f i nour.nr. noL? Q ft P I Micrii rr in arr-r! ill r. i w A I ' r, ouier- .. , a ill ! r.ortt j- le'I to cut , r n i:n,- from our ma: li ng h-" rtrnit at once. HOW TO FIND OUT. i tmle or Mimnon water gl ,rni.' hii Iff it Mnnd twenty . i .mrh-. a xt-il intent. fir ettling in : h ili-t-H.! fornlit ion of t ti ; . j-.. WJifii urine Main linen it . i-itive eviilftH'H of ki'lney trouble, tre'inent Oentr to urifiAtu or pain ! Iih !.(( k, m a!o nmviriring proof il tbe ki'lneyn and Mathler are out i. tiT'ler. HIIAt Ti L. Tlif-re in i:imfort in tb knowledge ... i.itxn f xire-4rteil. tliat It. Kilmer's wamp-Koot, the grent kidney remedy I M i i I - every wiib in relieving pain in m tnk. kidney, liver, bladder and ...ry part of tbe urinary parage. It n,rti'U inability to bold urine and .nMirnr pain in pacing it, or bad : following e of liipior, wine or td-t-r nnd overcomes tbut unpleasant ily of being compelled to get lip in i ' , t immh during tbe ii t ur fi t to uri I be mild and t lit extraordinary t ut ,wainp-KOot m soon reaiieijr ind-i ttie highest for it wondjj. it ure-i of tbe tniwt dint reusing Ctvtt. 1 1 1 tieeii a nienicine yoij. mumiiu tbe bent. Wold by tiruggifts, fifty rent and one dollar. For a )' buttle and pamphlet, botb sent oy m:iil, mention Thk Caiain 1:1: ir, . ! t rid your full post-oflice adtlre It. Kilmer t to., Ititighampton, X. I'll.- proprietor- of thin paper 1 1 r i ti t tbe getiuinene" ,,f this ' r I !,.' t . r -1 rot ton bloom of tbe season , ! iti appearance in tbe city 1 i ' Mr -I, !, M r. I ir 1 iir-t S 'edneaday. It wa-4 rained by i'. Adam of i'antber Town- vsliu-ie pont oilier in Myatt's Mill. V l.uiiH won tbe pri. of one i!ol i! ri d by Mr. ,1. A. Higg for tbe ' ut Um bloom. Tbe bloom was on i , ' it h! tbe ntore of Sherwood lligg i .mpaiiy. I'antber I5ranr.li town i(. nitinfalii' tbe lead in early crop. ii I lire t oust I iul Ion I rf IT. 1 , Min is I'innlv t'iithut'iu' tm- nr 'i'lC 1 I. ni In i iin ilrui-'isls ri fumi minify IHnfliir f Ilia Hold lent IIiiiiia. i..iernor KiMell last week appoint 1 I in dirertor of tbe Soldier's Home tli- billowing gentlemen: A. 15. A n iri'wi, lUleigh ; Jul ian S Carr, lnr l i ii;W.. Stronarh, lUleigb; .t. A K inn iv, of Saliibnry. Mr. It'imnay unrreed Mr. K II T.u.s- I , resigned. All tbe direfitorn are ri'Miininteif. 'I ne governor ba tbe appointment i f four director tif tbe Home and ftiree ar elected by tbe Confederate Veteran' Anooiation. Tbe governor' appointment will meet with hearty approbation of every -oldier in tbe state. ir The llahy laVuttlug reath, lie tMire and ue tbut old and well tried remedy, M k. W'lNHMIWS SooTII in Mvkiu', lor cbildren teetbing. It Hootbe tbe child, soften ttie gum. ally all pain, cure wind Collin and i tbe bet remedy fordiarrhoe. Twen ty-live rent a bottle. LIBRARIAN ELECTED. ViMitlft Committee of t'nlveralty Triia- tfe Nelert Mr. K. II. Ornven. Tbe executive committee of tbe Imard of trustee of tbe state univer "ity met at tbe executive office last Friday. Tbe following member were j ri'cint : President Alderman, Col. A. 15. An drew, Mr Ji. II. 15attle, Dr. It. II I.ewH and l'rof. Wallace Kiddtck. M r. K. 11. Graves, who wa a nieniber of t lie graduating cla at coiiuninence iiiHiit wa elected librarian of tbe university, lie succeed Mr. Wyche, iine minor repair were odered in the building. Tbe otber business trans!' ted was of a routine nature. Another meeting of tbe executive '"iitmittee will ba held here this w-ek. Low li ttea To The Went. ' v tbe Missouri 1'acific Itailway t. I Mii to Kansa City $!"(; St I unt to Colorado Spring and Denver f ' " "iii; St. I.ouia to (irand Junction Col l7.on; St. I.oui to Salt Lake Ttah St. I,ouiSan Francisco $2:5.(jo, i ii kft-i at tb above rate will be on ale oo .f tine -J'.itti aod ;:otb, .luly 1st Jti'l and 3rd. salne rates will apply for retM r ri from point named at St l.'llll-l. Fur particular, address. A. A. Oat.T.AeHM,' Sotitliern Passenger Agent, Chattanooga, Tenn M. I leiiilns Elected ft Member Uf The llonril Of Education. I he County Commissioner held an aJ mrrejd meeting last Friday. i'be jury lint wa completed and t 'irned ovir to the Jtegister of Deeds i here are now already mhh naoies on fiejury list. Tlte, fevision ot the list wt a big iindertnlilrf. I'i'M) ''. I he coiiiiuisstonera elected Jfr. J. if. I ''ietinng. a member of tbe Hoard of ! Iii. jition to succeed Mr.T. H.Ufigg, revelled. Mr. rlemingls a Democrat and a well known lueuiher.of th bir. Flis election is highly commend 'ii-l'-llnf for fifty CntA. iter.l tobai oo lialiit cure. tnuUcd weaV :'.