--' - . ssn oio acid mi(SEi!iE the HKgnsimn MUYit jnnminQv i, tooa j r Caucasian ;r.til January I, .00. (3 Wit - Ml I UCASIAN nera!20,C00s:hcrit:rs ta Tt3 ttzsidu btftre it? C;r:s3 of 1898. r ii w l m- ii 1JHUK CA v V 1. GREE'S AT SPEECH. ot Standing by mocracy and iblicanism-' 0-: .,ULE AND IEDY. THE 4 O -I in: " ,avr ti.- ion ' ire t a!ln, i :i,,.t i Mi l ' i iiu'.v 1i 111 1 . ca- i. .heir i A(irti-n With ivrnor ,1 Natural Monopolies t f I'M rate IIuiU P 4 l' .Natural Monopo i.nn to o1 Oovern i ;toi Tlinn Hltver lrut-Hhi City Jot i , i nipt Tha Oreat and Needed. an address deliv I'.ngroe on inunic rntbe Nineteenth ; , t w Yorkrccently, i it to the careful . ;itmel to say that Lru w bat little about I was like thou . , iilain busintai men it th'iy are good cit tiioyare discharging duties and yet who umt interest in the own in which they d much about them. id the business men i ; greatly to blame. illow but expect those v look down in con i-h them with good 1 1 1 to pr jtect their lives . ; w ithout contributing it themselves. They results ot caucuses . i;ut attend, and com i iTinagement of those , S o no part in selecting, tin v lise up and show ii defeating unpopular (t ha a general rule they duties as citizens. omi) tt'regard it as the ry man to take part .: -tries, and believe it i d law that would pro . foui votine who have abstained from taking mations. , THEY WERE IN 181)0. :ion with municipal af ,1 IS'JO as mayor of the nut. The streets were ve.l, but had already . jy to street car com umanies and other cor Mi at kind. One could i f the city on any o ' streets without pay vjU tutu;dke corrpanies. ivhihI imu bt'uool district, i.y ;t .-fbM 1 ioard over ,i tin.' in i vr i.u.l i. fontroi or I , i Inl - IH I i I i d lit U 1U at v " i tl:.- fUlllll t lit !!. ol 11 lit a art la A nr.-; ;.i " i ity i ; i ecu u unit , - 'lira:-. ,tLl I 1 !., ... n. d RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1897. U(.. I ISH .till! ;it tin I. , ti.i- owners any pub its often pro j that after it,; I. id ' sun, ; i 0 01 til' ii !H J'lVt tut' vim ' apon u;: few .a. Ul't'U t I .! Kil ;' OCfi li';. ' Ktapti tri'tfi',i ; Wf't'. It.tk.. at the ;, hrvicc ,v li COtli'td btau:iti! ,'.s oa t i alitor, tla hit I Tn.. i' ;t 1 1 ft.-t, . .i t :m ! houses built i)i:ipelltd to pay Urge l.i'hways for the ac- of many battles. In fact, the period ! nai bten more like one of war than! peace. It is interesting now t iv back over our man? conflicts T . first ssUctfd as& candidate by the most influential people of the city; men who had large holdings in street railway companies, in gas compa nies, those who held positions on va rious boards of the city, prominent merchants, bankers and professional men, all united in ren destine me to become a candidate. I discovered very soon after my election that the railroads were paying les3 than their share of taxes. I said so. and th railroad support immediately left me. I discovered that the gas companies were charging exorbitant rates. I said so. and the owners of the stock turned their back3 upon me. I iounu tne bankers speculating in the city funds. I denounced the practice and they denounced me as an unsafe man. I attacked the old turnpike roads, and their owners called me an anarchist. In short, I found that every time 1 attempted to correct an abuse 1 lost a large and influential class of supporters. I found many of the members of boards interested in one way or the other in the supplies furnished to the city, and when I called attention to the fact the boards became intensely hostile. OFFENDED INFLUENTIAL CLASSES. In short, one by one, the influen tial classes of the city seemed to take offense. I was four times elected mayor, but in each campaign was made painfully aware ot the loss of old friends, although my majorities gradually crept up from about 1,500 to something more than 10,000. 1 was honored by the same constituency when elected governor, by a major ity of more than 18.000. It is something to be proud of that when the influential classes turned their back upon me the common peo pie of the city, who were too poor to own axes to grind and who were only interested in the growtn and prog ress of the municipality, always stood by me and supported me in ev ery forward step. When you con sider this experience you will not be surprised that I have come to lean upon the common people as the real foundation upon which good govern ment must rest. Among those who have opposed the different reforms introduced are men who would be supposed to be above temptation and who are uni versally regarded a? the very highest types of citizens. They occupy high places in commercial life, borne or them are judges; some of them are Senators and members of legislative bodice; some are great bankers; some are merchant princes. All of them eminently respectable; yet, strange as it may appear, their opposition has in almost every instance resulted from their interest in public charters and monopolies, which had been pro cured bv questionable methods. Against the influence of such men it has been absolutely necessary to ap peal to the masses to prevent the citv from beiner tied hand and foot and plundered without mercy. I have come to agree witn tne eel ebrated Enclish divine who said: ''In everv country the nation is in tne cottage, and if the light of your leg islation does not sbme mere, your statesmanship is a failure and your system is a mistake. ' Indeed, every and engage the rest of the week in bribing aldermen or cettinor m etv. jbbing schemes to defraud the widows and orphan?, are the most dangerous members of society. OO V. PXXGRXK'S CONCLUSIONS. I have learned a