the Republican machine thinks that the Populist office holder will become pe Uea Are lEi. Bit CLINTON. 11 IS 1 i ial: ar tioi Parties having rice to sell wilJV . well do well to communicate with o agents, or direct with us. We sh always pay the highest market pri ?. for rice. I I- I. CAROLINA RICE HILLS. OOLD3BORO. X. C. It is unfortunate and unfair that honesty and sincerity we wonld like of onr State courts a Republican and bring recruits, or be- anT one stould ha conf onnded the to believe, talk about international D ,t - - cause they expect him to stay in the State's duty to the public schools bimetallism. Certain RepublicAn Wuo puts the T tariff hnml People's party as a spy to serve the in- with this question. We are not do- politicians are now professing to be- above flnAncial And corporation re terests of the Republican party. Of ing our duty to the public scho61s lieve that free silver and currency form. . . course, when a Federal office is offered and no stone should be left unturned reform can come with the consent of t.. T: r, "Z to better them. Their improvement J foreign nations. Howt That will who wUl Sip tteldSrties?? figS . vu. Dufiviuvo. ucdu, uuk iu Biau i wjisuu uu uio fci 1U.1BB1UI1 ana QOu- I UUIC uiMi UStUeS OV6T tne Tftriff. the University or the State .schools sent of England and Wall s- CA't W. H.&R.S. Tucker to a Populist, he will be assured in the most friendly and patronising manner that he will not be expected to make any sacrifice of principle in accepting it, etc But if any Populist is be guiled into accepting McKinley pat ronage, he will find that if he ever opens bis mouth to criticise the ad- 171 miA I9C Ca.M..Jll. C 1JA mA ttc c writ i a a -a Street. I TlnnH 14 Ol.i. 1 . .. to better the public schoolsis mere Mr. Gladstone settled that point tered And leTcheT by wldnoWlnd a-vaaj . uuuuuii iu noj o guoa Lcvm i wuu no ueeiuea tnai me nations I mortgages. Above downward. The University of the world owed England some is tbe head of the public schools. It $10 000.000.000. ihat while t, .a " . PAengeir - i'mmi wwwh iu io goio standard .vuuwu ii ua t. - auu uaa tisuiuaiu uuumeu tne interest nn i level. I n ' I I i - T w mm, m . ministration, or expresses honest pon? victions, that complaint will be filed always -worked and plead for them j these securities, it was hardly possi T.i ljL ... . I .'against him at headquarters, or that and it is constantly supplying them ble that England wonld cut thatinJihAKiWp..t. M?,,leM0 of WILL SELL. GOODS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER V HOUSE.

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