VOL. XV. RALEIGH, N. 0., THURSDAY, JULY 18971 . : t '-l7 j i 1W" v. I Ml"" AM 1HO ANtHIM. , . t !. gr atetst confidence! cut and verdict of the , any aption when the lairly pretenttd. Hut the any one must be wrong i misled by false state- ty. Besides he -was shown fh&t such personal attacks on, Mr. St wall would not have a tendency to cadje a man of spirit to withdraw 'wfich . - 1 - . . i , A Va ' air. wau-on closed bis letter bydoller was thatl Wu it Dunning'! adtisioir Populists not to yotqfor!No. It u Republican campaign the joint electoral ticket. . Ew-ry I mone T i.jV ii reason, best known . s, certain newspapers hare such abuse. u kintr the National com- th People .Party, lit 8r- jitify tbeir attacks Jbryire t nuppress the truth and ! their readers with false . nt. We regret exceedingly Hhity for referring to or no-. Local Taxation for Public Schools . the Leading Topic Soiae In teresting Facta by the AUTHOR OF THE HEASURE.I front iw. Tb necesmj Tor 1 ' j In mv sebnel rnartn eery tr r5ji ,r u.eveiana organ was girinir th samel - Jrrom the above it is elearer bow thus under fire, and more, that Lb advice to the Democratic vntrt TfliK ; ... .i -;,. .i.. : result would be to give Lim ratr.. any Popuiirt would bve followed that it was the imperative duty of Bewail) a popular sympathy wich Mr. Watson's advice then the letter the National eommitttee not to pub he did not deserve atd whichT. he would have' "done harm. Therefore lisb' a document like Wataon'a letter. tOlConld not cet rrrpf.fS 'WPfrfWf f line. rnnunittSA nAtl y f. "W.a.T !...!..;. . r.wvu ..bit. u wuviuDiva wo sim iu Bay iuai i . . , . i .1 . a w taae tnat'farTatrapK oot of our ia&t National convention fated Hut this was ail in vain, Mr. his letter. 'He refused. Then the1 1 not only an embarrassing sitaation w - r. Vw. . rv n n ci 1 J i . . v .It. a. . . . . ivu t.ij-, ""i-c cij ii fcu' I.VUI1UUICO iciuotu iu uv responsiuie out mueea a crisis. e were lorcea meat and, BMaiitontrt3lWUtfe for its publication. " ' . ' ' to nominate Mr. Bryan not only to be but proceeded in his original course Chairman Butler refused to pub- consistent and to do our patriot! e more blindly - vml fool iciy than lish it, just as he wouM-refcute ta do datr. but also to prevent our party HU, .( .rfo.i.lic, KJU Will' . -A- ever, and thereby not only succeeded anything jitf.tfae campaign that from splitting in twain. The Na- ia turning, the tide o xutilifl.snti- would cause demoralization to his tional torn m it tee faced a eituatioj th attacks of these disorgan- ment 'aeainst' bira, but caused 'a side and result in aid and comfort toj equally as grave when it became ev- We would much prefer to use lirge number of Populists who had the othe.r. side. .He did not publish ident that Mr. Sewall could not be time and space in advocating been calling for appbintnienUfor it because ke did not want either di- gotten to withdraw. We were either principles of the Peoples Party Watson in their State.' to" wrlM to fectlr or Ttdirectly to help to elect forced to take a course which three- the cowmUtee and .caneeltheir ire- M;Kinley, And, besides, he did not fourths of the Populist would have quests. - j want ta' giw -to ay one -an oppor-1 rebelled against, which would have The excuse given by the Demo-, tuflity tb hargo the' Peoples party crats for not withdrawing Sewall with , the .defeat of . P.ryan, if such was not a good one. They should should be the result."' ' bare done it in justice to the party . . .yAVsqnVsi'xeenUy charged no matter what Mr. Watson said or that Chairman Butler did not pub- uia. not witn a large pat oi our usu an tetter Decanse u maae an ai-i Qut joint electoral , tickets, as em- own party disappointed Jf not diB-i tack, uppn . him. a,od the, Committee, barraasing, painful, and demoraliz- of these we -bad rSel oommittee agreed to. publish the let-1 followed a different courjp either - ter if' Mt.4 'Watsdn wonld 'Withdraw at the convention or dtting the who. thp' paragraph', that . advised Popn- campaiern the result to iftir party tbi.-r lists -not to vtte fr the joint eleetor- would have been ten-fold woija. The de-'littf tWkefs: "If Chairman Btitler had convention and tho committew'both mand, which he not onl x fused to! cared nothing for the people's party j pursued the only course that ityas I speeches were made on Improving te tj r ' i '-yji wain a pouter- uio, bui . persisted-m . persuing a or ior tne isrress ot tne weaitn pto-1 possible to follow, eitner to do anripuonc scnooi system or tue state. mr. iiiii.ion number one Is as, foJ- course that created ttublie sentiment ducers of the .country! and had. at I dntv to our country or to maintain! spkcu of sknator oeog e. BtTtaiu in bringing recruits into the 7 at this most opportune time, . is necessary 10 snow up me 41 .. 1 It lim tlt n&giog ami disorganising H p.irty in certain places They , . .1 ; ' . ; 'iui iui ouu iui;tv(icgDUilU( .i call attention from their .-.Uonable conduct and pur- split the party in two, leaving the ; smaller portion standing with the committer; or, en the other hod, we were forced to take the only other alternative: namely; to put AM .,) . , Hi ,t ih necessary ror tho people gusted at the course of oubandit-1 This is not -only absurd j but is ervi- ing to our party as both C-.- ! i A . I. .. "... . . t A 4 i -t. '. '!.. .r . ; . I .... " . a t no i ac is bo as not 10 w ditt. it was imnossible for nksco an-1 dentiv untrue. As stated above the Renditions were, vet if ' r -T-, - t (K ,.