tllE CAUCASIAN. igh, X. C, .January I I, lh9; 6 d XOTICJJ! nauiisny (Ken.;. IVrioa il!hi u..i. lint (Rep.), Sharp, of W1HD, Rep.. "uofe iiiepi. 1 eager (Rep.), At water (Pop.), Kirnbardt 'I op.) Mitchell (Top.), Cannon (Top.), iiardison ( Top.), l.'tley I I'op., Kngrossing Illllii Mr. McNeill ep.j, cnairmtn; Ashburn (Hen.i. graphical Union was preaeoted, pray Bt that the legislature in aarsralnir tbe public printing reelr Ike em ployment of Inion labor. There were many private bills st-trodu-edamong lhoe bearing up,n public interest are as follows: isy mm the school funi :i ribers in arrears will r. new AT N'( K, other- v-f will be loinpelle.l to cut rt. 'ir name from our mailir.g ( I'iae remit at onre. Iter . l-oi V 7l jif. M. , V ?P',:..W ' PPOrtioit ade in September ia. i'.eL PM dd'i1 OP ). lie j (Pop.,,; stead of In Jannary. I arker 1 op.) 1Jy ,.rtre pPOTt4iniC ,ba t,rIO, ef U CVC O'O' OIV Qt HE WORK OF THE LEGISLATURE. i , i' .mi' ! from J -t .;e. i.; '., hu'1 hapter 1'1'J, of itUtion to nrsignuient?: in fl t'l H'l'lMiS uUt" f'l .-1 i: Mr. J ro ot co-warrantorr: to .f fhfrifT of Cumbcr- Whit.-, tf i r.tahli'h :i juvenile f i . r 1 1 1 ; 1 1 i r .' ti.rhoVS'. Ir. AU vvii'lfi , to 1.1 tlio Stnt.-, f r. Sutton .'W lr .,! n'i'di H.'ii-l tho legislatures of i.i!.' ii nr.'l Alabama had passed ,i , r m" "I ul ions. Mr I . . i. moved to insort "inde rr.viJ" the jury 'uban i II pl,0 of "belllgtT- ,J, . Sijfti.;i ,-i vCpttd tho amend i.i. ..i't.t'd unanimously. .Mi. il.-w 1 of Halifax, was given .. nf :il.-t:nc until Monday. ( i.i.. mil tf en, A to luted. Tiif rli.tir anuouiH'td tho follow ' l oiiiinittft's: I'inanct: Mr. Johnson (Pop.), airman; P.rjan of (Chatham (I'op ), hit-ner fl'op.), 1'trson of Vayno .), Alexander tU-p. , Voun, fp ), Ailitn (Ufir.). I'titrtdl (Kcp.), 1 nil (Dum.). McKpnzio (iJem.t, n ( I'op.), iVnfo ( K'p. i lliiL'riiM;,d$ M r. I'innix p. i, rliairmau: Spruill (Rep.), apin iup . irringion (itep f ret quimanR, (ltep., (Top i, I'ru-o ( Pop.), Carter F-rpuson (l)oni.i, Leak .i k r, 1 1 IIJ'!! p.), 'ill i'ai Jiiilroad Commis- Inxul; and n Mr. Hrowi r ( !Jp. ), thairnian; c ktnim (ltf-p.), I)orkery (Kpp ), imuk ilicp.i, Korrall i I'op ), Waito K.mdolph i I'op. i, Ward (Pop.), x "i, of (!rt nr, (I'op.), McKsnie in.), Smith ( Ilctii. i .lornoration.s Mr. Schulkon )p.i, rliainnan: McHryde (Pop.), own (Pup.), Alxandr (Rpp ), k iy (luu' ), l''iiI'V (Uep , Wal i i ) im.), I'msti ad (I)i'iu ) ; In -ntion-.Mr. Oockciy (Mop.), liriuan: Whito of Alamance! Kep.), Cr. iit v (Kop.). Pi'iu'o (Kep ), Cox .'p.), Vouny iliep.i, Aliernethy ip.i, Kin' ( Pop. i, W'iiito of Kan pli (Pop), Kountree (Pop), :iten'r (Pop.), Person of Wilson p. i, I)i.on of Cleveland (Dem.), ls )u (l m ), Walters (Dem.) lr. Ah xander'n bill provides that tlio February nifiotinj; tho county unmtdoner.'i shall rnmivo all oil t from both divisions of tho Abo, hj1 l:nu t li ot;i ; (shall pfhct iimAics of nil male persons who! ,e .aid their taxes, who hre of jl moral (har.vcter and of suf eut intellionco," and tho lbt ill be revised each year. Ir. White's bill for a reformatory )ropriates .'!(), U(l') for buildings a. reformatory for whites, and (UK) for maintenance) for two 1 lie will introduce a supplo nt!il bill for suitably buildings and port for tho colored race. The alo provides that, the State be powered to isue bonds to the . ottnt of 100.0UU, or so much as V be required for tho purposes of reformatory. "I havft not por ted all tlio plans," said Mr. White, it will accept in committeo any rg'stions that will perfect the n." I Kill DAY. Senate. order by I.ieutent- Jov- alleil to or I ouhton. . u eton. KI1U U1 II K1 lit lollH Prayer by Kev. Dr. Ir. Anthon y, to amend chapter 277 laws of is'.Ci. in relation to divorce e present law permits divorce after pears separation to parties who I commenced proceedings before passage of act. Mr. Antony wants enlarge it, and permit divorces enever parties have lived separate ) j ears. The one who leaves cannot tarry.) Ir. Anderson, to instruct ourJiep entiitives in Congress to vote for t'ameron resolutions. He asked minions consent for immediate con t ration. Major Jrant objected. Ir. ( lark, t lie following bill : ection 1. Xo public officer, or per i elee'ed or appointed to public of- under the laws of the State, shall ect ly or indirectly ask, t'emand, ac it, receive or consent to receive for own use or benefit, or for t he use benefit of another, any free pass, e transportation, franking privil ' s or discrimination in passenger, v egraphor telephone rates, from any pi rson or corporation, or make use of .'1 me, himself or in conjunction another. A person who violates y provision of this section shall be fined guilty of a misdemeanor, and HW'lall forfeit his oflice at the Jit of the Atorney-CJeneral Cay corporation, or agent thereof, shall otlVr a promTSe to public ollicer, or person appoint f t or elected to public oftlee, any such ; t;e paM, free transportation, frank- X privileges or discrimination here ' . prohibited, shall be privileged from v, Itifying in relation thereto, and he Jill not be liable to civil or criminal .X)secution ttierefor, if be shall testi f jf, to the giving of the same." "The following committees were an no need : Propositions and lirievances Shaw 'p. i, chairman: Asnourn (Kep.), heks (Itep.). Henderson, colored Vfp.i, McNeil (Kep.), Anderson pp.), At water (Pop.), CiarKU'op.), Ion nor ( Ken.). Alexander ( I op.). Corporations Mr. Anderson (Kep.), hainnan: Maultsby (Kep.), Sharp of 'redell (Kep.). McCarthy ( Kep.), ( Irant p. . .Move (I'oD.).IiTon (fop , tsut (I'op.i, Karnhardt (Pop.), Clark P.) '.ail road and Kailroad Commis n Mr. liutler (Pod), chairman: r Carthy (Kep.), Shore (Kep.), ultsby (Kep.), Shore, of Wilson i ?p.) liarnsev (Kep.), Clark (Pop.), askey (Pop.), Maxwell (Pop ). fudiciary. Mr. Smathera (Kep.), i airman : Wheedbee (Kep.), Ander i (liep.), McCarthy (Kep.), Ramsey ' ep.), hhore (Kep.), uiarK (i'op.) i itler ( Pop.), McCaskey (Pop.), Mitch- ( Pop.). federal Kelations Mr. Mitchell i'op.), chairman: Smathers (Rep.) ;i"ant (Kep.), Ashburm (Rep.) Shore :p.), Wakefield (Pop.), At water ''op.), New8ome (Pop.), Shaw (Pop, Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institution if. Alexander (Pop.), chairman TO IKViniC.ill HKIhBKt Mr. At water offered a Senat reso lution to invectigate the ehargeaof bribery, and said the public charge made reflected upon everjr Senator in tbeoJy. Mr. hmathert, Mr. MrCa. nu jir. onni spOKeonttj- name i line. j;enolutlon adopted. Then the vote wan reconsidered, and tb reso lution wn changed to a joint one and passed an follows : ' Wberea, Tbeelectlou of a Senator to represent the State in the Senate of the I nited statea is a matter of the highest concern to the people and ii a duty developing upon this '.eneral AHsetnbly, and, is publicly and openly changed that bribery and corruption in relation to said election have been and are being made to members of the Ceneral Assembly to inlluence said election. Now, therefore, to the end that said charges may be fully inves tigated by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring. "Resolved, That a special commit tee of three members of the Senate and two members of the House be ap pointed to investigate and report at the earlient convenience tne facts in relation to said charges. "Resolved further, That said spe cial committee be and the same are hereby authorized and empowered to administer oaths, compel attendance of witnesses and send for persons and papers." COUNT TIIK ;OV KKNOk'S VOTK. A bill to count the vote for (Jover- nor and other State oitlcerson the first Tuesday after the meeting of the General Assembly was adopted. It provides that immediately after the counting of the vote the (Governor shall be sworn in. and that the other State otlicers shall take the oath of olllce as soon after the vote is pub lished ami may be convenient, and en ter upon the duties of their oflices. Houe. Called to order by Speaker Hileman at ll o'clock. Prayer by Rev. Levi Kranson, I). D, who said "We claim thus as a Christian Legislature." Leave of absence given. Mr. Scbul ken, Mr. Home, Mr. Cathey, Mr. Han cock, Mr. iiryan.of Chatham. Mr. Ferguson reported favorably the bill to repeal chapter 4W, laws of 1 805 (assignment act.) Mr. Cooke raised the point that the rules required ev ery report to state that a majority of the committee was present when the bill was considered. The Speaker said this rule would be enforced. Heretofore bills have been reported favorably from committees when only a few members were present. Sir. Lusk said nearly all the members were present except Mr. Cook, of Cumber land, and Sutton of Cumberland. Mr. Lusk made the entry and the bill went on the calendar. Mr. Sutton offered report from the committee on rules, adopting those of the last House, with an amendment to rule 21, providing that on the demand of any member, or of his own motion, the Speaker is empowered to count those present and not voting to make a quorum (the Reed rules, Rule 21 amended fordidding the entertain ment of any amendment to any reso lution or bill unless in writing and signed by the member offering the same. It I IN Introduced. l'erson, of Wayne, to increase the power and duties of Railroid Com missioners, providing that whenever it shall appear to the Railroad Com mission that rates or facilities ol traus poatation for passengers and property between points without the State and points within the State are unreasona ble, unjust or otherwise prejudicial to individuals or localities within the State, the State Railroad Commission shall have authority to bring and maintain proceeding in its own name before t he J nter-State Commission. Mr. Mauser To reduce the salaries of clerks of the Ceneral Assembly. Mr. Person, of Wayne, nominated A. L. Swinson, of Vrayne, lor enrolling clerk, seconded by Hrown, of Jones, and Mr. Blackburn. Mr. Creech, of Johnston, nominated C. W. Home, of Johnston, Mr. Person, of Wayne, Mr. Cook and Mr. Nelson appointed tellers. Home's name withdrawn. Swinson elected. The Speaker announced that Swinson had been elected. Mr. Cook reminded him that it was a joint election, and he would have to wait for report of tellers. A resolution from theSenate order ing the printing of 1,."