North Carolina Newspapers

    'V .
NO. 7.
Bill Introduced in the House to Re
duce Homestead Exemption.
A rcslutin Introduced Initruttinr Senators
and Reprctcntatites to Secure Appropri
ation for Beacon on Pamlico Sound.
yen of
Da v. A petition
of the citi-
autpson county for the ftp
j ointment of h cotton weigher wii i re
r.ented by Senator Robinson. A bill to
investigate the agricultural and other
!i partmcnts was reported favorably, a
were a!mi a bill to repeal the act re
gunlsng tbedistribution of dead bodies.
JIills win i lit rod need a followi: To
re-eMaolisli the t rimiual court ci
.Hertford; to appoint a cotton weigher
at Dunn; allowiug Reidsville to issue
bonds for water-works reported favor
ii 1 I y ; t repeal chapter :U 1, laws l'.);
to protect fii-li in Alleghany county; to
ui point tax collector in ilertford; for
the better government of Hertford
county ; to regulate the dutieaand pow
ers of countable and to validate pro
ceedings lacd on processes served by
tlim; to appoint a tax collector for Sa
lem; to amend thochurter of Hal em; to
amend ecction V.KU f The Code; for
tho relief of A. T. Ilonser; to amend
M-ctiou 1 h of Tho Code. Heuator
( i, ck'H rf dilution, that United States
Senators be elected by the people, wai
umwiimoii! v adopted. At the request
of Senator Wood, a bill introduced by
Inn to estiil-l ili a flah cultural station
in North ( uroliuu, p:iiol it readings.
It is to bo a I'mted States Ash hatch
1 1 v. henu'.or (ilenii introduced the
f 1 1 1 -w i n : "Kenolved, That no bill of
u private nature be introduced until
lifter l ebrnury l.'.th. " Upon motion,
Mr. I',. It. Norvell was voted for eu-ii-lling
clerk, the vote being 45 yaes
mid iiD noes.
Si.vkntm Day Tho Senate met ut. 10
o'clock. Prayer was otlered by Rov.
Ir. Marshall." A petition to place the
names of l'vurett Pobson and Mike
I'.vrd on the pousiou list was received.
A favorable report was made as to Sen
ator ('ranks of the thirty-first district,
holding his seat Rill were intro
duced as follows: To amend chapter
.".'.', lnws of 11)1; t( amend chapter ltJH,
UwMof 1'.7; to repeal chapter l.V, laws !
i f ix'.i'i, .ud torei eul chapter 1NU, laws '
of by Mr. Murray, to abolish the j
.hum-gang system lu Madison county.
A resolution was adopted to investi
gate the Agricultural Department aud
1 he charitable institutions of the State.
A bill to repeal section l.'.RKJ of the
Code passed its third readiug. A bill
lepenhtij the law providing for the
ptocuriug and distributiou of dead
In dies mine up. It was placed upon
immediate passage, passing its third
lending. A bill to repeal chap
tf r .:'., laws of l'f, with the amend
ment thnt it shall not apply to taxes
levied prior to ISM passed its final
re it hug. A resolution to appoint a'
mint c miniittert on iudicial districts t
By Senator Mason, in relation to bank
ruptcy; by Me lot y re.' to amend chapter
114, laws of lvj.',; by 1 Slack, to amend
section 215 of the stock law elections;
by Speight, toetnend section 1308 of The
( ode, by Bryan.regardingcerta'n oaths;
Bills passed their final readme as fol
lows: T provide ft permanent system
of government for Craven County; to
unite the Richmond, Petersburg & Car
olina Railroad; to amend chapter C7,
laws of H'J7. 1 he matter of 530l HO al
lowed Cannon, the losing contestant in
the election contest cae from the thirty-fourth
district came op and occa
sioned a debate. It was finally decided
that befcre a final vote was taken up' n
the account a bill t particulars thon'd
be filed and considered. By leave Mo
Intyre introduced a bill to repeal chap
ter 1W), laws 1J'J7; ft bill to repeal chap
ter 44, laws of 17 (passed by the
House), which Justice explained as a
bill to reieal the priutiog laws enacted
by the last Legislature, was placed tip
on immediate passage and parsed its fi
nal reading. The Senate committee on
finance reported favorably the House
bill to repeal the law of 14U7 establish
ing a State board of tax equalization.
Eleventh Dav. The Senate met at
10 o'clock and prayer was offered by
the Rev. Dr. Carter. Hills to make in
quiry as to payment of money out of
tuo State Treasury and to repeal chap
ter flo, lw of 1'JT, were favorably re
ported by the committees. The follow
ing bills were introduced: Speight, to
revise, amend and consolidate the m
Buuity luws of North Carolina; by Mil
ler, to repeal chapter 51, laws of 1J7;
by Thomas, to repeal chapter 421, laws
of ll'.i7, concerning tho special school
tax. The calendar wus taken up and
the following bills passed final read
ings: To abolish the chain gang sys
tem of Madison county; to amend the
charter of Bingham's school; to amend
sections 875 aud 87.1 of The Code, re
lation to tho retention of power of jus
tices of the peace l!v leave Lowe
! introduced n bill to extend the
time for working the roads as pro
vided for in chapter :!, laws of 1893.
A bill giving permission to the Bagley
Monument Association to erect a mon
ument at the capital square was placed
upon immediate passage, and upon a
motion of Brown, was passed by a ris
ing vote; Brown rose to protest against
tho number of employees now engaged
by the Senate, lie said that authority
bad beeu given to cmp.'cy only six
pages and live laborers, aud be noticed
that there were on the pay-roil twelve
pages and eleven laborers; that there
were many more thau we needed, and
that it was now just as it was in lfc!3
one could not walk around the capital
any whore without running up against a
servant Smith. Brown aud Williams
were appointed a committee to investi
gate the matter and report to the Senate,
Si xi ii Day. A favorable report was
made on the bill, raising a special com
mittee to look at the acts of IS'Jj aud
181)7 and decide which of them are iner
itorious. There was also a favorable
report ou the resolution providing for
a complete investigation of the pern
teutiary. There was an unfavorable
report ou the bill to repeal all the acts
of 18'.)7, aud oil the one prohibiting the
employment of convicts on State farms.
