-CAUCASIAN. N. C, December "A 1897. Tl'l ,( UATIC lOHMUTfK. r.ti, committee met t lit ,! I :i muni) r t I ! I i r i trr, ''f tlu' ,.1 I a an ii Willi ; l In Varloro House on hr and hsued an ad K1 l meaning of whicfl , v j;r-sstd in the words 'l lit" gold Democrats ', I- v re on hand in v !i, Ii they ij-sued is a ivii'J inconsistency. ,iu!t iit jirottstations of , r,r in and to the frin-,,i,i-:ated J t lie Chi at. 1 :i!niot in the same ( i i ii - fact, that eold- . , i.if.-tfd as Mayor of tU, Van Vj k,ago!d . !, v- hose ramrain man r ,n' jjinlhujr.and whose ; -..) to endorse liryan ;Z , jplatfcrin, and they a illi iridc to the fact :!ijuitC utterance wai , t l,f lt)aii of Iivid Ii. ,. , tliecowardice tohide ;rincils beneath the . r i - v . ,,,-t of the fact that New , , .Imle of Court of Ap- v . Iio supported Bryan", ig : . f l hut he did it for "reg- , .,(; ! i did some in ttiis State, a tht-y niigm not lose con ,. i-irty organization and , i j oition to knife him and ;. . in l'.tui). U is a feignificant fact r VN were defeated in the f local concerns were al , rsliadovv the principles of , :ind yet they purposely uiiipaign slogan a false concern which they know tin people who believe - principles. i rcdit to themselves for . rili Carolina for I'.ryan in . ;.:;in when any man at all l v. ith the political history of iin knows that they were : carry the State for I'.ryan i n tabe. irl up tli 'j whole comic alVair . lor a fair ballot and a fair 'In .r I Uu'ir inconsistency! ocrisy. Such Fifty Year Aro. No theory of germs to chill Affection's budding blisses; When ardent lovers took their fill. No microbes oa their kisses. How hsppjr they were not to know The germ-fad-50 years ago. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the standard family remedy of the world for colds, coughs and lung diseases. It is not a palliative, and is not therefore put up in small cheap bottles. It is put up in large bottles for the household. They cost more but cure more. 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Live i-u -! tit 1 In day will be fully discussed Tin M ahian will be a strictly up to-il tt' funily newspaper. Every re form, r -liould read it. Kvery snbscri Iter .-h'liiU try to secure at least on new Mili-criber. and all those whose time li:i- 1 vtiircd recently should sen 1 11 l lit ir n-newal at once so as not to in'iw vi Mr! mip ot the paper. Now m the time. Iu not delay this matter, tint attend to it at once. ! eileral court convenes next Mon-1 iliy. .Imltfe I'urriell presiding. The it Ki t is much larger than usual. Mr. I.. T. I'.rown, formerly proprie tor ni the Varlioro House, Jtaleigb, ukiM eimrjje of the hotel Kennon, ihiild -luiro. The tatement is made that the col lect!. r nl' internal revenue will be ap- loiiitt'il within thirty days, and that Mr. ( nrl Duncan will be the man. TL. . L .. ' . .1 4 ! f..l' i lie I'li-viness 01 me iiiiiencau x uo-lilnr- I'roiiiotion Audit aud Invest ment .validation (not incorporated) "twin ''Ii Mr. 1'hillip W. Avtritt, of this city, lus tieen a managing director, Im been sold to the Audit Company, nfNev. York, of which August Bel mont h president. Mr. Averitt will fontiniie to represent the company in the Southern states. Ihny i.f the principals and teachers in tbe leading male academies and hinh M'l.tu Is of the State will meet drre I lei eoilnr -'s. The sessions of tliebin'y v ill be held on the afternoon and evening of the I'sth, and the morn inic of the Mth. Among some of the 'Jurat or 4 t if Stti renntfttion who will he I'leM i t are Profs. Horner.the Holts, ell.v, llnlkind, Justice and a host of utber. 'olii' A. Meeder, postmaster at the little ban, let ofPoplar Moint. Warren county, in jail htre for using the minis in working a big swindle. He posed vthe "tierman Supply Compa J1)'." ami offered a gold watch for each lit of n imes accompanied'hy $1. Mon ey rolled in, for the "green-horns" are py no means extinct yet. Many reg istered letters were received by him, Md many were forwarded to Chicago. Meeder i a .erman, a big fellow, and 'lierew.i. a lively time getting him here. Wi'.'iiMii:. letters, who was convic tetlnf manslaughter at the spring term ''l. ol ( levelnrul Snnprinr Hour!, and "ntein i d to l.i years in the peniten- ry. was last week pardoned by the '"v. who jjies the following reasons !ur granting the pardon : "This pardon 