5 Pattern Departments Tub Cai rii htm made fecial ar rATiff rrieni with Ue pnbli.r of the mirt tjlii, arruratr and prrtrrt fitting I'tl'T j.tftrrn that nnJ bj uhlrh tun j.rrnt tu our lady reader ill of Ibe wy newet and rlmireat pattern: of icarmenta ,or ' die, tiiie ami rhlldren fr 10 rent. Full anil riii it dirertiori for nut ting together the garment a'curnanj eah pattern. Thme ilrij.tion and tli- pattern themielve have many note! and pra'ti'al feature j-reiented by no oilier pattern nude and whirh render them imj.le for the home worker a for the profet-iuoal drea. maker. Addre all rommunif atior.i to the Pattern I lepartiiient. Tub 'f i ai.-. You must ue f'he coupon printed helow (Whirh in onf order oil the pub lisher), otherwue 'ihe pattern will rout TOO 'l't rent. Constipation rja f iily Ul the -ne la W. 1 rrtAilrt the d led food too V'f hi U twrrrrh and rro.!K- l-.I-ewors. KpM ber. dt Xldl Pills aomitU. "V. J!""'!" I"til r-v.!M ra,.ly,ittlo.ieh!r- re. A!tdruKit. Tbe oul to Ue with Ilood'i araiparUl. withiilk. It id loor and caaj to lip on ovf-r th I rock cr gown, ana is trimmrd with barrow eoutacbe, and a little bow of ribbon at the rw-ck. which ia ue-l to fasten it. The 4 it K'-Xi V, a J1 o Z Z 'j j - rz In .' - 'A t : as 3 u MUZ : H r H : o h : h , : o a : V. u : t k o : t! x : r ; . h v ; It: a : ''' : c 3 ,Bi c if 4' uv v. O r, . k- 1 . a . a- s K . aSi : SS-S- : . o c o s - -5 : a n c . 1 g.2 : Gov. Can's Ilessage. ICoBtiatwd Frea Flnt Flag. eritninality, ia a relie of barbariam. Under tbi $rUm it frequently nap- hdi that the joang are entened for a long term wctate they were poorly defeoded, or there wa a Tim orous proecution. while the harden ed criminal, trie 1 10 another eooniy. receires a ahcrt term for the tame offence, because he happens to be well defended, or there is a weak prosecution. Aseaeh case is ttied by a different jury it is impossible to hare system or regularity about it. In the ere at number or applica tions for pardon my attention is fre quently called to the fact that boys. not yet U, are sentence to the same loner terms, while old, hardened and dangerous criminals jret the shortest terms and were soon turned loose upon society. It is difficult for a man to get work who has not been in prison, and it is mSmtely more so, for one who has been. If he tells where his last work was done, he is invited to move on. Knowing what the result of the truth will be he be gins life anew with a lie. ihus no doubt many desperate criminals are made. For this reason I have de clined to give to the public the rec ords of the patdons issued from this office, believing that with the pardon, punishment should cease to be in-llicted. m KrrrarxTH Iitjct (Col a a bat1 and RoberaoD Two Senator. Anns Shaw, Poti Max ton: J. D. Maattsby, Kep wnirriu. i xTXKjrra Dtai aier ( Camber Isnd ) One Senator. J no. Mel. Geddie, Pop, Cedar Creek. SsTKsrraajrrn Iitbu-t (iraoviUe and Person) One Senator. Ir. Wm. M err itt, I'op Bethel, IlilL r.KJHTSKXTM UtSTaiCT ItlltH, Alamance, Oransre and Durham -Two Senates. J a. 1 Lyon, Pcp Durham ; K. 8. Parker, Dmiraham. isrrsx!TTH liTBJcr Chatham One Senator. J no. w. At water. Pop-, Rialto. Twejttieth DisTaicT (Kockmg ham One Senator, J. A. Wslker. Pop. TwEST-nasT Diataicr (Guilford -One Senator. Alfred M. Scales, l)em, Greensboro. T nsrTY-srcojep Dwiaicr (Ilan- dolnb and Moore) One Senator. D. Reid Parker, Pop, Trinity. Twr.jrTT-THiD District Kicb mond.Montromery, Anson and Union) Two Senators. W. II. Odom, Pop., Wadesboro; D. A. Patterson, Pop- Stewart. TwTT-rocKTii District (Cabar rus and Staniy) One Senator. C. D Bar ringer, Dem.T Mt. Pleasant. Twiktt-fifth District (Meckleo- burar) One Senator. Dr. J. B. Alex ander. Pod.. Charlotte. Twextt-bixth District (Rowan, Davidson and Forsyth) Two Sena- DR. HATHAWAY &QO. ljnmililftMilii1)iil ftave fiTTaB On ct m mremt. DKanimlnJwil TmcrtmmiU Cl. ASCII MtvwuMtwui myQ X 4 trim. Omw at rmUmf. fat Ka :m 1 lot win: vol a rot sua nmiwi s wn. IIONSSTY I U4. I1ATI1AWAT C We 1 tK Se. Brwai BL ATLIRA, GA. GREAT BSQltS DY FOBS AOTIQ TU Cnt StrnJ Yteis tt Rtfca YTitta the far. u Harper's Magazine IN 1897 5 S m 1 o a A C'oiiV'tileut Wlt. 5 ' can? collar adds some thine to the wanntn ad wen as me oeau'y ot ine Eucjuc, and ia made of the material or lined with silk. Tight bishop jNcvcb give a ouaint effect, which is j very charming. i ; A special illustration aDd full di rections about the pattern will be found on the envelope in which it is I enclorfcd. j Liing I'uinteil lioillcer. j ; Ia the making, and particularly ! in the wearing, of long pointed bod- g I icee, Hays a fashion writer, there is i vorv c'ten found some dilliculty in ktepinc this point in Btraight posi tion. Jt haa to be carefully boned to secure thia result, and even when this is done the end of the point will roll slightly, and for this reason further precaution is suggested. Take a strong piece of Hat elastic. sew one ecd carefully to the extreme tip c 1 thi' ; of co'irc ijt the clui' The total number of pardons granted for the last two years were 126 Commutations 15 Kepritves 2 t 012 t;... ' :.' ia lL 11. slights v siu upward en r - d r. is will c.n M when tne bodice is worn the defect will right itself and prevent the un sightly rolled up end which is so often perceptible on pointed bodices after bsing worn a few times Her Wet Day Wear. A bright, stylish woman, who has to go out every day in all weathers to attend to daily business, has de signed her own rainy day costume anil wears it with any amount o comfort and pleasure. It is made o Scotch tweed, the fckirt being box piaiteu ana the waist made a ful bloust;. I he ski i t reaches to the tops of the shoe?, and rubbers and gaiters are always worn with it. The whole suit is made large enough to slip over the ordinary street gown the designer frequently looping up me sKirc 01 tne usual street gown sua wearing it under the other, 1033 WHITNEY WAIST. Sizes for 3 4, "', '8 and 40 inches bust measure. The popuhrity of the separate waist, and especially the shirt waist, so much worn, makes it almost im perative that something shll be demised for ordinary day wear to meet ilfcVand that exists for something' ;m and modish, and convenient to wear with various skirts. This becoming shirt-waist is convenient and fetching, and use ful for many purposes. These waists are made of velvet or velveteen in black or colcra, or of corduroy, and without a lining. . The front i3held a little full at the neck, and laid in live folds at the waist. The back has a becoming voke. and to this the material is attached in small plaits. The modified bishop sleeve is used, and a white linen collar is usually worn; but the pattern is given so that if one prefers to wear a stock collar she can do so This model ia de signed for all kinds of washable fabrics, as well as woolen materials. A special illustration and full di rections about the pattern will be found on the envelope in which it is enclosed. The IT SHOWS ENTERPRISE. 'Silver Knight-Watchman" Interesting Changes. Make Kit T!)S: THE MAKTIAN. Ibe n- corel by Iu Manner, the eajrerly etprted snrrror to Inlbjr, heyun in cioUr Numlr. !-';. with illustration from tle author's diawinfr. A new novel by Kraiik It. btockton developing a Twentieth t ea- tors. 8. A. Karnhardt, Pop., Salisbury ; Jno. A. KamseT. Kcp Salisbury MMe v wa f 1 lavtttrW f PAfl 1 . 