North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XVII.
SftI BlflW 111 DREYFUS
The Mction for an Adjournment
Was Denied.
Tears Shed in Court Fears of Ou'sL'e h
tcrfir.'rce ii Behalf of Drey ."us M. I.e
bon Would Repeal His Course.
R tin" .-. My Cable. Immediately af
ter th'- wi'n, f ! had entered the court
room '-ln .day morning Maltro
'. '--nn.-fl for Captain Dreyfu,
i I tor an adjournment oa account
of M. Iilcrl's ahfiu-'. Major Carrlere,
the Knvrrn:ii"ii't conimi.-; ary, unex-pocf-ily
;iio-' ar. 1 opposed the appli
cation l:i t rnc,.;t vfiir-mcnt manner.
Major ''in U'vc diluted upon thr fact
that !!i ri'-irt' world was anxiously
awaiting a decision, and upon the
ner .,.,. of ndin the suspense. The
cjtirt retire I for L'O minutes, dtirinjj
wlil'li time tli" audience ar.inia.tely
'.j:;-. I the pvbible results.
Jouau :. on hU return, read a unanl
niou. (!n' .; n of ;1ip court rejecting th
tppli "ition on the ground that the
p.iv : n Ivatu-rd wi ro insufficient.
C'ai in Dreyfm II. toned to the nn
nminmnrn' with characteristic eom
piur'. This was confide red a severe
Mow I-.' tli' Drcyfu.-ite.j and caused
rnnsldi'iyMe depression nil day, but
tiHiK'ht it l:-i understood that Matt re
iirrunrr rejK-at the application
f r an adjournment, in consequence of
a li'nt that the government commls-
try. Major Carrlere, has received instruction-
not to oppose it.
Tli" feature of the day's proceedings
was the story of the sufferings of
Dreyfus "n Devil's Island, his prison
off the c.iast of French Guiana. Drey
f '13 wtpt in court whon tJhe clerk read
ft document recounting the details of
liia Incarceration.
The followin is the evidence In de
tail: Ex-Minister cf Justice Guerin,
the first witness, said he knew abso
lutely nothing of the facta in the
w, but could repeat the surrounding
rlreinistnn.'ea, which he bad already
cla:cd before the Court ol Cassation,
If th? cmrt-nnrlial desired.
Ci l. Jotiaust, having explained to
the witness that the court-martial had
no ( r,r.izince of previous proceedings,
M. (Suerln proceeded to repeat his evi
dence a-t given before the Court of
Cm.-'aticn. lie said in brief, that after
a cabinet meeting In October, the Pre
mier, (leneral Mereler, and he met to
discuss the disappearance of certain
documents from the headquarters staff.
General Mender was convinced then
that I.rryfiH wa.i the culprit, basing
his belief on the similarity cf Dreyfus
handwriting to the bordereau and the
fact that the different items of infor
mation it contained came from de
partments which Dreyfus had been
successively employed in.
lac decision cf the cabinet to prose
cute Dreyfus was based solely on the
horde rrau, no secret documents having
made their appearance then. M. Gerin
had not learned cf them till the Zola
M, Fifbcn, former Minister of the
Colonies, wa.3 then summoned to tes
tify regarding his treatment of tho
prisoner.' He said that when the cabi
net was ashed, to intervene in favor of
revision he thought the executive
ahmil-.l not interfere with the judiciary
and his respect for the chose judge was
:reni?ther.ed by his personal opinion
of the culpability of the condemned
"On my soul and conscience," declared
M. I, ebon, dramatically, "I say I re
Kard the measures on the Isle du
MUhle as warranted, and if I had to
repeat them would not hesitate."
Ltad PoureJ Into His Ear.
Atlanta. Ga., Special. A special in
the ConUitirtlou says: Henry V.
lb' Irs. a farmer who lives near Guest,
Colquitt county, came to town Wednes
day to consult Dr. Harris. He was in
great agony with what. he thought was
bus in his ear. Investigation by thrs
doctor developed the cause of the
trouble to be lead which had been
melted and poured Into Mr. Heirs' car
while he was asleep.
Four Transports Sail for Manila.
Washington, D. C, Special. Secre
tary Root has been In consultation
"ith the officer of the quartermaster's
department with a view to expediting
the movement to the Philippine rein
forcements and as a result he this
afternoon directed that four additional
transports be chartered. They are the
Pueblo, Belgian King, Columbia and
Charle3 F. Nelson, These four sihlps
have a capacity of 2,530 men. It is
Secretary Root's desire that the entire
hody of reinforcements for General
Otis' army may raach the Philippines
for service during the month of Octo
ber, at the latest.
North Carolina's f rst Cotton.
Wadesboro, N. C, Special. One bale
(1 cotton was sold on this market Mon
day, being the first in the State. It was
brought by W. L. Little, and sold to IT
W. Little & Co. for seven cents.
Mcrven, N. C, Sped!. The fir-t
bale cf new cotton for this season was
sold here Monday afternoon at 4
o'clock by C. D. Thomas, superinten
dent cf T. V.Hardlson's plantation, ibd
was bought by Hardison & Co. It gra
ded strict middling and brought 6.50.
The bale weighed 520 noundsv
To Overthrow the Republic.
Paris, By Cable. The office of the
Ant! -Semite League, in which Mm.
Guerin, president c! ths League, and
Max Regis, Che noted Jew hater, ami
x-mayor cf Algiers, sought refuge
from arr? on Saturday, are tlll be
elgel. 'Pliey were guarded through
out tha tight by a force of police arm
1 with revolvers. M. Guerin, hla
friends declared, would fire cn the
troops if Attacked. After terry 'ng
to fain the beselgerj over to their til'de,
the belonged men threatened to pout
boiling oil upon those outside.
Proceeding 0f Thursday and Friday's Ses
ion of Dreyfus Court-MartiaL
Rennes. France. 1V Cable.-The
trial of Captain Dreyfus drags wearily
on with now and then a ssationai
development to enliven the otherwise
monotonous proceedings.
