EMPEROR WILLIAM. His Infirmity Baffles the Physicians of Europe. HE MUST SEEK AMERICAN MEDICAL SKILL ... ... i- ....... !,,! i.v -mint thviclan anl surgeon. The advico or skill uf any " P "V ' ' : 'i-.t I Ul-UevernachthH... While the court i.byHclan are oiir . ' ' V. .VV. . , , , .,. ,h..ir limitations and nrejadicoa like other men. Often 'uTil ".1" by th, very iGsion that was intended a, a pro- tC'tlH. lb- Kni-rr (rrnir j r n l iiy nr. A r' f'r lri-j la'rrricn to Hldfcr "' a l r o rn k : t in t r ii i , f-r' lit"1, and. -. r ! ran fl ml no rut T igrrt--t nf Km- rrafic rulr f Mi gr tr .f ration', ran find no riir for iiih ii n-i-ii.ir gly irigtiifl ma'a ily. .lint Ujii k of it : a mi 'i at vtn" beck on if t I. trot'S-'t a r m i lliil navi- f M i win Ii arl Ii n.ultl lie .ft in ini.liiif . i man who r ii l i atHii luti ovt-r Mi i iHin try f medical uiii v e r 1 1 i e , a man wiiole 1 i fc I1'' t a prirw h'ull jr'M into rv ice the inot noted avant ami phi I on op Tn on earth, lia a running ear and in unable to find a cur! It may be, of ronrn, that, the au torratin eclijin of the Kmperor pre vent! him from Hurt ing the right rem edy. Now contract the eiperienre of the followingntizeri of the United Htaten with the Kmperor of (Jermany. Ap parently they had the Mine malady he had. An the medi cal profemion haft no aecretn, it i quite likely they had ac res" to the a a m e treatment that haft been ii.sed in hi cane. Hut, like the Emperor, they fail ed to llnd a cure. But, unlike the Km am - K i . , -"i.'.i 1 ' ' -v'. ''1 ilSra - fell . vfU7 V:!H ;kiLJiLB' mi m KMI'KKOK WILLIAM OF UKKMANY, Tbe moHt powerful monarch of Europe, a eufferer from catarrh or middle ear. pror. they happen -d to 4f plain ci'i zn of the United States, rather than the renter of the inner court of the mot exclusive and carefully irutrded aristocracy of the world. In his posi tion nothing hut the remedies thit hfive met the approval of the most fastidious medical orthodoxy could ever reach him. In the position of these American citizens, however they had acces to remedies old and new, tried and un tried, approved and disappoveu. I Ley were at perfect lib erty to try anything: they chose to. 1 hej chose to try the rem edy that had cured others like them felveis,and thus they found a cure Whether the Em peror s case was a peculiar orte, cr whether this cir cumstance is to he regarded as a tri umph of American medical genin, the reader must judge for himself. This much is cer tain : that running of the earH,deafness, or all other aiFec tions of the middle ear, are due pri marily to chronic catarrh. Running of the ear is properly called enronic sup purative catarrh le-ru-na will cure catarrh of the mid die ear, a3 well as ca tarrh located else where.This has been proven over and over agaia in in numerable cases be- Children's Corner Frcta Cmp Hattmr L'cfct Hm. Bcxtox, Dare Co., N. C. Not. 2G, 1S37. Editor Caucasus: I Htc on the Atlantic ocean. My father is bea con keeper. Sometimes I tend the ight tjr him. I go down to the beach when ever there cctn a wreek on the Diamond Shoals. Papa is a subscriber to The Ctcasiak, I like nd read it very much. Dj cot pat my letter m the waete basket. Youra truly, F. K. Simpson, Jb. 1'ixcETO.v, N. C, Xot. 27. 1SU7. Deae Kditob: I am a, little boy of thirteen ears. and thia in the first naoghty child, "there' raiatna in this rice, andjoa know I don't like raiiintw "Why, rrankie," exclaimed Mam mma, lookioe op from her plate in arprije, "the last time we made lice paadinz, yon wanted raiaini in it, and I had Mary pat them in to-day for xonr special benefit "i den't care said Praokie sul enly. I 'didn't want raisiana, and I never can hate anything I do want," "Then leave the table," was Papa's stem order, and huf-fnghtened, ! half deSaiit Prank le obeyed. (TO BS COSTIift'KD XSXT Will.) Biliousness Is caused by UrjiJ tvr. wturh prerenU dJfea- 1C2 63 SUNK THAT n TC2 UTCnATITL IMC ifm ym law te I D fm M atUmpt to write a letter. 