' t n a f v r: . IT 1 at. 7? a W-. ST THE CAUCAOIArJ PUBLIHUKD KVCKY THUE8DAY. HI THI UaUGASIAM rUBUSafllHl CO. MAKIUH MirrUK. - Trmtlm. HAL 1T, MbbbIbK Mltaw. Hast mm M onsv. discord bred of mutual dtet-tbout the last Legislature, AHg truit of the motives of well,-men islatures have widi wkM made in, patriotic men. Mere leeiOOTy i.bou.tberatfcut bow wnuieev-aoirciai- if the leaders, the desire to equal- Imimia it u trtr iu mik it aonear that Parts and published in ti paper tte te by pulling down rather than by tb U(t WM m -com bi nation .oj Alliance. Vindicator tie ).uf df U milding up is contemptible. Those jrnorailce oi Bplte lnd nielevoteVKkH healing' WeWingf U fMhiky AUBSCftlPTIOH fulfil. 9NR YKaK. BIX MONTHS THRF.K MONTHS zzrxata i " i If. II M tntiMd In the Pott Offloa St Kaleich, N . C as Second da tt'atUr. who harbor it are u a worthy of the (rreat cause to which they profess, to be attached with heart and soul. ' i It seems now that the Peoples Pari ty i on the ere of a split. There- ore, though it stands for the prince- , 1 Oo more .than ope occasion ex tracts hate been - made fjcan edixb rials in Th Caucasia erad' Selt over the country bt the1 Askocfated Press as coming from Senator t But ler, wbea the editorials were writtAa bv the manacrin?dit Iron lock! tandnoint. To prevent a' tWut rente of imnresnions 'Ih'us'cboieylefl; the editorials, w.rUten,iXereAfier,Hy Senator Hutler will.UaUgned "M. li 1 A NTATKHKNT Of KKt ' BUllHIl I - j i i . ... : In the ast issue of Hon. VVhartdn Barker journal, , ,'thei. America b there is a very thought f el, able arid comprehensive editorial be vied "Tie Defense and The Defender, oT II h man Rights," Mr. arkflV,! has, jtMi . a life long UepubIioan.,.Lfike,Sooatl: Teller he refused tov bopport moivipi ley on a gold platfofm.' HeslippoVttd Mr. Bryan, lliit Jlie w''notj papid with the. Chicago . con,veDUon i at is not a Dsinocrat and over will Hince the last campaitn'hw has stul led the transportatipn'iruest ion and now satisfied that the platform. the . Peoples Pasty is. eighth 'Why does he not join the Peoples I'Jr tyl The conduct 1 or those who are trying to divide the party make him hesitate., Let very, i PopuJ who loves his party and its prinfci pies read the following1 taken ' fri Mr. Barker's editorial. ' ' ( After showing, how bis. party, (t Itepublicau Party) had gone enturdly over to the gold gambler, and hi the great railroad systems of the country were used , to build, up , put industry and to tear down anotbler Ac, he sayt: ' ' " I . . ..... w J I. .1 ibe use or .our railroads in to is direful way the Republican party has tolerated, even as it has chk: ioned the approbating "gQjV stsfi 1 ard anjj-tae" resulting enhancement '"of the richest of the. few by the ,c e spoiling of the, debtpr classes. , It has tolerated the .frusta' tha,t ha re grown up under this sysiep) ; it, U permitted them to shelter themse) v pg behind the vrotective system, id use the tariff duties imposed for, t le protection of our people as a. vai t- age grouna irom . wnicn to( ppprass iaem. .ipus aaa ine xvepvifOiian par- It become the chiammon of troDrl v rights, the aider and abettor of thobe trampling on Luman! rightp, and Duuamg up ap ougarcny oi weainu, an oitgarcny tnai threatens the sailc ' tity or tne ballot box, imperils, t ie freedom of elections, underujijiFrs our Hepublic, crii'sheg "liberty t6 . , . i - ( 1 ft U 11, rt "I eann. and say nothing about tbe asctninel Mr. lavtssays mat nis ot-lter tnat gangs that bad been assembling In tbe purpose of Mi; Raleigh for twenty years before., We cry for a con would not hold up tbe last Iipslatisre disrupt tbe as a thing of grand credit to the SUteui sfrstipn t lb fact that the South- jet anv man with any sort of. ser4 PT1 WhfWfi i-) which is takifg knows that it was far superior to maiy the lead in this affair, refuses to pub- pies that must be the issues ia the f 0f lD, crowds that bad come here to lish letters or reports of Populists that flAxl cooteat, a, is nAt iu a cvsdiUon to invite into its. ranks tbe variots reform forces and to lead them to victory. i The afove should make every sin cere and honest Populist, who has been mislead by the Cosy scheme or a conference to divide the partv, stop and think. Mr. Barker .sub- ported Bryan, but he is eot a Detnb- I i in it 1 1 m i. 1 1 .... r..i Si 'il PREVENTION IS BETTER Tll ntntion make laws or lor to 1905.' Tod Cant f dol I declare, agaltst the., jonItetc. .IHe I tbe people any longer, if. you e'vfer also calls . attention to, the. faqt that he fiioled them, about tbeae thin f. the Mercury and other' papers Tike to misrepresent' addideaomk-e every , it'll ft HCOr 11.' In tmvt. of Ilood tMIMpUilU, as for no otbr medi- elne.- ItW trtrt tMrr'rwtdl In trethful; eoaviaeing lnfjaage of gxabrf si ma sola women, constitute iu mot Bectlve 4-, TertUlng. Mnjr of tb core are, mar velous. Tby have won the confidence the people- fitn Hoods mnapa rill tb tMea'4 bios la UaewarM, ana tbe greets lrWon.eanh..noodr. . Jipg .tleSS fion.S tO,,.. iiUia k.