- ui .Tf ;T r . ' TEACHERS ASSEUBLY fl-vai 9 fevwtt a6oe. t, . , . , i . . , , W'LAt.tbfO ryulj .ta lfvf(uf of tbis stsndtti'l of our pMlMe xr'.l Uienl wttb rn'Mgiy Ua?tf tftTxf Wbi isii fplio ii Uil m itareH4 pru7e. w uiUl .Ui wetare bprs i oyr m;u!pt ;o i. rrca tte -howt trtu or td a ll fur tbrr eJactmhrJtsnr-m'i. Tb tslutlr' atAtwa ttwir wtr uiltirtli itrrrtif Jo.wsrri,! i- Tr;i-mUO0. A rriuu trtl:rtn r- "jwilj M'f r t-mw .iTtr l..l. Ut..f (,,,1.,. 1, r rtn, m rtl rvo'iiWi WlflUoD lit. IflJ .fnUiui fnCti 'e'l-Eii- jr to sJr t rxxja.!. aw 0ft3 LtTTtaj to m $0UTNru -tiicvftr.' ttkr - - - f r iti.wi pi x ftm. - OIlCDnj JUBIUE DAT, tiCTORia i toaaoa imi ewitti Twaoun 11, TltTj . li aiaciajuau T-a 'n-iv mm m ThSloB LrKlj attl4 by UkStat4' . Lwdltc Uicttr-rrr. iltiw4rn ham Klct4 -rMldil t Cbea. , f s ktr RmImU4 rcrurj-TKbtr r ! to BArtllr Hn-fvyrt tb aw 8ctal Law. i . , i i . .. ,,. , The local tu-ion of the- Tracrrs Assembly at MorebaJ )aC week, was one of iu most interesting; and profi table sessions. ' ' " J'rof. Alexander 1va fait Uum of iiH !( to b-qmppnt4.. .-. , , . Tbe townabip frsturv of tbr tirtt school !Aw lr tb rmr-Ty ofTfreJ tor owr fstlvr'aneer Ibe 'M-syfewand iMsr abaadaAUlaiU) 4n-4uoors Wx is wiU Mara, a arw Tra lo In pur rdu-itioDl irrowib in irt rtstf ft an !ind bf popo!ftfulx,1on Will eovoprtietwlliat end. - tnr . tMt ibrralun ji.tliil puuibecof school dAtlrict ilUcMAte has incrrsd nnrr rapidlv than ta . Jan ?tt.'v?. Mpiry. iiaila t 1 ' W Vr tliese malicious attacks ommittce. which areba?cd .:.hU wilfulfy and delibe'r- i.iiiut'actured.i y - I iU'liHii below two reasoos tht) Peoples Party Paper . CoyitP want a cOnfor- ivi n.iou number .one ig .as .fid- peal to publie sentimeni.io'0 Mr. Watson.was the one could help the committee $ti public sentiaient itt fayor p 110 f niva nate four II"' eeting wherein more disappointing and painful than ty ipirit to do Mr. Watson an in hairtnaii iJutler to the Xattonal eomiref , he vo'uld jaVe, giveri t' the 1 ion than he has . L ,. ni-? -t-. u . wnnt a meeting .. ..... ..oil n r.in I 1 ll' 111 l ! U"'U V Inr a t ttt r pIanation t t vt-ti of Iim reason for not fore- UtkT i agains t blm. V v To no; one was this f the same time, been moved by a pet-1 intact our own party organization. leUer In short,xr;a4aonf forsonie just beforedh' election when every d I. t m s.w!iil i II th Ticket, as it was strange and lMxpiainaDie reaspl ,y u do, aud as, no iiau tne lacUng under tne lnnaenee.x were Ke publican nwiijr uuo ui iua (iwBi.caii t'ui iuiu- ties that ever came to -anymaa fer patriotic Populist "was straininfi: ev ery nerve to elect. Brayan and de- "Tbe Township Feature of the Kew " Yi rw i 1 I awn ws tlia suKiar-f of Ihtf In short, no other party has eyerJtQgg 0f state . Senator George . been called upon to face and deal Buil, It was .full of ipformation-r- withamore tmbarraFsinc and try-1 ""ur.f """V ."4 - - i was liaseueq w, wun, maraea iniert. ing situation tnan was tne reoptesi Among otntninjrs. be aaid party in tbe last campaign. The In lsso our State tax for public feat McKiney and thegold combine, problem was bow to measure up to Sicnf The appetiranse of the letter at the requirements of duty and patriot- poll. The average length tif .aur.scbool (thirds of tbe school fun T. To illus- thaV'time 'would 'have caused the ism and yet preserve tbe pavty or- f wten we . tre'.tafeaounty with a Total sdhoul t, i , . . . . . j iu iao . our iaiase ax , or..pwiMe liana of -nav faw Oirwted rnal Fopuhsts all over the country to eanization, and hold the confidence Uchools was cents on Dronertv and I Mo-tbirdnf tbJ.fUfui ,r.ii (Msi.iut.ii.1 hold meetings and repudiate the let-1 of the best element of the two old 't4 cents on the poll, ,1'he, average be. apportioned among the .districts iu S li nr- '!ad that the Coxeyites re- L:,i' ti.a tney neea lniormation. ' v,ui iiftsten to furnish St to-Vhein. ,rt. M get the facts straight, himself and also to giTahs party la' .1 tli .National 'committee have ie ;"'Wi f to force the withdrawal of cwal.T It did not. If if had had i (titaiiiiy would have done ao. uf Nnti.Miitl oommitte'e made dill--ut ir, liry to learn if there was ay r.-'!itr!ict, promispj or agreement ttJi' by Chairman Jones tbor person or persons Vepres Iviuocrata to thb' offeot owh,1 biiould wiluutaw AS Irst.oii tor the nomination Brymi tor the Peoples Party v We clamoring for Sewall to give awsjyJ when ho was officially, informed that we are in a positian to take the lead muni ttiat tbere was not. JLaere was f0r Watson; - How-'ueh '8trongir the committee would not publish it 1 La the gigantic and unremitting .bsolute tendent of . tbe CharJoUe , traded 1 1,1,1 's;no01 ' t0PQ'tTdn. tof rrirg-' t Schools, was elected president for tbe n .,verar' WtMidanne tw oar fuuui .Koai turn, sum jiu (! UHraaed iqo4) L-Vt but on tbe cvo- trary, notwithstanding tb in-rrsM la population, iiitfrp were lewrr rnu- ervnln tiepiM1c'Wiools lit lwthan in Jwv iTbu If-i ng lr, Hmj cumlfr of school districts during Una period should not ba,ve inrrrased. but we fled tbe number of scbmil districts in IM to km '.U aal n.iC'7 tle ruiMuber as ;!i'v, and tbjs, increase iq jhe puiutirr of districts without a correopondisg intrestse' in' tbe ' kTerarge attendance means Chat tb new districts wer cessarHy . wak. aa. wll as- lu inaae weaker the old, dietricJs .front whirb they were formed. This cdWant dl viMo'n of bid districts has b-en a tei drain "upen our eehuvl fttnd, and this camej together wkii.uur. foriuer mrLbod of apportioning, the .school fund at been lue secret oi our lailure to in crease our school term in proportion