Thursdays sitting of the court-martial
witnessed about the u.-.ual attend
ance. Maltro Ibori. leading counsel
tor Dreyfus, who was shot on Monday
13 still suffering severely from his
wound, with little prospect cf his being
able to take charge of the case soon.
Maltre Manard, DreyfuV counsel in his
former trial, has been summoned to
resume his duties in court. Manard
I a poor substitute, seeming to know
out mtle about the
and to-
iany unable to
cope wilh iho u-i'v
witnesses put upon ibe stand by the
A mass of miscellaneous evidence
absolutely uninteresting to American
readers. Is brought out at every session
of the trial. All the testimony so far
in. If viewed from an Impartial stand
point, puts Captain Divyfus in the
light of a very much persecuted man
the victim of plots and counterplots,
not intended primarily for his iniurv'
but suffering severely, nevertheless, cn
account of others' treachery. The real
convenient scapegoat of Drcvfu. he.
ciuse, first, ho is a Jew. and cecoi.dlv
he was, until n ado famous bv his first
trhil and banishment, coiniai itively an
obscure man, and without wealthy and
Influential friend:.
During the progress of the- present
trial, he has kept his composure re
markably well under tho severest
The fact that bio enemies have
hounded and persecuted him with such
relentless fury, and the attempted as
sassination of his lawyer, make it
very evident to the simplest that Drey
fus Is an Innocent man, and that the
real criminals are to be found among
those who most persistently proclaim
bis guilt. An American court, backed
by an American pcpu.ncc-, would make
short work of the whole natter by
restoring the accused to hi3 family
and citizenship, and meting summary
punishment on bis guilty persecutors,
but what the outcome will be here, is
difficult to forecast.
Following is a brief summary of
Friday's session.
Rennes, France, By Cable. Friday's
session or tne Drcylus court-martial
was a good deal more favorable to the
prisoner. Col. Ficquart continued his
testimony in a straight-forward man
ner, and added much to Dreyfus'
chance3 of acquittal. Dreyfus display-,
ed been interest in Piequait s anal
ysis of the dozier. Colonel Ficquart
explained how he hid acquired the
convict ion that the bordereau was
written by Esterhazy, and how he as
certained that the anti-Dreyfus proofs
were worthless.
The military set hive received a
ssvere blow by the development of Fri
day's session, Captai.i Pieqaart being
the leading witness on the stand, and
Dreyfus' chances of justice stem much
riorida Town Asks for Aid.
Carrabelle, Fla., Special. The citi
zena cf this place have issued the fol
lowing appeal: "To the Public: At a
mass meeting of citizens the following
i-pKolntirtn was adooted: On the 1st
Inst, our town was visited by the se
verest storm within its history. Every
house in the town was wrecked, and
most of them totally. The majority of
the people are without houses, food
and clothing, and we appeal for imme
diate aid. All contributions to be sent
to chairman of relief committee.
"Agent State Board of Health."
Mercier and Casimir Pcrier.
Rennes, By Cable The siooiticg of
Labor!, leading council for Oapt. Al
frod Dreyfus, rebbed ithe morning ses
sion of the Dreyfus court martial oi
ita paramount interest. The murderer
apparently chose Monday lor tne 'ai
tampt. because ithat it was anticipated
that M. Labor! would crush General
Mercier, the former Minister of War,
with his cTCiS8-questioning.
A $J5,OO6,00O Cotton Mill tombine.
Fall River. Mass., Special. The in
dications in mill circles point to a
n,moHnn of a cotton mill combine
with its financial end in New York,
which will absorb $35,000,000 worth of
Fall River manuractunng property.
Thrmieh that means all tne tan ttiver
mills are to be brought under one gen-
rnl nianaeeinent. This would effect a
savine. It Is thought, of $1,000,000 a
Conspiracy Discovered.
Paris, By Cable. The Journal Des
Dobats declares that the investigation
of the cases of alleged conspiracy to
change the form of government in
France has resulted in the discovery of
a concerted plan of action to be carried
out 'by the various leagues.
A 41 Per Cent. Dividend Declared.
Yorkville, B. C, Special. The net
earnings of the cotton mill at Clover,
York county, for the year ending July
30, was $36,940, 41 per cent, on the
capital stock of $89,000. The original
capacity cf the mill will be trebled
next October. This year's dividend
completes the payment to stockholders
of every cent investetd in the plant
since the mills were established eight
years ago.
The Cotton Report.
New Orleans, Special. Secretary
Hester's statement of the world's visi
ble supply cf cotton shows a decrease
for the week just clcs;d of 70,845 bales,
against a decrease of 11.1.926 last year
and a decrease of J12.551 in IS95. The
total vi.rl.ble i3 2.258.3.SI against 2,?29,
226 laat week and 1,753," til last year.
Of tbia the total of Av.erican cotton is
2,044.281 cgainst 2,11 5,22' la:-t weelr,
1,557,561 last year. and cf all other
kinds. Including Egypt, BiaLll, India,
etc., 214,000 against 211,000 last week;
196,000 last year and C09,200 in 1893.
Cumberland County Prospering.
The new CumbtrlaaJ mills, at Fay
cUeville, are- receiving their mahin
ery tlally. and experts in uch matters
figure the Raleigh Post correspond
ent that it h all of the very highest
c'a.-s--no:.o superior, to be faur.d any-
;- In the 3ta. When complete 1
the factory will run about. 400 t-p:n-dles.
wl;h warpers and winders, and
wi'l be fitted up especially for coarse
yam. from No. 8 to No. 12. It will
'ciu am-; about 2,(W0 p-unds of cotton
r-r The superinte ndenc i- Mr.
ii. If. C..toi.
