n 5iiLiiyiunY i, 1000. nri tho Panrasian ;,w Sntil December I, H !& Tte C:::i:3 fc:f:rc tt: cr:;:ipxf 1893. ' 3 M M w r AY I I f 1 AY A h II II l a 1 I III ' uj. vV z i I XXI - jl II I I j w a I I .f j mi i xi a li v i v w at l iv' y v n m a i j i i j i x i li- xvr. JjrOIlAL BRIEFS. .f,c- I .A' I ;lil"'.U "iirnlin anii4-' th-' !. ! in-ri'l "low ne, chairman m National Com -ufi! a ringing ad-i,.-j.ublicans of the , tf. ).J to condense. ,n our nxt iue. j '.aiitiirg for a fu !,1 ilver men find i" being exposed; now opened their i-f and falsehood itlrr and others who ! denounced their iurp, of course. vt'd some advanced , ,ok which will be a t the literature of ' Lives of Disting linians" by Mr. W. ieiffti bar. The bio- of the "distinguisb- u ulinians" and written by n'iwi- no 1'' distinguish u r- iTt stnts great study l I, h introduction to the Mr. l'eele, is a very :j nteiit that will bear ; liave more to say of ' kiU at another time. i.nrt v nlatform in this i - . , . reduction of passen rates to the gold stan .1 indeed it is not a par ,r ! .! the whole people are - 1 . justice. The Railroad , i i i only refused relief ir aid that the rail- i .1 the reduction of rates i S'tfislature. The people ti ntxt legislature hereto 4nin M : to these traitors to their Mam nary f m WMk'l EreaU That ara Helled Oowa ta Salt Oar E4ars. The Htmte i;&ntiat rnn.ni. North Carolina meets in Oxford Otb to I.'tb December. -.... wciuinin i ruiesiir.t uonier enc has been in session the past week at High Tolnt. Nearly two hundred warrant hiv been drawn in Winston onmt r. tie's, who failed to list tbeir noil and property tax in the county this year. In the foot-ball contest between the uiTFrsiues oi irffinm ni nth Carolina on Tnanksr v nr I)v thl irginiansaereatedtheTar Heels by liwrc VI J. IQ 7. A man named Cole, of OppntWn while painting the smoke stack of the Kdna Cotton Mills at IteidsTille, fell a aistanceor a bnndred and live feet. r,i. ' r t Vi'jr V V. Jr. ' .ii. v" Mil r Ux - pet. -f - ; l! it W ;- fur M :AV V Mr '.T.T.' ' ' 'V r. : tween the managers of 1 ij.r in Kansas City has 1 t i,c interesting facts that ri l uted $7."0 to the running ; hut paper on condition I liuld the (ierman vote in , vinley. No doubt there are . i-tM were the facts made this State a small gang M .M har otte Observer ana , W. Kestler, tried secret l'.ryan while pretending to it.d turn the State over to I id they do it for nothing v raid out of Hanna's bar in x: re frit I" RALEIGH, N. 0., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1897. NO. J. ' ' - - . . STATE NEWS. UR. WHITE READS THE GONG. RECORD. - M L .It. .. vue-iuuria u mne M we bow f pend UaUer introduced a relation di- wu ' pvuBioua, sna xtx ill rectmsr in SMratuv of Btat tal wouia De a eonrenienca nd t bin. iMd aa aA i i.u . n I siDgUi&t every single lndiTidual inUfthe diplonuatie represaUtirs of the country would enioT and h&rlfiiia rannrntni tkmaii Artiwtm eqaally in. P asides it would in-1 feem to send full information as to! ereue the amount of mail and there-1 fee nature, practical o Deration, sue- A BASE UISREP- The Methodist Protestant Confer- He Giy 68 the Public a Chapter he U-e incT. MaliciOM lUpcrt cf icawr Duuera kcckj Monni Speech- What is jfrond of Proud of the State DELEGATION IN CONGRESS- raperatrr to Bid th rarusaa LUUneia Oatwlcha Thlr Patriotism-Th Peopl Will ct at th Truth. HUNTLKT, NOV. 20. Office Department. In coneladinar I tlarranh anil i1nhn in fM;n he said: ' "Let us have Xr delivery countrie. I hare now before me a fcr the people in the eountry and copy of the circular letter which the Tillages or else stop free deltrery in Secretary of State aent oat under the cities, because eyery man in the date of July 17th to all foreign eonn city is near enough to get his mail in the, and the information he will re ft few minutes walk." eeire in reply to the question asked I noticed that when an effort was will be laid before Consrress in De- men fact Senator Batler nnder the innoeent title of a defini-1 " nM ln pressing? these important HE DID AND DID NOT SAY- anding on the roof of the boiler rnom Editor Caucasian. Raleio-h. N. C. sustaining only slight injury. Dear Sir: Iwas in Clinton on the II. K. Reid. an old landmark at Reid. dZ hat 8nt' Butler spoke there ville, died last week at the age of 80 a.nd neAr his speech. I also heard years. Mr. Reid at one time owned all! ine sPeeca OI Congressman Fowler Sena Things of Which Worth Carollalans should t prond of-why som tau I made to slip a bill through Congress I Mmber Truth Tii sir I luuutoui uug U' a aenni- lion oi wnat constitutes contempt be fore the court, that Senator Batler was the first man to expose the hid den meaning and the real purpose behind the bill. He showed that the effect of the bill was to increase the powers of the Federal Judges in im prisoning men for contempt and that it would legalize the monstrous and outrageous action of the Federal and meritorious bills. Has any oth er Senator taken aetion along this line? No. I wish to call attention to the fact also that it was Senator Bntler who defeated the infamous Load postal bul. The purpose of this bill was to discriminate against small country newspapers and in faror of big metropolitan dailies. Not only that, ,:iei:lTU ,rand the "n was named introducing him, and was much court in imprisoning Debs without a its further purpose was to pre- " " was a uroiuer oi me i pieasea wun me maeritipcnt tnhntA . . k.i. cm j t. M.tfiM i c .u m i-,. , , ... . , " umiuijui. ium uiu IUIU UWa n- uvu Sv'ut tuiwu mo ium f" l"D J"""K oeuaiur, ported unanimously by the Judiciary I cn doom as coin's t inancial ebool ate Governor Reid. Hebron church. at Mewborne'a X enaorse every wora ot tne Committee of the KnnttA. . Mmmi . and other reform literatnra afainit Jtoads. was burned last Wednesday same. mgtit. A singing class met in the church that night, and it is thought to Butler were both raised in this town -ume of the papers use so i j i li iii iitimh'p ana consiuerauou i rrm,' to gold-biigs? They ssy we -r tt. h our esteemed gold bug Mr so and So. but we nave for his convictions an When these silver pa t(r to I'opuUsta who have al- bfe n true ami consistent lor silver wt-re under very trying circum- . . ... . i .. : i. ... ., ((, iiiey ueai in aiuie aim riniuri.'