1,l';i;- il hy the family of Dr. David hoKue. w ho was killed by Ktters. The lailiilv inifc thnt. th nrinnnpr was 'lllty u( wilful murder. On the con JTy P"rdon is urged by about seven iHiiidri'd citizens of Cleveland, among '''em many of intelligence, and the pre,. ni... a- judge and prosecuting olicitor express no objection to par jbn aim the solicitor recommends it on u'e gruund of the prisoner's physical y)n,iiti,u. All the jury urge the par- 11,1 II, s:iino that, thav lol ihorafpd a 'nr time before they could agree on a verdict, having grave doubts whether 'le defendant acted in self-defence, na ajjn ed on the verdict with the un derstanding that they'would sign a Petition f r executive clemency. The prison physician certifies that the pris "ner can live only a short time under "iemo,t favorable conditions and that rtlur conlinement will cause his peetly death, These reasons seem to """'cient, aside from other merit "."i'i)Siljt,ratjona regarding provoca ;i()n ar.d self-defence." debate between Forest collpcpa Thanksgiving Day was a brlllrant affair, and all the young men acquitted themselves in a handsome manner. The young men from Trinitv did well but the judges said the youg men irom wane f orest did better, and so the latter were decided the victors. The query was: . "Ougnt the systems of Waterworks. Lighting and Street Cars to be operat ed by the city for its people, or by pri vate individuals?" Trinity bad the aftirmative. and was represented by Messrs. J. B. Needham, of Surry; If. M. North, of Richmond, and S. A. Stewart, of Union. The negative was supported by the Wake Forest men Messrs. C.H. Ctley, of Wake; A. B. Cannady, of Granville, and T.N. Johnson, of Tennessee. 'Ihe Judges were President Din- widdie, of Teace Institute; Prof. Hugh Morson, of the Raleigh Male Academy, and Capt. S. A. Ashe. in making their decision they grad ed each speaker on four things : Force of argument, literary merits, oratory, and capacity for rejoinder. The aver ages of the three speakers on each side were then added together and the side's average thus obtained. Wake Forest's mark was the higher. Hon. C. II. Mebane, State Superin tendent of Public Instruction presided in response" to an invitation from the literary societies of the two colleges. STATE NEWS. Henry Mahaley, a farmer living about 5 miles from Salisbury had the misfortune to lose his house and house hold etteuts by tire Sunday morning. It is thought the lire originated from some live coals being thrown out with the ashes. It was by great difficulty that he saved his barns. EXTREME WEAKNESS. 'j was so weak I could hardly w&lk a. ross my room. I had no ap Pehto. I began taking Hood's Sar s&Panllaand before I had taken it . anJ "lays my appetite was improv ,asrnnd I felt stroncrer. I contin- its use until I was able to work. , raa." S. A. MORRIS, The nineteen bills of indictment drawn against Salisbury merchants by Solicitor Ilolter for selling cigarettes to minors has been much discussed since tbe grand jury returned the true bills. All the cases will probably come up for trial at the February term of Kowan County Court. Oilmore Hammond, who last week was tried in Salisbury for the murder of Frank Avirett before Judge Coble was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced two yeara in the penetent iary. Fears hii Prltober Will be Lynched. Winston, N. C, Nov. 26. Jailor Da vidson, of Wytheville, Va , yesterday arrested a negro named Bowen at Mount Airy, who stands charged with criminally assaultinga white girl at Wythev'lle about four months ago. Not being able to reach home that day, the jailor brought his prisoner to Wineton to spend the night. He left here to day for home but stated that he had fears Bowen would be taken from him and lynched before he reached Wythe ville. He has no doubt about the ne gro being guilty. The citizens of the town are still terribly wrought up over the crime. Had no Criminal Intent. Washington, Nov. 26. Senator Prit chare, Judge Moore and J. S. Adams, of Asheville, representing the officials of the defunct First National Bank of Asheville, saw Comptroller Eckels, of the Treasury Department, to-day, in reference to the attairs of the bank. They claim that they are prepared to show that there was no criminal in tent on the part of the ollicers of tbe bank and the failure ot the bank is due to tbe