E I cr t 4 CAUCASIAN. vol. xv. RALEIGH, N. C., THURSDAY, JUNE 17, 1897. NO. :u i 1 JrilcL BR i:R WASHINGTON'S - ARRAIGNMENT. Ami the Great Speech He Made to the Jury. t.u. ain't nurver tole you 'bout de ! had me up befo' de jedge fi.shvul far inakin', without )i- . A 1 A ,.:. . , er leetle ob iat ncker uai kiofs ob us all, is I!" asked oi.t Wafth the other day. I don't ki, ' how in de wurl dey kotch me," ro:tinnnl the old darkey, "for I'd bin m vkin' it tber sense do war np in de ti,!lr ob in Indian Cmp Springs, de Indians made it long, long, K ' efo enny ob us was lohu jes' l(; or iivtt gallons to 'iiw-Retcner twine. keep de ole he con- I, "an' l don't eee how in tie heah river-new offercers it out. But dey did, an' fur inn ill) ole man was sho' in a II. M fiCli- foUli' oil'' 'in i he continued, "it ain't , hrvf""iy kno' how to make good wn v. I don't mean dis heah stuff ,!, .... , ' white trash makes up in de iii'ii: ' :i win n i.H'.t. .-I ,h' ! It i llfirnt k i watch '1 " You M .-HI'!, e fit ho strong an' vile dat oucork a bottle ob it on tti it makeH de u&bbil sneeze L'uns below. Hut I'm talkiu' In null whisky whisky dat 1 white folks drink Bipwore dat all you hafter do is to stopper on dis yearth an' rovea bloom in paradise ! must make it in October," knowingly, "erbout de time 1 poft begins to write his poem . 1 1 1 1 C V on i!i' L"'iieu ruu, wunu uo icaia u iriii to turn purplo an' golden, an' de air hiii crisp an sparkling an' de Bpnut: witter am full ob fallin' nuts, mi tie Vomer ob do sweet night O 1 A. 1. dew.-. i on uub' Koicn yore waier rruiii ou ton er col' spring dat Hows frum ii n.lt r sura sweet paw-paw tree rutniiti' obrr er bed-rock ob blue limestone, m which er lew acuns Jim ilrnt to gib it de strenf ob de oak tit'. lon, Bum night when de miin urn full an' de sent ob de wild haws till all de air jes' go out but d.tr now," he said, laughingly "wliui's all dat gotter do wid dis ston ' iNemtume, job you cum rutin' to my cabin sum day, chile u Ii'iuiue lot you taste it onct. li s tlni you'll Bee de gateB ob glory open fur or minit or two, an' de ladder o kou.-olashuu run up an' down 'twixt tie liciiben an' de yearth. O, it's den you'll wish yore neck wus er spira' " 'Utah, Marster, sez I, an' Oord 1. 1 - w . oieis yore soul, honey, i pranced up bero' dat jedee innercent look in' tz de new-born colt when he paced ober de speckled calf layin' in de weeds. Den de jedge look ober his glasses sorter kind lak Gord bless you', honey, h nows er gennerman when he sees litnv an' he red sump- d ergin me an' den ho ax me ef I'm guty r cot gilty.' 'It., r-iarnter, sez I, 'I'm gilt an' not tr.ty, too. an' I'd lak ter splain to dia honorbul cote how it am.' De irdge he smile an' de jury af Gord bless you, honey, dey knows er gennermen when dey meet lm in de rode, too an' de jedge he tells me I has de right to make enny explunashuns I wants dat dat wus my privulage, an' when he Bed dat, I jes' made 'im er low bow, wid my hat under my arm, an' sez I: 'Thank you. Marster, you am er pipe, runnin roun' an' rouu , bo aai oho drink would hafter go fifty miles befo' it got outer sight," and the old man laughed heartily. 'tit dey cotch me, he contin ued, "an' dey tuck me to Nashvul, an when dey put me in de jail my folks all got erroun' me an' cried mi' tole mo good-bye, an' my wife sho tuck it pow'ful hard an' she wanted to go an' git de preacher to cum an' pray fur me. Dat's de way will sura kristuns," said the old man, with a tinge of sarcasm in his tone. i"Uy willin ernuff ter play hide-an genmen sho', an' er jedge lak de jedges ob de Bible.' An' I laid erside my hat, button up tight my ole dubble-breasted King Alfrud cote, date ole Marster gin me, whut he useter wear when he made big speeches, an' I sez " 'Marse jedge an' genmen ob de jury, you sees bero' you heah a pore old nigger, cotch in de act uf manu- factorin' fur his stummick's sake, a leetle ob dat devine stuff dat makes kings ob us all, an' fur dat reeznn, fotch up, in his ole aige, befo' dis honorbul cote fur trangreshuns ob de Liw. You ax me ef I'm gilty ob makin' whisky dat wild-cat stuff dat makes de rag-weeds bloom in paradise, an' turn de roses ob hope into de dog-fennel ob dispair, an' I tells you No! But if you ax nie if I gilty ob makin' a leetle ob dat der vine 'lixer, which turns de tuneless hart ob de most wretched an' misser- bul ob mankind into a hall wid harps ob er thousau' strings, es I nurver tole er lie in my life, I must tell you Yas! Not dat vile stuff dat kills our moral s'w&shun, an' lays us in de gutter wid de dorgs, but dat blessed angul-ile, which, taken in moderashun, es er genmen should, clothes de beggar in silk, makes friends fur de frien'less an' coins gold fur de goldless. ins am de licker dat turns rags into roses, ole maids into bloomin' gals an' er grabe-yard funiral discorse into er poem on parerdise. Dat pnti cheer- ity into our harts, youth in our veins, an' spreads de warm qnmfort ob lub over de feather-bed ob de yunerverse. Dis am de licker dat onlocks de doors ob de 'magerashun an' leads de poet's mind through de streets ob gold, mid crystal pillars, np to de wall of amerthest, up to de battlements ob light, whar ho sees beautiful thoughts, "YYben I med I had Vm on U mourner' bench, ub, drn it wa lay time! I drawed myself up two or three foot higher, buttoned ip my ole rung Airruu cote anuaaer link, an' sed : A' now zemmen ob de lury. ene dis