J -4- V - 4& SEnD0 jo AEJD RE-BEIUE YE1E (5niDI(5IlSlnn TOIL JflnUABY 1, 1800. !i , r, i n tno rniiracian .1 n yyP yiiu l lib uouundiaii po. until January I, .eQ3 ffi! ;!.00. CAUCASIAN to Tt: Ctmsiti ttfcre its ;dp ol 1898. THE ' 1 sen' XVI. RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1897. 2 - - awawnana, aa Mi -a- V A 1 1 1 - . 1 McKINlEY'S MESSAGE TO COBGRESS-HIS VIEWS OH PUBLIC QUESTIONS. . 1 1, ff'u i.i.-' jit' 1 I'- " fii.''-1 ,,.,.! IS..'' rti- tr f-r-:.- l.-if tw.i r;'. 'I ni'iy Wt I' tlif L' : ri" t: v'.i. i: BiO"-' l!H' I'' -lehr n .mi L1 turn " lll'.'tl tin- I i-17. fj- ! ml ; tt.t1' lint. . CHti silvi r mil'' he h i y last Monday i s a'e to Congress ijion r assembling ..tuitions, calling uiMigement io a - which has so i prospered this i god will with earth continue also cxpres n;! ion at tho grow ? -tr.al regard and ! hi! Mictions of our !!. universal spirit 1 lifting of great :tiifie party preju I differences, usual custom which t.-ttment of matters ii ? in the boginnig I'l't-iJert McKin ition firdt to the ot which ho savs. u of this Congress, r.'rr July last, en irgi.slation and t has not yet been ii as already accom i.t its timeliness and peimment value i I'U required, and i"d with its opera ; inn far, ere in no i tiT'in it a fair trial. 1 ION'S SINCK 'CO RE- ,,I'.I.I. ition hating been li 't Most-ion of Cou- io-i in xt pressing for ili.tt of t be currency. I atirg our finances i ;isis, diflicult a.3 it ;ippar easier when .uncial operations of .r : inco lS(j. On the .ni' of that year we :-.' demand liabilities : 7-JS,sw,-l7.71. Oa u y ly7l), these lia ' u i educed to 443.- ' our interest-bearing !ijiure3 are even Oa July I, 1S(50, the ' tim interest-bearing . i ram nt was $2,332,- tl mi 1-t day of July, ii 1 1. "id lotn reduced to 'r an aggregate reduc- ,::il,lOS. Thointertst "I' the I'uiU'd States on ' i 're tin tier, ls'J, was Tun government mon lamling (December 1), r tiSl,ul( of United . rii'T.T'JiiJSO of treasury i i-y authority of the law ;,.'0l of silver cirtifi- 1 ,280,701 tt standard penses of the government in excess or the revenues and sustain the gold reserve. While it is true that the greater part of the proceed of these were used to supply deflsint revenues, a considerable portion was required to maintain the gold reserve. - "With our revenues tqual to our expenses, there would be no deficit requiring the issuance of bonds. But if the gold reserve falls below $100, 000,000; how will it be replenished except by selling mora bonds? Is there any other way practicable un der existing law! The question then is, shall -we continue the policy that Las been pursued in the past; that is, when the gold recurve reaches the point of danger, issue more bonds And supply the needed gold, or shall we provide other means to prevent these recurring drains upon the gold reserve T ii no further legislation is had and the policy of selling bonds is to bo continued, then ConcrresH should irive the Secretary of the Treasury authority to sell bonds at long or snort periods, bearing a less rate of interest than is now author ized by law. iOLD FOR UNITED STATES NOTES UOTH OOINO AND COMING. "I earnestly recommended, as soon as tho receipts of the government are quite sullicient to pay all the ex penses of tn government, that when . o l ft r . , any oi me unnea mates notes are presented for redemption in gold and are redeemed in gold, such notes shall be kept and set apart, and only paid out in exchange for gold. This is an obvious duty. If the holder of me United btates note prefers the geld and gets it from the govern ment he should not receive back from the government a United States note without paying gold in exchange for it. The reason for this is made all the in are apparent when the gov eminent issnes an interest-bearing debt to provide gold for the redemp tion or v nited states notes a non- interest bearing debenture and should not pay them out again ex cept on demand, and for gold. If they are put in any other way they would return again to be followed by auother bond issue to redeem them anotht r interest-bearing debt to redeem a non-interest bearing debt: THE HANKS SHOULD HEAR SOME OP THE HURDEN. "In my view, it is of the utmost importance that the government should be relieved from the burden of providing all the gold required for exchangee and export. This respon- With the great re- sibility is alone borne by the govern- coneentration was initiated in Feb ruary, 1890. "It has utterly failed as a war measure. It was not civilized war fareit was extermination," says the President. Against this abuse of the rights of war he has felt eon. strained on repeated occasions to en ter tne hrm and earnest protest of this government. He iMii imtmf demand for the release or speed? tri- A 1 1 1 A - " American emzans under ar rest, and after a change of the Span ish cabinet in October last, twenty two prisoners, citizans of the United States had been given theii freedom. MINISTER SOODFOBD's PROI'O.sa I.5. The instructions Minister Wond- ford directed him to im Dress noon the Spanish government the sincere wish of the United States to lend its aid toward the endinc of H war by reaching a peaceful and last ing result, just and honorable alike to Spain and to the Cuban people. It was also essel whether Spam of her own volition, moved by her own in terests to humanity, should net make proposals of settlement, and it was said that we could contemplate an indefinite period for tho accomplish ment or tnis result, wo solution was proposed to which the slightest idea RINGING RESOLUTIONS PASSED BY THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE PEOPLES PAHTY IN NORTH AMPTON COUNTY. They l.udor Oottraor KMMctl'a Fight oa the lmrty-Moe Vr It. K. Vemt kad la Keniovlag the two Railroad Cooiml kionrr Senator Matter's Actio oa the Klectlott of I nited State Senator Sa-talnetl-They Condemn the Late Legisla ture fur Failure to Kaart Neeeeeary Laws. At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Peoples' party of Northampton county. N. C.f held la Jackson, Nov. C, 1S97, the following resolutions were unanimously adop ted: Resolved 1, That we do re-affirm our adherence to the Peoples party as set forth in the platform adopted at Omaha and renewed at St. Louis, and we do love and now declare our steadfast allegiance to the principles enunciated therein. We have taken no step backward. 