-iown by tbe cure nee 0f la frctaet Ever CMTrred for Sal. tu . IS nurifv tbe air. They arentui in all i k ...... , anl liberal frt til rations, l grooms, crbool.. wirk sbop. and all p. v, , COClon taiiui i- IS leadi application lirer containi ash often makes between a' failure." Use fertilizers contain- Rut now about tbe "dirt." The Ob server talks about hurting semebod leelings bere it home as a cooditu precedent to a Democratic vicWr This is not the normal plane of tl Observer, and hence we tear lit is made eurt!s b? crbf atsealt rbeom add ectema; !twt-f ot fhpiraiatlsnj, aeuralgta awl ttafci!eYtf,rtiior dyepepsia. Urea man who does not agree with tbeV. to resort to sucb metbods to support their scheme is proof that their scheme and tbelr motives are oaa. we wisn ... t . i i .a 1,1 .11... I t Mr. Davis wtre wrong, but , we fear that what be says is too true. .. s.' I rrs of lie meuirai prfi-.Mi vt ii i. of -a l'r.: Ljfcrw l nn In a handsome Japannrq vox .uniy hrr..rt . , ; " a suu:t t ' m- w - ,,.d trouble (r mrtor aiKl l'sl.t kk , ., , I B . t ....... I 1 . -w profitable irop ana i .nop - f . Vf. V l it i - . j ' - ! I 12: . " 1 9 am si. t. t. til at m I" nnTinananiMlltMltmiissii V 1 . -n-.v.u; 1 , Mtllto3 iCMMiMBIMBMiMIMMUIIMI Valmt i'a romolete StMClDC aifainst " Rust." , ., , , , , !l .11.1 -: 1, beause he was taking the aam posi tion 'himself;'' began to 'study oar brinciDles'.' The result Is. he Is a w - - m ' I Populist, bat the action of the kick ers and disorganizes makes him hdB- itate about joining the party. There recruits ibto our partv than '. now, fif the kickers would only stop tboir su icidal course, and let tuLnas in lavitinc and welcoming into our party such men as Mr. Barker'. w 1 We mdst ' show1 such men 'a Mr Backers (and there are hundreds pf tbeusands of them waiting to see .iL Sarsaparilla ts'riie bes-ln fart ih? One'frW ftUiod lurld coming: tainted. - But whose feeten crat th Populists supported Bryafa.j And WH0 jg going to do tbe lruTting?! Also notice what Mr, Davis pays abobt bat they are not Democrats. mV- r8 it possible that the Observer thinks I tne deal of 'certain Texas' ' rbpu'lists io 1 - : J .;ik. ka ii... ... ... th.t o.ii. innnnrt Mnk'inlfT. There was a Eiiiu 1 l&riPr - WKB HI. IU urnnRCU nilU bVI Will AU IU1 11 IU BUT . ia.o I 1 . T . .. I ' ..... 1 - ii - - - - t.i m -.'. i cure ii Trr i us : ruv w i niiiii.fu i l muu uvt wvuiu .v v.ku position of the People Party, arid itself democratic ean hurt the feelinks liar deal on tne siy ,in otner , htaies,! foodrS PlllS- ili-trVittBr as vVlhlam nd Tray 01 anyoooy in mis otaie wno is hoti 1 ,uc!,v u t.ucP .iu : ,i.vpii , ,i in ri ;.n i n i . rr inui trry i lurnutiuu iw www Democrat Great Scot w, to 'h know bow a Democrat aunito in tws jp-aeai wniceairoin ftU..r,M intorpiec ttu:creat, Uirgh line, bf State now? And don you know ur- I t"e , grouna ins,i so many a opuusis railroad f rom tbi. Missouri , river to recommendatioa.to McKinley. , Ilarry ther. that if you can hurt any feelinds. voted Xor Mclunley is proof of this.., rl the Pacific ocearl. Tbe law under I xrkcv and Marion Williams also sub- the more vou hurt tbem tne ffreateri : naj ao not wetiH uoner-inuiuuH r wu.v.. -- . . r. iuuwu hvihvu tneroore you nuri fnwvwiwr , to build these, roads proyidftd ..mt. p tne 8Uta Demoeratio Woat-ntiaa-U ana more aisasirous wiu .mun wihi y-.o ... -""V';"6'- .rrp the money, and interest was not rp-1 fuae ..ut, theBl q, wn ,Mti pf .tors was a finer'opportunitythento briijg Lf gBy Democratic ring that an roaie land denounce thep things? r ... 1 . . . - k J an a slate and counterfeit their ponii . sr cal oppanents' tickets.? i , this business anyhow. union the aaestioru of levyinz a . fr I . " . V e I DownshiD tax to eiDDlement i I I'll '. Jll ' ' A. . I .1 . ' L. 1 akonl n 9 A i land AttAan . fnnin i. ' . . . - w- l i HriHii HiNiirpui w rHirrr1 l LUt u a v wueu r Buuinra iuuu. ouu v vvwu orriArA tn rn That thA KPnn Aft t AflV I "T - ---i to---. t' i t rr 1 - r,:...,.- i.. !" " I I .wta mnah .ama uda thaf . th. i 'haalntrd 1 I lium ' un wmio ou t vr- v 7 IT 1 lAM;al.lAi Vnnafr.it 1 Han is . -i .AsL - I r cuciai jrKiBiauuu. uuaiui -cassia pa equal to tne amount raiseo i n, i mbePif that committee and will BpeOIOI ISA LUSH 11 KlCl,iriHlur HJflu will, exert itself to unito all genuine reformers ararnst the common ene- ... . . . i-f-w.-- "'''VrT' t- "risee that, a st.conar and fu l. report, la . ' . -. j i ui iij wiiu B we uauu, .uu kiiiK amouBD sees noi eifleea )w, wuiou ia . Th K Mv'haa a.snnRRpd tieltnousana rrueioyaii'opunsis in rexas my. Tbey aTe not Democrats- Thfy leave pf it8 coiomon sense a the ae the maximum .tt any township 4T Solution orl V voted for Mckinley under the fusion 8t m win not join xnai pariy umess oiiritime. folly1 leates them nowhere else to do. TUey believe in our principles, bjutl they will not j in our party if they think that it will be nsed as a ' '; ' " IT DEPAhUS. inferring to the, effects of the nw tax, law, concerning which there Has been press VlUe . Can it be possible that the people of Jsqrtb CarolJva will, within the diein- ory, of.the prwent generation, return. to power, agv i9ii. -MOlSlzstlSZiot charge of ,tbe; prpperty,, but it givfes The following editorial from ,tbe I Harris resdlutioh