(. . I'iiMul jiure. &iic.il. AU tlrui?i.'il i luhnll Kenomloated. l'"iKio, hio, June 21. The Ke 5 uMicaii State Convention In session l" iv tiulay renominated Governor P. i-litifll by acclaniati'Mi, in accord whm with St-nator Hannah plan. At .bibnson was renominated for l.i-iiti-iiaut (rovernor. J. L. Hurkett renominated for Justice of the 'ipm-ine court and Hreeman Atonett, ' r Attorney General. l. i.r I . A-.tiij. t;.l fcri vt f. v.; iii".u 1 (cri vt !. r M-rti! iinil Mi.-or ta'ue Nii-Tii- rti.n.i.T wurKt r, mat tiiaU- woui; mi n A l .lni'J!:?.ti.r.ncrfl. Core ctiitrun li'X'klct nnd simplu free. Address ,; iiciueily Co, t:iiicauo or New York. HurnUr Nht hf a Woman. I'lKHM.isT. w. Va.. June 21. Mrs urge Wbite.of Grafton, last night "t ami killed John W. Keefe. of 'iiMi lirafton. who atteinnted to bur rUrit M.e bouse while her husband abienr. She bred five times, one entering Keefe's brain near the right ee. lie was found lying unconscious "i in street, and was taken Dome. PRACTICE ECONOMY l' bujing medicine as in otber mat w. it m economy to get Hood' Sar turilla because there is more medni cal value in Hood's SarsaDarilla than in any other. Kvery bottle of Hood's araparilla contains 100 doses and will average, taken according to direc l"ni,tolast a month, while others last k a lorinignc. lb loon 4 I'll t aro ttia nnl nllU AT Ol vane with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Easy L ITO .-.. ....... I 0 M Fifty Years ftfc? JWTio cooM Imagine Jhat this shouM b "H fcUce where, elgMreti ninety Ihrtt "it wnile world-wonJer of arch ad i,5utdahaow the nation polychrome L ' lorn " t the Fair wn the prize conferred fin Ayer w Pin, by the world prefcrred.j ChicaKo-!iXe they a record how. fciute Ucy r,ltUdJO XWM ,g0. Aycr's Cathartic Pills ; o r? n a ; have, from the tiie cf their preparation, been a coiafciiX0,tja Buccesa with the publio. Ari that means that Ayer'a ,Pi4a accomplish what is promjse for them; they curdhere others fail. It '(fittlAj, therefore, that tWoyrprl-wie popularity ttaese pills ahouM be ref&il -by'ite Worldja Fai? medal of 1893 a faqt .'"which emphasizes the record: 50 YeareXurS I KILLED IN HER 6ER 20 Vnkaowa WMU . - muMnai Nfcot Mm. A. A. WpHmg'i Wl8TON, N. Jen fr?k A. A. Hpring wat nibrdere4 Mitfe flgtion 'MHO thi morniD ftj WiW h,own white man. Mri. 8ptUfkisri" We ened by a nuian t.ji Mtt) 6fdf4otf t Slie raised upia bed ! And, MellHsa Hrtbn " iwui, (uicauiew :ani.s jp iiiii bo, thft man plVJ'n bail trashed through; ;.fcerifesi I dling Z I Ptd by jnmpinif tbroagb ao itfscwLdoyv Searching partUsHMllo'oiit all day looking for suapicipinj cbaranter. Two bloodbound were sent from ISijr- linirton to T.exineton to-da. Tlmre no clew to the murderer. . , j Mr. Spring wa forty-nine years old. .She wai ,tbe wjfe of , Air., ,A. A. Spring, . proprietor of: the Marph lotel, and wai a most eUraable lady. ftlm guilty party id caught a, lyncli- ng bee is almost certain to ;oUo iw. I Kvry liocly hityn So. Cisrari ts Cmlv CaU'artie, tii-um! ,ln- toi l nl in. (Ileal disi'inei v of tbe se.q 4s- ant ami refreshing to the taUt, actw.tay and jK)sitlvely ou kidneys, liverand borti j, cb ansini? tbe entire sysU m, dlKcl ':)s, cure lir-.ulachr. fovor, habitual -onpat itn and biliousness. Please buy and trjjatbbx Of a C. C. to-day; 10, 25, GO cents. ISoVlisJid DISLODGED BY SPANIARDS An Afternoon FneaKemeot with Tfta genta Fought Near MftdLragaw. .-M Havana. June 21. Col. Agaftera. witn a column or troops and sector conjunction with the guerrilla fqrte and garrison or Madruga, has been hp- uer me leauersuiu oi Aranruesn, 1 . 1. . i 1 i. r . J , which was entrenched in theSierfa e Grille, near Madruga, in this province. The Spanish troops, the official report say, successively dislodged tbe insur gents from all the positions' occupied by the latter until the. enemy reached Abro del Cafe, where the insurgents made a determined stand. ."Kyentiial- ly tbe insurgents were also dislodged from tbat place, and the Spanish troops, 1 . I . L . 