few things while I have been in public life, and I have come to certain conclusions. These are some of them: That good municipal government IS an lmDOSSlbllltV whila valnuhl franchises are to be had and en 1,a obtained by corrupt nse of money in unuingme people s servants. Even now the cibzans of Detroit hardly dare go to sleep nights for fear that some old gang will bribe the alder men to extend their franchises thir ty years. The people must be kept awake constantly awake or the il:.i iniei sups in. It is certainly a travestv noon civ ilization and Christianitv when real ly nice people are always spending money at elections to help seat some rascal. I again say that I believe the time hag come for municipal owner ship of street railway lines, water, gas, electric lighting, telephone and other necessr.ry public conveniences which, by their nature, are monopolies In taxation it is hard to see where the wage-earner or the poor man comes in. His little belongings are all in sight. His cause seems to have of late years but few advocates in Congress or elsewhere. His benefits are supposed to come in by increased wages, due to high tariffs. Last winter in the Michigan legislature I ARE CALLED TO ACTION. I NORTH CAROLINA IIEYS. CHAIRMAN T0WHE S RINGING ADDRESS TO THE SILVER REPUBLICANS OF THE COUNTRY. Thm International BImstaUle fare W.mA-4-1 1 la right Bta thm l)lisr(u. Iced ru! ud tb OrgaaiceJ Blnjr Potiir, The following is the address iiued to Republicans by ex Congressman Towne: Duluth, Minn., Nov. 10. Chairman Charles A. Towne. of the National Committee of the silver Republican party, to-night issued the following address: 'To the Sdver Republicans of the United States. 'The crisis long expected is at hand. The policv we denounced when we proclaimed that a conspiracy had been formed to capture the Republi can party in the interest of the gold standard is near its consummation. The Wolcott Commission has confes sedly failed in its negotiations for an international agreement for the establishment of bimetallism. That failure, foreseen by those who draft ed the cunning financial plank in the St. Louis platform and forced its adoption, is now nsed as, from I the first, it has been intended! tc be used as the preliminary to the definite establishment of the old standard in the United States. NO: :j. GATHERED FROM VARIOUS SOURCES AND CONDENSED FOR THE CAUCASIAN READERS. A llirtow Hwttmd-fcftfcMH rail la BMtaaoa at Whttaka u4 WlMte raarta-rUai rtmmfi Arltd- A PrwtUM to taa FaalUatlarr if tharltit. ad Otkvr Matter. Winston sold 1,993 614 pounds of leaf tobaeco daring November, for $149,613.93. At the Superior Court in Winston last week Bill Day was sentenced to I seven years in the Bute penitentiary! ror Killing his sweetheart, Laura bills. The Baptist State Convention will meet in it 67th annnal session Dec. 9th, with the church at Oxford. Dr. A. C. Barron, of Charlotte, will preach the annual sermon. J. H. Dingelhaef, who has conduc ted v dry goods $tor in Winston as signed Saturday, naming J. Lindsey Patterson as trustee. His liabilities aggregate about $12,000 and the as? sets are placed at $18,000. Mr. A. A. Shnford, president, and Mr. K. C. Menzies, cashier, of the First National Bank of Hickory, are making arrangements for the open mg of a new bank at Morgan ton. Mr. J. R. Tillery, of Tillery, has made a proposition to the State pen- Thev knew perfectly well that a nlain tried to have some for7thl Uentiary authorities to lease them iriea to nave some legislation passea . , , . ..,.- ! hia larir farm on lihrjil trmi mean its diastrons defeat at the polls. There are 1,000 acres in cultivation They inserted a weak and incon&is- on the farm, and the land is entire tent promise to 'promote' an inter- 'ree rom river freshets, national agreement for the purpose The following fourth-class post- oi noiaing tne aiiegiancs oi millions I masters in xnortn uarouna were ap- oi republican voters who were for bimetallism, while at the same time it was sought to bind them perma nently to the gold standard, through a firm and unambiguous declaration that, if the agreement could nob be secured, that standard 'must be pre served,' ''The wretched farce has been played through the humiliating ap peal to the gold powers of Europe that we graciously be permitted to be relieved by them from a monetary servitude that is wrecking onr pro ducers and destroying our national independence. We have been spurn ed before the eyes of the world. The alternative so artfully provided is now invoked. The supporters of the British money system now claim warrant for their whole nefarious programme in the alleged endorse ment of that declaration by the Re publican voters of 1896. bteps are therefore being rapidly taken to put the plan in operation. The Presi dent by special message to Congres endorses the seheme ot the Indian- property is taxed, and to have uni form fares established for rich and poor alike. I failed. The roads were too much for me. The lobbyist was there with ''boodle" and others with promise of Federal office to kill the bills. But I am going to try again If the railroads of Michigan paid proportionately to mileage and re ceipts what is paid in Indiana they would pay nearly $3 000,000. They now pay less than $500,000, and ev ery one in Michigan has to help pay the difference. And so it is with tel egraph and express companies. Men say: "Let us give t him that hath and take away from him that hath not even the little that he hath," but I do not believe that is good Christianity. In Michigan the rich er you are the les it costs you to travel or ship goods. The very rich and the legislature and the