Fayetteville with Cumberland coun
ty include! makes rr bad showing as
a 1 1
nnufaeturinz cerJter. a there an
no a. .i::ifr in n.K ration or
n'.r.e cotton mills for yarns.
r: i oiorod g,xU; cr.e silk spinning
mi'!, and one knitting mill. There
are, besides, an Iron foundry, a tur
p.?i:tine tool manufactory, a bucket
and churn lac'Lory, an ice manufactory,
i i.iuing mills and many other minor
industries, with the just completed to
bacco saleis warehouse.
Assaulted by Colored Women.
Mr. I). W. Snider, the sewing ma
chine man, had a lively experience out
i:car I.UGngston cc liege, with a col
ore! woman, savs the Salisbury Sun.
He lnd repaired a poiVica of a ma-
nine and upon bc;aj advised that the
owner was ready to pay for same drove
out flnd adjusted the machine. This
done, he expected his pay but the wo-
fian offered him a dollar. This he
re fuse ti to accept and started to take
he part of the machine he had fixed
way. whereupon the woman grabbed
u ; a pistol and attempts;! to shoot him.
.Another woman prevented this while
inidf r made a break for the door. He
din rot rea'h it, however, until he had
been beaten and knocked about by a
r umber of women who seemed to ap
pear r.s though by magic. When he
fcn.i'ly succeeded in reaching his bug-
V.y he came to town to 'have a warrant
wen. out, charging the woman with
n assault.
Flax Culture.
A Church missionary laboring in
the mountain section of Western N.
Carolina has recently undertaken, in a
moderate way, to revive among that
people the growing and spinning of
ilax. Considerable success is in sight
for the work. The people seem to bs
interested, and take interest "liken
unto the days of auld" in the industry.
lax is a profitable crop in that coun
try, and the numerous unemployed
wcm'?n welccme the suggestion to
utilize th3 crop to their advantage.
Recently we were shown some
'counterpanes" and "-portiers" made
by women interested in the work,
vividly recalling to memory the sub
stantial work accomplished on the
loom by our ancestors long previ6us
to the ante-bellum uays. &OUinern
Suspected f Child AWder.
Sheriff Kapp and Coroner Linville,
of Forsyth, went to Bethania, and in
vestigated the report that a white baby
had been found almost devoured oy
dogs and buzzards. Only the bones of
the little one could be seen. Upon in
vestigation it was learned that a girl
named Florence Butner was the moth
er of the child. She admitted her
guilt to the sheriff and coroner, but
claimed the child was born dead on
Friday, Aug. 14th, and that she put it
under bushes and covered it with
leaves and dirt. The matter was re
ported to Solicitor Griffith who will
nrahablv have the eirl arrested and
FieVble Tombstone.
Rev. R. A. Miller tells of a peculiar
phenomenon at the New Hope grave
yard. It is a flexible tombstone, the
Gn.Rt.onia Gazette relates. Marking the
grave of Holland Reid is a stone which
has been many years. It is
fast in the base and for two inches
above the base is apparently like other
tombstones. But the stone for the
next six inches (above the first two)
possesses remarkable flexibility. You
can catch the tone by the top and bend
can catch the stone by top and. bend
and suddenly let go, it doesn't vibrate
bu' assumes an upright position and
They Tear the Plague.
The Spanish government urges all
Spaniards now in Portugal to remain
there with a view of preventing the
propagation of the plague in Spain.
Experiments made at the Pasteur
Institute in Lisbon identify the Oporto
eridemic microbes as those of the bu
bonic plague.
Guilford's New Gold Mine.
Tbe Chifar Consolidated Gold Mine
Camoanv. cf Gi'bonsville, has begun
crushing ore. John Farlow, superin
tendent of the mines, told a Greensboro
Telegram reporter that the prospects
for a great financial success in devel
oping the were very bright and
that the company was well pleased
with the outlook. The ro.nes are half
a mile scuta of tbe depot at Gibson-
ville, and inside the incorporate limits
of t.he town. Four shafts ranging m
dcipth from 30 to 55 feet, have already
teen sunk and the ore is solid all the
way. The company ihas one of the best
nZlis in (site Stete.
State Printers Hoed.
The Secretary of State requires the
public printers to pay a fine of $50 for
four days for forfeiture of contract to
have all copies of public laws and jour
nals printed and blned in ninety days
after the adjournment of the Legisla
ture. They were four days behind. This
is the first instance where public print
ers have been docked. Half the fines
were paid
$C6.67, and
$133 1-3.
Uzzeli & Co.,
& Broughton.
Salisbury Savings Bank.
Th? stockholders of the proposed
new savings bank at Salisbury met
Friday night and crganfzed by the
election cf the foPcwing directors: D,
R. Julian, D. A. Atwell, A. B. McCan
less, P. H. Thompson, R. t. Wright, E,
P. Wharton, M. S. Brown, W. H. Over
man, John S. Hendarson. T"he direc
tors then elected officers as follows:
President. L. fl. Overman; vice-presi
cVnt. A. H. Boyden; cashier, W. F.
Snider: teller, C. K. MeNeely. Work
on the building will soon begin and the
bank will begin operations when It la
ley Cos Entire niskey Ettb!isbet
Taken in Charge by Off cers.
The entire whcltale wQUkf-y and
re tifying f-itiLlkhme ct of the Key &
Co. Manufacturing and Distilling Com
pany, of Stau.svi!. vj.s on Wednesday
detain-cd by Special Deputy J. J. Brttt,
who is understood to be acting under
tbe orders of Special Agent I.. A.
Thrasherd. of Grecn&boro, Saturday,
on orders from Collector Hark ins.
alxjut S.O00 galhm-3 of spirits in the
wai :hou.-Je wre seized. The action of
the officers was taken on account of
alleged violation cf the internal reve
nue laws. The case will likeJy be heard
before tin. Commissioner Internal Rev
enue at Washington.
Agricultural Statistics.
