SEHDOlO MO RECEIUE HE 5nE5(5JaSinn DYIL JAOTAQY 1, 1000. We y,ill send the Caucasian from now until December I, 1898, for $1.00. CAUCASIAN U3u::t20,C0Qs:ts3it:rs to Tta Ccrttsira t:t:rt to cpcY 1898. f 1 HE . VOL. XVI. EDITORIAL BRIEFS. Willi Ol It HCI KM IV w hi: i to thank our friends who m: thir appreciation of Tiik .... t,"'.v I ' . i : : i .. v.. ..i .. v. ( !'( . wi!l trj to show V our ap- iii return by making the r fa'-li iue. We get a kttert from friends saving j I 1 end twice the number ii money was noi so lVf tint". (ium,"'r 1 1 tint M.-'V f -nil" ' .tfl-f, h 1 ! urging to make a special ,rtr f'.r 1 ,'rvH H""t,,!4' w regret that cm i. t il tliii Kvery time we dive int'!- i special otter at a low rate j , i i r irmn live iu im moujanu ul, , i nbers on lite list, but we ,,.!, money by the operation each A piper like The Caucasian . t . ....ttan iiltt f.. ft.'., n n diiur l,,,r Ie,il, we want trfy vifin riber to take the papr each fruMi now until the election is . in (inter to induce every one to jo tin- we make the Nest oiTer that we 5m My curt, and that h to send tin' tpr from now until January, y.i, fur one dollar If you have any nxitfiilmM who do not read ThkCacca ,un -Mi-1 to id for a bundle of sample intiif. k'ive each one a copy and ask r Inin tu r'H'l it, and then Ret him to gjveji'i hi subscription. Congress will i'i'"'i ttie first of December, and no piper will have a better report of the I onifr'-itionai proceedings than Tub ( ucfi s. After the opening of Con jrri'Kt Senator Hutler will continue to fdiU lie paper from Washington. Hickory Mercury. The Democratic editors should bo air towards Democrats. .t The O aryis' letter toWtbster' W.pHv but didn't have the) fairness to quote Webster's reply. hen Democrat not "democratic" editors wont treat Democrats fair, other parties need not expect it. They can t stand plain logic, that's all. uniberton I'opuliNt J The free silver (f ) Democratic wi pers of this State mast be d own in the mouth so far as silver is con cerned. Anyway they have quit saying anything about it. Lots of them that fell in line (through paity regularity) and yelled themselves hoarse for Bryan and silver, can not to-day give an intelligent dtfinition of the Chicago platform nor can thf y defend "free silver" from their standpoint. May be they are niiet- y studying the financial auestion and do not propose to onen their mouths again till thfy learn some thing about it. We hope they are, at least. The 'hailotte Observer is still working desperately to get a fusion between the silver men and the gold butf.'. It continues to icsist that this t usiou can bo ffected behind the "nitfir racket'' without being de tm'ted ly the people. Wo are glad to see that Hocking ham and Guilford counties are pre paring to use the penitentiary con vkts on the public roads. Mecklen bui , Wake and other counties have lu uu doing this for some time. We hopo sooner or later to see every county in the btate iollow the same course. Watch the label on your paper I'ou't let your subscription expire When you send in your renewal get your neighbor to send iu his sub scriDtion alone with yours. Sand to - - na for a bundle of sample copies read the paper. RALEIGH, N. C, THTJRSDAT, NOVEMBER 25, 1897. W4 NO. 1. . "B "''awaiMMBBMi TSiiru rsnu 1 , .. lliln. on Vrlon I .. N lir Vl,, ,y tllt. Alitor.. TO SIDETRACK BRYAN. More Evidence of the Deep and and Widelaid Conspiracy A Goldbug CANDIDATE IN DISGUISE. The Penitentiary authorities have, we understand, made a contract with some shirt manufacturers to lease them an uouscd wing of the State penitentiary building, and to hire them a certain number of con victs to be used in making shirts. It is only the women and the disabled male convicts who will be thus em ployed; and we are told that under the contract that even this class of convicts will be more than self-sus-Uiniutf. It begins to seem that un der the new management the peni tentiary will become self-sustaining (or the tirst time in its history. Tin Caucasian wants to see all of those who sincerely favor white su premacy and sincerely favor corpo ration reforms, and who are sin cerely opposed to the gold standard,, nn hands to elect an anti-monopoly Legislature, and we believe that ev ery man who is not crying white su premacy in the interest of the rail roads and monopolies is in favor tf the same thing. We submit to the fair judgment of the people if this is sot a fair test of the sincerity of those who are crying "nigger" so vehemently .' Miuri, Chandler ul Flogr.e. From the Springfield Republican. Whether Messrs. Chandler and Pingree shall succeed in pulling the party away from what they would call its capitalistic moorings, re mains to be seen. It is safe to ad vise, However, tnat it they do not intend to abide with the partv in that position, they had better pre I are at once to get out. Tb Sinftlleat I'ontOlttc. Philadelphia Telegraph. The smallest, simplest and best protected post cflice in the world is in the Strait of Magellan. It consists of a small pair.ted cask, and is chain ed to the rocks so that it floats free opposite Terra del Fuego. Each passing ship sends a boat to take letters out and put others in. The curious post office is unprovided with a postmaster, and is therefore. under the protection of all the navies of the world. Never in the history of this uniqie office have its privil eges been abused. IvIaSthool In Kecrlver's Hand. Winston Journal.) The Davis Millitary School has gone into the hands of a receiver. Captain