2. That we fully and heartily en dorse the course of Senator Butler during the last session of the General of humiliation to Spain could attach. Assembly m regard to the election of aaa. laTTa...J O A. A. a? A 1 1 AUtnatwas asked or expected was .un,tea oiaies oenaior, as wen as that some safe way might ba speed- tis course in the United States Sen ily provided and permanent peace re- ate ,.'. stored. The President refers to the , ,J' Tbat we fal'y an(1 heartily en change in the Spanish cabinet about dorse tn.e coarse of the Populist cau- this time and continuing says: uus uarinE me isi session or ine Spain's reply. General Assembly in expelling the "The reply to our note was ia the boItlDg Populists who betrayed their direction of a better understanding, constituent and sacriliced party pnn- It appreciates the friendly purposes ciples trom all caucuses and brand of this government. It amits that it "Jg them as traitors, is deeply affected by the Cuban war. , 4- That we fullv and heartily en It declares that the present Spanish dorse the course of Governor Russell government is bound by every con- in. hla efoT3 to annull the ninety sideration to a change of policy tha nine years lease of the North Caro should satisfy the United States and IlD 5."ad' , L pacify Cuba within a reasonable That we fully and heartily en time. To this end Spain has decided dorse the course of Governor Russell to put into efiect the political reforms 1 suspending from office the two heretofore advocated by the present WilsoriDl8' 1RailrJ?a1d Commissioners. Premier, without halting for any J - Tiat e ;ull and heartily on onreiArar, 5r, th xvhinh ;n Qorso the efforts of Governor Russell itsindgment tends to peace. The to reduce freight and passenger rates. military operations, it is said, will fiHAT COGGRESS IS DOltiG. TNE COMMITTEES 0UTUNINS WORK- PENSIONS AND CIVIL SERVICE RECEIVE1THE ATTENTION !Ta CF THE HOUSE. Spain bo K'overnment, and with xaniple cf the past ! ; . ..,) imlit not to hesitate Mt wvvm k vurrtney revision mi i. i'." i mt t-iuand obliga- 'i. ; i,. r .ii .t. Um irnvernment ' !i .''' tn i-i'' ;.iV3 from ,'t:. I ' :. I.- t I'm;.; war ! Itli.! L-M. un i 1 1 .1 1 ' . While ! !,'- . lUU - t ;i ,!,( ' nii-ih.i i- . ' to 111 iki- i:, thru j.ti a "Tun.' an a n !i; i' cua tiuil t'..i npr e that i-,,' out tj kt i -will riot l', um a rarity pit iU w;:; luir to-A-ai-! "Tii,. iv Ik fourul i trniiit ii' of our 'i that is, 1, lunijt-r 1, impus( fair 1 v f. the p.,.. strati .1 i tt'it a ilit tiocal vi Mil lllO makes m NEEDFUL. what was ac- 'osa of the unreasonable any distrust either of i al ihty r soundness; ' . .ti.)u from 1S03 to 1897 :i Congre&.s of the im- - ity ot o legislating as u-turn of the conditions .t;i; impossible. many plans proposed lor the evil- Before we true remedy we must real evil. It i3 not urrtney of every t good, for every tt is good good bo l" ivornment's pledge is u !, but that that pledge ti'oken. However, the i .i mi. t purpose to Keep tne best shown by advanc es fulGlment. v.l of tho present system ' I'm- creat cost to the gov laaintaining the parity uttit forms of money ' Im'' all of them at par Wo surely cannot be II' :;x ol the burden this ; " i the people, eyen under p rmis conditions, while i ii r years have demon ''. it L not only an expen u;ou the government ft tus menace to the na- im : M' V divi the iKUl We 'y th- uein tti.i STol.l r, have - i" the c iv-ha- nr.! bom. ; baak-; Kol.l. ' ketp i., i0LT ( u: "8 i.a .l , very l. r the oi. ly . by Urr.' other w:i' K'ivernu., r"enUHi fait i Coat MM;. "Tu.. ; f UtUl 7 ' Vnif ! iii rciV'V tun. ,,. i 1 in. i the . A'iAIN&T HOND ISSUES. ai.ifest that we must plan to protect ; ment against bond vi peated redemptions. .thtr curtail the op--1 speculation, made easy 'i . Iuil redemptions of our ' !i'.::Uions, or increase the 'or their redemption. We ' " ooo of currency, which :u. ut by solemn enactment : w'a to keep at par with ' -'ly ia obliged to redeem it tho government. The : "t required to redeem in 'vt-ruraent is obliged to i with gold all its outstand : and coin obligations, ui l ipts are not required to i i-' M. They are paid in I of money but gold, and I I a u s by which the govern- ".th certainty get gold is It pan tret it in no ment without any necessary backing powers to help its relief. The banks do not feel the strain of gold redemp tion. The whole strain rests upon the government and the size of the gold reserve in the Treasury has come to be, with or without reason, the signal of danger or of security. This ought to be stopped. If we are to have an era of prosperity in the country, with sufficient receipts for the expenses of the government, we may feel no immediate embarrass ment from our present currency, but the danger still exists and will be ov er present, menacing us so long as the existing system continues. Aud besides, it is in times of adeqn&te revenues and business tranquility that the government should prepare for the worst. We cannot avoid without serious consequences tl.