. . .. .. A. .. .. I .. M y is it? liecause inej are omy s;i- P'.m;m1, they are gold bugs at nrrt vmiI desert to the enemy at t'je t n;.; nrtunity. aicn mem. nave caught from a defective stove Hue. Loss about tSHO: no insurance. A special from Humbert on dated Xo- vembera7 savs: Near Fulmore last night at a negro festival Charles Mc Neill was killed by James Thompson. r A .a j" . t . . . . m. Auuiaon was seriously snot in the knee. Whiskey the cause. Sheriff Hall went after Thompson. A committee was appointed in Wil mington to investigate the advisabil- ty of the city having an artesian well drilled for the purpose of supply- ng water tor public rountainaior citi zens and beasts. The water company has made the generous offer to supply the water for this purpose free of cost. Mr. Earnest Miller, of Waco, Cleve land county, was seriously -wounded. one of his eyes being shot out. Shot also penetrated bis forehead and cheek. it was tbe result of an accident Thanks giving day. Mr. Miller was out hunt ing, when a gun in tbe bands of one of the party was accidentally discharg ed. At close range a portion of (he load struck Mr. Milljr in tbe face. We see it stated that tbe Pasquotank Lumber Company propose to build a six mile railroad from the Dismal Swamp Canal near South Mills to Pas quotank river, in order to enable them to get their lumber from the Swamp to their mills here with greater facil ity. Elizabeth City Carolinian. A special to the Greenville Reflector from Tarborolast week says a man name Enoch Alston, who was sent to tbe penitentiary from Warren county in the prings of 1890 and made bis escape in Novemberof thesame year, was to day captured at Nashville and returned to prison. A confederate organization held an outing last week at Shelby in which over two hundred of the old heroes participated. Col. Bennett, of Wades boro, was the orator on this occasion. An elegant and abundant dinner was spread in the court square and pre sided over by the ladies of the city. The Jioiling Springs band was present and added much to the occasion. pa .Aa nn fi;..;"V iL " th 1H .t.r, mAnAAAi; wnen lceT behind a wail tbe; Congressman Fowler and Senator a committee comrWd of R- The goldbnn and monopolist know Ugn nnUI r0" fat nd ,f tb h raised in thin tnum. vi: j t:. . t.I ..; 4k.. ... v. u. ouirages are not irequent enoug; nnhlic.na rA sit Damnoraf. Tf I that if thT can kMi) thai DAnnlA Sir ship, and this writer was a school- there had been a PonnlUt nr. thi no rant that they can fool and divide mate cf both of them at Salem High committee it is safe to say that this them and thereby continue to rule School, anu no one is prouder of bill would never have been reported an1 rol them, hence their anxiety to them both, not only for their real unanimously. Aslunderstandit.it pass this Loud postal bill. This dan- worm dui aiso ior tne nne record iS in committee meetings that bills which they are making in Congress, are scrutinized and carefully con Mr. Fowler in introducing Senator sidered, section by section, while in Butler referred to some of the fine open session of congrefs other mem work Which he had done during hers, on aar.onnt nf nru nf M)i the brief time he has been in the Senate, and also called attention to the fact that the machine press and the gold monopoly organs in theState had refused to give him credit for the same, or to even make a note of it when they could avoid doing so. But he said that there was one pub lication which showed no discrimi nation and where the people could find the offieial facts, and that was the Congressional Record. This has caused me to use some of my spare time in examining this impartial journal. I find many important things in it that the public has not learned of through the newspapers. I ask for space in your columns to refer to some of these. Congressman Fowler refeired to how every few months Cleveland was issuing a batch of government bonds, when this State sent Marion Butler to Washington as the youngest Sen ator in . the United States Senate, and how, in less than thirty days, he introduced a bill to prohibit the further issuance of bonds, and how for three or four months he pressed it and fought for it vigorously and at last succeeded in passing the bill through the Senate, while no other Senator in either one cf the old parties had ever offered such a bill or attempted to do anything to pre vent these bond issues. Attention was also called to his ef forts and bill to cut off the big mail subsidies that are each year being gerous bill was passed through the House and was supported by many Democrats. When it reached the Senate and went to the Committee on post-offices and post roads, Senator Butler, as a member of that commit tee, fought it and held it in the com mittee and prevented a report, (though a majority of the committee was in favor of it) for over two months. When at last the bill was press business are usually forced to ac cept the report and statements of the members of a given committee with reference to a given bill that they report. While Senator Butler was not on this committee, his