TUI? PAIinAniAn A farmer would feel "pushed." Be PUBLISHED KVf RY THURSDAY. tUuoD about fire hundred dollar worth of laud from the national h caccasiam rtrnumo ca. bfcok tQ rel;eT6 tne prcient erector i iiitur, - rru-i , . . ... Mf T MAK HAL ATKK. K. c. hi vain. MeaaalaK Edlter. It a ( The ftrmfr would Had. under the jprticnt jtem, with declining ! prices of product, that be eooid '. normske the payment when due. I Ar.l tK Lank would take the fire mm mm-m m Second Class Matter SUBSCRIPTION RATES, DNX YkUrt, - . . m ?HVi:::::::::::::::::::: 2 n o! u,tf7 -:----v:v--i.:-." be one bundrtd dollar loaned. gnUred In the Post Office at Kaleit, N C . , would thus soon bare a few ! great landlord with million of ten ant who would be practically stares I TLi Dromiie of Mr. Pritcbard Tlt.;j. tut an attempted orr. phrase. There i nothing To it tut On toot than one occaion ex-1 disaster for the people. . ... , ..n... ! traeta nave ueen nuo irum tunv-. i f i . ami sent. J WDJ Kouu over tbo country by The last phrae Pritehard's letter to Col. ;!.. in The Cm AMIAM 'in Mr. me A.soc.aieu skinner .how. that he i. in sympa- Pre an coming from Senator Kut i tby with the Sherman., Chandler., ler, wbfn the editorial. wiro written j Cleveland and monopolist, general ly tbo managing editor from a lal ly. He clearly pat. the tariff above I i? .1 - - 9 . M l, n tariff i standpoint. To prevent a recur- i.-, u i i DOIU Ilie moiuc-r anu .aiucr ui iiubw, . x n I L (i e . n f A 1 I f 1 I r greedy corporations and all sort, of Hid euuoriai wriuen ucreancr u3 . . . , , . -....i. v. vUaUtviiJvs luai aw iuv aw .Senator I Jutler will be signed M. . pritcbard declare he will not vote for silver wnen introduced a. a rider or cbstiuction to the passage of any protective LrifT ok othkr remedial. LEGISLATION kt.MATOK KfilTtll AKI AM) MLVSIt. I'ndcr the bead of 'Important I'Arallel" wo publioh elHewbere some letttr written and a resolution oitfuid by Senator Pritcbad - .y.the silver question. An analysis of these documents will. how that there in ood rtnson for the confusion that esiats iix to Senator Pritchard'B po sition on the 'GCfition of stiver and flnanco. In th; n solution signed by biui nelf and fix teen other Republican Senators, he declares that the peo ple of the raited Mates can be res cued from impending danger howl HYT1IK ONLY METHOD POSSI UliK, WHICH IS TDK TREK AND I'NIilMITED COINAGE OF SIL VER AT THE RATIO OF 1G TO 1, IlY THE INDEPELDENT ACTION OF THE I'NITED STATES. In the parallel letter, of Febru ary I.'ttb, 00', ho says: The Rei-ui;- LH'AN I'AKTV does not kavor the KRER COlNAtiE OF SILVER AS AN IN IE''EXDENT, HINiLE ANf) SEPARATE KINANClAli I'OMCV." Now iu one instance the Senator declares for one thing, but,, in an tb r he fays his party does not fa vor it. Aid it must be noted that he adhtus to his party, for he says he has ax.ahimxo kaitii in its honemty. Now, if tbo Republican imrty dots not favor free silver by independent action, and Senator Priteharil has an Ai.iDiNd I'aith in the boutsty of the Republican party, it is char that Senator Pritcbard (itnnot f&vcr frco silver by inde pendent action without compromis ing bis own bone.ty. . In the struct from tbo editorial in tbo Winston Republican, Senator 1'ritchard is reported as standing for re-election on the financial plank adopted by the Republicans at St. Louis. This was not denied by Sen ator Pntchard or any of bis friends during the campaign) but after the campaign closed and the eleetion retains showed that the Republican linancial plank had been repudiated by n large majority of the people of this State, why then there come3 on more and different talk. In the letter wiitten to Col. Skinner on December 10th, Senator Pritchard says he will vot- for free silver in almost any shape. Let us brielly anal ze the letter to Col. Skinner. Senator Pritch ard says ha is a staunch friend of tCO PRACTICAL FINANCIAL REFORMS contemplated by the Populist move ment. Well, coming from Senator Pritchard this means nothing; for the Republican party to which he gives allegiance, has for four years past denounced every reform con templated by the Populists as IM PRACTICAL! Do you see A train he says he will vote for free silvt r by independent action ,1G to I, after having said that his party did not favor such action and that be had an abiding faith in his party. Nowhere docs Senator Pritchard lay that he will champion or favor the introduction of a silver bill, or that be will see that one is intro- uuceu. xne locerenceis tnat 11 it comes it be will vote for it. Now let it be remembered that if Mr. Pritchard is returned to the Senate, be will not give his vote for an independent silver bill, for he will help the administration to so organize the Senate as to see that such a measuro will never come up Next, he says he will not vote for i as an amendment or "rider" to any protective tariff or other remidial legislation. Now, Mr. Pritchard seems to reserve to himself the right to say what