1 hope It tlon ami permit f ju1 fenwoi ana pau-uy n r,ll m.t find its wav to tne waste bas-l thesMiwc&. i"a wo aurmri-, ket. 11 y father is a subscriber to vour Darer. He is a Populist of the first wa?er. I am goirjg to cchoo. at Carter's lliil, my teacher's name is Mr. Robert Fitzztrald, we all like him very much. I hope I will be ready to enter th3 A. & M. College in a fw year?. I will close my short letter. Yvu-s truly, J. P. Kaiss. Insomlua. m-nowwu, and. If not rtUeved, bilious fever or hUtoA poisoning. Hood' Pills stimulate the stomach. Former!? NEV7 OCCASIONS. tatteVwla, 10 c -, ( B. . rim-, ri ! mt tW m "t-- i rW r. B4. min i Sww Tm la tW (NriM anemmt tW IvmtTOT mm4 Konin!. tbrnjurtif Rmta. MmiU , rot. rrwt hnm. rrot t. tiy Ktarr D. Uor- l TtllMA. Juun Wjm Clark, tui V. Inta. Iot. H. K. hurii. LUlUa WMttetf- P.iZZEL, N. C, Nov. -21, 1897. Mh. Kuitoe: This is iny Eecond trio to vour paper, and I am very sorr to till you that my teacher is dtad urd 1 am ut home now. My papa takes our paper, and I like to read it v ry much. I am very Fad nvtr rov teacher's death. I will close now aid write again. Yours truly, Axnie Eliza. Cox. Q)(Q IPoDDs roiis th liver, rure hea1ache. dlzzlreas. coo- I gps stiiiatiiHi. !. 25 onU. hold by all lrujtglsts. I rfr. The only rius to take with Hood's SaxsapariUa. 1 aa mm m rwry pm. STrW tm mmg. THE AA! Iv .N Charles H. Kerr & Cpanj, Pcilisfeers . . r... . ..... . . aX. A- Ui . AM.; Murtua lu. MuW Itttlicrrw. A.U.LewU.0 HMAt TO TM - mm Tu IIT TXKX tana Tiam aaa reuiaui tarr at a taaoafal Imliuai. T Fnaartcfc V. AAaaa, aa tUaatrataS aaaa a( tM aafa aaa Is lighting ror the peopl, fot rlitht against might, for uaman neuisA ssalnst property nsnis, iur jnstlce and equality for all.) It advocates and demands political action that will unite the people in their great con flict with tbe oligarchy or weaan ana n ble them to elect in l'JOO, President, Vice President and Congress standing on this platform: 1. Free coinsKe of gold and silver at tne 1 was surprised I ratio of l to 1. ab lli J a Maa I'auv4 a,uvai.f - - S FUtb Avcauc. CltlCAiaJ. The New Time and Thb Caccasiax both one yesr for $1.00. Addeess tl is office. Justici:, X. C. Nov. 420, 1897 Deak Cousins: when 1 picked up I HL UAt CASIA& reguiati0n of the volume thereof oy the Na- this morning-, not to nnu a letter from my dtar little cousin3. I think you are taking verv little advantage of the -valuable space tne Kina eaitoi offers. I have sect a nice httb utory, "Prankie's Lesson." I hope you will enpy it, and always think of it, when vou are when vou are about to disobey Mamma. I have a few questions tj ask, What caj3ed the Hnnal Ofvp ninpnt. 3. Government ownership or rauroaaa and telegraphs. Alive to the deplo, a'e conditions that ex ist. nDnreciatine the u nebed circumstances of the great majority, aud deeming it a duty ti do our utmost to put the truth within reach of all we make this COST PRICE OFFER. For $1 00 we will send Thb Amk&icam for us five subscriptions wan sides the ones just mentioned. Deafness and running of the ears are but symptoms or chronic catarrh or the middle ear. I'e-ru-na cures. tm catarrh, when the symptom disappear, whether it be running ears or deafness or any other atJVction of tlm middle ear. The remedy is compounded according to the formula originally devised by Dr. Ilartman, ot the .Surgical Hotel, Colombia, Ohio, the noted catarrh specialist. was alllicted with catarrh very similar to the Emperor of Germany. Kov. S. II. Ilenfro, Xorbarne, Mo., writes: ''My head gathered and broke and my ears