ac tion shows that he not onlv carnfnllv reported to tne senate, ne nied a examined the bill when it was re- strong and vigorous minority report, ported, but that he is a better law- ani made a speech which was such a yer or else a better friend to the terrible arraignment of the infamoni people than those who are on the purposes of the bill that he sueceed committee. He promptly offered an ed in defeating it.'" amendment to the bill expressly de- 1 might also call attention to the claring that in the case described in fact that while the tariff has the bill every man should have a has been made leading party trial by jury before being imprisoned "sue of the People's party, for in on a charge of contempt. He pres- ct the People's party was organized sed his amendment so vi coronal to protest against the robbery of the and exposed the dark and hidden people by the gold syndicate and the purposes of the bill with such force combined trusts and monopolies that no one attempted to reply to him and the amendment was adopted. In this connection I wish to call at tention to the fact that a few months afterwards the Democratic party in national convention endorsed this amendment of Senator Butler's in their national platform though they did not give him credit for it but at tempted to claim it as their own in spite of the Record. I wish also to call attention to the fact that he was the first Senator to introduce an amendment to the con stitution providing for an income tax. Others it seems, had been sat isfied to criticise the Supreme court in declaring the income tax law un Soma to Batl Ulvaa lb X uk rv am !atrvlw-U Hraa4 th PaU Btr aa4 Stat What ho 4M Baj-H atdthaMM tMh at Kocfcy MoaatTht ho Ma4 Kloawhtro-Ho ha aot Bofor Booa Bf.UrpraW-. Senator Butler is in the city. Ut stopped over for a day on bis way from Roxboro, where he spoke Tats day. I showed Mr. Batler the statement whieb the Rocky Mount Argonaut says he made in his speech there re cently, viz: "If colored men com mit outrages the Democrats pretend to be terribly shocked in public, bat wnen they get behind a wall tbey e rages are not frequent enough they hire worthless negroes to com mit them.'', "Did yon say thai!" I aked. "No, I made no such statement," "Then what did you sayT" "What I said about the color ques tion at Rocky Mount was precisely the same that I have said in every speech I've made in the State. And at no place could my statements be misunderstood, and I have not been misrepresented in this particular by any other paper at any other place. "On every occasion I have de clared positively and unequivocally in favor of white supremacy and Anglo-saxon rule. I have farther declared that it was best for the black man as well as for the white man that this should be so. I have further declared that every good cit inn, not only of the white race, but also of the colored race should favor it; but that every good citizen fa vored something besides, and that the class of citizens, if there were such, either white or black, who at tempted to stir up race prejudice for the purpose of calling attention from and defeating great economic reforms that concern the welfare of nine-tenths of our population, were the worst and most dangerous ele ment of society. I call attention to how frequently, during the last thirty years, the tariff and the "nig ger" had been nsed as the leading campaign slogans to the exclusion oi tne nnaneiai and monopoly ques tions, and how during this time while the attention of the people were drawn to one side by the tariff and 'nigger the gold syndicate had been allowed to destroy half of our money and corner the rest, how dangerous privileges had been grant which the two old parties permitted and were parties to, while fighting sham battles with each other over the tariff, and while the People's party Congressional caucus passed a resolution to this effect at the begin ning of the extra session and stated that they would not help either one of the old parties to revive it as a leading issue to sidetrack the vital issues, and to this end declared that they wonld refrain from voting on the final ballot, yet no member of Congress was more alert in the peo ple's interest, while that bill was pecking than was Senator Butler. and vote he opposed every unjust 'ndlvid1uals b wlcn lheT, rew and flvftrv discrimination I w h nui wi yui uuub auu pvw voted to railroads as a free gift, also constitutional, but no one had taken fn bill not only that but he of. erf ul monopolies which have resulted Wr LL SAID. Hie .- .it. -ville Mascot commenting the i!. 1 1 -inn of the court in Rail- ( :ii tu I ssion case (Caldwell vs. loti :iml the desperate effort of ruin rn.Imad organs to make it ap- irtha. t!,e" Wilson Brothers"' were nied a tr',;il by jury, says : "Trial i !' igal questions by jury re- ved anoMier black eye in Iredell periim :rt yesterday morning. It now in uniiT lor tne new guaruians thW k i iilium of liberties to get .lonthnr bind leg and howl some ore. VUOMKMtK Al.TOKLU AM GO- M:OK I'lNOBIK. On November lsth we published ex- oernnr Mtgeld's masterly discus on of ' , ivernment by Injunction nil the eotwing issues." It was one of Ncleare-t and most comprehensive "Mentation of the causei.of present nditioni ml one of the most power ' arguments in support of the true -tier-. ir i :i t . Democracy and the ne- ity ivr tbe application of all of r.on'- principles that we have ev- Fen. lie showed clearly that the icsiro futform did not embrace all ' the principles of Jefferson, and that ''"Whins morj than the Chicago Mform wa necessary to remov3 the "feateni-il laneer to the Republic. It notiiea ' ;bat not a single Demo nic pa; r in the State has published -ii-peeeb. Thk Caucasian has re- nvel mar," letrpra thankine us for 'tlihit; it in full. XJW nunes (Jov. Pingree, though Nl a Republican and elected Gov- rn" of MW hiiran as a Republican, retakes r,ractlcallv the same posi- 3n. rt.tt.r t0 tne great speech re ly tu;-. !e by (lov. Tingree before ''int e.nth Century Club of New or( it). i.