should be' promptly We declare, honestly: we like you State Normal Magazine is timely:: .passed. i i.. and respect you, but'you baye ceVtaib- "By act of the last: legislature eve; 1 , , ,... ly come to a point where you need kb1"SB,P Sl .''ii- ..L. . The nate .has passed Senator But cool off." blame for k.f . tk. rKitai receive irom me oiaie an Observer is maintaining- ite respeboa- ji -,0 ....feakMAM aiJ wuRKSrf J M.WVpastof tkc State ardbe.rwaf oppoVt d to it and be would not sign BBEAT DOQIaS BY j FAMOUS AUIT ttj Ent Steisrt. Ylcrts ttj Ficticn Tfithb ih fca iBach Book Consisted a Handsome 0vo Volume rf ' : rt . i. ,-.. .. Pcs. NeaUr B antrracttve Pij r- mm rtai UBr as tanr deiUie ff &ky tb-t Jtarion Williams Is now. an applicant I rr7 pr,11a. -Z-ITT J. ..w. for Ibe potto trice at Austin urgi og I Wmdy'id ceaTaataBt fuc Mjitf. bvt ta7 t rrisroperatioin tins matter at a l books oAwa There is not a word of truth in t report that Senator Bntler - bad ma XJ arrangements with Senator Prifcct) in i. ... I. . . p. iFuri.i iiKur ii.iMir n show for the gold syndicate and the Nortn Carolin. , whicn , been,p 1 . I . -II monopolies m tne next ngnt. lisbed in certain Democratic pape: The whole story about Dkid When due (wmbtt IS 'nbw dllbn which was Inaolentlv relucted bv said that tbe .verament . afceuid t raae eorrveutioh. tbet wentto Ibe R-pabj cans rwiuii.a. proposition.' t . oa not brand this action as criminal for rot- self upheld them In ft and thought at 1 tbe tfme, tboagb bitter pill, it1 wal tbe. beat way out of our. dilema. . A'a barua bad a State fusion ticket wih three Repnbfickns oil it wfieri Bryan was nominated. jMSna Aid a can - biete Xusioo with , tbe Republicans . iu her State election just prior to our Na- uunii cvuTcniion. lurre was uu; thousand gold .Democrats and . Repub licans voted our. State ticket, and fifty The sVna7eTiai a.Vo i pVsd tie thousand rrnfjo' Populists in Texas receivefor thw purpose from, the St? . . .. .. A ,pi-j. I arraaeementa led-bv Ilarry Tracy and treaspry. s j i-JJ office and Poat Roada to report dn Mariop, Williams, pow why don't the ie Piw vw .u , ".I i vfx I .Postal Savings Banks system now n WBU,y. rijwe uu muurmu .n ,e any great improvement of ourMibftc operarton, in other" countriee and- tie ' iaaimplrualonwt. it, fight. . ?yyi i'.','?" v"?f. ,fv'M:,. tr" artniaahilj tv, of. estuhlishinc them. In I. V, WW" wui u'h .mw. nr p State.bas gone almpftas rarjnwe qi- thl -nuntrv. Those who are inter- real motive of the mercury is !o split r reciion 01 a eenerai Lax lor duudci :.jij!i- n.r. u.-iu... .u... ,it....iiiiiiantitt nf mmhi scnoois.as tnearmost Mnguine irienw .nd, fft snt .documenn .157 An it own, and i usLna.. ig a local -mittes c6 Privileges and Election to hiKln inquire fate tire feasibWtj o! 4ppty . PI Li ing the Initiative and Referendum to any or agreement is utterly w or foundation. Tbe . position ;n so. much discussion in the Stste tor Butler and tbe Ppputfst Cotogreis- Shli; like' W beopte'bf the. leidii j 89 within the past.weeks, the Ast e- men is just aalatated In the card re- toVfns;a,rid cities of ,the S'taeibaVp 'Jtln le Citizea says : , . . . cent'Iy puWslbed over their pignaturfef,' 'wisdom .cjear'foaee and' tttecouraK' nraveiv ro nerrnrm iiieir uuiv u luis ' "" 1 , matter by "meeting the State half wajy, ionj j" an sppleentjpgby 'a local t' the r's "Xs-I insufficient; public 'acnobl' fiiri(J,,"'tlie I I ' ; vr rs.in rj(r,r,--T,..,i. . tenu' llir bhbi can reasonably tippe for t.m go ana p j g . B k Which Senator hqnest multitude who oppose fusion : st.U the publiQ schpo.are sadlyinaa- gt ha"prepared and had pintid to coyer Its efforts at d we "wirn tb6e . L. I - rrr :--t-, v-rr.r;:iji"j i ae a puDiic aocumeni;. -tie is prepar-i ww ..... itnoup tr,ucp cauog iqe great, masses ui our Pu.c.. i - wbiohl he, wU1 joq ion oLSeta: nlese the people.ol he .wan Ana ioH- d J w . V . - try communities, cf IsTortJi Carolina j' ff? i -'! . i ... ; l.n 'A WARft TP eOPyu$Ts 1 HE CAMPAIOW Or EDUCATION 1 The Xorth Carolina Teacher'i "Crcjone1 Dkvu' W4n 'Popallati la II-I ware CThe ghnt of.(CfSla; AVaM. Ve-Leaders , at Th t Conference They Have a Hidden Fnrpose. Tlie foilowing signed editorial, wr sembly, at its recent session at Moi WJllWft$ i-JWL&lffi Divik: ' of 1 Texas:' aC befed that' that some paper I he Mer it" 1 1. i ... . . ' . r , igaorance &2r sDite and malevoledce as cofljfiftBed the fusion maioritv in 8e,UUJ ai IMI reKeub BBflBlwn au m .ml Wlf 'i' 'tinneTr tiik: jfie last legislature? . bead city, formed a strong and influ- thou8&n(i8 0f, the, pres'ebljgeperki proainerre' t whkt .That depends. II the Democrats ential committee to organi2e and pso-1 tion must still, be doomed to War he the Alliance1 Vindioator : -t ii the Pritchard "bolters saW and did' a vearhmbnem - Ha o POxe. Raleigh last winter, but. . refueed io cisrnot the Usf Legislature as thley r- U tfane; B putfidedSio were, then oi tne legislature or lbits. p""uucuv i x uunu lUBtrwiiun, i :..vuj 80ng ana taught State in '9h, as they did in, '96, frothihg at, tbe uiout b about JG to 1, and govei n ment,ty injunction, and remain dumb, as. they did. last year, about