ran terribly. I tried several remedies, with no relief. At last I got a bottle of Pe-ru-na and it did me so much good that I kept using it. I am still us ing it, am on the fourth bottle and must say it has removed all my bad symptons. My head does not pain any more, my ears havo stopped running, and I feel a great deal better. I think that the public ought to know what Pe-ru-ua has done for mo and -will do for them; and you are a liberty to use this statement in any way you think best." joo ill Mn. Amos 11. Mii.lkk. I had a profuse and constant dis charge. Trom both ears for twenty eight years caused by taking cold (catarrh). The last four years polypi tumors filled hot lis ears; I was very deaf. I then applied to Dr. Ilartman, who cured my ears perfectly. I now hear as well as ever In my life. I would not take a thousand dollars for the benefit I received from Dr. Hartman's treat ment. Amos II. Miller, Mechanic' drove, Pa. M!r. II. Walt f.k Bkadv. Mr. II. Walter llrady, of Cascade, Ark., writes: "I had running at the ears, and for fourteen years I was almost an Invalid. It was so of fensive that I excluded myself from all society. I received a pamphlet from Dr. Ilartman entitled "The 111 of Life" and wrote me-1 hat the remedy was simple, and that I could euro myself. After using $17 worth of his remedies 1 was en tirely cured. The world could.not buy my fortune. I recommend Pe-ru-na to all ns the best medicine old." j ItEV. 8. II. Rejfro, An American clergyman, who 3IISSEST1IRU LUTIIKK. I took your Pe-ru-na for deafness and consider myself entirely cured. I can hear now as well as I ever could, and shall always feel very thanful to you for your kindly advice. My father was greatly benefited in a severe attack of la grippe by the use of Pe-ru-na. Esther Luther, Franklinsville, N. C Mi: W. D.Stokes. I had chronic catarrh very badly, noist? in the ears, and nearly deaf. I used Pe-ru-na according to direc tions and am now well. I can hear the tick of a watch ten feet. Your Pe-ru-na is a wonderful medicine. W. D. Stokes, Daton Itouge, La. one year, To anyone sending of 1 m unh wa nrill asnl Tl Avili!li t rVOlutlOnar? fnr one vear feek. i . . . ' To anyone senaing ns iweniy suosenp- nt 1 Ckl nanK YarrA will rQ tr a ncn Mm. Who wrote the Declaration of m5s8icn ot 20 cent's on each. T rwl pnun f pn rt-' l. Bend for a free sample opy and see if V .... .. I Tntm lit.iiTjiv a Wafllrlir M.hnntl Tnnri artviwatin? an American nolicv. is not the Blu llidge in 1710, and what was paper you and your friends need and should r.ViArPsnlt? support. Aaaress, What, arput man studifd the THE AMliKlUAN, inj;n inm,oa an urrMrr hat outn ounn ot., rniiaaeipni. x-a. AUUlUU At 1.1 tiat- aJ vaava uuuij wurn he translated the Bible into it.- I intended answering some, but a3 there wa3 none to answer, 1 was dis appointed; bd let's try to do oetter next week. May Goda blessings ever be be- -twol upon the youthful readers, is tne prayer of their. Intimate friend, Laura Bowdejt. The American and Thk Ccccasian both one y-f r for $1.75. Add res this office. $1.00 PRANKIE'S LESSON. M s. Joyce was tired, bhe was geiicii. ly tired, hut to-day her head achefj retched;y and her face was white ad, .drawn with the pain, wh;-li had ' traced great purple circles under hcr eye3. She sat in the low rocker trying to quiet baby Grace, whose fifth tooth was just be ginning to push through the rosy gam, making her rest!es3 and tret ful. The hall door slammed, and DEMOREST'S The sab cnpiio'i prn e of 1: . f II V Dem"" s a is reui' d iiius to $100 a year. MAG ZINE. DEMOREST'S FAMILY MAGAZINE is more than a FASHION MAGAZINE, al- thougn it gives tne viy latent tiom and foreign fash ions each month; this is only one ol its many valuable features. It has soatethine for each