rernidia legislation i? and be would thus have the right to declare that any "sort of bill" looked to remedial legislation, and woald vote against silver as an amendment any such "sort of bill." So it seems to us that a four horse wagon could be driven all through Mr. Pritch ard's letter, and it further seems us that it was written with a view t" leaving a number of holes through which the writer could, walk out with an assumed feeling that he had violated no pledge or promise. But after bis hedging, straddling, dodging, and flopping record of the past year, during which period he has changed his position three times on the most important question be fore the American people, we wish to say in all candor and earnestness that the Peoples Party could not af ford to send Mr. Pritchard back to tbo Senate even though be were to make pledges of the most unquali fied and unlimited kind. Bot!-je there i a "but" in the W are not pvinf away advice, bat we call the atten tion of the Tritmae to oae thing which we iappo will not oeear . . 1 A L again, it rcmaras mai mere arv some r a mors that two or three Re publican will bolt the party eaueu on the Senatorial question. Toes it ay that tbee men are too "hon orable" to do such a thing; too "hon est" to thick of ach an actios, &e., and by this kind of talk inti mates that a Republican who woald bolt the party caueu i a scamp aod ra.eal and a traitor and a little of erything else. And then the Tribune keeps right on talking. And it says that some Popalitts have bolted their party caucus, and tmna. ims action is a 'strike for freedom," and that the bolters are "hone.f1 and "courage ous" men and big gentlemen and all sorts of good things else. And, though the Tribune gentle men may think they know all about it, they have one thing to learn; and that is not to say "two different things of the same kind" in the same issue. It must learn th&t a Populist who will bolt his party caucus is just as much of and as many sorts of things as a Republican is who will bolt his party caucus, and viee versa. Bat yes, another "but:" Wei come to the Tribune, and many hap py days for it. AN IMPORTANT PARALLEL Showing Some Facts of Vast Interest at This Time. to RESOLUTION SIGNED BY .SENATOR i EXTRACT FROM LITTER WRITTEN 0Y PRITCHARD IN 1895. SENATOR PRiTCHARD. FEtRUARY Whereas, The difference of ex- j 3D. ,89s- I Lave proved my loyalty to the n:i u:3 cr n:i tr;o vnattcx pcmim ass cetss CXCS2AL CCftCSSSX AND CCStSLTATISX KlaolhivillQ (Lace I IwUm m tfc Stat toe -1 A- MulWAffklnlrUDftMw Coaeeraiasr sueJi Drwvdias? of lt caaen of tb sMnibers of lb Teo pie Parti, as bare beta eaade sabllc. ttor have front oat ucb report a coo 14 be saUleadtag a to lb xitiac eooaiuoo or affair up to Xoaasy eveaiag. January lltb. Tb actaal faeu are a follow : Tbo flrt raaea of the awaber of ehange between standard silver Jl , ! . couairie nu gom sianaaro (oao-!..nUAi .m... k- : tries is eqaitalest to a county of Senate. MrrJrd will n.rlll 1UU per eeot. on tne products oJ the : ,;,, K.n.A. ti.iu. ' I the I'mbIm iimi ra hld In tbe sliver standard countries. rw- Senate on Taetdav evesiasr. Jao.&tb. "Whereas The cost of vxodac-, ' Z aLV . v, '4 " Z At tola toeeUag arrasgeiaesU were pepl. that I represent. they ex. 111 pres my honest conviction, and ray ttnrt tbe SUU rbalnaao gave as ls earnest purpose, to secarn an Amer- forsual report of tbe work of tbe east iean svs'em ot tioanee. I believe paigo. Kollowlog tble report. Coo that this can be aeeomolicbed crmaa Harry rtkiooer addreaeed through th Kepat.iicnu -ty. I lhe faucu at ome lesgtb, sotting aytbii ith full koowUr of foh bi views os tbe Senatorial ques what the liepubhe.n party ha: dose SfiJSJi! r '"Ctlon C' iir nut' i wuai li n uair tion is the Old World and particular ly in China and Japan, is less than products ean be produced or manu factured for in this country by Amer ican labor without reducing our farmers, miners, mechanics, manu facturers end industrial workers to the level of Chinese coolies, there fore be it lluohtd, That we are in favor of - 1 1 vA.a rescuing me people or .inri.niieu , ,,,,. lm. i Dy removing tne dinerences oi - At iar rrt tr. nkith rrT,1 ti tvfU. t taoacbt et trtt IWf trmm if(k(4l aa4.rlTirktrti Mr bcatth wu mwi ttrjir4 X t4ibd to Ut Iloo4' SrMjr:u tw Irll4 aw p 4 I twM 1 r4tr fWtor I b4 Uti blt of tk lit I t4 that I lnr'VHlt'- 1 txl4 rt brtt-r at mihl eo4 flt trfrrmbA lm lb woraiec. I rl4 t 9rb. o4 km 1 W4 ntob ta ia titr tk bit t k4 ail dtMri- Mr la km Hood HrMrUl Irt nrr ywt wtt Ct tt.