depreciation of prices of property, as a consequence of the re cent hard times. They also claim that they are prepared to show that tbe of ficials of the bank have not saved any money as a result of the different in vestments which they have made, but have wrecked their fortunes in tbe attempt to save the bank; and while the officials are ietc witnouc any iunas, thev horje by the aid or tneir lrienas and the sacrifice of their homesteads to enable the receiver to declare a small dividend. Harder and Lynching. Wmmikgton. N. C. Nov. 27. On Thankseivine day. Nathan Willis, colored man living near Town Creek Tininswiek c unty. was arrested on the charge of murdering a young white man hv the name of Stephens. Ste- nhon was found in the vicinity of Wample, S C, with a gunshot wound in thf back. Thursday nieht a mob was raised by the farmers in the country near tbe Wac.canraw river. Willis was taken from the sheriff, carried into the vannA and chained between two pine . . a. ii a trpps. Lizbtwood was men pueu a mil rut him and he was burned to ripath. thus suffering an awful death to pay the penalty for his terrible crime. Suspicion at once rested on the colored man who had been seen in neighbor ing communities wearing some of srnhn'fl garments. He bad also been seen driving the ox cart in which the murdered man was last seen alive, and $25 in money was found on his person, that it was supposed, he took from his victim's pockets. a latpr rpnnrt savs that the above is not true as regard the burning of Willis bat that he is safely loagea in Horry, S. C, county jail. JOHN EVANS GETS A RESPITE. The Governor and Council of Btate Con oil on tbe Matter Reasons for Grant- las IteaplU. ine council of State met l&tt week to consider what should be done regarding John Evans. All petitions ana atlidavits were laid before the council by the Governor and there was discussion. As a result of the conference, the Governor respites Evans until January The Governor gives the following reasons ior respiting r:vans: "Tne case demands serious and thoughtful nvestigation. Out of four other like cases that have occurred in this State during this year, one of the culprits escaped before arrest, two were banged oy tne courts and one by a mob. In tne two convictions tnere was no rea sonable doubt of guilt and tbe proba bilities are that tbe mob got the right man. Here comes a case where a friendless wretch has been put on trial n a community revered with excite ment and indignation, justly aroused by the commissson of a crime for which the perpetrator ought to suffer death. There were excellent men on the jury, Due no jury can expect to deliberate and coolly weigh evidence uninfluenc ed by the spirit pervading the com munity. It is possible that a jury of like character in a different community would have rendered a different ver dict upon this same evidence, and it remains to be seen whether the jurors in tnis case may not cnange their op inion upon mature consideration, un der quieter circumstances. Evidence directly material to the prisoner's guilt has been produced since the trial. It is urged that the identification of the prisoner was incomplete and unsatis factory; that an alibi was completely proven by witnesses of both races, and that the admitted facts of the case strongly indicated that the perpetra tor of the crime was familiar with the habits of the prosecutrix in walking along that certain path, and at that certain hour when the crime was com mitted; that the prisoner could not have known these things because he was virtually a stranger in town; that he had only been there once inside of a year and hence it is most unlikely that he should have known the prose cutrix or been familiar with her habits. As to the truth of these allegations, no opinion is expressed, but they come from sources s worthy of con sideration as to demand time for close scrutiny and thoughtful investigation. It further appears from documentary evidence that there is a sentiment to the effect that aside from the guilt or innocence of this. prisoner, it would be best for the county that the sentence of the court be at once executed. This sentence cannot be prevailing among just or Christian people except as a re sult of temporary ebullition of passions, provoked by frightful outrages, in granting a postponement of this exe cution, tbe executive is