()0 copies of the C.overnor's message. The House re fused to concur. A conference com mittee was appointed to confer with the Senate committee as follows: Lusk, Johnson and McKenzie. Mr. Lusk's bill to take up his bill repealing the Assignment Act was taken up and passed the Third Read ing. Mr. Lusk said the bill was "con ceived in fraud and born in iniquity." There were two little noes registered against the passage Nomination of Enrolling Clerk was taken up and the name of Mr. Abbott L. Swinson, of (ioldsboro, was put in nomination by Mr. llauser, seconded by Mr. Blackburn. Mr. Andrew I). Raby, of Swain, was put in nomination by Mr. McPeeters, of Swain. The vote resulted as fol lows: Swinson, 7."; Raby 26. A number of private bills were intro duced. The bill was passed to count the ballots and inaugurate the Governor next Tuesday (second and third reading-) At 1 :21 the House adjourned until Monday morning at 11 o'clock. FIFTH DAY justices a! the peace elected Ut yr shall end on the first Monday in t. cembr, 1st. By Pearson, of Burke, to prohibit railroad companies from defeating or lessening competition, (it forbids any railroad company to purchase or lease any competing line of railroad or to enter into any contract with a competing line, calculated to defeat or lesson competition in this State; that any citizen may bring auit to annul such agreements by railway compan ies, or where the State is a stockholder, a citizen or the (iovernor may prose cute.) By Sutton, to prohibit the sale of cigarettes in this State, and to pro hibit the giving of the same; the pun ishment to be fine or imprisonment cr both. By Sutton, to protect the public from baggage smashers. (It requires also me provision or suitable waiting rooms, aad for the publication of schedules in newspapers.) r.ynution, to provide that in ap peals to a higher court, all the evi dence shall, if desired, be sent to the higher courts. By Cox, instructing Senators and Representatives in Congress to use all their efforts against any further ex tension of Civil Service reform and to so modify the present law as to prevent anything like life tenure in oflice. The Senate resolution raising a coni mitteee to investigatecbarges of brib ery in the Senatorial contest was unanimously adopted. The resolution requiring the keep er of the capitol to display the Na tional tlagon the capitol during the legislative session was adopted. The Speaker announced the follow ing committees : Enrolled Bills Hauser, Abernathy, Drew, Home, McCreary, Dockery, Kd dins, and Bunch. l'ropositions and Grievances-Blackburn, Sutton, of New Hanover, Crews, Craven, Carter, Grumpier, Cunning ham, and Lyle. Insane Asylums Sutton, of Cumber land : White, of Alamance; Alexander, Whitener, Parker, of Perquimans; Rountree, Pearson, Dixon, of Cleve land. Pensions Grumpier, Barrow, Ward, Chilcutt, Roberts, Adams, McPheters and Ransom. Pearson and Green were added to the Finance Committee. At 12:20 the House, on motion of Lusk, adjourned until to-morrow, in order that it might witness the meet ing of the Electoral College. FUNDING BILL BEATEN. MIRACLES in miCiilE, The Wonderful Progress Mado Within the Past Few Years. to li rem i9mH with prl..r t tbir .4r h leJise tfeyrtas. a4 xir c f t s.u4 MalM. lr. Iltaai A v, 11 . Rms4 M AUaa!.it. tiOLD pvyr. vow :cr. fwr- aansrgrr gtt&sa un RAIlMAOSia fKITlCS Diseases That Our Mothers Thought Incurable Now Cured By . Paine s Celery Compound. importance of medicine ard It ia ditlicalt, almctt imp"slb!e. to overestimate the recent advance a surgery. In surgery there ia the application of the X-ray in dettrming complica ted fractures. In medicine there is the sernm treatmtnt for germ drseases, and more important still, the extended use of Paine's celery compound in tho treatment of tne many diseases that arise from a faulty or impaired nervous system- This class of ailment causes more suffering and earlier deaths than all others, and that is why e much public prominence was given to Paine's celery compound when its discovery was lirt announced by Prof. Phelps of Dartmouth college. The rapid and sure way tbc.t Paine's celery compound cares neu ralgia, rheumatism and nervous de bility i3 marvelous even in the eyes of this wonder-working quarter of the century. Ancient miracles were contrary to natural laws, whereus the remark able power of Paine's celery com pound to make people well, comes from a better understanding of the natural causes of disease. That wonderful set of nerves known as tho "sympathetic nervous system,'' that knits every part of the body together and harmonizes all, is understood to-day as never before. uany per.on are cut aware that any such nerves exist. They d sot know that nothing goa on in lt LiJUft.s, N"b.. Ja 7 -Stlas A. llo'tromb tii for th oeJ ttsa inaugurated Gavtrncr of Nebratk. today. A d from matUrs ef Wl inter?, b di-ad tb ballot la in tfc brht of tk Ust letiot. aad re r cmtsecded sots ae&dme&t tWat will prevent th n of partv desif nations bv Uolticr facttoos. llesart: Some action might t takes to disrourare, discrimination btfi political parties by railroal rots pa ms opeiati&r within tkc Slat The issoacco c f parses to an armv of political workers and th iriving of special rates for political meet ings mak the railroad companies a poaer in shaping the political des tinies of the Stat. Railroad eom psxmes sbouli bo rvttraintd bt wholesome legislation from active participation in party polities. When Col. Pritcbard comes for ward wi'.h hi. n it batch t f promise he will probibly agree to vote for a bill to make old shoes a legal tender, provided KsgUnd and Mark iianoa don't object, and by "independent action" if they do make a kick. Progressive Farmer. Jtetlre. Adv-ertiMrUiCtiL j 1 hereby announce mjelf as a can didate for the position of superinten dent of one of the Penitentiary t arms situated on the Roanoke river. 