to our increase in taxation. Cutler the dlstrUr'stfttvm two third tfliv -settee fund 'ff each--Ntentr was apportioned lo the Usixat bite and cplowdrPr fiaitm, and be rmnajujor one-third Was given to tne wta di. tricts tlo WfniUre the srhool'tPrhi br tbe county ? consequently a strowg eis- nexi jar. ue is eauiy one oi ite first men in tbe Ktate in bis 'prof ion, I'rof. J. 8. Hagsdale, prioeiplv. of (ireenville Academy,, a widely known, successful educator, was cho en vice-president. The etrrctive work done by Mr. Ob a. A. Varker, the cap able swretary, was endorsed bj a re election. Tbe following resolution' was unani mously adopted: . " "Resolved, That we tbe members oi the Teachers Assembly ef North faro-- una. give our bearty support to the lo cal taxation act, and will owe our best ettorts to carry into eifect the proviso ions oi tms act in oar respective eoutw ties." Many strong and interesting commanding and proud position., ter. .. Eve fy. Peoples Party State parties from whom we must gain re- He could have put the cause of hti-J Chairman, where there were joint emits. No other party .could have mani'ty above self, and been the stir i,eJectoral tUkets would have been done it and survived; yet the Peo- attraction in the campaign. He ferced to iissue an addrets calling pies Party did it, and . came out un could have even oversbauowed Bry-- utjoii the Pepulists to disregard Mr. Men the circumstances in remarkably an by such a oonrse. Thit jcafe thef Watson s advice. W hy did not Mr. fine shape. This i3 because all of li weeaa. .uur cases bad. been.,, in creased 50 per. cent, on . property nd polls,yet our scnooi term been increased only two weeks. or, ft) per cant. . In 1888 tbe scnooi term advanced, to, about 12)a weeks. . , , ; In 18'J1 our school tax was increased $3,(00 was given to the weak district inadU4tlOD tothenr pep capita- part of the jf,0tK), , From ,tbjs Jllutraf,un, it is cieariy seen, inai unuer a sjiew wTiere there are' bo weak 'nisrrictft'per oapHa,and where they 'formerly ttave bad, a thi' Hiontb MMibool WiU tbe to lo cents on nronertv and 4a cents nn I vk iimtj-ipta fliminstit t l,o surn only way to, maintain the iawgrityf Watson publish the letter himself as the principles and purposes of our the noil, vet our school term was onlv l scho'oi fund would have iri'ven a f.iut or any 0 0nrpartyand to dxiye Bewail froln : sbbn as it ras ready in the usual party are patriotic. Ours is the only U2 weeks which was shorter than it and one hair month's sc-hdor tenh. eating the track, and it would have sue- Wkyt Eyer'jr' other candidate as far party that presented a solid front to it ijqi th snint.n ,;,.: "r!w ".V-" rJ".. .?Z.7il tnat Iropdpil. nr at Iflast' wonla' have had 1 as we Know took that course. Why I tho combined money cower, and in 1 his biennial reDort made .this suesres-1 weak districts and provides for th a consid- thonaands upim; tkuxuands of silver dfdbepet publish1 it'when it was de- spite of defeat comes from the field ion: "M-J ?en.e,r?i8ft9.?mbljtWiL1 mon7 1 t it ti?00 b',tC,uJlt, ljemncrats and sliver iterjUDiicansi laveai . mr av aia. ne. noi. Duuiisn n i nt battle witn nvmcr colors, nence tiivinf nmnortv i thinir tho nntifni k..;. nf t.. property, tional obligations resting upon them white absolutely to provide for four months, of schooling per annum, as a minimum Ntviiv. V. I tb tMitara Tra. I'ltk Sil -I am nn af lU . iwa rowiitvfi mt X 1. tn t. irofie tarti itiVM riaaiiiM, 1 was a drlrgalf to tb t. t mh rm ientlan and wa a' n.di:-f ta fad siti, votary in Mr.- Itarftec fi-r jic. rres'dmt aed Smr CL oro for l'reaidrpt and for Mr. 'apoa tf Maine-, for tb ra.atient chairman I HtkclhrM Uleota Mt lliit can tbe slan.(Jpvitl from wbKb 1 write. I wa alo rhattrsin f tl. HrAqi Mttlre wUicb lraffd . Ibt rW m4 rreulatiuns ucdrr wbirhttiv National fnllTltte. tbe fTieemit roiunitte andb flWr tha lrflr rarty were rLxicvcn and are weramc au4 I wish to call your altmtiion ta two things about tbme rules. , 1st. Kach ninabnr of law aiitffs conuiiitte it cbueen bj tbe dvlrcatra to tbe National convention to told id Hillhl sucessor Is rhuM whltb any regular l'euUs I 'arty runttrtw tion can do at anj line. If hit fttw tituenti do tiot like tb iyT fal tilled tbe irvat tbey have put la tne. Ufj can.cal! a cob saliva ard cind of me at once. Hut tbe people of Tri- Ttov any other ftate canfmt get' me uTlb .National ooattnitUt avf-(i l'opuluts in Nrw Jersey. -ml. The National chairman, SrVre tary," Trrasnfer aed Kvecutive rxsn witute. ara elected to bmII c rtii-a till their successors are chusfa Wbkhttr National commi'tee un do at anj llme. -A lid any three membars t lit Nalioual. ctuiuulltre , can aend .a ra-i'U--t to the National chairman f.r arty action of the National CommltW and he sends H out and tba twnstn of that committee vote on it. and if the ijuorum vte o. it., and if a quo rum vote it is the action of t,b Nation al couimittee. Thus if I want Job Smith aa National chairman In the place of Senator Holler, ( get . two other members of Jbe committee to sijjn a request for the . election of John milb in tbe pltice tj Senator Butler and s'enator teller as .National chairman has got to end that out and if a quorum vote anisyt majority vote in favor of John 8niHh '.brn Mr. Hut-lei- U no longtr chairman bt lob Smith i. This can be done at anv time. It can be done about any other matter. , . These two things make fh ' machin ery of tbe IVoples Party, the moot reinocratic this word is used in tbe sense Jstterson ued it and does not have the party rueanog possiiblr. I