member of the fam ily, for evtry de pa'tment of the household, and its varied contents are of the highest grade, making it pre-eminently THE FAM ILY MAGAZINE It furnishes the best feDENORESTSsj FAMILY KW iACAZlNEf! M1BIIW OF THE WORLD. Southern Railroad. (PIEDMO T AIR-LINE.) Condensed Schedule. In Effect June 14, 13& TRAINS LEAYE RALEIGH DAILY: NORFOLK AND CHATTANOOGA LIMITED 3:40 p. m.. daily Solid yeetibuled train with sleeper from Raleigh. N. C, to Chai tanioga, via Sal is burr, Morganton, Ashe rille. Hot Springs ana KxoxviUe. Connects at Durham for Oxford, ClarkSTille and Jweysnile. except Hundar At Greensboro with the Washington and Southwestern Vestibuled. limited, train for all points north, and with main line train No. 12 for Danville, Richmond and intermediate station: also naa connection for Winston-Salem, and with main line train No. 35. "United States Fast Mali for Charlotte, Spartanburg, Greenville, Atlanta and ail points oontn; also Colum bia, Augnsta.Charleston. Savannah. Jack sonville, and all points in Florida. Bleep ing oar for Atlanta, Jacksonville and at Charlotte with sleeping car for Augusta. "CHATTANOOGA AND NORFOLK LIMITED. 11-45 a. m., daily Solid train consisting of Pullman sleeping cars and coaches trom Chattanooga to Raleigh, arriving at Nor- ioix oi'Mp. m., in time to connect with en', Norfolk and Washington and Balti more, Chesapeake and Richmond S. S, Co.'s for all points north and east. Connects at Selma for Fayetteville and intermediate stations on the Wilson and Fayetteville Short Cut daily: daily except csunaay ior newoerne ana Morenead utr: daily for Goldsboro and Wilmington and intermediate stations on the Wilmington 1 TTT-1.1 1 a biiu vv eiuoa r muroaa. EXPRESS TRAIN 8:53 a. m., daily Connects at Durham for Oxford, Keysville, Richmond; at Greens boro for Washington and all points norm. EXPRESS TRAIN. 3:09 p. m. daily For Goldsboro and inter mediate stations. LOCAL, 2:00 a. m., daily Connects at Greensboro for all points for north and south and Winston-Salem and points on the North western North Carolina railroad. At Sal isbury for all points in Western North Carolina. Knoxville. Tenn.. Cincinnati. and western points; at Charlotte for Spar tan ourg, ureenvme, Atnens, Atlanta and u points Bouw. TRAINS ARRIVE AT RALEIGH: EXPRESS TRAIN. THE AMEEI0 It is lmpilf t pnni pulkvhr Itxhjrn that . AMERICAN MONTHLY" duntrf th vnt 0.. Zkrxun TH mt!Jy fxm-.juprr.- A, , d readers a i3u.tr.UJ accouol d IV ewUhlc thij UV, nwwh. . la t ' econoaw. r i '. K ts 41 litaxary pcnoi'iai."'- t- . hach ar 4 ' trn SAi t.-or,--.. "ProrrMa t4 l:e T ckwtly an ;! jj-4-fi maolh. Tlv 1tl . give li tot thought anJ inJornutioo ol tlx Currt-nt m'j.T . at th conthbuU4 atUcms fumsh Ux caat-uUt lAxvhrt. mooth. ani pv timely dafwa nm try authcritks 00 any q Krious import. The rcsadt of this comprehensive cfivjrt to ci4 in on rv tnlormaUoo needVi by tnuXttgcct pnr ci JjV' n4,i ' tK nctnum arhkh the TtxitTt ci ' the AMERICAN MONTHLY have acta fit to express. These arc thinking buaincxs mca, clergy men, ciitora, Uwycra, pnicaaors, ennneen. the wide -awake women of America. They write that the AMERICAN MONTHLY -is indispensable "is simply invaluable 1 "is a generous library ... a hiflorical cyclopedia ol the worLi! lhe bat means ol aiJ lor a t "the best periodical of the kind wc have ever hadt "a triuinfh genius l "the world under a field-glass etc., etc SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. 52.50 PIIR YEAk ADDRESS . aAmcrican Monthly Rcvicwof Reviews 13 ASTOR PLACE, NEW YORK For.. 25c. SF'tClAl. i.i UK Tl'.c current 1 . - !r and the !. 1 rktj. Inf Issue. THE VAKBOKO HOUSE IS THE ONLY HOTEL IS THE BUSINESS SECTION RALEIGH, fJ. C.t And as it will be almost enthely re-furnished and recirj.r. :;y . ion ?n .