Mr. T. K. Brnner, the efficient Sec
retary of the Agricultural Department,
gives some interesting notes on the
prosperity of the State. He says most
excellnt business conditions prevail
and that fair prices prevail for pro
ducts and labor; that there is an in
crease in the manufacturing Industries,
as shown iu tiae many cotton, tobacco
and furniture manufactories (espe
cially cotton) that are finished and in
course of building. Tne tcbax-o crcps
are fine and the method cf curing the
srnaJl leaves, making "twists," gives a
good supply cf tf9 golden yellow crop
that is so much Cn demand. He gives
the prospective corn crop 38,000,000 to
40,000,000 bushels; wheat, not so good,
the amounts 4,500,000 bu-hsls; oat, 8,
000.000 bu.-fuels; swc.t potatces, 6,000,
000 bushels. The tobacco crop this year
will approximate 125,000,000
and cotton 350,000 bales.
Experiment Already Tried.
The papers, some in our own State,
are remarking somewhat over tiie pro
posed estab'uhment of a "negro town"
in Alabama, wherein no cne will re
side save negroes, who will, of course,
hold all tCie offices, etc. North Caro
lina has had such a town for years;
Frin'cetcn, across the river from Tar-
boro. It ds peopled by colored people
entirely and had its own municipal
government, and the last time we
beard of the place it wa a peaceable,
quietly governed community, never in
terfering with white people, and white
people never trespassing upon them.
Speaking of this Alabama t.v
Wilmington Messenger adds: "North
Carolina lhas two exclusively white
towns into- which colored people are
not allowed to enter, and they are
people by Northern whites."
, A Bloody Fight.
A bloody fight occurred near Hull's
Cross Roads, Lincoln County, Thursday
of last week between C. Z. Hoyle and
John Ledford. The trouble grew out
of a settlement between the two men
Ledford being a tenant of Hoyle. Both
U?d knives and both were badly cut.
Mr. Hoyle ibad a narrow escape from
death. The point of his antagonist's
knife entered the shoulder near the
neck, the gas'h extended down across
the collar bone, making a desperate
looking wound six or eigfat inches long
and barely missing the jugular vein.
Mr. Ledford received a slash across the
cheeit, which laid the fiesCa open to the
bone. Fortunately, neither was dan
gerously wounded. Both men were
A Close Call.
Mr. Joe Gray, a young man who lives
at Roberdel, had a hailrbreadth escape
from a (horrible death at the depot
Tu&sday evening. He was going to
Lilesville and started to jump off the
train as it was moving off, when his
foot slipped and he fell under the plat
form. He held on to the rod, however,
as he was dragged about 40 feet, when
the engineer, in response to a signal,
stopped the train. It was stopped none
too soon, for he was almost under the
wheels when it came to a standstill.
Judfe McRae F.lected Dean.
The board of trustees Saturday elect
ed Judge Jas. C. MacRae, dean of the
Law School, and the election cf the
second cue, as was proposied by the ex
ecutive committee, was postponed for
awhile, but left to the executive com
mittee to elect. Col. T. M. Argo, of
Raileigh, received five votes, and Mr. R.
H. Battle, of Raleigh, and Mr. London,
of Pittsboro, were voted for. The sum
mer school of the University was in
corporated into the University.
Shot His Mother and Sister.
Mr. James Tiner, a young man who
lives with bis father on the road be
tween Smithfield and Clayton, accident
ally shot his mother and sister last
week while shewing his new gun to a
friend. His mother is in a critical con
dition and it is not believed she can
iive. It seems that Mr. Tiner cannot
handle a gun with safety. A few years
ago he was out hunting and finding
some yoting buzzards punched cne of
them with the stock c! his sun. Tv--
young bird struck tbe hammer of the
gun witfj its wing and caused the load
to be discharged undr Mr. "Knar's
arm. He came near dying from the
Save $3.00 ly Taking the Seaboard Ail
Line to I h ladelphia and Return.
A che?.p, fast' solid, ecnocii service
to i-nJalel'pt.ra. and return via th?
Seaboard Air Line.
A half fare, ifor the rcond trip, oi
Three Dollars less tlhan via any ciher
route on eaAa.
licke'ts f.i." this excursion may be
purchased ct '.he Scccco! Air Line
ticket offices on Seatediher Int. 2nd c
n 1 -m .
dra, am tney will be gjod to return
until lnldnigL1: of September 13th.
tfut .tickets may be extended to Sep-
teiiiDer 30. h, upon depcclt of them
with '.he J;i'at Agen; at Philxdeipaia.
bee uae Quaker City and nearby
resorti?, and the G. A. R. Reurion will
be :n full swing.
Sight-seers will not 'fal to take ad
vantage cf taa surpassing service of
the Soabeard Air Line, which has
been nicknamed "Tha One of the
Brazil is now tbe principal cofTee-i-Fau
6udng country of tha world.
t. . ' "" '
.Says it Cests Nothing and Pays
To Show That it Pays to Be Polite at All
Tim.-s. to All Persons and Coder All
Pollteneijs costs nothing and pays
well. Whether it U natural or artifi
cial, It always makes an agreeable im
pression. The oldtinie negroes are ytt
the politest people- I know, but they
have nearly all yossed away. There
are two that we meet or pass almootev
ery day, and they are favorites with
my folks because they bow humbly and
gle the sidewalk with alacrity. One
of them goes bent with age and de
formity. His body is nearly at a right
angle to his legs. He is set Just right
for digging a ditch or chopping wood
and makes a fair living at it, for he is
no beggar and says he loves to work
when he is well. Sometimes I drop a
dime in hi trembling hand, and he al
ways says, "God blcss yon, massa; you
is a gc-mmen, sir." His gratitude and
his compliment always reward me. The
other day I overtook him as he was
struggling along and, as usual, be shuf
fled to the edge of the sidewalk to let
me pass. I didn't have a dime, but a
half dollar came into my hand. Out of
mischief I said: "Uncle Jordan, dldent
you drop this money back there on the
sidewalk?" "No, sir; no massa. I
knows I dident, for bless God, I dident
have no money like dat. I jes had two
nickles, sir, and Ise got dem yet. I
was jes gwine to Mr. Stanford's, sir, to
buy some bread for Sunday." I reckon
you must have dropped this money,'
said I, but if you dident,you had better
take it. You will want seme meat to
go with the bread." His old gray htm'
his bent form, his astonishment made
a picture. I would give a dollar for it
in photo. I looked back at him and Jie
hadent moved. He hadent taken it all
in and seemed afraid lest it was a trick
to get him into trouble. That old negro
carries me back to the days of my boy
hood, when I went to school with his
young master, Roddy Gresham, at the
Manual Labor School in old Gwinnett.