am proud nf listing aahare in getting Ihem pased, and lenclose tbe ep- t ember I. I.. Kacord witb these rules y nothing on which to base! the posit io"o 4h tJecVttiIlaTlyJ umless he' changed that part of the! struggle aerainst the allied trusts and j will be complied witb and we can then povulatl anil rnl (krtui in. tim tuiLfi.hin district as reported by, the cpnuuiilte 'nlb Moreover if I understand any. in their annual census report. thing about, the Southern's States'. F I Urn a claim. Therefore, we Had no wonld be today to' fbfjMo.lha,f monopolies. The Peoples party is uji w srujelr Ver by virtae of any contract jn tns great, reform, . figh if lMr. .tq.vipte' Jot, tie' joaneielctoriai ticket? proud of the record it has made. , Tt ccaoil'restat irreement or understanding. Learn- Watson had had the i breadth and, pa He' knew thl the letter Should not will not apologir 9 to the county for v Iu, 1893 our school tax was increased : ihis comm,lttcue triotism to take 8u ,J:m,.mim u tu'oi VaJ h eu urged that the high, unselfish, Vd patriotic action of the Peoples iuty convention was such as made the daty of the Democrats to meet .r party half way by the with- of their Vice-Presidential uJulate even though there was no ot meut to that effect. Iu answer l.s claim the committee was met th the reply that the Democratic bnim ttee was under no obligotions p tot. re their candidate, and besides ' cv'uid not retire and his party juM r..it allow it, as long as he was bitterly denounced by our ice-residential candidate. Mr. was informed o: this and stop these attacks on Mr. as to remove this excuse M tble us to press more effect r Mr. Sewall's withdrawal, r 1 r that Mr. Watson and tbe But when the National committee J0011" rwouldnt publkh lb if iug shown greater devotiom lor its remained practically the same. failed "Lto' secure- the -witlidraVal blly hbneitlV WarafteU" t6 efectBrtkn.j principles than either- one ofthfi old , In his report for 1S93-H4 the btjate iauea o eecum me wnuifv.!! yiL J , , , , , , ,. , i-Jij.rT .1 " ... . - rnV "' . Superintendent makes this statement : Mr. Sewall. ..there wern.ba. iwe. He was .afraid, tq, pubUsh,,it,hefpreI parties . has shown. Thos1..who Tne scb0ol amount raised bv tasa- me eiecuvay" ae 'ien 'ae';wnaiu- would bare onr p&ny ao so ars me non ior scnoois as snown oy ine re-1 nuances oi a The abolition of the district comridU tee is tbe one feature of the new taw, that has caused the greatest 4 ia sat is. faction among a cerLaio cJa,'ji1, especial ly those who are ambitious to serve the public ' in that" capacity.' The BHmber of eonrmitteemen -has been tow large and Lb result La. born. 'incom petency and, confusion,,, . - ine county tuommissioneri-, oniv right doctrine tbe rules embody tbal in tne fullrst manner poible. . 1 have read your paper and atveral others and 1 am sick and tired of tbi yapplog.at (he National otSc-er. ff jou lit not, like your Teats members of tbe National committee, u(ersede them. , If you bare not rt an eav method of calling a State cooveatioa anu jour, omcera won t can rucb a three men, are chosen te manige tic"W?oljon for the election at ct i.t. -.a. - l Ithn AlPCtl,! 'Ifirt '4hA! ;Rn1Wllt-l nrnilrl i.to nf.y mrtv rin WSrS.tne tinn fnr KChrtnlH A Shown hv the re. I nnincM nf a ronnfv anrl ahr fm I l IWI'Si CUIUIUIUCIOrii, . Lliai IS TOUT It f 1 1 rUMU lf 1 I HHHIL I I r II -111 1 1 1 1 rK 1H. I " ' - - - , TT U Ul V , V v j - I j T " - J . . - J t . . " 'L?CJ. lJiJ tea. ta. shoulder.. -the. resrjonsihilitV.tUieVa wnrKf nmieS. ' They would Ports of tbe county .superintendents, hundred and fifty : school com ins tue- M. V?a,Ae ,5.a..n!''.?"' V'819: F1.""' xuo iusiiuu was, pumukm wo.upiH j.vijr,T.cru-x i'n-n r" - I r J ' gives for tbe year a fraction Jess than men should be Jfequired. for wuecyunty elect McKinley out Of Spite. because " wrote u, siwvuuk uuuimit.. maae ine pariy rwienwus suu uauso yS weeks. This falls short of four to manage its schools is not easily un- nnrntttrkd not Wn fairly treTf- lt&ar: used'af ter-the election', to U to fetfeit the respect and admira- months by over sixteen i day's." ' He der stood, and mAify counfls have a ourpartynad not oeen iainy trear : l" - . r. then recommends that the tax be" in- greater himber 'than 4 thl.' 1 ft" H:t ed, or should we throw. oUrselvjeb' tryte'eHi' arttention 'from" hrs 'own tionof all of those in the old parties oreaee1 to 2 3-5 cents, which he calou, there were c,ik lioosed.ubU ae.hool into the breach and try to resfiud a bhindei ilhdfeewardly hWe' behind from whom we must gain onr recruits, lates will, give tbe required v four, teacher in , North, .CaroJiruv. , There nfferinc neonle from, the elntcheelof his attacks npbtt dttoe'fsV1' ' ' Kb party was ever in a better condi- months- . . . ...... . .. ... fiVKtiW sunenng people irom. me eiuicnee 01 ; . . , ,..,.-. .y -j In this attempt to reach the const!- men tb supervise the w6rk of These "!! t.a a... a li'lia rata a. saa la Taa Bmia aMr4 Lvf''. Jaaa tl 'aaaa .Vti Sfi WtadstiT Caatie at ttvts Vf tta vwrsara'a snrgea- faearr way i Uaa railsajad. ataaaB...iif Bitr'a ar;uy waa d(a b patr of rrays, witk r-aaUllavas a4 oatflJar. Tie aeaa " aa ate. eB4a by kar rtjat datka. 