Resolutions were introduced as foliow3:
Requesting information of the Secre
....... ...... i ..-.nn...i. - ' n r I nta
. i . i .... ;.,! 1 tary of State as to fees allowed county
mil! pel -lit were appointed a joint t -.- T i. a
A districts. A bill '
commit teo ou judicia
vus introduced by Senator kinner, to
imiend tho public school luw us found
in chapter U8, laws of 1'.)7.
r.Hiinii J) ay In the Senato reports
nf connuittoes were favorable as to the
following bills: To establish a fish
(u'tural station; to repeal chapter l.VJ
t f tho laws of l.i", and to increase the
Lumber of commissioners in Jones
i' unity; mid unfavorable as to bills to
uiiH'tul chapter of tho laws cf 1801;
t. aaiend chapter 1'8, laws of 18W7; to
uiuend section K(t of The Code; tore
l u.l chupter ;iU, laws of 1807; to amend
m ctum 'J'.l of The Code. From the
ioveruor a report was received reeard
ing the executive salaries and expenditure-
mui also his nomination of the
following members of the board of di
lcctors of tho Asylum for the Deaf,
Dumb aud Ulind; Pulaski Cowper in
1 lace cf It. C. Elvers; W. M. Boylau
in place of J. C. I. Harris, and C. B.
I'd wards to succeed himself. The re-
i ort ivm referred to the committee on t
li'iauce. The following bills were in
Tiduced: For better protection of la
bo ers and iuechanics;to amend section
1 1 i.i of The Code; to amend section 30S3
f The Code; causing restrictions in
ciso of larceny. A report from the
tlectious committee deciding that
Seuntor Frauks, of the thirty-first dis- ,
ti.ct should retain his seat, was adop- i
ted. t'i'on motion Senators Osborne i
it'-.. i N'ewsome were appointed to meet
three ineinl ers from the House, to
form a committee to request the Gov
ernor to io.I tu o evidence as to the
d.Mnissal of the railroad commission
trs, J. V. aud S. Otho Wilson.
Nimu Day. The Senate met at 10
o'clock, aud prayer was offered by Rev.
Dr. Skinner, i be committees report
ed favorably ou the following bills: To
omend chapter ti'. laws of 185)7; to
unite the Hichmond, Petersburg and
Carolina Railroad, and a number of
local bills; and unfavorably as to bills
to force criminals convicted of larceny
to make restitution; to amend section
;!.('.!"( of The Code; to repeal chapter
1C8, laws of 1807; to amend chapter
.VJWlaws of 1891,andftbiilto change cer
tain school districts in Chatham county.
Ihe introduction ol bills was next in
order, the following bills being intro
duced: Jerome, to extend powers of
justices of tho peace, aud to amend
reetiou 87-' and 873 of The Code; Bry
St.. to provide for the cross-indexing of
vk i. n, also for the relief of William
Wuton; Huustou, to license foreign
corporations companies and associa
tion: Coolie, to rereal chapter 22
3 i f 18i.; Justice, (by request), to
rut tv the organization of toe South
Ciuvlina aud Ceortia Railroad
The calendar was next taken up. and
I he fol'owing bids rassed first reading
That no bills shall be introduced after
the ltu of February, 1809, unless by
two-thirds vote of tho house in which it
is to be introduced; to repeal chapter
1" laws 18.)-3; to rept . I chapter 183, laws
18S-7;. I ron uiotica of Justice, the
Senate went into the nomination of
committee on appropriations, and the
following Senators were elected to form
a r . - i sa w w-
tne commiuee: iravis, .Mason, irvaD,
Tetnme. Thtnia, CampWll, Lindsay
and -vKiuoer.
'. imh 1) at.- 1 he Senate met at 10
o'cock. aud prver ws offered by Rev,
Mr. Branson. Reports from commit
tee weie favorable as to bills to ox
ter 1 the i owcrs and duties of justices
cf :i c peace and to amend sections 875"
nn.' t f The Code. A report was
res I by Senator Osborne, stating tLat
- the specially appointed committee Lad
called upon the Governor and asked
him to produce evidence in the case cf
the dismissal of J. W. and S. Otho
Wilson f rem the railroad commissiou;
that the Governor stated that be would
submit all the papers in the matter.
A resolution was offered by Senator
Cocke to the effect that there should be
an invest gatinn as to $2.,0OO claimed
to be duo by the State for the equip
ment and mustering in of the troops of
tne three orth Carolina. legiments.
The following bills were introduced:
liver before the Legislature January
10th, "Lee's birthday," his address on
Gen. It. E. Lee; Regarding the print
ing of constitutional amendments, re
quiring nil of these to be printed. Bills
were introduced as follows. To allow
"Morganton to buy electric light plant;
To amend the charter of St. Mary's
School, Raleigh, putting it in charge
of the South Carolina, as well as the
North Carolina Episcopal Diocese;
to incorporate the North Carolina So
ciety of the Cincinnati; to amend sec
tion 500 of Tne Code, in regard to evi
denca (it exclude evidence of any per
son directly cr indirectly interested in
any transaction between himself and a
dead man, unless the dead man's rela
tives offer evidence) ; to allow McDowell
to levy special tax; to authorize Dur
ham to issue school bonds; to allow
exemption from taxation manufactur
ing enterprises which come to North
Carolina; to make it a misde
meaner for railroads to Kill cattle in
l'itt eouuty; to amend section 3 of
The Code, by making bastardy a civil
action, allowing a womau to appeal
from a magistrate s decision. The cal
endar was taken up. There was quite
a debate on Julian's bill to repeal the
act of 1807, which requires all officers
of State b.'.uLs, railroads and other
corporations to take and file oaths,
The bill failed to pass second reading,
veas 40. navs 71. A resolution declar
ing that Senators should vote directly
for United States Senators, was taken
up. It was adopted without discussion.
A resolution raising a special joint
committee to examine the public laws
of 18l)."i and 1807 and ascertain which oi
them are of value, was adopted. A bill
was passed amending the act in regard
to the working of convicts on roads in
Anson county, amending chapter 252,
public laws 1807. A bill to repsal all
public acts of 1S07 was tabled. The
bill repealing the act of 1807, providing
for working Northampton roads by
taxation passed. A resolution to raise
a special joint committee of five to in
vestigate the penitentiary came up.
(To inyestigate the management for the
past four years, the committee being
given wide latitude and fall authority).
There was no debate. The resolution
was adopted. A resolution was adopted
asking the Secretary of State what fees
are allowed county officers under exist
ing laws. (It ia all in the fee bilL)
Seventh Dat. The House met at
10 O'clock. Prayer was offered by Rey.
Dr. Eugene Daniel. A favorable re
port was made on the resolution ap
pointing a committee to ask the Got
ernor for bis reasons for removing J.