-j wise consideration and prompt ac!4 tion of this question. THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY 6 FLAN. The Secretary of the Treasury ha outlined a plan in great detail, for the purpose of removing that recur rence of a depleted gold reserve, and save us from future embarrassir eat on that account. To this plan I in vite your careful consideration. "I concur with the Secretary of tbe Treasury in this recommendation that national banks be allowed to is sue notes to the face value cf the bonds which they have deposited !or circulation, and that the tax or, cir culating notes secured by deposit of such bonds be reduced to one-1 alf of one per cent, per annum. I aho j oin him in recommending that aut ,orUy be given for the establishment of na tional banks with a minimum capi tal of $25,000. This will enable the smaller villages and agricultui .l re gions of the country to be supplied with currency to meet their needs. "I recommend that the issue of national bank notes be restricted to the denomination of ten dollars and upwards. If the suggestions I have herein made shall have the ap proval of Congress, then I would rec ommend that national banks be re quired to redeem their notes in gold." CUBA. Turning to foreign affairs, the President devotes a great part of his message to a consideration of the Cuban question, which he says is the most important problem with which this government is now called upon to deal pertaining to its foreign re lations. The story of Cnba has for many years been one of unrest and for no enduring period has it ceased to cause concern to the United States. Briefly summarizing the history of the former outbreaks and the part continue but will be humane and conducted with all regard for private rights, beiu? accompauied by politi cal action leading to the autonomy of Cuba while guarding Spanish sov ereignty. It further suggests that lert tree to conduct th military op erations and grant political reform, while the United States, for is part, shall enforce neutial obligations and cut off the assistance which, it is as serted, the insurgents receive from this country. The supposition of an indefinite prolongation of the war is denied and complete and early pacif ication is hoped for, which with the immediate amelioration of existing conditions in Cuba, would remove cause for any change of attitude on the part of the United States." 7. That we condemn and denounce the last General Assembly. (a.) For its refusal to allow the 99 years lease of the North Carolina Railroad to be tested in the courts. (b). For its refusal to reduce freight and passenger rates, and telephone rates to the gold standard level. (c.) For its refusal to provide for the election of Railroad Commis sioners by the people. (1 ) For its refusal to enact an ef fective anti-trust law. (e.) For failure to enact a law im posing a penalty on the State and county officers for accepting free passes. (f.) For its refusal to reduce" all salaries to the gold standard level, (g.) For its refusal to enact a law preventing foreign corporations from doing business in this State, from re- Tha EPr. at IUeaaaa an Aaro arlaUea far tho rarta KialblUoa-rao- tal SavlacM Baa ha Bl 11a A. BUI for. the Protection of Far Santa Off. red la the Sonata and Hoaao Co a era ana Oi tww.M4 UaneyJea an the Civil ore le. For Tbk;Caicasiax. WaSHixa-rox, D. Cn Iec II, 1817. Aside from tbe introduction of v- nous minor bills and resolutions in both branches, very little was done daring tbe flret week of Congr. TL various conmltteea of the two houses have given considerable time in outlining a work for tbe session. MEHATE. Tne first discussion io tie Senate was on Tuesday, and arose over tbe form of the credentials presented by llon.Uernando IXMoney, appointed by the Governor of the state of lfissis- sippi to flli tbe unexpired term of Sen ator George, whose death occurred a few months ago. Exceptions was taken by Senators Chandler (of New Hamp shire) and Uoar (of Massachusetts) to tbe wording of the credentials, which they claimed were erroneously drawn up in tbat they attempt to rive to the Executive of the State of Mississippi tbe power to revoke tbe appointment of Money at any time. They withdrew (beir objection, as.it was evidently an error, but gave notice that in future they would insist upon credentials be ing in proper form. Errors ot this kind have occurred in one or two pre vious instances. Tbe President submitted a communi cation to Congress in which be recom mended an appropriation of abiut one million dollars for tbe exhibit to be made on behalf of this goverment at tbe Paris Exposition in 1900. Senator Morgan (of Alabama) intro duced and passed a resolution which, arter citing irom tne i'resident mes. sage with reference to the Kansas Pa cific Railroad, in which tbe Preident submits the question to Congress whether the government, rather than accept less than its claim on this road should become a bidder and thereby tbe owner of the property di rects in the resolution the At torney General to send to the Senate a full statement of the au thority for and proceedings under which the proposed sale of this road is to take place on tbe lGtb inst. and re quests the president to obtain a post ponement of such sale in order to give Congress a reasonable time in which to consider and set upon the recom mendations in his message. Senator Butler ottered some amendments to his postal savings bank bill which he introduced during the last session of Congress, and gave notice tbat he would at an early day submit some re marks in support of his bill and amendments. Wednesday Senator Davis, of Min nesota, offered in tbe Senate a bill prohibiting the killing of fur seals in