7: r -.,T,V 1 V a i tnry Itenaissance-full of humoron itu ,V"'e'uu ,? V , , 7, 3' V.' tions and ct.ararteristicallT illustrated. A C. Sharpe, Rep., Fancy lliii; fc. . iAn of pattest lovers, by William nnore, Jtep., nnore. I Dean lloweus. uther striking novelette Twknty-kiohth Distkict (Stokeslby American authors Short itoriea by and Surry) One Senator. - Rev. Jesse Mark Twain. Thomas Nelson I'ae. Kichard A. ABhburn. Iteo Pilot Mountain. HardipR Davis. wnw lstr. John Ken TWEXTT-NIJTT0 DisTBicT(Cata w ba, Lincol Senators Harper's Weekly IN 1897 With the end of ! HArVeK 6 WEEK l. aill hare lived forty years, la thai tiueithaa pertiripated with all the aeml and iower at ila command in the great loUltral evenu of the most Lntereatiajr. and imcortast teriod In the hkatorr of the coun try, and it has spread before 1U reeera the For the Hahf. 10 44 MARt Y SAC,UE. Sizes for and 12 months and 2 yearp. The material from which this comfortable little jacktt is made is Ihnnel, in white, or any of the light shades, bo pretty on the soft skinned, dimpled babies, or it may be made of white silk lined with cashmere, or the order reversed, cashmere lined ilia is the safeguard of health. Send a postal to the Silver Knieht Watchman, Washington, D. C, and receive a copy of their issue of Jan uary 7 which appears in an improved form wieh a different make-up and general appearance. A large amounl of spice is devoted to Congressional and governmental news and matters of a national character which every , , . . . . y reiormer in tne country snouia read. A large corps of writers have been engaged to contribute articles dur ing the year 1307, among whom are tiielollowing: lion. Wm.J. Bryan; Senators Teller, Allen, Butler, Pef fer, Pettigrew, and Dubois; Repre sentatives Towne, Newland?, Bell, and Jerry Simpson; Wharton Bar ker, Esq., Wm. 1 St. John, Sir Moreton Frewen, and many other famous and distinguished writers, both in public and private life. An article by any one of these writers is well worth the price of subacrip- iiou, wnicn is$i ior nuy-two weeks. Kzposiire to Disease Does not necessarily mean the con traction of disease provided the sys tem is in a vigorous condition, with tne blood puro and all the organs in ue&iiuY action, vvnen in sucn a condition contagion is readily re sisted and the disease germs can find no lodgement. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best medicine to build up the system because it makes pure, rich blood, and pure blood is the basis of good health. In cold weather it is especially necessary to keep up the health tone because the body is sub ject to greater exposure and more liable to disease. Hood's Sarsanar a Total number pardons, communications and reprieves H3 The .State Cnlversliy. This educational plant, which is the property of the people of the State, and which we, under thir constitution, are in honor bound to maintain, and make more efficient, includes (00 acres of land, 14 build ings, a library of 30,000 volumes, valuable scientific laboratories and apparatus, and about 100,000 of in vested funds in all amounting to about half a million dollars. The whole income of the institution is about $40,000, being $20,000 appro priation from the State and $20,000 denved from fees, tuition and in vested funds. This appropriation rom the State is smaller than con tributed to any similar institution of its classjn America, while the number of students is larger than any South ern University. It keeps nearly 200 young men from leaving the State for an education, thus saving North Carolina about $100,000 annually, and is attracting