THE CAUCABIAN PUBLI8HKD IVKRT THURSDAY. HT TI1S5 CAUCASIA ftBUIHWO CO. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, 1SK YaUR, StJC MONTHS (MitEK MONTHS .11.00 . .60 . .M F.nter1 in tha I'oat OUic at KuWinb, N. m Second Cla-a Matter A WORM TO MIVEK OKMOCR-tlM. irath nwnarr which ion taki published tin? be and malicious lan rt-r afsrd by th- goldhug editor of a Korkj Mount pp-r about my prh tbreon t IRtb? If , ha it pub li!ifd my rrf ly and denial in tin Iat i-nunof Tna V.krvkntkft If not th-n I wlih to a-k you to ral in thin iue of Tna 0.ccai!I a fttatemrnt tf what I did and did not day barked up with amJa?itby men who lizard the fpeech. Home papem are not lair and honeet enough with their readers to publlah bot aide, but every fairminded man wants to know both niJes and then nidw for himself. Marion I'iti.kii. A MAHK AMI l"l H MK .ll.l l. Last week we published a signed state ment beaded, "What Smator Uutler said at Kocky Mount," giving the lie to the malicious misrepresentation of our speech, and stating what we did say. We reproduce below the same state ment this week and nuhlinh a number of allldavits from gentlemen who heard tbe speech testifying to the falseness of the Argonaut's report, ar.d testify- ing to the correctness of our statement. These nait the lie and prove the truth. WHAT MRNATOK IUTI.KK HAII AT HOCK Y MOUNT. Last week, when Senator Butler was in JCalelgh, a reporter of the News and Observer showed him what a cer tain Kocky Mount paper reported him as aaying in bis speech there on Octo ber 15th and asked whether or not it was correct. Senator Butler prompt ly branded the report as faUe, not only in the words quoted, but also in the impression which that paper tried to convey as to the tenor of the speech. The News and Observer reporter then asked him for a idatement of what he did aay. lid promptly die- tated a report of that part of bis speech on the color question, which was the ame tbat he had made in every speech. In another column of this pa per we publish the interview from the News and Observer. We republish here the garbled and doctored quotation which is as follows : "If colored men commit outrages the Democrats pretend to be terribly shocked In public, but when they get behind a wall they laugh until they grow fat, and if the outrages are not frequent enough they hire worthless negroes to commit tbem. Now turn and read the interview on the first page and see what he did say. Thus any one can see how the speak r's meaning might be misrepresented by quoting, even correctly, one sent ence, when the oonnection in which it was used is not given; but when the sentence is ingeniously doctored and put Into language different from that used by the speaker, and besides comments made on it to try to create an impression that it was used in an entirely different connection (concern ing rape cases,) then the editor is guil ty of the basest slander. He seeks to mfke it appear tbat tbe speaker said Just the opposite of what he did say. Now the editor of the Rocky Mt. peper attempts to justify his doctored and grossly misleading quotation with the following affidavit We, the undersigned do hereby make affidavit that we beard the speech of Senator Butler, and tbat the above ex tract in quotation marks is in substance wDii ue saio. (Rv.)B. S McKenie, F.J. Thorp. M. D J.J. Dacohiry. Nov. 13, 1817. Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 13th day of November, 1897. John L. Arrinoton, Notary Public. it win be noticed tbat tbe men mak- ing this affidavit are careful not to fay coat senator uutier used the words whioh the Rooky Mount paper puts in- to his mouth, for they could not do so without perjuring bemselves.They are also careful not to endorse the claim of that paper that the language was used 10 connection with rape cases, which claim is a base and malicious falsehood, Id the above quotation put the words "agents of sbylock and the monopo- lies" lu the place of the word "Demo- erats" and remove tbe charge tbat this language was used in connection with rape cases and give the con- nection in which it was used and then we might let tbe remainder of tbe language stand (though tbey are not tbe words he used) and no one eould object to the language b,ut tbe hired agents of the gold syndicate and the corporations. It is an old saying that the Devil can quote scripture to prove bis conten- ft An That la Tn a nan mmta ........ v.- o cjitaic paragrapos, ana quote mem correctly, ana prove nis case ir tne connection in VI.K h .......! 