Mast of the law firm of Mast & Griffin has been appointed reseiv er. This firm is one of the most careful and painstaking in the city and the school is in judicious hand?. A reporter learns that Colonel Jeff Davis made a proposition to the re ceiver of the Day is school to con tinue the school to the end of this term, which was acceptable to the receiver, but tne teachers refused to remain with the institution claim ing they had not been properly treated. This being the case there will b no further school there, and the affairs will be closed up at once. Street Kilw.tji In Brittln From the Chicago Chronicle. Municipal ownership of street rail way properties is making strides in Great Britain that it seems only a question of time when ownership by private corporations will be a thing of the past. In Blockpool, Hudders field, Hull, Leeds, Blymoutb, Shef field, ana uiasgow ail tne s'reet car lines are operated by the city au thoritifs. In thirty other cities, in cluding Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Elingburgh, and Lon don, the municipalities own and op erate a part of the lines within their limits. In Card ff and Sonthamptt n the change to municipal ownership will probably be completed before the end of the present year. In va rious other cities the s'reet railway tracks belong to the municipality and are leased for so much per mile, with a percentage on gross earnings. Tb Prt Wblh Tammany la PIbjIdc They Hirt Jadg Parker In Trainings Candidate Will Cry oat lor Harmony aad Victory Will Claim That the Party fan Only Wla With a Mew York Man, and That J edge Parkr it a Uood Eaouh Silver Man for the Factions to Colt oa Tba State Campaign M.t Tear Will be Manipulated to Ih'a end The -Nigger Racket" la a Part of the Conspiracy. Washington Post. The success of Tammany in New York at the recent election is to be followed by an attempt to displace Mr. Bryan as the leader of the Demo cratic National Party and to make a New York man the next Demo cratic candidate for President. The man whom Tammany and Mr. Hill intend to boom is Justice Alton I). Parker. The fact that Justice Par ker at the recent election overcame McKinley's majority of 330,000 and carried the Ktate of New York by 00,000 will be urged as a reason why the Democratic party should look upon him as the most avail able candidate for the Presidency. This statement comes from a member of Tammany Hall, who is a friend of Croker's, Hill's and Parker's, and who is well in the confidence of the organization. MUST CAKKV NKW YORK. Speaking of Mr. Justice Parker as a candidate, he said : "The Dem ocratic party has got to realize that success is extremely doubtful, if not impossible, unless we can carry tne Mate or JSsw York. Justic Parker has demonstrated that he can carry that State. He has car ried it this fall by a larger majority than has .any Democrat received since the Folger campaign. I think that the New York delegation to the next Democratic national con vention will go as a unit to pre sent the name of Justice Parker. IX KIVALHY WITH BRYAX. "Justice Parker as well as Tam many, supported Bryan loyally, and if Parker is a candidate before the convention he will appear in rivalry with, but not in antagonism to, Bryan. Justice Parker's record is not assailable by any Democrat, either on account of his standing in the party or lack of loyalty to any of Its candidates. "It would be worse than folly for the Democratic party to nominate for the presidency a man who can not carry the State of New York. Parker, we know, surely can carry the State, and his availability as a presidential candidate ought to be recognized by Democrats North, South, F.ast and W est." eT n THE TELEPHONE RATES The fallroad ramaaleatea baa Jariedle- tloe la thte Matter-A ad DUbIimi the Caae. Before the Itailroad Commllon last week there was a final re-hear- lng in the matter of telephone rates. There was argument br counsel for the telephone com panies, which had excepted to the Commissioner's orderreducing tele phone, rates in the ttate. Hon. John W. Dan 11 and Clarence K. Young appeared for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, and Robert C. Strong for the South ern Bell Telephone Company. The Commission unanimouslv decided to revoke its former orders regulat ing telephone rates and leaves the matter open to free competition. The attorneys in the case ate much pleased with the action taken, as It is a decided victory for the com panies in the State. The Itailroad Commission makes the following order: "The Commission bavin fully considered the exceptions filed In this case, and having obtained the advice of the Attorney General thereon are of the opinion that this board is not given jurisdiction un der the Commission act to do more with respect to rates of telephone companies than to make or cause to be made, just and reasonable rates, of charges for 'transmission of messages' by any 'telephone line' or lines doing business in the State, and that it has no authority to prescribe charges for rental of tele phone wires, instruments and ex changes or the use thereof, but that the rates lixed by the Commission for the transmission of messages shall remain in force. Representa tive of the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company were pre sent and prepared to show from transcripts of their books that their charges for rental on telephone wires, exchange service or the use thereof, were not unreasonable, but this matter was not considered by eason of the opinion