young men from other States to North Oarolina in or der to gain r.n education. Southern States. University of Virginia, $40,000: University of Mississippi (on land script), $32,040 interest; University of Georgia (on land script), $20,089 interest; University of Texas varies from $20,000 to $40,000 and has in come from lands; University of Ala bama, $24,000: College of South Carolina, $30,000; College of North Carolina, $20,000. Western States. University of Wisconsin, $273,000 per annum; university of Michigan $194,000; University of Indiana $80,000; University rf Kansas, $100, 000; University ef Iowa, $70 000 University of No-tb Dikota, $37,uOO University t Minn" ,ota, $100,000: University J Oreg-" $30,000; Uni versity of Illinois, $333,000; Lniver- 1y of California, $112,000. Public Schools Compulsory Attendance. The Constitution requires that one or more of these schools shall be maintained in each school district at least four months in the year. How ever much men differ about other matters, I have yet to hear of the first man who proposes to change this provision of our Constitution. There it stands as the continuing mandate of the Constitution, and I urge you to make ample provision to carry it out in good faith. Other legislatures have from time to time increased the taxes for these schools and this increase has developed two facts: First, that such a tax is not unpopular with the people, and, sec ond, that the increase made by your predecessors is not sufficient. While all taxes are to some extent burden some, this tax, I maintain, is the least so of any imposed, because the taxes for these public schools are im mediately expended among the very people who pay them in the enlight enment and improvement of the people among whom they live. I, therefore, urge you to make these schools more efficient and use ful by increasing the tax levy for their support. This can be ''one by an increase of the tax levy t cents or by increasing the poll tax G4 cents, or by compulsory attendance upon the public schools. Either would bring about the much desired object in my judgment. accomplishments of science, arts and letters ior the instruction ox ue numan mioa aou the amelioration of human conditions and of manners . What the WEEKLY has been in it spirit and purpose, as these hare been manifested dries Banes. Knth McEnerr Stuart. Octave principally in its editorial para, it will .. . r:ii . rr i inanei. Aiarv r.. vt uains. anu omer dopu- nuuuui w m- D,AiexanaeranuMiiaC , .- - - It ia imDoaaible to announce with pre- rs. 11. II. W. Jiarser, 1 OD., liar-I , rlsion all that the WKEKLY will contain vey; Milton McNeill, Kep., uses-1 gnce during the Nineteenth I ntury, a daring the year 1897 Hwaaa. ea.yt. an boro. r k. ii, a'iW nounce what is about to happen in the Thirtieth Iistbict (Alleghany, Williams. suDDlemented hv contributions y.9JALPt"1 triumphs for GOOD UO sbe and Watauga) One Senator. J. on special subjects by expert scientists. -.lk?T. tr T00. V1" Ai M. Dixon,Rep..i1cI. I Articles on the relations of curious psycho!- 1 V. ' V1' "';7,:: mlvicc KAwava&aan thaw rItif -vf WA I' mnA Suike, McDowell Mitchell and Yan- Andrew Wilson. PKaTt Vhat i to happen in the F All cey)Twi Senators. E. F. Wakefield, AMICAN FEATtM:ES: Til EMELXI- SJX 'j, 0 tbeaOTriTK OF Kl'l Fcp., J.snoir; Jas. i.. uyatc, Kep., r'j Si. ,1 '"IK twelve months hence, what Kr.w Mica. Lnimi. Pn2J ui a i-v-i1(. iiiu iu Jiniw uuuruiuu iw 1 or chit tr In h th AI'll I K V K- HAKPKK'S MAtJAZINK Mexico is pre- mkktsok a iits vn iittkri. fnrtha Ech tkek Cocatats of a HmiMmm Octaro Vaiume ef U I - Pacta. Neatly Boani ia an Amsttiw rrT c ts ra l a i.iei 0 a! M . ae iar4 M tw l I v . a . - . . la XTJT WvA CslrTr4 : a.V Tkv rtW lt-w -.. . mt TW mm I u , ... m m. (at SS4 m K a i mmmm'm . aa Awn . V tm I t . ts rma at.i Tii'htt-skcokp District (Gaston, r-lPv-mniV Ruthprfnrd and 1'nlkl Two " 'V r. "- M r.M a Uf AK13 AU l.r. l lr.Ka, tor Ul ftonttlwi T T Antlnnr rf.m Utlj ti ier-yioduciug country, snd WKEKI.Y is to be a pictorial record of all senators. J. 1. Anthony, Dem., rsnei- ,t3 monetary operations rest entirely on a ,hw o iue areu u jcuasioa CARTOONS will conUnue to be a feature, roblems in connection gKKIAL STOKIKS. A New Kngland lmportacce on Amen- m.-u u.,. t' w.iin. ui win ladison and Haywood )-Two K1.''" .fl"6 Wwi? uTSEm in Jnnr- A tale of a Greek uprising . W.W. Rollins. Ken. Ashe- lPf1- V'0": tKU ANHlSrOKI- Turk by Mr. K. F. Llenaon. , . ' " 1 KjJX I X ial Si.kO Jj A TT Cav-VtAaa TAek Wannoe. I aeouel to "The House-Boat on the 8tvx." John Kendnck Hangs, illustrated eter Newelu More SHORT STOKIK3 will appear in . the WKKK1A than it hu been Doaaime to I a L' IMI ' I I V II 'M I T 1" I' . 1ITII XT' " - ar Zr '""P1: PuhUsh during 13. aasoAfiava, IUV7 "lus"f,iea DEPAltTMKNTS: Mr. W. D. Howell's tha Senator. Home of the world. 'f,py tlth odvertixfmrnt without thr a n sk t i ems il acaajst yikOfl au kuc iuu.?unii ivui usuisui . X'irinTx an' nut to erprr onlcr of Harper tl- Brother. Ilai'lu'i'V Weekly for one yenr 8 lOOa Weekly Con ii-1:iii nr -etii', and either Hnrper's Mmrazlne r IIarperei Weekly fr Only 01. OO. l',,s!,i,jr free to nil snhxcriberti in the Vuiled States, Canada ami Mt.i iVo." Address, HARPER & BROTHERS, P.O. BoitM. N. Y.CMf. K 3 KSSk aVaaaaaaaV W aawaW jBBBBaWaW BS- VVlUt L.rf TT' W laWaWaW Illustrated The Ladies' Manual. Twelve Books Combined in One ! i it u ,.'111' "-r , I VAX r-f .h i : , I f.Xili'l'l!"!, .nil.1"!! I! llllll , m liWiMi M ! Tur I.AMrs' Ma!i-ai. U l.irjro rolnme ..f l!i21ariro thrM polinmi .iinrto paire-. nc.itly lnun,l in l tractive coin red imiwr c.v,.r- It .-..num. W hnn.lw lustration-, ;.D.l UwithSSt xn.pt.nn t ,p ,vmn.l i.wwt .oinprPl.Kive l...k fr S jver p.iMNhi-0 ami foM ir the pr.reol tvonty.flvi rim. It i- r.My f,.w,v m,lH,mll,, an.l soi l lW tie nr.o- 1. . ! inutw.al nsnallv koI.1 In twelve ini rat.-ii.l .1,-t.n. t v..!...,.. It may tl.orei'.m- Ik i tlv ,S .nl t e of tlM-mn-t nful an.l valiial.le ho," To? ia,h j.vr jMil-lulM., . cmtamim, a ereater amount an.l more cxtin f ml ...rtl,,. ami ,...lUh-;i7a''aVi;I,rmo: TuXt a.lif' .Mamial: I MJaww - at I iu- art? ilw I'DLtentt ufTlir ' l iiiiry Work for Home .tilnrninent M . "-i ti , i n ..,.11.-. r..r K'l'.rnh. ' ...p - ' How i Mnke Paper Flower. o..i,.m- it-.tr-, 1 1 ' ' l.'tIltiir. w.... ' :;';.;:;. ',,n,,,; Wnrh- -. n.,,..."!?""1,,,' t',r,OUl,Ur'- A "Mo t.. th, rll,,re ..I ri'"'S; ,mVw'U T rhylelaB. i-rrierl t:iliuptte. T-.IIIIIK. Famillnr OnntnllouH. pl.rNi' in rmiinioTi iw. 1 Poem by II A juWe to p..litTOM, ,! r-l Utr urifln nl muthoml.lp oc W". I.OBirrelloW. Solwtlonn from tin' Wb-MI TirlThe f.aU. i f OBlr Twenly-llv. (.), '"'u ""W"n name above, by mail poat-pal.l, upon receipt Special Premium Offer: ,5 It is what you say in your ad. that draws customers. Whether vou hold them or not depends on what you do afterwards. MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL ASSEM BLY OF 1897. Senate. First District (Currlt nek. Cam den, Pasquotank, Hertford, Gates Chowan and Perquimans) Two Sena tors. J no. F. Newsome, Pop.. Win ton J. L. Whidbee, Kep., Hertford. Skconp District -(Tyrrell. Wash ington, Martin, Dare, Beaufort, Hyde aim x amuco; i wo enacors. x. ju, McCaskey, PopDardens; N. B. Yea ger, Rep Plymouth. T.HIRD District (Northampton and uerue; une