1 have had 2t tears' experience work on toe Koanuke harms, now worked by the State of Nortn C arolina, and also four or five years experience in working convict labor, part of the body that every other psrt does cot instantly "know of." The closeness of this sympathy is ramiliarly illustrated by headaches, indigtstion, rheumatism, neuralgia, etc. About every case of sleepless ness, nervonsness and dyspepsia is "sympathetic strike" by btain. nerves or stomach, induced by the lowering of the general health. People who think to get rid of inese troubles by some medicine that disregards the general health of the body are on the wronir track In getting such diseases aa neuralgia and rheumatism out of the statem Paino's celery compound proceeds at once to restore a normal appetite and regulate the nerves, aa the foun dation for building up the health and vigor. It regulates the bowels without delay, and seei to it that the poison ous humors that are bunting through the skin, in whr.t are, for purposes of classifying, called skin diseases, are given a ready outlet. la this basis of purified blood and regulated nerves the permanent cure of every form of blood diseases, such as eczema, salt rheum, bad complexion, is now assured by this really wonderful remedy. I During said time 1 gave entire atls- If the reader of this is not in per- faction as can be attested to by those feet hea th let him S mn v trv a first oo'uinK superior posiuons. . ... - . -----., ! jfe &j j Down t lit 1 Expenses nil' I 1 1 ' ' 4 U w iyrr L J J ' ',v j r f i y i J i v ' "u . N--li2i -:'.. . 'ria. .: w- j n SF.I.K. Sar r.ior.r . tu;u. ..v. j , L. ::t:k- i Q013 DUST siSS It i lcjii THE N. Injmc- ti ' un K FAIR3ANK COMPANY. bottle of Paine's celery compound and carefully note the results. This December 21, 1 J. V. Pol-a. much opposed to these substitutes as to the Powers bill. The California and Middle West members voted al most solidly against them. When tha vote came on the maiu proposition th? Whole opposition, swung into line and crushed it by au adverse vote of 102 to ICS. The vote was not: taken directly on the passage of the bill, but on tha preliminary motion to engross and read the bill a third time. NEGRO WIPES OUT A WHOLE FAMILY. Senate. Called to order at noon by Lieuten ant-Governor Doughton. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Ashburn, of the Senate. Message received from the House stating that the House had refused to concur in the bill to print 1,500 copies of the Governor's message, and asking for a committee of conference. Introduction of Rills. Mr. Clark, to permit foreign rail roads to become incorporated in North Carolina. Mr. Person, to prevent lynching: and pr ovule a punishment for lynchers, Bills of a local nature were intro duced by Senators Henderson, of Vance; McNeil; Sharp, of Wilson; Walker; Maxwell; Barringer; Yeager; l'erson, uicuson, Jsarker and some others. Senator Anthony made report of Tellers that Abbott L. Swinson. ot Wayne, had been elected enrolling clem or the General Assembly. Mr, Swinson received in the House 75 votes, in the Senate 39 votes, making a total ot 1 14 votes, A. T. Raby received 26 votes in the House and 3 in the Senate, a total of 29. Mr. Swinson was elected and took the oath of office. The following committees was ap- Dointed: Enrolled bills Shore, chairman Move. Whedbee, Clark, Person, Hard ison. Asbbnrn. Robinson, Scales, Ray, The Senate then adjourned till 3:30 o'clock to permit the Electoral Col lege to hold its session in the Senate chamber. House. At 11 o'clock the House met and Representative Green offered the opening prayer. A memorial from Asheville Typo' Victory of Opposition Wag Very Itcilve Mo.jrirlty of 00 Votes Against It. The fate of the Pacific Railroad funding bill, whfsh was debated three days in the House last week, has been brought up and the measure with the pending amendments, will coine to a voe under the special order under which the House is proceeding. The bill involves the settlement of the $112.(i(i(i.(ti i.i indebtedness of the Union Pacilin and Central Pacific on the basis of an extension of over eighty years, at 2 per cent, with an annual extinguishment payment on the principal at the rate of ;JG."i,(K)(i for she first ten years, $580 000 for the tecond ten years, and $750,000 for the remaining years. It involves, as the alternative of its defeat, the probable immediate fore closure of the government's lien and the sale of the property, ic is tne culmination of the struggle which has gone on in Congress for a dozen years to secure some sort of an adjustment of the Pacific Railroad indebtedness on the basis of an extension, a3 it bas been apparent for a long period that the roads would default when the bonds matured. The interests at stake are gigantic, and the friends of the bill are straining every nerve. The opponents of the measure are also ac tive, and the result is awaited with in tense interest. Each side are claim ing it would be victorious to-day. Both sides have made polls of the members, upon which they predict their claims. Before the final vote is taken on the bill the Bell and Harrison substitutes, both of which are pending:, will be voted upon. The former provides that if the Union Pacific and Central Pa cific will discharge the first mortgage indebtedness of $01,000,000, so as to advance the government s lien to a first mortgage, the government will agree to an extension of the debt at a low rate of interest. The Harrison substitute provides for the creation of a commission consisting of the Secre tary of the Treasury, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Attorhey General ior tne settlement ot tne uebt; on a basis fair to the roads and just to the government. After the funding bill is disposed of the House will proceed with the con sideration of appropriatirn bills until Saturday, which will be given up to eulogies on the life and character and public services of the late ex-Speaker Crisp. 