what hid been going on, under our very nos;s, why, then, tne people will return to power that very combination of ig norance and spite and malevolen :e. Why .should they not, if, by silence, control of North Carolina,, they have We turn, thehj to' the Itpu'bUclu party as the defender pf hnm in , rights. The Democratic nrty'con: eg much nearer being the party h at J , waa organized to j oyerthrjiw, pi- garchy built , "on" negro slavery',,, in oligarchy thai ennc'ned itsejf by. eJ ; ; spoiling 4,000,000 blacks of, the'fru ti of their toilb'tnow ehammbns'ifi i4 " proteets the money oligarchy,1 prey:, ,ing on 70,000,pOO of freenien, , r et , men from chattel slavery, , despp ilf "ing them.of the 'frusta of;tneit il and reducing them to the ' slavery if industrial poverty nnil ,the, inaifae ireemen oias iq ( Decome, out a, tijajv ! esty on their condition ' I , . ''P J , The American supported 'tte'lJe ( publican party while it Relieved thjat pany wouiu pesi serve, inei Des .in ' terests of our country. i , ' ' ) , "In 1892 there" was no ctioice Y e tweeh the parties. , l3otu 'candldAtjeS were accepted to toe money eliqas . ootu aisiasieiui to tuose Pelleyitg saa iu oujlQUllbjr Ui UUUICfcU In 1800 we gave, our support uryau, not oecause we .were satisfied , with the platform bf the Democratic, party, or . its a "I '111 canaiuate, ontj pecause we,, saw in the rriavenated Democralicr j party the ' promise , of a ' bright future,' a ray of promisp thatiwodld VtAPnmA 5rt vhnlia 'na it' ti.il in .U the champion of policies dictated y , a regard for the rigbts of mann " . I,, Th Democratic, party pledged Us If , t to reptify the monetary system tbi t, . bv increasing the burden of all dh h ,,i baa led. to, the . despoilment of .opt producing classes and theu. enrich ment of the money cliquesv, a.aystdm that the .Republican party,, Jiks championed. , In ao far the Dedo- eratie party has oppose d,i itself) fo the trampling on human, riirhta... lit , has thus far. espoused .tUA .cajUB bf the people. . .Rut at thia.it .Btoni. Ut ignores the ns9 , of , our rajlreadsi kg , ppecuiatiye engines tn. he fnvl4i4r , up of the money .oligarchy, ia . the 1. . despoiling of our , producing, t laasWs m . v. t : . . m .i .: . .1'' 1 01 iruno , t meir. iaiQ i ie . atifllng of industries; and. ttiejensJaA e 1 , ment of our, people t- th;s oligarch y, .. It ahows itself but.a fiuai , proteot r of human fights, as oppps4 tOnpp -1, ,erty right.,,, It stands; saipet tie I., dear dollar, a dHr iVMvM-.ioipiet , same that, it would, givei.ua. a Jest .dollar, ajdollar that woulii, not. x b' tba debtor nor defraud UUe jcrditdr a dollar, that, wftnld not; stand , in, the , ,way, pf.,tbe just . distributiou M ,.weatthi , would take, xom,-p)r,iki industrial .truaU the. shelim. of tar f . ..duties, but .when it bcoooeB ta. nrb qiiestiwa, can i pe .fc:n.lLA.!.ni.'iJai.LniL and venceful malcnnt.pnta th mootiitp- got to Hnd out that there are other pio- known. He is quiet and apparently tongue and p'eH' -arid Myft'iienee " abd will be taken in hand by this cf4te, and Carlisle, who won't be runnibir .i..t.m;.i n' .', ' ; J... I nnhlif. aiihnn'u ' l,n,,;i" r,,f H- thun invhini Tho fuolintranf anuria. I '' I I. . I . ..iijj , j J ' I Ht 'l.'H.T In I ) ...v., . v t. thinliinc nf it. body here at home have got to be hurt as.a condition precedent to a Democfa tic, victory. Charlotte Observer. ,0b, the pity f it! Truly, it seems tbat-bft't company is demoralizing and that none' can be in it and riot become tinctured characteristics. We feel a tinge of regret at seeing any township as that township ,'wjiH I njent publisbes ifree. the,. spepqes of the Charlotte Observer about to sro raise for education by means of special Congressmen aBd. Senators., ffihiaiia (Jow,n la, the very dirt. , .Generally tax. This practically' means that apyjuriBtakei 'Every' speeoh-publrshe'd! lor speaking, it has been about the only township, by waking up . and takipgl distribution' is paid, fpr 'bV tbe auuior "Leading'Maily Democratic, or so-csjll-J advantage of.the law, can; extend its of. Jtbei speech-,. jf.. js, ,yery11expnpjye ed Democratic paper in the State that I school term from five to eight weeks It coats several buodreddoUarai to. has piaintained any respectability or longer than the term haa usually beep ; print! enough copies of a speech CoFt ie observed any . decency during tbe p ist and since an extension ojf ' tbe ' schoqj sWif S0' ffitftyf A fe fti es. two years, though it has been often term has long been talked f .'and air in, eac',neigbbarboodH.' Iwatl !not be vtctimizeby Some of its splenetic and I most demanded, it' does ' seem thft I able to publish thisi epeeobin pamrjjh- BLiticiuitjr , , luiyuLcuii vurregyuuucitB. irw, u bu j, tuwusuips wouiu aeciipe I lev lorui, uut ' will D?gm 'Tile pUDllqa But we never blamed the Observer for the opportunity offered! "" :! ' I ttoib iif ft'iii'Tie' aucaalatf'iti'rieft 18' ' i'i'' ..'i'!ii.iincti- -ill: ijiii; inn i Wi MIRI8 the.railroads ,aa Ihetn ,wepon (atandajback.Ttijervfie ii the Democratic partv jdot but, ei '!