1- I 1 . . wuiuu m is useu ue omiuea. Bat if tbe Devil is allowed to change the wording and give "in substance" lo his own language, any selected par- agrapb from tbe Scriptures, he can of eoorie make his lie lot k more like the troth. He can prove that white is black; that there is no God and that the Devil reigns over the true Heaven, This is exactly vhat has been dooe by the Rocky Mount editor in this case, and we will now put his own wit- nesses, the very men who signed tb affidavit, 6n the stand to prove it. Ev- ery lawyer and every other person who has watched court proceedings have often seen two good men, both of whom aw or heard the same thing, swear to tootradictory statements about the facta. If the jury should believe one the verdicS would be one: way if they should believe the other the verdict would be opposite, But when the lawyers come to cross examine tbe witnesses it is often fouod that one or both modify their statement so that they practically agree. Tbtmore leBiimooy orougu out on rros examination is, M a rule, a - - r m ua- nearer the trutb. We will now crow -sarcinethe three men wbo made this aflldtvit. ju-Mon. Iid not Senator Kutler in bis ieech at Kocky Mouat draw harp distinction between the two clashes of men wbo are crying cut against "negro domination?" Iid be n? ho that the great masses of the rwopt" were not only fur white u prrmay. but w-re aUo againt the go! J afidard and monopoly rule. Tfcat the IVople Party occupied the same position and thy were rt-ady to jtn him- with all others who favored the name reforms and e'.ect an anti-monop-oly legislature and that th.s would givrf to the State the bet white man's government the .State had ever Been lid he not ssy that there were certain gold and monopoly agents wuo were try ing t keep divided the people who tbougtit alike on the most vital ques tions; that they were trying to divide j an I r ,ri.j-r and elect a monopoly Leg-j ... . . i i.Iatiir and that thev were using the "nigger' question and appeals to race prejudices to cirrj out their scheme? A. To this they murt answer, yes. Was it not against these hirelings of Shjlock and monopoly and no one else that Senator Hutlcr used me fciric turert cf.nctrning which you were call ed upon to make an allldavit? A, To lUif, they must answer, yea. i. Did he unethese strictures against the gold monopoly agents in connec tion with rape cases? A. To this, they must answer, no J. And did he not in this connec tion me an illustration to the etlect that when machine politicians and agents of monopoly have an unusually bad record to defend, as when tbey have put up a specially bad ticket and are planning greater robberies than usual that there waa only one way for them to force the best element ol the white people to again submit to tneir machine domination and robbery ana that was for a negro to throw a brick bat into a political procession or to do something else of the kind to arouse race nreiudice: and that, under these circumstances, the scoundrels who had been helping the monopolies to rob the people, (by giving us five cent cotton and charging us high freight and pas senger rates at the same time and by dozens of other means) would no doubt hire some worthless negro to commit such an act if necessary to win a monopoly victory? And was this not the only connection in which such a statement was made? A. To this they must answer, yes. Q. Did he not, in another part of his speech, after deplorirg the number of rapes, also deplore the eltorts or cer- tain monopoly organs to try to make political capital of such horrible crimes, by chargirg that the People's Party was in some way responsible for them? Did be not refer to a number of rapes committed in other States where there were Democratic adminis trations and show that none had ever attempted to charge the Democrats in those States with being responsible in any way for such shockingcrimes, and was this not all that he said either di rectly or indirectly about rapes ? A. To this they must answ er, yes. (j. Did he not tell the colored people in the audience that this was an Anglo- Saxon government and that they would always rule, and that it was best both for the blacks as well as the whites that it should be so ? A. To this they must answer, yes. (j. Was not his whole speech an ap peal for a co-operation of the large majority of voters, now divided, who oppose the gold standard and monopoly domination and robbery, to join forces ,n a &reat flht for the9e vital economic reforms in addition to white suprema cy ; and were not all of his strictures directed at these few agents of the enemey who are using the "nigger" cry to prevent such a co-operation, to sidetrack tbe money and monopoly question and to force a fusion of sil ver men and goldbugs, and who there fore were using the white supremacy cry for an insincere and dishonest pur pose.' A. To this they must answer, yes. To every one of the above questions these men will answer as we haven indi cated They cannot answer otherwise This cross examination shows how the speech was misrepresented and proves that the sentence quoted is base and slanderous perversion i - me xacc is tnat me editorials we have been writing since Congress ad journed and tbe speeches we have been making since the 10th day of last Au gust have hit in a tender spot certain "nigger" organs who are working the race prejudice racket in the interest of the gold and monopoly syndicate. They have winced under our exposure of their scheme. We'have tested their sincerity in crying out for white su 4remacy by proposing a co-operation of all those who oppose the gold standard and the domina- tion of our State by monopolies to elect an anti-monopoly legislature We have shown that such a fight would not only elect an anti monopoly Legislature, but also give the best white man's government tbe State has ever seen. We have shown tbat this was the only way to make