. Wilson and Utho Wilson at
railroad commissioners; also all the
evidence in that matter. Resolutioni
were introduced as follows: Directing
tne Mate lreasurer to pay the em
ployes of the penitentiary for October,
November and December, 1898, ana
set apart $5,000 for this purpose; in
3trnctmg Senators and Representatives'!
to seen re an appropriation for a beacon
in Pamlico Sound. Bills were intro
duced a? follows: To give Swain conn
ty the Supreme Court Reports fro
volume 1 to volume 85; to incorporate
the African Aid and Bnrial Society oj
North Carolina; to abolish the Cum-
berland county dispensary at Favette-
. 1 --. I
viae; to rt"eui, 1.11 iiwa ir-uiuu
elections in Nor ii. v'sroiirn; to amend
chapter 135, acts of lc . , .u provide for
revising and digesting the public stat
ntes; to amend the constitution, by
reducing the homestead to $150 per
sonal property and 500 real property;
to equalize pay of States witnesses
sheriffs and clerks; to amend section
SI of The Code so that a will may be
caveated upon certificate that the ca
A bill was taken up
veator give bond.
to repeal chapter 163. public laws ol
1897. requiring fire insurance com
panies not to charge a higher
rate oi insurance ou larm prop
erty than is charged in Virginia.
Many members joined in the discm
siou for or against the pending bilL
Finally it was referred to the commit
Bills were passed Incorporating
the Southern Conservatory cf Masie
end amending he Anson county road
law, so road will be worked by con
vict labor; increasing to five the num
ber of commiscoaert cf Edgecombe
county; to pay special veniremen ia
Lincoln county; toanieud the charter of
St. Mary'a School, Raieigb; to repeal
chapUr 316, private laws of 19", in re
gard to a turnpike between Iiunco rube's
and Hickory Nut Gap; to allow Louis
burg to i-:te bonds for public improve
ment. A i etiolation was adopted giv
tag the Ba'ey Monument Association
leave to place a monument or statute in
memory of Worth Barley in the capitol
square; also a resolution asking the
government to erect beacon lights at
Hatteras and in Pamlico Sound, in the
cape channel. The following was an
nounced as the special committee on
judicial districts: Justice, chairman;
Ronntree. Allen, Stubba and Craig.
Ekshth Day. In the House bills
were introduced as follows: To provide
white committeemen for white schools
at'd negro committeemen for negro
c::oo!s: to repeat section 22, chapter
public laws 1897, tbis being the
section of the revenue act imposing
purchase tax on merchants; to author
ize the publication of. the "Sketches
i f North Carolina Troops;" to make
desertion for 12 months ground for di
vorce; to give magistrates final juris
diction in cases of carrying concealed
weapons. By leave Mr. Hoey intro
duced a bill in regard to libel. It pro
vides that any action sgaiust a news
paper for libel shall be brought in the
county of publication and that in crim inal
action a retraction given equai
prominence shall be sufficient, while if
the action be civil damages can be
agreed on. The bill also makes persons
lable for misdemeanor who wilful'y
aive libelous matter to a newspaper.
(This bill was drawn by H. A. London
at the instance of the State Press Asso
ciation. ) By leave Foushee introduced
a bill to exempt roller flour mills from
the provisions of section 1837 of Ihe
Code, fixing tolls. j
Mxth Day-. Ihe House met at 10
o clock. Ihe following bills were in
troduced: Overman, to authorize clerks
of Superior Courts to issue execution
against sureties upon bonds to btay
execution; Nicholson, to tax upon a
convicted defendant in a larceny case
the value of the stolen property, to be
taxed as other cost? in tho case; Lay,
to strike out section C, chapter 1G0,
public laws 1807. which creates countv
board of equalization; Davis, to amend
chapter 484, public laws of 1897; Trot-
man to amend eection Ii9, of Ihe
Code, so as to constitute a lien ou the
mare for season of her colt; Moore, to
amend section 2,079, of The Code, by
striking out theword3 "in his county;"
Moore, to amend Fections 1,119 and
1,200 of The Code, by reducing from
23 to 8, tho number of peremptory
challenges; Yarboro, to repeal the $10
license tax on horse and mnlo dealers;
Thomson, to amend chapter 425, laws
1891, allowing executions in the stay
law;Curtis, to amend sections 1846, and
1,847, Ihe Code, so as to bx the same
tolls for roller flouring mills as for
other mills; Nicholson, to reneal section
1,333, ihe Code, in regard to buying or
selling pretended rights or titles;
Justus, to amend chapter 345. acts
1805. by striking out "I reuch iroa;l
Mclntvre. to amend section 1,900, The
Lode, so that no clerk of court shall ap
point himself or his deputy to make
sale of any property in any p oeeed-
ings before him; also to give consent
for acauirement bv the United
States cf any lands needed for a
tish hatchery. Ihe calendar was taken
up, and the following was tabled: A
bill to repeal chapter 203, public laws
1897. The following bills were passed:"
To allow the treasurer of school fund of
Haywood county to pay school fund;
to repeal chapter 510, public laws 1807,
which created the State board of tax
equalization; to change the mine of
Chocowinitty creek in Beaufort county
to Choco river; to allow Bertio
county to issue bonds and levy tax.
The bill was taken up to remove the in
scription on the corner stone at the
white institution for the blind and for
the colored deaf mutes and blind, and
to place in t,he6e buildings bronze or
marble tablets having the names of the
directors who planned said buildings.
The bill passed second reading. Mr.
Carroll then added an amendment, ma
king it a misdemeanor for the directors
to fail to carry out this law. This was
adopted. Petree, Republican, offered
an amendment that only the name
of James H. Young be re
moved. This was voted down.
A resolution was introduced by Smith,
of Craven, regarding the committee ou
constitutional amendments, asking that
one colored member be placed on that
committee. The resolution also asked
that the negroes mav have an oppor
tunity to go before the committee and
have a hearing in regard to' the matter
of the bill to give white taxes to white
schools and negro taxes to negro
schools. Ray, of Macon, said he couid
speak, for the majority of the House
and say that no such amendment would
be submitted to the people, ihe reso
lution was referred to the committee
on constitutional amendments. Smith
said that if Ray expressed the
sentiments of the majority of the
House he was entirely willing to with
draw the resolution, save that as to ne
gro representation on the committee.
By leave, Hoey introduced a bill to
repeal chapter 4G4, acts 1807, which
gives the power to the Council of State
to award the contracts for the public
printing. He said the bill was intro
duced at the request of the two com
mittees on printing. The bill passed.
Tenth Dat. The House met at 10 a.
m. and prayer was onerea Dy tev. ut.