The Greshams were, good people, and
eld Jordan was happy until freedom
came. Nobody cares for him now, save
charity the charity cf the old-time
wnite folks. It has always eeemed
strange to me that negroes were so in
different to the poor and afflicted of
their own race. They will bury them
with great satisfaction and ceremoney.
They will hire tha finest hearse and
carriages and buy a coffin with silver
handJes and have a dress parade and
weep and wail at the grave, but that is
The other negro whom we pass and
repass is a curiosity in his way. He is
love crazy as crazy and as devoted as
Shakespeare's Orlando who wandered
about carving the name of his love on
the bark of the beech trees. This darky
flame is a cook for one of our neigh
bors, and she will not notice him. In
fact, she hides from him. Day after
day he walks past the .house to and fro
all day long hoping to get a glimpse
of her ebony face. The corner of my
garden overlooks the backyard of this
neighbor and there he comes and
stands and poses in despondent atti
tudes. It would be romantic and pa
thetic if it were not so ricWeulous, for
he gees dirty and ragged and is mortal
ugly. But he is always humble and po
lite and that will give favor and a
friend even to a vagabond. These old
time negroes wall soon be the missing
link between the slave and bis master.
Shuck foot-mats and horse collars and
baskets and brooms have already gone.
The new set have neither good man
ners nor politeness. Education and the
ballot have alienated them. Our chil
dren" and the children of the old slaves
have'no common bond to bind them,
and the animosity between them deep
ens and broadens as the years roll on
I reckon it is time to separate, but how
is it to be done and who Is to do it? Of
course these good old negroes will not
wish to go, and it would be cruel to
force them. I remember when the
Creeks and Cherokees were forced to go
and how some or tne oia Indians were
left behind. I remember old Sawny on
Sawny mountain near Cumming. and
how his old wife and four of his grand
children were allowed to stay with
him. When the old forks died these
grand-children followed the tribe. But,
of course, force is not to be used with
the negroes, and it is certain that any
considerable number will go. Bishop
Turner says they will; Booker Wash
dngtcn say3 they will not. One negro
paper in Atlanta pr-;-fesse3 to be in fa
vor of gcing. The ot'hsr is opposed to
4t. Their exedus is yet afar off, for
Congress will not vote a dollar to it,
hot If their ballet is eliminated maybe
we can get along in peace. Suppose wc
try it. White primaries should be the
watchword in every town and county.
and then we can elect legislators and
municipal officers who are not afraid
of the negro. As it i3 now, neither oui
law-ncakcrs ncr our mayors or mar
shals will do -their duty for fear of of
fending the negro and losing hit vote
Dirty, oderiferous negro men and boys
wont give the sidewalk to white ladies
on one of our business streets. Then
is a regular den on another street thai
leads to two churches and all the negrc
vagrants of the town gather there anc
as many as possible stick their feet oi
their posteriors on the railing of the
piazza and spit tobacco juice on th
tiidlewalk to the disgust and annoyance
of the ladies who have tp pass there
TT2e ladies have complained Ut.c
again, tilt this den can't be abolishei
while the negro has a vote. WT,hen the
trains arrive oar ladies can hardly ge!
on or off for the negro brigade. Then
ts 6c am on oi. of eor buv'.b'-
!rcct. They we adwty la fb way. 1
A the CoasUtutkm Mid mtly.
muf t bar white primajte. not p&rtl-1
TB. but whto, to purr t to n of
nero iodornce nJ nexro In-jlnc.
They ruurt eliminated from the poll
Juit as they have bi ta Atlanta. The
dona must be broken up. ttM til walks
kept clear for ladi and the pAwaya
to and frcm th tn.!n uno'jtilrurvM.
Hen. Franklin fid that Hitnra waa
th? parent if vice and crime. The
young buck who cocjrrerate at thia
den are either liting off of torn hard
working man or wm cook or washer
woman, or they are stealing from Home
body. Every vagrant should be arret
ed and put to work or we will n
hear of som outrage and have another
lynching. These are perilous time.
The old devil cecms to t unchained
and is going to and fro upon the earth
and walking up and down In It. The
djilly paper are full of crime. White
and black exn demoralized, and w
aie getting hardened to the finful and
bloody calendar that every dayjneets
our eyes. When will thes Mop? I
started to write a little essay on polite
uess. The lack of 't among our young
white men is painfully observant. Last
week, when the day was hot and the
dua't was deep, a young man with his
best girl dashed by two of ua- lidW
in a buggy and almost itlflcvl them
with dust. They had to atop, for -ey
could not see. He made no opolcgy nor
said excuse me, and yet he was
from a neighboring ctty and Polls
means a city and politeness comes from
Polls. Not long ago I was coming from
Atlanta and a Marietta man who sat
behind me elevated his dirty thocs to
the top of the back of my seat and kept
them there within six inches of my
head while he gassed away to bis com
panion until the cars reached his town.