Xewnigbted States government dun been fit to 'raign me. I wanter 'raign hit. I're been hen before jo' boner.' I've bin beah to listen to de greates' lawyer de (State of nb Tennes see eber raised, my ole Marster. de 'Onerbul Felix ' Grundy, an time an' ergin I've teed 'im stand rat heah. in dis very cote dat I've got on, an' in very room, an shake de roof wid de thunder ob bis larnin' an' de ligbtin' ob his wit. Alters on de side ob de po,' alters on de tide ob jestas. An' ef he wus erlive to-day, he'd git up beah an' say to you all : 'Let dis ole nigger go!' and you kno' you'd do it. "In de good ole days gemmen, lie tort me menny things. He tort me to be true, to tell de truf an' to raise horses. Men lak bim an' yore fathers, gf-nimen, tuck my ancesturs out of de lungles ob barbarity an' led us into de blessed temple ob religun an' light. ley made staves ob us tolo i gem- men, but I lliang God I wa orlowu to be er slave in dis wurl fur de sake' ob bein' etunally free in de naixt. Menny an, menny er time, gemmen, I've drive my ole Mare ter in bis cbeeriut an' fo an' he'd tell you Lissef ef he was heah to-day, I'm de onlies' nipger let' in de state of Tennessee dat kin drive er thurrerbred fo'-ln-han', bold in' de ribbins wid de fo'-tingers eb my let ' han' an' play in' on de tender moufs es gently es er lady touches de strings obde light gittar. He made me er Christuujan' er gentlemun. aigucated my po' cannaibal pallit to de glory ob Tennessee mutten an'de eweetnes? ob Tennesse beef. An' it was frum bis side-board I fns' got de taste ob dat licker you jes' tasted dat licker dat makes king ob us all an' all 1 wanted in dis wurl wus to stay wid 'im twell I die. "Hut in my ole aige, heah cuius dis Xewnighted States overmen' an sots me free. An' (, Marsters, dey sot me free indeed free frum de friends 1 lubbed, free frum de compern y ob gem men, frum de good things ob dis wurl, au' wus ob all, fre? from de sight but notde appetite ob dat licker dat makes king's ob us all 1 'Stid ob drivin' er cheerit ob fo' down de pike ob de val ley ob plenty, I mus' plow er leetle tow-haided muelon de flinty hillsides ob poverty, 'stid ob soshatin' wid lamed men who pot in de counsus ob dis country an' de cotes ob de kings, I mus' be cussed an' mocked by de hill-billy, an'de po' white, or forced to 'soshate wid lowlived and low-mannered niggers an' fiel'-han's. An Vtid ob drinkin' de Jixor ob life frum de decanter obde g ru, in my o:e aige, I'm forced to drink de branch water ob poverty frumde gourd dat grows in de barn ob toil. Aiguc er eemmen. turned out wid tulls! liaised on roast beef an' mutton, now hafter hustle ter git bacon an' greens ! I sed to de licker of civerlizashum now hafter drink de branch water ob barbarerty. An' ef I chance to remem ber de things of my youth an' yield to de temptashun ob er higher aigucas- hun.be fotch up.heah in my ole age to be sauntto lail fur tryin' to lib lak er gentleman an' er Christun, Gentlemen kin you do it? Marsters, will you sen'de ole man up? ,; 'No', by the Eternal we won't 1' said er nice Jookin' gemmen dat wus settin' on de iury. an' den dey all nz LOOK AT THE TIMES. an' say : Medge not gilty ! In ot gilty !' An' dey crowd 'round' me so de jedge has to 'journ cote, an' dey shook my ban' wid de glory ob dat licker still in dey eyes shinin' lak cherubins in de lake ob lub. An' es de jedge pass out he tech my arm an' say : " 'Washington, de jury found you not gilty, but heah am fifty dollars to still it happens ter be er good deal too much to pay de river-new, jes' make er leetle mo' an' send it to yore friend de jedge ob de Suddern Deestrick of de Kew nighted States.'" John Tbotwood Moore. Tk Clrat ot Thm ft u4 Pi Wmim la C-mtpatltt Wllk M Wh.t retWtlllt ! Mrrtc Cm Oar LccUlstare ! Tha lrbUar The t'hautaguso.l It wax the fashion forty years ago for a boy to be engaged as an ap prentice to learn a trade as a wheel wright, a shoemaker, a blacksmith, or a cbairmaker. The term of serv ice was from three to four years. Be would receive three douars per month and board. Ue would work ten hours every day and from the first of December till St. Patrick's Day be would work from seven to nine o'clock every week evening except Saturday. He would perform vari ous duties such as sweeping out the shop, making fire in the morning in cold weather, doing chores of the es tablishment, and sometimes the chores for his employers family. From year to year as be increased in knowledge, his services grew more valuable and very often- an appren tice would finish his trade with a better knowledge of the business and be more proficient in the trade than the proprietor himself. The advantage gained by the ap prentice was that he acquired an industrious habit of life by contin uous service. By working eacn day for a series ot years industry was ground into h'im. This habit became his chief stock in trade. It has made the foundation of many a man's character in the business and professional world, for it was held in the early times that if a boy learn ed a trade he could in the future fellow it or not as opportunity and inclination would suggest. But the knowledge of a trade was considered so valuable that it was held by pa rents, guardians, and business men as a fundamental principle ol life that a trade was a fortune. In these days the trades have been broken up by large manufacturing establishments where ten men make a shoe, and the