Eugene Daniel. The following bills
were introduced: By Leather wood, to
change the timo of holding Superior
Courts in the twelfth district; by Ray,
to change the time of the meetings of
county commissioners to the first Tues
day in each month, and to prevent ex
orbitant charges by merchants on chat
tel mortgages or other securities; by
Moore, to so amend section 2o of The
Code as to make bastardy proceedings
a quasi civil action. Bills passed to im
prove the roads in Washington county;
to allow Charlotte to issue bonds with
which to pay for water-works pur
chased from a private company. A
resolution came up reducing the pay or
various employes 20 per cent. The
reduction is based on the pay of
1897. It does not affect the
clerks, which were cut to 4, or to
laborers, who get 3 a day, or to
the pages, who get SI a day. Low
ery offered an amendment that this
should apply to members also. Hamp
ton demanded the yeas and nays on
this. The point was made by Justice
that the amendment was not germane,
as the constitution fixes the pay of
members. He then offered an amend
ment that Lowery's amendment apply
to Forsyth county alone.- This was
adopted amid much laughter, in which
the Speaker heartily joined. This put
Hampton in a hole. Petree then
moved to table the amendment. Car
ter, of Forsyth, said he and bis
colleague were -willing to have their
pay reduced. Hampton's motion to
table was lost Julian offered au
amendment that the resolution should
not apply to iaborerB who are getting
S2. 50 a day. Justice said the resoiu
the $2.50 a day men are working only
two to four boars a day. tie declared
they ought not to be paid over f3
day, as farmers get oely 59 cents a day.
Ray. of Macoo, said the resolution
ought to be re-commrtted, to the
committee could look into it and see
that the pay of the various classes of
laborers is equitab!. Julian with
drew his amendment. Robiason, cf
Cumberland, said the purpose of the
caucus action was to reduce the pay of
clerks to that of the members. Wil
liams said be had discovered that near
ly all the laborers were getting ft'i. 50 a
day. Watson, Populist, a d be fa
vored a general redaction of members'
pay to $4.00 as tuaved by Lowery.
The resolution was by this time in
a very complete tangle. Overman
first suggested a reference to the
committee on rules, but later said
that it was t erbaps best to adopt it as
amended by Lowery and let it go to the
Senate. But finally all the amendments
were reconsidered. Craig made ft mo
tion to table them, but found that il
would carrv the resolution with it, arl
withdrew it. Then Lowery withdrew
his amendment. The original resolu
tion then came up and was adopted.
amid lauehtcr. Bills Taesed to allow
Bertie county to levy a special tax; to
amend the law as to caveats to wills; to
allow Reidvilie to iss-ne bonds; to al
low persons in Lincoln and Catawba
counties to i ay poll tax by road work;
to amend the charter of Fayetteville.
Eleventh Day. At 10 "o'clock the
House met and was opened with prayer
by Kev. Dr. Jev i Ji a-nou. 1 atterson.
WAS Gill ft nil
Obscquier Over Mr. Dingley Almost
Majestic in their !mpressieness-
lit Scaate Atteeded ia a EoJy Tie Presi
des aad Cabiaet D.pkavatic Cera aaj
Ditttaf eiftRci Pcrtoes Prcseat.
WasHixuTOK, D. C. (Special). A
State funeral, almost majestic in ita
impressiveaeas, was ;iven the late
Representative Nelson Dingley, at
noon Monday, in the Hou cf Rep
resentatives, where he so long bad
been such a commanding figure. The
President, his cabinet, distinguished
men from the diplomatic, corps,
members of the Supreme Court,
Senate and House, and distinguished
men in military and civil life, were
ranged about his bier on the floor of
the hall, while the galleries, to which
admission could be obtained only bv
card, were occupied by the families of
those who sat upon the floor and other
prominent personages invited to be
present Some of them, like a delega
tion from the New York chamber of
commerce, had come from a distance to
pay their last tribute of respect to the
dead statesman. The casket was placed
Senator Mis on Delivers i Notable
Speech in the Senate-
Tic Dipleautic Apfrefriaiioa M Fas iff ty
Tie flec-Thc Bdl as Pasc4 Carries'
of Caldwell, introduced a resolution of
. a: . ' ! . i : s . 1
i'.J,1.u'" .rVr"T? .y? on bier in the area in frontoi the mar
greuieuKaiu.,i bla roatrnm of th Sk.r .n.l f,
Tlv IlVnw J". h0Uf tQe PQbIiC' WUich WOU,d h DO
Jjrown, io ooDortnnitv to itn tha ffi -.,!
i r . J j-
polygarriet from Utah.
bills wer ictrod'JCd.
reduce tae v'oj ci supreme uourt re- J ,:., i.r . . . "
i n.L i . r, ,,.i monies later, was allowed to view the
aw . a. j j j Aia, wa kj i a v Lvcna
chapier bZl, acts 1C97, which requires
that 60 qualified voters must reside in
territory tcr which a stock law is
trkec; by Davis, to protect buyers and
tellers cf leef tobacco; by Wilson, to
regulate the holding of courts in the
twelfth district; by Winston, to amend
The Code, as to trespass on landB after
being forbidden; by Ihomas, to repeal
the law of 1S97, requiring annual elec
tions on local tax and in aid of schools;
by Williams, to provide for the turning
into the State Treasury of all school
funds, these then to be paid
out to counties on the basis of
their school population; by Bou-
shal!, to repeal chapter 543, acts
1897, which . forbade persons to be
directors of public institutions who
deait in any articles such as was pur
chased by such institution; by Allen,
to repeal" chapter 224, acts 1&97, and
restore the act of 1893, which provided
a uniform rate for limitations against
raii.-oad companies for damages for or
ou account of occupation of lands; by
leave Leatherwood introduced a reso
lution creating a committee to leave in
charge changes of congressional dis
tricts; and Boushall a resolution al
lowing payment of drug bills due by
tho penitentiary to New York firms.
Bills passed umendiag the charter of
Fayetteville; ,to allow Reidsville to
issue improvement bonds, and to
give the town of Columbus, Tyrrell
county, protection against bogs.
Bill passed repealing charter of the
Chapel Hill graded school; Hoey mado
a report for tno joint committee on
printing, recommending that the joint
committee be given authority to con
tract tor tne printing and Dinding, at a
rate not iu excess of that of lS93-'4.
None of the public printing to be done
outside the State; this to be done until
the Legislature passes a law regulating
the public printing; the resolution was
adopted, yeas 09, nays 23. Republi
cans and Populists voted no, except
Smith, of Craven, (col ) who voted j-ea.
A resolution, introduced by "Winston,
was adopted giving the use of the hall
remains as they lay in state. Tbous
ands of people streamed through the
main door past the casket and gazed
upon the calm, sereae features of the
dead during that hour. Some could.
with difficulty, be induced to move
away from the casket The . decora
tions of the hall were simple, but
strikingly beautiful, and there was a,
profusion of flowers. The services
were conducted by . the Rev. S. M.
Newman, of the First Congregational
church, of this city, assisted by Rev.