-lt . 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My little son (Scott) had suffered with running ears both ears fcr four years. Ho was almost deaf, I tried several of the best doctors in this country, none of whom seemed able (to do any real good. Friends advised me to try jour remedies. I did: so, and the resuit was most gratifying. Before rny little boy had used fodr bottles of the Pe-ru-na his hearing had been fully re stored, and his general health, which before had been poor, .was made perfect. I cannot fully ex press my appreciation of what your remedies have done for me. O. E. Bostick, Sumpter, S. C. Master Murphy. Our son had. been troubled with running ears ever since he was nine months old. I wrote Dr. Ilartman that they were running terribly, too bad for him to go to school. I commenced the Pe-ru-na and sent him to school. lie has not missed a day since he began to go. He took seven bottles of Pe-ru-na and now has every appear ance of a sound, healthly boy. He was ten years old the first day of last June. Many thanks to Dr Ilartman for his kind advice and wonderful medicine. Mollie L. Murphy, Iatan, Mitchell Co., Texas. Conclusion. The deafness in all these cases was dependent upon catarrh, of the middle ear. It follows as a matter of course that the only way the deafness could be cured was to cure the catarrh. Any case of catarrh of throat or head is liable to become catarrh of the middle ear and produce deafness. Pe-ru-na is the only effective internal remedy in these cases. Any and all other treatment Is simply and a waste of time. There are three classes "of people who are invited to write Dr. Ilart man. First: those who desire to become thoroughly posted on ca tarrhal diseases. Second: those who are taking Pe-ru-na for catarrh, but desire to put themselves under Dr. Hartman's special advice until they are entirely cured. Third : those who would like to have a book contain ing Dr. Hartman's lectures on chronic catarrh, delivered at the Surgical Hotel. All these people should address their letters to Dr. Ilartman, Columbus, O. urom now until January 1, 1899, we will send THE CAU CASIAN for. $1.00. thoughts of tne most interesting and most Prankie came nosly in, regardless of progressive writers of the day, and is abreast 3:09 p. m. daily From Atlanta. Charlotte. h a mnf hpr'a rout annken "hush!" ."S. u. """'1 ureen8ooro ana an points soutn c 1 uticutc. Duuiciv auaiio, a1 ii.uuui uvuocuum ''Mamma, he cried, "miy 1 go over Matters, Sports, etc. a single number fre- rr A T,arVj rn ppp hia npt Fd-iirreP qnently containing from 59X1 to KX) fine en to j? red Liarg 3 to Eee ma pet eq J'-rrei. ravi' makirjKft the M03T complete lis Drougut 11 ytfBLeiuajr-. 1 wibii x 1 AND MOst PROFUSELY ILL bad a sauinel: but I neier can have of the GREAT MONTHLIES. ot,. ,n T mQnf S Vr Tm?" DEMOREST'S MAGAZINE Fashion De- J "" J ' J - to"' mrtnionl. w in tvonr wav fnr a "Wouldn t you rathtr stay anu help Mamma, dari ng? asked Mr?. Subscribers areentitled each month to pat-1 From Goldsboro. Wilmington, Fayetta- TnrPO tTf vnn'll amuse fL t iciua ui iuo laii. xssuwus ui wuiuexi s ai- yuie, anu SU pOiniS m intern USJOlina. u;"" j""" - " 1 ure at ho cost to them omer man mat nec- whlle I do the week s msndrjg and essary for postage and wrapping. 3ew up that loDg rent m your blue No BETTER CHRISTMAS UIPT jiCKer, you mujr g to ruun than a year's subscription to DEMORESTS afternoon. MAGAZINE can be made. By subscribing "That's insr th? wnv it sO wava i? " AT OKCK y,,u can Set tne magazine at there- 1 a - . -a . -la I . a , 1 aa w( WUVa TV lit A VVtl SllV AatS.UVtw mutcereu i racKie, suneuiy. -i can c some 2o-c nt X-maa Number with its beau ever have any fnn at all," and he tiful panel pjcture supplement. fl ,n cr 00 la . a r.or fr.olU.fr ) moJf """J a "uut in. mo uimoiii 1 qj cnecK. a very ill-used little boy indeed. TRAINS OOINU NORTH. LOCAL. 