1 be Indian and military ap propriation bills are on the calender, and before these are disposed of the agricultural bill will be brought in. The course of the Senate this week will depend largely upon whether the Pacific Railroad funding bill passes the House and whether Senator Cam eron will call up his Cuban resolutions Mr. Cameron's friends expect that he will be in his seat this week and that when he returns he will indicate his desire as to the resolutions of the Cuban question. If he decides to press the resolutions there will be a deter mined effort to aid him in this direc tion ; but in any event there are likely to be a few speeches on Cuba. Senator Mills bas announced bis purpose to address the Senate on this question Monday and it is understood that Sen ator 'Davis is purposing a Cuban speech. ' The Pettigrew free homestead bill is expected to reach a vote not later Tuesday, and it is to be followed by the Pacific Railroad bill if the latter passes the House. Senator uuiiom, who will have charge of the legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, said last week that he expected to be aTile to report that measure by the middle of next weeK and that he would asK the Senate to consider it as soon as reported. Washington, D. C, Jan. 12. Never was there more quiet at the beginning ot the roll-call in the House than when the final vote on the Pacific rail road funding bill was taken. Mem oers dropped into their seats and for the time being forgot to converse with their neighbors. Intensity of interest was depicted on every face, w hen the roll-call was ended, and it was known that the bill was reiected oy a majority, tne friends of the meas ure wno naa preaictea its Dassaee ud to the last moment, were surprised by iue uecisive cuaracier oi tneir aeieat. They had been led to hope from the votes on the substitutes that the bill bad more than an even chance of pas sage. The Bell substitute provided that if the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Captured After a Ueoperate Struggle Kl.Ullrd With VulletH oa Hit Way to Sumter By an Angry Mob. Sitmter, S. C, Jan. 7. Simon Gooper, colored, who iives near Lynchburg, in this county, this morning shot Ben Wilson, seventy-five years old, split open the head of his son, Wesley Wil son, with an axe, cut Mrs. Wesley Wil son's throat aDd Emashed her head with an axe. After wiping out this family he chopped Preston Smith's head off with the same axe and shot a young girl. The story of the multi murderer is as follows : on January 1 each year the colored people in and around Lynchburg al ways celebrate Emancipation Day. This year, as usual, the celebration was held, and was a quiet and orderly, affair until the afternoon, when Cnoper ranhl Town, driving a span of horses. He attemptea to drive ove some of the negroes standing in the street, and got into a difficulty with them. The result was that he killed one negro and wounded six others,l took entire possession of the two and terrorized the whole populace. Some time that night lie left town and nothing more was heard of him until yestei day, when he again visited the little village and attempted to force a young negro girl to marry him. The girl and her mother, who were greatly frightened, escaped to a swamp. A posse was organized immediately and followed Cooper, but did not suc ceed in capturing him. Sberilt Pierson, of Sumter county, organized a posse, and, chartering a special train, left immediately for tne scene of the tragedy. In the house a teinble scene met their gaze. Old man Wilson lay dead in the kitchen. while only a few feet from him was the body of his son, the head of the latter being clelt from forehead to chin. Signs of a desperate struggle were everywhere. Mrs. Wilson lay near the dorr with a big gash in her throat and her head smashed and beaten almost beyond recognition. Tosses are scouring the whole coun try and it is probable that Cooper will soon ne taken, ice latter is neaviiy armed, carrying several revolvers and a sixteen-shooter rifle of the latest pattern. Governor vans had ottered, pre vious to this murder, a reward of $100 for Cooper's capture. Five hundred dollars will now be paid for Cooper's head. His chance of escaping being lynched will be very small, if caught. All day the streets have been filled with excited people and the supply of guns and ammunition is almost ex hausted. Si'mtkk, S. C, Jan. S, the negro outlaw, who yesterday, mur dered three members of the Wilson family and a colored servant, was lynched near here to-day. Cooper was captured by the sheriff's posse and was being taken to