old id a of learning a trade is exploded. Trades unions have come in and advocated a rule that only one boy can serve as an apprentice for every ten journey men. New employments have taken the place of the old trades. On railroads an army of men is employed in this country" now where none were employed in former times. Ma chinery introduced into manufact uring establishments has taken the place of mechanics. A revolution has been worked iu the industries of the country, quietly but steadily, until labor organizations say how many shall learn trades, and ma chinery says that we do not need as many tradesmen as we used to have in proportion to our population, and thus the question is lifted into legis lation and becomes a political prob lem for statesmen to solve. Women have entered manufact uring establishments in large num bers; they are found in all kinds of business houses; they are entering professions, and this complicates the question still more. It is feared legislators to give both labor and capital the legal protection they seek. la the meantime it U well to bel'tre that "life is worth liviBg.' aod tbat we shall all presently have enoagh of work to do, and to trust the government under which we lire for wholesome laws, because it is the best government on the earth, and above all believe that God rales. OtBEO AMD IY1CWC0. Asj OtlCtflAl PACtaCC tllK de stars ob beautiful thoughts, a . . ., , J i ., . , mil . n, log kofn) Ao.-anaa n yim I MV ll tltt Oil UR ll&lSt TUD OD de Si cef k wid ue ueoou long es aey mina j . v " it r;" : V. " . a i.i.... - i. ' j Unmm n on ancel wines n beams ob ' Indian Camp Springs; an ef vi r mu rniOi uuk jro xjo dktxjla a uc; j i - - .... irits cotched up wid den dey wanter sunlight! Dis am de licker dat falls in partnership wid de Lord! lak a splinter ob starlight to string Hub! dey didn't skeer me 'tall, an' I de dew-uraps oo ae nart. uai ooi- fa smv to my wile: '.Look heah, iermon arun, uu uwuuk w, iDitiRh, you jes' stop yore wailin' an dat Washington praised an' ole leiUAvtuent an tro nome.au ci i j j' " " ""' I m...... , th Bom. :.. . i .. i : j: ' . : man oh He inr': n' I milled out dat UJ uwri uu uv,, jf0, Uvtrf A- . It is necessary for anv man wish i u u ui.tf jr f r. yn- , ,u a , in to handle horses snccessfullv to on, ,K preacher, an' on de night oo u . . . , I L.0 "T " ' a a;s 'a ,re weddin' supper, you jes' go nsin' in de wuey--n m k am, "f-"!0 town to do medder spring, dig fo' gemmen ooae jury, l seo, wia irum Kiv ,w JT" "T" out under it an fetch out dat blue in its eyes anMnb m its hart-de ; na.ura . lemmorjohn ob bred-in-the-purple embottted poem od ae yunerverse . '"r."JT""ZZAi xasre 11, an' ei nam wmsaey ui , ..j . stuff wid cat-claws an' debbil ! a study of man s great friend, the breath den sen' me up long wid dis , horse, but none are so conspicuously n).;a inch fnr mat n' wilrt-e.at SUCCessiui as rroi. vscar x,. uiensuu, by some the conflict of sexes is to be one of our dangers in the civilization of the future. A man has filled a position as bookkeeper at twenty five dollars per week. He has a wife and three children. He worked up to his position from being office boy during twelve years of service He was unable to save anything from his salary, but to his surprise one day he was informed that the firm had employed a lady as bookkeeper at ten dollars a week. He lost his Mlatatataa rraaa Balaaa'a 4m, "Legally" is a robnst adverb that props np many a fortune. We ean cauterize a wound, but we know no remedy for the hurt pro duced by words. Newspapers are no lenger made to enlighten, but to flitter opinions. In society we know how to pat overcoats on all truths, even the prettiest. uo not be airaid or making ene mies. Voe to him who has none! Tit a we never lack money for onr whims, but we disput the trices of necessities. v uscience is one oi tuose aticas wbi ;h eyery one takes up to beat his neighbor with, but which he never uses upon himself Not to listen is not merely a laek of politeness, it is a mark of con tempt. Though such impertinence is accepted without protest from a noted man, it produces a leaven of hatred and malice deep down in the heart: among equals it often goes so far as to desolve friendship. To do good in obscurity offers no temptation to any one. Use your wit, but never parade it for the amusement of others; for know, that if your superiority wounds a mediocre man, he will withdraw and say of you in a tone of cociempt, "He is very amusing." Politeness consists in appearing to forget ourselves for others. With many it is a social grimaoe which relaxes when self-interest shows it self; a noble then becomes ignoble. You will never have more than three or four friends in the course of your life; entire confidence is their r ght. But to give it to many is not that to betray your real fnerds? What physiognomist is so prompt to divine character as a dog is to know whether a stranger likes or dislikes LimT As soon as trouble comes to ns there is always a friend ready to tell us about it to probe our heart with a dagger and ask us to admire the hilt. Friendship knows nothing of bankrupt sentiments. The habits of the mind form the soul, and the soul gives expression to the face. In great crisis the heart either breaks or hardens. Debts are the silent partners of experience. We live in an epoch where the de fect of governments is to make man for soe'ety rather than" society