judges ride on passes. The lower lot buy 1,000 mile mileage books for 2 cents a mile, and put up $30, $10 of which is placed at interest for ene year by the railroad company, and then you get it back but not the interest. The poor pay 3 cents, and so it is in tax ation everywhere in the nation, the State and tie city. The!mora you proportional T. n wr n 4-V.a Iaoo i ei int.t . , , r I nnn m I Inn v an 1 1 rtn nr 'ennnn mnnov' to vonr wfifi.lt M rto von nav. p. rprv 1 C : r ' w t r ' one enjoying special privileges looks out for those, of his kind and divides the spoil quite fairly. FEARS FOR THE GOVERNMENT. How long can a government last which pursues such a method, and increases constantly the burdens of the industrial class and gives it to those Who prey upon the bone and sinew of this nation? The power of indirect taxation permitted to mo nopolies exceeds the direct taxation advocates which was declared by them to rest upon three fundamen tal and essential features; 1. The permanent establishment of the gold standard. 2. The retirement of the green backs and all other government notes 3. The institution of a huge bank system of power to issue and control the paper money of the country. The gold standard press has taken the cue and from one boundary of the nation to the other is proclaim ing tne failure of international bi : tliey were laid. What . ttd ini the city had Ui'o extent given away ai.it d for buildings il. . :1 I a . I T T 1 A. I- n ui lUtt muaunauiir. i campaign in wnica I nave iau.eii a, that existed were or part has increased my admiration tor for government triicier ana coma scarce- the common people, i nave een Soeakiner here in JNew loiK. l tear n;m w,. improve the dirt roads made painfully aware of the expen- that my remarks upon the subject s;tv of a comprehensive readiust .1li...n lnmn oiimc nf mnHAV TO I lvA .nl 1 .aaaIha hiit vrvn 1 ui.um i ""."x , 77 " I aJ iocoiyou, Jv"mento our currency system upon elect corrupt aiaermen ana oiuer oi- nave asked me to come, ana 1 must tne sold basis. Finally, the national i2"i- mu:- i a ti rii t-Ari i i t ji 1: ,i i i T . r ' uciais. luw uiuuojr i , "v''""11 speait as 1 see anu uenove, auu x u sound money league in its semi-an-by men who stand high m the com not shrink from pointing out on this n.i mAt.T,r in Nw YorV rtflrnav. j i 4a Vkfk noin i il. a. :i a- : r " j munuy, nu wuo iw occasion me greai perns w wmcu puts the stamp of infallibility upon back a hundred told irom tne puu- 0ur country is exposed in this eifort tne same conciugi0n in the following nc treasury, xami tuwrw w vuiiuyi oi ours at sen governmeui. . auiuue laneuaee n 1 1 i l j I . n n - OI loose wno nope aim ueneve mat self-crovernment bv the people, and for the people, has not been hair tried, nor reached that stage which soggiest any remedy for the evils eventaally reach. We may in the ih I have been describing. My fntTI;A thrnnh tronblons i it All .a anoiuer. jxh telephone wires poles, making of tele- wt re the city .ml in many instances un- the people are resisted by the poor- the honest yeomanry or the land. K IMPROVEMENTS. nto pride in saying that d nearly eicht years of i tyc r of Detroit the city d to be one of the most i the United States. It r lighted by gas, but has trie lighting plant, and . utly illuminated at less the old rate. The gas turnish,-1 to its citizens has been re SUUUESTS THE REMEDIES. You will ask. perhaps, whether can which iilt'td at Etteu itn r no t..l liuid,'. ; P'-ikii t throu":. ; tounst ! i Ul 1,; nrjr. i a the !. Plwnt s t Pr;m. ;. Mentis i faraied ,. Pnit'.-, :. "SB o! , hai be. .4 nJ its Power i i c&r3 havt did ity.;,. 'islted'. nil ,-ist one-third in price and iotd in quality, lhere cates left within the city if tovtral boards are com- d their lezal business (.dike of the corporation to conduct their finan- throuirh the city treas i'.iits have been provided ts tor independent tele i the police and fire de Tte old paving rings : biruktu up. The docks at ! streets . which had been : fwra triila to ferry com- . leen reclaimed for the , otde. The school board experience has brought my mind to his nonclasion: That the streets of tha citv beloner to the people and that no mavor or common council has a rieht to barter them away They belong to the livrng and not to tne dead. The remedy against manv of these evils is municipal ownership, and the entire abolition of the monopolies, or, ii monopolies must exist, which depend upon puD lic favor, their absolute control and dsnflndence noon the people, bo long as we allow persons io specu- uf in the use of our streets we mnst expect the people to be sub i acted to exorbitant charges. So loner as we depend upon private companies for lignt we must exoeci poor service and high rate3. lhis remedy will not oniy soive many " . r mnnininal nroblems. out appnea on a larcer scale will bring railroad near future pass through troublous times, for as "constant vigilance is the price of liberty," so must liberty be regained at times. Greed in the United states must be curbed, for greed is the root of all evil, national and political. Wrong cannot stand before right and truth, except for awhile. What is right will prevail in tte end. Of late there are these who tear the people, and in your clubs a mon archy like England is advocated. If youanaljza the case you wiu nna that only those fear the people, wno are exploiting the people. The peo ple, so called, the class I have men tioned, are the mainstay of this re public of ours, they are always right. There must be one law for rich and poor alike. There must be one meas ure of 3 astice. Uur legislators must legislate not for a class but for