Dr. Coudec, chaplain of the House.
It was a very simple service. Dr.
Newman's eulogy of t're dead states
man was touching and beautiful.
When Rev. Mr. Newman delivered the
benediction, the entire assemblage
arose, the galleries as well as those on
the floor. President McKinley, in pass
ing out, paused while he gazed sadly
ai ine leatures of bis dead friend.
When all had departed save the mem
bers of the House, Mr. Boutelle. of
Maine moved that the House adjourn
as a lurther mark of respect The
motion was adopted and accordingly at
12:55 p. m., the Speaker declared the
House adjourned.
Talk of a Big Swap.
Loxdox (By Cable). Diplomats re
fuse to take seriously the revival of the
report cabled from Washington, that
tr.e United States is willing to ex
change the Philippine Islands for the
T 1 . 1 ,T j. I T I T . -
i-.usii nes.iL.uia j.sianus. j. iiign
otcial cf the Foreign Office character
izes the statement as absurd. He said
that while the continental powers ap
pear to be willing to permit the United
States to hold the Philippines as spoils
of war, they would not bo likely to
remain passive spectators of a change
of balance of power in the far Last,
which would result from Great Brit
ain's acquirement of those islands, par
ticularly so at this critical time, when
the struggle for domination in China
is on.
The Philippine Commission.
The commission which the President
to the North Carolina Confederate vet- ( is about to appeint to proceed to the
erans on tne evening oi January 2o.
Davis of Haywood, Leatherwood,
Council, Kerr and Clarkson were ap
pointed as the committee on congres
sional districts.
Tarheel Notes.
George Maney was lynched at Mur
phy the other night. ' A crowd of un
known men came to town and repre
sented that they had a horse thief, and
Deputy Sheriff Axley opened the jail,
when they took Maney out. He was
hanged on Valley river bridge. Maney
had confessed to killing Sherrill, from
Graham county, most, brutally. Feel
iug was very high there against him.
He was jailed at Mutphv for safe-keeping."
Rev. Jesse A. Cunninggim, a mem
ber of the North Carolina Methodist
Conference for 43 years, and who never
nursed a roll-call until last December,
died at his home in Greensboro last
week. A number of ministers from
other parts of the State attended the
Mr. M. W. Enoch, of Stokesdale,
Stokes county, was run over by the
through freight, No. 72, in the South
ern yard, in Charlotte and died from
his injuries. Mr. Enoch was a brake-
man on the Southern, and ran between
Spencer anJ Greenville.
Ibe tobacco acreage will be won
derfully increased in Johnson county
this year. The' average farmer can
afford to plant three or four acres in
the weed. Smithfield Herald.
ibenrst station ou either side of
Marion has quarantined against that
town on account of the small pox scare.
The Tri-State Medical society will
meet at Charlotte on the ISth, 19th and
20th usst.
Philippines will not be subject to con
firmation by the United States Senate,
but will be named under reserved au
thority of the President, and its ex
pense will be paid out of the war funds.
It is not expected to commit the United
States government to recognition of
the natives, nor it is o frame a gov
ernment for the islands, as was the
case with the Hawaiian commission.
Row Between Negroes and Soldiers.
A special from Newport News, Va..
says a clash occurred in Phoebus, near
Old Point between negroes and a few
soldiers from fort Monroe, which
threatened to prove serious, but for
tunately no fatalities resulted. It was
reported that one man was shot, but
the report could not be verified. A
guard from the fort scooped the sol
diers and hustled them back to the
Canadians Inspecting Norfolk Harbor.
Mayor Johnston, Barton Myers,
British consul, and other leading citi
zens, of Norfolk, took the mayor and
harbor . commissioners of Montreal.
Canada, to ail points of interest in that
harbor Monday. The Dominion of
Canada has appropriated $3,000,000 to
improve the harbor cf Montreal and
the visitors are on a tour of inspection
of wharves, harbors and shipping fa
cilities of the United States.
8EvrTtmi Dat. SenaUr Maaen.
of Illinois, occupied the attention of
the Senate for nearly an hoar aad a
half, with a speech in support of the
resolution declaring that the Uait4
States will sever attempt to govern
the people of any country without
their content In maay reaped the
peech was one of the uoet notable at-
terances n the Senate thus far this
session. Bacon, of Georgia, seenred
the passage of a bill for the construc
tion of a bridge over the Savannah
river, from the mainland, in Chatham
county, Ga., to Hutchison's Island. At
the request of Mr. Morgan the Seaate
unanimously agreed to the limitation
of the debate on the Nicaragua Canal
bill to 15-minute sreechee. . after S
o'clock next Thursday. Mr. Tnrley
was then recognized to speak on the
Nicaragua Canal.' He announced him
self aa an advocate of a canal, but said
that he was opposed to the pending
bill. A bill was passed directing the
President to appoint Paymaster Geo
eral T. H. Stanton n major general and
retire him at that grade. The Senate
at A o'clock went into executive sea
sion. At 4:15 p. m., the Senate ad
1.IOHTEEXTH 1.1 AT. A ClimaX Was
reached in the debate on the question
of expansion which is in progress in the
nenate. Heretofore, all of the speeches.
with the notable exception of that of
Mr. Piatt, of Connecticut have been
in opposition to what is presumed to be
the policy of the administration with
respect to the acquisition of the Phil
ippines. Mr. roraker. of Ohio, ad
dressed the Senate in opposition to the
declaration of the Vest resolution that
the United States has no constitutional
lower to acquire foreign territory to be
maintained as colonies. Mr. Jtoraker
laid down the broad preposition that
to adopt the Vest resolution was to de
clare that our fathers had brought forth
a nation that was inferior to all nations
regardless of the generally accepted
idea that one nation was the equal of
another and all equally restricted.
Nineteenth Dat. Little business
was transacted by the 'Senate in open
session. Sixteen bills on the private
pension calendar were passed, and n
joint resolution extending the thanks
of Congress to Miss Clara Barton and
other officials of the Red Croas Society
for their beneficent work in Armenia
and Cuba, was adopted.
Twentieth Day. In the Senate Mo
Laurin, Democrat, of South Carolina,
took strong ground in ft carefully pre
pared speech against a policy of expan
sion by this country. In the course of
his remarks Mr. McLanrin said:
"Better than wealth, better than a
territory upon which the ann never
sets, is the transmission to our child
ren of a republic built upon the in
destructible rock of constitutional
government" Mr. McLanrin occu
pied the attention of the Senate for
an hour and ten minutes and was
accorded good attention by both Sena
tors and people in the galleries.