1 ueM royeu iue enemy s camp-, j . l lie tignting, the official report adds, lasted from .5 o clock in the afternoon until 7 o'clock, at night. Xbvai insur gents retreating left tbe men killed oh the field, and the Government force lost one Lieutenant and fifteen soldiers killed, and had one Major, one Cap tain, and 13:5 soldiers wounded. WATSON FAILED TO APPEAR. Convention of Georgia Populist Provocl Vrry Tame Affair. Atlanta, Ga., June 22. The Georgia Populists gave a strange performance here to-day in a convention designed in the brain of Tom Watson for the purpose of demolishing Marion Butler as a leader. At the last hour Watson failed to put in an appearence, and the smallest gathering of Georgia Pop ulists held since the party bad its birth in the State dragged out a weary:afer noon of dull proceedings, .doing noth ing wb:ch seriouily menacas thf.furure of Chairman Hutreri A 4 ' v About I'lK) delegates were present, and there was an undercurrent of op position to atson,, winch manifested itself In" several ; mjinjDr ijuestions of policy, dome time was taken in; a beated debate over contesting delega tions, and tbe matter was linally set tied by seating both delegations. After serious illness Hood's Sarsapa rella has wonderful huildiflgip' Jkfwer. It purities the blood and rforesj her- POPULIST FOB SECOND PLACE. any VlriilnU .Pabcrata S ) ) , liflhi Course. Seem to Favor i 22 All of th Richmond, A' a., June indications. point,,6 Jth fac,t.thahe Roanoke CoVehttiin will!'nMyfrilate! a Populist for Lieutenant Governor. Senators Daniel and Martin and other prominent Democratic managers favor this policy. It is understood that a conference of tbe Populist lead-, ers is to be held here Saturday, at whicn tbis and tother phases of the coming camdaign are to be discussed fully. u " At a meeting of Deisotoratk in Charlotte county to-day " resolnti Otis were adopted indicating a deaire that tbe lioanoke Convention 'shall 'se-fect Populist for the second plaoe n theJ State ticket. Jiaj. it. ' v. wames,' pi that county, was named as Charlotte; s pi eference for this " honor:1 ' Harr a dozen others are also - mentibnexr here n tbe same connection. ' i Tbe Democrats and Ponhlists tnl; Mecklenburg have taken step-for a complete fusion of their forces in b,is campaign. ' 1 This county is tne - noma oi rbomas Goode, who ran as a Topulipt candidate for Congress four years ago, and who is the leader oi mat variy jn h Fourth district. At a uieeupg yesterday of the 1'opnlists'aftd Demo cratic executive committees fusion was determintd upon. A call was is- itwil hv these two Coramitceea upr ommr. oliwtiiin in Ju Iv oraeleirates to """-J : ; to a countv convention w aena-i., representatives to Koanoae. i Tha "A;aiit of FroepeTltj" ia rraiaea-, Hut White Is ProprltjT ( ' , , j Wisconsin Index. 1 r ; McKinley is elected; Bryan is not. The election is over; the campaign is not. ( Confidence has been restored; prosperity has not. The capitalists ra hannnttinnr: thfi COHU001! people are not. The idle are satisfied; the struggling masses are not. The poj n.tion ia increasing: the volume of money is not. The nnmber of empty months is increasing; the ability to to th MMlrvIHa In Whlck JfAniLr.r, Tenn., Jnne 'J I Tb pa fad of tE 'UnUfid ConfeJerate Yetirana today, jtbe clotiiog eveut of tko rp-ucion, iji which wore than tea ti4ausacl-sfcttri3.iok part, wai the lira? n tli li&toiy of the organi zation &Dd one of the largeat urtT P&W ;q .tbQ .cjjj Tbe street wer ffitcH),i"'a', ti' ' v-'onfrate iig i were conspicuous in the Ion line that rencbtd from the public rouare iion gates. One hundred thousand people had collected to see the parade. Noth ing irr the history of Nashville has f quailed the outponnngs; never was th re: iadi!' p04Loa. On the faces of. lookers oa Xnd some of the best ligurfs Pteppine briskly and prondly, could be seen the sugges tion that neTer again would there la sach a parade'. The line started promptly, poiic on horsehaci clear ing the way, and from start to finish the best of order prevailed. All ve hicles kept rK' the streets included in the Hue of maroh, and the street cars stopped innnitJg. The parade was cheerfully accord ed the fulr right of way. From the smarting points -ahe ' customhouse. .hroogh the centre of tbe city, around the public iqaare, out Broad street to Vanderbilt University, where the parade broke ranks, a dense mass of enth'csiastie, cheering people 'greeted, the ?ldiorav their generals and the beaatitni wobmo who took part. The citizens of Nash ville were both welcoming and speediog their departing guesta, and tfefeM oid jrjwithj wh.jl6 souled cor diality inspiring to witness. . .; : bouth, Giirplilia, Jlississippi, Flor ida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, Arkanisiws.i Missouri, Ken tucky. Maryland, Indian Territory, New York, Illinjf , , ti'4pth. Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, District of Columbia.' all had vei- L.t ; . 1 'mi c . . i . t- i DS in line, iiie oons or ionrea- were commanded by Itobert J. Smythe, of Charleston, ,the newly elected commanaer. " ...The Daughters of the Confederacy wrra present in larfe0 numbers and rode in carriages. With their respective divisions the commauding officers from each State rode byv audi as tbey were recognized shouts went up, aud as little bands marched along h aring battered tlaes inscri' 1 with tbe names of bloody batth lipids, a mighty roar aStfeTrded. Irom the time th bouth Carolina troops, beari ktM Jaranoiie. started to ;tf nfiH Vf)fif ,r,ait down th4Z line until Tennessee's troops pajjged the stand where Gen eral Gordon for one houKVAl ijtii J ,aaJut&dtB passing potfc, MllJ lair tht jrcith cheers, with drum birtrie blasts and music bv in lorrenrrs, vwwa HBHonBors mams otionor meMrslr smari pri f ieThSl tikidri pri-f vates stootrto their posts, and when " edtheline witneslea tne storm Aa ofmarch Tonight the vast IhrOn the fireworks prepared for the Occa sion and listened to the rendering of another "Southern programmed 'by Innes' Band. While old Confederate tlags, regimental jgRitkJtered hnd torn, appeared, Ih'MW'Mecoratron and jn t,he parade, t.yually promi nent at,eyery turn. was the stars and stripes, and .jn, the parade the na tional standard was seen in every direction. It is the unanimous ver dict of the veterans and their visit- ivg MeaSs that the rejjaitfffals the doetsucaeeeinl e TheawHn tf)h Universi- rTOetMdrferith''a- thViH ifeoktn'ral HiHl i j : j?jc rWlJttrt !7&Tt - - j - '.'f?k apaeqresum IctanaV, fnami Chl0jmttMh$ Igood honest al .11 j . . .i.k-.i w. - i ntereski Dtmtrttim rmnnWPlmmama.t mill inll! ont andJlut a &7;mJWi rxm away of s pan Delawing rami J). fstpraTiti aTBMtr course. zz i. l 3a. Tha..aBurses in Talin Franeh and Gernbn are well afte "'GeogTapMPsycholog iW Study OIvre?r, i lsjlBysical frwn- ing'glirXaai . the. bv l nstrnc- i fjr4 Dr.'Milneof the. HgSSkormal Scn-cW,' an'tfJSu-ptPxoble Wilming ton, are teaching Mathematics., , , v.Nfl in .n ... , uv u. . v . r"r'- ,wanr T I iirnnr. la a t n r ' Tnniiiar. English Composition ment than, U9 Prom pent men, in the State will V,3U , C1 ot. , J l , A.ioai itt eveblnledtureW ' ' ' ;' ' r ' ,'. Hf how we in the country look at Teacnerscan mase ncDetrer invest- nis acuon in senumg uen. iiiueg io han to attend the University Europe., at ..th. government's ex-rhotfl!-'The snodia 'orfesi pehse and paying 100 a day to take bummer nnnd with, the Surierinbandent., MM' '''''''"'c&pSiiSr. I. i! ) it sumo r ouuiihi juc azures. I-.I i ?sf Voira I lU. ,"'1 I H . 1 1 I J . . i rrvvr.'rrT.-fri ' .i -n i , ,-Senaitog Maa-ion Butlec as injecting some PopuJiamninto the Senatet' One: of his bills asks" for s special Com mittee to inquire into tne plan of di rect legislation, most generally used in Rwit 7.arlanil. to renort to the Sen- ate the feasibiWy of ap1iing theT TxrlnpivklA tn mm rri 1 t Inn . Phnldrawn hv four, horses And ride 'to MlTll llall faiki CkVtl Rfalk which ermlrVtfrd'b'e'oble to vote upon legislation' direct without wait-ij in g.'arttforfsKfeI Refers r erf-Tor Conti gressional, --Presidential and Czar eed action. Another resolution in ed bVfhSoWatdr isks'for ad iry roto tne practicaoiiity s'fjhlatVings. DESTRUCTIVE LAILSTOBM. Persons .. Sertoaalri Injured ant JhfaaTi Damage Infllctad Upon Topaka fTopkka, Kan. June 24. The worst hail' storm known in the : history of Kansas struck this city shortly after 6 o'clock to-night. Hail stones weigh ire: 12 to 16 ounces stripped the trees of their foliage, smashed window panes on every hand, including-the finest pi ate giass store ironts, cut down telegraph and telephone wires," riddled awnings and inflicted ' unpre cedented damage throughout the city. Don were struck in the streets and I instantly killed. Horses were knock- l i T i lirv i r . . eu to lueir aueeo. " ueu me iurv ui the storm bad passed, dead birds were found everywhere. A heavy wind and terrific lighting accompanied the IteTa llX?JLttoy wn are carHew; . tbe liiuat wie to , . fore rary com- Rio a danrer. Tbe day i fair. tb air balroy, not a clouu Hi'' Uii and wtrlKHlt iiby pro tertttm - jr imt rttrt. the woonao renturen away from home. The gather ing itorm gtTe do warning of its ap rroarh. Almotin- TmntlT (hi find ie)-4inctmf. 