ion of tbe petition approprtilion nsaiog approprtslloo for potot for lb fiscal jemr eadiog Jan 31, . Tbe bill carries It 1UmAM. which U so lacrease ever former years. trrl long apeecbes were made auric tbe consideration of tbe bill, sod aoaie io- teresting figure were broofbt out. According to tbe Ittest report there are on tbe pension roll v;rjii nam. U this nomber Zt7V wre t!ir4 oa since 1'A under tbe art of Juoe sr. known as toe depaaent-t-nioa act, wbicb provide thst all peraor. who served ninety dsya la tbe gtAern ment service during tbe war of ibe re bellion are entitled to receive rnioct ranging from ix to tweite dol lars per month if they are now mentally or physically disabled, no matter whether or not their ditabililj may have ari'eo .from eervic ia tte war. There has been an ict rrae dur ing tbe past jear of &,Xifl pnionrr.. Mr. Linney (ot Xortb t arelioat, dur ing the consideration nf the tension appropriation bil', tctk occasion to make a lengthy and animated speech, inveighing strocgly sctinst tne civil service reform. To tbe victor in politics, as well to tbe victor in war, belong tie spoil, wa tbe burden of Mr. L'.nney's speecb.and ne was roundly applauded by tb oppo nents oi toe i ivii servii.e ysiem. l he House adjourned on Kridsr to meet Monday. IF CHRIST SHOULD CODE TO-OH: V7U0 R0U10 RFCEIIE Hit) MD WHO V70UID (XIICIFT HIQ? St otitis (lift. r fa lint. , it . . . .(ttiii Tim w 1:1 , i ii Mil a&J tho deMi'ft im. . srecial religions dere htpscetts. Tbe j as lk.t. tot tt tho paat centuries acre often tnatkiJlM a .. 4 gladly foil- i 'A ibb. jAaai it.a k k - 1 1 a" i eot ii roait ii mar kid by trvat lame, atd fortunes red ty txititary tri- uophs. Bat there at least van thi. redreuiiag feature that tbe despotl ers had tit na&bovd to risk tkxir lives and rxraoLt on tho batiltfiaLl. This age is raatked bv tho atxama lation tf still vaster fortunes, bst it 2 tat aa 1 is lollo w tor ib raasa L . a a ... aeara Uibj g.ai y. Tky fieta aro datkoae4 fev tbo a.rrliar g aaresef tho ssa and tkotr kaa4 hardeae4 by tod woaid hraro Urg ly asaoag 11. s fiino a Aad arf.al.l Ik.- - - mw uvsrii SB r B SI tlf III I-doc without personal tik. with-! I fofeosioa and batoeer aM.a ni octbtroism. by tho wboleaalo de- i aro atris isr fi r aio.!rU rj!.i.i, 1 . ... . . l 'n.iiua itu spoliation ci i sdss- t aose 6atls tho rtoaj f pesoi ise peorn- :b rreatt raof f a ttr A TIMtLY LETTER. An Appeal to the Aatl-ISoaoaoly llub- llcansnnd ImocraU to 1'at frlar'plo Abjvo Parte aad t all Uao Prtf Aaalutt Ufflco Beehers Kali road Moae polllu and Wall Street tiarafcUts. For Tif c Ca i ;a i a x. 1 Voters you have each lnt-ii li-t- cnlng every election year to the soft and silvery tongue of the office hunters in each of the old nartieV for moro than thirtv veurs. The Republicans had control of tlw Na tional fiovernuient from IM.I to 18S3;the Democrats all that tlm beggenl most pitifully for 'Must one chance, that they might get In and remove the shackles of financial slavery from the hainU of the "bread-winners." At lat provi uencc smiltHl on tho Democratic party, and in November, IhSl, tro ver Cleveland, tho head of Demo cracy, was elected I hlef this great republic, anil news was nasiu'U io almost every village and hamlet ia the United states joy went to almost everv humble home in the Southland. But times failed to get a nv better. In lbbs both tho old partu s again begged for a chance when provi dence again smiled on the Repub licans anU gavo them a chance. A chance to do what? To fool the Ieoplo by betraying them into the hands of tho Iiothchilds. A era in In 1692 they both made a most ear nest appeal to the peoplo for just "one more chance." Ami a second timo providence looked down with pitying eye upon the Democratic party and again put Cleveland at tho helm, and then hurriedly came c..;n . a.v ;i;o,.o; I moviner cases from the State to the the waters of North Pacific Ocean, but Y.u f rCT Federal courts. on motion of Mr. Hale, of Maine, its on the prosperity, heralded by rt Resolved 8. That we condemn coniite ration was postponed for forth- many banks and business failure-, r-..r, . .0, TinTm tho .icnmotmn. nf er exammauon oi tne mil on account says tne rresiaeni, is wituoui any VV-- u:r," .1 of its great importance. basis of fact. It could not have been - v I. i Zv Senator Allen, of Nebraska, was the made if Spain had been cognizant of P"rted to life positions by the influ- fir8t to introduce the Cuban question it. . l il.:. mn4. I Once Of t?reat COmOratlOnS) bV Which I thia aaaainn ITa nfFaraA m at.nlntlnn v o T.-.ota of onat nf Tnillirmcs eases are iai.Bn irom me Dime io me Qecianne u me sense oi tne senate i 'p- tho wheels -of commerce almost came to a standstill. They say it was all for tho "lack of conlidence." Cleveland called an extra session u i'wvl w" w T n i l a j j ajibvthe emplojment of the ad- reuerw courw, ana ciuzens are ae ministrative machinery of the nation md the "S of trial by jury by to perform its full duty. That it has judges who enact the law by their rnccef ully prevented the departure ?wn decrees and then execute it by r . i . i.i: the nenaltv of contemnt. .t n FiniTiH muuaiv exutuinuu ur - 1 raie 1 vessels from our shore in vio lation of our laws would seem to be a sM?.iei nt answer and due response t tbif charge has been made in dip lomat; 3 course. Declaring that throughout all tbese horrors, and dangers to our o.vn peace, the United States has ntve abrogated its prerogative of dote mining its policy accoreing to its own high sense of right and its iutex. sts, the President says: "Ot the untried measures, there rumaia only. Recognition of the insurgents as belligerents; recogni tion of tbe independence of Cuba; intervention