-.st week we published a short extracts from this speech. It Isnr.t; . , ...... . ... ... t tw, c in e inai a majorny oi iuo v -r3 in t), 4 hava iirnnrpd this a tLev itrnored Governor Alt- torn fif thfl I x a uc i caa v - - t and The following fourth-class postmast ers in North Carolina were appointed : Bundy, Jos. S. Bundy ; Churchland, L. F. Barnes ; Coddle, B. W. Pressly ; Mil lers Creek, Reuben F.Wyatt ; Old Hun dred, John W.Wood7ard; T. J. Sad ler ; Stewart, I. R. Cameron ; Summer ville, Mrs. Cora C.Bryan; Wakefield, L.W. Robertson; Winnie, Robert L. Bryan. An attempt was made last week to wreck the west bound Chattanooga train on the Southern Railway near Alexander. Some person that the spikes had been the rail elevated so as to cause a wreck, lie signaled an approching freight train which came to a stop and thus saved it from being derailed. John Barnes, who attempted rape on Miss Cora Yarborough at Rocky Mt. some time ago, was tried at Nashville last week and found guilty. He was sentenced by Judge Timberlake to sev en years in tbe penitentiary. Barnes' lawyers at once took an appeal to the Supreme Court and pending its decis ion it was deemed advisable by tbe court to remove Barnes to Wake coun ty jail for safekeeping. He was taken to Raleigh Friday. We were talking with some of tbe last week to reduce the enormous price which the government is paying these rail roads for carrying the mail?, and be sides to stop the payment each year to the railroads for the rent of postal cars twice as much as it would cost to build the cars. No one else had ever called attention to these big steals or attempted to stop them. Attention was also called to Sena tor Butler's amendment to reduce the armor plate for our vessels from $450 to $300 per ton, and also to his discovered I exposition of the fact that the armor drawn ; and I plate trust had been putting oS in ferior and defective armor plate upon the government at this enormous price, and also to his further amend ment providing for the building of a eovernment plant factory if the armor plate trust did not agree to furnish armor at that price. He forced these amendments through Congress, and at this very hour the government is taking action in in accordance therewith. This one amendment means a saving of over one million dollars to the gov ernment on the three battleships now under construction. In addition to these things to which Congressman Fowler referred, any action to remedy tne wrong. Under the rules this amendment went to the Judiciary Committee, the same committee referred to above, and the Record shows that Senator Butler has made frequent efforts to get a report from that com mittee on his amendment but has not yet succeeded. Why have not the Democrats on that committeee forced a report on this amendment? They could get a minority report at least eo as to bring the matter before open Congress. I wish also to call attention to the fact that Senator Ransom spent twenty-four years in the Senate and never, so far as I remember, did or far-A or, r,oDaC . nmW rt im. I 111 UOCUlHK HUMS BUU COmOineS, Ul uui beau fc. auHUUiucuw. x tvuigiuvm . , . , . . , , now that he was the only Senator " covered with eating cancers called who offered an amendment to put These, I said, were the evils the ingredient of fertilizers on the that haye brought hard times and fr Hr. nri m within nn a or two cauLea "agnauon oi Business. votes of passing it. He offered the first amendment to put cotton bag ging and cotton ties on the free list and took the lead in passing an amendment to this effect. But space forbids a more lengthy enumeration. Suffice it to say that when Senator Tillman made a speech about a week efter the adjournment of Congress at Mooresville in this State, he took occasion to pay a high tribute to the work done by the Pop- attempt to do anything for thepeo- ulists in general, and Senator Batler 5tiiVand roeTv pie of this State except to get a in particular on the tariff bill. He denly the cry of mgg f. .itr an ..hm. anniiAmn'lfmTig : J a I.: l,;.l. rSlSCa UP S3 S POlltlCl :ew river and harbor appropriations. He did many things against the in terests of his people; namely, he voted in 1892 to re-charter the infa mous banking system; again when he voted to repeal the last said, to use his own language, which I quote from memory, as follows: "I want to say on behalf of Senator Butler of your State, that he was found on every occasion fighting the trusts and the greed of every grab- u at iui ktvs furro aitW ta4 bB err! ht tbftbri!f t lUailrc a ! tlwty to JU at Jr. . a taka Iron.