of the Attor ney General. All orders llxing rates for rental of telephone or ex change service are hereby rescinded and the case is stricken from the docket." Followiug is the opinion of At torney General Walser: "Section 27 of the Railroad Commission act by the use of the language 'make or cause to be made, just and reason able rate of charges for transmission of messages by any telephone or telegraph line doing business in North Carolina,' did not intend to and does not confer upon the board of Itailroad Commissioners author ity to fix rates of rental of telephone appliances or boxes." TEACHERS URGED TO ORGANIZE. PROTEST Eafclaad Cmim Mm Meet aad Adept Bs4atkee CeJIlag the neater te an their CettM la Better shape The efBelleg Seggeete the He lena. aa theX.w IkgUU Maaafee are re Wlir.IaeUt I'ae It. Bostos, Nov. 17. The Arkwright Club, the membership of which U al most entirely composed of treasurers and managers o? New England cot ton mills, held a largely attended meeting this afternoon. The topic discussed was the baling of cotton, and the following was unanimously adopted: ''Cotton manufactures have for a long time soffered in their business by reason of the poor condition in which cotton has been delivered to them. It is poorly ginned, poorly handled, poorly baled, over-hooked J ad subject to robbery from the ume it leaves the planters' hands A BASE UISREP- RESEHTATIOn. A Falea and. Maliciom Report of Senator Butler's Rocky Mount Speech- Whit HE DID AND. DID NOT SAY- nntil it reaches the mills. Nearly day. aerrer aa later lew He Mraade the raUe Btart aad state What he did Say Me Made the Sae Saeeah at Becky Meaat That he Made Bleeher-Me baa aet liefer Bea M tare pre a ted. Senator B a tier is in the city. Hi stopped over lor a day on bis way from Roxboror, where he spoke Tnes- A Circular Letter Sent Out by Superln ten dent Mebsne. FOREIGN NEWS. Paris, France, had a big blaze last week in which a large number of small houses and workshops were destroyed. The burned dis trict covered about two acres and the loss placed at $80,000. One of the most disastrous fires in London's (England) history broke out in a large block of buildings last Friday at 1 o'clock and con tinued for 12 hours before it wras gotton under control. It is reported that luO warehouses have been gutted. The estimate of damage done is placed at $10,000,000. - Havana, Nov. 19. The Cham ber of Commerce and the leaf to bacco merchants have informed Superintendent Mebane yesterday sent out a circular letter to the public school teachers of the State, request ing them to come tbgether in every county in the State and organize them selves into Teachers Associations. In the course of this letter he has this to say touching the importance of organization and united effort : "It is of vital importance to public education for onr teachers to be or ganized ; to have united action for ad vancement among our teachers. No teacher is so wise but that he may learn something by coming in touch with his fellow-teachers. Those of you who are better prepared to teach, and who have bad better opportunities than others, should meet with the others who are not so well prepared, and who have not bad such favorable opportu nities. "Come together in .the Teachers' As sociation for mutual benefit, as well as for the cause of public education in general. Why shall our teachers be organized? The business men, bank ers and merchants are organized. We have our Dental Association, our Med ical Association, our'Press Association, our Pharmaceutical Association, and others too numerous to mention. All these organizations mean something, all of these evils are encouraged and fostered by the practice of dealing m conon at gross rate. "The advent into the market of cotton put up in new forms of bales in proper condition gives an oppor tunity to remove these evils and their causes. The old forms of bal s can be made entirely satisfactory if. put up in lite manner to the Egypt ian, as a large amount of cotton this season will be put up in the new bales, the time has arrived when users are in a position to take a de cided stand on the question of baling ana weigning. "We, therefore, insist on better baling and .handling of cotton and npon a system of dealing at a net rate, and we pledge ourselves to give all the preferences possible to cot ton so baled, handled and sold." It was stated in the course of dis cussion that at least two new forms of cylindrical bales have been in vented, and are actively promoted, as well us one new form of the tuuare bale, and are vastly superior to the old bales. Foreign cotton reaches the manufacturers in good shape. and they are much more dUsathtied with the manner in which American cotton is put up. The members showed a firm resolution to insist on better methods of preparation. Their idea is not so mnch in favor of the adoption of any particnlar form of bale, or even the abandonment of the old, but to secure such improved metnoas oi baling as will assure them that they will receive at the mills the cotton which they buy. MEMORIAL TO HENRY GEORGE. Appeal Will be Mad to the Public on Broad Grounds. New York, Nov.lC It has been determined to appeal to the public at large for subscriptions to a me morial for Henry George on the broadest grounds of respect for the memory of a man, who devoted him self .unselfishly to the pnblie good, and entirely irrespective of differ ence or opinion as to nis economic and political yiews. in the hope that all the various projects which have