for wsc. -y In society we like those who listen to us. We are ticketed not according to what we are but according to what we have. The world is full of respect for ability under whatever form it shows itself; results make laws. Love and hate aie passions that feed upon themselves, and, of the two, hatred has the longer life. There are two kinds of silliness, the silent and the talkative. Silent silli ness is supportable. Do you want to know how to make vour way in the world T You must i la(aHt4 WJafc Yafca m Stogva i rraaa T ttirtt a4 Mm Mia. Puycts AsE. Md.t Jane 9 Wil liam Andrews, the yoanr nc ro. ae rated of felonious aalt n Mrs. Benjamin T. Ktlly, was taken from the Sheriff here to day and beatea into insensibility, then haared to a tree by an infntitUd mob, immedi ately after having boen arraigned in eonrt and senUaeod to death for his crime. Andrews, who was bat twenty years old, came here frem North Carolina, and on May of this year, was arrested for assaalt upon Mrs. Keller. At that time a mob endeavored to lynch bim. bnt he was I once and bnrnedly taken to Baltimore and I original It mum lta ta aa m IW Urit aa mt M confined in the jail in that city until last night, when he was brought here for trial. Dating the night a number of men assembled and care fully planned to day's programme. TUI UOLLAK. lit. F. otJirui. Omaha World Herald. A bright, round dollar rolled on its wsy. And 1 said, "Hello, uiy friend, pirate stay Your onward cuurse. Why not stop here?" It checked its speed, and then for fear Of falling Hat upon the ground. It turned and circled round and round. And flashed its charms upon my sight. As with a true coquette's delight. "Establish your claim, if any jou hare, I'm nobody's fool, and nobodt'a lave,' Said the coin, while keeping jut out of my reach. "Although I serve, I cowniaud and I tescb. I am worshipped by beggar and lord and king; I measure the value of everything; 1 prompt men's efforts and lead their desires; I bring them their food and feed their tires. CELtvro. 8. C, Jstt 10 Ts first "original paekr ster" for Mllirg lienor in this 8tat sdr Ike Srovisiovs of the recast deita of adgo Stmottoa. of ts VaH4 K'alas Coert, tu opa4 bero to day. An agent of a New Yot k firm im ported a thousand as of l:tr. The goods ware hsU4 throne treats, and, withoat Wing moleated by tha But constables, wtro lodged ia a tor room. The establishment was rpened at began selling I ijor ia ttaekage. It eoataaaad business throaghoat the day withaat trouble. Within tha next few days other similar establish meets will bo opened hero. All the I'qaor sold todsy was ia gallon package, but in a short time packages containing pints sr.d half pints will La pat on !. Liictly what action in the mm is to be taken by tha dipmary authorities ia not yet known. RIOTERS PAY THE MILITIA. Ifcar Aba Sla a rraalM (a Taaa AalfcartUaa. Ia TttM at a r tat ms 119U ra Clavtlaatv 4sao 10 CrU N Csantagssm. the ms a er raaled soveral mast as sg foe try c tafass afergad chek ff IlittM. bang the xgsaiara of Ja t. T. camilioa, U now a tfU ia lU Commoa I'as Coarl. Caaatsg ham's attomers sat ar tao slo that ho waa tassao, lis rra4ia Wisr da to aa isjary iaad Yj tatsg ik row a from a bora ia larad To arovo their thevtv tbav hat ! sont to a hoepttal. hara hit shall was trefhiaed asd tba Uaaa etsmiaod. The arrac oka fat formed tba oparaUaa aa t'a 4 that he ball Tad Caasisgtsm iaa. aad person with oaci tsa pnawaae had daaliaca eorrtMratad ttat teal! moay. W'ttaesMS will ta prtJv-d ay taa proaocstioa to prova that 1'aaaitg ham was soataaeaJ t hiata t in Ne York for a anilar rna W foro ha went to l!orad. Tta tnal promiaaa to ho very lataraaticg. PlttPAJtlNt a no coofm TAtltl VI tf "The highest power in all the lan Is mine for protection and mine to command. I roll through the winding channels of trade. My imprint avails, I pass unweighed. I dazzle the eyes of proud millionaires, And see common rivals racing like bares To win me and catch my coveted smiles. And trying all sorts of witless wiles." "Miss Dollar, said I, "you're a mystery; Colvmma, S. C, June y A cn nous compromise I tta not in Lark now on runday has ln effect ed. Two whites and seven negroes sawmill employees, qneatienirg tba constitutionality X tha town a taeor poration, it having but 150 inhabi tants, proceeded to defy authority by practicing nfls shooting at ttr gets down tha main street an threatening to shoot the marbaL A military company from aa ad joining county was orderidbytbe Governor to subdne tha riot. It did so, arresting there men, and escort ing them to jail at Camden. Tta rioters have boen released on paying the militia and all other expenses. and signing a promise to reccgnits the authorities of Lucknow and abide by the town ordinances. WENT TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO PRAY. I Vlrglala Sacra Kaaala Oawa la Ike raat Kaam aad rrava Matara af Fro parity. Wkhini.tos, June 3. John W. S aJ aa af Sai4M rnu "Althoagh it is wU haowa that tha American msikets gtea aa ataa daaeo of vegatablea, it is iviMd lhat thero is no coaatry aUt ttay are so little appreciated." write Mr. K. T. Korer ia tba J oca I.sdirs llama Joaraai. "To this aiMii may I traced moch dicfrt amwsg tla poorer claea. Tha Ifgamiaoas ael. pass, beans, aad leatil. j teld sliat doable tha amoaat of musrlo aoakiar food to be faand in tof. sa hbiJ of beans coating lira cents will give a food valao eosl to two oai