the whole people. Uur courts must ror- . i it ? i l commerce under proper sub- . d ,t is tne duty me r;it. with tt. carry! v.. beu lr which c: ith trai to st 11 v Act vti.H!n 'fUt which th'i-, U ,,,,, Paveuit n Postd tdar ti&l c, M n n. n Minn AYnTAKV , vuu)iaui -jt' tr t ou''tit under suujecuon atamhoat companies and other agen u subjected to tne veio :es n$ mi . .11 1 1 mayor, ine oiu uy iflction. I c nrntof th wahV i 1 i J I J l. aUVCX U111DU b iV v nvv mw tsappearea ana a spien- we have an extraordinary spec-i . . t. a arnna. tha nnr ao-ainst , ,.D .nnnitin . . . i 1 I l" o ' "t cttJcuiB uuuiu6 ... nrpamiieQ m neanv on i n f iti, i . . i i r - . - .... I me tioiusuueaa ui ncaitu. i nui ii hk mil. . n.nnnmr rima I ... ... . . . AmencsD biuw i wb wi" I i?ay ricrht here, that unless tne of new railroads applying for ad- t?eDnbiican. party comes out as a mission and nnable to ootain an en- cha ion o the-average man and trance on account oi tne oia lraes. .. are -nd unless it ceases to The time is ripe for the people them- cater lQ synQicates trusts, monopo- seives to coniroi wt - Has and other exoloitinff agencies, n to make an tnese ageuio ui wm merce act for the general benefit rather than for personal gain. The terminal, at least, should become ''The situation demands a definite. clean and unequivocal declaration that international bimetallism is a dream of the past. The United States must proclaim their acceptance of the world fact, and plant themselves finally upon the single gold stand ard.' "Silver Republicans of the country, the crisis demands yottr most ener getic and consecrated efforts. In the glorious campaign of 1896 and again in the recent elections, you nobly proved your patriotism and vindicated your title to the grateful remembrance of succeeding genera tions. In this supreme juncture your duties are heavier and your opportunities greater than those of any other citizen of the republic. It is yours to hold together in common fidelity the co-operating elements of reform. It is yours especially to persuade deceived and betrayed re publicans that to rote against their betrayers is their highest duty. If the degeneration of country and enslave ment of its producers are to be avert ed; if to ourselves and posterity the blessings of liberty are to be pre- pointcd: Conway, W.T. Bridgers; Goshen, F. D. Meadows; Hub, Burdis Anderson; Linwood, C. L. Lopp; Milbridge, Jennie L. Sloan; Red Banks, D W. Townshend; Yancey, George M. Yancey. Messrs. A. W. Parker & Co., mer chants at Whitakers, made an as signment last week for the benefit of their creditors. We are not inform ed as to the assets and liabilities. The low price of cotton and difficul ty of making collections is the cause assigned for the failure. Tarboro Southernre, A special from Greensboro, N. C, dated Dec. 4th says 8only Ryan, shot and killed his wife this evening, be cause she refused to give him her hard-earned money. He was capt ured by the police soon after com mitting the crime and while being taken to iu a brother oi the woman attempted to shoot him. The Winton Salem electric light plant, now in course of constrnction by the Fries Manufacturing and Power Company, was inspected by nine prominent business men from Martinsville, Ya., who contemplate harnessing smith river, about 4 miles from that town. They can se cure water-power sufficient to pro duce 12,000 horse-power. The Davidson Dispatch says that Sheriff Kinney, of Davidson, went to Morganton Wednesday morning to carry a yonng married woman, by the name of Essick, to the State Hospital. The woman's husband had never ridden on the cars and couldn't be induced to make the trip. The Goldsboro Argus says: There has been more Fall plowing done in Wayne county in the last few weeks than ever before in one season. Many of the farmers have put in good crops of wheat and oats, and others are turning the gronnd over for next year's crop. Our farmers are working harder, going in debt less, and getting more independent every year. The Tarboro Southerner says that the sale of cotton in Tarboro during the present season, as taken from the weigher's books, aggregate the sum of 5,847 bales, distributed as follows: During the month of Sep- GENCPAL NEWS. A eaaaaarf Wa'a tfcat mrm Hr-i ! m Salt Oar t klm Two hundred and fifty rt&u at the Epilptie Hocpitat, io Ohio, wr poisoned last wek by teste polic ing, it is presumed. I o the State 8 ate a Vil! a it- trodneed to abolish football aod it t . , games ox nae coaraeier, wntre an admission fe U charged. Rev. James Battle Avirrtt hi rsiaed all the money nedd fr the shaft to the memory of the North Carolina dead at Winchester. Ex-United States Senator Patrick Walih, the citizen's candidate, was e'ested Mayor of AugaaU, (it , over William Dunbar and Daniel Kerr, by a majirity cf SJ4. The President appoint d B. K. Bruce, of Mississippi, one of the best known negro Republican?, register of the treasury. He held this posi tion some years ago. 8even men died at Maplesviile, Ala., last week and seventeen more are not expected to live as a result of their drinking a mixture of wood alcohol and cheap whiskey. J astice Field's retirement from the United States Supreme Court, of which he gave official notice to the President last April, took place on last Wednesday. There was no for mality attendant upon it. Charles W. 8palding, ex President of the Globe Havings Bank, Chicago, has been sentenced to an indeter minate term in the penitontiary. He was charged with embexzling funds of the University of Illinois, of which he was treasurer. The latest move in the fight of the seaboard Air Line against its com petitors is shown by