4 aCtaprea t'rada.k c f Oara? aa4 I'riaMaa . Cariatiaa X . rWLUaacr lloUtait and t'riacaaa Henrr f, lu: tebbarg. who oeeapiad' aaotker Var risge, prv-eeavJisr that e Ler ssaj.a y ' "The luaa giario'atly'Teee'ive.l'tSa adJraM praaaWl to br t y II Vixa,.of I'axM.tWp,. aa4 . iade.! back to hiaa a wnttea t- , til lieg grattScatioa at tie btrruu tttncia ef bar pa1 "teearJs 'th r MT. aa a4 atnf -a4 -yao daeaal auh taaarkarle ts;u.., The first triumphal arcJ m vir handsosBe, irMtellated it 11.' t are in imitation 1 of grairit-e'. vi,d with iy. aad bora tb as.xa. -Thy UaarU Xtm lar TLjW ... , Tb aeeuaj triple Tarrh.ta Jl (ottrmof tha l.Vaare roaj pot at tLe marble arrn. It 'aa with rich erlnaob elorb. rewee ui tlaga and. beratk aaatu- ll' mtaaoar n.., Kelt to PadJlDftoB. lL. n. a.l. select J ltorkiogLam Patacf tl.e moat iBterestluf pofnt tViaW 'Um prcadiotra, as tbe ratwarir ft nvo)aand the eauas aal. ilm .lo d.sn v A cars were;nv;tal W luaJ.j.u. toby afterwards presedad. Lad al ready bet-un at noon. ' " " - A auter ef "Ametieifiii attLe.l with kodak, -4ad statuaa l Wiu aelvea oppoaii LL4 pJKum caV. . aoJ aomlMlj Jo tb erovd aJfivtl Ko Tanks'. tLree cheers"for wor mother." raising t ' rthf ' tT Y-d bumnrfd lagatr . A. fa v laiaatea ifta L m a bora roar 1 1 rtf ring is Ibe U;i aonoubied the approach ! the Ven. Th rLerrltg grrW" iq htbkiu, uniii 11 amvt)tsi re a deafenuig storm vf appUa as tb Sovereign reacbed tb Tin sly t JL palace. ... v fijud t.' rpeciaj Jow;. .;L IloB. WbiJrlaw.Jie jrval 'el on A Miles, C. .S N Ilea AJaital J. N. Miller, V. ..X.. and tu bvaui bera ot the I'ntted j)tataaXHiai'riM- baasy reached tbe palara, !. jtm utes after J o'clock. They ail sror evening dress with th aepub.f the American oQcers, and LU plieity of their attire x in ttartlit g contrast with tb Jt-rilUocy, ulJil uniforms around tUu. Tb AMrri can party was rtoeivid by tL isa terof ceremonies, and. U,.(wf Mr. Iteid wr conducted by fr. of the ?taen's eumies to a.iuatvts in tbe gardens, L-r . .Unci, pas served. Mr. Iteid was .aurfd. the state supper .room., fculjr , ,bi suite being eatrtaind is Lb.jraar- ?uia. air. Keid was received, vy Jb 'rise of Walvs in tar mul errdial riifLo ' ThV "comm1t'tee'''knew ' why i who are now criticising tbe commTt- aison, Polish. hTs. letter two old parties than is now our party, publio school, nearly every tee say thaf we shonld 'jraVe taken, th- .-Jh? committee knewr that he Ia short, the Peoples Party, regard- fiif'lSs ir?creasi at-"a irce.j c'.V ti I a cratic your own State methods. If vou do not fike the National ifflceror the Ke?utve commit lee, tyK three mem- br4.of. tbe a lit. uai coaimitt to I sign a ooibi nation for others to .re place tbem. 1 ou can do tbis and com plete! reconstitute the National cfii- oers" and hxeewtrve eemniitte. Ktsersiea Um. rijtht. U. vota tbe other , way. . and to oppose the nomination if lee fit, I will sign any nortfi nation you ' wish LoM'ON. June 2j-iThlaat stroke of Vi bad not diadawaj.in tb, avid nigbt ait when froaa ativmAttxiaoli tan Vellxies a tBmltnout piwf -U-lls annoooeed Pianumd JainLtm Tbe vast crowd thai. AJd.,th oul of atreeta aa daycares an,id with ringing cheers and . bi uud..tL the singing of "Qodjaav Abe-Waaan.' Deeoratipnt fvr.Iler.Maasti 'A bilve has teen noireraaUapT,ab oof. atmt. . .opJd. tb lati..v passed tbis . mor&ing.,thoBvb m of tbe wretched atrerts .ef W.eat London, some, of tho . barrow, .ill favored aCltys,. wtexe paWac4 chil dren com to believa the tkjr, iAfciy a yard wide: vhr lbtrMa4L atd bnnger anddiaeais the year round, he could bav found ao. ser strik ing evidence of hey aJtidiag tdac in tb hearts,, of ktt ..m.t.H' resplendent West KaJ, ..with.ita glory, reat banars, .triampbial tion to appeal the best element of the j tionai requirements of a four month teachers -and this !arg numbefdoes Legislature tit JBeludeithe Oount iardsof l. li- and so ,,the cation, aud. tbe Juunty uperinten via1atnr of 189:1 increastd tha taxen I dont. Thia frives a ratio of aliint - .a . n S . a. z r B a a a a .a - - the former course, and put out a wouia puyua ltaiier 4.,iecuon. nessot wnai mr.naioon anu iJiwuior t0 is cents on property ana &4 cents on rtnree and one-tnira supervisors to ev-i'". ' f "- ... i . :l. i fpl. .j i -. - i nn n i wn,n aw in, Minn ra af n mMwr. im m tw ninn!ini"""' separate electoral ticket - in evdry weu-: aw yoxeyuea may or a.,, we are- astounded to find- thai iuffeii. Cri .. waot . -of .urvistoa. ocraUc, way. But when there State in the Lnion. This is w Ufa UTa vciAn tnan4liii Vt a ftSiTrtm mi. noiavu w ouivu tuw N"f-V ' 1 . . ..... i t.i i 1.1 kAba rt1 Ak -rf - '.Vk-rJ ff JL 9 4 fi-' V A. auu juc uai euui ici I lautc ui t, aivr vcuiu i 1894-9s, and two tIaytien and the Oounty NupeHisorwin nd. r the peculiar and embarrassing Th?y knJW that it wouW haye ;prt f ud ; ,ns he was urged to attend the party in twain, leaving a minqr- ium:tttt mitflit map out a common iu ! action and work in harmony what how die would try to use lt.itoipreju- Uyery effort to maintain and strength- the gchooi term oyer state haanqtlvive carefully chosen pojymiu.eemea iBJ'l,M'1,.fttJ method of making a litfeeM dree- sbme PopnlistBgalOBt'them. en our organization, and will pro- only not increased, but is only about each township district with the ais " no g around iiowling be- - ,ir ...... 