f beet at nfiy eeau. aa item i econ omy worthy of tboagWt. I aw in this considenog old peas aad Uiu, tboeo groen or unripe cwataia a larger amontt oi water aad wore sugar, and less albamiaoas mttr, bat on the other hand they ata u a easily digested. "All concentrated getsb!e foods nqoire long, slow cookirg to reLder them suitable for use. A little tak ing sods added to tha a a r in hc h old peas are cooked rt moves the strong fltvor making theoa mora ou re a wonder, indeed, to a siraoger oeldon, from Urange county, a., Ideliravls. All vegetables aboald I- like me; Jump into my pocket and rest awbilt ; I suppose you have traveled many a mile." "Oh!'' said the dollar, "I never get tired; To be 'on the go' is what's desired ; My mission allows no time for rest, When I am hidden I lie unblest." Perplexed at this, I prompt replied, "How. then, may one in you confide. And bow in the world can wealth in crease, If as soon as you're caught you can force a release? What is yout mission of which you speak, And what is in it that men should seek? Is it enough for such as I. To 'sit on the fence and see you go by'?" "Again," said the Dollar, Tin called upon To teach, as I so often have done, What even a child should be able to eee I -do not bring wealtb, but wealth brings me. Wherever there's wealth to be ex changed. And mutual faith is not deranged, I serve as the medium willingly; Elsewhere I find no need of me." washed well in cold water, tire a vegetables, snrh as spinach, caalt flawer, cabbage, llrntscls piout, encumbers, kale, onions, leeks, as paragus, turnip top, poas and string beans, should bo cooked in lnilirg salted water, aad boiled slowly un til tender, not a moment longer or the flavor will be lost. Tea aaeaaaa Holders of Teachers Asatnibly tickets, desiring to attend the Hutu mer Hebool at tha I'DieTMy r Wake Koreat, ran stop at these stations cr at Ualeigb and Lave the limit of their ticket extent to July 25th. The opening data of Wake Forest Summer School has bean charged i a, i- i a l : T place. He looked about in his com- umujr --" mumty for another situation as book- non ball, or you must glide through keeper. The best effer he could get 14 Se Ptilence. was ten dollars a week. Disheart- Flattery never emanates from j i i: v,. . u ereat souls. It is an attribute of OUCU no liuiumo maw nyiucu uov? 11 .:,! u .fill BUiail 1111UUO, TC Uw IUUO BbUI A.U&hUVA come into competition with men and are driving them to the wall. They are doing this as agents, waiters, bookkeepers, stenographers, cash iers, editors, and in great many ckei 1 berrid dar fo teen years iasre it, an' ei nam wnissey uai , 7 " -..-..... WU1MFSIUU. m V uer"u u 10 iweu jeaio t j.ii n fstndv of man's creat friend, the I m, e 1 j ruo. au yer an' lirer reter jes a v"iaTTO Y"""" Z AMan;AnA'noiw in8B.rl uutnupioyeu women lnnk it to mv remembrance. breath-den sen' me up long wm ais , '"vtnJ will no doubt ask for places in the "Sho kno' dat I war gwi' stay P' white trash fur makm' wild-cat successiui n jt. business world, they will get them ,ahinSh, chuciird theoldma whisky, es er groveller wid swine the world and force an army of men out of I didn't make dat whisky for my an' er eater ob husks. and tamer It would not be elaim theseplaces. We do not share in krifVa t,ohoT,' ;nlr. "liut ef it smells iaK ae new-oonn ; w "" fJ the apprehension that there will be 1.1.: IW nortan for !' b tatat WuU, J,", " 7 "co.mot" between th, sfx.. enh n .lis iail twell cane-crindin yore eyes iaa ue ines ou iuuxuuo! - over tuis inausinai proDiem, dui we cnu iu uis jail 1 wen cane grinuiu j i v.: ir mnalv RTniled so as to make him . -rrr:n :i 'i i j ime. Not for makin' good whisky- aepins ou ue um - , -"TJ RTwl fiVftn safe for may nquiro, y 111 1 w f,c Pow M mado mean whiskv dat ar tastes iaa ae resurrecieu urtmiu ""j"., ' snip to many a man ana resun in kernuddcr thine an' I'd bin will- de fus' kiss yore sweet-hart gib you lamuy the distress of many a family I - Will irrUL. wiooooix uoco xiwii l, c nllj,f nn in tha hnainoaa vat In a t plead gilty an' say far'well," in de days ob long ergo, den sot de e milled "I'on dey sauut er leetle lawyer to N an he turk me eff an say he bin lliyd to clTen' me. An' den he fiy, he gwi' prove I wuz er yaller- V luli you see yo'self I'se jes' li ill k i! ir drrt'-Ti' he. MT he Fi' L'it out er writ of cirum-cum- tchuiu, an' iarnis fat-vou-us. an' nie man free!" lo! in er does not waste his time in mvsteriouB tricks. His prin- cinles are those of a universally ap- dat dingy ole cote-room change ! phcable system, for the better train- m nn t 'Stid ob de smell Ob mg 01 uorscs wi " belittle themselves to enter into the vital being of the persons whom they crawl. A single lie destroys that absolute confidence which for certain souls is the foundation of love. Never allow yourself to act either against your own conscience or the public conscience. One of the most important rules in the science of manners is that of almost absolute silence about our selves. Play a little comedy for your own edification, speak of your self, and yon will see indifference sneceed to a feigned interest; then ennui follows, and if the mistress of "And don't I, then, know what wealtb is?" Said I, "is it not simply this, Command of dollars and nothing more? Who's beard of wealth without money before? about "Ab'W8aid the coiD' nhere'g weaIth ln Wealtb in land and in fields of grain; In muscle