the order issued last week. It doubles the baggage allowance of passengers between all points on its line. MISERY II CVBA Ex-State Auditor, Eugene Moore, found gnilty last week of embez zling $23,000 of State funds, was sentenced to eight years in the pen itentiary. The sentence was a sur prise aad a crushing blow to the prisoner( who expected but nominal punishment. The filibustering steamer Daunt less arrived at Jacksonville, Fla , after having successfully landed an other expedition in i'aba. The Dauntless is reported to have landed a large cargo, included in which was a 12 pound Hotchkiss gun. In the Virginia House of Repre sentatives a joint resolution was in troduced and passed in that body recommending that corporations, banks, merchants and others give preference to ex-Confederate soldiers and sailors in bestowing appoint ments to remunerative situations in their gift. The Postoffice Department is tak ing a firm stand against the so-called "missing letter and "missing word" contests. All newspapers and peri odicals containing advertisements of this character are forbidden trans mission in the mails uoder the anti lottery regulations. Martin Thorn who has been on trial for the sensational murder of Guide usuppe, at Long Island, N. J., last week was oonyicted of murder in first degree. The penalty is death by electrocution. His nr stress Nack, who was an accomplice in the ctime, will now be tried and probably, through her confession, escape with life imprisonment. News comes from Birmingham, Ala , that miners at Cornnna, Black Diamond, Lockhart, Coal Valley, Mountain Valley, and Gaslight about 1,200 all told, struck recently, it is alleged, because of the failure of the operators to restore the ten per cent. reduction in wages made last spring, and which the miners claim, the op erators promised to restore Nov. 1. The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Deputies has appointed a com mission to investigate the charges HaVaVA. Tj. KtT WllT. Fl IBjitr I Tk d piTatkt eosl- lion of tte eoaa'ry grm mt a&4 morapparet- Kfar&4 1 . a , i-runiuai art (wvciatcaT war nor mmrtbl. According t reports frcta & DotaiegA, mll-p i ta miking tetn bU ravtges aiaocg the "reeonr!. tr.doa" 4ti-Lar:Bg ci J ia the city alone, u y nothitc o! tfc obarban twc. which are l.k i infected. General Panda and General da arrived jeaterdtr. with the Kx Bit'Ahoo.at C:ea d Arila, oa the Moron-Jacaro trocha, wbr the had an engagement with in surgent ratalrf. uadrr Grneral Mtiimo Gjohs According ti the official count, the SpaciaH loal two killed and ibt wounded. The two general eamptd for the night at the Uiforma farm, wbicb bad been abandoned by General Gomes. All night the itaargents kept op a teat teriog 3 re upon the camp. The icaurgents hav burned io part a Urge sugar-cane plantation near Guinea. Uaiana. Dc. 'J. Ia the incite ment which took place yesterday in the province of Pinar del Uio, be tween the insurgent, under Gentral Dacassi, and the Spanish troop, un der General Bernal, the former, ae coidictr to the c fficial Spanish report, lost over 100 men kilUd. Several of the Spaniards were wounded by ex plosive bombs thrown by the insur gents. Advices received here from Mao ztnillo, province t Ssntiagu de Cuba, contain farther particulars of the capture of Gala, l.'i mite from Bays mi, trovinre of Santiago de Cuba, by the insurgent sreneraU.Habi and Salvador Kioa. The insurgent weie well sapplied with artillery acd destroyed several blockkouaMi with its fire, captured the place after IK) of the Spanish soldier composing its garrison and Ik) men had been killed or woundtd. The Spaniah commander and his seeord in command were among the killed. THAT DBUOCRATIC COIL ADDRESS. cf Reialaiicsi That SATISFY THE G0LDBDQS THE ARMOR PLANT. Ihtftaval Hoar4 Maha lit Hn4i tloa tm Narratarr ml Ik Maty Liki-A riaat Will CM 1.oMi.oo. S ASHlsr.Tox. Dec. 1. The naval board appointed by authority of Con gress to ascertain the cost of an ar mor plant, made its report through Commcdire Howell to Secretary - m Ta L.ong to-aav. ine repcrt makes a voluminous document, treating eve ry detail of the procesi of armor making essential to a correct appre hension of the cost of the plant. which bare teen termed by Ex pert F.i'z. The rost of a plant suitable for the makiog of naval armor at the rate cf about aix thousand tons rer annum, which is fully aUil to the capacity of both of the existing private plants, u set down as about three and three qoar ter million dollar. ?to recommen dation is made as to the location of the pi tnt, but the board has accuma lated much information as to the merits of various eligible location which may be bad by Congress if called for by it. Secretary Long will now proceed immediately to take the next step necessary to carry out the wish of Cotgres?, namely, invite iroposil by advertisement for building sach a plant as that des:gaed for the use of the government. TO PREACH A6AINST MURDER. Par t apart by Maata Carvllaa fil.B)a rarlbat far nnmnamos I " r i Z . . . ... I uieaaiui rCl: Ket tQe influence which placed mem if the final industrial and material regeneration of the race is (h1 rails has been estab- UMS BROUGHT ABOUT. tdrcl ti in a straight 5-cent fare, Wiyu' ir , isFam. ta sell tickets at of six for a qiarter, refers. A new company, ; about 40 per cent, of i' number of passengers has your tVio nrnnnrtv of the People. Whim we reflect that no raiiruau . A. J iU.4 x falA- can oe construcieu, mi u irranh wirA can be strung irom town ikingmen's tickets during to town, or irom oiaie u dwi,w b . . I l nan Via TtAr mitt fid I i mm mnrnintf ana evemnlc. I uu oiiooi icimn.j r ''ht into the