to end the war by im posing a rational compromise be tween the contestants, and intervent ion in favor of one or the other par ty. I speak not of forcible annexa tion, for that "cannot be thought of. That by our code of morality, would criminal aggression." KSC0-3NITIOK OF BELIGERENCT NOW UNWISE. The President then proceeds to discuss tho first head, namely, the ... a l 1 TT- i roonenition oi oengerency. aao re ts lis the resolutions of Congress in h9f and since then. He quotes the r . . ' i . .. a n a i wiso utterances oi iresiaenr. urani in his message of December 7, 1875, particularly where he declares against the recognition of independ ence at that time and also President Grant's declaration that he failed to find in the insurrection the exist ence of such a substantial political organization and other elements re quired by international usage as would place it on tne tooting oi war to which a recognition of belligerency would aim to elevate it. Complet ing his quotation from that portion of President Grant's message, the President says still further pertinent considerations appear as to the prac tical aspects of the questions. In the code of nations there is no sucn bel 9. That we, here and now declare our utmost confidence in Senator Butler, and pledge him our hearty, zealous and active support to his un faltering devotion, to an unflagging zeal for the people's cause, "The great common people" has never tbat Congress should with all conven- ient speed acknowledge tbe political independence oi tne Republic of Cuba. Senator Allen made a very patriotic speech in support of his resolution. lie took tne position tbat tbe United States should recognize tbe Republic of Cuba as an independent political power, and not to be content with simply recogniziHg the belligerency or the insurgents. Senator Kyle, of Soutb Dakota, in troduced a resolution directing the been surpassed by any man, living tion8 too ,00k into and report what or dead. ..... , progress has been made toward the iu. xnat we most neariuy condemn settlement of the claim of Bernard the Democratic press of this State I Campbell against the Haytian Govern for misrepresenting Senator Butler's I ment. The resolution cites tbat Camp Rneefih at Rackv Mount. N. C. and I bell, an American citizen, while em wo believe that we voice the senti- Pjoyed marine engineer in the year f Tiao 1 1889 was cruelly and inhumanly treat- TJ u, Xt uL s.to i,., N while at Cape Haytiap, Island of B ' A j a 7 Hsyti, by an attempt to force blm on we say that instead of lowering, it a man-of-war in the Ilaytian nas raiseu mm in mo eaumauuu ua i service. Campbelrs claim for indem every good and upright citizen by 1 nity against tbe Ilaytian Government trying to circulate such a falsehood. I has been pending for some time but when it most needs it. The played by General Grant in the last ' without any fixed gold war, the President coming down to i pledged to maintain gold the present inmrrection, speaks of which it has steadilv its remarkable increase, its tenacious illy done, and which, un- existence against the enormous for 'horitv now criver. it will ces massed by Spain, the widespread ' do. destruction of property, and the dis- which requires the gov- regard of the civilized code of war : tt r having redeemed its no less by the Spaniards than by the ' t' s notes, to nav them out Cubans. lie says: ' ncnt fund3. demands a "The existing conditions cannot "ilenishment of the cold I but fill this government, and the Tin is especially- so at American people with the gravest liusiness panic and when apprehension. There is no desire on 1 " s are msulftcient to meet the part of our people to profit by 'l ti of lh trnvprntnont. I th m iaf nrlnnfiR of SDain. We have only the desire to see tne unbans prosperous and contented, enjoying that mnasnra of aelf control which is "'h times the government I th inalienable richt of man. portec- Clhir D9V (n cnnr.1. U. A R J ! A U - -I la t . Ala UaA ii,,; ni!untaiu redemption but thro' of the exhaustless treasures of their dur;rH,,le,lse ' it9 bonded debt, as country." Drf i tUo administration of my Continuing he says that the offer Eer r 'ti0r,7hen 52G-.315.400 of 4 made by his predecessor in April, ana VvD 1 bonda were issued and sold 1893, of the good offices of this gov ido proceeds went to pay the ex- eminent failed. The cruel policy of I' 'At t I s HOND ISSUE WARNING. 11. That a copy of these resolu tions be sent to The Caucasian, the Progressiye Farmer and the Patron and Gleaner with request that they publish the same. B. P. Long, J. H. Bradley, H. T. Griffin, J. B. Bryan, Signed M. L. Parker, J. T. Pope, W. T. Griffin, W. ErHARRiss. Executive Com. C. T. Garner, Sec'y. After the foregoing resolutions were passed, Chairman J. J. Steven son resigned and C. T. Garner, of Garysburg, N. C, was unanimously elected Chairman. Progressive Farmer please copy. nothing has been done. Mr. Kyle took occasion to contrast the manner of tbe United States and Germany in deal ing with cases of this kind, referring to tbe premptory demand which tier- many recently made upon Hayti for indemnity because of arrest and im prisonment of llerr Lenders, one of her subjects. The case bids fair to prove interesting, Considerable time was given in tbe Senate Thursday to the discussion and consideration of private pension bills. Senator Hoar presented to tbe sen ate a petition signed 21,269 native lla- waiians. protesting against the an nexation of Hawaii tolthe United States. The Senate adjourned from Thurs day to Monday. TBI HOUSE. this weahb-in the merest combinations of capital IK) you thitk that if Christ eatne to day lie would L Lett r received in Ibis scalled Christian ag