1 ui. . I . i x- it. u.j 12 1-12 weeas ana one aav snorter i tance or tne oounrv i.oara ot i.iuca-1 -" "" " - ji to do. I5at be Knows ana every.oper - w.u., ucauj ws vu ,.KVwua.j than it was In 1894 9r, and two ilay knows that if the cdmiuittee had it-' line of duty "and f olldwed it' iegard- the fight of 1900 against the gold ghorter than it was in i8t&- And this temnled this course thaf ouVWty les of consequences. " combine, monopolies and trusts. , ia true wire i county ooaras ox eftuca tempieu tnis course mat our n.:, ,-. .r , ;v "av" 1 . . ' r -. lrii n tion and the county superintendents in three-fourths of the States would . We ojey.ea ,tben beTieve now! - , r, ft, V. aboii8hed and this alleged expense re have rebelled against such action aal.taat pne JN.. A. tunning, .WhO , was . Blood-ptirifiera tnoagn-gtafaoal, are moved. to the be autlicieutly ampt to. fa-oteat and promote the, .school .interest of. fli county. A greater number than this would destroy tne unity, harmony and auUwionjj.ol pieytem..; , am,Uiis burritvUiXeyjew of our eW a - - . e it. . ii I t-r .:l uireiiug ot me commmee ia .tiiirtou when headquarters f" "peutd, and the plan of cam- P"i n. lined, lie refused to at- r-'l. a cave nd feasbri therefor. mmittee at that time, by reso- atior.. u'.ieiallv asked Mr. Watson I" t t i Miblish anv more interviews t rommnnicstions of the it he had been (urnisbincr ex- ldbuff New York noain'ir" 'a Mr. WatsonV .neraonal taaical in thefr effect.'" Ayef Satsa- In the light of these facts the State uiieuiH. Wuv r"'.'":' "Y i'. V 'T "--Vrvl barilla is intended as a' tttedterne only! Supenntenaens recommenas to Wi uw,nd tbe experience of our sister the hands of McKinley s . bacfee3.ineuu uu uYl!.sm.,.Uwl,stl.w-na j jrtjtoalD(!1iCittl)t;i'WTe. Gnml Assembly, m ms report tor - states, operating- under a similar plan. tbe road .hot between) Georgia andtrafre - Im,mediate"re9U1tif may nof al-tisys.inaiine scnooi ux oe increase, r we may ef itornfie thradanTaKs of Washington and Ch itv standm tr with the committee fbH -Kepawean 1 eommutee ennl. a Tinlicv. Thev know that ovier hTaartCTS, Ws m tne pay half of the rank and file of our party phbHcni would ibave retold , ,0 yvo;e trcj a :yTi utyV " ticket, if all of the leadera bf,tie Ht this fellow punning', had -acopy party -had combined in adTlsPg it- of Mr- Wason'8 letter, and that the wisii. If youar notwilliagte smbrait lo the. majority of the reoptra. Par ty, thn get out of it and do not all yonfsetf a member of it. ' '" ' "Furtvierj" the 'Nashville conference eannot i replace, the present iaWnal committee of the Peoples Party uuei Iu ofllcers. Should it attempt to I would sty sdeb' an attempt was nrtdemocrat- iairo whew thfil ways ioitow its use; dui aiiera reason-i uu cDnioanco .o .c-1 townaoip ayecenr ishqmow: 't ip an 8 ' -l.Ma Mm nprmanent benefit is certain Ouired to eive US the leng-seurbt-af- riuldrn. af.a . tnwiishin . wiU rriive hadi headr 1 1 ODereaHied. ' ' " ' ter four months term. Endeavoring Uau.f rates, tt Fewer and larger 1 br the'Re-l' ' ' " -" "" ' 1 '. n.. ' to comply as nearly as it coftid, with T VcVools.netter wages and better tea- URGED LYMCHINfi lit COURT They know that notwithstanding ohr Keputyican committee .Jinew what party organization was'mbe or lejss kind ef a doeument it-Was1. ' The demoralized cn: account of the. .r?eWf,7??y .hbtil ,:f orbits or,. p. s t y to tue go He was notified that no lomand could be effectively for tho withdrawal of Mr. naanUar . . and .unfair couditioMrUbiioaiion-,u tne letter naa oeen taraaA tn. mAAt. Ahat vt-theH feiTen otit the Republican r committee result would have been, ten rrnKs uTd.' m'nr istrbni:if we had nhrsued copies and distributed them a every adiYweat course: Everyone oTtneBeir?4"? adttttf ,;?tes. Intense Feellae imont Kay West Ke- ' ' graes Acalaat Whltaa. , ; Kav West, Els-, June 24. Two . nn successful attempts were made to-day to. lynoh the negro rapist, Sylvester Johnson, who .assaulted .Mrs. Atwell yesterday. The negroes of the city are .upholding tbe accused, . villain. During the .preliminary examination the suggestions of the Mate Superije- vh-w. "i3vnwill add Ifenirv'nd tendent, the legislature or 189r;mr.l uaefolaess. to the County Sfrvrf.r. creased the ecboo! tax-to 20 cent on! divine him. Jsaanwe;jr .ovar uettj.de- taus, bd enaoie nun ,io ( uytH schools' m'ire' systmaiicalty 'an property and'60 cents -on poIts.'Tbis itocreare of tax," however, if ' iff shouM have become operative under "throld law. I do notr believe' wonM haVe in creased our school tertn'itt tbe-State tq any appreciable extent.' r rora inese eiavisiics we oDserve that since 1880 our' tarx for - pnblfe schools has increased' 'nearly - S69"per enough whites present to take the negro and hang him. ... , Great excitement ensued, and loud a u a. 1 a M It a. ules he would assist n? be- p"arIi who now criticising thelnen ,it. became eyi4but to themnd r ... . l a ll . i il . 1 I - . I a . T " m. XI A, XI - a,T ai' 1 1 T V m . a National contmittee; know, -this 11 an inanif iniron1 n1-rrl the negro was saieiy removea w ine P. B. JPeodleton arose in the court and I ceat., yet our school term has increase, BSHu.inesuuieuue u vuac o umi iaa than 30 Per cent. it was evident that tbe only accomplishing' this and of vine the Integrity of onr pirty r Mr. Watson to stop his at- Vk i n bewail and to take a high, p-'tltish, acd patriotic position, so i .;b he sentiment would approve Fit ilt-mantl for Waton tn h nnt nn r -r tU place of Sewall. '. it Mr. Watson refaoed to coop- p with the committee to remove In x?use and tr Rfrencrthen onr sif.oa. Oa the other hand, he leded to aggravate the excuse, Lii.il which tha Democratti .'Dm- was sheltering. i'tr Mr. Watson's first speech in fMupaign iu which his language construed iuto a threat that T .'Uonld b ilafAatAil if Kuwait V5 QOt Withdrawn mrA ir, wtiiti Vita t'u-td and denounced Mr. SewalT' P a "bump on a log" and as a "wart progress,'' tbe National Chair P&Q SC&in innttts.1 t int in tin.' . 