such a victory certain. This has exposed the I . ..... insincerity oi inose wno were raising the "nigger" cry in the interest of mo- nopoly. They could not answer our ar I guments. They saw that the people were catching on to their conspiracy to sidetrack the money and monopoly questions and get a fusion of the sil Ter men and goldbugs behind tbe "nigger" cry and to turn over the next Legislature to the railroads. They saw tbat the people were favoring each day more and more our proposition for white supremacy and an anti-monopoly Legislature. They were getting des perate, so they deliberately decided to misrepresent one of our speeches in a way to help them revive new life in their goldbug-nigger campaign. They could have just as well misrepresented our speech which was made at Aulan der on tbe next day, or any of tbe other speeches which we had made be fore, for we made the same speech at ; I every place. If we had made the state ments at Rocky Mount which they charge we made, tbe fact would have been flashed over the wires before night and been in all the daily papers next morning. We do not know personally any of tbe men wbo signed tbat "in sub stance" affldatit ; we prefer to believe tbat tbey are honorable men wbo are bonestlj mistaken, and who, when tbej signed the statement, did not realize tbe extent of tbe isisrepresentatton it carried, and wbo bad no conception of tbe interpretations which tbe fold and negro organs woo'd desperiteljr strive to put on it. We do not wish to believe tbat tbey could b moved by either prjudice or malice or any otter J .ir. tA m.k. ,n ,f!!iiiiit n mi!tid- UIUII VC V - Inar and outrafftouslT fale We no tice that one of them is a minister and we have great tspect for the cloth, therefore we would nrefer to ret the ----- - matter here for tbe present. Iiut in view of the enormity of the injustice done up, and in view of the political capital which tbe gold and negra or gans are attempting to manufacture to enable tbem to carry cut their dep laid coneoiracv in the intt-rests of m nopolr, we are constraint to say that if they meant by their affidavit to say that the strictures which w did use M i UAta,1 fvaividf r v finrH lite verp 'directed eeinst any gave the agents ana Hirelings oi rnjiorn anu . a ' a i- i. , monopoly, or that we used language, when taken in connection with the re mainder of the speech, could in any way be construed a? a charge t hat even the scoundrels, who help monopolies to rob the people, could stoop so low as to hire negroes to commit rape, then we brand euch a statement a a base, mali cious and perjured falsehood. The un designed is personally responible for this statement, MiKIUS Bctlkk Kin th h-vp was written for last issue we notice that the editor of that Kocky Mount paper ha3 gottenhe fol lowing additional ailidavit : AVe.the undersigned, do hereby make ailidavit that we nearu me spetcu oi of Senator Butler, and that the above xtract is in substance whaw he saiu. K. B. Hicks, F. M. Drauoha: , Isaac Levy. Kocky Mount, Nash Co , N. '. Sworn to and subscribed to before me this the 2Uh day of November, 1807 John L. Arkixoton, Notary Public We do not know these three men, and all we have to say in reply is that if they mean by this ailidavit to say that the strictures which we did U3e were di rected aeainst all Democrats or against any save the agents and hirelings of Sbylock and monopoly, or that we used language, when taken in connection with the remainder of the speech, could in any way be construed as a charge that even the scoundrels, who help monopolies rob the people, could stoop so low as to hire negroes to com mit rape, then we brand such a state ment as a base, malicious and perjured falsehood. The undersigned is person ally responsible for this statement. Mabion Butler THE I.IK NAILED WITH AFFIDAVITS. The following allidavits speak for themselves 1 hereby make atnuavit ivtiK i was n Kocky Mount on tnel.i'n iyoi Oc tober the day when Se ator But ler poke there, and that I henrd his epch; that Senator Butler si i noth . . ' 1.. V. j 1 uk iu um wueecu which ni'nu uiiuer any proper consu ui?in hp uken a3 a cnarge against iuv c..i hired negroes to .;iiuit r strictures were all directeu iinst tbe tools and hirelings of monopolies and he did not even charge fhtt this class of men were mean enough to hire negroes to commit rape. . David Kverett. Swora to and subscribed before me this 27tb of November 18J7, Geo. R. Dixon, J. P. We. the undersiened. make affidavit that we heard Senator Butler speak in stance as published in the News and State as there was on the electoral people for the people and by.the peo R)cky Mount on October 15th, and Observer on Nov. 18th, 1S97, and in ticket. But the Ransom railroad ma- pie? If you do (and we know the vast paid close attention to his ?reecb. We have also read tbe garbled extract given by tbe Rocky Mount Argonaut, and we brand it as a base and mali cious perversion, and one that puts an entirely wrong construction upon what be said. Senator Butler did not say or charge that Democrats, nor even the agents and hirelings of monopoly and the money power against whom all of bis argument and denunciation was directed, were mean enough to hire ne groes to commit nameless outrages. His whole speech ana argument was for the rights of the people against corporate greed, and it was listened to with tbe greatest attention by all, and we know of many Democrats, tbe kind that believe in the principles of Bryan, who declared that his arguments were unanswerable. We further make affidavit that we have read the editorial in Thk Caca- sian beaded, " What Senator Butler said at Rocky Mount," and tbat we en dorse it as a correct version of Sena tor Butler's remarks. P.AMAY,Co.ComV. G. W. Coley, James J. Coley, J. P. B. F. Wkstkay. Sworn to and subscribed before me. this 27th November, 1897. G. T. Coley, Justice of the Peace. 