7lwiani 6f time t bift of fc-refeated oourreoce it the be- gmniag ol tbe eaa. A cola w caugnt which settles in cme organ; it toon bojjuueaiArrh;ttMi bcois4 chroaie. Thfl tistarrb gr finally eats Its way through to some vital organ. A few doses of l'e-ru-na at tbe be ginning of this very common biatory would cbange tbe course of events en tirely. It operates directly on tbe mucous membranes of tbe whole body. It absolutely prevents catarrh from fastenihf jm:H upon any part of the organ im Varoen hatd found it to b th surest and most elective remedy 111 tbe ills peculiar to their sex. So- called female diseases are almost in variably pelvic- aatarrh. Local treat ment is worthless a waste of valuable I line. I'e-ru-na Is an internal remedy that cures catarrh wherever located. Some women prefer, to , correspond with Dr. Ilartrnan while tbey are tak ing his remedy, I'e-ru-na, and thus thousands" of women are constantly writing him,-- Kach letter receives prompt answer without charge. Tbe I'e-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company, ef Columbus, Ohio, are seed ing free to any address a book written expressly for women by Dr. Ilartrnan. 8. A. 1 Indoatrlatl Car. We. wish toftall attention lut'iieJn ddstrUj Trailing School which wii'. exhibit at r the following time and niaoea en tbe Seaboard Air Line It li. : Boykin9rV.t June 28; Youngsille, n.SJune w; hodddtd, a. ijJUij 3; Cameron, N. C, July 3; Cheraw, S. C , July 5: Lilesville, 3f. C July 6; Clinton, S. C, July !); Elberfon, Ga., Jalyl2; Statham, (Ja , July 14; Mon roe, N. C, July 16; Stanley Creek, N. C, July 17; Kllenboro, N. C, July 19: Kut herfordton,-N. C, July 20. We shall have in these exhibits road machines They will be put in opera tion at these places of exhibit to test the practicability of their use by im proving and making a small section of road. This feature is especially for your aiteniioB. win you please an point a committee from each township to meet us and see the operation of crushing rock and building county roads by horse and steam power nia cin nery. inis is important and you ought to nave men from each section of your county. , Yours truly, Jno. T. Patrick, Chief Ind. Agt, i How's Tins? ' We oiler One Hundred Dollars lie- ward for,any case, of Catarrh that can not be cared by nail's Catarrh Cure. ' ! ; F. J. CllESl" & Co., Props., Toledo. O. iVe the undersigned, have known F ney for the last 15 years, and be- Vlievd'hiin perfectly nojiorabJe iin all business transactions-.ahd; flnaV'tinlly able to carry out any-bligatioris made by their nrm. k - v- bo v-Jt r.i'- . v- . -m . wi.i' WSLnixa; Kinjcan At Marvin. Whole saie iruggists, n . jllall'a. Catarrh ( ahd mticous surf sale Druggists, Toledo Ohio. rh Cure is taken intern fecllyV-upon the blood surfaces of the .system Price 7oc. per bottle. Sold by all Drug gists. Testimonials free. ; jliall'a Family Pills are the best,; BIG GRAY HORSE SENSE WdAta Fannfi Thinks of Some Admin- V I i I 4 ? iHtratlon Fltm-Flame. A 1 a genuine iarmer wno lives near Washington City wrote a letter to Mr. McKinley the other day and printed it in the Washington Post. He.wrote the following: - Editor Post: While I am letting my ftorse toeu i just tnougnt i would drdj a. line beiofx J. started -back to my farm, to let yonr readers know what fe in the country think about sotnf things that are done by this XtewdBlinistration. First, I want 4t WiirltbM we farmera read the Post mglg&riCttifok it a pretty good thing rxiwn i pretxy wen set ana When we bitch to best irltet swat ir the harness rm wx. r. . ji JIwp,xnr(re. can see to,-and - none of ik?tHngs" 'loosely held with a a big load of paper that is wil- tnmgs abont any talks to those Sentors,ike-CaTm(m snd Tillman did the other day abont the farmers. l and another thing yon. give good, sb2pfca,talk to a man who don't give noaflst measure ana is trying xo ae iceive ns country, fellows, who don't have the time or money to spend on a lobby- When we get . up at 3 o'clock in the morning in order to reach the market and sell to the early, customers, we art; mighty glad nnssih . with the little mortav wt, .