-- I - i I f f ' 1 . L' L I'lllf orom'.iui ' ' . ' ' It . ' " ' "11 jn ti m n i secure for a)l ,Mufliif.,firpJ taiiiiAn awt fnA AM.atiAn a .i .t . . Ll 1 OX fM lfl, 0,01 lairman oi tne committee.! now is the time for you t that some genuine "stirT faith, ah'd ,yui joV SW titers of CkrolTria! there, is .danger serious dapper frofcq 1 0Ur SUte Populist eommUti wheare- If Demo3ratic speakers go over Che was made cbairtnair of 'the ' bo'himittee.1 now. la tne" &ihe for" -yodid shii' yofcr 'P results of the Nasfiville nie,etlrjgja st d t d b s, t chir. br iour 'works, umess nwni(mR uweDaea oy mora ' '11 ,ce With the nidi that1 this ierieri uun. ciai h.d ,Ad hf ffenntfn rtrt tFeritnVe energy toward awakeiilue a uractical and adequate 'sVs'teiii of dbmmdrrtna8 a grievance or grudge -against tie UiUiv A 'sUM! '-.,Ati , w i ! i-.ii- .. - i , . . ,. ii7 . . . i f i i i i i . . i . . . . i i liii iiai uumuii ulcc. i juiiui mil iiw . ' i i - ja a.'? i " u.i i rrii mr nrpnniTiirinn ouno srara aw i t w ir , t , '. T Kldrious opportunity tbat'thif grieirh- the line. Mr. Mehane i; li -ndmc pvtv i ; w-. i;"l.'iiii'i;'jj TXil Jir and vivid interest in educational mat ters and it may as well be tirdrstuod, nnpa in. ail I nj nu .n. . . I .... iney.are given to uquereaoa mat iqai i ana win nna plans ana iu tsures py state, allow, not, this opportuhity tQi combination has done notbine wronkr? I hiMh. aanHma. t '.k! Ur nass nmiflAd :"rnicklernh Vortr nrmr. If the Democrats are, ever, to regain ... ... ' k- inarch' .forth Into evefy cdaintinity. bt "'y-and -ai ifew. ydty bely'd' a following' of tbei ucix, vt tbe Mr. Davis then goes on, to show that tbe Mercury , refuses to publish any resolutions,, passed, by the 1'opu lists in any.county wo oppose the calling of a conference after, the master bad been 'submitted to and passed upon the official organization of the party. In this convention it will be rememi I ,:am. thoroughly convinced, that I publish the official address issued, by bers of oqr people than at present I spirit seems to actuate, tbe ' seeins likely. : EVeffy ' Poodlfsts thkt nwfl ' ihn .ri1 n.;V-Vkl schools and' thereby bknlshtpg he regular organizatiop either State, pr Jr ?bt of lliteWdy' from ' every crinv National will be likely to be theile. u.i 'ityin'ydur beloved State: Every eitremest add pessimist in oW : T I .11 r ' ' ' ' rr ,t ',' g .a ' !' i i- f r e f ''iii. m A ,. - r- 1 1! r. l A '' '"' I.....A -1,. ri ! I.. ! i !.... . f , !... t 1 . -hi r lili'n ji . ,-. -I .i . : 4 ... .. .....i. . rt Ni.im r ( 4 air-WSlfctttfsi'Ui r, IKval l awrta.- ty TW Mlark lw ft 3 I at. m J i i-f..:ii Ta mirk Taiir tv."i Wn.Rnri'i i.tt J l mjAtt -A Mf la nr.i , , , i 4, Lara LIMi ll..ai.t. T.'T I Ka . ha.lr. 1 1-. i. ... . " ! I -lit. ii. w- " w ruwtr mmt Wr4. . N KTaaMaMilifr. . i aMM1 Tha vital ll..,i. Kb. al Imin beta ot Ko No. a1l TI4C(KV ' fa. ataJ Th ara-aori'a lliwair So mMi llll r. Tk li- , g? JN .Urj rUli-"a tj kir. ,, j mw.wvi m trim mm n iwai h.mX7 TU Sl fttaikalii ivi .vu A IJlllr Itrhrl. i Ko JMJ Maator aaorarrrtt tvaan a,. Urom .... ' Ko : Ttaa W lrvaa nT Hmna, tW il.laUwM 'lliuiaTligK. i,i. Ko. a.s Ka 47. BnABBjai km Ko. 4. I No aV.) '. am. , a-U No. av. aw la.J rrrllf Ml ' J. I ;li . M;a1. Mrla4It J.k ai.larr. T .mm tCLa Hi 0A ho. t&f Ka. 7 Hi- 7I Ka. 7IJ Jav 1 - KO. Ko Wo. a 'J. I I'Hi.i.t'.'t.wiiu.i. I nurtv thnt riinir.iitmiiinatn rahthaka itnniutil. flananl Imtiwi mail. kin. Is I . . . . ' J" .nuu wuiur.ii vv uu iuvc, .JVr1 ii l'i- 1 1 iT v. . " rt r,T I Z ' , - '"r-"-i i mgj ana iorr irtr urauPv JF ODjui( bowl ..unni. inf i nass unused: hucKie on voor rmr. luc '"uciouiji i iuc ouutuuu Davis ijai Ko. 77 o7 ' ' i ii ill '..II a " TbabWbelu la oiler edlUoBa are nwutt aolj u 2S crtiU fcb, bol Thle -Meredry i tejeif -inte,' fraierokl Ctld CaST Lbtrd Cfftf I Ii! rfll fff k-T lla.ll. h ft Ma-etlaiax llrr Fmtr. t awrai nr. I 1 lf0!a,r Uoa-aw. aaJ Tha Tula Urai.a.ki.. i) t:nZ T. trra. I'.tf, XFaiaairw a.aaMl. u I . U , ,J a- SaW ldr IHaaa'a l't-1. I'wmi BarMa. Krvi w tawaa 1 Allata Haalrraial. I n t m. . - J MIH MrOTBair. KlIW titi . , lJr UMarr'i iMir. I ka Tl la. a'. aaaiV. i Hi H rSaa M(a mf tti- Imi i. i I, ... v A. Marat Matat a k i . . Tlia Truavd r low Hall. Ko. alj Trt. aai I -ama -r mi v WHI Braikt1aa. r . ajrwvat Ilia M la rtl llran. I , I . I wa. Ttma Sa. 2kia At Ha. H Mra iiii.m.i Ko a7J At War llb fl-orM. i f I . mmjt Tha M r airrt mf m. J. I ! Java I ha aaafaol Jtvtrl. i . ua. raafanA. V, Mr. A Fatal Ti" n, lu .inll raa imm aaata. r, 1 1 "m.ri X a at la lllarw. b) m o-ut J T whail mt Mltnt.l. llilL Staa4 . Irl r., knj lty Ktaea Ullla. Ifn.wmll II aaaa an" U 1 all hltatil I ny-atca-jr touailM-.. fi a -! anaof aWaaa bull In I Tr Cents ; U' Aair f.