Allen, of Nebraska, introduced the
following resolution: "That a commit
tee of five Senators, no more than two
of whom shall be members of the same
political party, shall be appointed to
make full inquiry into the conduct of
the late war between the United States
and Spain." The resolution was refer
red to the committee on military af
fairs. The Indian appropriation bill
was taken up, but ita consideration
was not concluded before the hour of
Twentt-fibst Dat. A resolution of
more than ordinary significance and
importance was introduced in the Sen
ate by Mr. Hoar, of Massachusetts. It
is as follows:
obUiaed kef ere a I
1 ae paer U4 fcefwe U h
r:f eettoa ef Mr. llUey. t?-rit Ilea a.
ltrn nwr Dai. The Meae
I e4 the di4esaaie aa4 ewonlat ar
ltetoa U I witWnt t rslai L
lkie is tae sin el tee reenter
lemeuea bUia mm ta tleneev
Ihe lull aa tassel came Sl.ToVStt
sveren baJget yet remain i be tine I
lric the geaerai estete twe
P-t. wete ssa4e agauel isas
tialtamby Meters, f u aa 1 Usj,'
vokecreta. t iaaeee. r eeUen
1 Mr. Leeey U bdl I tl4 U
ere oi tne nan eonieeise te nati
birds was eeat le aanJerM eitev a
taoliea t poetpoee the ball tade&aiteJ y
had been vet44eem, t te 71.
T btt baooi DATThe llvaae ea
ter J apoa the eeaetaereUea ef the
naval iraoBael bilL It develop!
naen Iee ppoeiuen than wa eipert-
d. I terry alluded to the ait la
the IhitipfMaea, and referring te the
backing Agnmaldo was aaptael tebe
reeaiviag freaa Germany aavd: weaaay
vet nave to wkip (tertaaar a we die
Sia. n aaaiJ whirlwind of epfJa
He also read a peeu n the raeuago
uaiue. titiUtd, as it hejsreea, er
was it Bcbley.
TE3TT-Tninr Dat. The II ease as
se mbled nnder circumstances of deep
nd naiverael sorrow, im the death of
Representative Nelson Ihaciev. ef
Maine. Aa Speaker Heed eatered the
chamber, n bush fell upea the mem
bers as tbeyroee and with tewed heeds
listened to the elouneat tr.bote from
the chaplain. Rev. Dr. ConJa. llen
telle, the senior member ef the Maiae
delegation, was then recegaued for n
brief and feeling announcement of the
demise of his colleague. Mr. llontelle
then offered n resolution providing
that a committee of mee tsarabora of
the Honae be appointed to attend the
funeral at Lewistoe, Me. At 12:30 p.
m., aa n further mark of respect, the
House adjourned.
TwEHTt-ForntH Dat. The session
of the honae was brief end no bnaineae
was transacted. At It:A5 Bo u telle, of
Maine, move-1 that the Hense adjourn
as a further uark of rei-ect lu Mr.
Dingley. The motion was adopted.
110 (MI 0GB
Leading Co!ertd CitLrret of Ctc
nc(a Behind tbi Umnttt
aaavaed of nWltest
Ut. bWfUv's IWatn
eerted treat fteeea.
left tw-
y tv 1
e4 J
f iaest Section of the Seetn.
Progressive people wishing to find
homes or make invetdmenta in any kind
of enterprise in the fin if t section of the
South will learn something greatly to
their advantage bv addressing John
Patrick, Pine Bluff. N. C.. or Dr.
Bright, Elleaboro, N. C. A postal will
briug the information.
cailrodiq im enna.
Norfolk's Confederate Monument.
Ground for a Confederate monument
at the head of Commercial Place, has
been broken in Norfolk. The founda
tion will be bix feet deep, 23x23 feet
and the monument 6j feet 4 inches
high, exclusive of the statute, it will
be erected parallel with Main Street
and at au angle with Commercial Place.
The money for it was raised by Pick
ett-Buchanan Camp, Confederate Vet-
Critical Stage Passed Otis in Control.
O en eral utis was heard irom again
Monday, from Manila, and the con
tents oi his cablegram were so reas
suring as to the situation there and at
Iioilo that the officials in Washington
have come to accept without question
the correctness of his statement that
the critical stage is past, and that he
has control of the situation.
Decided Against Mr. Ryan.
Judges Wickes and Stockbridge, in
the Circuit Court at Baltimore, decided
against Mr. Thos. F. Ryan in his suit
to enforce an alleged contract for the
sale to him of between 3,090 and 4,009
shares of Seaboard & Roanoke Railroad
stock, at $125 a share. The court or
dered that the demurrer to the bill of
complaint be sustained with costs to
the plaintiff.
Gen. Brook's Cabinet Announced.
Governor General Brooke, of Cuba
has announces the following appoint
ments to the new constituted cabinet oi
advkors: Department of Government,
Domingo Mendez CaDote; Department
of Finance, Pablo DeServine; Depart
ment of Justice and Public Instruction,
Jose Antonio Gonzales Lanuez; De
partment of Agriculture, Commerce
and Public W orks, Adolf o Saenz xanez.
Admiral Sampson's Squadron for Havana.
The Navy Department has designated
the following warships to form the
squadron of evolution, which is to go
South under command of Admiral
Sampson: Flagship New York, Brook
lyn, Indiana, Texas, Chicago, Newark,
Geo. Wheeler in Richmond.
General Joseph Wheeler was the lion
of Richmond, Va., Monday night He
reached the city late, in the afternoon
ana snortiy tnereaiter was escorted to
a meeting of R. E. Lee CamD, No. 1,
Confederate Veterans, where on behalf
of the camp he accepted a handsome
portrait of Major John Pelhaxn, pre
sented to the organization by the Sons
of Confederate Veterans Camp of Rich
mond. The Governor, several Virgin
ia members of Congress and an im
mense crowd were in attendance, and
the distinguished visitor was vocifer
ously applauded.
EesolvM, That the people of the Philip
pine Islands of right ought to be free and in
dependent, that they are absolved from all
allegiance to the crown of Spain, and that
all political con eection between them and
Spain is and ought to be totally dissolved,
and that tbey have therefore full power to
do all acts and things which independent
States may of right do; that it is their right
to institute a new government lor them
selves, laying its foundation or such princi
ples and organizing its powers In sncn lorm
as to them shall seem most likely to effect
their safety and happinese, and that with
these rights the pe pie of the United States
do not propose to interfere."
"I should like to have it adopted im
mediately," said Hoar. "I object,"
said Davis, of Minnesota, chairman of
the foreign relations committee, and
the resolution went over. A message
was received from the House a-inounc-icg
the adoption of resolntiona on the
death of Repsesentative Dingley. Fit
ting resolutions of respect to the mem
ory of Mr. Dingley were adopted, and
then Hale, of Maine, delivered a brief
eulogy of the due nguished statesman,
moving that the Senate adjourn. Prior
to the putting of the motion to the
Senate, Galhnger, in the chair an
nounced the committee of Senators
who are to join n like committee of the
House to accompany the remains of
the distinguished statesman to Maine.