and nerre there's countless wealtb; And the richest of mines is the mine of health. "In good reputation are richest un told ; the little negro who walked all the a WO a . way Irom bis irginia village last week to see President McKinlev and failed, was at the White House again today. This time be came to pray, and not to see the President. Uh entered the mansion shortly after 1 o'clock, and learned of tha President's absence, but when in formed that he would be iu after '2 o'clock, the little man walked slowly out end bided his time until th President arrived. Then, with a cautious tread, he tiptoed into the big Hast Koom, walked to the ex treme southern end, and knelt down in prayer. lie removed his hat and old army coat, laid them carefullv on the iloor, clasped his bands, and, looking np to the ceiling, prayed fervently for several minutes. The! from June 231 to Jane This room was well-filled with sight-soars, action was taken by tha faculty after who were much amused at the old their announcements had been prct darkey. ed and partially distributed. Th "What are yon praying fort change was made to avoid any con asked a reporter. flict with tha Teachers Aeeembly "l'se praying for tha return of dis program, and in order tbat tbuee here prosperity what 1 bears sol who wish to do so could get tie ban- much 'bout," replied the old man in I efit of both oecasions. mneh earnestness. One of the White House ushers was about to remove him from the a.- a.s a. room, nut on sccona mougm con- clad ed to let the old man bring pros perity, it he eonld, by praying. If all those who are now praying in vain lor a reinrn 01 prosperity! will vote right next time, then their nravers will be answered. The liord helps those who help themselves. I Ed. Caucasus. deter young men from getting mar- the company wm disappear under nedT Is it one of the signs of the .na lt. adroiti i!d- A.Z rm ikni a.t e -.w 4-s-v A A1nilfiAW aw I uuiMiuaiHum ii o Liuuuwu A hohbv is the medium between a a reduction in -a A 1 si ni 11 i vhA onar it nvinoT nnn.11 wa tiat - w 1 " mi. s.i.a 1 n" r-j w a coinn a n n sa m 11n11111w.11 1 ia.- books, an' s weatin' lawyers, an' am-1 ing absolute apcuity . no find the standard of li7ing in Ameri- t Alan tT like out. sometimes skips beer, an; dusty floors, youMer thort ; "' downoa lower figure , two 'rations. all ae SKUie gais an- ny mpus o o uo ---- -, - -r"Z" ' ,a nr,A. a resnit 01 . naviug more peopio Bea ntv without who want wora tnan can nna worst Vbe-ptaint an' all dat. I w a - t a i I MttAnA annofl m t n n n iitkh k 11 r 1 11 r-i r tr!LA a nttrobde roses ob standing, associating mastery with va o Aatr Ii.'f l.t. fll nhfir Hev I kindness, rebuking wrong expression is a and WUS i"vi A Wise SasRestlon. corpus an' ail aai. x 1 u 1 ------ r . . , j: n. ;v,4- a .... I It 1 a. 7m Amenrl mi -fl rIA awamilltf L11D 1 1KU.L nia . r,, t u l .... a. v m i m.imrnH.SLHr Huuiuurs. uiiuvou w il w i a 'V nu i 111 111,11 Hril HrZtl LCI XlllU UUV I 1 . I TTT t I.m.4-a1 a vnaarl .1.. ..ii a .r,'loil Eooollo made. You'd er thont - - yai u . . . Vaj t!,,n ber of rrot. uieasons great xaorse dat jedge myself, an; i was , ""7" A'Zrh I Book, which has always sold at ' nie er cross-cut-saw-Dill into bf1"11"" f v" Z J '"Zl Ui f0 bnt which we offer with every t tot. ho ! filled wid de water ob peppermint Jplu, but wnicn we oner wun every t . . ,j.m(!M Ttnrfnmud wid vi'IetsanM8UDSCriP,'1UB wllu l"10 "Jes' f o' de trial cum off, I saunt .?am?"p""m T See advertisement in another col- a v. m a m a. a 1 A . a Z I 1. 1 II 1, I U 1 TT V aava d .1. f u7 if u 10 " l a g "De ole figured paper on de walls umn. P lat pallun I dun berrid down dar . . rr.5 iJ a Jmed..r fo'teen years befo' an' bYa "'I "P dat decanter my ole mars- "w, ? j. 1,5 Baltimore Bun.i 1., 1 ... . 1 avkn ti iti ' w riHii tin uk v-jxiuk iiAri tuv 1 ... ft pit. me be to me "u nurver hr U hh e- lii r er pict II W!L! ra th. l r r.. .... caiiiUieos IU il sfonnoi- ... r r , utis hersef rfat whut irrtead faint, callin' out, sorter dream l.k 'nt sriltv. not STiltV." a- f.fu dat whiskv cot in dat de- one taste it, an' P-Utt r it lnnb l.b .1 . . in!u aM nnii hrpsttin on 'W l,k UO KIOD JliiVVi - I I 1 I'vf riltn, in ;,r,nm an' one tucker big swauer an rju. u"-il in all da 1 nb de bold i.ns. nr., n i ttt t 'vsDorati i, "'".lureou, Ynen ae sauiiKui. ..h. .Aia ii -i w u vi it. it look lak er big blszin' . 0aaIa tn de numbers ob dem m de crown ob er cherubin! d4t wa8 fur me But wben it got "P it under my cote an' went I h ledee. suh. he tuck er grate coie room. An' oar aey It is a great industrial problem when we find machinery taking the place that workmen formerly occu pied, women coming in to do the work that men used to do, the na tive population constantly on the increase, and emigration from for eign countries to our shores reach ing high tide. These questions af fect the life of the average citizen, and they appear in the political con dition of the country in large form Beauty monstrosity. If the human heait pauses to rest as it scales the heights of affection, it rarely stops when it starts on the rapid slope of hate. There is nothing less known than that which everybody is obliged to know namely, the law. Money matters ean always be set tled, but feelings are pitiless. We spend the greater part of onr lives in weeding from our hearts what has been allowed to grow in In honor is something better tban gold; And