- I -rf; rt I m niaa eaj m Uinta M n. J vrlm Jl i I ! . ' ii. t 1 1 : 1 1 - 1 1 TTTiJ i i i Of course it is pretty well' under- j 1 1 take' this means' of sayinjg tb'thqae stood that the "campaign Of edUda- rwho have written ksing fqr Copied of tion" in this State is. based upop i.thel my :rejcent, speech pahe 'Incmeta law enacted by the last General ,4s- and Pooling bill," that 1 have nob hhd with bad, corapaby sembly, proposing to give from' the the srieeeb'printed; "There seems'to be general State fund as much 'monerjtd J a wide-spread belief that the, 6Verjn- ii 1 t ,sue op theweel.ifoilow'ing. An election on the question 'must be I this. " It could not always know whether these Correspondents wire telling facts, Or not, and in tbe rush held in ...n fnUnahin nnH.r.niLt "'" '! ' '" ' '"n "' and hustle of daily journalism W ?, L uu 11 .a iuuuvui j. .. m uiajr uo,uua Lriauuuu uuuuee -cue. BlXdieiOitaul 1- in some localities there will .be great vereary of her reiam over tG-reat'Sr t-t indifference, and if. mv hath.t l.Jl.t ain.s was begun. Sundaythfr aOttfc bf daily joui know there is no time for full investi gation of what is sent in by its repor- Jf ,there had , been such' tidie, many, things that have ; appeared in Observer -would have never been pub lished therein, i ' I " ' The Observer was about the orily "Leading" daily Democratic paper'in North Carolina' that became disgusted with its party when that partv stold tbe Populist platform and then shott ed: "if the Populists do not vote the Democratic ticket, tbey are not hon est!" The idea of an infernal thief talking about anybody , else's. honestly 1 Xo wonder the Observer was disgusted. Any honesty deoenfc paper could not have ft It otherwise. And we are free to say that) we inwardly 'commended tbe, Charlotte Observer. for the disgust iMelUi lt,bad our.gaeuine sympathy aod our candid respect, i -I . i .1 1 ryMt it, has remained, in. Democratic Diupanyv.anUi tbe result is that seemrs 'to be' s-ettinBr "wobblv." . Tl Hr'stbid stunibre 'it made' was to allbw .itself 9Hhe',takep,Xn ' by "the,'.wil4' j"- perUeat out from. Raleigh announce Ing the rtrln of the 'A. & M. College a .... a i nus'bebAiisa bhW ur two was made ,ia ,ine,.If a.quity,,yV(B, really expected the Observer to editorially notice the denial and (condemnation of these fe1 p,oWs by;ybe Cbilee Fatuity, compos -d almost of the same men who have alw8 Jeen.ithe;.bnt,,tp our utter astonishment i, .sought , to emphasize l,aViahurd, dr,ivelling. . Our heart luk withiu; u."ia the veivlastevi fM ij nt.fl . A. A . ft, . i...r . . . .. . .1 .. TicnLi no fc iii.j u, , ui a ii j sun. ut ud ceucj artiong daily democratic journals 1 V 11 a. 1 a. . AM in.ftueai.e, aooui, io g9 aownr, , we lenenuy. nope not, lor witn all .tbe. wat!neta'wernave"of: and the susbio- f'ionVenter'tfiirJ toward the Democratic' Mill I'lll'lll Ml I I 1-. i ' ( i.i I i- ., , oi aWtJa W ffidMlll.Mke,, (Uee, something bHotkcnjdiiVin hip 0iale.j Other ,'rleadV, iug'DeWrlrtto-'aVilre. hying- edited vote win be cast in" some' qfaarMs; knrX but the election will be in progress, eelebrated - throughout, he ... entire and every voter in North Carolina 1 United Kingdom and by HerAlaiesty's I .... I. .m Z .V- . t T will have an opportunity to 1 vote on subjects in other countries., i.In.oLdb uen me marninoetvce anoi eiaboraoe- ness of the celebration i fully iustdfied ine expensive preparauons taat .ware maae car. tne greatt even b.. The f pijoJ gramme covered i seven days, anil, bet gaa appropriately oa 8undav-aoes sion day the sixtieth nanjuyersary idf the most important and Vital State question that has been advanced in a generation. i We do not write on this question; with as much enihudasm and, hope;aa the day-, she; 'became -.Qateik,, la in we would like to feel. iWe know, that the cathedrals and churcbea ; three gp' some men some good men in Tari- j u"M VUB 'wuVeu A,D,lwer1 ous parts of the State are not in yn- st Georfea chapel, .Windson whetb patby with tbe purposes of the town-1 Her Majesty attended. in persons Sejyt snip feature oi taxation. , we sincefe- eraioi ine leading putpitBitn -Jwoaddn ly bope they are not numerous, bull it were fiUld ' b r Ameriaaii ministfl-i; is" certain tnat representative men ok",: 7T: t;. "io'il ? here and thee.are, up to this time. in; wbo-preacbed at .Oaeen'a, :Park ,Ooh opposition .to i the proposed plan , for IgregationaliChapel iniHarrowi Road.' extending the public school term. Wei ' ' 1 "''" mil do ' not question their motives now, . ' , WttKttbti!(iT4Aj,' n put we win take tne noerty, or saying xne .senate,! i3.i,tedijj45rindg' tbab it seems incredible tbat any man twy . svp. ws , ojiu Ae, vHoufse who desires to see the State nail ttamflm the slpugb ot ignorance and il iterapy publican iSena.tors who, , ari Sndllof ,in which it has been , for so . many Cuban liberty Uneaten jtp ihold. iiPipe years, and which it is now in, - can tarifE oill, in the SenateyUU Red fdts, stand W0 In ooD-sition to the- alv1 PneuoarMa V, oiuiioH.r je uaipoin,pw, . is that, tbe ir.cbic.uie 1,11.1, una ever oeen Senate will finish the iitaeiff bilL tU j -up j m ' I 1 ml . " . "' - 1 ' r nuKUesLtu . o-, uucreu tur .remeuyf ng 1 wta., , 1 1 uc pr?pipq ijicfeasa tbese conditions. Our inevitable con elusion is ' tbat these men have not taken' pain's'to look iho thoroughly., ' , .'. , , , . , . . ' .a a a a. t ..ma - . " ... . . . . T I li . T . '. . . t ana inenan win Denned with tttter I iorm a new party." All TDmer'thinre calumny, caustic , criminal accueattyn 1 takam together, .have Jed ur people i uicuivcr ui cuuiiiiiiwb.iu call COD- I WJ o Bunoexa aa aivaa. i ferfence tatopnrgethepkrtyrof triiton.1T iW'A'MW ui'i.