and land than ho was in Jcdea nineteen reaturies agof Rem.mbcr tbat bo was acar enter and bisap:tlrs were poor laborers and htbcra.eu Kan- pose some obscure carpenttr, is tbia day atd generation, accompanied by snch companies, should ro abant the country denouncing tho robber ies of tbe rich and corrnMion in high places; supposo ho should tav salvation ccnld oily be hid by Uliev- ing in bim and that :t was more pos sible for a camel to pass throuih tho n Ii .a m .. eye oi a netuie man lor a neb man to enter tho kingdom cf J; sap pose such a one shco'.d enter your ich onrche. whtre the Treacher. reclining on soft catbion. ri in- i cens4i and aJulation to tho million aire londholdet a, gorged with the wealth they have illegally wrung from the people, and with his knot ted cord fcbould scourge thus minis ters and those worshipers of Mam mon from thest temples erected to God, how aoulj be fare? Suppose he thould teach the naked gospel as Christ taught it, that wealth confers no privilege; but impoaes creat du- I. a -.. . ' Ruler of I l;t s aIia fffat rerponililitu a. hap- wben tbel ros lurtbtr tbat when these men who daily rob a w hole people of their jut famines shall be wont to give a hundred dollats here, a thou sand yondt-r, a million to this hos pital, two millions to yonder college, and every time they thes give back a part of their stealings they should causo cveiy newspaper in tbe land to proclaim their uitgnificent gener osity, and tbat this obscure carpen ter, with bis larefoottd followers. should denounce sucb'bypocritef ; as V .1 uo ui .it iirr iu uiu inoso in uis uay. who, in like manntr, when they gave tbeir alms, had a trumpet blown before thctx: aud ancposethat obscure roan who wa no respecter of persons had aroused their hate by his miracles, which should cause the common people to hear bim gladly. and what, I ask, would this genera tion d to such a mant If it did not crucify him, it would be only because of the iniluence of his teachinc. which in tbe lapse of nineteen cent uries have given tbe mantes a power tbey did not have in Judea. The millionaires and their tools, tbe preachers that worship them; the papers, whether church or secular. tbat defy them, and all the other followers cf Mammon would hate Christ, as those of other rich men hated Him in the coasts of Jordan a m and uaiuee nineteen centnties asro and aa tbey to-day really hate every teacbes 11 is sayings If the rich syndi cates and trasts and other robbers day atd tbeir toadies and beneficicries were not allowed to crucify Christ they would wish to do it. Tbey would surely hale him into prison and denounce Him and His followers anarchist. socialists, and communists. Is not this true, men and breth rent If Cbritt came to day, who would receive, and who would crucify UimT Have you evr thouebt about ill The pure-minded little children wonld receive Him. They did so when be came nineteen centuries ago. ."Suf fer little children to come unto me for of such is tbe kingdom of heaven." Then the irood women of this land would gladly receive Him. And so they did nineteen centuries ago. friendly to silver from the statutes, and times still were growing worse. Doth tho old parties fighting a sham battle over the tariff. Dy this timo a mighty star had arose lu the west (tho Populist party) which forced the old parties to take issue the Democrats for Bryan and free silver, the Republi cans ror nroteetlon am thn t'olil standard. Then, in order to unite one who tru.v the silver forces, the Populist do-ln their pority ini? as thev nlwnvn had dnnr. tint ? 1 l-a.l i i- principle above party, and endorsed OI lue PP' oi id is and voted for V . J. Bryan for presi dent, the Democratic nominee, Im cause he was on the side of the people. But the bosses could not stand that kind of a man and they put up a goldbug to split the vote and elect McKinley. You have seen each of the old parties in con trol of tho .National (aovernment, and you see times do not get any better. Now why can't you lay aside prejudice and cast your vote for the people one time, and not allow yourselves to bo deceived by the politicians and federal oll.ee hunters any longer. A scare-crow Is being erected by the railroad newspapers in the shape of a negro. ThOy had much ratherj a "negro"' would rule than for the people. When you are voting with either of the old party office hunters you are voting to fasten the shackels of financial slavery forever fast on ourselves, and mako our wives and children slaves to the money ruler Your daughters who are to be the mothers of the coming generation will grow up in ignorance and this country will continue to grow poor "Not 'lie with traitorous kiss her Mas ter stung. Not she denied Ilim with unfaithful tongue. She, when apostles find, could danger brave, Last at II is cross and first at his grave." There are dancing daughters of a ;.d in whose kw bbs boi p'jrai oat all tta- .( bnma&ity aaJ fair draitag aad tbat of "that divteity Lirfc sLoa'.J Uo within B. Hat not aaaay saigkty nor maay r.h stall bo calUd. It was so of old. Tbey who ft tin ft eat syndicates aad tiaata to rb tho - i and thv ho gather wbere til ers have sitrs. would bo forefeet aaioBg thoao who woald etacify Him. Pvr it waa He tsboaaiJ it a4 we know that His say is g Is true that a rich man can Bo aaor eater into tho kingdom cf heaven than a cas can pass through tho eye of a Bardie. Ibis saying saav offend bob. His aa) tors did is His day and .aay left iff following after Ilim.' Tho great evil cf this day as tho wor ship o! wealth. and it laakeo io saat tet to its wcrabippors that wo kaoar that every vast estate is noce-aaanly accumulated by robbery of tho pe--p'.e for the to is a moderate bait ia the nature of things to tbe accutoa lations which can bo made by dtlt gene atd thrift and economy and honest industry. The freo oppor tnnity for honest areamBlatioas ta the glory of -our inautatioca, bat tbe so vast estate aro not taado ib that way. Tbey ara made by pro reses which should eoasav their holders rather to oar mteatiariea. Their very sirs proves they aro not ionest accusBBlations. Was Christ too Son of tiod! II said tbat each rich men could ia no wis ea ter tho kingdom of (Jed. It it M true Hhen Ha said it, it is true t day. Tho so-called toioiti. .