- . ..... i pick up to pay our taxes with. Now, besides the i expenses of his companions. , Now, Mr. President, we don't like , to, be .considered stingy, and we will ,give,you all yon can eat if ybh- wOl ride ont to our farm; but we -.must remember tnat we are rannmg un cle Sam's house on borrowed money. What would you think of our sense, Mr. President, if we country fellows who are running our farms on bor rowed money should hire"' a.r coafh J market in gieat style just . aheadf t ing a box of eggs, a bag of old o- tatoes, four -and a half poundsof butter, three r chickens and a rooaler I and a bawling calf f What goocrto - ns farmers will be accomplished y sendinjr Gen. Miles to Turkey and otiwreeeei ne may De oi service to us if ha brings a better breed - of Iuvk- eyes with more greece on its bones. On bis triumphal ride home he. is or dered; to pay " onr. respeets, to the Qaeen oi England. There will")be one advantage in sending the Gen eral on that mission there will not be any dispute abont what he .must wear.. No one will have any cause to call him a liar. - -; Now, Mr. President, ' we Jteep a man over there all the1 time to repre sent this rich country" that's- tfofngl business on borrowed money; and he is a dignified gentleman with plenty of money; so why should you send over a lot more to pUy monkey! in doubtful uniforms? Fifty thou- sand dollars won yover toeexnse, andjustsee hat a splendidjroad os- over rtry eaWatdrTd mU ktot mUk to erWffcXir. Yc u atrrl th Hrt.tif.rml and yoor fn-tJ might come ont tt-re on jout Lor. and w would mighty glaj to you and giv your partv a gU cf silk apie. Now, hone it, Mr rreiidett. du'i yoa think that ,Y.fX p. nt in boi d inggood roadj into' tbe country wou'J not have bn viftr and given n eans for eery aol bad frlttf Think of the cumtT f idle am that cooJd have b en rn"cg thing to buy our track lut them aelve and children. I was talking to a one-arm m o this morning who has Um buying bntter and eggs of ma for tbe ht ten years, who by the way, was turn ed out of the War Department fnr yeara ago and has been waiting thre months for the admiaislra'in get ready to reinstate him,' which the President has premised to i . and onsrht to have done three wontLs ago. He said to me: "I Lave tot earned a dollar for the last fur years, but after I am reinstated ! shall be able to bay more than. tVir eggs and a pound of butter at a timV We ought to have one-arm men employed as overset 14 of w.vrk-1 men in building good roads all ottc this country. Th,ere us not a singly excuse for a man to be idle in this country if he is able to work. There is more wojk that needs, to W done than we have men to do it acd plenty of money to do it with It only.needs the proper legisla tion to put our recourcufc. into mo tion. , Mr. Editor, mv horses hve rut through and 1 mast bn going on home. We farmers think we ought to be given a chance 'to 'sav Something once in a while, "Ahd if pdn will publish tnis 1 will write yon another letter when I come in again. We tali things over among our selves out in the country, and we have co?36 to the conclusion - that things are not going our way quite as much as t&ey ought to. We are peaceably' inijineo! and believe thoroughly in internal improvements both for theindividu&i:nd for the country. Yours truly, ' M. A.' WniHiE McKINlEY AND SHERHAJi Will Make an EfT.rt to Flam 1'nlted States Coder lllKatona to Bnfland. ' Washisoton, . June, 2Lr-rPresident McKinley and Secretary of htaU tiher man will make a determined lrort to accomplish what their predecessors in orllce,- Cleveland and Olney,' tried to do :place the I nitert States nnder ob ligations to fcngland by etiterinir Into "entangling alliances", with thatcouri-, try, .... , . . . . i . ,, ,i , j In spite of the cold reception accord ed the1 Olney-Pan ncefote Arbitration Treaty by tbe I'nited States and tbe hostile sentiment towara that docu ment, evinced by every patriotic citi zen who understood its full scope and meaning, an etlort will be made by tbe present administration to revive the question ; and already under the direc tion of Secretary Sherman, there is now under preparation' here the draft of a new instrument which will form the basis of negotiations for a new treaty. . . , , Iff irre l hew ; treaty? JWll HdC (to pre stj'nted It o'Cbngress bef oW ftie Vll term beginning in December, .but as the complexion of the Senate will remain as it was when the original treaty was repudiated it is not, probable) that any effort in this direction will be success ful. . . , GOLD DLST. The in good rnonev. fret work well without r,M ' KISS V in d 'It ' ' ' '' ! qANDY cathartic MXOH&TIPATIOH z. -aw aaaaB 10 n aa r w ar- 25 SO ABSOLUTELY GDiRANTEED pie SMI Mftalct IW. ad. STEBLItlH BEHKHI in I im al - ELKIN WOOLEN MILLS. i SHIP . i i i OUR THIS YEAR TO- ., ., The Chatham IVlTgi Co.Elkin, N. G. cs cu tha lorfTftaf waMati 3 I. v',,;?