city, upon it tickets for a quarter, fct'urs, can bo obtained. Ali luits have been compelled witl be buried in oblivion, and money will not help yeu. We must begin by advocating mu nicipal ownership of natural monopo lies and take away from them the item of profit and relieve the wage- earner to that extent. to remain a serene and reasonanie hope, there must 'come enlightenment and enfranchisement to hundreds of thousands of those yet blinded by partisan prejudice and in the bond age to partisan custom. You, more readily than the members of the other great allied forces, may open their eyes to the truth and arouse their patriotism to action. Let us be thankful that at length the battle is to be foueht in the open, that one tember, 1.340. October, 2412; No vember, 2,065. This .does not, of course, include the sales at oth er points or the? cotton shipped for sale out of the county. It is probable that Edgecombe's crop this year will exceed 20,C00 bales. The Tar boroSoutherner says: Go away from home to learn the news. The Raleigh correspondent of a syn dicate of newspapers sends out the following to bis papers: "The con viction of white man Fields at Tar boro charged with hiring a negro to poison a bar-keeper named Kill is not unexpected. There was a woman in the case it is now positively as serted. We do not know about the last assertion but we do positively assert that never before were there more errors crowded into so small a space." We take the following from the Winston Journal: A few days since Peter Price, of Greensboro, and Joe Vaughn bartered on a piece of land at Madison, which they owned in co partnership. Mr. Price proposed to buy or-sell af Mr. Vaughn'' figures, Mr. Vaughn set the priee a $2,500, and Mr. Price made the purchase. A day or two later, while having an old eabin removed, a rich find was made. An old half-gallon pot was preferred against Singer Crispi, former Premier of Italy. The charges against Crispi are complicity in wrecking the Banks of ltiine, Na ples and Sicily. It is stated that Signora Crispi received $2.0O0,UH) from blackmailing these bisks. The Democratic legislative caucus of Virginia, nominated George U. Helm, of Franklin county, for su perintendent of the State peniten tiary, A. W. Hannan, for Treasurer; Morton Marye, for Auditor; and Jo siah Ryland, for Second Auditor, and Jas. Lawless for Secretary of the Commonwealth, all incumbents. Af ter a hot fight, Hon. John E Massey, the incumbent was defeated for the nomination of Superintendent of Public Instruction, by Dr. Joseph W. Southall, of Amelia. ataxic Will be Cordial tm Brjaa. City of Mexico. Dec. 2 Resi dent Americans are taking action for the reception of tha U m. Wil liam J. Bryan in an appropriate manner, and without party affilia tions. Mr. Biyan w.ll be received with cordiality in ali circles here on account of his political prominence as a leader of the Demoertij party. Vf hat Etarjbvdr Kntrl Orourhtto know, is that health and Columbia, S C, Dec. 2. Follow ing the report of solicitors to the Attorney General, which show that the namber of murders j it doubled in this state tor tne laat year, cr reached a total of 200. Right llev. Ellison Capers, Bishop of the Dio cese of South Carolina, to night is- sied an addrets to the Prot slant Episcopal cKrgy, reproducing the resolutions on the prevalence of murders passed the last meeting of the diocesan council, and fixing !? cimber 19 as the day when all clergy of the diocese shall preach against the crime of murder "now s pre valent in onr State." and inviting the ministers of Chris, cf all denom inations o unite on that day in up holding "the saerednets of human life and the honor of our beloved State." . m un vuiu, tu i . . . . " " . . I , 7- . ' . . .. . after another all subterfuges have I "una containing m,wv ingoiu. AUl("n"", ,u," "'w.uu,,.1,u lutw"' at last we shall be able go supposea te nare oeen swrca umu uc o.o. Itaak fallaraat Alavgaat. N tice was poatfcd r n the doors of the Piedmont Bank Thursday morn ing that on aeconnt of inability to coiUct to mtet withdrawal, the tatk has been forced to suspend. The bank has loaned considerable sums on real e-stat eecurity and on tbeteitwas nnatle to real'zi fast enough to upply the shrinkage in deposits. The bank has m capital of $20.0U0 and surplus of tlO.KH). The omcers sty that tne assets are, in their opinion, ample to protect its depositors and other creditor. Tne deposits amount to abont fiO.OOO. Tne depositors met and ri quested that Mr. 1. 1. Dans be appointed re ceiver. Cpt. G.'O. P. Erwin is pres ident acd Mr. o. T. Pearson cashier of the Piedmont Bank. RURAL FREE DELIVERY. Country Folk Will Aid the Mall Carrier by Plac'nx np Boxea by the Boadslae.-' Washington. D. C, Dec. .1. Act- a o.it tAionrinna to occnov our streets wnnoui some AAU VVllUOlltVU nvavv-v- I A af , . , aVU. has been established by public franchise, we must see iubi . . i i I . . AVt!ti nut tno HrtVPTfil &T ts nave oeen reuueeu w : . Jf L en nlators W Postmaster General Perry S. "uc-t uaiici ui tuuarj wic - - 1 v " - " . , n" al i : PV More ill i,xr, n t HiMlr trranitn and the DnDllC. .vj ii ..i. 1 1 i i i . xtXe foundations. H ill unrlra liavA ViAAn imnrOVA.d. . ull li'I i imiiiani.lv tfi a Viea.lt h n.nrt I . nUAMV VlVk him oy name anu fallen, that to challenge the jrold standard and its associated wrongs and abuses to meet us in the open forum of the common sense, the justice ana tne patriotism of the American people. They cannot remain blind to the clear and now confessed designs oi there by an old man by the name of Black, who had led a miserly or recluse life. does, all the organ i of tbe body, it