( Jjk1 who pardon ancb effmaea t cause or the gift of a small patt f the anms stolen to rollegoa, to churches and sometimes to tho ma- ifters themselves, ai no whit bet ter than the sellers of iodulcencos whom Luther scourged oat of rr many. Oorpeole a4 being robtied by bolesale. They do not receive the just rewards of tbeir labors. They are being pauperized and kept ia want while a few men by trick and combinations are gathering to them selves tho earnings of a continent. i et bow many ministers, bow maav church papers are denouncing tho robbers and tbe wrongs aa tho MaaUr did, and as it ia lill written in His wordf How many indeed are pur suing an oppoiite conrstt I con demn oo man. Lt each cne con science answer him. Search all history and you will find no age when robbery ot tbe jast earnings of the masses was snore systematic, more shamtltas and l-ss resisted than today. There was never a time when the worship of great riches, bower Ladly acquired. was more open than bow. While the pnro in heart are communing with tbe inviaitle Uod on tho itn mit, amid clonds and darkneas that are round about Him, vast cambers, and among them, as of old, many Levites, are bo wit g down to tho calf cf Gold, and tbey say to us, These U thy Gods O Israel. When Moses and Joshua reproached Aaron with bis conduct, bo la;d fault on tho peoplo and said that to please them bo had thrown tbe gold ornaments into the fir and "therabad come oat this calf," implying tbat it was accidental (ihoogh be did not dare to aaj ao). ana tnai ne was to so wise responsi ble. So in this eon n try, in which tbe public opinion of to-day can be come the law to-morrow, tbey who like Aaron do not enl ghten it, bat oa the conttary, without resittaneo to tho robbery of tbe people, bow lwa to those who have taken away their earnings, in AT eta say with tho idol ttors of old, W did not do it; we merely cast tbe gold into the fire, or permitted it to be done, and "there came out this calf; heace we are not to blame for worshipping it. For my part, I believe that some thing more is req aired, and tbat re sistance to wrong is obedienee to God. VIRGINIA LIKES OUR LAW. legislature May Pass a BaUrosd Commit mission Act Uks Oars. - AnI I r r r rr nmiratl The first wrangle in the House arose "r :"",.. ... ... on Tuesday, when the usual resolution "u Juurew 4" w to delegate to the different committees blinded by the money power. ou tbe different subjects treated of in the voted in the school election to keep President's message, appertaining to your dear uttio boys ana innocent tbe respective committees, was offered I little girls. Ignorant slaves for those by Mr. Dingley, of Maine, Chairman that are able to educate their sons of the ways and Means committee. I mi daughters at Hih Schools and is the age or a Kauroau commission AovBimi- man oi ine jsanaing ana currency ,t t.t . - .,: i to that now in force in North Carolina. Committee, objected to that portion of op1? Part that has ,Te r(Ml ou a Momhprn nf the Legislature of tbat I th resolution which delegated to the I moiee. State heve written here for copies of I Ways and Means Committee power The Peoples party is doing one the North Carolina law, also a state I over questions of "national finance,"! thing that Dotli the old parties is ment of tax assessments under it, and maintaining tbat the question or na-I doing, and that is asking for a sucn ccner particulars as may aiu iueui uonai nuance came property wiwiiu i chance. Just give us the same in drafting the new law. the province of the Banking and Cur- chance that you gave both the old Virginia at present, n uui, uc rency yommuue. in? e.IDWCr10 riartie rvou know we cannot make times any worse) and we pledge .uav w aa - " 1 XXI lia Co BVt Uw uao uvue V Tf v BJUX VCU AULA fi AtnCl O VOI wu saawa . . a a . . , possessed and a recognition of bel- fchority to.make rates, fix tax assess-1 about an hour's discussion of the mat- y.u that we will surely put the F. t i n l I . . I. . . - I m into nrun rn tho rrrlt ftr thn lurorenftv. wniiR nominaiiv euusi. rnvnis or exercise luuiciai uuwcin. i tpt iw r. uinirieT codbkuicu mi u ."o .vr. i-"v- J . . . . . . 'I . . . - - , - . ,- I . .-. . i r ij i .. : i I A lit would weigh heavily in behalt or uompiaints are Deing iaia neiore mm, amendment to nis resolution wmcjiwiuiigeui uumBuiu auuMm-r, cigtate Associations of City School Spam, bhe could ouiy claim we i Law!tu" " - .-"r: I '"".",.rru I " "x .. .. . " I SnDerintenderts will be' held nf coarph nn the hlt?ll Seas I LU yaaa upu lucui. -lic vm """fW uerewiuio ioobvu inuiiuug wub right or search on tne nigu seas . . - t fch -tt(antion of the tr.'hntion of rho Prpafdont's tnesjias-e. .k;nv oa a naVcrl rflf.ficni tion of """6 a . I . C .aaaaaoomnta a. TA Q. It T A I ..'.r.i.Ul. ll ..n.aitl tttm liirerencv accompanied uy tne as-1 uui, ui a uscdsiucui uuv.-. . 