-'l A ll 1' ' . fc'.:,,V; . " : 5 I fdsioniBts and roegafe9" add 'be. 1 1 '"Ki y? ot n. iCoxey,. had openly abandoned olrlDea ror cinD Of uve yearly aubscribers we will ?nd n j v w nartV and formed VTnKktn the scrider-df Mob. I ' ' " ' i.... : : : :T I I .. . i .. . ' . I I '!'.. -I - ' .1 .a i' i" .1 i . i i ... 1 - - m ... ..It. C I FAnSSIlff .. Maala . Biitfil!" 'iaMaVaailS aaa and vehement, abuse against our nk-andt.be writer to feel that the efforts I LI Ilf IV Ulllllf V lallU ... LIIIJ IV J'Lll tional committee, national officer laid I of the ifercufy must be overcome or I lllll J I iJllllitU rilll rilll I 1 111111 all nthn!nf nnr nui-tv whnAnlnnt auki. I ana narttf Wfll tin (fbapnaar.a1 ! ,:.ll I ' w w w T"i . " ' P port thisj rebellious ,rpwd and,th irljuU B,aC' ,u unia.u. nia,HL reckless methods. ' ' THE RACE IN HQLMAN S DISTRICT: I7 have always been' whit fa-iKW '"" " " " " " M styled: ,ai nudfUcoMhe-roader". tb at 'I TWPoiiaiia. Komi.aU dk n. kv. r4- With' either-6f -thw - old- vartfes: ' WA omi-ua win b . I have alwaya felt that; the position to Special to the Caucasian. , iv. . , t L the gold and bank power of our cou a- , GnaEiisnnBo. Iap June 25. 18971 try should unite7 bufc 1 fevr in ett er iuSi SiiH Tl i.i ' eftba old Dartiea. l And ianne of rnr .. A -peciU . election w,ii? ield lathis - I JMZ AZ -a. al JaL a . a. . " I last cauenses of . tbeifprmer Natiorlal V M,c' V11? A"gai lum.'io . 1 a . -a' - ' -a I .t A. " . ' . a ' a oiuer irienas wnen it I eiect a oDgreBsman to pu oui . . . . .. W rr a arad. fr "nail 1-o.t t.lA. fimrtm mJUt u.-a acn. bat bear in oiinrt il.at mm Itm Uutm Ihr mmtA- . C Iwta MIM ft4 V If I . 1.. 1.1.1." .ll.rf .' . I. liui. wKiiw, iii. . u l-,iiiii n 1 i ..... r artaUaa; Baaaa.liaa Uwa ,Vn b; Md atiraetiTa rca4ioi( uiattv U(.aurli I.I.. ! .1 1 I I . . w -- i it ... winai - rhatdaa MnVlw niM-.tV4. av.H at Mr. jv.r. T rravti. adtrflwt v Wrw rU i. araavttctatiattaaa4 0Uaia. I : ; 1 III. i. Ml lV. out the uri- C0mmitr.ee and of her friends nhun it. I elect a Cnrurre was-agreed Itt apirtot-pktriotlJni expired term of 'the fate tbngreesmae tbab we would support Henry,lJL ,Tl-1 jjolman . --u -. :, umu , - i r i , , ler .fM president, the memhers of the I . . . . ' I Lrf" 'L committee "will ' rememW 'abd' 'bare T lB llle IW campagtr1 the Populist I ZTtJTZTJZZ. witness 'that I then asd there- ain-ki candidate was Wit-kdrawn and the whole pounce that I wpuid, enffer , tny bofly Populist vote thrown to.Holraan,etettI uismeuiuereu limp ny limn peiore J. I ; , K-qoa. tu. I Wobld stappbrt a Democrat if the' ChiJ " " ww :rai , rartar inaaat. A t. (W4lvua liua. HmlnJy, aaaa. 1 1 Ii m tnfm. an, aai-a.c. , f. baa faam. ,rwa HwiatMlM atTI4 Kki iraaiala.- a rVUcatoaalr at. , . i , rataratluc "4n- talr a acJ. i (nikam. (Wax tta M'ravrlnr LxM.oa lUgnM av araaai yiua aaraakaa lu tM naM aiaa. , a iiila a a T a laail Hiaaaaa... i aw lr awiawiCT au 'Iffaaak am.-i - - cagoonvention!aiflot nominate Tl- "w wero wiuicu-pperaiagainii I r m, m y, i.iTini.ria,UU fer.f- xo mis position 1 steadfas ciung ana still adhere. liana nniMtWnfthiian.iiianhv I wouio not ao, out nominated an itMth. a'.. ml . r. Mia...vw. j, . . . . Ira. aai . a 4. t .. -. IV .1IM-U M.. . a .. - t4 Urn rt alb. ajf ...... aval r aa a v 'Mr.4 Ahv a , , ) ilVlkli V ... I , f a.wv : a....4. .-, -A P.. i.i. .a ITiw. a IK". I a. f fc-'. I 4.i l TV ft ..'af (P. rami m. a l i wHr.a .iihM . ra. Mm fa a. rm Waa a- w I a Im.. Ii afm Mi.w. . a . aiaiaa, a v-., 4. r OTf.'Y. ! i A, trl u, al . J.. a,.. rw a.i..4w a - . ft. rm.tiimm i.Mt. a ? . ai lAav,; V -.! t au :, ijia ii, - , ."a a i. t I .... -! ,'.n. i 1 1 ... a. a i a I , TMawniMaki rrarabliliiiil la nui nu.i,Li r. ...Ji .'... . i tPy I VriatM from rl.ar. tx.ll. raa-lal.la 1) ,, .'.a ,.,,-.r. l-. , . 1 rr . .J Vai pr otbnt work lr a well.kutraii .nj SiaAf .tllatf artaKa axa.l.f-l.S .. a , .... . v Ob- I Tr? "or raaillnc anil prawrratinn. It la uM a irr na'... r ..1 ......l. ..i . ., rl . : ' I E"5.- "TT 7r"r , W- AnJ a. '.rnwli. a-a-.i w ...... '1 i ' 1 I irtr..".I iv!I '"flL"? T' ,uf '"rV 1 Ia-tali.r.-... f 1- H aOd I . T ,HBM ana aanw hooka liai. a'imi.... n... ..i....... I jJitr tplrdi4 books here offtr winy luny aaajen. .Ttiia I ral labia pabliahinc boa: Offtrr m amtnilti trnrtM w aVaVar. iaa art iaMil t - . a-t la pat ool rinirillkNiii- art line "W v . . t ' 1 aa In f K. w..rl .1 Bn.l . . ...X . t .. : . . . . . .. 9 . . . , , - . - . r. .. r ........ii umiHw.iMi ... . i Ittaratara. an'l will rnrni.b a al.i.la aiaiar'a .i.i-jLHui r.iua H w.iia-n.i any ctmamaaort. y ineemncraM .w.OjUiq agree; to.put Up I -1, c - J an acceptable candidate, this tW,K!L nomfnated an B.....wu viftiiaviiinniiivu iv nrjtuili. ' vti." ' W ' ' t eouorsemeatiatei. iliOMi Wlien lJi-yan I jj"yuuio iuu. auu i espies r was. nominated and: I, .sawr the iintdr-1 Convehtiorf arf promptly' called IrXr Vai . SS flAr;v.r vfT: nniirateif Dr. IT. Mi Browder, a strong eigo etal;; abating .that a. the : Populist w.- i. i i .j . convenlion.atSt.Tlai9.,,would lifeeiy tt-D nd a l0nt peaker.