- J. IV lUtrr. NhrlII.'N.C. Krmlr P otash i- lrtili.c 0" n n n am Sarsaparilla 1 THE HEW STATE ADMINSTBATIOM. The newly elected State officers were sworn in by Chief Justice Fair cloth on Tuesday, Jannary 12th 1897, in the Hall of the House of Representatives, and in the presence of as many people as the spacious chamber would hold. And the State went entirely from the control of the Democratic party for the first time in twenty years. Immediately after the oath of of fice had been administered, Gover nor Russell delivered his inaugural address. We have not space to pre sent it to our readers this week. It must be said here, however, that the address the most powetful and strongest political deliverance that has been made in this State for twenty years, and as a State paper, it will equal in advice and force any thing that has ever appeared in the State records. Every true North Carolinian will ezperienco a feeling of gratification and increased hope whenever he reads it. ex change between gold standard coun tries BY THE OSLY METHOD rOSSIHLK, WHICH IS THE FtEE AND UNLIMITED COINAGE OF SILVER AT THE RATIO OF 16 TO 1, BY THE INDEPENDENT AC TION of the United States, and we are in favor of a tariff which shall be sufficient to equalize the cost of production in the United States and in Europe and in Asiatic countries, and that the protection incident to. such tariff shall be equally distributed in every section of the United States, and between the various products and industries of each State. "H. M. Teller, F. F. Warren, Lee Mantle, O. L. Shoup, J. C. Pritch ard, Ed. O. Wolcott, John H. Mitch ell, Frank J. Cannon, R. F. Petti grew, Fred T. Dubois, H. C. Hans borbugh, T. A. Carter, Georsre C. Perkins, J. D. Cameron, C. D. Clark, Arthur Brown." no io i n, Ifn omietiion I do no! an aijid- its honesty, its ra- triotiFm; its intelligence; and its un swerving devotion to American in terests. I sav -with perfect frank ness that the Uepcklican tarty DOES NOT FAVOR THE FREE COINAt.E OF SILVER AS AN INDEPENDENT, SINGLE AND SEPARATE FINANCIAL I" be Be xt caucus ws on Wednesday -rrning. January Ctb. At tbis meet irg. Senator Ilutler made a abort Ufttrmtnt bearlog indirectly on tbe senatorial question, but sot adrocat- iDg or opposing any body. He was followed by Congressman Skinner who spoke two hours or more, making in tbe main tbe same speech be made tbe nig bt before. Tbe caucus then adjourned. Tne tblrd caucus was beld on Thurt- Hood's I i 1 1 - Jllr II- I I in w. f .!. ,, of I' itJ W !r ..! . tnl.!J-.r .ti r , bvn tn Kk.. c t tt ma MftJuiuv. j tr i r, r l.t t. r - At a call for a 1'opulut raucuttabe; w I j l. h , beld on Saturday afternoon at fui.r h a trut-c l f oVlivk I ho thirtr-irLt tnrmUn of! " r J policy, but a strong minority in the I day evening, January 7th. By epe party actively vigorously support I ciai inviiauon enator uutier formal that policy. There is wisdom enough tbe msjorttv laruun met anJ ucatu snously adopted tbe lollwing re.ln tion : Iifwr"l, TLt ILe rturii roniJ. ering oolj tbe bet irtrret of tbe I'eople Tarty and deiring abote -erytbiogeUe in errry fnille s) to in the leadership of tbe party, in my opinion, 'to reconcile this differ ence and restore silver to its func tions in our monetary system. LETTER WRITTEN BY PRICHARD. DECEMBER I0TH 1896. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL QUESTION. Just now the Senatorial question seems to be the all absorbing topic, but hundreds of men are thinking about the educational question, and as soon as there shall be some set tlement of the Senatorial matter, We have always known it, but ilr public had convincing evidence of the fact on Tuesday evening in the splendid reception given Gov. Rus sell by many leading cit'z ns of Ral eigh. The fact we e tak of is that the miserable, contemptible spirit o' impotent spi e again?' .ome people of the State v bich d..-o appears in in the News and Observer, a so-called Democratic paper, is not enter tained by the best and most re spected citizens of Raleigh, nor is that "spite" a spirit of the people of Washington, D. C. Dec. 10, 1SW5. Hon. ILrky Skinner, . Dear Fnend: I appreciate the position you have taken on the Sen ij aaureseea ine noay setting lortn advance both tbe local aod oatiuesl sis reasons for believing that welfare of tbe aame. dierlsim any in- the interests of te country generally tention of lirurt-.y or uofsime. and of the People 1'artv demanded aod regret any action on tbe art of tbe election of a itraight titter nan and tbe majority which may bse teemed an opponent of corporate monopoly unfair and oppreUe to tbe minority, to ..succeed Senator lritcbard. and cordially invite tbeir return for lie spoke about one bour further deliberation and t.srmuniuut and a nnaeter. II fnllnvail K . i : I Congressman Skinner wbo spoke at tbe assurance that tbere Lall t tbr least two bours, making substantially fullest appreciation aod rerognition'uf tbe very same speech be bad made on tbe rights of every member of tbe tbe two preceeding evenings. other caucus to tbe end that no mem I neiourtn caucus was beld on ri-l her of the caucus rasr feel arrriettd at I principle tr- . ron-cin.n)!" l;lei4ti. Wtf ti e tr more lni.rtar.' of If irfJ. f'f ulit a n 4 h.j nonr) -'rr WilL; Wbr 4er: ii cared k tnu I. are now am . that ought ii-1 and ti.tli ar- day evening, Jan. 8. On the evening the decision of tbe majority, however before Capt. A. S. Peace had been in- it