must be rich and pure in order to give proper nourishment. Hood's Sarsapa rilla make tha blood Dure, rich and Attorney General Walser recently I nourishing, and in this way strength- gave an opinion that sheriffs eould I eas tbe nerves, creates an appetite, not enforce the nroviaions of sections I tones the stomach and build up tbe 35-36 of the new revenue aet aeainst health. Hood's Sarsapartllt wards off the be those who have trafficked in their tax delinquents until after the reg - ".ttVifl eTW ' C confidence. They eannot continue alar time for the sheriffs, to make I r act names ep-1 any PERSON when taxes are I Wishing to know the truth io regird mnriaonment is the I to their heal h should not fail to send r , .t . j i i 4pi, niim.to nf tha omeru Tha m a of tbe oeonie will come i Denauv ior aeunauencv. ids ou-i " r- rr suDstan- a nave i u" . .. . jf f)w minffM iirvnF mail, whifih aoram: the neoole upon whom our in-loreme Court now says, in the case iuvDi, Mwuimuuy r . . . . l. 1 r tn I efiinfiAn. Miot fni-whntn thnv wr( been reduced to we we jo uu. ing Postmaster' General Perry S. confidence. They cannot, continue alar time for the si ?hV oh,? S2 oi who when ftnnSiihawSS Hfath has issued the following cir- deaf to the language of reason and levy and sale. The ulaid it 5 com- t&idtomtoSbuLd plunder cular regarding the rural postal free the appeals to humanity Citizen- tember 1 as the day ?.!Ld- lillmA ;nhS -delivery: . ship will not rise above i partisanship, due and that mpn let which will be sent Fkkb for a snort time to those who mention this paper. HUt', the city. A n- i. , - - .uu m&i over j per com. ui ie cini.lru of the city coul w ' tir,ul on account of no school "Ull . Hi. U T - oi c Jutaining 307 rooms, mclu- Uill.' cpntrnl I1irk Snhnnl hnild. costing about $300,000. With " ihw tbe rate of taxation in the "J Laa not materially increased. Auui progress has been the result I to. liii' lrowtol inow being tried 'by Congress in stitutions rest, for whom they were of the State against Jones from Thl. bkMi.bebV theTe man who was doing dirty work, call fifty rural districts of the United created and by whom they shall be Rockingham, that under th above ed phy8icitS. and specialist s-Dr. him bv name and show up his States, will depend largely upon the preserved; the people in this broad named sections it is not the legal Hathaway A Co, of 22 South Broad- a ' a.1 AM.aM.A aAe it io i TtFriTn tittimhr wi i. ii vr nii'.n ijjh rjarriHra aiiu umv llud odubci uio vonr so-called respectable ' people can make their deliveries to the pa- lieved in, loved, and trusted by Jef- delinquents to the court nntil after address. . . rr)L I aVMH m 4-1 a van r-A9 hn am the most aancrerous. luetri uuus iubu people be-1 duty of the sheriff to make report of I way St. Atlanta, Ga whom you should write today. This will bfil ffirson. bv Lincoln, bv Brvan and bv I the day of lewine and selling has passed. o tne court sustains tne i arrj "hool ;r:Sf of X'l those rest the hearts of men and therefore contention of th. Attorney General. CodyCaUu. ara I . . m 1 1 IJ Z I hmAa a a 1traita ma - a F -vrnva I I I10A V hawniAliV - WlTft Trs A In TI nlTA I " I - . . a. . . I Mlian WAtl OlirkW Th ATYI Tin. ASnfiClSillV I UUbiriUIT iU S.OiA.0 aUTaUbOiCO WA Alum aaavuv - waa , . mm . . - f at 1 Ant. aUlil MIMDIBff lt UM Ulie. T KDUI "kI: ?VaV; hnrh members and free delivery wiU erect suitable boxes purpose Of God. 1ia?? ff "f""?"."0 "5 ?d piUvrfy oa kWaey U.er and bo ...iAnr faoAA. I bv the roaasiae in wnicn earners ia ehat. thnA who I mav denosit mails as they pass and ut mynisuvv . I . , . . .1 " 1.. I fommiMt in the aynacrocrue l irom wnicn tney may ooiieci. me ami nttAi lono- nravers of a Sunday I mails intended for transmission. Dandruff i an exudation from the pores of the skin that Spreads and I rtimnaing the entire system. dlsiel colda, 5 - m : a Jt : - L- I mr holutiii (m hahitxul raoatinalioa nJ-tJ 1 ATT InHaii. forminir acurf andeansioAT the I core beadaebe, ferer, habitual coosUpauou tiuiiiuiau vi tug xiauwuca win ui,-1 - ... . tee of the Silver Republican Par-1 hair to tail out. er cures it. Hall's Hair Renew- and biiloaroes. Please bay and try a box of C. C. C. to-day; 10, 25, 60 cents, uouaoa guaraateea to care oj au arogxw Ayer's Pilli, being com post def tbe essential virtue of the best vegetable aperients, without any of the woody or fibrous material whatever, is the ressoo why tby are so much more effective a-.d Valuable than any oth er ca'hartics. Tne bst family pbjs e. ! Caa TalUlfcvaaw Davidson Co. News. You can tell every one of the Ran somite papers in tbe State by their yell w j tnrnal attacks on the trae friends of silver, benator Butler. Butler has dene more lor the cause of silver than every one of these Ran somite papers in the State that are continually abusing him. It is often a mystery how a eold his been "caught," The fast is. however, that when the blood is poor and the system dVfsressed, one bo- comes peculiarly liable to diseas When the sp petite or tha strength tails. Aver's 8arsaparilla should be taken without delay. W ! to fmmm. S r mm ra4. mm SUIaaaa la tHMMUliM ArewaA "ft." Cwtunt' ltr L1J a ugttg la, KL.t. Isit VreA. AU the fo!4tg s4 ail. ter-p atanl sueoaUrra wr uati.iiJ t.d.ally IB Xhm m.j.ii. Att a44re wss prepared aad U.urd tta lanti tbe spprcTAl of the Avldba aad tradivbvg. Tfeere ws Ml.iif ia it agtieat Raepli dtinaltoa sad traaapurtatiaa reform la tte Mate. w ar rpt ia4 at aavr thm ti is i ! addre, txit mr at ttnst t but la it. It arraja that ttt Uua ailirr an s4 anti-oBMpohta mUm ware a-idtly la a alocrit j i tatde a rxHet. i ae addre la a follow : "Tbe represotstla of tt ! erstic party ia ur th Carvltaa roa gratulate tbe Iteotorrsu of ker slater Mate, wbo. with a Brn attad tmr tl prlaciple enlMdie4 la ta atraca ftlatform. Late woo .leadid tirtorte or tbe people. la rejoieiaar at tl earWaa of lb Iemocratic parti la tbe lte eleiwa. we remind tbe peopl tbst teaarratM majurttie were largeat, aad JCeputJl can msjorttie were stntlleat, la itMaa Mate here tbe platl urn was tbe laao. it l a s.