1UB1UIBIU1UB Huav vuc UCDw sumption of international neutral- n i :i: ..j 4 uy. oucn recogniuuu wuum uuu virnii- at present has only one rency Committee. The Democrats confer upon extner party to tae con- Railr0ad Commissioner, Major Jas. C. I who took part in the discussion sup flict a status not therefore actually Hill, and he has little power no au-lnorted Mr. Walker's position. After Republican friend, j-ou remember j they told the workmen bow the election of McKinley and high tariff would Increase their wage. Brother patriots of each of the old parties, I think yon have tried the old parties long enough to M-e there Is no relief to be expected of either and our invitation Is stand ing to you to come in and join us if you are a true patriot and a lover of liljerty. I am yours In the fight to the finish. ii. I SrTTO.V, Cli'm. P. P. Kxecuive Committee Cypress Creek Township, Bladen county, N. C actio- of tho Association f School 15 n aorta to nden' a. next annual meeting of tbe The to pass upon , . . c kil unui: Luciu iu nus auvcuwvu ui I iriouuuu ui 111c i icsiueuv i iucwsc. ana OI seizure oi wuuawouus, I , i; r -,ir t !,; .t n . r.v,. i rt. her maritime of rights could be as- iliatmeilt. If thev refuse, the matter ins- a crusade aninst the Civil Service sorted up to the margin of our own is taken up in the courts in the regular system, regaled tbe House with some territorial waters and a condition of way. choice selections from his opinion of things would exist for which the Ca- o- . the Civil Service method. He took is- bans, within their own domains, could Those Who Endure goe wjtn the President who stated in not hope to create a parallel.TheUnited Th :ng o rheumatism should be bis message that the system met "with states would acauire no neht of in- . n.... tu.. the approval of the people." He said fervention to enforce the conduct of L f T.-, , srTn. the people would never submit to the tbe strife within the paramount au kn.iv nf fintin annrtrilinir tnthn in temational code of war. "For these tried Hood's Sarsapanlla for rheu- attention was called , to the fact that reasons." savs tbe President. UI reeard matism. and have been completely I he was out of line with official declar the recognition of the belligerency of and permanently cured, proves the I ations of his party in the position he tne uuDan insurgents) as now unwise i power of this medicine to rout ana I assumeu on sum qucotiuu. and therefore inadmissible. Should that step hereafter be deemed wise as a measure of right and duty, the ex ecutive will take it." GIVB SPAIN A CHANCE TO WORK OUT FSKSXHT KBFORMS. The President then discusses the in , Continued on fourth page. . a a TT . C-l I W.MnUMIW nA HAnUWll .W1 fin RonnnAr mis disease, riooas isar-i cu.oni . ---.w- 1 . . . a. .1 - I aivfruin imnntM inn nnthill sapanlla is the One True iiiooa - JT?ZvZTMw3to ner ana it neutralizes tne acta wnicn reolutioM iTfn certfin committees causes the aehes and pains of rheu-1 leaTe to sit during session of the matim. This is why it absolutely I Honse. cures when linaments and other out-j Thttsday' Ind Friday's sessions of ward applications fail to permanent! the House were given np almost en relief. Be sure to get Hood's. , Jtirely to the consideration and discus- W.M.aaa1kjkat.)Va. aH I 1 VA- . -v M . aa will help us to get the power ml 1tnT . . - the United States, and if we ever VhV Xi iTt.T. 77r . ' x-. . , w I ing to the school interests or .our get control in the National Leg- K A T. Knnr;ntnnt. LnA S1JZ ?. Principal, of the City and town Pab- railroads and telegraph lines by the .- R,ZnnU m 'w.. Rawrin. Matt Thompson of the Ballroaaa lila MoraTlsaa. WAHlfiTo.v, D. Ih-c. TTbe Inter-Htate (VmmiiUion ba dec-Ul- ed to e i tend for two year tle ik- rlol within which railroavls friuat; comply with the act of C 'ongrea re quiring all railroadftto bo iulpptl. Willi saJt-iy appllanrcM ir the prti. tectlon of thet niployei and faM-n-gers. It week the com minion gave several hearing to Ibe railroad men and labor leader on thi question, the railrcada asking flve yearn extension and the labor lead era urging tbat an extension of ne year would be Kufllcent. Tha Gaorfta Coavlat loaoi atoaa. Itll ra itiao government, just as -the govern ment owns and operates the United States mails. I want to call the attention of the Democrats, to the fact that their party said that all we needed was a low tann: the Democrats had their tariff and the Republicans theirs, and yet we have low prices and a scarcity of money. The Re publicans claimed that a high tariff was all that we needed to start the wheels of commerce. The Democrats would be telling us to day that all we needed was a low tariff if the Populists had not driven them to make free silver an issue. tendent D Statesville Pnblie Schools is Presi dent, and Superintendent Logan D. Howell of the.Eaieigh Public Sehools is Secretary of the Association. We learn that a very interesting and attractive programme bat been prepared. There will be lively' dis cussions of live questions. Hotel and railroad rates announced later. rill be Atlanta, ia, iK-c 'J After wrangling over the convict le&e bill for nearly two month, tbe House to-day afted tbe measure by a vote of to TL Tbe bill will go to the Senate Immediately, where it will no doubt pas. The measure is that the State ahall have entire supervision over mis demeanor convicts; that a central farm be erected for all women, In firm and Juvenile convicts, and that all able bodied convicts be leased out. If the hair is falling out or turn ing gray, requiring a stimulant with nourishment and coloring food, Hairs Vegetable Sicilian Hair Kenewer is just the specific A genuine ghost-story hat yet to be attended; bat not so genuine blood purifier. Over and over again it has been proved that Ayer'a 8ar saparilla stands alone among medi cines aa the moat reliable tonie alter ative in pharmacy. It stood alone at the World's Fair.

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