sprung up in dittent parts or the country having this purpose in view, can be brought into harmony. The following named gentlemen, repre senting all shades of political opin ions, to which other names may be added, in their discretion, have agreed to act as a national commit tee for this purpose: Mayor Strong, Seth Low, Charles Stewart Smith, Isidor Straus, C. T. Christensen. Edward M. Shepard, Thomas G. Sherman, August Lewis, Tom L. Johnson (Cleveland), and William Llovd Garrison (Boston). George Foster Peabody, of this city, has been appointed Treasurer. GENERAL NEWS. About 1,800 persons were rendered I showed Mr. Butler the statement hich the Rocky Mount Argonaut says he made In his speech there re cently, viz: "If colored men com mit outrages the Democrats pretend to be terribly shocked in public, but when they get behind a vail they laugh until they grow fat, and if the outrages are not frequent enough they hire worthless negroes to com mit them." "Did you say that? I asked. ''No, I made no sueh statement,' he replied. "Then what did you si T" "What I said about the color ques tion at Rocky Mount was precisely the same that l nave said in everv speech I've made in the State. And at no place could my statements be misunderstood, and I have not been misrepresented in this particular by any other paper at any other place. "On every occasion I have de clared positively and unequivocally in favor of white supremacy and Anglo-Saxon rule. I have furtbet declared that it was bett for the black: man as well as for the whito man that this should be so. I have furtner declared that every good cit izen, not only of the white race, but also of the colored race should favor it; but that every good citizen fa-1 duty to the people to turn them both V- r. Maea c4 the Toe Sttleaa ae KaJU4 re-Meat Oeed SUM a Stedae Uerteg the anile) f the la' are. Kzxrrox, N. C. Gov. 1. L- KcmIIX. KaJrich. N.C.: Dta SiK: I write you to mt that you are ngkt ia uakiag charge arainst the Itailroad Coamusioaers J. W. aad S. O. Wilson. Ia sv mind they are rniltv aedoorbt to Bo relieved of their oftiet as Katlroad ComtaisaioBer. I see is the rspr that 8. U. Wjl son denie going before the Kai!ro4 Commission daring the last Legisla ture in opposition to a bdl rvdseieg passenger fi and freight rates. I was a member of tho last Leris- laturo and a Member of the llouse Committee oa iCaJroads aad Usui- road Commissions. I ictrodaeed a bill in the liouso redaeing faro to '2 and 11 cents pr mile. tretubiUec free passes, providing for the elec tion of a Itailroad Commission by the vote of the people, A. 9 . a.c , acd while this bill was before tho llouse Commit!' S. O. Wilson, a member of tb Itailroad Commission, ap peared before the said committee and opposed said b:l', did what he eould against the bill before the committee by saying the railroads could not live at a reduction of 'J and 1 1 cents per mile. I did not invite Mr. Wilson to appear before the committee, atd if anybody did they knew bow be stood on the till before they invited hits. I a makicg my minority report on said bill I cLarged S. O. Wilton of coming before the committee purposely to balk and de feat the bill. I knew then that the railroads had the Itailroad Commis sion. Again Charley Van, of Dup lin, told me last Sunday that he heard J. W. Wilson tell Col. An drew, after making his speech be fore the Senate Committee against Butler's railroad bill, that he Wil son) had given thrni bell and be ould do it again. I asked Charley to give you the facts in the ease. 1 think you will only be doirg your auuut j,ow ucrnuus were icuucicu i j i 1 homeless by the rising of the waters of natl1on4,and rSbf ?' the xseva. in Austria. vored something besider, and that the class of eitizsns, if there were such, either white or black, who at tempted to stir up race prt jidice for the purpose of clhng attention from and defeating great economic reforms that concern the welfare of nine-tenths of our population, were theworst and most dangerous ele ment of society. I called attention to how frequently, daring the last thirty years, the tariff and the "nig ger ' had been used as tne leading campaign slogans to the exclusion of the financial and monopoly ques tions, enl how during this time while the attention of the people were drawn to one side by the tariff and 'nigger,' the gold syndicate had been allowed to destroy half of oor money and corner the rest, ho dangerous privileges had been grant ed to individuals by which they grew into powerful corporations and pow ful monopolies which have resulted in breeding trusts and combines, till to day the industrial body politic is covered with eating cancers called trusts. These, I said, were the evils that have brought hard times and caused stagnation of business. "The politicians of both of the old parties have seen these evils grow up and the wholesale robbery of the people committed, but have kept the truth from the people and have kept them stirred up and divided on other questions. I said that to-day, with these same evils confronting ns, in even more alarming and dangerous proportions, and with the gold syn dicates and trusts and corporations combined to perpetuate their domi- we hear sud down and put men in their places railroads cannot buy. I remMD, yours truly, K. I. UtF.K. WHAT POPULISTS ShOVLO 00. Seme Inapertaat Pellllral II let V Me- lwrl, aod the Rat e Tarasd the Pre seat Political altaaUea- retails caa Jeia The Deaaeeratl Pert flllheet be la Willies te rat Mlanaelf la