senator, das. Jtt. i:ariy t op., Auianaer. Fourth District( HaL:, One Senator. E. T. Clark, Pop., Weldon. r ifth district (Edgecombe) One Senator. Lee W. Person, Rep., Rocky mount. Sixth District (Pitt) Uuv Sena cor. a. j. Move, Pop., Farmville. Seventh District (Wilson, Nash and Franklin Two Senators J. F Mitcnell, Pop., Franklinton ; J. T. bnarpe, Kep., Elm Citr. Eighth District Carteret, Lenoir, Onslow and Greene) fTI C A. V rm- a. iw senators, m. ju. uardison, Pop. rnurman; w.T. McCarthy, Rep New uerne. Ninth District (Dunlin. Wavn and Pender ) Two Senators.R. G. Max well, pop., outlaw's Bridge; H. Grant, Rep., Golftsboro. Ienth District (New Hanovor and Brunswick) One Senator. Geo. a. cannon, pop- Town Creek. Eleventh District (Warren and vance une senator. W. B. Hender son, jttep , Henderson. Twklfth District (Wake) One Senator. C. H. Utley, Pop., Holly Springs. Thirteenth District (Johnson ) juv rwnaiior. .a. Aoen, Dem,. smith-field. Fourteenth District (Sampson. " ""fc" uu Aiaaen j ato senators by ; M. II. Justice, Dem., Rutherford- silver bas!s Owing to the keen discussion ton. I of certain economic problems in connection THlhi y-Thibd District ( Bun- wiia ismi oi orgem lmporiacce on .meri combe. Madison and Haywood ) Two i"'V . KtZl SpT,.t...ra AV.-iv.nAllina.Rpn. Ashe- .V" :V10y1"- aitainst ww- w - . - w - T ar v i i a l. r r r.K.",i nv iinnrnaT v 1 ikrin o n n . . . m m . . s .ti & ,;!. r. TT CmatrioFs ln Wa v nPP. V T. . J " 7 . w " ' "X,T" 1116 ftQUlOr OI "MJOQO. Will IOUOW. A Ville. true story of SHEKIUAN S 1UDK. by Gen. K i Thirty-fourth District (Hender- o. A. For3yth. Continuation of Howell's v,i xi v, son. Transvlvania. Jackson andSwain) PKi:SONAL REMIMSCENCK9 of eminent b One Senator. U.S. Anderson, Ret;., library Americans Hendersonyille THIRT-FIFTII DlSTRICT--(MaCOI, .i i i i i IV. K " J luuiuivi ."t ACOUkb ill iff. .nil I.H.M'' h.v. tuuin mnn VneroKee, oiay anu uraiiaui; 0f personal observations durine a recent ... t . rr ",T, H, .T. Frank Kay, lem., rranKiin. trio to Africa, coverine the whole field of TT rmTAT; .KiVn. I joropean ezploiUtion of that country. tribute o'bservaUons on what is going on in Illustrated articles by Stephen Bonsai on ''This Busy World:' "Amateur lport, will Alamance-S. A. White, Rep., Me- -Hfti.1MV remain the most important department of hn .. .-t:." . .:, . v- v,J.-..: .....r-' . " its sina in tne country. A lo-rlnHor .T W Wotf.a Dom TV- V-I T' 1 1 ... o.:.l .i.l . ID! Wf.fAUl Will COnUnUS lO present . ... . . Uv. , j urunii uv j i iui.k iiisuu ouiiiu. i Lie i uii lorsville. story of ibe recent Coronation of the 1'zar. .11 I TT T T T"i L ' . . I I I : . 1 I I I " T ! - ill. 1 1 Aiiegnany xi. r.woues,j. op, oparia. uy luwiam iiaruiuB ivaws. iuunatra oy important advances in both the literary and Anson Jas. A. Leak, Dem., Wades-1 1-: taton Woodville, who was co mmion: artistic features. ancLto retain for itself the boro. Uyvutm lu i-uim i. iureoi u-adine place in thetllust rated jo Ashe Spencer Blackburn, Rep., Jef ferson. Beaufort H. E. Hodges, Pop., Min eola." Bertie K. White, Rep., Windsor. Bladen Sidney Meares, Rep., Clark ton. Brunswick W. W. Drew, Pop., El Paso. Buncombe V. S. Eusk, Rep., Ashe- ville, W. G. Candler, Rep., Candler. Burke Jno. 11. Pearson, (silver; Morganton. Cabarrus A. F. lineman, Pop., Con cord. Caldwell Jas. E. Nelson, Dem., UAddres8 all clubs to THE CAUCASIAN. Raleizh. N. C. t : - l ' a ' - Camden Jas. F.. Burgess, Rep.. Old Trap. Carteret E. C. Duncan, Kep., Beau fort. Caswell C. J. Yarborough, Pop., ocust Hill. Catawba L. R. Whitener, Pop., Hickory. Chowan Richard Elliott, Rep., Cisco. Chatham J.E. Bryan, Pop., Moa- cure, L. L. Renn, Rep., Siler