1 also make affidavit to above. G. T. Coley, -Justice of the Peace. Sworn to and subscribed before me. James J. Coley, Justice of the Peace. I, tbe undersigned, heard Senator Butler's speech at Rocky Mount on October 15 b, and hereby make affida vit that the report made by the Rocky Mount Argonaut is raaicaiiy incorrect and grossly misleading, lie did not charge tbat Democrats hired negroes to commit rape. 1 further make affi davit tbat the interview which Sena tor Butler gave to the News & Obser ver, which was published in tbat paper on Thursday morning November 18th, and republished in tbe Caucasian on Thursday November 25tb, together with the editorial in the last issue of the Caucasian headed, 4Wbat Senator Butler said at Rocky Mount" states the exact truth. Van B Carter, Rep. of Nash. Sworn and subscribed to before me, this the 29th day of Nov. 1897. William G. Shart. Notary Public. I Jno. B. Lewis, was in Reeky Mount when Senator Butler spoke there on October 15tb, and heard his speech, and make affidavit that Senator But ler did not charge tbat Democrats hired negroes to commit rape. What he saidabout rapes-was that" some Democratic papers were charging tbat the Populist party was responsible for the rapes that occurred in North Carolina and he referred to the fact tbat rapes were occurring in Georgia and other Southern States where the Democratic party was in power, and yet he saw no charge from Democratic sources that the Democratic adminis trations were, responsible for the rapes tbat occurred in their States What he said about tbe agents and hirelings of monopoly hiring negroes to make themselves offensive such as tnrowing rocKsinto uemccratic pro cessions was in a different connection altogether . I further make affidavit that; I have d tbe editorial in Ths Cccatav headed "What Senator Butler Mid at Kocky Mount" and tbe same is a cor rect verion a 1 understood it. Jo. IS. Law is. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 27tb day ofXoTemb-r UCO.K. J. r. I was at Borky Mount on October 15th ly7aod heard henator Hutler speech from beginning to end, and I do solemnly swear that be made no such remark as charged by tbe Kooky Mount Argonaut tbat Democrats hired nrrri to coromit outrages; aia he ay any'.hicg tbat could be ocn strued. ; r- . . His reference to Democrats Mnbg negroes was, in aubst anre, as follows : That in times t,f great political in activity and indillVrence on the? part of the voter In thai part y, and, when the Democrats bad no rfcord to go b"- fee the people witb.some of the leaders would hire a negro to throw a rock into a Democrat ic proce?eion in order tocre-1 ate race prejudice to enable them to . ..i ... i .i i Unitted by negroes wa, in substance, as ii i s r s i prein ( i iir nu ravn i t mi - follows That he ws very sorry that tbe the Democratic railroad orgn arid the agents of monopoly and tbe gold standard in that party were endeav oring to create race prejudice by re ferring to these horrible outrage lor tbe purpose of making political capi tai out or them. Thu A fmnmit'ii rpnnrt as rfrrnl to I above is absolutely untrue and with-1 out a shadow of foundation in ract. W.G. Leigh, Membt-rof the Board of Commission ers of Edgecombe county. Sworn to and subscribed before me this November 2'., 1S07. Kr. l'ENNIXUTON, C. S. U We, the undersigned, were at Kocky Mount on Out. 15, 1S97, and heard Senator Butler's speech from beginn- ing to end, ana we ao poiemniy swear that he made no Fiicn remark a9 cnarg ed by the Kocky Mount Argonaut that Democrats hirea negroes to commit outrages; nor did he say anything that could he so construed. His refer encf to Democrats hiring negroes was, in aiihstancp. as follows: That, in times of great political in activity and indifference on tbe part of the voters in that party, ana wnen Life istruiutyi a L o uau IIU I rvui v no p. w - i fore the people with, some of the lead- ers would hire a negro to throw a rock into a Democratic procession in order co create race prejuutce 10 euaoie luem Ilia reference to the outrages com- mitted bv neeroes was. in substance. I as follows: mi. a t.- iiiat e was very 6orrj i..u u nprnnprflt c mill-nail organs and the I Uirents of inononolv and the gold stan- dard in that party were endeavoring to create race prejudice by referring to these horrible outrages for the pur- pose of making political capital out of them. The Argonaut report, as referred to above, is absolutely untrue and with- out snaaow oi iounuation iu laci. i i p r i - ' r a. I James B Lloyd, W. E. Fountain, J. T. DcmEE. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2!)th day of Nov. 1S97. Ed. Pennington, Clerk t uperor Court. I hereby certify that I was present when Marion Butler spoke in Rocky Mi"i on the l."th day of October and that 1 heard his remarks on tbe color question, I have also read the report as given by the Rocky Mount Argonaut and I regard it as grossly misleading. 1 lurt her certrify that I have read Sen ator Kutlers interview which was published in the News and Observer nlso the editorial in the Caucus ian i "titled "What Senator Butler said at Il )oky Mount," and that I en anrse vUeoiboth as correctly stating wnat ne saiu. . J AH. D. Bakeb, Notary Public. W. S. Bailey makes ailidavit that he . J ... ... was present wnn senator jsiarion Butler spos-e at Rocky Mount. N. C, and says that Senator Butler did not use i tie language as cnargea in tne Argonaut oo the 15th of October, 1897. But did use the lansuaee or sub- suuaiauce as pu oiiueu iu iue vai ian over Senator Butler signature. vv. S. Bailey. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26 day of Nov. 1897. Nokth Carolina, Nash County. Personally appeared before the un dersigned, W. S. Bailey, who being duly sworn says that the tacts set forth in the annexed ailidavit are true. Witness my hand and National Seal, IU1S j. OV. iiO, 10VW. Josiah D. Baker. Notary Public. I have read the editorial in the Cac cas'an under date of JNov. 2otn, and that I heartily endorse it as giving a correct representation of Senator Butler's remarks at Rocky Mount. Jno. D. Mears Swum and subscribed xo before this the 27th day of Nov. 1897. William G. Shari, Notary Public. I hereby make affidavit to facts as follows : I was in Rocky Mount on Oct. loth and heard Senator Butler's speech. lie did not charge that Democrats were so Sd" reeatbT! tXnentfThe A&naut sion and misstatement of the truth. Senator Butler made a strong plea for wnite supremacy. At tne conclusion Ul L" l'"l'u "c i-ouio iu mjr uiiice whpr h was mpt hv n lnro-o nnmha of the audience, among whom were several prominent democrats, ana ail agrceuiuai.ii. was a spienaia speecn. There was certainly no evidence of the indignation among them which the T?nbi7 Ar.umt nona. i, appear existed which of course there such leaders. They will use tbe party 7 J unaetoodt is that women snf r"ld .bhal.mad!thfrS5at.e- the interest of the goldbugs and iSiViSKTi 'faS"""1" kidJ ment which the paper charged ha made. The Rocky Mount paper sim i .j . . . . pjjr perverieu oeoacor isutier a re marks and put an entirely wrong con .-.4-! t a. 1 ? .a J. A Farmek. Sworn to and subscribed before m- tbis 27th of Nov. 1897. Geo. R. Dixon, J. P. I, N. C. Cooper, make affidavit that T was in Rocky Mount on the 15th Oct ober when Senator Butler spoke there, and heard his speech. I did not hear liitn charge that Democrats hired negroes to commit rapes. I regard the Rocky Mount Argonaut's report as putting an entirely wrong construct ion upon his remarks. N. C. Cooper. Postmaster at Nashville. 4 bworn to End subscribe before me. Jas.D. Baker, Notary Public. Now let every paper that has pub lished the base and malicious lie start ed by the goldbug editor of that Rocky Mount paper, nd that has any de cency or sense of fairness, publish the above. Whether such papers want to .be fair and just toward me or not, they should be fair enough to their subscribers to give them both sides of this matter and let them decide for themselves. We want the readers of Ths Caucasian in each county in the State to let us know which pa pers publish both sides and which do not. - . maw.- - Itilltbesorinr of ir idj - t . k -m. .ki:.w h a -tinn i . of tbe Railroad Commission in rwciod- J tention oext jear to nominate a rrt Inr its order to reduce tflepboce rates. I KJi-Btial ticket it Will VoM Tote Their excuse was tbat tbey bad ootban Toxej ajot for ;oTrrnor lo Ohio. authority to redac telephone charge. We said tbeir action was very straoge to say tbe least. We had in mind tbe fact that they had twice decided that they bad tb power to reduce such rates and had also twice decided that telephone charge were unreasonably bigb. We also bad in micd tbe plain language of the Commission law which empowers tbe Railroad Commission to make -jut and reasonable rates of charges for tbe transmission of mes sages by any telegraph or telephone. Tbe act tbat telephone companies usually charge by tbe montL for send- ipg message instead of by the single ,,.. th Hleirrsnh eamntnift a " ' ' plain meaning and intent of tbe law is " to authorize, empower and direct the Commissioners to fix reasonable and jut rates between tbe public and tele phone, telegraph, railroad and other pubi c corporations. TLe strained effort of the Commis sion to tind a t--liiii! alit behind wt icb to uouge III the ii.terext of a powerful i a raMi and s-h tnielest- monopoly prt c mil. II mey ntii o-ci mi- doubtful about th- ineauiig f the law abu t ihrir authority, why did they not:. He public the tienebt of the dubv und !et the corporations appeal to the tate Supreme Court? By de- -""" . . . , now exists in tbeir minds) in favor of the corporation, tbey knowingly cut oil' all chance of having it decided whether the power to fix telephone rates is in the act, as tbey can't appeal We said their action was strange, but when we come to thick of the matter it is in keeping with the record which they have made. They have made no Cut in railroad rates though cotton has fallen from n Ct,n,g to fiye cent? theJ . 