7:10 a. m , daily From Greensboro and all points north and south. Bleeping car from Greensboro to Raleigh. "NORFOLK AND CHATTANOOGA LIMITED." partment is in every way far ahead of that I S:40 p. m.. daily From all mint. Mat. Not. contained in any other publication. I folk, Tarboro. Wilson and water lines. "CHATTANOOGA AND NORFOLK LIM ITED." 11:40 a- m. daily From New York. Wash ington, Lynchburg. Danville and Greens boro, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Hot Springs and AsheTille. LOCAL. 9:00 p. m., daily except Sunday From Goldsboro and all points east. EXPRESS TRAIN. 8:53 a. m., daily From Goldaboro Great Special Clubbing Offer for Prompt BUDscnpnons: ONLY $1.75 FOR THE sod Demoreit't FaaMy Maxailse. SrSend your subscriptions to this office. Mrs. Joyce sighed wearily a3 she threaded the darning needle and took a pair of Prankie's stockings. Baby Grace crowded and laughed, retching up two dimpled hands to ir-r brother, but he wa3 not to be b guiled cut it his sulky fit. So the infantile smiles and sunshine Lhnged to tears and clouds, and Mamma was forced to lay aside her work and comfort baby. "Mamma 13 sorry she has Euch a cross and disobliging litile boy," ahe said, a suspicion of tears in the natient v.ucp. Two or three, hritrhf drous fell on the trolden head which Edited by nestled against her shoulder, but Jonj CLARK RIDPATH, LL. D. I rT'Hea Larlltiaj X a4-. S. T rlnn'f r.rS Von nl'H.U "B uciwui iciew IS I1UW w" " ,t " entering upon its ninth year. Its me go to see reds Equirrcl, and J career has been one prolonged effort left the room, slamming the door for the advancement of true reform again behind him. ana le propagation of measures for A. & tl. G. RAILROAD. TI3IE T'Ja.IllL.aS. " would like to see Thk Arcka in ev ery Jinine." WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN. Sept. 29 y 1S97. Subscription Price Reduced to $2.50. THE : ARENA, 4To take effect Sunday Oct. 24. 1897. EASTBOUND TRIAN8. - W Lt W W At Lt W W 8TATIONS- Goldsboro Bests LaGrange Falling Creek.. Kinston Caswell Dorert Core Creek.. Tuscarora... Clark's Mixed Frt and Pass Tues.Thrs and 8at A.M. .. 710 743 806 823 914 92S 9 4? 1015 .. 11040 .. 1115 .. f 1131 Passenger Daily except Sunnay P. If. s ... I ! W Croatan Havelock s Newport a WildVood Atlantic f W At Atlantic Hotel M. City Depot.... 4 01 P If WESTBOUND TRAINS. 4 "Prank," willrmi Krrn, firm, Luc wiiermeuiioi we people. lO-QSJ AT WeWbern j . ii.uuui. I I H APIVI ia hat.tav hnahfa. nn.. I I .w 1 i.1 W 11. . I . - I . T. -v..v.,u,.Su,w, uiu.c I ' uci BiMiixsi uaiieu a geaue voice virile man ever. - It is in the front of Riverdale.. trom tne opposite side 01 tbe hall. tne ngnc and at tbe head of tbe 'Uh, botherl" was the ungracious commn- responce. "Ask Mary to fetch them. : HlTa rrr-eminsna u cham At this moment Mary a head made neoDle. and its voice is rai-ed with nn ft MoreheadCitr.. J a lfo anoorartoo frnm tVia oven riim'iir. I 11 nnartm i n orkii nd t n ff- K a VhA.rKaal mi.. I i asy uuk.Miuuv av i.viaa vut ta 1 V Ca O H 1 1 Os 1 " vwau anwuas a u iucil UCUAlit XUO "1 wish a certain little chap would reVent reaucuon in tne subscription brino- me a armful of wrwi" wwd I r"5! BU"um Piace ahsj akini in the , .T?e ,a,arm , W?d 881(1 hands of every thinking American sne. -l ye uaiung to ao to-ttay." man and women. The Abixa is never '1 haven t got time. shouted dull; every issue is replete with brirht Prankie, vanishing through the front and interesting articles on the living a " I lGBllilB I1T T.na Wr.. - llll-j Skaiaaiaka.a.ua.- door. vtz? l"tauvulB a. 1 n n 1 1 1 , 1 liihi, aw a stss sa wi n nnnniiaMai Dmnfr time came, and with it promise that, under th TCm.ni.n r D 1. 