knowledge is wealtb, and so is skill: And money cant measure the wealtb of good will. Where all these abound I'm nimble and and gay. And where all these are scarce I have no wsy To increase them, or find much use for myself; There I'm sunk to the leval of pelf." The dollar passed on and out of my sight. I longed for tbat dollar so round and bright. Perhaps 1 worshipped its magical power, But I've thought of its words for many an boor. The sources of wealth it pointed out. The wonderfal things it talked about; And yet this puzzles me, I confess, The relation of money to true success. Tha Ceaatry rail ef -Sack reals. Washington Post There is no news in the statement that Senator Hanna is opposed to what he calls this agitation about Cuba, for his efforts to prevent a vote in the Senate on the belliger ency resolution are still remember ed. The other day, however, he was expressing his opinion in very em phatic terms to a fellow Senator. "There isn t the least bit or interest in tha question in Ohio, asserted Mr. Hanna. "and I do not think the country is half as mneh concerned as some of the agitators here would have ns believe. "Well. Hanna. sail bis colleague Chaklkh J. I'AkkiK, Secretary. I eteeee r raat a lite real. Kichmov?). Vsw, Jana 9. lUv. Charles M. Uower, an evangelist of the Apostolic Churcn founded by Rev. J. W. Dangbarty, has built Lim a uniqae boat with which ha pro poses to soon start oat. after tba fashion of the Apostle Panl, to preach the Clospel on tha water. The mission-boat, which will herald the doctrine of sanetificaticn as taught by Uev. Mr. Dangberty, though not on quite es advanced linos as it was practiced on CbinsM Logne Island a year or two ago. has been rigged oat and will start down the James river ia a few days. A ebeeUaa JoxtJrrowjf, Miss.. Jane 8. K- Mayor U. li. Mosley, a banker of this town, was shot and killed today by Mayor O. W. Wise ia tha streets in front of the latter's cflee. Wie is in eestodv. A e-uall lawsuit ia rbich Mosley was interested was tri'd before tba mayor last week. and the decision of the latter dis- "I will bet yon $500 that yonr State pleased Mosley. The ill feeling has convention declares for Cuba. I been growing since, culminating in Very likely,' slowly aosenUd Mr. I today's shooting. Both men had Hanna. "because some fool will get! firearms, and opinions differ es to which nobody I which w a meat. BorcaalssUea. Artemns Ward once said: neyer attempted to reorganize wife bnt once. I shall never "I my . a a . np with a resolution will care to oppose." "And tbo country is fnll or jost such fools n waa the other Senator's parting shot. Te Hake a OeeA Whitewash. June Ladies' Home Journal. J For a rood whitewash for yonr bedroom ceiling pat a piece of lime made a threatening move nt-1 weighing about five pounds in a LWS REVITItS. Miss "Isabel la Perkins, heiress to $17,000,000. was married la !lston to Mr. Lars Anderson, who wss un til recently first secretary of the United States at Rome. Governor Johnston, of Alabama, ordered ont troops to protect Ltwis --- er w I WIIKL I12S.M llrlei EA Allll IV CIS LIS C LU H 11A I nw vr m.m vaat wv - - - -a ' a a. . I -e I whr thft nnlitlpal OUestlOnS Of free I mi: :,..ii.j U.mnf .r.;n VA Kin in a nnblie I STTanite pan Or OUCkef, paironiU M(1(.tI1i nnt Vaaill. colored. fo' he die. and to fotch rr, , fl" ' At tne recent convention oi me ry ' m i,i , v; J youiu. xms uuun "VT., .,,".7.: ,.uAn of water, allow it to boU and . "..7". 016 QUSly mamu uu uo uw " ot., ;i.aI onmmisainnam aJ- St iraue or prwwuwuu wu ""k "opnmrin exnenenee. l a inner, auu aiu wwwou w wt i . . . mn m Kiuni vi unvivu mwu, carpet ob blue grass down in da . of the rate YnteKcf is Te lever which moves Uayed into drinking wveral p seed dat decanter, is l -mA daisTa an' daffodils all ,":"J'rr." of waces amoncr the masses. ' Ui. i. v i t 5t.i. healths: and wishins tomake them take rrom uiu iwo qaaria i itmmm Tars. gh roller an' dat decan- de ceilin was changed into tapestry f:xe v,. JiLsa.ti.aisw of "ae.tion and reaction" drinking their healths until my own granite bucket, and add -H ure in erlookin' glass. of silver, whilst de freskoes hung "l"".fc"" k -J -Tiw aiiad t thi. eonditionbv How . so.di Cooked. became affected. Consekens was, 1 1 water to make it ratner win, 1 "T.iT ul?.-. . :. 'in.??' ck esde roun pastern y irt filigree works ob cold. I PBl?lB"JJ", YZrZ 'JTrT: rl;7" 'uT" Iu that "T h.A nr A(Mv;ne ntensils. and Tr-reaented mvslf at Betsv's bedside I a tm'll amount or pure inaigo, sum- oi ''-,""-T''.r,'ww! hoss an' made ob one at do Tedee an' da iury aaM?? "Ji sunner fate at nite with considerable licker eient to give, it the proper color; add ". cut class, an' cyarved 7.T r.'At ; Rtuerment an' 'stan- recoras u??LYt'T-:t ZTZi I7.i .V.T; X iA. Tive and nare-rib I einaaaled about mv nerson. I had I a teaspoonf ul of salt and Halt a tea- ia omeia. c.r. . w ..T.u.rg. an' Ofeek goddermites, wid acauittal writ in de ten I Med somehow got possession of a horse- fooonf nl of lampblack. .Ur welL Torrential raia. in th. provi.co of itself wus de haid ob A dftntha ob de v meltin' eyes. u?:.l".n v " v.l ft: nf tha .tmsV. man. Yt it re- out some arrease on a "spade" to put 1 whip on my way home, and remem This wiU give you a Pieeuy wnio TaBri4v Rnsaia, have caused Iocs of on er bust-least- - teT K ' , ,,,t ".. to de f us' w"ir rr "IT" ,aina tma that thonsands of men it in mv bread, made up the