4 m f i m I, nd their famih-s have ridden on all the free passes itiy could get. As a "tub to the whole" they did manage to reduce telegraph and telephone rates, tney have recalled the reduction before it bad ever bsen in force an hour. This is not all, but the remain Q ia Jike imto jt 8ureJy thiscom mission is faithful to corporations unto death.'- Tne State will wait anxiously tbe ... f f. Slinpmo nrtl,t nn th - - - - constitutionality of the law under which the Governor acted in suspend inc- two nf the Commissioners and ft is e to be hoped that it will sustain tbe Governor and put better men in eo im portant a position of trust. Ai CLE IK IS IUl. D ii.o -rti t S it-Cli nr n n Manly in a t m ' vi w -:i x : tuir rai ks ere strrfoj; h- nl mi.' we w-.ii MireU win in 1S.H, it v e k. eji i uf ht ads ai.d act wit'i X e htirmony of men who have a great and . emmon i urpose." Whtt a lump of tomy rot! If he says what be means, then he means nothing. Or ishe trying to.hide his meaning behind a n ih'i of meanii g- less words? If Mr. Manly is chairman again and uses the same policy and kind of sense tbat he used last year he will land in the ditch again. It was Mr. Manly, the Charlotte Observer. Col. ' Means and a few other Southern rail- road goldbugs who are responsible for the turnincr rtnron nf f ha nrnnnaitirtn ... . n , .f. I nf thp Pennloq Psrfir fur all tha enn- I r " Prt ers of Bryan to co-operate in electing an anti-monopoly legislature rrho oeaoo f t. yQrnnr,r-,: r - .1 . F j W8nieu 6UCD co-operation in me chine defeated it. Thpv wmiM h. . . iueeu w tu-uj)trw uu iuc eiecwrai ticket, bad Mr. Bryan not specially re - quested it, and they knew.that if they ignored Mr. Bryan's request that the so anxious to misrepresent him by cir people would run over tbem. culating this infamous falsehood. It was under Mr. Manly's manage- ment that ex-Congressman Bunn, a man who bad voted in Congress with Ransom to repeal the last silver law on the statute books was invited to in troduce Mr. Bryan at Rocky Mount. This was an insult to Mr. Bryan and to every true silver man in the State. Is it possible that Mr. Manly and the Charlotte Observer are pulling to gether to defeat Bryan? But none of these things are sur prising when it is remembered that Mr. Manly opposed the adoption of a resolution in his ccuntv convention which elected delegates to Raleigh to instruct the delegates to Chicago to vote for none but a silver candidate for President yes he opposed and made a speech against the adoption of & 8llVCr re8olution in hia untj convention in the spring of last year, auu ims 18 lue mu wno was selected by the Democratic State machine to lead Bryan's camnaien in this Stt paign in this State. for the unparalleled P.onipa tL. V Had it: not hppn JaQ lC 1101 been Patriotism of the Peoples Party, Mc- I minify wouiu nave carried this State. The masses of the Democratic party nn . 1 7" " a".J IC,1C1 that nartv as lone an ir ia fnrea ;k monopolists or they will ditch it. A CR4ZV PROPOSITION. Here is some more fruit from that Nashville Conference of middle-of-the- roaders. A committee which HHma . . . . w weaanesg or worn o tronble to speak for those in that conference of some sort. "uuoie has just .held a meeting in a room in a . The error is easily avoided by set hotel in St. Louis and nassed some ting nrine aside for inir.rAn. resolutions, (see the resolutions in an- other column.) They declare in favor of a national convention to be held in April of next year, (1898) to nominate then, two years ahead, candidates Z voted for in 1900. . There are some good level headed men in that conference and we do not believe that they will endorse such a crazy proposition. The men behind this scheme are either bent on. mis- chief or they are very foolish This action inclies us to bjlieve IbatSey are wanting in sense, for noiet of men bent on mischief and having enough enee to do any damage, would ever put forward such a wild and impossi- ble proposition. At any rate thev hav demonstrated fhat they are unsafe; to trust with the direction of the nirtr , i : Mr Every good man who ha hn mt .n in sympathy with this Nashville Confer- ence. will now nn rinnhf n- , wwwwmw SWOV UUI them. Of conrae i i.. iw.Mniti candidate"! nominal --- ! . in. ..mitfu atrmnrs to can mil Till- -mi.i.I ft- tlKti AN IK UTrnTDE t-ir A ii-t m:vtok 111 TU B KWKV T. ri i rii- If Senator Butler made tbe state men at Kocky Mcunt wbioh the gold and "nigger" orgms are ro happy to believe be made, and which the Kocky Mount sheet falsely declare caued o much indignation among' thne who beard it, why did cut tbe editor wbo made this slanderous and malicious charge again?t Senator Uutier, cr some of the men wbo signed that 'inub- tanc?" an'olavit telegraph the fact at ( the time to all of tbe dailie la tLj State, instead of waiting several weeks before thry made tie charge? Would not tbe organs that are working the nigger " racket been as hajpy to have circulated