the Heads tf the Merhlee a4 the Sr4 dlere. For The Caucasia.). Shall the Populisms who 1-ft the Dem ocratic party in 1S'J2 return to that part)! That is the question that is e mitai t'y agitating the Democratic press of the State. Let ns, by the use ot the X Kays, take an in trot pec tion of that matter, and analtce it fully and thoroughly." Before we can enter upon an in telligent and satisfactory discussion of the question, however, it will be necessary to refer, somewhat, to "ancient history ia order to thro proper light on the suV-jact. It will be remembered by all who are posted on political matters that the Peot les Party was organized in loXl as a protest against the evi conditions then existing, brought about by the cruel neglect of both of the old parties to do their duty in restoring just, normal and prosper ons conditions. The affairs of the government has been controlled by these parties; the people were gtoamng under the great burdens inflicted upon them: they bacome restless, saw that there was no nope of relief through Wf STEM NIITM CAfcSUUA C0fl tacc SleM le Blchih 1 eh-4 larMaat tv. a 14 A Klondlkaln Western North Calolln. Asheville Gazette 1 Perhaps those who are contemplat ing a venture to the gold fields of Alaska will be interested in knowing that a "Klondike" has been discovered in Western North Carolina. Mr. B. P. Robinson, of this city, has just re turned from an expedition in the west- company witb a party its own special work. Why may not the teachers come together and have some force and power, not only in the county where the Association is, but be felt in adjoining counties, ana sun, of more importance, be felt in the Leg islature of our State, to secure west ern counties in Wbv is it that the negro organs of capitalists from Atlanta and Chatta l... 1. . 1 ..a:. 4 -kr. .hA nooca. wno are invesueanuic tne iniu -.uuutmuK ko o-j eral resources of Western North Caro- Democralic and negro fusion in iiDa with a view of investing. We are Wilson.' Or is it possible that fu- informed by Mr. Robinson, who was in . ,. . charee of the party, that the investi- sion wita negroes is an ngni wutm - f th - ld mine8 jn tne count. Democrats do it ! The facts as eiven iea visited were altogether satisfactory bv our enrrnondent last week were Assays of ores deducted from the mines r that the Democrats fused with the Republicans and elected a negro as member of the County Board of Ed ucation, and that with the help of this nt'gro they proceeded to elect negro members of the school com mittees over the county. Are not the Democrats of Wilson as good am a pure as the Democrats of other ewinties in the State ? Or did the Wilson Democrats make this deal before the Ransom machine and the railroads had decided to revive the negro racket as the most effective y of getting a corporation legisla ture t investigated have been made with fe vorable results showing values rang inir from 12.00 to $100 00 per ton. Further assays and a more thorough investigation of the veins discovered will hereafter be made and in all prob ahilitv a stamp mill and other ap purtenances will be established for a full development of this mineral in terest. Marshal Blanco that he ought to permit the exportation of the 10,000 and have force and effect, each one in bales now in marKet. lnese are valued at .$4,000,000. The manu facturers are barely working, and the growers are In dismay at the small prospects of sale. Moreover, they still have a part of the old crop in the warehouses. These con siderations have been strongly urged upon the Captain General. A special dispatch dated the lGth inst., to the Fans Journal brings so- they should, as a class of man and wo- rious news from the Niger region, meo. in their respective counties. Too . 1 m -a . a : iv West Atrica. in order to punisn tne many 01 our inhabitants of the town of Kong, capital of the kingdom of Kong, in the Mandingo region of upper Guin ea, for their refusal to supply his troops with provisions, Chief Samory has rszed the town and massacred several thousand natives. A telephone manager at Massillon, Ohio, killed nimseli last Tnursday be cause he was threatened with blind ness. William T. Maister, the newly elect ed mayor of Baltimore, was inaugu rated last week with simple but im pressive ceremonies. , After squandering two legacies amounting to $87,000 in three years' J. W. Jaques a druggist in New Jersey either denly the cry of 'nigger' and tariff 0f the ld parties, therefore, in J2 raised up as a political slogan with the Peoples Party was organic d to greater vehemency than ever. resist the encroachments of the pow- peo-1 ers that were destroying individual "Now there are thousands of pie crying out for white supremacy who are honest and sincere. 