may be and that tbe party may be vited to address the Friday evening united and barmoniou in all it ac EXTRACT FROM EDITORIAL IN WIN STON REPUBLICAN, AUG. 6, 1896, WHICH HAS NEVFR BEEN REFUTED CR DENIED. Senator Pritchard was elected by a Legislature composed of members who favored the free coinage of sil ver. Thus instructed to vote he feels it his duty as an honest man to faithfully obey those instruction?. He will, therefore, doubtless as a duty incumbent upon him, vote for free coinage whenever it is present ed as an independent proposition during his term of office. He stands FOR RE-ELECTION, OF COURSE, UPON THE financial plank adopted by the Repubicans at St. Louis. (That plank contains the follow ing: "We are therefore unalterably op posed to the free coinage of silver, except by international agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, &c") atonal question. This is in keeping lm ln response to a qoes with your reputation to deal fair tion as to how much time be desired. and keep good faith. I don't ex- A inotion was made and carried to ac n on,u. Vl cord him forty-five miu utes time, and pect ou to embarrass yourself by aftr that, tbit ten minutes be allowed supporting me for the Senatorship. t0 any member of the State central ou know by our frequent commu- committee who might desire to speak. nications that 1 am a staunch fnend Representative Parker, of Per of practical financial reforms quimansjunderstood tbe motion as ap contemplated by the Populist move- plying to members of tbe caucus. It nient and you may assure such Por- WM. explained to him by tbe caucus uliet membeis of the legislature as are inclined to vote for me, that I will vote for free silver by interna tional agreement or independent action 16 to 1 and will take pl-aonr. in voting to amend tbe National BankiDir act so as t p rmit fa'tu r to borrow money upon Unii sic staple crops. Any statement tbni 1 free silver or anything when simply introduced as a RIDER OR OBSTRUCTION TO THE PAS SAGE OF ANY PROTECTIVE TARIFF OR OTHER REMEDIAL LEGISLATIVE BILL. With best wishes, I am, Sincerely yours, (Signed) J. C. Pritchard. Now, let it be remembered that i: Senator Ptitchard should be re ylecteil, he will help the McKinley Administration organize the Senate for bis election will give tbe admin iHtralion tbat power. With his election the administration will or ganize all the committees, and nn der the present declared policy o me administration, these commit tees will see that no silver bill wil ver get before the Senate. Hence Mr. Pritehard's declaration that be will vote for it (if it comes up) means nothing. With Mr. Pritchard in the Senate, supporting the adminutra . : v t-ti t. nuj,puru a um wouid never come ' up. Mr. Pritchard says be will vote TO AMF.SD THE NATIONAL BANKING ACTSO AS TO PERMIT FARMTRS TO HOHROVV MONEY UPON LAND and ptapLE crops. Well, the farm ers end Pcjulists generally do not want any such amendment. TheL Peoples Party favors the absolute abolition of the National Banking fjstera. They do not want any nm:ntnants, and especially they do not wast cbch smendmetts aswould give the banks power to own all the Und in the country, as Mr. Pritch- ril4 prp' aid ametdment would do. caucus, ueasaea for tbirty minutes I tion. 'llfvlti.t further. That euatr Ciedtlie be r queted to inform llon.T. E. McCaskey of these proceeding." (Signed - .1. V. Ainm Chairman. Tbe caucus tbeu aJjourned till Monday night, .Ian. lltb? On Monday evening tbe caucu met in tbe Senate chamber. Tbe following communication was received frum the niifiii-itv faction chairman tbat tbe motion applied only caucus, to members of the State Central com- j:, oltfi. Tbat we inform J. w. .t- mittee, and not to members, of the water, chairman of the majority of caucus. After that, the motion tbat the Populist faction, tbat we accept forty-five minutes be given to Capt. the disclaimer sent us Saturday nigbt Peace, and ten minutes to other mem- and in reply, would sav, we would bers of tbe Central committee was agree to co-operate with tbe tnajoritj unanimously adopted. faction upon all matters of general Capt. Peace addressed tbe caucus legislatioa, but subject to our return forty-five minutes advocating tbere- we demand that each member of tbe have been or am now a single gold lt0JmYSyAMti on the caucus be left entirely free upon tbe standard man is without foundauon. tiJfcU ?eflaV?rllli "Mlloi,1Ml llis ti , t i u i wouia insure co-operation between tells him is the most honorable courw; It IS proper that 1 Should be irank fonulista and Kenuhlicana hrftr t.. -.L tl.. and say that I would not vote for He was followed by Dr. Cyrus Thomp- pofntment of a conference committee M.uni. oou uv opuae i man len minuies, to act with a like committee appoint- appealing ior Harmony and ed who will report to this conference unity in any action that Wednesday night some agreement to might be taken. Hon. 8. Otho Wilson be accepted or rejected." spoke for a few minutes, unrinrunitv A conference mmmillf t a an. and he was followed by the chairman pointed from each side : I . Iteid Par ol tne state committee wbo stated I ker, J. E. Bryan and C. . I sganrep ihat the terms of co-operation agreed resenting Che minority, and K. T. upon by tne ropunst and Kepublican dark, U JL Whitener and w. IS .a. a. a, -m a. i . I mate cuuiuiiiLeea carrieu no ODiijration i Dixon tbe msjorit y. j h HE ' ,:jTII! s . !' t f I it'll ; ..r :A i- ' j , ', f V . V. f y.t r . ft - - '- I t ...' 