I looked daggers at him, but it did no
good. I leaned as far away as I could.
and felt like treating h'.m like I did a
cowboy once in Texas. The cowboy
stuck his big boots and spurs on the
back of my teat and I deliberately got
up and went over on the other side. I
would have cn this tough, ill-man
nered rough the saim way, but the
seats were all full. Young wn can
show their breeding anywhere in the
cars or at church or at the postofLce
while waiting for the mail to bo open
ed. A true gentleman will fire and fall
back and while waiting for his mail
give somebdy else a chance to look into
their box. but a selfish, ill-bred man
won't. He will stand up close and cover
half a dozen boxes and peep through
the glass at the postmaster nntu k
gets his own. Tha best mannered man
at the postoffioe in our town is "the
oldest. There are a few well-raised
lads in our town whom it 13 always a
pleasure to meet. They make a gentle
bow and tip the hat and smile a pleas
ant greeting. There was a rich old
bachelor who died in Jefferson some
years ago, and he left $10,000 to a poor
young woman because, as he said in his
will, "She always gave me a pleasant
sniils When she met me." The Irish, as
a race, are naturally polite. Pat," taid
a good lady, "ycu passed me on the
street yesterday and never even looked
at me." "Ah, me, sweet lady, I was in
a grat hurry and I knew that if I look
ed at ye I couldn't pass you." My good
father was aa old-tSme schoolmaster in
the days wben manners and moral:
were taught as well as books. The first
day ci his employment down in Liberty-
county he made the boys and girls a
talk, and said the boys must make a re
spectful tew and tihe girls a courtesy
to him before they took their F?ati In
the morning. All complied pleasantly
except the biggest boy Jn Fchocl, who
said he Ledogocd if he w&3 gwine to
make a bow to anybody. Father gave
him a talk next day, but it did no goad,
and two other boys quit bowing. That
evening at the clcie of school father
told iiim to wait a few minutes. He re
luctantly waited. After the other schol
ars had all gone out father closed the
door and told him he had either to bow
or talie a whipping or quit the school.
He studied awhile and said: "I'll be
durncd if 1 11 do either." Then the row
began, and it la-ted quite awbile. They
were pretty equally matched. Thty
fought all over the benches and under
hem and turned over the water buck it
and raised a mighty commotion, but
the hickory was going all the tim? a'
all tToe outside scholars were peeping
through the cracks of the leg school
house. After a long struggle the boy
gave up and hellcred tils way home.
That was the end oi ail rebellions in
that school, and my father's reputation
as a teacher "was established.
"As polite as a Frenchman" hsa
grown Into a proverb. The whole na
tlon is polite, men, women and chil
dren. It is chiefly artificial, for it Is
taught in the schools; but it is pleas
ing and seems to be Eins?re. In Mex
ico the politeness of the higher classes
is painful. When two prrsens meet at
tie hotel door one will decline to go in
first and tbe other will decline In like
manner, and it makes a minute or mora
for the question of precedence to be
In England the courtesies of social
intercourse are never forgotten; n?
not even in a quarrel. Two Enlis'a
men had a bitter quarrel here In om
town while I was present and each a t
dressed the other as "my dear friend'
and "pray excuse me" all the' time they
were quarreling. But still that wai
better than cur American style of "yoc
are an Infernal liar" and "ycu axe an
other" and then a blow or a thsolin
err?e. Englishmen quarrel, bat the
never fight Americans fight, but rare
ly cuarrel. With them it is a word anc
a blow, or what U wore?, a ball from
pistcl drawn from the hip pocket.
have no respect fcr a man who habit
ually carries a piotol. He is a coward.
Dill Arp in Atlanta Constitutiex
It is a good thing to consuler tbe
bumble penny. Oue cent ftn can
be made to do much (rood. Vhe gov
ernment should provide "'au"uce
of small change.
1c SMta.
Fr Svllry joal cvTlr bt Va
tab2Uhd at l'rxrkrkb'jrK. Va.
At iUrk-o. Va.. Tboa MirUa anl
hla thrre children were V.infl la hit
J. C. MrKtbUn La been arrtl at
IVoo. Ta. charrnl U cMua.-
frCtltc $5. 1 10 aa4 Ira) eational tca
Gor$ Stmotr. of Thir&u.!. Ky .
Weat Pvtn; cradua'.e: hU brother, aul
n unknown mm wr ktll la an ft
p!a!on to Turcrl x . a th C.8
ilooari Southern, at Sta-r:. Ky.
Th Florida Kt.a at.d I-e Com t. jut
incorporated, cf Ja-k-nltl. u now in
full awlc. Capital Hetk. Loom). t.f
which X.00o pxiu up. It r. utio.fc
all thf fisheries la Honda ax.d eat
of iVnaacola.
The dJspoit!ot of th !a f'lty. S.
C. poytoffx- con rory t;II mlr
cldd. dplte con:rar reports A nt
factor In the cae la ar. advttx rrjrfrt
of an lnirtur re-e tab!l:tns
the oCVe.
The steamship Kni City, rrpoitl
piilel frcm New Yrl' Tuead'xy after
noon for Savannah, 'ia . ! Jo houra
Inspector Gnra nrekenrtic haJ
a brief interview with Perretiry Kcot
upon the Pubjct of his bureau.
By an explosion of I i Itch's saw mill,
tear Norfolk. Va.. Ft May afterouon.
Douarla Shrurer and Fred Smith wete
killed. Gus Oabornc and Pi est on Wil
liams were fevrrely iJujvd and fhrte
othr men painfully bun Thre of tbe
eight large boilers cirlode .1. Th mill
was not running to-day and It Is sup
pled that the nfi!ntfr let the- wkter
get too low.
Hon. Pope Brown, president of the
GooTKia Agricultural Society buLein
asked to call a convtution of melon
growers and fruit uiei. t.f ;orU. Ala
bama and Florida to itirc, either here
or in Jacksonville, on SoptemVr lith.
The convention will !1c"m th hip
ping and Fale of fruit.
The North.
By the burning if the Tu-on
Springs Hotel, near Itrd Bluff. Cat..
one llfA wa4 lost and IIOmm) worth of
prrpcrty destroyed. Miss IW1 MrKcn
zle. an employe, arounej many tcueu.
and, tarried long in the bulldlnr and
lost her life.