1 am ready to j oin hands with those who e e. . .el are sincere, Dut let us aiviae tne sheep from the goats. Let ns test their sincerity by seeing who is in favor of fighting for white mpremacy and also for financial reform and for prosperity and happiness. Subse quent events have confirmed the wisdom of the patriots who assemb led at Omaha to launch the new In lsUl: the Democratic cational convention adopted a meaningless. makeshift, straddling platform on ever legislation is needed from time to last week committed suicide by cut- monopoly reiorm tnat wiu give us an the money qieitin, but the party time for the best interest and progress ting bis throat. - anti monopoly Legislature in the I tie was so strong then that men voted of the schools? . t itk a true sense of the word. The People's I the ticket in spite of the warning "Our teachers, both public and pri- " ""-Vr ..Va,, k LV7 P"ty is in favor of such a fizbt, the that had been given to them by the not make themselves felt as --A Vn . .nit .Ain tS; majon'y of the voters of the State Populist speakers that the platform teachers 'are indifferent as to what public sentiment is on the subject of popular education. Too often they sit in silence while the poli ticians around the court-bouse and tne school committeemen sqander public money. Assaciation Northwestern railway for $25,000 dam ages for blacklisting. Octavia C. Luehorn, has brought suit in the Court of Law and Chancery against Louis Richardson, a promi nent merchant, or Norfolk, vs., tor i breach of promise of marriage. ' She asks $0,000 damages. HELPFUL TO THE FARMEP. Secretary Wilson on the Work of the rlcultural Department. Harris burg, Pa., Nov. 17. Sec retary of Agriculture Wilson made Russia Preparing for War. London, Nov. 19. A dispatch to the Daily Telegraph from St. Pet ersburg says : "Vice Admiral Tyr- toff, Russian Minister 01 Marine, has ordered that eleven vessels 01 the Black Sea squadron shall be held ready and fully equipped. These ships will include four first- class battle-ships, three gunboats, three training ships, and one trans port vessel. This order indicates that the Russian government re- uuijr trw uuHUBOcuumpui iu ...,) r!nnf,n.i of meaPnT of securing ' schoolmen " fTr Pj.!? school committeemen instead of men are in favor of such a fight, and they will gladly pun togetner and win a great victory for all of these reforms if the agents of monopoly and the false friends of the people do not prevent it. In short a c-operation I , of the forces that are opposed to the gold standard and trust and monop- who will do the bidding of the court house politician. It may make tne schools, instead of a farce one a sub ject of ridicule, a power and a blessing to each community." in Danville, Va., last week and will continue a week or more. Bishop Os car P. Fitzgerald, of Tennessee is presiding. A 17 fear old school boy of MEXICO WANTS CUBA. . . . i .1 a I irai-Hc aiTaira in Tho, H.S H unrii l 11 luiviiuu' . . , i t. . , .... ,, noon session of the National Grange ing nttie reason ior tranquility. fnJatr TToforriner rn the work ucio lu-uuj- .""a . . . 1 . of the Agricultural Department, ne " snid: The crew of the steamship noi "Tho Department of Agriculture stein, which arrived in New orfc is trying to help the individual and from Santa Martha, United States th State whero Its arm is longer Qf Colombia, reports having heard than theirs, and its facilities great- at Santa Martha a rumor that forty er. It Is opening up new markets, men had been killed at Bogota, the Introducing new plants, gathering capital of the Colombian republic. facts for producers at home ana They were mainly policemen, tne abroad to the 'end that they may rumor ran, and the election not in h better informed regarding tneir which they fell occurred on ro- work, and the operations of those I vember 1. No particulars were as- state Geologist Holme, Charlotte Observer. It id pleasant to see that Prof. J. A. Holmes, State Geologist- of this state', who delivered an address be fore the good roads convention In '"olumbia during tho South Caro 'ina State Fair last week, made so lf(Wul nn ln....auUn that. what. Via fill IJUULUiSaiUll, w.l.v , - , - Hsiu 1,.,. ,1 ,A.,h onrt BHm- the world over mated discussion. Prof. Holmes H lin gf rKn of rnnttOfif. forct S in xorth Carolina. He haa a cup of muddy coffee is not whole talk Pti tinru vi-ofor In tho Pflst and I anmA. n ithr is a bottle of muddy " I' s V VVV " I Jwavy . tflMMl Atrnfvnrhoro Atlti haS I m At n A . OflA WAV tO KQOW & 1611 - VI l.i J nv.j iaiwv-i" " er - 'ius'.i our Mxlc3 City Papers Dreaming Abont a Great Tropical Republic. Mexico City, Mex., Nov. 20. The question of the future of Cuba is exciting some Interest here, ow ing to the talk of a possible union of the island with the Mexican re public in case of its gaining ulti mately its independence, which would be pleasing to a large por tion of Mexican people. The Herald remarks : "Cuba should become a part of Mexico, which will eventually form a part of the great tropical republic, J The tragedy with whom they certainable. A presidential elec tion is to take place on December 5th. The 'contest has engendered much bitterness. The present gov ernment has been expecting a revo lution, and the 4,000 Colombian ,J L"r Vi int n TwiT :Za .vmrnnv-nwrnared-blood- troops have been nem in readiness rrr;- w-.-r r ri Z aA for a possible outbreak. extending to the mouth of the Ori noco, making the Caribean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico the new world's Mediterranean." wSIIa A lr Ar A a 1 1 Iia anhnnl Ktiilit ing and whipped the Professor because a teacher attempted to correct him for an infraction of the rules. The boy's father came to his rescue and ne .was jailed. Columbia, S. C Nov. 19. Police of Greenville say that they have unearth ed an oath-bound gang of white boy burglars sworn to kill the ilrst who turns informer. Their depredations have harrassed merchants for months. They range in age, the police say, from fifteen to twenty. Arrests have been made. Henry Kammerer shot his father at their borne in Benton Harbor, Mich last week and then set fire to the house and killed himself. The father was rescued from the fire, but died later. resulted from a quarrri 1 . . V 1 r a the