4 ' : " . 'lit L I ;e f ,.i I .--a I f ' a u a: . I 1 I - J ... .:. I! Lie 'A al : ii . ! t 1 . rill hafmnrt 0iCQu0 of Populists to vote for a Republican, !fV,Vf i 6 e,th6re and no obligation of Republicans to rtuy of note. TOte foP . popaiiBt for senator. Each PAYS TRIBUTE TO POPULISTS. William J. Bryaa Haja Ihat They are Ploaeara la tbe Reform Maituirxl. Omaha. Xeb.. Jan. Tbe annual banquet of tbe Jacksonian Club of thi It Meets and Completes Its Work Bril liant Nominating Speeches Locke Craig Elected Messenger to Washington. At 12:20 Monday the electors composing the electoral college, who T ri it. XT the question of public education im5 cuy Keueruy will break out with a crv and a for and Observer is not "in good stand tbat will h Sfr,n;Rb;nc. On f th vith the ffd Pe0Ple f thfl O' I , , TO I 1- kj(k:t u pi : capital cny. ii vou uon i ueiieve . ..... . .. I iViio aolr tVia tuinnl e nave ever seen tor the tuture of the ' State is the intensity , of opinion in - i . . . ... . n nvnr nf inoreacet fnoilitlsi fnr thai T M t tLtl I UKAL LULLtfat. public schools and the widespread demand for them. Concerning this question, there have recently been made two sug gestions which we think worthy of I received a majority vote in the elec the most careful consideration. One tl0n 10 November were called to order xt o ttt., , in the Senate chamber by Chairman IS U V UVU U. U1UU ft iloUUi WUU V T) Tarria points out the fact that the school All of the electors were present. books sold in our State by outiMBlAcS publishing houses are necessarily c. R. Thomas, W. S. Bailey, W. d! sold at a considerable profit to the MerrUN B. F. Keith, T. F. Kluttz, ,v.i,v,i,. rru v Tyre or k, Robert V. Gilmer FuxoUcx0. AUO vu,0 uii iu uWM chairman Davis, on behalf of the sold to 600,000 children during a year, college expressed his thanks to the or atkii half thf nnmW mnar I Senate for yielding the Senate cham . . -j vi T.lberto tne electors, ine reaaingor wiuwuut iu a tuusiuorauw sum. xi i tne minutes of the previous in -tine this sum could be saved to the State was dispensed with and on motion of by publishing its own books, a tre- P' 1 Keitb nominationa fo r jesiaen t mendous benefit would accrne to it Mr. Chas R. Thomas, of Newbern and the school children. This snir- placed Wm. J.Bryan in nomination nr.t,n v, c ) . . I in an ornate speecn. Mr. 1 nomas re- r " a 1UiUO ut ceived a round of applause at the con i!Sil. . . . m ana u me mine oe properly explored elusion of bis remarks, it might yield immense treasure. Mr T' F Kluttz of Salisbury second- . . . I ed Jur. itryan s nomination in a bru liant. magnetic ppeecb. Mr. Kluttz Another suggestion has been made I was most loudly applauded when he hvi f!irrufivMrrnnt Tf said tbat "1 baa ratber be Bryan de Z J v r feated that McKinley elected." -Mr. io mai tuciti are iu me eastern pari of the State some hundreds of thou sands of acres of marsh lands that can never be used for -any purpose Dutnuntmg ana nsmng. .last now Besides these matters, comment on which will have been some incidents which have been wor During the campaign while Judge Russell was making a speech at side was nerferriv f ree m a 'as th. Hendersonville he said: None of us Republicans endorse the plank in the I choose. Republican platform. Senator Pritchard who was present is reported to I The caucus had, for several even- have said: "Speak for yourself; don't speak for me." I ings exercised patience in listening At Statesville Senator Pritchard is reported to have said: "Mymindhas l. sPeecnes lrom men not members of undergone a change on the nnancial quest Kepublican aicerwaras toia rritcnara ne naa maae a mistake, and that snatob Mora oFrcnaD the vol- a few speeches by other Hemocrat to tnat aeciaraiion wouia oeai mm ior me oen&ie. oeuamr x riicnara is saiu to I lowing bksolution add variety to the oc-aion. have replied: "It might have been policy for me not to have said it, but! MW When tbe guent of tbe evening ro that is! mv nosition. and 1 am eroiner to stand there." . a.Muh On or abont the Gth of December, while in Washington, a nromir.,t "R?.A o?aiPU"STl A8 To WHO ception was to tbe higliet degree en- RArmhHeim eallfld Prite.bard'R attflntinn to ili faet , Por.Ki;.