Sumter when the mob decided to hang him. The deputy s her ill aided by two men resisted the lynchers, but were overpowered. A rope was thrown over tne limb ot a tree and as the man ran upward a volley rang out. The body was pierced by more than 150 balls. One bullet cut the rope and the corpse fell to the ground, where the coroner found it some hours later when he went to hold an inquest. yer, Mrs. Dr. F. Russell, Miss John son, Miss Chadbourn, Mrs. .Judge Robinson, Miss Gibson, Mrs. An derson. Miss Lusk. The halls and parlors were bril liant with electric lights and deco rated with palms and evergreens Refreshments were served in the dininer room during the evening. Altogether it was one of the most brilliant and successful functions ever given by the club, being the first reception ever accorded by it to any incoming Governor. Insist on having just what you call lor when you go to buy Hood s Sarsa- parilla, the One True Blood Purifier and nerve tonic. k'ur Cltrk of tha Senate. Advertisement. Peanut, N. C, Nov. :i0, !;. 1 1 a . . . I am a candidate lor re-election to the position of Principal Clerk of the Senate. I understand all the details of the cflL;e and if elected will serve to the best of my ability. Ai to my service to the Peoples Party and the reform movement and my cleri cal ability, I refer the public to the testimonial of Dr. Thompson below and by permisson to Honr. Harryl Skinner and John K Fowler, and to my own Senators. Hons.G.L Hardi son and and W. T. McCarthy. II. K KiMi. HVSva Siaat Mt liUf tk. He ure and uae that 44 and welU tried remedy, Mk. W,,a Nmiin. law Mirr, for children teetLltf. It notbea tbe ehilJ. Soft eft ttie (wsa. allajs al! pain. cure wind ci.Jl.- st4 is the beat remedy f or dirrt.. Twen-tJ-Ce rents a buttle. '.ii - - :.: GWEN ALL ORDERS WORLD ALMANAC AND ENCYCLOPEDIA r-u jlU CfM.0GuC ft ' ' : . V M Members of the Legislature. a'Uowf 1 C .r A j NCARLY tjOO PAGEG. O JCK 1.5D0 TOPICS TRl!fTrD A And friet.ds !itinjr Raleigh dur ing the session of t lie l.rfai As sembly will please remember it is their m-iy as well as pleasure to patronize old friends. The Senatoratalp. Correspondence the Progressive Farmer. Ai, X. C, Dec. IS, '90. Permit me to express a few thoughts through your columns in regard to the selection of a good and tried silver man to represent us in the United States Senate for the next term. Tbe conditions of our pee pie are such that it is of the greatest importance to the people of the State of North Carolina that a good silver man should be elected to that position by our legislature; and 1 would sug gest to the legislature of North Caro lina to elect to that position the hon orable gentleman and patriot, Wm. A. Guthrie, of Durham. The people, so far as l have been able to learn, desire the Major to represent them in the United States Senate, believing: that he will be impartial in his oftcial du ties, and prove faithful to his constitu ents, irrespective of any political party whatever. As the finances of the country are gradually decreasing year by year, and distress seems close at hand. It behooves all good men to insist upon none but good and tried men to fill offices, from President down to constable. The people are anxious ly waiting and hoping that prosperity may again crown our land, and tran quility, peace and happiness may abound, from the rivers to the ends of the earth, and our people only desire an equal distribution of the blessing, and patronage of a free and independ ent citizenship, they do not need any contraction of the currency. But an explanation of it, such as free coinage of gold and silver at the ratio of 1 to 1, would give th?m, for we certainly have not enough money in circulation now to transact the business of the country, and for this reason I think that there should be a true silver man (such a one as Major Guthrie) be sent to the United States to advocate and plead for the down-trodden of a liber ty-loving people, who are groaning under a financial burden. Trusting that each legislator will give the matter deliberate thought and elect this patriot and true silver man to the next seat in the United States Senate. Please let us bear from other good citizens of the State in re gard to this matter at once. - J. P. TlNUENT. To Whom It -V.iv Const rn: RicHrs, n o, Nov to - Xhe Harrison House it gives mo pleasure to state mat i am well acquainted with Mr. Hill E. King, who seeks the position of Principal Clerk ia the next Senate of North Carolina, having known him intimately for many years. lie has had experience in legislation, understands the duties of the posi tion, and posses-ss first rate clerical qualifications. He ha3 rendered such service in three campaigns as should commend him to favorable consideration. In lS'.l'J, 1804 and 1890, he Las done very tatlsfactory service, both as chairman of the Populist executive committee of On slow county, and as chairman of the executive committee of the Third Congressional district. Cyrus Thompson'. Candidate For lnrkeeper. Advertisement.! I am a candidate for assistant door keeper in the House of Representa tives from Duplin county. J. . FKAKS4I t. is an old political landmark kept by the widow of a g'wtd Republi can, Mason and Odd fallow. It is the duty of all members of the party and Fraternal Orders mentioned to- help tbe widow and orphans by stopping at THE HARRISON HOUSE Mrs. Harrison takes great pains and pleasure to treat all her guests with the best attention, courtesy and comforts at tier disposal. fCltefera ty periiiiMti to Senator Butler and Pritcbard and to Hons. W. II. Worth and S. Otbo Wilson. HARRISON HOUSE. Mrs. E. M. Harrison, PropV. KALI MM. N. C. OMt : :.