-ninraiit fait that 1 n or rary iril defeated Io tb Msle wbere local concern were allowed to oterabedaw tbe priociplra uf tbe party. I tum eric J i f sr ali tbe people. 1 be rer at utterance of tbe people are plala and decided. Ibey Itafa etnevaard tbr faith Io the t.'bicago rlalforon. IWr be'.ief in bimetaUUni.tbelr diagwat aad duapproval of llepublii to revedeaad practices, aad. abow alt. tbelr t at red of the tyranowu gttld staadard. Tbey bow that tbey will Bo lodger aubaiis to tbe robbery of trurfe, tbe dotal b tioo of bjaaee aad tbe rtraloa f tb noney power." 1 be roadeaiea tion of tbe liyporrity ; tod f slaebood of tbe ltrpublicaa party iarruableg. It I equally prooouored. briber we bear it. loud aad free, la tbe wheai field of Ohio aad loa, or trufclltg for utterance io tbe wraith oungeated t-totreoi -i.reaier .M ira wbere tbe candidste fur nAyor received 0t plurality a candidate wbuaeotily ctmpico utterabr I am a Democrat; wbe was beart aad eoul ftr tbe Chicago p'alforni and the rsadi dates wboaloud on it. Xo less significant is tbe fart tbst tbe peopled tbe Mat of New York lis elected by seventy tbuuasad uu jorlty a chief utic of tb C4Mirt of Appeal, a stateaooao wbe sourbt sup port by announcing tbit be 'bad 4 d for lion. Wis. J. Ilryan lat year. "And with this glorious new of iNrmorraiie aurceaa we rriau that 'aliam international bimetailUm Lsa ben exposed. There ie now b roum for Itepublirao dodging. "We re-sfl'.rni our belief in lb prin ciples of tbe Chicago and Mate plat form of tbe Iteatucralk party, adopted in lKi, in their entirety ; and we will still support tboae principles until tbey ae written in our laws. Vie would be untrue to tbe Crmand loyal allegiance tbe lieiborratir party of North :arolins beara to our greatest leader, lion. Willisra J. Itrysn. if we failed t esprras our con tl drn-e labia honor and integrity and in bis devo tion of bead and tieart to tb welfare of all tbe people. W emphasicv ttt fact that our great victory wa woo la tbe States of bio and Kentucky where be personally appeared to tb people. -Vie view with alarm tbe depressed condition of trade and the low price's of all products rsUrd by cur eple. but we remind tbos w ha beard Keptto lican orstcr In IKmi predict dir dia aater if ibe Iemocrsts were elected, that McKinley is President of tbe l; cited Mate and both besorbes of Congress are Itepnbhcaa. 1 b t-eople are swift to draw tb pruj-er rnio Bions. "We thank all patriot ie rititen w bo joined with u laat year ia carrying tbe Mate for our ('residential candi date, and we invite to lite future coun cil of tbe Icmocratie party b par ty of tbe people all men who Itelieve in Its principles, desire its supremacy. and who will ait in carrying out Its policies. "In let t ban one yetr opportunity will be given tle voters to express a firm adherence to these principles. We regret that tbe ballot box ws not tbi year opened to all North Carolinians. North Carolina Is now accidenlly Jtepublietn. We de not believe that any nu saber -f letelii gent and virtnoa men expected or hoped for tb present rule ia this State. We are sure all good toe a ere eager for a change. We bats fallen on evil ds)s in North Caroline. Tbej recall tb dsys of recooatrurtlon. Tbey demonstrate tb truth that bo noutb era Mate can be governed with boaor end decency by the Kepublican party. Too large a cumber of its rs ar ignorant, for the mtasr to control, and too large a number of tbe leadera ar vebal and corrupt, to North Carolina good government. We took with b error upon tbe vile wrought by a combination of Republicans and th corrupt elements of in Populist Part y by means of which our legislature baa become a I Arc, many oi our noe- bolders beoom. corrupt aad criminal. sad Igooranc an 1 vice raised abov intelligence and virtu. wdeeosnr th efforts of this owmbinaUaw to ptae . the insane of t be htat at ttt toercy of locoerpetent, vicious and trustful men, and we condemn lb changes wrought in our lews whereby ignorant and impure me ha been piaeed In control of school , courts, prison and a .j I urns. The a are tb inetiub'e consequences of Itepebleran rule. Tb Uemocratie party promises th people on it return to power to correct nil these abuses. It will guarantee every citizen bis rights, but it demands that virtue and intelligence shall ruU th fetal It will restore to tbe white women of tbe Mate the security thy felt under tbe twenty fears of Urmoo racy InaugtitateJ by tbe immortal Vance. To the aooompiisbmrou oi these end let every patriotic cit1ro rally tn the wbiu man' party. "Tm yoor teats, u: Israel Asauiutosa,csi Toonrnrn, Tbe following resolution was intro duced by Sir. IL 1 Steven, of tepiin, and adopted : -That aii white elector wno intend to votsT with ns in tbe next election andwb desire tbe r-eatablisbcient nf Anglo Saxon supremacy and honest gvver Bsnam ia aib varvnii sr cordially Invited to participate la nil of our primaries aad esoovaationa. The Democrat le Executive Com mittee intend that there shall be ws ex eons for any white man to vote with tbe aegroes next year, unlet he real ly wants negro aad venal gov rrn meat such as we have n nr. 1 r i i f 1 i 1 I ' "ohr--- . C w

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