- I h rfrftn ari tuiiU4 lib bullet. Tt urtdty. A wtrtbit). roataifttnf lot of bay and frJ tatT.tfc frrlaMl rto too a lamtwr irJ wr eelirvtj atroje4. Th VaaderbilTs r trpottrt to tw ttdfaroriegto rata ertlr roativl ofl tbe coal markets at ao4 west. Tb Kb me l being BiaBtpalat4 tarovgt. t Cbearaav and Ohio Uallroad otcpary. ABL4 i Va . nrar Uktaot,d, rixrt having rirrierrl aa rrtbiake toe a atur4ay anrroooa. Tto vibra tion was "very distinct, al lat about five secoedt. Hick Price, negro rharcrd wltb rape was taken from Jtll at Mark. t la- lat aturUay by about n ban- drrd men and baogeU to a limb of a tree. About fifty were fired Into his body. Tougaloo ) tirjro t'nierity wa tutaliy Ietroyed by Gre lal Thursday. Tbe todenU and tearbert loitl all tbeir effect. The buMdtBg was entirely ronsuo.ed and tbe lo estimated at fM.UU. It is now alleged that the murderer of Blaorbe I.tmoot and Jrf Uil- liama, of which Iurrant b been coo victed, was committed by one named Blanther, who recently died in aTrxax prison and made a roofesoion to that effect. Tbe authorities in California do not credit the story. A dispatch to the Observer of char lotte, from Atlanta says: "It Is re ported on autnenlic lulormauon tbat Clark Howell, editor of the Atlanta Constitution, baa withdrawn from tbat paper, and tbat Kven V. Howell will begin the publication of a big morn- f A A I ng paper in Aiiania. A negro Pullman porter was ar rested lat week on a rharge of at tempted robbery. A. K. Hill, a broker. of Providence K. I, allerea that tbe porter tried to steal from bis pocket an envelope containing 3'..' in cer tified checks and 3.oin cash. Brok er Hill was a passenger on the Balti more and Ohio train. An unknown negro was killed by lynchers near Blarkahear Ga .Thanks giving day hi body being ridded with bullets. Tbe negro outraged Miss Kebie I'avis, tbe 17-year-old daughter of Kli Davis, a farmer living seven miles north of Blackshear, while he was alone in her borne. Saoixaw. Nor. 21 Six million feet of Lumber valued at seventy-Ove llou- sand dollars was burned tbia morning. The yard belonged to Aaron T. ItlUs of Coarollton. tnc con Kaon crtttacta ta mr cnvttaet cr uomm caroiu. is -t tWa- . kMaaM r la.g ,aa apMHH BM MIDDLE OF THE RQADERS MEiT RESOLUTE. AND They LHclar Tbey Will Hold KaUsntU Covatla la April of Meat tear ( tm laate m Praaldaatlal Caadldale fr 1U0 AraThay Crsty r ara They Baat MlachUf-lhey Will try t Hplll tha Paoplaa Party aadTaka air With Tba What Thay Can Som tnera bad Fralu From tha Nathvllla Coufaraaea Hat tha Pollowlas Will ba Small. silver law on the statute books I bcr. like the devil, just as I did." under the dictates of Cleve-1 These are a few of the many things land and in order that he I of national importance whieh Senator might distribute offices from I Butler has accomplished in his short Cleveland's pie-counter if for no other I but brilliant and active record; these consideration. But the Democratic I are some of the leading questions press of this State has never cnti- which he himself has introduced and Senator Butler has done in the short space of two years, and, in fact, Mr. Fowler could not nave renearsea. ms jmarakble record in the for an introductory been as silent about them as they have about the many good things that senator Butler has done. But we all remember how they would an- nounce wun great neacuiness ana flourish of trumpets every little the large'number of local and private bills which he has introduced, press ed and passed. Besides, the Record shows that he has always been on hand and taken a prominent and ac tive part in every fight where the m- ''Tlin volU:;ann vf V.v.k . V. .1.1 parties have seen these evils grow up and the wholesale robbery of the people committed, but have kept the truth from the people and have kept them stirred up and divided on other questions. I said that to day, with these same evils confronting us; in even more alarming and dangerous proportions, and with the gold syn dicates and trusts and corporations combined to perpetuate their domi we hear sud mggar and tariff up as a political slogan witn greater vehemency than ever. "isow tnere are tnonsans oi peo pie crying out ior wmte supremacy who are honest and sincere. I am ready to join hands with those who are sincere, but let us divide the sheep from the goats. Let us test their sincerity by seeing who is in fa vor of fighting for white supremacy and also for financial reform and for monopoly reform that will give us an anti-monopoly Legislature in the true sense of the word. The Peo ple's party is in favor of such a fizht, the majority of the voters of the State are in favor cf such a fizht, and they will gladly pull together and win a great victory for all of these great reforms if the agents of monopoly and the false friends of the people do not prevent it. In short a co-operation cf the forces that are opposed to the gold stand ard and trust and monopoly domina tion would win a great victory and P'Outi-v,. ti'f Knti nf fh old nsrties PUsttak-a long step forward or the masses and Republican :1 oon be battling side by t tie People's party for the n of our government. "We tJ several requests to pub- v. 1'nivTHp' aneecb in full, as 9 dill I. IU T. W - am- D'1 a ' 'nv of fca .ma anri trill trv fnocran With I! . and they said that they themselves, I find that there is much more that cised him for those things; they have taken the lead in, to say nothing of and most of their neighbors, were not compelled to sell their tobacco, and were holding back for better prices. more than he would nave received bad I umo n"ilVomrKV".r.V tim to appropriation that he got for a river terests of the wmnle were at stake; farmers of this section are thrifty peo- refer to some of the other measures or a mud creek. Now what does the that he supported with all oi bis ple.High Point Citizen. introduced by Senator Butler and record show! That Senator Butler power every good measure offered Letters patent have been granted to the work done by him as given by secured larger and more appropna- by any one else, that he opposed vi g- .u. mJ" w.VL v...:.,.- r-"J.w,w r fi, rTT0,inT RAAnrd. tions for the rivers and harbors of orouslv every bad measure. Winston-Salem for thirty years witn i find that he introduced an amena- in ow u w xiow, unnwn.H A ttg th6 best white man's govern w t axi ;n nt . .1.