The Clyde steamer Iroquois. Cipialn
Kemble. which left New York on Tues
day afternoon with jii first ciuln pas
rengers, and should have antid at
Charleston S. C. I o'dmk n.
m.. Thursday. s t II overdue. The
hip and captain ai c both t-taunii and
no anxiety la yet felt th
Helen Ilebren. at Jerwy City.
J., has sued her d'.vorred husband fr
$Hm for aervWa a lnuek-eper fir
five years after the divorce.
Albert E. Davis, a former rl-rk In
v.uPnurK Department of Cbve
and. O., hat been arretted for etnbz-
rling $1900 from the dpirtmni. There
im a total discrepancy of $C60Q.
John T. Itofcer. a civil war veteran.
at Marion. In!., cor.fe.-vd that he kll
ld a man named Humphrey! In Vir
ginia In 1S64. and that an Innocent
man was hanged for the crime.
Anson Stokes I'helpt. tbe n.1311 n
aire, had his leg amputated at Hovon.
Mass., the result f injuries reef Ired
in a runaway accident.
A dispatch from Manila reports that
the German dispatch boat Alvall hat
tailed to the Caroline Inlands.
Dr. Lapponi. the Pope's pbyt!clan.
who rcturnel from a holiday on Au
bu-at 1, declares the ptntiff is in good
An earthquake shock caused a email
panic at Corte. Island of Corsica, on
Wednesday night.
In a terrib'e storci In Horn' light
ning fused a lever ia a street car :n
to; noun's hands.
The Assembly of VKtorlJ. at Mey-
Lourne, plnTed the folany to Join theJ
4 -itic r njf.
Emperor William, of Oeru'auy. will
visit Queen Victoria at Windsor Cat
tle, in November, remaining a meek.
Viscount CastleTeagh. e dcrt eon of
tho Marqu'; of Ixjndcnberry. while
riding in London mot with aa acci
dent which caused eoncus-ioa of the
brain. His bettothal to Mist Edith
Chapln ha l Just been announced.
The itland of Montserrat. n. W. I.
was completely devastated by a hurri
cane. Monday, au tne rnnrrn.
estates and villages were destroyed
and nearly 100 persona were killed. In
addition many were Injured and ren
dered homelew and terrible distress
exists among the sufferers.
An explosion In th Sl-st colliery. In
Glamorganshire. Wile, daring the
night shift killed 25. The- other 2
men were rescued.
At the close cf an exciting tmaion
the Peruvian Congress forma Cy ap
proved tbe recent presidential elections
and proclaimed Eudardo Roman tt
President and Eenores Air men ar -B
reran 1 as First and Becend VI re-Presidents.
General Juan Ieidro Jimlner. at-pir-u
to the presidency of San Domingo,
was arrested by tbe Lnlted States mu
thorltlefl on board tbe steamer at Ha
vana Friday as he waa leavlnc iaja-i-oa
for Santiago de Cuba. He waa un
armed and accompanied only by bit
tecretary. He protested against lis
arrest, but waa brought athore anl
lodged at a good hot'. I.
The French Government has laxuel
a prohibitum of any farther fights be
tween balls and wild beasts.
In the past three weeks the Aus
trian Government has sealed SOI luces
of newspapers for protesting acalnet
the Increase of taxes on sugar.
Italy's request for a railway con res
sion In China will probably be rtfated,
as Humbert's Government has loet
preetge since the Saa-Mun Incident.
The report that W. K. VanderMli.
Jr.. will join the Roman Catholic
Church because of his wife's member
ship. Is unfounded.
Tbe salaries of ISO persons In the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
have been increased, principally
among tbe poorly paid.
It is believed the temporary roll of
clerks in the office of the Treasury Au
ditor, for the Nary Department will
be made permanent. In view of the io
creort of work.
Military con tin genu are daily leav
ing Cape Town end otter cit-ea for tbe
Transvaal frontier, and recruiting ft
actively proceeding.
Ambassador White lias resumed
control ot United States Kmbaasy
at Berlin.
NO. 3S.
lataMsa as 1 1 lata t rnmtmtt aS.
ta.tM rvs4.
V-. fMiMl -ft G Ia A
C S U rea If lUtltw Tr4 ot SU.r
y vr Tae Cranstr bate jvm.
d maay ttcbdn! ad m 11
ta Uu rJ f r rx,atU 1 ' .
ar ship (win tie? cxz.zA rt ta
Tr't -atk steal s,
t tfcnj -M-vrtt itwl. b Ujis im im
Ivawar la a!f a?rled .a a
sioaa Je C-fsailc ip-..a ot -.d
cemin.1. Na ra tfc :
rkmrlBI tUWeea bar et t
pe rrot urter t!in ti I
the rnnoth thaa far. .-nl.jt. d. e .
Tork Zi per em. f: ta
Toiamt of Lua.nrae 1 ia . ti' t
of pC.roa Ham ail h.M far ihla
aJvA& can ttioil ra-r i n !
prXlem whK-h 1't1 t..i..-e
r atvadtint O..Ja a T
eockd coojmyl.ii rwr. bu. I.
would bwriXd'.rh to h,M r-.-ne
lnt M.-ler frrew wt .i! not valr
tn. Int;
In trot th qtieatt fl ? :re t;l-
le. wh et 1 1 f-ra. hi .11 -ii-
j.nU htr b.j.'t.: fr tc iJrn'. o
that nw ordiu he a nrr.w tntrket.
V t ' tuon.ha bill' i aa .-. ji tl
to C hirbcr than ra'.u made frr-rj
them. O.hrr denx-tad. luK mterrj i.j
votrt!a. are ntalnlv fr ax.4: .