it then a tbey are now? Again when the Kucky Mount report was c:r culatel wt y was it tbat the author of this malicious falsehood tried to create tbe irupres'on tbat Senator Butler made a specific charge againt tbe Democrats ot Rockingham until it was drvelpe I tb.t Senate r Butler's speech was maJe in K' Mount before the outrage in Cirhtuoiid county was com mitted.' A'iwer. It was an after thought one torn of a desperate purpose. The goll Democrats and railroad politi cians know tbey cannot control tbe Democratic organization and carry tbe Democratic masses with them as long as the Populist Pany represents the principles of Jefferson and Bryan. Therefore tbey found it necessary to break the influence of Senator Butler's speeches in declaring for a cooperation oi an loose wno iavor me great reiorin issues before the people. Tbe only way to do it was to misrepresent him. Hence the malicious report about bis Kocky Mount speeth which they began to circulate a month after the speech was made. In his speech at Rocky Mount he told them he would give them any length of time they wanted to answer the arguments he advanced as to why it would not be a good thing for the best element of tbe State in all parties to join hands to eiec an anii-monopoiy legislature ana secure white supremacy at the same i . . . time. This is their method of an wering. They secured allidavits 6tating that Senator Butler said "in 6ub-tance" what a certain Rocky Mount sheet falsely chargedhe 6aid. We call attention to a number of allidavits from as good men as are in that section who heard the peech branding tbe Rocky Mount Argonaut's report as false. We can get mauy more to Ihe same etlect. Jurymen of North Carolina take the case. We have confidence in your verdict. Do you believe that North Carolina I should be dominated by trusts and by corporations controlled bv the advo- catesct the gold standard, the influ ence of whicb has worked euch destruc tion upon the value of your property and the products you raise? Or do I vou believe in arrefatinsr tbe detruc- i tive influence of the eold standard, and are you in favor of a co-operation of I tha irnnit nannln f VirthTiAlini in I . V. . . I all nitmi ole an an,:mnnnnnn I ' ouu-muuuij Legislature, one that will be free from railway and corporation influence and I v,.. r .i... :n -u.c luCr clv.u3 iU.u...K..e to xortn uarolma a government of the m,iMi. f K..f.t., J J ' v atvj aorse every wora oi senator ltutlers 1 speech at Rocky Mount, and can readilv see why the class referred to above are We repeat ve have confidence" in I your verdict. Charily Misapplied. Wilmington New Eral Dr. Kingsbury is fearing that the trust and great corporations will control and ruin this country. He seems to be lacking in home observation for ho has taken the side of the corporations at home and the side of the people awav. Here he is willing to see the people pay the same freight, fares, etc tinder the gold standard while they arc only getting about one half Price for their products, labor, etc., f na, n,en ney Presen an oppor- I i Unit IT fAt htm 1, 3 a. i:,' "' R" nrpcintinn i cd - t ini? thoso tvhn hv "talon k PpWs cause. Doctor don't bo so lavish with your friends In other ., ueu you nave reiusea lor tnese last few years to take up their , lL uur wwn aor. now jbout better water for the people iGe ot charge- alon& "ith freight, UituSB rigni; at, your own door. How Pf0 MOT 1IWAV? IIURTDCTnnn HU I ALlYAl5 UNUcKSTDUD. A f . - ftirtrtV i A Iaci oiten overloosed. or not al- The womb i ritnaTS fc-v -l ' vuva v auu very close to the bladder, and for I that reason A.nv disfroaa ;a0..A Lnn "SJi. Bted-in the kld' .If'sf LJ bId .r. unnarv Pas: fiH. ATA 01 nfrAn V-.-.' n. - i a m I J " arioutea nours a sediment or settling is evi- jenced that your kidneys and blad- need, d1octorig If you have IVJt ' hm in the, ackf Stj sunnlv0 T7' r ing proofs of kidney tof J1" have doctored without benefit, try Dr Kilmer's Swamp-Boot, the great kidney remedy. The mild and the extraordinary effect will surprise y0U ! . s.tands the highest for its w?nderul ure- Ifyoutakea med- ltg, You may hive I samnle bSfu and pamphlet, both sent free . bv mail. Mention Thk Caucasian &od 8ead your address to Dr. Kil- mer & Co.. Birmingham. N Y.Th Pnet?rs ot this paper guarantee the ui uu oner. IlOW iS tll6 time tO SUfaSCnhp I - m ""wiiuii for The Caucasian.. 7 One Do! BORE FRAUD DISCOYtKO. r.rmer.l i roKr.---7- - nt. Tear piv by tbe Soother Railwaj Companj, LaeoUateralcf the maxket ralae. crooJ eollateral .? k.11 time, of one haaureu and aeTectj-firetnoasABddoUar,, to ae- .v. I... moner to tbe ortn Carolina Railroad, in"" " lateral, at all time. eonTe rtible into mney. the Southern Railroad haa derosited a certaia camber of their own bouds-tbat is. tbf re own prem ises y ray. la their reorganization lin. i: ehmondanJ Dannlle they have usoed on hundred and tweet j million cf what thy call 'first cn !idted mortgaged rcgntrd g , 'Id bond" This iu of bend, tay have Hted cn the stock exchange in New York and tLcy j ntenl to give them a mat Let ta'.ar. It is vt ry . t a abat La A BM? questionable uciurun cnn;ne uatlct vJue. I.frybodj know th: it i a nick cf tu- ta jaey shark to i-e paper Ci.led bnd ud