sustained by the Council of State, by prominent citi zens of Richmond county and various other counties, by intelligent clergy men and eminent lawyers and editors, and for the further consideration of this case he evoked the advice of the educated, substantia), religious and law-abiding elements of the State." judce nesiMssa's siec- Am tjalautlM mt Wfcv Aak for fra raa far a Haa la Warn Van Car Una. A Goldtboro correspondent of ih Raleigh News aad Observer says: "A gentleman from Goldsboro in forms me that the statement in tbe News and Observer of Tuesday that Judge Robinson applied to Colonel Andrews for a pass to bring some one to Raleigh after his charge to the grand jury, does Judge Robinson id justice, and I know the News and Observer will be glad to print the cir cumstances which doubtless gave rise to the report. It seems that while Judge Robinson was holdisg court in Swain last summer, a party, who was committed to jail in default of giving bond for bis appearance at the Federal Court at AsheTiHe. had an action pending against ihe South ern Railway for damages for killing his horse, and was brought from jail to have his action tried. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, whieh was set aside by the judge. The plaintiff was in such bad condition physically that be excited the sympathy of Judge Robinson, and he went to the Commissioners and signed his bond for his appear ance at Asheville. He then told Mr. George Bason and Mr. A. B. An drews, Jr., who were the counsel present representing the railroad, what he had done, and that although he was not entitled to recover dama ges for the killing of his horse, the fact was that his horse had been killed by the railroad, and it ought to furnish him a pass to go to Ashe ville, which they agreed should be done. While in Raleigh holding court, and after his charge to the grand jury, he reminded Mr. A. B. Andrews, Jr., of these circumstances and asked him if he had sent the pass.'' TBE feOMt or r.BrTT. TImi eantory ia rravUf tSd, Bis aaadiof U are failis A few mora years artll b beboid. And ttev will be fel U. The brtohtaat of that iooc array lit U join Utacs paawd ery. rtssai tssKTY populists Tk Laa Laalata. aatalaS. JUSTICE FIELD'S SUCCESSOR. No Doubt a boot Mr. McKenna'4 Nomina tion and Confirmation. General Boyd'a Nam Prominent to Succeed HcKtnna In the Cabinet. Washington Tost. Hon. Joseph McKenna, of Califor nia, the Attorney General of the Uni ted States, will be nominated Associ ated Justice of the Supreme Court immediately after Congress assem bles, if not before. There appears to be not the slightest doubt of his prompt confirmation, in spite of ru mors to the contrary. The Supreme Court will meet Mon- Aathr sine Um Ukroo. And la bis toof fruitful men Mankind, will coam l&to tu own. And rend U every caala. I -OTP will be fckbaat-k nw birth Of frett9m it will brie to earth. You an: lie. hardhearted, and yea dtt That thU ia hot a noet kSow. A iaioc. an enthuaiaat dream. Bat wherefore aboaw yoo koo I tetrrrja, through thk life of mia There ia a ptirpoe and a plan. I Ull you. past oar faamio night Thf truths of Ood are ahtntt jr on. And we arc hear the breaking light Of on i renal dawn. Io you not am? Its glory drof I'pon the future's trouaUin tot) The atruxg'.ea of the human bot. The lean, the aocuiah and the pain. Tbe fights for freedom were not ioet. I her have not bean In vain. They ere the aeed. their fruttt will t a bUtsing to posterity. The comixut century will view iaeir nowennc and with happy m.ie 1 ne earth will greet the vision new from oil hex thousand isles. 'MJds plenty, happiness and peace. urth aoiu wiu gather her increase. The wars of blood will be no more. A federation will extend From land to land, from shore to shore. vast republic blend The different peoples into one Beneath the circuit of the sun. A sweet religion will enthrall Ail human hearts, it will be fed From Jesus, Buddha. Plato, all Of the unselfish dead. All who bare taught us troth anJ ritcbt. All who hare lent the world its lifht. Bat brother, ere mankind may bask In that sweet day for each of you There is a duty. To your task; There's work that you must do. Then send the word from land to land. And form in an unbroken !and. Boldlv proclaim and spread the light; Let those deride the work who may, They cannot stop the dawning bright 01 the oncoming