- Vio I laUBLICAII8 I thusiaBtic. lie paid a tribute t the r ----- 7 , -r r , ..vrHUuvauB Uau i ike asKixo cs to INDORSE bknatob I Ponulists as beine t be nioneers i n t be not elected a majority of the Legislature as they expected, therefore it Pkitchakd fob that positiojc, movSment for eover would be necessary to do something to get Popuilst votes. It was admit- "Rerohtd, That it is the dktrmi-Lnd comnlimented tbe Itet.ubticans ed that Populists would not support any but a "silver man." and in I nation of this caucus never to irr thir mrti nd the connection with this it was suggested that if Pritchard should try to gain ho8B Senator Pbitchabd ron the Democratic ticket. He esrresed ropuusi votes uy maaiug a ueuiarauou in xavor oi silver, ne would 8tUlt- i pleasure overine reuu oi uieeiecuon Kluttz told of tbe causes which brought Buuuv jut. aji jnu o ucicat, atbiiuuLiug it to corruption, tne mercenary pur poses of the trusts monopolies, etc. Dr. Tyre York, of "Gineral" Jackson fame, was tbe next to nominate Mr. Tf T1m VawIt iita a mitAn a rtitaafn a few hundred people of the State welcome and his speech did not dis- nnaiaeir living dv nuntiner ana nsti-1 appoint nis many aamirers. ur. iorK ?n tr tViAco 1 ana an A wo fovo Knf U i'a Said I CT ' I Tt T wofo f-a si II -war f hia nntaamn niQ vr uvn vuaa vuuaoivn sv suggested that there is a possibility pass without paying a tribute to our no of selling these lands to sporting I le leader, Hon. W. J. Bryan, I would clubs for, perhaps, two x o m l . i. -. t I j . .j .1 I 1CCI lUBb M. UBU UUU UUUB UJJT UUtJT. We entered the ftirht. tn c.arrv the flair nf i .i i , m I . . rf . uuuurtu mousaua uouars. ineiwunam Jenmnrs Brvan tnrouen Drcceeds of snob raI mio-ht ha.Jn. ortn Carolina and we did so success vested and the income iven the Lf SSLa 5 majrity f 80me tWeDty. Dr. York spoke flippantly of the Mc Kinley wave of prosperity. "Up in Wilkes county, tbe bub of tno uni income sriven the pub.ic school fund. Of course it is understood that verse," the doctor said, "we have been such a sale might depiive some res- waiting tbis wave, expecting its ar- idents of the State of their lifetime 8 ftVK avocation, but the force of the sug- ferred to the silver cause as extending gestion is this: That whereas, a few irom 1,116 e tbe ends of tbe prpl,..omp.rtily.n, re ben- "SSff&L. effre, efited by the State's ownership of silver that we must get together. If wealth m the shape of these lands. we naa !ln wetl1" In tm8 campaign . . ' I we would have wnn" m . - . . i . n . i i uiuy iuur uiigai oj oeneuiea Dyi "Bryan will be the next president, trantposing this wealth into suchDe is a noble patriotic young roan, shape a, would yield a yearly income S0, " Zll 4 V. - vi:. ..i . m, . I . .! w fwaec iW'!.lue iuuiio ucuoois. .i rnis sug- and I've got less for a Democrat cr gestion, it appears to u?, is worthy PopoHst wbo will vote for a gold bug of consideration. ; toD3lt9lOTL. ... ' iniUIU, Ul X1KBU, WU LUC speaker. He said the Populist Partv the daily tbibune. I fostered the free coinage movement. Thi Caucasian weleome. th a. . w- B"ej nd RaiphHowland . - mi t ti n. .. . iu aviuuwivu xinmija. iiaiwu thus OI ine Aauy xrioune, the new of Georgia. Republican paper published inl All eleven electors voted for Wm. J, Raleieh. Ita first aryan ior president; Artbur Bewail f i ?.T ti PPwce was received six votes for vice-president, splendid. Its news and editorial I and Thoa. E. Watson five votes. colums have, up to date, been fnlll Mr Locke Craig was elected mes- nj senger to taae tne returns to wasn- I ingten. Mr. 4all tl . I ertrr ! Senatorial f.fl.r i , . ' i . i . . . - 1 ltlCIU(UK Il.e 4- . : l, Snutlirrii ra . 'r... .. log all ort r f.'a,'.e. . candidate's 4-r. a,, ,.r vell-inTurm. .! n.-i, , by ucb rtiUHir vir f,4 itornia, a iii-d,1. r . r ?u : , tiotial fn m. :i t -. .. T.-s t 1 ton. aitd In r iv v Populist in N . tm. tf ' tbem to tan! t) mi' tbe bitter eji-1. Mr j.' . tbat the nhr tj ; . i' ougblto Ulll!-- ,li IJK ' ( fliil r.i.t. 11. . . . i r w tma .... 1 opLii't u-r--a 'r,:,t..( v. lliil any rtu,i,i rt . auver ifiati ', 4 i rritclisrd. Mr. "srd. great surprise iu kinner, ti(, ttluis,, ilt fatal iniial.e, an. j rr;,, , ' bis cntiecti..ii kii'i, j, Party. llie iJr,.t-, ttr.. , log lllillt-r Hi tt-rU preKiternj". 1 1 V . etlected l.j tb- jr a'.u Ilepitli at; ! t! h and Mr. sLitiijfr 1 rr-t.! -made tbat ii iii . ii, , hkinrit-r to r-ira' e Li '; tbe Kepiitiii an !!.. tVj r lace mice inor- in 11 'ojniliot Tarty ntil,r leaderji(t 'l Mri i) . U'adda11i 11 - fl Pritcbard, onilr iwMi f lor I ree tiner ly -erj tbe country, anl uii n TobUll-t 'U" IIKTr tUl. elteltiet rouM'j juncture. Vt ben l n. luue lowtm i;i:t!r t Waton is ful"' tug l i.. .. present 'oiinr- in.a bU llla k. of Grj;is. ai! iilisj Mark llanna' infuM." tn f fit WatM.n to tt,- eiM,t 4r eatiig I itri in .ls - ? I'-n ", case bs leen -t (nr tt. Lit it may b- ..'j ii.i , Norili arolitis Stn'ofis! over, in orl-r ike-ji W'it V-tender-lks. and 1 -ie Lir -f ify himself and disgrace his party in the State. Pritchard made some strong comments, ending up by declaring that he would never pledge himself to silver. Two or three days after this there was a meeting of leadincr Kenubli- cans neia in wasnington, canea