Itipe at;i !(!,! t,n'.y prr Ttwd ta
cratraoa. WhJle iirlrva he rUeff ti
ersa for Smtljtn i lr.Ti. t cea a
for Chicago ! roke. aa 1 "I en-
fcr rrey furje at iTl-ciii-f. r:: Lai
a4tancid 11 per toa. w!.h wrrk,e -ered
for ail thbi ;sr. anl '' t$.a
or more la-fond what fan e del!eI
u 11 nwxt eir. xhr fa'.ht
diKta li r haire. ai'.bouth the ce-m-t&d
at all 4na unHi jifrwn: a
pvtty. i.;r is -ea1y ai li I :
cent i for lake, with p-oSu- a f,
July. tl.313 d njei i- atnl .:
Uant frrn. Tin ta U rr it 3(l , -t.
anl 'ii w-akens on h .ii;nr of
th- an;l:rr" rtrlke.
Cotton roa a wetk :g u C V t
La faJlen c l. Mr. Neil bivl&f e-a-Xlmxri
the cnaiinx yleVl at ll.:.' '
to 12Xtfi.Wrfl Wm. or.cial aal 4ii-r
e-n-niatea are all rutKb etMalUT. t-4t tS
maa sbi Jadd rightly a -ar ax
tai the 0 mr. f.iti UDWn here anl
rvl bti le-ti vry larce. anl d
of re rbln. while rot'oa f il'.
anl nx ca."e,i er muK mw -
tTe. t.nt will le le lbn reyt re
tma lo.lina'.
Fr to,', " i' circular fr Aa
guet 1 at: 11 holk Rti. althuh la
nlim quutatiuna are snore of tea ma le
Fil!a for ehree nIii n-iva lna 2.
Hunda. axa'ait ll.VM.i lint
ywar. 3ft.30.2 la Ilk?, an l 22.2C; (N
In tine a me w-r4is t 1V2. Gnla l;ie
advanced further. wpeciilly la ad
rrxrf . cbttUr tv.A cr.1:n warp o.kV
njer i. and tb falency U upaari !n
arly ail r.r. !-.
Wheat has altanrej about a -n
dTirlnn tL we k. wl'h Atlantic ex
ports enly 2.3C3,2'2 bj.b-l. fiour iz
eluded, agtintt 3OJ2V0 law. )eir. a d
Pacta i porta bu tiei. asi-a;
17S.I0O I lavt Wcera rcpi
htv Uea nly 3.212.11? buh -.
ailnt 3.S69.22 last yar. It is a j ii
ttaa whLcir tb rmiller rne:p: are
due? 'j- reent rhanxet la rrp r-p-1.
gluing luf jera of grain a !
ter oKlook. Kawrtaof w heat ra lhe"
wv-ka htr? I en from lrth v -t -..
flcrxr Include!. 9?3."4 buhI .
atplnrt. 10.11 t.2:i bit ftels ltt (i'.
and tb Weitra recelwta have
ll.KI.C ibuahels. araint .di.1l
last year, but tl 1 a'ao Icaifl-ant. th
recejpu of 2.CC.C12 bui.eli f th
k. agiia 3.SI1.U2 lant yeir. whl
tho eiport bare been 4.021.032 Int I -K
agalnat l.S7.3a2 Is year. Tit
flrures clearly d tt'A lnde-n' a ma
terial oVrrcaae la fwieira demanl la
the whole, although fjr wb-si it 1
tonewbat ra xI1t thin erprire-l la
Failures for the wees bive bm. la
tbe far.- f iH li. ec n U U :
yrnr. anl in Canada 2. aalcst 17 IiM
Atk Ai4 far I'arta fuses.
JCew Orlein. 9pcal. filth vp
J. If. Bnk. of th- OitbolJc Chnrrfe p.
Porto RVco. bx fc'uird aa appeal to i t.
the I if Lops if the 1'nl.ed F'-aa. eil
log oa them to arl tae perrp of the
church a b- atom-artrlrke rlaol
He r iy t tL Cavtho'lca there look to ti
Cathllea la Amrka It aii Lhera. It
aaked rhe. trh es to take wharer
step rhit may be opp;rtuD to all t'.e
Tbe Drryfas Trial Sataroav.
Rennet. France, By Cab. The
ttage In he fJreyfut wurtmart'a! wa
crxup'ed Stfurdjy aacaylr -T
thn- enemies of Drerfas. Zty Cult
ret, Gnril Db B'deffre aal C-ftr..S
Gonz. who from C:tO vnt.l 11 a. sa.
mainly devote;! tbcmaejves '.9 rei'ers'
Idg whit they bad previou s siM ia
evidence agaCnit the trtotee, "hi fal
lowed tbm wih charar-.f.rti r-i:j
ure; but when the moment ctu Vt
him o rep?jr the prltonr cielltr rel
oci of thttae brf nttee-aacea of tai
nat'ca whidi lave bad a jwrt
fa effect upon bit bearers.
Froat the
freiiiiat aaf
WssbistrM. D. C BperiaL Anuaj
tha cootrCratlorji rerei-rel at tbe War
Departmcfct for the Porto Rico rtnm
sufferers were froca Prasideat M-K'f-ley,
1250: Vica Pre-lkot llovm tr..
SccTrtary Rott. t20; WITjim Barbov.
New York. $250; Aagtnt Bern; L.
$500. A letter baa been received frau
tha Merchants Auorlacka of Nv
Tork. axyCns that tlo.WO hM b-en col
lected for Pccco Rioo.
Brief Mrstiaa.
Capiala Diaer. cC the ateamthip f
sex. at Baltimore, reports thru be left
Btararnah Anew llch. and ran !xta
tares d satinet burrlcanea. lit) trkd to
make Hat'.craa. bat waa c-irried ta the
eaetem cle of the Calf Screim.
Teen Bailer won la tha mile profs
slocal at Chirlea River Jfark. Bo-'xc.
bowltic wocderfal rprintlnf ability
juat at th: time when tfhe race Vooke 1
!:tl to him. J1mn-f.e Maria, of Chel
sea, tcok th.5 amaCtaca booers, L-ac-tns
oat Ptabody, of CThiaaco, by a few

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