- n . rm -:o I hnr hill tiTi RATiatnr Rnium Avnrl Sfata as hie i.AnntvmMi. as his ulav-1 B u 1 US utDl1 mau o gwiuu $50 each. Tower is given the com- tion bill, making an appropriation secured. If Senator Ransom was do- mae in boyhood and schcol days,! pany to increase the capital to $10,000. 0f fif ty thousand dollars and direct- ing a great thing for his State by trust that I can with pardonable The incorporators are T. F. Wrenn.8. . postmasterGeiierai to use getting these appropriations, then pride ask, if any man has ever in 5 i. r ecuuu auu i tynjo.u. t" i t .,a in f roo i whv haven't tnese papers tola tne peo-1 or iu vears in tne Denaxe accomp- lb 111 U1A&1UK CAUOitUIVUWO aaa vw i y . i a at a ;n th onnntrv as the pie what a great thing Senator But- listed so much? It seems to me that city people now have it free. This ler was doing by getting more and eve-ty newspaper in the State, no was done in the first session of the larger appropriations! matter to what party 'it belonged, Fifty-fourth Congress; the experi- I wish also to call attention to the wonld gladly publish these facts as a ment was made in seveaal different fact thatSenator Butler now has pen- matter of State pride, if for nothing localities in the United States, but ding before Congress two important else. Bat on the other hand, what do the Postmaster-General informed bills to perfect and improve our pos- we see! Either out of partisan li ttle- tha last Conirress that that he had tal system: One providing for the ness or because they are muzzled and esiaDiisumeni oi. a jusiai Lc.ogrikpii coniruueu uj uiwhwviicb vwumju wvu which would break up the oppress-1 ator Bntler has so vigorously and ive vveswrn union xevDa mo-J."Sv is happy when the negro makes him " iSSKT " : J?1::?. ZJt U Hi and if necessary, would "U,T" VVJ Sr., vv"rrriJ;Z no doubt hire a negro to make him unitea oiaies. ana enaoio uie pso-i every possioio way. auu iuu & pie to send a telegram for ten cents I why I ask space to publish tbe above . ... . . ... 1 lu ... . 1 l I. . a . a . a .... I c . i.Yiar.iii. nanf. aha iIaI.1 k.a -!. a A nn rm naa nwil MUn I " . . thia nmfi-nnmnnt ne gnnwea mat ueivi iiuu. w vu use avvtrammnnt trk-Hav ntTx for da-1 lar and over, according to tne ais- liverine the mails to every man in I tance, as we now have to pay, II. Umstead. The comoanv is empowered to manuiac- ture, buy and sell and handle all kinds of house furnisbins: goods and to carry on an undertaking business. What is said to be a genuine beav er's dam has been discovered on Seven. Mi'.M Creek, a few hundred feet above Di mock's pond, about two and a half miles west of town. Tbe dam is about one hundred feet in length apd is built of mud. sticks and logs. The beaver's must have put in full time while at work, for it is claimed that there were no signs ot tbe dam at fod- A gooa ment the otate ever saw. mere is a certain element in tne state tbat is opposed to such a fight because they do not wisa such a vietory won, bul in the faee of the deplorable coodi tion of the country and the easy and effective way of securing a remedy, the monopoly hireling who will at tempt to sow the seeds of race preju dice in order that the monopolists may farther contine to bleed and rob the people is hints 3lf as blaek at heart as the negro whose misdeeds and crimes he prates so londly about for an ulterior purpose. Such a man der nullinsr time. A good many peo- . a . I .t. MmwtiA itAiinttiv kava via. mrta awn H-enf irtOOrTiPl I TllB irUIII faUWIl AUU VUUUiiJ v oiauiutau ywvw-v- i mr-- . . . ir . " - t. ited the dam the past weea.iiiusDoro n r i m . a tvnt aonn 'i nswa iiihki: ii i Observer. . B. rUhblat Aaa'saa. Wii MiinTOif.N. C. Nov. 23. S. H Fishblate, dealer in ready-made cloth not been able to complete the exper iment sufficiently for him to make a recommendation to Congress. Whereupon senator Butler secured another appropriation of fifty thou sand dollars during the last session of Congress to continue these ex- pie 10 sena a loiegram iurj lu co wny a asaaco w-;ieapitoiilltlI interest of the monop periments. In his speech supporting anywhere over the country, instead No one can PPjeciate k The man who uses the cry Tf no doubt hire a negro to self offensive to furnish campaign He ing made an assignment to-day. As- the cities free of charge at his door, has also introduced a postal rangi .. ... ..".i'mia -. mmiA t-r.1 . .- .1 . I: 1 lka,V kill nmviiliiiir rArrnaMfahluh. sets estimated at $25,000, are said to exceed liabilities. Freterences amount to twelve or thirteen thousand dollars. Poatofflea Bobbed. - WixRTrtw. K. C Nov. 34. The Post- nfnaat T.akaville. Rockinrbam coun- t-m a rohbed last nisht. The office ?L1 T:a Tnfln;;: yen in which to serve the devil. J?aS;ya oi5i "ThU is what I have said at Rocky of these PwUsan and VlZJ Mount and elsewhere, and tne editor pers wmisropi - f , . . . rbled iu a i ' - -7 r- -.- - .,. version ox my remaras or ne wuiuiij while the man in the country, living bank bill providing ior tne estaoiisn- milAs. if I ment of a Postal Savings Bank at ey- not more, from the postolnce, is ery money order post-office in the I man and to prevent the truth forced to stop his work- and go tor u miea dws waoro uo ywyia mu. Amlid aoted. ' his mail or aiiow il iu no at me omce i i"i" &"f w until he can find time to go. He I cent up, receive interest on the same. I had no opportunity to do anything -i a ua. a..., f -or. a ivB4- 1 n.nA huvA tViA sacnritT of the sroTern-1 in tha legislation of Congress on ac- 'fifl.i I iy, WB9 lUUUC'J iaov uBav. -m. - H1UW uun iumu uius nas w i - - - -- I Vlt . , , . n "D1 r .)... (0P it jn the next issue of 8afe was blown open and all the money farmers by forcing every man in I ment behrnH it. Nearly every conn-1 count of the gag methods or Caar ""Si t! i .,..m I and atamrVl ITl IT. WOICU BUIUUUVCU V I avV. -tWll aA-Mmnwitw a -tmrmtaA ttaw tTV in TllR VOHQ DaS LfllfflH DOSUl I IVfllia IU IBLIUilllir LU KUIIUUlb WU1UUI.