3 . a uinerent eourse. lie was F'-n that a throat (nr anvthinc &t could be construed as a threat) 1 defeat lirvan was by nomeaBf l way to succeed in getting Sewall ithdraw, but would create public aument against blm and our par conjrnitjeei know, t Jfrl ;f f H ttf Iranniirg' that the National hairr it saita,tbeir.presant pUrr j ihan1 wpud hot "give bt tthe letter, Since 18S8 our tax baa increased Over 50 per cent ; yet our' school term lias positively aecreaieu, ana in isw was two days shorter than fn fSSS. ' "r . ' The tax-payer has betn patient 'un der the steady increase of taxes; but he T .ti. a mnh nf naffrAH Jif.fjimnf I - . . : .1 11 ; em'ta thoir nrcpnt nrtr- man wouiq noi eive ons ,iue letter, ij". j--, - r.r . I nas ueranreiinuiutni "w me rtsoui. :.Tr!TX- lli .KaVn'in,; -rnt. 1., a- Fenaieton, oat tne aainori- Uke the rainbow chaser, who fails to. poses to criticise tue commiiiv Bu1 v r " j ties , interierrea ana proiectea mm. gnd tfce coyeted. bag oigeldi-tbe near claim that a different CC-tme WtJuJcr eo: "An appeal ro ropunsts,- ana a intense exciiemein, preaiiB, " " 1 -.1 L. . 1 : 1 J ' . . , -t : 1 rl.. p.f, P naaii rr 1 1 1 a I nan at than a uvis have not been ordered into service. Threats weuilcr edr-An appeal to Populists;-and a Intense excitement prevails, am have been-lbetteT, Theae arerf4t . 1 i.1it .1 Tnicnnniinitiil ic n nmtkr in etato- I . 1 1 : : iri men wno are now tieoouiiciarc m 1 - committee-and'who are howatna foH nd pressions to the; Wat- to raid the armory have been made, and serious trouble is feared. regrets tueir wiuwsvi awuu i -. 7 - t " aeeount ol their i aijisal dtiwilfl was that Watson closed his letter by J a aav Bnn- and ytJ .ieitnm bf tfieonrsi'tof Iba tonttntt- Iaa' ia coaeernedj IU to abide by the;ttbad t&alict of . ' I k.' '- W ' Al the people i , er he seems to approach it, the further it seems to advance before him. When we seek an.explahatiori for-l this discouraging statement or racu we find it difficult to obtain, it can not be that the Increase of tax on pro" perty and polls has not' increased the total receipts, tor tne statistics sno that since 1S84 our school tax has in,- facts. Reason anjrber tt, 4 Bnow the1 . .1 s as follows: . ? 1 r national Kepuoiican. commiuee. "Teytrt-bejger explanation Daiming, not only mailed di: of hi. Chaar -Ue in suppressing Mr. Watson. a letijer Tbe Kind ef Fopuliata Who Denoanc Tha National Commdttea. One of these holier-than-thou middle creased from $,000 to $$24,000 an ln- .nr.l,L,itriiT Watinn Trtnnliata I Crease OI 2,UUv. - byte name of Milner has been ap- It cannot be that it is due to fncreas pointed rostmaster 01 jonesooro, ua., vD hr the McKinlev administration. Of od, for the reports show a contrary ni. t I statement. In.J8b6 tbe averaee sal Poprlim -hi,.h Mark Ffann. win hbiw aries of white male teachers was $263 Hcto in rnta' trr MrT?nli " Par. I nnnntha mid11a.rnai1pa fnr their mn. I Per month, and in 1896 the average WAS ' I . . . . , . i -r - . . liol ThafA via a aimili, ,flHn.Hnn ainly'tltis:w a oneer wav tft 1a- I Port OI tae goiaoug MCiviniey ticaei I f-- -vww-tamiy utis was a queer way to ae-1 f,. mniBfnr th " j,.;,,, thp, 1 in the salaries of the white female tea-, a V IT . . . L ' i. BmT- V9r - w - -- 7 iena mr. aaon. jaiiiions ot cop-1 now matins: on the .National nnni? ttvinTa' fii, a 1 nli&t. organization- Hiftknrr tferenrr. lOO Ul """"6 V"? "1 -"--.. .. I . , v ..ma - rniaia noc au. j.oere are more, oi this kind of Populists now' in .Wash- 1 It cannot be. that the failure .was on inzton seeking Federal offices on tbe l account oi-tne expense jo ine . scnooi ground that the middle-of-the-road 1 machinery, for the annual expense of fopaustsneipeato eieiecc iicivitiiey. i tne county -soaraa.oi eucauon.,waa Tlu K.va 1 .ffa.a fwww iiMB.iii.ilf a I fh.n Ait. ..nf ftf frllA vluwil fnnil awi uim BcwKas uwua - irawHaUGUii i ubu vuo wu, . v. M m w. ah. i. . ,im wmw, T- . . . . . I s . m j publicans certifying tp ine iaca. - ui i an atae county. auperi.Bienin aiwm course this kind ef PoDoliste will de-Jaw per cent, nakinc.a .total expense nounoe tbe National committee. fcD.j I for toe entire scnooi -mAcntnexy oi.ieaai tnan 3s per cent., ox tbe. acbool (and. "One ef my sick headaches,'' you will The fact that we have applied to the sgperyisp id in telligently, (i) It atrord'fanlrtle for grading the country schools arm eatabliabuigi a -uoitorm and. satftea- tory course of study, navine in view tbe entire school population oi the township. ' Under the SecTfonor'tbe new law aMowrBg 'tw'. school fussd of t wo or morei dietxieU ito. he evtnhm! 4f th.ey,shall so, desire, a, central hiKh school could be established at a Con.- tefaieht pornt-'WBer' etetr -tftplT in line towmtospef requisite educational Bdvanota-ent wo"idi Jaave the, right to att,epd. ,,;T.hp primary, schools intlae township would be feeders oitLe cen tral igt school, and tbe eerrtratlrtgb scheels wouM e)ifedera to- tlK col leges andih, Uai vanity. etciigraUoa- witb the. average public,, school., , (J; I Tietrr tsorderer. Ia. the Greater dignity, would attach to pub? 1 Go v. Mc Laurie, who ia in "e - a V ! 