1 XT :i . 1 1 -1 I xu 11 i nu ... . . . . . iiauiucd 1 atiia. 11c uuiueu cneemy 1 ouuu ws. mupam. assisted dt the at his little son, and tossed him a m08t emmentwriters and workers, small parcel which on being opened, J THE abbka far'isos win b tb ideal jw reveaiea a bright, new pocket knife rrankit 8 eyes brightened for an in stant then the expression of discos tent quenched their light. "1 wanted a En-blader. like tredp, he win ted. - "I never do get what I want. Ob, dea ! Sana s face grew very grave, bnt ne neip,a ni3 coy to a eenerona a - 12 05 130 212 2 20 243 312 325 3 31 346 3 51 320 340 349 400 412 4 HI 430 442 454 500 515 525 550 553 605 618 624 637 642 Lt Florenc..... Lt Fsyetteville. Lt Selma Ar Wilson 6 s you 1 c"5 o a A. at 45 11 20 1 00 1 42 r. ra. ) 16 10 20 o .) 12 10; Ly Wilmington Lt Magnolia .... Lt Goldsboro.... Lt Wilson Ar Rocky Mount, Lt Tarboro. Lt Rocky Mount. Ar Weidon 1 r. m 7 15 .v. i: - 'U. sm 4 t "nn, No. 4": Lt New York. renn.R U Ml wai. I'niladcli'tiia I 12ut BsJumors..... S l!m H ashmgton 4 supw tUcfamoixl. A.:.L as(i: Norfolk, tt. A. L.. S'-j.iu Portsmouth n iOj-iu Vtsldun "11 2f iuil Ar Uendmon. 12 aJ 3 i in a. 17 Umtu "5' ...14 -"I'll. i alu Vfmm Ar Ihirbam Lt irurnam A.M. 9 SS ft &S IQ f 'in in lira T. H. A. M.'r. h. r. M. 1 42.... 12 15 11 2012 43 2 S3 .... 12 53 11 57 1 20 12 12;... I i 2 33.... 12 53 3 3U . r. m. 1 44 A.M. r. ar. 650 P.M. 8TATION8. Hagaalne for the American People. Published monthly.25c: ror annum. yaa) we SPECIMEN COPY AND PROSPECTUS FREE. slice of roast beef in silence. "Why could'nt Mary roast THE ARENA COM PANT, BOSTOH, MASS. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Ar W Lt Ar W Lt Ar Passenger Daily ex cept Sunday. A.M. . 1106 . S 1143 1032 Goldaboro ... Bests LaGranire r aning creek 10 22 Kinston s 10 12 Caswell. f 1C 00 Dorert ) 352 Core Creek s 940 Tuscarora f 930 Clark's t 9 Kewbern s 1 By special arrangement with Tn Akxna Co., we are enabled for a short cnicken?? grumbled Prankie, push- 70 ing away his plate. "I'm just tired of together for one year $300. roast beef. We also receive subscriptions to Tra I Lt Mrs Joyce looked sat!; Grandma zziflfl troubled and Papa perplexed, but no W ANTED High grade women of good one eaid a word and the meal proceed-1 "church standing willing to learn our bus- Riverdale f Croatan f Havelock.. ........ s W Newport a Wildwood...... f Atlantic. t MoreheadClty.. ji - Atlantic Hotel Lt M. City Depot.... jraja-S 910 857 833 829 820 808 759 755 , 7 47 '.742 "7 25 A.M. 2 Mixed frt and Pass. Mon.Wed andFrL P.M. 800 7 20 6 50 6 20 6 00 518 5 00 4 20 4 00 338 320 P.M. . 260 1047 1010 1000 940 9 06 f 8 47 ; f 888 . 820 815 750. A.M. s-f f ed in silence, until .the dessert was SenThe tZL'Zl 1 w..- rvlooorl r,n - I A1 x . iTS ""-a- -w. . n mm MHWUi. . J.. CVOD OH HUmsI . I owMupeu wreiope ro a. r. A. H.LDXS, I Telegraph station, t rassliiii mint . fh Manager. 278 Michigan ' Avsnnt I BeculsTSo. T rM,toPotot- aw . ninon 111 - - placed on the table. "Oh, dearr whimpejed ' stations, .f. Stop on Signal -xai 1 in pom. a S L.DILL, Bupi t Daily except Monday. J Daily except Sunday. Train on the Scotland Keck Branch Coad leaves Weidon 4:10 p. m., Halifax i:2h p. m., arrives Scotland Neck at 5:20 p. m.. Green ville 6:57 p. m., Kinston 7;5i p. m. Iteturn ing leaves Kinston 7:50 a. m.. Greenville 8 52 a. m,. arriving Halifax 11:18 a. m, Weidon 1133 a. m. Trains on Washington Branch letTsWaab if gton 8:20 a. m. and LOO p. nr. arrive Par mele 6:10 a. m. and 2.40 p. m., retnming leave Parmele 9:35 a. m. and 6:30 p. mu, ar rive Washington 11.00 a. m- and 7:20 p. m daily. - Train leaves Tarboro, X. O, daily except 8undsr &30 p. m., Sunday iM p. ar riTes Plymouth 7:40 p. m , 6 p. m., return-Ins- leaves Plymouth daily except Sunday 7:50 a. m and Bun day 9 a. ti arrives Tar boro 1O.05 a. m. and 11.