- ""'"''ia. -'ill i 2. ea afajfa vT. k , - 'A V-.Bk,l m tem harineaa iu the South, at d their goods are the beat you can buy JJf , g Mmiilea. THE UHIVERSITY. !Binirirhniil I"-, Mil. IP. br full iiai a ll -a rm v-m 1 1. w. iW" irourm iia ki ior irirnrrt a. ri i ar t-p i.r Crf Ji . IIU-IIOM Al.bKKMVl .t - I Iliii. N r Vitality & Restored. '"."w -!'"T!"LTi l . I Varicocele. JERVOUS DEBILITY, Wight Loooeo, i Al VITIIVK WtT1NU i IMbKaStlS Uould'wnt l m f r b-. , IJmv bti aiote kiUkient fc niaa? jmmj , m Y' m.jeci oi ia uu. Uj i t w, I was a anflf r-r uftM-i. . JCp inl.ful to seek the aid of ojih-r pirn qr jt ruut! hy aicUns. 1 lnvestif(l ih ul)ect dert'ly nd difceovered a Simple, but mot rvrnarka b!y uciywf ul remely that cornprr curl m. and fully fcv4opeit me from a winkru. alaaleJ coiiUiQock to natuml trouKU and site. ! . I want every young oi oU man to Liiow about it. I take a rsoiial interest in aacli cases an1 no one neesi heaitate to write n m all cotumunirations aiv held strictry oon bdential. ! wewd fa!! Information of (hit remedy absolutely free of cort IK not put t off. but wnt dm fall' atouee; you will vtys blew tbe day you did, at. AiUrai. sUmp, l... .. .THOMLA-i aiATrK. Ua T&. i i Kalaaiiaa. aLUb. hlppac f raarau Kalaiuaaa CaUif. , r I y I; u m r ' . -HiiCiition. Sale! B V virtue 'of"Tr -xecution .issued by the .Superior courf .Je county 'in' the case of Martin Jn Hlake vs. D. Columbus ltlake and alt: erg, f will on Monday tbe 12th day of July, lsii- at 1 o'clock M.'at the cotirt nouse floor oi said county, sell to the highest bidder for cah. to atiifv said execution all . tbe right, title and In terest which tbe 'defendants, f. Cobiin bus 'TMakeV'A. Ulake. John Hlake and Solomon IMake, have in tbe fol lowing described real estate, to-Wit Tteginning at a maiile on tbe north bank, of .Mine Oeek .about', U poles above the road lead in z from Kaleiirh to Tippers Cross' Roads, thence north I ' , aerees east, i i.i pole to a pine tuiiip, thence north 8 :i-4 degrees west' 1 1'.) poles to k stake and pointers, therce south 2i:t poles to a stake, thence eat 25 poles to a poplar on said Mine Creek near the lower end of a blutf. rnence up tne various courses of said creek to the beginning, being one hundred and ten acres more or !. the same being the lands conveyed to Jiarriena make oy .losepn Andrews ana wife ty deed recorded in Hook (It, on page ., in tbe office of Keg i sterol Deeds for Wake county. -.. HAM. '1'. JOXKS, : ! . : j Sheriff Wake Ct June 3 Ld.9 . . , GdLD DUST. Highest Stop and profitable housekeep -iZ.P. i .CM ing is th asoof tiKrlariKiisrieimr- Gold Dcst.. No woman who wants to make a success; in conducting her household affairs, in saving time and and worn Ju kecninsr her in hand, can afford to do WASKIHQ PQY7PER... . . It keeps the cleaning yell ,done up, with little work a;i4, time. ..Sold everywhere. Made OJily by THE N. K; FAIRBANK COMPANY, ' Chlcaga SL Lauta hen York.' aUon. Philadelphia. i " i ir. i ALL j i ii aia m DRUC61ST5 --t I v. vaicaro, ornirw. t aa.. or loca. - i : i i WOOL i i . i mill in thA StATP. ThPT do th lflTmtt . I .mmmmmmmmmmfrimmmiTimitT The Peoples Paper. o'THE CAUCASIAN NMiamii Tlic .leading Kefonn Paper of North Cam Una, a diampion of popular rights ami honest government. PROSPECTUS FOR 1897. corps of able contributors and special Zr-u correspondents will lo cniplo3'e4l. Every department will lo improved and new ones added. f jP J The great battle of tbe people against plutocrat. of the ma agalaii tbe claiart, U on. Il will ad (ili the MpU triaaili ! lb . au of jiiatio ia fully Mtaaliahed. Iuring the yrar of 1C. THE 'At'A?l AN will aland ! forefront of tlte tattle. Jn arouaing and educating the pvpU. la a4 vorating tbe principle