aay. Heed not the light faugh or the scorn. But set your faces toward the morn. Forward! Let that cry rioK around The world within the bounds of change And progress will a way be found, A wonder sweet and strange. Will greet mankind, who then will see -The coming of true Liberty. J A. Erx;iT05. The Factor j la Maw steady. Progressive Farmer. Mr. W. O. Roberts, Superintend ent of the shoe factory, has returned from his trip North. He has secured the needed machinery. It will be ia position and in operation, he as day, November 29. Two days later sares us, by December 1st. ue nas Justice Field will retire. It is not employed hands and made arrange- sidentto I ments to Jstart on oU pairs per day, incumbent upon the President nominate a successor immediately, for the court can transact its busi ness without a full membership. In deed, Justice Field has not attended court for several weeks. But if the President chooses he may appoint Mr. McKenna on the very day that Mr. Field retir,3. This would be what is generally koown as a "recess appointment. ''. It is considered very doubtful, however, whetner the ap pointment will be made until Con gress meets, five days after Justice Field's retirement. This will give the President a little more time to consider the appointment of the At torney General's successor. Although the President has given the matter some consideration, it is stated that. he has not yet decided upon the new Cabinet officer. There is pretty good ground for the belief that the Attor ney General will not come from Ohio or from California. The name of Assistant Attorney General Boyd, of North Carolina, is being considered. and will increase force as necessity requires. BISHOP HAIO S JUBILEE. Many Costly Gifts Presented to the Dls tlngalshed North Carolina Prelate. Charlotte. N. C. Nov. L'G. At Belmont the celebration of the silver inbilee of Bishop Haid. of North Carolina, was concluded to-day. There was a distinguished assembly of prelates and priests present at bt MarVs College, Belmont, the resi dence of the Bishop. His eminence, the Cardinal, arrived in a special car on Wcdnesdav and presided at the "presentation'' at 3:30 p. m., when the consratulations were offered to the Right Rev. Jubilarian. Costly gifts were then presented, among them a cross and chain ot isortn Car olina gold, set with native gems. among them an exquisite hiddenite, he North Carolina diamond. The solemn pontincial high mass was celebrated on Thanksgiving Day by Bishop Haid. The Bishops of Sy- racuse, rs. 1.; unaneston, a. Wilmington, Del.; and Kichmond, Va., were present. The benedictine abbot of America, Rbv. F. J. Kesris Canivan. ot bt. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburg, deliver ed the inbilee sermon. At the banquet more than one nun dred distinguished guests part'.cipi ted. BishoD Haid 9niovs the exclusive distinction in the United btates of being both Bishop and abbot. He is an eloquent speaker, and is very popular throughout tne btate. A GOLD ORGAN'S WONDERFUL DIS COVERY. "ie of niy asth Mesic, N. C. jlooi s Pills are the lest family cathartic and liver medicine. Gentle, "liable, sure. SUCCESSFUL PHYSICIANS. . We heartily recommend Dr. Hatha way & Co., of 221a' South Broad St. At lanta, Ga., as being perfectly reliable and remarkably successful in the treat mant nf ohrnnirt diseases of men and amnion. Thr cure where others fail. Our readers if in need of medical help should certainly write these eminent doctors and you will receive a iree ana Tnrt rminlon of vour case by return mail without cost: this certainly is tha ritrht wav to do business. They guarantee their cures. Write them to- aay. It Has BealliedTbat the financial tues- tlon Cannot be Sidetracked, and Says That the Ooldboes and Monopolists Must Prepare to Face tbe Issue. Liwiston, Me., Nov. 24. The Lewiston Evening Journal, the or gan o Congressman Nelson Dingley, says editorially : Much as every true friend of American interests may deprecate it, it may now be regarded as settled that the Congressional campaign of next year must be fought out on the line of lsDo. When a mate use Keirtucky turns its back on Carlisle to follow Bryan, and a State like Ne braska, which, sees Detore its eyes in every market the refutation of the Bryan theory that silver and wheat are linked together by the Almighty, still persists in bowing