City. CberokeeD. W. Deweese, Rep., Murphy. Clay w. t . piott, Pop., warne Cleveland Dr. B. F. Dixon, Dem., Kings Mountain Columbus J. B, ScbuiRen, Pop., Whiteville. Craven Robt. Hancock, Kep. New berne. Cumberland Thos. H. Sutton, Rep., Fayetteville, vv. p. Wemyss, Kep Currituck W. HZGallop, Dem., Har binger. Dare Geo. C. Daniels, Rep., Wan chese. Eexington. Davie w. A. Bailey, Kep., Advance. Duplin Maury Ward, Pop., Joford Durham J. W. Umstead, Dem., Durham. Edgecombe J. H. Dancy, Rep., Tar boro, E. Bryant. Rep., Tarboro. Forsyth j. 1j. Grubbs, Kep., w. p. urmsby, Kep. Franklin W. T. Barrow. Pop., Youngsville. Gaston S. M. Wilson, Dem., Gas tonia. Gates T. H. Rountree, Pop., Dona man. Graham Jno. Dayton, Rep., Rob Dinsvme. Granville Jno. King, Pop., Buch anan, w. u. crews, Kep., Oxford. Greene w. K. Dixon, Pop.. Farm vine. Guilford John C. Bunch. Dem.. Oak Ridge, B. G. Chilcutt, Rep., Browns summit. Halifax Scotland Harris. Ren.. Lit tleton ; J. H. Arrington, Rep., Halifax. iiarnett L. B. Chamn, Kep., Sum luervine. Haywood Jas. Ferguson, Dem.. w ayne8Vine. Henderson J. B. Freeman. Rev.. ' ' r ruitiana Hertford Starkey Hare, Rep., Tunis. Pitt-SIade Chapman, Pop., Coxville, IJtrAo Tr.V.w. l IT...:. 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TltttiMrit .ll .. v m "I M IUlrJ tlaxol. M . . o. all. a rarl. So a'l A fatal TnaMaltaa. !... .rt 44 Ra. in.' . . "7 k. '1mm ft mm tm llafc. Htminil . T4 1 ! mt M ltJ.Ui Sall 4a m mm 'llraara tinUal" esat iai ImW aa - aV4oli ! tMU . TV Uri-atJal mm lf. .! a.aM r4r ICIIi.l'a lUlai. 7T. TIm tlMwrfl. Waif. . . r lk KfHrry mmm,m . Tb abov book In otarr ditioa arv uaoallf mii at SS rrata a I -at cad eat i TEREST1NO TO AMERICANS, to make Rud Quf Ubtftl OtHr : ZZXuttZmT:, im.1 IS! tll VtUi any tm t"t Tlfty Onlu. by tb nun.br a girn. I'.t lnitif Irt l.n la at a ua v trH laa at half CTT triwm til Any one of the above books will be sent FltKK to all i. -ili .ut ( ( Katj ber. For a club of five yearly subscribe we will tend any t i. wiicb the sen tier of club. I ri daKlara Ml ri tv4 eq Thfi ShnnarM Rvnlnndia nf TTrrFiiI Knnwlfir auu a vwvuuuii ia ujuiuiiwuiui wa uuwiui WV nsr iy'ivii: volumes 1268 Pages! 643 Handsome Illustration REGULAR. PRICF.S 1.25. OUR PRICC.35 CKHTA K Rva .Jua rNrUard a. d twcaUr riw b4j I 3mi aarM SI SrtW' k uarloraalyScaaul aali iu.. irU4n 9? Edited by ALBERT SHAW V3 "5 " i'mk magazine can be taken, 've would suggest the A'Ll li:irOF JtEl'JEU'S, as covering more ground than any other magazine." Board of Library Commissioner of New Hampshire, 1S96. 'HIS magazine is, in its contributed and departmental features, what its readers, who include the most noted names of the English-speaking world, are pleased to call "absolutely up to date," "thoroughly abreast of the times." " invaluable," and " indispensable." It is profusely illustrated with timely portraits, views, and cartoons. Its original articles are cf Immediate interest, by the best authorities on their respect ive subjects. The Editor's " Progress of the World " gives a clear, rightly proportioned view of the history of the human race during the current month. The " Leading Articles of the Month " present the Important parts of the best magazine articles that have been written in every part of the world. The newest and most important books are carefully reviewed. Indexes, chronological records, and other departments complete the certainty that the reader of the Review of Reviews will miss nothing of great significance that is said or written or done throughout the world. Send 10 Caata la Stamps for ) Speciawn Copy CYCL0P0IA, , .' X ,.,rf ..ll f s:: -rp. Hilia aar aJaro" mfmm mtm mm 4 mm ,.4umm In a a ".' - - Htaiart 4a a r. aa -.a . hiaa mm mt mitmmnnm 1 4 f i naxia t mmttm 4aMMr t'' mnmmm tmwa, mmm ,aia. .i"... -iawtaUa tt im mm mmmt mm '' .aawt.aa mUM 4 m.Umr rtmrmtm It m aaaM lm mrmtmmHttmmmrmf m aar mb mlt mmtmmmm tt.a aw ' toiWMaMW1'a mmt ra ttuo", tMaai. " ' KaMt-ruJt a.iia. XmHm4 t.. 