of th reform aaovenent, ia eirMwmg fra4 and corruption TH K CM t'ASIAN will ttm vigoroua. frarUaa aa4 " nncompromiaing. . i . The principal featurea t,- tl papr fic tkerouaiug )rtr aii t mitiv.",;4" ro,,ow,: Political F.ctwH'lal atta t,on ant events in tbVroT will Im rhmnirlrd. Uanapire in ,ur own bUte. the partiaan paperaawppra.1 Stato Legislative Rejrorts. TIIKOKNKKAI, ASSKM Itl.T OK NORTH AKol.l N A will I in enaion in January and tk eoplv will draira to b infaroird af tl work of that body. THK ('Al I'ASIAN will prearat It rradrra witn a full and non-part iaao rriturt of Its prurredinga an4 will t.t auppr the truth. United States Congiess. THE rAl AiiIA hM aecurrd tae aeriw of otM of tWf.r tuot writers, and be will ad weekly letura roaUioiag all lb intr esttng news of the Nation's capital, la additive N-uiUir Itutlvr will contribute weekly article beaide editoriala, tbu making mt Congressional report full and interratlng. Letters From the I'cople. Snbacritter will have a and opinion on all topic iT under this head. World's News in Brief. ' t:ndY newa. We give yoa ear a merit of what baa oooorred In The Alliance Depailment. This department ha been to a great axteat loat tight ratter through our Alliaooe brethren than our owa, and w trul,tbal all Sub-Alliance will send aucb new and aag geatlon regarding Alliaa- work and program for Alliance meeting a will prove of iotrrt to all Allianoe men. Send ua report from your county and aub-lodg for this column. Discussions of the Money, transportation, taxation, laad and other I port a at liva issue will be diacusnetf koCti editorially and by oualrtbotcira. I te paper will be made a forum for tbe advocary of refiara idraa. ac4 th demand of tbe Alliance. Farmer's Column. We invite every practical farmer to writ for tbl rolumn. Tell your experience, your auora aad failure ao tle reraaiader of our reader can benefit by it. Thi it a grand opportunity for farmer to exchange idea with each otber. Women's Column and Pattern Department. We" desire to make tbl tat invite tbe ladies to tbe use of nils column by exchanging Idea and ; ' txperirtict In bota)ld matter. Wa have mad arrangement with an old and reliable pattern bouse, wboaa atyle arc naiveraally adayit ed by well-dreaed people everywhere, by wbicb we ara offeriag to tbe reader of THK CAUCASIAN tbe Imoret Cat laper Pattern at a nominal price. When purchased la tbe regular way.tbeae pattern cost from twenty,cent to fifty oeaU apiece, eonaeqaratly oar offer makes etery copy uf this paper worth that amount extra. A I v i Advertising.,. THK CAUCASIAN desire to handle tbe advertiaemeau of oalf ) first class busiaoaa Drttis and we intend to beep oat all "fake" adver tising thereby wrotoat our reader and bonest advertiser alike. Wa believe that Ukry way far a to make mooey by advertiaiag I te make monejfor tboa With whom we deal, sad wa can do tai taaosaaa 'we have a large and pitygreaaive paper. If yoa think advertising! simply a matter of sticking la ANT paper a few lines of old poster type or a few figure, we boa Id prefer not to be consulted until yoa learn that this ia a mistake. Advertia - ing is a selenee. An advertisement should1 be written earefally and atadied ao a to eatch tbe public eye and then be ran Id a paper that will carry yoar advertisement to tte borne w4 Breatdea of the people wbo will b your- eaatomertv It is throwing away money to advert! fa a paper that doe not reach tbe mame. and tberrfore yoa pay your atooey kat , do not talk to tbe people. - F"l'poa applieaUoa we will aead yaw a card stating our rate. iV i'" ,i j j ; - , One Dollar Per Year Only. . Juat think of it! less thaa 3 rent 1 week! Too can not afford to be without TI1E CAI CAHI AX. If you eaal par a dollar joat aow. end SO cent and get It for 6 month. We know if yoa read Ibe paper ym will never be without it again. Address, THE CAUCASIAN, WWW Ltat ,'t,1 to Hlttiral aewa. All Ia)ur1 4cl,n' partkai ia It l'ait ft Ml a T1 ""li k?P '.T?4. T,"1 uitle IW new that ( opporttiaity to rrlng iiifnrniatiuti lot treat thrutigti altort wttr paiMtat. thi bead rvrrf week we will give you lt rrnn of It weak a brief com art and clear atat- tb world iooa oar lat iaawe Issues. especially intretiaar denartmeat. We ". o. 1 t' fill them is not. storm. coma nave oeen maae rrom nere out j jesemcient.

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