Virginia 1 017 aominauon wouia win a greai the Methodist I victory ana give ns me oesi wnite man s government the otate ever saw. There is a certain element in the State that is opposed to such a fight because they do not wish such a victory won, but in the face of the Dardan-1 deplorable condition of the country various matters pertaining to their purifier is by its freedom from sedi 'uterlal interests, as no other man "undone. He la a person whom ()ur South Carolina brethren can linten to at any time with profit. e note with pleasure the evi w'nceH that as far as they have Porne to know him they appreciate him. ment, Ayer's Sarsapariiia is always V-ioKt anrl nnftrltlirior. becaUSO it IS wtlBiua a . an extract and not a decoction. Mr. J. 11. Mormon, nrvt v - -. or remedv for liver com Lumberton,has maae an assigniueu. r-fl't,,MM. Wltfi with liabilities I7,uw anu .sets $18,000. Prairie Fire In Texas. A terrific prairie fire passed through several counties in Texas last week doing great damage to 'the ranges. The flames came leaping, making a fire ten miles wide, and traveling at lightning speed. At least 400 square ?i a . ; . . j miiea oi icrrnurjr were uurneu airAw eesT.lA anaBil wnttwfev vaM i eaeopou vomit a cuumuiou uja- i hnrnorl to death. X (MX) etiMn were peptic by taking Ayer s rills in time. ' I burned in one flock, and many, farm This is the experience of many. I ers lost their winter feed, the fire burn Aver's Pills whether as an after-dm-1 ing it in tne stalks. nominal aa. 1 Plaint, moigesuon, nacaienoy, waxer . - , "... . , i.::n. brash ana nausea, are invaiuaoie. . To Care Constipation forever. Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c. It C C. C fail to cure, druggists refund money. over money matters. Duke Croxon, the first to be tried of the nine men who followed Mr. and Mrs. Oleason out of New Port, Ky., and taking tne woman from ner Hus band at the point of a revolver brutal ly outraged her. vras yesterday found guilty, and bis punishment was fixed by the jury at twenty years In the pen itentiary.. . ANY PERSON Wishing to know the truth in regard to their health should not fail to send for a valuable and new 64 page Book let which will be sent Fan for a short time to those who mention this paper. This book i published by the celebrat ed physicians and scesialists Dr. Hathaway & Co of 22 South. Broad way St. A - aota, Ga whom yon should aaaress. write toaay. and the easy and ff ective way of securing a remedy, the monopoly hireling who will attempt to sow the seeds of race prejadice in order that the monopolists may further con tinue to bleed and rob the people is himself as black at heart as tne ca-i gro whose misdeeds and crimes he prates so loudly about for an .ulte rior purpose. Such a man is happy when the negro makes himself of fensive and if necessary would no doubt hire a negro to make himself offensive to furnish campaign capi tal in the interest of the monopo lists. The man who rues the ery of white supremacy in the interest of monopoly is using the livery of heaven in which to serve the devil. "This is what I have said at Rocky Mount and elsewhere, and the editor of that paper either heard a garbled version of my remarks or he wilfully misquoted me.' South Carolina is stirred no over the recent murder of Bev. J. II. Turner, of Spartanburg, by Chief State Consta ble A ewbold. roewboia escaped from Spartanburg when the killing occur red, on Saturday tne Governor of fered a reward for his delivery to the Sheriff of Spartanburg. Since that time the police here have evidence that New bold is In Colombia and de livered himself to Governor Ellerbe at the mansion on condition that be would not be sent to Spartanburg till danger of lynching subsided. Some people think JMewboid was in Hiding i at tne mansion. reference to the money question was a sham, and a ftaud, deliberately worded to deceive. The Democratic speakers 10 our section declared that the party stood for free silver, while their speakers in another section were eloquent in their indignation that the party en dorsed or advocated the "silver heresy.'' Are there any Democrats to-day who remember this "ancient bistorj? Yes, thoussnds of them, and now they .readily admit that their platform was a sham, make shift and a fraud. Does a party that is guilty of such flagrant and bold deeepiion deserve the support and confidence of the peopltl In 1S92 thehonest, independent. s.ncere silver Democrats were as "few and far between' as oasis in the Desert of Sahara. Ii 1896 they, after abusing the opulists for IhVir peculiar (f) doe- trmes, met in national convention at Chicago, and mirahilg diet adipt- ed the "free silver heresy" which many of them had s vehemently denounced. Way was this change of heart! Was it a sincere change of heariT Or was it done as a mat ter of political expediency, or a mat ter of salvation to prevent the party from being politically annihilated 1 In this connection it is necessary to refer briefly to same "modern" Democratic history. In Mary la od, this year, that party ignored the Chicago platform and would not reaffirm its principles. It did likewise in the contest in Greater New York. What does such onduet iadieatef It is plain to a nan who reads and thinks. The machine element in the party is preparing to sidetraek the great questions that are soon - to be solved. . It is human nature to repose con fidence in a man after ha baa grossly betrayed and deceived yonl Should a party be frosted that one flagrant ly deceives nst X Sats. Amviu., N. t. Nev. IT - The tenth SsMtes of Ue W eetera Nocth Carohaa Coeferae w r'U4 t otder by Uisfeop J. 8. Key preempt! r at U o'clock ttls aooratse- After d vouoaal eaeic.aee th It .she the-a aaled Ike hrUry to cad te roll. Kev. W. u. ? if mil was aosstaa trd aad asasiaoasJy t!etr4 Jwte tary with J. i. Maple as aseuataat Secretary aad U. M. Tayloe Matisii cal Secretary. . I". kirbj, U. D. hbernll. J. B. rafeaUr. W. I. W tie. M. II Yetal aad 1 A. Weed were elected aeetstaat Matisli- csl Secret ar ire. TL boats t a. aw. at 41 p m. were fi ted as tie tiatt for aseetiac aad adjoBrctutat each day. Ma4 irJacoaaBJttce were tkea at rste4 to aerve during the Confer. Th Conference then reread ed te basi net. At th night ofl !. U C1 truer. Treatuirr cf tb Saaiay school board, waa callod apoa t make his annual reptt. 