The Senate then, at 12:43 p. m., ad
journed. Twenty-Second Dat. The Senate
held no session for the transaction of
business. The body nt 12 o'clock pro
ceeded to the Hall of the Honae of
Representatives to attend as a body the '
obsequies of the late Representative I
Nelson A. Dingley. At 1 o clock the
Senate returned to 'its chamber. Alter
the reading of the journal. Proctor, of
Vermont, presented the credentials of
Jonathan Ross, prepared by Governor
Smith, of Vermont, to fill the unex
pired term of the late Senator Justin
S. MorrilL The credentials were read
and then, escorted by Mr. Proctor, Mr.
Ross proceeded to the clerk's desk,
where the oath of office was admiaia
tered to him by .Vice -President Hobart
At 1:07 p. m., on motion cf Allison,
the Senate adjourned.
Its DiHlcsltles asa Heaters Aereees ef Rreest
Mr. Cox. who wis n-crntly aault
cd near Peking. China, has bad many
similar expTH-u-- during the dorru
years be has beeu railroad building tn
the Chihll ProTiu.-e, and has only ex
tricated hlmelf by dint of tact, pluck,
and good bumor. He baa practically
for years carried bl life in hia hi. tut
In 1S90, for Instance, duties floods,
a mob, led by the aoldlery of Lutal,
a military rainn near Tb n-TwIn. rut
the railway embankment aud d-tny-ed
seven miles of line, their officers en
couraging tltem, and the enlightened
Viceroy LI Hung Chang, in hia Yemen
a few mile off, "lay In low and eayiu
nuffln." The cause alleged was that
the embankment prevented the Bood
water from running off. which, a
there were frequent outlets, was utter
noneense. Previous to that attempts
had lieen made to wreek trains, and
the lives of the foreign employes were
constantly threatened.
The life, too. of ihe foreign guard on
a train le not always n happy one.
.Mandarim M-rvants without tickets
take poHsesflon of a first-da car
riage; eat drink, sleep, and iK-rfornt
other functions in It. Terbaps they
light a pan of charcoal to warm them
selves If the weather ' cold. Char
coal has certain effects;
the other passengers complain, and
the servant bare to be ejected. Too
much violence might lead to a general
attack on forelgneis and another Tien
Tsln maacre; while too little would
not be effective. The unhappy guard
has to follow the "happy mean be
tween a good hard pus a and a mild
knock-down blow.
There have, of course, been many
ludicrous as well as dangerous Inci
dents on the North Cnma Line.
When It was first opened Chlneee
would come to the booking office and
try to bargain for tickets. When told
the fare tbey would offer half and
gradually raise their bid. much dis
gusted that they should not In a busi
ness spirit be met half way.
One day a country gentleman on bit
first ride In a train seeing bis bouse
midway between two stations flying
past deliberately opened the door and
stepped out Into space. At the pare
the train w:i going a European
would certainly have l-een killed, but
the eupple Celestial after a prolonged
series of soc.ranlts, was seen to pick
himself and bundle op. dust bla
clothes, and set off home acroas the
fields much pleased with his abort
cut and the convenience of the ure
wheel carriage.
An unfortunate railway coolie,
equally Ignorant of the laws of me
chanics, did not get off so weU. Bee
lng two trucks coming at a snail's
pace down a siding be placed bla foot
on the rail to atop them. To his as
tonishment It was cat off, and be
learned, like Stephenson's cow, that
momentum 'a mado op of mass as
well as Telocity.
But in spite of everything, railways
are bound to prosper in a country
where traveling la otherwise so alow
and so difficult carta and Don lea in
north and boats in the couth
Cw4rT amoo4. Tee a. (!
rt4teeUea nee
llsWBiea. Jean 11 Mi
leadtag ewl4 eueae ef law atty. lew
eerte ler tae etiooftl C
tua Aaaeriatiea, the )
organise toeaeaee ia
State. The aaeeieawei se lersaed with
a view to ewleeuiag nagtsee la the
Wet aad eeewtleg freaa CWegreae e
eoerssstsa to allow the selseise ee
fuesaed the right ef MeM go sweat
aad tUeeieeteUte ta Cssgisoa. eae.
Ihe 4aa was originated bf tt 1
Hatchiae. a eagre tee yet ef thleaaty,
w he ha gives the qeeeUeft) ef whet
te de with the eagre a great deal ef
tadv. Ilatchias eae a rural! edge
ta North i'ereliaa dariag ihe teeee
etraetiea. aad tt le eeid be easae aaor
gtviag auafartiea to the whites ta hie
orcaii thaa asy aegre he ever held a
likeof&ce. llatrhtage gitee ee a ree
ea for hie reepvaed eeieoy, "thee
the reeple ef the Veiled States
should be given aa oi sort natty
to see whether the aegre le
tie ef rovereiag aad hidag
Ibe appltreUea fer the chaster ears:
"It ta aet fair to judge el the aegre'e
ability te eendact Uie affaire by the
fad area Le hee a ad ta ef&ea ta
Seath. tiivea aa epirlaaity
they are altogether deieadeel ea th
selves the aegreee will aelve the
tioa quickly as te eh leer they are
wrthy ef ritueaefcip aad to be aa la
tral prtf the graiag eet4e-
Hutch tee ria m a eaatber ef the lead
ing aegree t the Heath are la oyaie
thy with him la the sneveateal
$rre 0cr Mr. Dwrtry's Bests,
VAaim.. II. C ieeiftl. Pre
foand sorrow wee snaeifeated Isetarday
ia every walk ef pa bite life, ta the aa -aonacemtat
that Neleea Diagtey, ef
Maiae. bad pesesd ewey. At the tele
borne ef Mr. Diagley. the II asa U tea
Hotel, there were saaar evidence
that deep terseael eeleeta ta which
be was held. Meeaege ef eeedeleee
came frea every qaarter ef the eeaatxy
aad te tho wr added the aereeeeJ
eoodoleace f rebiaet e&eere, Hee a
to . hapro JneUcee aad aaeaiher
of the House. At the Heaee ef lten
ratativ. th death ef Mr. Diagley
ram as a reeal bereavesaeat to ihe
taaoy with wbeca be Led Lee leaf ae
ociated. The desk be had oerwpted aa
floor leader ef ibe lioaae. la ihe centre
of the Itepablieaa side el the chamber,
wa heavily draped ta crate, while ea
top was a f aatoa ef orchids, eweei
flag, eoral sprsys aad eiailai. Jree
tdBt IfeKialey seat a eery feetiaf
letter ia hie own handwritten- on ress
leg Lie grief aad that of lira. 11 e-Kialey.