down to the silt or idol, it is useless for sound monev men to lose sight of the cer tainty that the 16 to 1 silver fallacy is onlv scotched not buried. .Busi ness men may as well prepare to to net this issue next year, when we hope it will be settled forever.'' Democratic Republican Fusion Proposed. Fayetteville Observer. Some worthy gentlemen who fb not see things from tbe vantage ground of a newspaper editor with bis exchanges from all sections of the State, or who lack experience in public life, may be disposed to think that the pictures the Isryanites have drawn ot tne sinister designs of the Clevelandites upon tbe Democratic party, are exaggerates We have already copied tne declara tion of tbe head organ of tbe Cleve landites (which bolted the Democratic tiches last year) that it was "settled" that the campaign of next year was to be run on State issues only or, as it misnamed its anti-Democratic propo-r sition, "straight. We have hereto fore reproduced its magnanimous as surance that its 500 "straight" Demo crats would let by-gones be by-gones in favor of the 145,000 crooked Demo crats who voted for Bryan, if the two most important planks favored by tbe 145,000 were abandoned. But we have reserved to tne last, as a lanumara from which we may measure the dis tance we have travelled away from the infamous proposal with which the en emy inaugurated his uisioyai cam paign, the following morceau. On the 12th of August the Raleigh correspon dent of the Charlotte UDserver wroie this in his letter published in that paper's issue of the 136h of August : 'A aisunguisnea veteran xjvwwrav declared to-day that he was really wil ling to see now a fusion of Democrats and Kepuoucans to uterany -wipe iue Populists from the eartn." A fusion 01 uemocrais anu nepuu- licans "! Joining in with the Democ racy's unrelenting enemy, who have plundered .Norm uaronna wneutver they had a chance and with whom we have not one principle in common, so that we might "wipe from the earth'' our former brethen with the vast majority of whom we have everything in common ! In all the hundred yearsjof its exis tence, has such an infamous proposal ever before been put before any portion of the Democratic party? Not one word or condemnation ac companied this, either by the corres pondent or by the newspaper. It is unv wonder that this paper and its correspondents or allies should, last summer, have misled the State Com mittee, at a critical juncture, with a false presentation of public sentiment so as to secure a reversal of the Com mittee's intention to accept the Popu list offer of State and county co-operation for the saving of the State? That rejected offer was our opportunity. and output At first we will tnrn out but about three styles for males and three styles for fe males, and these will be standard styles and of the very best material and workmanship. Samples will be sent out as early as possible. But the best way to do in the start is for each County Business Agent, and as many sub-agents, as possible, to make up an order for an assorted case of GO pairs and let the cash come in for them with the order. There has been an enormous out lay, and the present management is determined to ask for no more money until the machinery is started. 'It is now ready. The labor has been employed, and by the time the next weeks issue of this pa per reaches you, work in earnest will have begun. Now let each brother who has sub scribed and not paid, send in his amount to Bro. T. B. Parker, S. B. A. Let each sub-Alliance, and County Alliance, empty its treasury into the same fund and let every brother and sister make up an or der club and send it in, and you need not fear to send a few cents too much to pay what yon order Urn time, it will be in good and safe hands and ready to help on the next order, or can be returned if desired. The larger yourorder3, of course the less per pair will be the freight charges. Now, brethren, your Committee has been faithful, so have many of you. The time has come for united, consistent, earnest! work by every brother and every sister all along line, and we expect to hear from you. This announcement we could not make last Saturday. But as we are ready to go to press Monday morn ing we stop to put it in. We know you rejoice with us. To work, now. Uaa twr a lar Cweraa At 9i miM meeting of tb ivo- pl art y of lc nwm county. N . t, held in the Court llou at Kutboru on the K.th day of NoveinU r. the follow log rvolutln vm tv nninlmoukly adopted: Krxn.vitii lt. That lo r- afllrm our adherence to tb crv-! of the iVople l'arty a -t f jnb In the platform adopt! at Omaha and renewed at St. IauU. and we tlo love and now dec Ian our tead- fat allegiance to th principle enunciated therein. Welitve taken n t-p backward. 