1 ' . - '..e.laal.. . m . lie education in tbe'comtoo'n school of tbe "State; puW'!C''otiBieti-'wiir -have greater respect for it, a ad piablie. pride pill be. arr4$ed., The question o( district boundaries, and the contan petitrbniog for the 'transfer" of child ren from one feeu'ool to anottoerwill r.o loace vex.. County Ihiard of Kdu ca tion and County Supervisor,,. The matter will be entirely under the con trol of the tqwnship comittee. (7j It puts the school interest of the town- hip into be bands f fewer aa more ic ami the People Party I nt more I arch, parterres of eoall. Ja.Ams meant no more, if hall ao raavb. a. the tiny paper Hags, tit yard is m f narrow red, wbit and Uat atrtcl along; tb window U1 and oa4 a common riowr pet. with it sarl rose, modest decor atiuas, . wuich formed tv day shrine fj-r the iil dren r the shadows in., the. Wite cbapt!. rmithficlds, Uoxtoa.hhvr ditch allay ways. .......... The crowds that peopled tl streets and I'ltxarei all 'nlcht in tie lop of a good view of th proeetaion to-ay wereamatieg in tbeir snblim" j.a tienee: Waltitg for 12. if ana 1C hours, as many of the paoj.J 'did. jimmcu ivgrwuicr, is a iei oi en durance that could only L ' so'ataia ed by some overtnateriog dwiir. tjaite halfof tUae jattle aif fta were women, many of tbm wifh'tb pale, careworn Took of tb Loa9a worker, yet all endnritg (he baVk breakiaai tediousneaa with tb 'ut most good nature. Some cad eAtnp- on project; or. I of rbctoaet or leaned tb aeries mid . . a n m . . ' oi i Dy sxanos. iveireaBmeau were io Verk.l ordr everywhere, and the pjollee'sal Iwaocratio tba tbe to-eaJUd Ietn- crac party.-r-out.of accord wiJU. tbe principles of tbe People Party and h wotilfl make'me distrust tbe men who did it It wnuld be a most revotwllon ary and unjust proceeding.. 1 trust the conference may be of god in bar nmnizing; difference and iospiringtp further work, f write- 'this' because 1 recAsjniz the value of y oar eervsoei to direct leialaticn, . and all tber r fyrmsid wish you s uc-es In such work. Very trutv yorrs,' ' . . ,il ;.. - K,.mi rtMt. ' If the bair bas beo mad to grow a naVarai -uilor.on bald liaad in llxtu sandf of caes by using Jlalfs flair Kehewer, why will it not In yoor case? ' LYTtCHtOA NC6R0.1 ' i ii - - t , tajlaalrpl' abaci WVtaataaa Ifaa. Waaa CaaVI ta 9emr Traaaa.' ' Jacisox. Miss.'Jorie;i Thls'after. noon a telagram for Meat ;ovemoT linn hfinc 1 rnmDflntnt Dart (if a rcr. I Inau raraiiMl frnm Ida Kksriff wf I ravtAfl harmnninm a tpnr.fnsfeaJ of 'stfarfe-ltftr'arrd'ttrtje-ir.rr cr.mnanv aent to Vrvatal I buildings, or CB arlinsr .nDeitie a. -the-cas eow I nrlna Comrevent tne motjbiar of a I in doorways, and a Msaf substitute' for "Watson's ' letter) were published and distributed by the National ' Republican committee. chers dunnz this neriod remaJ Aon.tant fnrmation t,t weak district. JSpnDreld Eepub.icaa.l of acceptance ..thafl tewPeo-.u-t," ' - - ! r, ides Party 5aaajivbmi trowStri- The letter ; waa.. not near people frequetnly say if the com- school fund the constitutfohai limit ofl anae it would haye hell MeKmyMoim nlaintwas honelesaly incurable-- Aa 110 an the noli dariac al 1 Ue y ears I . . n.na "aa'faM"if sen --hita fr-titS'VJiidla la maUer of faot, Ajer's Pills not only I and that the increase in taxes .has uoti making . . L" ,raldi',vMaM'Zev for reUeve sick headache but effectually increased the reoepto from polU only, aott'a innenetJ, wteed.f'o remove the cause of this distressing in proportioato theincreaae in num- of thia'we refer "Ctetyfainnhldeo: jntaauars, ana sx ntpiLais CQmpjaint, and eo brins; about a per- ber of polls does, not explain the cause, - tvr??,tt-gJL'A-k itfe, aaaaent cure. - . ' in that tbe increase of tax on property combines those already weak into strong" ones with an Increased school term "(9) ft. provides fv the sobool fund to. be appoi-tioneCi to tbe.tem ahip per, capita, put ,to each sfhqol .acr corai n it 10 us tnue, luereui urcTeni-i feg nhjusr dlscrtmfna'tion' agaidstthe the message was repeated to Mr. J one (;tte trooble, cherry good httaor being the note or the tight: . fjaeen VUtria slowly dseea2d the stairs, atsisted by a acarlct-lad and white tor baned Jadlan atfehi ant. Bb was dreaaed is black,' wor a black-ben n at, trised with wbUe, and carried a white sua-ahid. " At the foot of the stairway" Hr Majsty panted for. a mifi&te'lnd touched an eleetrie button connected with all the telerrapbie avSTema throughout the Britiah Earpit,' a'nd . l - a a .t . -a at Woodville.and up to a late boar to- mgbtit was'-rmposssMe te ret cesa- esaaicatioo with- fciaa. - Tbe 4irQealty waa at on comaansicated to tbe. Oo pioo county beriff, wbo was thrown on Lis own resources to protect his charge. A 'telecraaa later aya tbe negro murderer was taken from th . Jail by a mob at .:' end banged at 3 uVj. Tha Rick aae Thatr 8lr BfTU. i M A J l-li.'l K J 1 i 1 i - -i.i -tfi 1 .i." q pro sq3;? ; 'kjs tu-1 lo C BnH .. rH JUi'Xi3 T 4.Ji am bt'! :ur f its 'il Vt-u-t -lr- - I". 1 ' ii : !UW ,V ."- a-i; 1 i-sl 3-ii - -i loirs' r -s ; -i'vc;5i : t HISil? -: :-. - . 'Jamea G. Cannon, Vice President ef I it flaabed around the measare: The Fourth National -Bank of Aewl "yrQm mj heart, I thank mV'be Yvrk, made .to a talent la aa ad- j pple.- May God bleak ttii." vi vicui atu uiu mi, . Mt . - - - - - --a weairhy class give the most trouble inl ui y sw;., .''"""r.?1. retaiF credita. He Dad cewsarted alonnaeaas "Vw nvgberVrad MleoP.it Vv U proyider Urge n-taW oa-nea 1. vaooos Walee inea tne toiaunUoraj.term.U) It.wiUgiv paruof. tbecoiintry aadjoaad Uai- Pnneeas Chrutiia , A ' J-JJf. the school a longer term with tbe most invariably tbeir experience that HolsUio, jine4 the party, same rite of taxation! (lif U will the -slowest customers are lb wbe Xhe prooaeaion Was the . . momil- gite mote permanency in the teacMngoia most "J W " ' Ziman Cant affair of IU Kd ter Vita foree 4n tbefitata, a arm s tee t ward I spoasible U ceUeot froaa tbem.", . I Loata trWlataaall aoakinaT the, UMbin JjrfeaioJn per-l . . -rr- : I ..-,v. 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