Joy in Santiaf o.
At Santiago Major Becard baa re
ceived a cable dispatch from Dr. Cas
tillo, the representative of the business
men of that city who accompanied
General- Wood to Washington, an
nouncing that complete autonomy will
be granted the province.
New Building for the Department ef Justice.
The Senate committee on public
buildings and grounds has authorized
favorable reports on the following bills:
For the erection of a-building for the
tion was entitled to. apply to certain as- I Department of J ustice: for the enlarge-
sistant clerks who are now getting $5 a i nient of the public buildmjr at Ashe-
dav. Williams, of Iredell, said that "la.
A number of Virginians contemplate
making application for commissions in
the regular army provided the biil for
its enlargement is passed by Congress.
home of those who want commissions
are men well known in legal and other
Nineteenth Dat. The Honae
mediately- after the reading of
journal, resumed the consideration of
th.e bill for the codification of the enm
nal laws of Alaska. A good maay
minor amendments were adopted aad
about 60 additional pages of the bill
were disposed ox. uaiy ten pagea re
main. At 4:20 p. m.. tne Honae ad
journed. Twentieth Dat. The Honae com
pleted and passed the bill for the cod
ification of the criminal laws of ai w
An amendment was adopted proridiag
a nign license system in tne lerritOTv.
with a species of local option. Ldqnor
dealers oy ita provisions are to pay t
license of $1,000 per year and the con
tent of a majority cf the white eitiaeaa
residine within two milea' ef a
liquor dealer's establishment most be)
never doing more than thirty to forty
miles between dawn and dark.
Straight Sews freat Otis.
The War Department of&cials were
very ranch encouraged Selurdtj, upoa
the receipt of newa from General Otia
at Manila, that indicated a diatiact im
provement in the situation there. The
Generai'a despatch completely aeca
tivee the absurd story from Madrid
that the American troops at Manila had
mutinied and refused to proceed to
Iioilo, neeesaitatiag ihe withdrawal of
Geaeral Millar'a expedition against
that port
Representative Stokes, of South Caro
hno, has introduced a bill exteadiag
free delivery to star route-
largest Sht the werta.
KeLrAfcT (Hy Cabled -The White
Star Lisa steamer Oceeaie, ihe largest
hipevor boilt, wa aopossaf ally leeach
edat lUilaadh Wellf'a yard Metardav
ia the Keeeaee of aa eaerateee crowd.
A graad ataad wee specially erected to
accommodate five ihoaaaad. lhere
were preaeat the mem bore ef the Iras
ef Brno. Isn&ay k Ceaipaay, ewaere
of the White hUr Liae; the Dene aad
Dacbees of Abereera, Lord aad Lad
Dnfieria. the Mexqoteaad Marahieaeaa
ef Loadeabnry, Sir Ml tehee! Hlrae
lieaeh. Cbaaceller ef ihe Kaeheqaer,
the Lord Mayer aad CorperaUea of
Belfast aad a a ember ef ether Uiled
aad distinguished mea. The Oceania
ia 704 feet long aad registers ever
17.000 to a a. The Oceanic, ealihe the
Greet Kaetern. which was laeaehed
broadslda.waa launched stera foremeet
though loBger aad weigbiag half ee
much again ae the Great Eaehara. The
Oceeaie has a coal capacity emfieieat
to enable her te rtrcumaevigete the
glebe at a speed ef 12 Leete aa how
without re-cealiBg.
A Ship tjees Dewa,
The British ship Aadeltae, which ar.
rived at Toco ma. Wash., recently, cap
sized and aaak ta 23 fathoms ef water.
Captaia aad a crew of 19 mea were leL
Gees t Geaa at Natal Gevereer.
Secretary Long he ordered Captaia
Leery, nt preacat oommaadsag ihe r-ea
1'raaciaco, to proceed to ihe 11 aad ef
Guam aad asnme the daUee ef naval
governor of the new eeqataitien. He
will carry with htm a proclamation to
the natives informing them ef the de
signs of the Uaited States gwernmeat
towards tbm. ia precwely the torme
employed ta ibe case ef the accjaJaitios
of Porto Iiico.
Cause ic te be Deserted Frea Bawaa.
Mail advices from Hoaolnla, eel
Steamer Nippon Mara te San Franeiaee
say: A decision filed by the bapreme
Court in the last batch ef Chiaeea hea
bu corpas eaeee, disagrees frea the
former epiaioai ef Cbetf Jaatiee Jadera
aad reverses the deewion eemetotely.
I a other worda, the Chiaeae eetitieB
ers, who claimed ihe right to land ia
Hawaii by virtae of certeia permits ie
sned to them prior te aaaexeiiea. are
remanded beck to to the caaody ef the
collector te be deported aad disposed
of as A goat Brewa may elect
Sen or ffagaata has ceased it tote aa
Bounced that orders hare been aaat ta
Geaeral Biea at Manila far the beer,
aace of strict neutrality by the Baaamh
Care ef Ceetrerratc Graves.
Senator Pritchard hee in preparatiea
ea ameadmtat to be fat a pea the ft
aaacearay arr-renaiiea ball for the
preaerratioa aad care of Coaiederata
grave. The ameadment will asa body
the idea of the Prestdeat ex pr eased ia
Lie Atlanta speech, aad the Beaatos
believre that hia amendment will he
adopted promptly try
aad by the beaate.
Fred Sawyer, a Delia. Texan, i
wae hanged at Waxahechie fer aa aa
aaalt committed ea Mrs. Faaaie FaDer,
. white woman, a boat one
A Choi
Mrs. Ipnley "They say your hus
band la one of the beat golf -players in
this town." Mrs. WaasLon "Oh, yea,
he ia a thorough maater of it Why.
he can actually talk the if y-ge in
hia atepa." Chicago Tiewa.
Three EanstarKt ef .
Ameer the rasseager who aril ted
ia San Francisco, Cel., SeiardaT ea
the Bteamer Nippon Ham, freaa IlenJ
Kong aad Yokohama rta Henelala,
are three emiseariee ef AgnraaMe.
They are Beaor Lewde, Eeaee LnU
and Senor Merie, three msmhers el
Agniaeldo'e cabiaet They
route to Washiagtoa on a secre
sioa, the pnrpoee ef which they
to divulge.
Savaaaah, Oa. eeye
execated ia
A special from
Abe Small, colored.
Chatham coaaty jaiL for the
of I'euoamaa A cre, f oar j

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