-i. i 5.i ! ,. f ..... " 1 .1 J 'l f .1 I f hi: 1 a: 1 I'AII AN 1H: ii j L .. The Cst AMa n. W-.tM Aln auae, U jtr lI tie Wanted-An Idea 2SS fs-t r Sar fbv llw . rna tnu JOmk wsa.oi.kkI ha m , - im Sava, ewMatka, I f . atr 1 a , i mt a UM 4 tmm Iaa4ra4 UaaUu aaiaa. Health is Wealth. GRAND RECEPTION TO GOV. RUSSELL. A Brilliant Social Event In Honor of The State's New Chief Executive. One of the most brilliant, social events that ever occurred in the Capital city of the State was a recep tion given to Governor and Mrs. Russell on Tuesday evening by the Capitol Club, the chief social or ganization of the city. The mem bers of the club are the leading citi zens of Raleigh, and they gave their best efforts to making the occasion pleasant and successful, and their success was grauiymg even oeyouu their most sanguine hopes. Over 400 invitations had been is sued and nearly everybody who re ceived an invitation went. I he eruests included the new Governor and State c facers, the members ot the Legislature and a large number of visitors, who are in the city, be sides the members of the club. v The reception began at 9 and lasted until 12 o'clock. From 10 to There is more Catarrah in this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the Simon Cooper, i last few years was supposed to be in curable. Jfor a great many years doctors pronounced it a local dis ease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly tailing to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrah to be a constitutional dis ease, and therefore requires consti tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only con stitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonf ul. It acts di rectly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. " They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address. F. J. CHE SET & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75e. Halt's Family Pills are the best. For Doorkeeper. Advertisement. I hereby announce myself aa can didate for the position of doorkeeper for tbe House ot Keprcsentative, from New Hanover county. dec. 3 4t L. J. Kino. For Kugrouloc Clerk of Senate. I hereby announce myself a can didate for Engrossing Clerk in tbe next Senate of the Genera Assem bly, subject to the action of the jrint caucus. ' J. Z. Green. Marshville, N. C.f Dec. 22, W. Candidate for Eogrosiiiog Clark. Advertisement. I am a candidate for engrossing clerk of tbe House of Representatives, have been in the reTorm movement since 1883, and in the Populist party ever since its inception, will leave it with my friends to say whether or not I am worthy of recognition and will greatly appreciate any effort they may make in my benair. Respectfully, It. F. SCARPOKOfGH. 1 Otl fcTwt ATnnrr"Ww For State Librarian. Toth'' Honorable mrmltfr of tlf GVn- eral Awmbiy of Sorth Carolina: Asa patriot, a Confederate veteran, an Allianceman from tne hrst, ana now, an active Populist since organ ization, a man of limited means, with a large family to rear, I most respectfully ask for the position of State Librarian Your ob't. servant, A.J. Hunter. DR. E. C. WEST'S NERVE AND BRAIN TREATMENT THE ORICIKaL. ALL OTHERS IMITATIONS. Itaoldnnder ponitire Written ;armatee. taranthoripwl iur"iOi Milr, to cur" W k Mmtxtt, Lhrnnma. WkkffolfM-a. r it. Ilr. Ouh m. Niht lee, Kil Irani. lark of rin- rlnca.Nrvuuiitiea, irraina. iuuiu ful Krrora. or Larvwura U of ToIiocm. warn. or Liquor, which l-ad t Mi47. "tiaomt. tnaaoitr and Ltoath. At fr r l.y mail. II m box; sis fr ri;iU writieav Kratee tm care or refaad snaaey. Haaanle pmrU- ce. containing fc 1mjV trealmaot, "u rati instructions, Zi cuts, (hie sample ocll aukl to each person. At store of IjJ man. t35Rei Label Special Extra Strength. For lmnotencr. lxws ! Power. Lost Manhood. Hterdity or rUfn-ub Jl a iiox; six for ... wni written) cearaateeiJ ... .m i. Hi At -I Bt FORE or by nu":l. MooRne Prescription Pharmacies,. Cor. Wilmington, Martin A Market Bta. rnene si. Branch Pharmacy, cor. FayetteTiIie eno Martin Bta. Phone 17. Ralelfzli. - ?. C mi fcS. "My lfilaiiiyiicnB8Siof6u Sure to Win. The people recognize and appreciate reai merit. That is wny uooa s aarsa- parilla has the largest sales in the world. Merit in medicine means tne power to cure, iiooas sarsspanus cores absolutely, permanently cures. It is the One True Blood .runner, its superior merit is an estaonsneu iaci, and merit wins. Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy to operate. Cure indigestion, neaaacne. Bryan at Chicago Chicago. Jan. 7. W. J. Bryan was rjresent at the banquet at the Tremont House, in this city, to- To Whom it May Concern : Deeita, X. C Mr. A. J. Hunter, of Mecklenburg county X. C, having an nounced bimselfa candidate for Mate Librarian at Raleigh, X. C, it'.gives me pleasure to say that I consider him well nualined for tne place, ana en tirely worthy of tbe support of the I good men of -Nortn Carolina. I Know him to be a Christian gentlemen, a true Allianceman since its beginning, and one of tbe foremost Populist of I North Carolina. Those who have tbe matter in charge will not make a mistake by giving Mr. Hunter tbe place. . (iiBBOX, Pres. Farmers Alliance and Kx. Chair man P. P. Kx. Com. Mecklenburg county. f an did ate For Doorkeeper. Advertisement.) I hereby announce myself a candi date for tbe position of Doorkeeper for tbe Senate of wake county. C. R. Debstam. Roles ville.X.C, Dec. 10, '96. ) I vt 1 I .LIMITED DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE Atlanta. btl4te A uul. A I tier lroinf'ofi. N-w rU si.s AMI Nets Votk. lo14jn, i:L'.otid, VeMiMi,;i..u. .ioik, I ottsuvuifa. NLetiJein hffer! Nov. SOUTH BOtNU. Lv New Yoik l'niladel.uia lis It) wore.... ab;tjncn . Kirbnioud ... Norfolk t'oftsuoutb.. Weldou ...... Hendenoo... Ar I'urtisni Lv I'urJjsro lUleixh Hstiford Ho. Pinea I Ism let Wades boro Monroe hat totte . .... Ar Letter .J.7. , Clinton Green cod Atbeville Elterton Ar A teens... Ar Winder Ar Atlanta ( eotral time) No . No. II. 2 Jia viiiam . .. i I aiu litnant 7 2Ja 2 lu H 4Vn t boata 12 3tB HOtem ....U3'oai 9 iXmm ....lZl'lsm Utm sd'snu ii uta n Kxn l S prii Ml 0t U ant ! Uim . " lists 4 !t"pm . a (Xisa ft Afytu . kViam 6t'fni . liita a oi s lOKim "Vf I l.aikVjvi' pm ruowra l32ns 1 3na 11 um . 2 2't.o. 1 itmm . I 1 22a in 4 ooi'ta ft !ui ft 3.m 6 t-V-ta 2 3,ta 1 Mam 4 21 em ft arism NORTH DOU5D. No VO. No. . LvAOabta (Central ti(ne,"12Sfi n lia Lv Athena. 2t5prn 11 "ra Elberton 4 tn 12 4.'am A boenlle ft im 1 47am (ireenwood.... S9.tu 2 Iftant Clinton tTpm SI tans Cbesler ". 7 tbytn 4 Cia Lv berlo'te H '3 to ft 2ft. n Monne '.'jta 4 ISen HamVt . So I'mts ... Kaleirb You Need One ! Agents are nd"w going through Wake county takine orders for the 1 there was dancmer. x articipated in would clear off the first mortgage and bv &bont sixtv conrdes. comnrising advance the government's lien the tha anrl call an trv nf the Old government would extend the mdebt- Norttt state.' eaness as a per cent, ic was qeieatea n j -r Tn -110 to 158. The Harrison substitute u.YrVc auu ..lo' Zt " I provided for a commission to negoti- ?ssisiea in receiving oy vuu sou ate a settlement of, the debt. It was A. t. Anarews, in. ana mts. rejectea oy tne Mouse oy a vote o 00 Names iucaeu, ainj. auu mts, . to 214. Many of the members were as Harris, of Wilmington. Mrs. Saw- .... . . '.. - I IUK tuuiill a night, m ceieoration or me oinnuav ECOxOMY BIX. Its usefulness as a of Andrew JaeKson. household article is apparent at tne He was trreeted with grat ap first a-lance. Xe floor or meal can be planse -when he arose to speak. To I taken from it without sifting an im- V A J I . m4 aAnaMeMfUfl wirk SlWa1aMa m mi iiflnii navnnTiflTflr HriiNH anu uuriaub uuubiuciswvu a tvao f iuau .wav Vaa .r . w. . m I I fllfll Ti ll BA Ofll! DMtl waved everything avaUable, accom- cooas. 11 is uVr1;":'?: m all Wniunications : v Z j ....t; ;tt, Vn or roaches cannot get in to defile. It I S!,.J7i T 1 1 paiiyiuK uio ubuiuu. u - nrnament to nv nantrr and not Z" -wJL,r.-r i "V'T ciferouseheers olryan." lof place in a dinTng Zoom or a uo?barwriU SuT follv late candidate 01 aia party wm iuuj kitchen. The varnish will not crack always ble- tbe day you did so. Sesaai Mtenta ia wd or yoaat efi ear S (airki mil eermanenur earad br Be to a aea'tar ..!.. M-it Mifferera frvai Varicocele, riERVOUS DEBILITY, Night Loooeo, . . . awiothhwatio 11UASKS should write to me for ad rice. I have been a close student for man-.' years of the subject of weakness in men; the fact ia, I was a sufferer myself. Tco bashful to aeek the aid of older men or rerm table Dhr- aicians I investigated the subject deeply and discovered a simple, but moat remarka bly successful remedy that completely cored um. and fully developed me from a sunken stunted condition to natural strength and aise. I want every younr or old man to know about it. I take a personal interest in such and no one need hesitate to write me are held strictly con- full information of this free ot cost Do not pat it off. but write me fully at once: you will Address, Ar I tarns ru Lv Durham Weldon Richmond..... WasbinKton... lial uxore Philadelphia.. New Voti.... Ar i'orutmouLn. Norfolk- 10.Vrt.ia U'em ... II 21j.m V i'jAlu . .'I 'Jm 11 Slam 32a . i OfM ....'i20 ni Ml 'Us m ! Uitm 3 00jm C 4mm tiytu ....1 Cam II lOins ....U20rin'a litis .. 2 'Z ptn 3 45a ta - - - 4 13) in 4 tftatH .... 7 'Jmm ft SO m .... 7 fmm 4 tom Nos. 403 and 402 -TLe AtUote Sbecial." Solid Veetiboled Train of fxllinaa Bieepers and Coaches between Washington and Av ian -a. also PnUman feleepeis betmea f'orta rcotb and Cbarlo' te. Nob. 41 and . Tt 8 A. L. Expreaa, Solid Tra'n, Coaches and Pa lima n B .eepers between Portsmouth and Atlanta. For Tickits. p lee pen. and icforacaUoa, apoly to Ticket Afenta or to II. 8. LEAED, 80L Pass. AgL. BalcdgB, 'E. 8T. JOHN. Vice President and Gea'l Mrr. V. E. M BEE. f iev'l Buperintswdect. H. W. It iUVEa, Traffic Msojeer. T. J. ANDERSON, flea'l I'aaaeojrer Act. General Offices: lOCTSMOUTH. VXT at his ease, and although tired fromtrjd the'material is so flexible that it I enclosing stamp, his long travel and the day's worK ui not break with ordinary hand-1 thomai ium, as , of receivissr friends, he met all ex- hi nr. maia-aiee, Mieh. nAetations when he SDOke. THE ECOXOMY BIX CO. I i.l,ar afFa-aM aUlamaa. Celery. ar IfECiriYnOYAL PILLS

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