2nd. That we fully ipd heartily endorM the rouoenf N-na!ir Iut ler during the Ltt -Un f the eneral A'mbly in tvgnrd to the election of n !'... Senator n well a well , hU ojr' in the fnlt.-t States Senate. :!rd. That ue fully nn.l heartily endorse the course of lb: iVpulUt caucus during the lat "lon f theileneraly Aembly In expelling the bolting ropulMivholn-traed their conHtituentf and crritl-evi party principles from all cauca- and branding them a traitors. 4th. That we fully and heartily endorse the cotiie of Governor Ruisell in hi efforts to annul the year leae of the North Carolina Kail road. uth. That we fully and heartily endorsee the coure of iJovernor Iluell in suspending from oClce the two Wilsons, ltailroad Com missioner. f.th. That wo fully and heartily endorse the e Herts of Governor Russell to reduce freight and pas senger rates. 7th. That we condemn, and de nounce the last General Assembly. 1st. For Its refusal to allow the W year lease of the North Carolina I tail road to bo tested in the courts. 2nd. For Its refusal to reduce freight and passenger rates aiuMel egraph and telephone rates to the gold standard level. 3rd. 1-or its refusal to provide for the election of Railroad Com missioners by tho people. 4th. For Its refusal to enact an effective anti-trust law. ."ith. For its failure to enact a law imposing a heavy jeiialty on persons for accepting free passes. Uh. For its refusal to reduce all salaries and fees to the gold stand ard level. 7th. For its refusal to enact a law preventing foreign coriora tlons from doing business in this State, from removing causes from the State to tho Federal courts. 8th. For its failure to provide for the election of county Hoard of Education, County Supervisors and School Committees by the ieo ple. Dth. For enacting the law where by 30 per cent is added to the val uation of all horses ami mules in Person county. Resolve 8th. That we condemn and denounce the usurpations of Federal Judges (who have been ap pointed to life positions by tho in fluenco of great corporations) by which cases aro taken from the State to the Federal courts, and citizens are denied the rights of trial by jury, by Judges who en act tho law by their own decrees and then execute it by the penalty of contempt. 0th. That w e here and now de clare our utmost confidence in Sen ator Butler, and pledge him our hearty, zealous and actlvo support to his unfalterine devotion to ana unflagging zeal for the peoples cause, "tho great common people"' has never been unsurpassed by any man living or dead. 10th. That a copy of these resolu tions be sent to The Caccasiax, tho Progressive Farmer and Person County Courier with a request that they publish the same. X. X. TrcK, Secretary. Holloway, N. C, Nov. 20, "Si. SOCIETY 0OJ USE IT. r.ifs, (ostor Haines, .Prominent fJeu York ilostoss, Relieved of Insomnia by Paino's Golery Compound. 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Testimonials iree. iiail's r amnv rma are me ucoi., The North Carolina Confarenre Of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, convened in annual session in this city Wednesday, Bishop Har grove presiding. Nearly every com munity in the eastern half of tbe State is represented in this Conference, by ministers as well as laymen who well renresent the best citizenship of tbe State. Able, earnest, devoted workers-unselfish workers in tbe great cause of the Master, they mee to devise means by which this la bor in the future may result in unceas ing returns for the Lord of tbe vine vard. Manv of tbe brethren are ac companied by their wives and daught ers accomplished helpmetes in tbe service. Raleigh welcomes one and all to heart and hearthstone. May tbe result of the labors of tbe body be a blessing to all concerned to all with in the circle of its innuence. GENERAL NEWS. The Legislature of Virginia,which is Democratic will assemble Wednesday. 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