- ' I 1.11. A.Vmm Tm.x-rtr a T I " mt aj a . Mai 1. a T fi W a.l . . W 1 . several nunarea aoiiara, aaacu iruiu... , k drone-half a dav a I savings bans except ours, xney I tees, Dut 1 am connaent mo puouo ANY PERSON ?Parti P.,... r iUn is to have "'t commenc Wishing to know the truth in regard to their health should not fail to send for a valuable and new 61 page Book let which will be sent rais for a short Et. Louis, Mo., Nov. 21. After an all night session of tbe national organization committee, represent ing tbe middle-of the-road faction of the Populist Party, they reconvened to-day behind closed doors. This af ternoon W. Steinberger, cf Kan sas, gave out the following address as having been unanimously adopted by the committee: Recognizing the importance of ac tive and aggressive work to tbe end ofliniug up all reform forces for future campaigns, we, the national organization committee of the Peo ples Party, hereby call a meeting of said committee at the Laclede Hotel, St. Louis, Mo., for January 12, 1898. To the end of restoring perfect har mony in the ranks of the party and effecting a more compact organiza tion, we respectfully invite thA na tional committe of the Peoples Party to meet with us in conference on the above date, appealing to their pa triotic sense of uuty to aid ns in re storing to its once splendid estate out party organ: za'.iou. reeling it due to the members of the Peoples Party to outline the ob jects of this call, we submit the fol lowing: We recommend the holding of a national nominating convention on the first Wednesday in April, 1803. We recommend the holding of State conventions, at which dele gates to the national convention shall be chosen on tbe third Wednesday in March, 1898. We recommend that the nomina tions of Congressmen bs delayed un til after tbe holding of the national convention. We recommend that tbe platform on which the contest for 1803 and 1900 be waged should embody the following propositions: Absolute paper money, based upon every commodity and rcsmree of the nation, a full legal tender. and receivable for all dues to the United State?. Free coinage of gild and silver at the present legil ratio; the coin debts of tbe United States payable in either, at tbe option of the government. All money to bs issued by the government to be paid out direct to the people for service rendered, or to be loaned to them at a law rate of interest on safe security, and with out the intervention of private bankr, provided that tbe volnms of the currency sball not exceed $50 per capita. Government ownership and opera tion of railroads, telegraph and tel ephone lines. Opposition to alien ownership and holding of land for speculative pur poses. Opposition to court-made law. Opposition to trusts. We especially recommend the in- itative and referendum and tbe im perative mandate. Hilton Park, the chairman of the committee, said he bheved that the address embodi'd a platform upon whieh the people of the United States lTf raor Atliaaor. f .rf, ( rlirtd tvtn?f Uaaaall t hiss wa is for a a: o a as ta ( f aat ef tL eoaviata la !). rua'a priaoa ia thia Stat, J'r a lor a.a th evetirts ia On g m fcao I Waad to fnvaU iadirxia'a or ror Dorattuts for nah r aJ Tfctre are two vroo4 boas bff : Meorgia legis'atara birk ia now i twiot: oce ta to catiae ta Ua the e a victa which rsa t Jos at a pixfit. tbe oUer is fr tta t as the navirts ia aaia rt & atU employ ttett tt that can ts tcac! Tho otrtpoa4r tta iV two (iavsracrs it aa (irllowt: "Atuixta. ;.. Nov. 22. lr7 liov. l. 1.. Uaaatll. Ka!ith. N. What iatho total valaa tf ral tato and iaipaiat taed ty lh State for pvaiteaUary fBrpoa. a2 wbsT total anaat for this parrfca ? PIa wiro aaavtr at &. W. V. ATKti. -j.. tiov. of .OTf To thia ot:aar K atari, utad t ply as follow a : lULti-.u, n. t. Ni. Gov. W. A. Atkinson, Atlanta. i a Tho value of real eatate, iarlaJ.or tbe central piiaon, actually oaacd, s approximatfly ote million dollars. The iraleatate and other property owned was paid for by a spatial taa and appropiiations covering a 111 xl of twenty ytara. Ia addition tothia.ttio petileatiary leases six farms at a total ana sal rental of about fifteen thousand dol lars, whir n is lor the moat raft a piece of jtbery. Until tne last legislature an aunual appropriation has txHa male for ita support, and for the last foor years the penitentiary has coat tbe biale. over and above catalogs, on huo drd and fonr tboasacd doLara. Onr last legislature mad no con tingent appropriation; bat our res ent management seems l.kely to pay tbe dtbts of the preceding admioia tration, all expenses this year and a neat anm in the State treasary. Tbe aggregate expenditures from 187 to 181H) were r-.C7.Ut, the ag giegate earnings for the nut tioio l.HJ,O0i net ezpecditnres, I..M7. 