-, -. endorse the Democratfe tioket, I. Mft' Tbe Peoples . Party Exeoutive Cbair Alabama, called in three appointmenjts .mittee of this district met bere Teeter- St. Louis aboutsix days before tW 0.? "l9Hn '-" ' ' '' 1 TV- " M " " ' ' J convention netajnd began aO.wire.aid Yn1qeRt,,.ediprJtof1 the Nonconfor-I Cnppi Q 1 om ty fifprir' write to JweJttdaftdf workers in ,u..mi-t.,waa present Md read tbe follow-lOMCOlCtl X I tJIIll tllll. UIIGP. CLTUW parts, of. the .Lnion to .sunDort a line: letter 'from the Xationvl r.hir. I Var anrl fli ra' act- f'T- tti r ' il 1.. .i-f straight faominatiohdf6npWfi,rurg: min.' " ' ;' ' : 7 r' ' Will -In m nZ F-' '.Mf J'i ,u- WrfA btgarnd opposite?: ' .: ft f?B wisS-.wu . !" f? TRE.K. ? of cub. T'nonsrn noiuinsr nrmiv thajB vvaaa 1 a, v., uue i. j . . 1 . f ffave bevSHtaneo-id the vrtihtnoSU Mr. u 1110- Indianapolis, Ind: , I . , . awAauresa an.oraerB Ipr.anf of th kbd.slindervftHbefatiAb!,kWff , ' ' ! . teir persecution tbat Has ' be'ea" carried I ;KfnitiX JSl'i- YJL?ZPn-t iVtnoraaaiAnal' n.aa.al I. .T.: nnuuie-oT-rne-roaa papers a bptWslte" bide. "P baVe " tended th'at'sucb Tkeri 'lit of Kansas. R. "atrietrt- J J. . I '.,. ,,. .! ... I " ' T.. ""--"-f", I . I .Mn-Mftai. . . k.. 1 KT - . . i 111H . 1 uv aivwDll tber funds nor .lit-1 from the last cami I - TlbT- IU 'i. W J! VftT .TTTSTP?C5 5at a5S52 '12a--Pages t - 643 'Handsome ' Illustrate tors to donate some of their nM.nk.. l 1 ' - -iiwJI--'l.L L ii- ..-art' my tttMWA? rrneTb ; wice, 51.25. pun price, 35 a-vulama) r'V--3 rlaaa the above fcooks to Addresa all .order THE CAUCASIM; Raleigh, N.t srainsc tne i . . --. una - aliafbtya1 ' mAm 1 " Vul,a. wK UUJillliauoo. ISO I 1 ' .Tofin'Tlafcl. -a "u Fupie are in iuco nne Spirns I mi ill 1 1 ' fl t ' rnf tin;;? wravigorduJiaBdeaslTellgrrt. TnO NTOnflQIirl . I TnlHTI auu uuoiuuaiu uiuiuu j. u. w eavef , or Iowa, H. E. Taube- w "P''r '"""'J h4. tr? "TwTfArtrf fYAnii --l t:- Committee has nei -v.r.Vi ;r:-Jv.i"TT...,'."n""y . "r, lP nii i.it na rv.mRpnr. nrmncri "it nT"hiiii' .... i . I . - -r . -. . - . w. t. uuu. n.u i Mgrrfen-th'eTrlife; ttfrefbrhi 'wbrkrwere Wfiton Irnbly'becaWse' tbejHare1 1 wil-' siia '.of JseM Knofi on tobaccfl .will probably. rbe,4fifeat;edJ auiH !l'J i a.jj , ,j , v r 1 t r. 'j.'.! I ..I l. ,.. Sepa.tor.ijale,, Qrl Elaine, jias offered ananpedineAt, -t? thjnrle j biddABg.ieXTSenatprs, jfroiu,. atix .r On, Jibe, $ pf, the, n ata &a, VjI 9-nalor Alleov waphef tiles. M,V gesting.' in tlieacwmnljaw f,7;allj9riiW v -ftt?4 PWa free peppl,,:.,.,, - W-mnii.Uini.ltokwbMoiy -i tha partv !0f tha' people. l.ThA-.PuU pies Party ia its cardinal. iwevets comes no to the measurement. Ye the Peoples Party cannot, as snoh unit the defenders ml human risrhts. And lead the way to victory. Within of tbe utterance of some dolt tbat tha party itself there is bitter dis- begin to fear there is no hope. ordf dipcord bred of unworthy jeal-' It is alright to make some remarks by either dolts or dotards, we cannot eot Jii Lin liif.niof r,irn-.B.t,i;; .no' Well, is our irtpw HbpeWstiT1 Itis on ly wheu we cee tbe Cbarlotle Ob-er-lendiug itself to an apparent approval e tlrey ''!- low,henelyes to ; come do ,,a nna) a ad i irrevocable . ppinion thVesr tioir before them, they ga iate core- pcyndeude 1 With "either- the Sopefin- endent ,bf PubUc nstruotjop, pp; '$i,tb some jmember of the committee., for a, ula8el ) by the Teacher's lULasemblv "i The members of that committee are r son, Secretary ilj -lij Jiobbv U Sinitb, JOTephut Daniels, B' AJ' Aiders") man, C. E. Taylor, W. H. Bagsdale, Hugh Morson, Cbas. D. Mclver, J. C. Scarborough, J. VT. Bailey, R. L. Flow ers, Alexander Graham, L. D. Howell, D. H. Uill nng -reform speeches'. bfearlfa-g ' the t-C 71' u, "7e ropoim i wmtttmYmwiiMumi NcWrl 'terhptA'na ' Grander11 Sr 'old fE55?f?lkJ th.e Nonconformiiit could be Qti weaumtt,CgWy IpkrtyatleVs'atfsrakVH'wherr'I waa wlue7 nreniai-a in the District Gut. L 'LT '-- riiTU tianiiiiK uuuf.r ine uanners or Uieve- . . . , v.... .r wuni uu teoft i i m, I i . cyainamia. ot uaum a a 'land thf typfttil'tytaftl 6f! W Demp-! oodJlnB - !"' PcbS. " IJN, .. , tZta. craticdyfiMsty;' -'f-'" . ... - - i .. Speeches and documents are. better 't gaa1'..' ' Ki42!!a?3 ST-V . Because 1 wyuld not i ,in the Mercl- Sjj&f 'XViatSlf '.J" 'US ' WWrtr.r -t Vv TiTiTs venertbds" 'klt?VkV-VirfWaLa aggrfssavet newspapers are ab-alafely , 1 , u. ateat an aaioroa a-a-. menD ft'' WLS?pk me wUh Jfift VWf!? ','.mp.!l,i .tSrs-g -.-.i. j.i.1 i.. .. ... e w,fn . within the nextteu davs 1 win ral a 1 '-aaaa ' . . aw.M .Ji n-XaHL lax tn . ' . . : m- . . ... 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"tSealrtbV' 'tbe'cimmi reSOlUtrOH bettfptii 'tfrtrltftd" tboritv of ing bill failed tn pass Congress at the last session, President Cleveland made some kind of a deal with certain cap italists to sell them this valuable property at a price much less than it the Republicans in Texas and had tbe terms written out and agreed to at the Republican State convention in Ft. Worth and for two days and nirhta tried to get Mallet to sign tbem. But VJanted-An Idea . C (or I Special Premium nffpr:,J will .endthe lcyclorWi. free to the tender of W '

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