Dy .uark uanna, tor tne put pose of dis cussing methods by which the Republicans could secure the election of enough United btates Senators to control the Senate branch. This meet- AninnnnthiiMinintinn ...Air... id inn raaie, out uiu noi auriuute ed, a motion was made to adjourn, that result to tbe fact that Nebraska This motion was voted down. ' was bis home, but rather to the fsct Then some one moved tbat these- that there was such complete btrmony lection of a Senator be not. made to- fonf all the forces winch made up night. Some one lse then moved or Wf fon here. offered a resolution that a number of "e aw 'n .,taJ brother Mate. . and said tbat when ther bad tbe fame ing was widely commented on, and The Caucasian has already given re-1 the caucus? This was nothinsr less amount of education on the principal ports of it from the Washington Post. Assertions cannot be made with-1 than an attempt at fi I i buster inr on BUDJect in lb Democratic platform out proot, but mierences can ne arawn irom events and facts. And there the part of some of the Populists who I eDrM" a Dma' 1 is somethihg quite inferential from the following facts: are inclined to think tbat Pritehard's Prfect harmony among tbe people au)puriiuK; lurse ijucihuuii, prominent Kepublican of this State, that he would never declare for silver, reoP,eB r"J e state. Some r,r w V'"J " even though it would be necessary to get Populist votes. c?,u'uu uueB urina; wnicn it was Second. Between the Gth and 10th of December a meetine of Rennb- "JS f--?? mtn WAT50M-BLACK CONTEST. lican leaders was held in Washington to devise means bv which thv I lnV r. w . t. w f .w" I could capture the Senate. ' . ' fr w.i friend Miniiiii 1 l:rrr t ' Butler. Mr. Ward all rfrC. J ard a s guare-veil-l C'.!'!!".! t? der l'w ati oiiu - "t Bryan ran lliii.kotrt-xrsirx I ; tion by votmjc i ' . t , cbsnipion, wlo !-" !'',, tbe .Senate wouJd trUuv 1 1 lit of inoooKiliit an . nure ' ttit incalculable detnn.-tt ' lisra and tbe other j.rm'if wbicb the I'opulM si4 1 wared ttie lst csuips fti. I ' ttaix e should indi-at- at) ger of Pritcbard' re-el" U'ardatl will eo in i--r.n t to urs-e PonullMs ti ' I leader and tbeir principle. r Third. On December 10th, Senator Pritchard Skinner published above. PROGRESSIVE FARMER ON THE SEN ATORSHIP. Some Loud Taps. Strong; Points and Plain Talk on the Situation. We are not willing to believe that all of the nineteen so-called "bolters" will vote for Pritchard. But suppose they do. They will only weaken the Populist party nineteen votes; they. can carry notmng with tbem but tbe contempt of all honest people. The addition to the Republican party will be about equal to the addition to the British army when Benedict Arnold deserted tbe cause of American Inde pendence. For every legislative trai tor developed in this fight, if there be traitors, the Peoples Party will get a thousand good citizens, all with more influence and ability than those wbo desert tbeir- principles for Mark Ban na's money or for Republican patron ageone and the same for the men who go through this fight untainted will be worthy of confidence. If the Republican leaders alienate ibe sympathy of Populists, as tbey will do if they buy tbe election of Pritch ard, he can't be elected any other way, then the party will become a greater stench in the nostrils of honest people than the Cleveland Democracy, and it will be beaten in the State. The in famous bargaining is known and if the plans are carried out tbe peni tentiary doors ought to be thrown wide open and all concerned driven in like sheep. a--., . . Most of the nineteen mentioned as bolters are Pritchard sympathizers, some of them corruptly, and others honestly, believing they are under ob ligations to keep pledges, which, how ever, are now void. As soon as we can find ont Pritcbard sympathizers for pie only, we will publish a black list of the names and keep them before tbe people of the State so tbey can be spotted hereafter. j j The people of North Carolina are tired of treachery and foolishness. Tbey bave been trying to abate tbe evils, and do not propose to take any backward steps. Once more we serve notice tbat this paper will expose Sen- sen Is Bepresea ted byCoaasslla Mis wrote the letter to Col. I In this confusion Senator McCaskey. cErese Bi.rk-. . 