000. DaMKL. L. KtaiM., iovernor of North Carolina. Tbe Newa A Observer commnticc upon Governor Km hell's reply. aay "It will be observed that the Gov ernor calls tbe lease of farms a pier of jbbery (bcaat tho lea at made nnder Democratic administra tion), and then gis on ta show that it ia a good thing by claiming tbat the present administration will toako ihempay. If this bo true, which it is not, no one could ask for anything better. A gocd kiLd of jobbery that. The News and observe! is eiiLtr grossly ignorant, or willfully at tempts to hide tbe truth to shield Democratic incompetence and job bery in connection with the peniten tiary. Tua C-U'CtUV baa already published facts and figures which 00 Democratic paper has attempted t deny, anowiog that tbe Anson coun ty farm was leased for nine years at an outrageously high price; inderd what was rented was not a farm but a lot of poor hillsides and wood lands which it was necessary t clear and improve at great expense befoi it wa worth anything as a farm. Vet the Democratic directors of the pen itentiary leased tbis farm, contract ing to pay twenty three hundred dol lars a year for nice years. After to Stato has cleared the land and im proved it for nine years it may t worth something, but sartly at thA end of that time the owner of tho land should pay the State a round fee for improving it instead of the State paying nearly twenty thousand dollars tor the privilege of sinking nearly that much money. If this is not j bbery ' then there bss never been any in tbe State. It is proba ble tha. every one of the penitentiary farms will make expenses tbis year for the first time, except tho Anson farm, which is sure to throw the pen itentiary in debt. A GOVERNMENT ARMOR PLATE PLANT "v"'". - .1 , , I . 1 a.. a j ..., 1 lei wnicn will 09 men. r m.mm ior a sour ave a paid lire if "ur r. L ...anpeted of beine time two or tbree times a week to eneourago tne poopie ay up iuwi ny iuva w a u0 w uvm. h fc mention this paper, cing December own y wterday, are suspected of b the government small sayings not only by paying also at e next session of Congress. ?Kki?publisbedby theceleteat- 1 tne STUlliy ParUCBa I . 1 11 ltV. kiila inni. liAm .k.1 Van HAUIAAtfflllT. ' I . . ; - m T- trv body Bays ho. . rf an.lv Cathartic, tbe most Wf a Uiacoverv 01 Uie age, per- w lMu!iuctic. fevpr. habitual cODStipalion 01 'v Dl',"v"ss. Please buy and try box ty. c ' vJav; 10, 83, Wcents. boldand rut a to cure by all druggists. small I them interest but by giving them an them solute security and insuring them from 1 that they will never lose them as they door of I broken oanas; ana, oemaes, nunareas be-1 of people would save and deposit in .a Sa a. 1 1 a 1 S. iL. . ' li .ki.k tk a.Anna am i airioa ttkt nn bis mail and carrv it i wese uanas wuo cannot uo so in mo ary irouoiow - TI I rTX n Iv.- A n.ftT.T ba. Jnt m m. ia 'inwainanio. nmniri riaar k ub lud uiuuDa aaci buuwdu liial a maawmw wmmm-m. a.w - - 11. IB . kkk IHHWIVIi aWAMM w " " 1 V a - B A a a. . Very Respectfully, F. M. Whit. could get any boy at a very A a an DTTlbTfran AY madieine. Aver'sl cost (and there are plenty of rhorrv P.toral takes the lead of idle on the farms) to take mail other remedies. For the relief and any postoffice as soon as it arrives are jiow frequently doing tnrougn i pMaxuit is an exudation . from the pores of the skin that spreads and dries, forming scurf and caus- intr the hair to fall out. Hairs Hair this would not cost the government I before Congress ad journed Senator I Renewer cures it. . specialists Dr. Ym sontn uroaa way St. Atlanta, Ga whom you should address, write today, ed physicians and . . a. aa naauawaj x vo ut v? na "". ,t0 tne,.t,u,le' Sf$l cure of croup, whooping-cough, sore and deliver.it at once to the doo S f hroat ind PtnrdanPgefous ?ulmon- every patron of the Office and. ve I. . . .J , .... . L.,iii.. . . - a a. i ...... I Viia mail aaaH avan . KOncate raar Bowela With Caacarcta. Candy Cathartf, enre conaUpatioa forcer. wese. ii .j- u. xii. arurKifciareiuaanxincy so liable, prompt to act, sure to cure Tub Caucasian one year for f I. A Mpoetal Satal Barl AUtf Ctlt. atr BtUw'i Kaaalatlae ta raaaalaa la ta thaCaataf Araaar Sfaklas Hava IM alsaad a PUil. lataaU m4 WklrkWIII la OffaraS ta Csraaa at Ha Ufxalac la baa. aaafear. lu Caeaclty Will Wa Keealta tha ptaMMt CafacllF ml tSva tmm riaata Mayfafylati tha Oataraanal. ashixutox, Nov. 23.-Tbe sptcial naval board appoiated to xtmine it- to tbe cost of armor to a k ior, baa dt signed a plant, details of which it will ptesent to Congress. It will cott more than 3.000.000 and wi 1 hare a ca pacity of C,000 tons of armor pla'e per annum, which is atoot tfce com bined capacity of tbe two armor plants now sapplyiug tbe navy. Tin process of manufacture w;lt melade the very latest developments in tbe art of metallurgy, and while the plans contemplate tbe maaofactare of Haiveyised nickel steel armor, ac cording to tbe methods usd in the reforgrd proeees, tbey will admit of easy adaptation to tbe new secret Krnpp process of hardening armor by the use of gas. The plans are Raid to be perfect ia every detail, and the specifications ere raid to be s well defined that no difficulty is expeted to arise in securing straight bids. The board has prepared tbe forms of advertisement, eslJieg for bids for erecting this plant, aa Congress de sired that information ant! Secretary lsong will soa issue tbe advertise ment. If the advertisement is promptly sent oat, it is hoped that within three months at the least. Con gress will have before it fall infor mation as to the eost of an armor would stand, and would give hearty support. At the meeting tO be held next nlatael ant aa wall uaffartfram January jn8L Louis, Mr. Park said Saline plants to sell out t the srov- thathe believed there wonld bea)rnmnt prominent Populists from all see I tions ot the country. Whether orl If yon are anxious to fiad the moas not the National Committee would I reliable blood pnrfier, read ia Ayert attend, he said, he did not know, Almanac the testimonials of those but even if it d'd not his committee who have been cured of such terri wonld go on and hold a national eon- ble diseases as catarrh, rheumatism, vention next year and make its own and scrofula, by the use of'Ayir s nomination at that time for Pre si- Saraaparilla. Then govern yo ar dent in 1900 'self accordingly. i .K. 1 Ji -- V

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