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Single Copy, 25c. : Trial (five months), $fj00t Yer, $2 JO, 1 Special Premium Offer: cr" 5 Thirl v-4t. rails OCt a7 year and the above BocVi for $1.25. . For three yearly ubtcriVr - i ; -g, wui sena tne cncyciopa-aia irec to the Bender of club. ' ZZ1 -2 Ol cr FORTY BOOKS FOR FORTY CENTS ! A MOST EXTRAORDINARY OFFI K , SEND YOUR ORDERS FOR Books & StationoryM TO NORTH CAROLINA .Macon v. j.yie, Franklin. isbury, Walter Murphy, Dem- Salia- juauiouu o. . AuoeriiB. iteD.. Mar- ourv. Snail. I Rutherford LindaavPurca!rtn.Pnn. It...:. n n T7i t . I . . " 1 r-i j""u j. j. r atjan, x'op uaraen. i iogan s &iore. McDowell J. A. Connelly. Dem.. SamTsonC. IT. .Tnh innn.'Pnn In Marion. eold.R. M. CrumDler.Pon . niintnn. Mecfclenburar W. P. Craven. Pnn Starlv V. P. TCdriintra nm Vam Charloice. Sol. Reid. Dem.. Charlotte, ville. i. Kansom, Dem., Charlotte. Stokes R. J. Petree. Rep.. Danville. .Mitchell Kev. Ii. H. Green. Ren.. .Surrv J. M. Hrnwpr.Hn rt. Air T.t.:n ' " . v . . j j.auoimc. I awam j.ii.uainv. iipm. Monteomery J. A. Revnolda. Pnn Tranavlvania V. A . At Iron -Ran uiteweeme. i Tvrelll)r. Ah. Al0-rniip Moore W. H. H. Lawhon. Dem . Cnlnmhia. Carthage. Union Jas. M. Price. Pod.. Prices JSasb an B. Carter Pop., ElmlMill. CJ ' Vance M. M. Peace. Ren. Hender- KTa TT. M Tk .a -r. I Wilmington, J. T. Howe, Rep., Wil- Wake-J. M. Ferrell. Poo.. Eatrle mington. Rock; J.P.H. Adams. Ren- Carv: J. xiviuiauiuvuu j. Aawiti. Ken .iti. y onnc Ken .. Kaiotirn r i - n oi arysDurir, Warren C. A. Cook. Rep- Warren- vjiiow it. uuny, iJem., Catherine! ton. LAKe. 1 WatailD'll Thno Rinerham Pan Orantre A. R.' Holmea. pftn.. Knotrl Am.mh. Spring. Washington L.X. C. SDrailLReD . UHllllu--V. JU. UBUUlLIl. I fill. KIT. I M lfKI'i M mrrV DOrO. I WtTnp-Ur. J. T. Pnnn Pnn Pika. Pa8QUOtank J". H. Parker. Pnn . I villa T Tl Tarlrar TVam iMahnan lieniiord. Wilkes O. A. Brran. Ren . Tran Pender OibBOn James. Dem.. Ufa. TTill Pharloa TT. inmi Rn Wilk-aM- Pie Hill, ' - ' boVoI- "7 Perquimans-J. II. Parker, Pop, . Wilson B. T.Person, Pop- Wilson. xieniora. Yadkin J. C. Pinni-r.Ren . Malee. irerson J. h. CnnnlnsrhaTn. Dem.. I Ytni n T. MiPtm ram KiM Headquarters ADORESSi KORTH CAROLIIIA BOOK CO., Raleieh, II. C. j fa. a r . v i i t W iH.m i lln.l. .Ma ar-rf.. a... ...... t.. v-- ra.4. m-. .. i a ra. aa..w . a. ... . a . rl , x . l . I r 4-a tr -m-C.-u . ll i a imw l t . t .4 t ' WM.r a Mall. tt i. m.mm . .mm a .....! t a Wo -can ropply all your wants in tmligZtZ If IT ftTiT lint nTWwnnflv an I lmaat I r-!,,.', tMi" ta - mmw mmmfrmmj aaaaa aaa AVWWa waj lible price. Special rate to teavch en and dealen. Catalognei free. Wa a rm in nl. r i' 1 .!. 'af imimmf lm.it 1 i.-i.'af i . mvh or lc at t .1. .- ft .a.'. mrm mt. t - ara, but iar ta min i lli.i aa f (JUim 4a naafat af nf fmna m-iit V a-.' v. . l-ii.wna .rw i...in.r. WWil a. , I .-M . 1. f.U '.. 4 . . .. , - o4 4lliartitt imlmi M.Ur aai4i .an. i.im t a aa t' I"- I '! im: book oflarl: ' r, af fa. 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XAddreu all orders for any of the aboye bsolci to t-ttp. C-TTCA-ST a 1ST. C. If yon are not a subaenbar to I Th Caucabiajt you shoold beeoiM one. Snbscribe yourself and get your iwueruou, i op., 1JK Heel. vuuumgnun, I creek. neifjnoor to aniMcriDe.

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