-00 a. m. Train on Midland N. C. Branch leaves uoiosooro aaiiy. except (Sunday, 7:10 a. arriving 8m thfield 8:30 a. m morning leaves Smithfield 9.00 a. m arrives at Golds boro 10:25 a. m. Trains on Nashville. Branch leave Rocky Mount at 4:30 p m.. arrive NaahTille 5:05 p. 5U.8,3P hP 6.30 p. m returning leave Spring Hope 8:00 a. nu NsshTiUe 8:3j a. m.. amre at Bocky Mount 9:05 a. m, daily ex cept 8 unday. . TJTI,on Cipton Branch leaves Warsaw fr "Linton dady. except Sunday, 11 15 a. m and 4:10 p- m returning leaves Chnton at 7:00 a. m. and 3:00 p. m. Train No. 78 makes close connection at Weidon for all points North dady, all rail Via .Richmond, also at Rocky Mount with Norfolk and Carolina R. R. for Norfolk and all points North via Norfolk. H. M. EMERSON. Gen'l Pass AgL J. R. KENLY, Gen'l Man. -T. M. EMERSON. Traffic Manager. "THK LIGHT OF THK WOULD ot OUR SAVIOUR IN ART." Cost over 1 100,000 to publish. Contain. Vr1?1 f roP1 te world's great Daini. ings by Great Masters. Agentse takln 25 twenty ordeiTper dJy. ThS ttthVwantlT aaToiar6? TC1B nnran rIC- derTf d.T: HeXred 8l5o"n5 -Twiw Wflm Dn week." man or woman of rood church andiJ EEJTL dl?r. 8600 can soon be mads taiung orders for It. Finest Book to "t 2,? ere? published! goond in Pearl White and Gold, m S Purple and Gold, and inIWt v 71 larr ASressfoxl&TiSi!; A. P. T. ExDsa. milaher smSll?' , Avenue, Cliicato, ia;"'' 278 fchlgan or- a 'A Raleigh i J:u j.-.ii. Banford ................. 3.:.:u u..u. Ho. Pines................ 4 --am : v.j.m Hamlet. .. 1 mk U fu. VVadesboro. ,:. :u i-a Monroe i n. u ,...! I1"!..'." mi Oulunibia, CNj4t L K it. I w V linton. 8 . aTl. . . .7. .....". ' .a i i an .Greenwood vrs im. Tw w Abbeville ui. lis -KlDerton li7ii. :in ArAtaens l l :.t.iu AT Winder. I : :u I ima Ar Atlanta (Central time) . 2iu bar tot te Ar Cheater NORTHBOUND No-.' So.Vi LrAtlanU (Central Un-eU o-i, i. Lt Winder 2 4'tj i" l'-81 Lt Athena. J 1-h-. uxw Elbenon. 4 1wu Aboevilie Uiiu 14a Greenwood.... 5 41ju ivm Clinton. H 5i iu i Ar Columbia C. S L iClC Lt Chester, 8. A. L....77S ljiu Itia Ar. Chajlotte m z tu Lt Monroe. u Hamlet 11 z .y.u X Ar Uilminrton ...liiais So. Pines.. Raleio-h Ar Henderson.... ... Ar Inriiam Lt Durham. 5 2Uiju 2l ..4 &.'.) 31 ............. .wi 1 n-u ... 2 Vmtu 'J15. Sifcatii "7 3Jo, 1 Ar WekLm Richmond ACL iru -v waanington. Penn R R.12 Sl.rr. ji i w Balilmors l :sn n li01 Philadelpbla. Mliij.a New York 6 Zi :u Ar Portsmouth 7 S'laiu i Horfolk 7 nw Jj2 Daily. tDaily Ex. SunosfT u Monday. Nos. 403 and 402 -Tie Atlanr -',cL Solid VesUboled Train of Puiauau t and Coaches between Waahinjrt' til v lanta, also Pnllman Sleepers U-ta l,or mouth and Chester. 8. C. Nos. 41 and $8. The 8. A. L. i:xi 8olid Train, Coaches and Pnllan-a bf between Portsmouth and Atis:a. f Daily llwin hMw -nml.ja ')U A- lanta. xSOtb trains make Irnmain n at Atlanta for Montgomery. 3Sol .ie. tanooga, NaahvUle, Memphis, 31 -a. ' Ida. For TkiAts, Sleepers, and infancats apply -to Ticket Agents, or to - t. A IL 8. LRARD.boL Tsa. Ai ME. 8T JOHN. Vice PresideLt tad 1 E- McBEE, Gen'l 8np-rintejiJ-H. W. B. GLOVER, TraSc T. J. ANDERSONrOen'l I rifeft General Offices: PORTSMOUTH a- m. SCHEDULE ON WILMINGTON SEACOAST RAILROAD. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, OBER 4, 17. DaiLT EXCIPT SCSI' r. laTe Wilmington at 2 :"o r-B- Iesve nAan vi.w s f sn ti m - KITVnAY TRAINS Leave WilmiDgton at V- rj- p. m. Leave Ocean View at 5 w v- B.O. GRANT; 11 ANTED High grade man of gooi Watanding wU?ing to learn our -baagj a w ma as manager mu T i . str hare; salary aXX Rnclofe Zif a?. G9- wiuiiwi envelope iva. . a - Man III

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