01 juarun, woo is partial 10 ratcnard, wasnington 1'ost.j is said to have called out: "If I can't Contrary to general expectations, get a bearing. I want mv friends to Thnmi r. Wmt ator Pritchard, his methods, and those walk out with me. lie started out the Vice-Presidency on tbe Populist so-caiiea ropuiists who are working ana was followed out tbe chamber by ticket, was not present yesterday to re-elect him under the plea that eighteen others. They claimed that when Elections Committee No. 1, of they have made some sort of pledges, they did not go out as bolters, but be- the II ouse, began it bearing of tbe All pledges became void when Sena- cause they thought they could not get contested election case of Watson vs. tor Pritcbard began to crawfish from a fair hearing. Black, from tbe Tenth Georgia Dis- -?le0n iD lue fl"0011 coMritAiBT or the MiNoaiTY rct. Judge Black was among those question two years ago, when he was who heard the arguments of a formida- first elected Pritchard may get a few ySJS, ble array of counsel. Messrs. Gross, bolters, but tbe Populist party can't ber-wbere tbey organized a caucus of Vest nienn and Ron n tree annearintr be delivered, neithe? can the infiuen? SSUSSf l 5"?A rTcVfflX tial leadere. key carman, and adopted tbe follow- Lanurt Cohen, and Wright for Black. "Old Nick" and Mark Hanna mart ''The fpllowlnr tomber. of the Sen, tJlTLt S h"e ?d '"h VifSSSSrV,l of Augusta should be.tbrown out, be! -reau voi. a rucuaru s lacesi siring oi I v i .T T ' . " . promises. say . . 1 . .1. M M hr resolution th.t w..nt-.., .i.m- PUB? numoer oi aueajeu irreau I"' V r-'r" I unties in protest against the ai a am st sWaallkO ,.fit f Bded boxes, lack of representation on tbe Senator Pritchard has returned ftod of gag rule perpetrated on u. boards &c. I n beSSf of Jllack the to the advocacy of silver. The gen- gS tiltJftL"2Z tleman from North Carolina pos- JS fii -ih LSTSlfiiIBt'0eed .i" argued by Mr. Cummlngs, wbo main- sesses a Kaleidoscopic mind-wLh- SttfSi. taSid tb'at. be entire Aeory of Wat- ing them one and two hours for each A Complicated Ones tion. PVer, wimuus protest or murmur ing, wnen we a sea to nave time to ington Post. son's case that a widespread conspir aoy of fraud existed was not justified by tbe facts. x People Witt t Km Progressive Farmer. J Why Col. Harry Skinner, wbo split his coat for a silver man at St. I.ouis, is now splitting his throat for Pritcb ard. a gold man. ; Wby Col. Walter Henry, wbo split bis vest for Bryan and silver at SL t t Tr a . BALTiMOBE,Md., Jan.8. Daisy Cole, discuss our side of the question we -?felll'fw0liB,rl waJ? 'eceQtly were unceremoniously told by tbe r u eiuge on majority faction tbat we could bave he'hwmpUiiit. only ten minutes each; tbat after we e.S QJl0edn?8ay n?ht while a con- bad'appealed to the leaders and mem- 2h- Jitt? K'US n -nt ihew n,a,n ba"' 06,8 of ue njori7 faction to give us she with an older girl, broke into tbe time for free and fair discussion of matron s room. They appropriated the senatorial question and time to tne macron's dotbine. leavmsr their luitrmni own uniforms behind, got out on the important question, they absolute! v is now writing long high sound fire eBCJine nnnlail Hnnn an4 I . . . . ' . wviuwij . . . reiuscuio aarree to consiuer tne ones- a barbed wire fence. Once without, tion at anyotber time, and o c2?off the pair separated, each going her discussion by unfair and filibustering "y tactics mJJnif.ffi v WO?ds and -re "Therefore be it resolved, first, That -if11 ne,?bfc-- YefterdJ morning we inform our brethren who compose she went to the river front and board- the other faction that when they'de- Cant wiiHfmVewt.fmanKed lJ aLre the co-oP"on of this faction 55 t.Ji yatt To, nimJ"?e thy mart by resolution vlSS?? 80 dee5ly Ld he that they are willing to accord mm sympathize thatbe proposed marriage, fair discussion at some future timeVo wIlPKmpt,yMccpd a5dJatS he agreed upon by both factions; that mlft JSit'-V then and not ndtfl then we will con. f- pa8toP ,0it.t,,euFnlnd 8 -Re: ent to again sit together." -form Evangelical Church, who united (Signed) T. E. McCaskey. cbair- . man ; J.F.Newsom.J.M. Early, O.L. Now comes the question, wbo has Hardison. O.H. Cannon. D. Beld PK,0Ic2aimT0n..ner,; ner hband or Parker, B. H."W. Baker, K. . Wake- tbe State? J ustice Janetzke, wbo was field, H. E. Hodges, C. J. Tarborourfa consulted,! bought the authorities bad j. e. Bryan. T. El. Rou n tree, J. O.H ar- JJPhl 2!f,. ,Vr,er w5? opnld ris, Frank Brown, I A. AbVmetfay.C. and he will apply for a writ of habeas m. Babbitt, J. H. Parker, J. J. White, corpus, bringing the matter in to court. C.C. Fecan. Thirty-eight members of too canon remained la tbe Senate chamber and adopted tbe resolatloa offend by Sen ator Moye tcilkeut a ditrmtinf rote. Uv defeating v-na!r P re-eleetinir ISenator PntcJ ilanna will give tL sane V ' t a thump betwten tL- -J-4 thoroughly rettJe it. ;. PoBt- -V! Senator-tlect M"t5y, ' sippi, has returtid !ioaiC; V, mrm mllfh ltlfraiatiS hised in the next c 0 It V f 51 , ,i ; . t m - r VVM ' s-"7 Is -5- Parties having rice to aril l well do well to rommuoicate wir agents, or direct with us. W; viaja rmJ tsc: wsrw art . for rice. CAROLINA RICE r.llllS.S GOLD3BORO. W. H.& R.S. Tucker &Q To day is the best time to adver tise. To-morrow you may not be I able to. . S 123 and 125 Fayctlcvillc Street. t IU and 126 S. Wilisiagtca Street WILL SELL GOODS CHEAP! THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE. L J. I t I : e tu Ka. c ai OBI K. 1. tu ."t ll k I . 1 ttt ft M l I .11 l1 U .1: L f .v- i , t T. I) -ii i ii,,, r

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