11 report ed fcJ Sunday- hoi Is it Lib th boaadsf this Cotfcrenc. bat that of this auaibrr only - rrspeadrd to th rtiet to report tfor tb an nual Sunday-school aad Kowerta League CoLfvrvae. Only t ea- day ecbool oberrvrd Children's Day. Tb contribution from tb 1 ktiJr Day esercisr amr.ntcd to t.'Jl.l'. ao4 most of this wii etpeacrl la aiJiog S2 needy Sj&day-ecboole. Kev. Dr. Atkins, haadsy Mliool editor, delivered aa abl adJr oa Sandsy-schovl work discussing a c plan to keep in coottectioo with hm- day-school SapriBtndats; Suadsy school literature; th aaltfiratioa for a successful Suedsy-rhool tacLr. and Childrva's D v. II statssl tnat there ar con 13" hunday actools in th Methodist llpiseopal Cnurcb. South, and '.Ol ropiro of hun day ecbool literature distributed ach month. 11 repotted a larg ere a in th cop in of liter at ur is sued this year. Kev. S. H. TuntLtine, hw has beon chairman of th stanJitg ro mitteo of Kpworth League, reques ted a it lea from this cftc to-day. which wax granted and Kev. W. M. Curtis was lcted ia hia stead at to day's session. At the second day of th Lanier nco macn rocun iu sines transacted. Tb fo'.loaiog youiif minittets er received into full eoa cecticn: 11. K. Beyer. J. II. Fiirer sld, L K. Kirby.W. H.hasr.T.A Shoot aod It. i. Tuttle. Piof. Died Peacock submitted bis report as rrorident ox (iieecuro I emale College, whi h wsa read by the Secretary of the Conference. This report abo we 1 tb i sc bool to be i a tu most nourishing eonditioo for erven yeai. Tho ow library botldiog. with it well filld shelves, it a great addi'ion to tbcxdleg. This report was referral to th Board of Kdacatioo. Kev. Dr. J. C. Kilgo, r idrnt of Trinity Coll-gr, read the annual re tort cf the trustees of that institu tion, aad also the financial report. Tbee rejorts were very encouragmr. The present college year begau Sept. Sth, and to date 111 studrnta have matriculated, besides a tpeetal clars who are taking Knglish tinder Prof. Mims. A number of student were tame J away because they could not stand entrance etamiaatioa. Twelve young wtuen are among the regular stodsnts of the college The woman's building is Bearing completion, and when finished will be equipped with all the mdera eon venienecs. Anusbtrof most valuable gifts have been made to tie college this year, which add greatly to the liter ary and dentins departments of the co:lege. The alumni are now pro- paring to build tb Craven Memori al Hail. The health of the student body is up to the usual s'a idard ot lb college. The financial report from January, lffjc, to Janusry 18J7, slows that VXAW 81 is the total amount ieeiv ed by the college daring that time. This report was referred to tu- Board of Education. The benediction was pronounced by Ksv. J. C. Kdgo, and Coafren adjourned. At the third day s session Bibop Oolsey, of the Coined M. K. Church arrived and mad a strong appeal in behalf of the Paine and Laos insti tution which he represents. His ap peal was comprehensive aad tender in the extreme. The Pain and Lane Institute is located ta Aagaata. Ga., and is conducted in behalf of th eolored people, aad there is a great need of a new building to b known as the Hsygood Memorial Hall. The building is now in course of recti a and it is greatly desired to finish it by May of next year. The building is to cost riS.000. No speaker during the Ciferenee has held the ear of the Conference more closely than bai Bishop Utl sey, and a collection wai raise I for the building amounting to W).VO.' After the collection Bishop Holsey sang io a moat impieiv way tb eoog "Swing low. sweet chanoU." This Conference is entitled to fir clerical and five Isy del agates to tie (ieneral Conference. Ta following wer elected- Clerical-Jam ea Atkins, J. H. Weaver, J. Ii. Brooks, C. W. Byrd and P. J. Carraway. Lay IS. F. Dixin, W. B. Olell, M. O. Sher rill, V. C Ubtia, J. C. Kwf, and L, W. CrawforJ. Lay alternate: i. O. 8taoles, J. 8. Mir da and O. W. Hinshaw. Thx CatcasiAJr one year for 1. rMtaasrr f tal last lac Charlotte Obrver. Postmaster General Gary, ia bis . annual report, copies of which kav been given to the press, favors, tb establishment of postal strings de positories, and it is to be hoped that CongreMat i'saextseosioa will net favorably upon his recommend at on. Go vera mint eould hardly confer a greater benefit npon wago-earners. salaried people and men of nsodoraU means than try providing for them savings nan as in conn ecu on wiu tna Potto so DepartmenL Their safe ty and eonvenieneo would bring theal into immediate popularity and they would be the means of many persons saving money whieh is now frittered away nr. V '.

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