dough tering some cranky observation of eeUmg; it yon wisn k Mioraa aop yd0 and great damage to crops. ole Marster sed an' . " V. XlJ't it an' fell ober inlBtato "" 77r Zrv T i-j-.. B;a1 ; a .W'' A it in th I Mr. Ward's in the morn inc. I snaDt I one oi the eoionngs wnicn you i my liTer sou 1 i'fWil cVlA tens aTk A A VtVArtO 1 . - "u ouw " f"" n To tin rn . Knil! T toll VAI1. '):i i t i : : iit.lMM.b awH cnii a 1 n.Ahl.ma M.a ffartinff I snsnA ann tnan rnwl Ue naixt .7"- rr? .mZi: :7, u : 2-A . u;rA Af L:h. tUmii anA trnth tft talK T seed de liffbt of lnteresi oi we owner oi me u- uwu """'"S"! . ..iui.h.. . - i on 'im De thnd roads and - their "securities, as industrious and useful men will be they were just as good as if cooked ,on i- .n.tfl..n.;a .hVs disabled in the battle of Ufe; but in an oven. Give me anything to 'im to de yearth to keep 'im frum charge of railways merely to wreck history of every civilization teaches eat and I will find a way to eook it, iratin lak Exerdus, to heaben. them. At i resent nobody can find .that there is no royal road for the sure. Some times I have wrapped ill de yudders es fast es dey taste t wnat tne fiaancial condition of a poor man or the rich man. In our my dough on my ramrod, holding it to de to big r-aller to see if I wus lyin' or not,an' ten such merely as jpw : M1 .r mean trick on me, for dey Gord bless yore soul, honey, he hadn't new oy a clique o. V; tiun downing -ama nan -id morn taste it befo' he nz from dat to make them. They are means of the railroad is bv inspecting its publish- present state the poor man is m 1 to the fire, and it cooks splendidly." .j f ThA rannrta ara tnn nf. Idantrer of losincrhis trade, the rich I bCRAP-UOOK. u i"- : i , . -.: onnh maraiv as tne nresiaent. uo-1 man is m aauirer oi iosiuk uwu- I T - I , ... -n a. I . m i I i ana neitner man is saie viuouv i u iron usea a areai. ueai oi uair- other.! and what is also true dressing, but was very particular to morn taste it oeio no . T.--' .V'.; j.i...j: ..:.t : A.An.i, .iil.ont hive onlrthebes "b po' white trash fTim'S moun- bench, shouted 'Glory bally lujan . an deceiving tnepojau. ana ueu- ------ - - -r: market. If Ayer acs Aa i- ."V j fell on mv neca au weuu y innocent mreiswn. uw v - iK-. Kt.inahia r--- "t uiu UIU COICU 1U UO mean . - . i -.hat. hod n't I 1 ..;i-v.l' o nnnnnts I nnf tha Ahnr tn MSfth thA ffOU OI S t f,h m.l,!- ... i;.i,t rounu at ue " I reason wnjr . w. - - -- . or.l i, u-l rm'tM Ti i jt tasted it, suh an dar aey so iro t . ld t be m9t&Q pUDiic monthly, settled eonamon wnere umiy &uh, hit made me mad fur 1 1 .v,.,-.. .m h 'liver runnin' I ""U1U " . r..- .i,:- .M,,M,hi,.,.Vs tha nf lifa. I'" t USf-d in 'an.tt.lin rmA Hat -..1 nh H.t mnnths lak I AUCfO 10 J I , . , . ;t i.l ml f.' . , " "" uuwButwiuB. ' . "Tu AnHshonld be. seeing mat secrecy is uapiiai must wait on ww, u "Jo white folks! Kfiu"r00-neh?Tettffl capiUl5 they must l Torecklv da Ar an idre befo' 1 knowed whut it all mean 5 1 n"a7 " ,wmUm. Ab im Iwh wsit on ths market which i- Hi iv.v.....B-- - a I .. . 1-a.i k. onfu. partial auuiiuns eed by law. have only the best to be found in the 's uair ni m an' de jedge sot down an' .'l ut: 'N'ewnighted States ergin "Dis sm de stuff we long hsb sought An' mourned bekase we fonn' it not. madahv tha nannla. and thev must T F .. . . .... A. . all wait a time with patience lor lousieiing expeuiuou w vuw. Vigor bad been obtainable then, doubtless be would have tested its merits, as so many distinguished and fashionable people are doing now-a-days. The cruiser New York sailed from Boston last Thursday under sealed rders, relating it is thought, to a 111 the whip purty lively, and in a very lond voice 1 said, 'Betsy, yon need reorganising! I have come. Bitty!' I continued cracking the whip over the bed. 'I have come, Batsy, to re organize yon!' I dreamed that night that somebody had laid pnrehaae at any. draggiata, stating that it is to be used with lime. or whin nir ml iiri MltliaMtlTS I U " " f - - " L " . I . -vrl W timaa. and whan 1 woks no 1 louna ! "- she had. I hain't drank much of latere ae B. T. T. C. Xales1e. ateata te CTaattaaesaw. The idea rw is, and arrange- hoTM-i meats are being made to that effect. have tie and ex Senator Dubois will leave next month or ia August for a tour of China, India aad Japaa ia the in terest of tree silver coinage. Some people are constantly troubled ItK ati wbI aa and hails eeneeiatle lunrise-prayer-meeting' I about tba faea aod seek. Tba beat and a "fish breakfast' I remedr is a tboroasjh ooarse of AVer's at tha same noint: a banaaH will be I fiarsaparilla. which expels all bassors attnthae reorrani cation iob on hand. I President aayior, i xne w aas or i , b . . ri.ll . fmil ill.... anil M I H .- I ahall let it ont,- 1 27 Pin-, and at At! Pamina and nlasme are reported I lauta the delegate will be enter- to be causing many deaths ia China, I tained at the 8pellman University; north and east of Szechanan. I thev will them proceed to Chat. . I ranoo. via the Kenneaaw Route," I Whiskers that are prematurely gray 1 rpjf ptiealara will be gives later or laocu auyuiw w vwiyc , I V- .1. Puuiaw TVanartwiaBt off tha look of are. and Bucklnrbamsl V r. r .T I A. tne iow oi sec, sn sussuisiiwBi -. , . t - p.i. .h Dye exeeis all others in coloring brown I oaawoawu m.u suw, t or black. I is. i1171 CArcaaiat. . t.. - f. ' :

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