put it u tU tok ticSac? Ir sale ar.d th.n 'td out tLeir own brktrs tv l. iy it anl I1 it and op tratciu it.thu bnjing frcni thetu stjkts and tv-lin? to themx-lvee, all for the purpose c f miking it appear that there are tKna fiJe transaction whereas la truth nob-dy is buying or I felling, but tie whole thing is a dodge for th purpoi of ke picg up an apparent market value. Now it turn out that North Caro lina Railroad ha got no security f- r it leaso money xcept aome of ta Jirst consolidaUd mortgaged rt istered cold bonds. We are iu- formed that the Southern claims to have put npthirty of these bonds of tbe par value of ten thousand dol lats each. We are alo informed upon what seems to be reliable au thority, tbat in Irjth, they have only pnt twenty-two of these bonds. If this be then tbe North Carolina Railroad and the Slate bar got no security for the lease money except twenty-two Southern Railway bond of the par valuo of two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. It teems that these bonds have been quoted on the stock exchange as low down as 7G. It is claimed that they are now ((noted at It is believed by mny good finan ciers that these bonds have no actual bona-fid a market value. It is believed that they are simply Hated by Mor gan and Company in the hope of un loading them npon investors. It is believed that they are really and act ually worth little or nothing. The chances are that if this two hundred and twenty thousand par of stuff which tbey parade as tbeir great grand "first consolidated mortgaged registered gold bonds" were adver tised for sale by tbe North Carolina Railroad Company, they would not bring thirty cents on the dollar, un lets Morgan and Company should step in and take them up in order to cave their own credit. And this is the trash that the Elias Carr Directors accepted as collateral to secure one hundrtd and seventy five thousand dollars to the State aitd to the North Carolina Railroad. Look at it! The Southern Rail- means pain, danger and possible death for t-.ino wivp. For others it mcand prarti-:Jlv no discomfort at all. Tin-re is no reason wliycltild birth should be a ivril of pain and drend. tkv. eral months ltfore a woman IxTonir a mother h Khould prepare herself for the critical ordeaL Thero is a prpjara. It h a liniment to Ik aj. plied x ternallr. It rclax'e the .tiiUb-cU-fl and re lierefl tie difftension, to every organ con cerned in childbirth, aiI takes away all danger and nearly all buffer ing. iScst results follow if tho remedy is used during the whole period of preg nancy. It in the only remedy of tho kind in tho world tliat is endorsed ly physicians. 1 per bottle at all drug 6torc. or sent .by mail on receirl of price. Feee Boots crm- uonmaae wiurli is intended for tlus purposo alone. The name of this wcr tcrful preparation u Uotber's Friend. 9 taimng invaluable in formation for all women, will be sent to any ad dress upon application to The Drtdf ild BcBnUfer Ca, Jilanla, ca. Do You Wanf m . ;y If x 11 IF mmmmmmmm A PIANO 4 Has a reputation second to none, and while it is recessarj W the dealer to charge more for it than yon are asked to pa6' many other makes," you m B mstruraent the extra which fully justif es the aomera .mtlay. .'. L. If not for sale b local dealers, address, THE JOHN CHURCH CO., road Con; o hacdrM forth.Nov;::4 toseeare t,. . collateral .-. ." .' promis. A ttai c.t. SEQ dolltf. girei an . .'; .. . tltcVeJ it hnadrej -pay my t..r, v . 11 tie - a. . bit cote I t c Ttat Uat. M. , . acbnie ttttr ' ta : Tte i jvt t directors t . Railway . j .. , trU 8:ars l t State lCvl a . . conc ra L tanl tbkt 'i. men b j State acd i: . TLe Nrw 1 j.x,f . Wo aro g .uv Tlu ";'. w , ' gi turatK.a. A r in tli. a !:: "2- tlr and reU u u. zation t iiatut will kiil nil . th. : tllo tIOOCful it: gran.l n.o in. In a oi-:i'.ilh and ilit nbut i. :i. ' 1 in tl.U cjd n.Jid r !Uwt Un rl tli:it aplr.iti.n t.f a j. Oil, How TliaSB Pain .Va MJdd.-r, Had Bern AtanC fui n?ui:s -.: rui .V v ry .MTf X.t.. r, v u. i . v lauti: a hjw !. i It diMluicl a i ' ' " fru'd my 1L:,!' . 1 Ct hard, purj I I 1 auffTd l.l 1 f t 1 nr .l I: Zly w ii v ! r t: 1 l y 1 a.!vi-d it:" i" and -. 1 ' 1uv.u 1 r- ' ' how tli.n.k I I 1 - f;n'i..r r l. ' I 1 v 1 I am iu t;. t-' ! 1. p;-litc -."1 a-u a n I. M l- ' - ; a ooa s !". t.-t -lii ti l IV HOO't'at pilU u.r n : FOK IjiW Rates West. TKXAS, M i:K n A iroKM.;, AI.AK A any other point, i' Kltr.i: MAI'ri. write i FRED. D. BUSH. Hiatrict l'aenger t r t. LOUISVILLE & riASHVlUE R. R Wall MM ATI. AX A. . Doubling Your Properi). The promotion of e-orj .uri'n.t.'.tU handling of tliir 'C bonds a icia'ty. We will organize jou ..rj :ir'u, help you sell it at8 J- haps make your frt wt . The American l'ublili r- J'r tni. Audit and Invet-tiu-tit A ' ii'i'. 111 1 I.I I W. A 11.111. Special Southern K i r. -:. .. Citiz-ns Nat l lUuk I: ...i.ts, Haleigii. N. . RICE. I'arlies Laving lioatj l:i "tf' Clean Kice t buy will lii.J it i"' interest to communicate w i'.b otr lT ers and brokers or dir- t tm. pay higbe-t market ri hY.- Itice. CAKOLINA i:l 1- MIU .::(J-t'jro,Vf That Will 9 Please the People's party wiU not j ar a )Wt. CINCINNATI CHIC6 NEW YOBK

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