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iuch of it is a Roaring Farce, of
Little Interest.
jjitrc I ahnri Arain cn Drck.and Gmx the
Opposition ri nty to do The Outlook
GenrraCy rawable fof Dreyfus.
n.nn. !'.iri'e, (Uy table.)-The trial
of Cay' 11 : 11 frr yfu began the third
fl(.k of il- proceedings at 6.30 o'clock,
Vi m' ind Un t. La.borl, who was ex
rf"d to I"- present, wsu not able to
n;ik his .'iiiix'.trance. There are 99
;.nCsKi'H ti Ik- examined and the pros
P? Is the trial will extend far
into .-! mt;-r. or later. All the wit
nif-i (Xiimincd Monday were hostile
to irivf'in. i 1 1 belonging to the army
rin. I' i fVared the popular out
!irc k nnl airirrhLstlo demonstration
o,'Huii'liy will work against the pris
oner. . on former days most of the
ivi lt nre of Monday was of a character
rn' c:i!c:t!:id to Interest American
ru lers nn l but small amount of real
K':iniony wa.s Riven, most of the pro
iNilintcs i. nesting of what Americans
ip 'iljl n e inl i disorderly and undlg
n fl"1 wihirIp.
TnrMliy was Maltre Laboii's day at
th" I.yree. Ills mere presence
brmiKht briKhtnesa Into the court room
w fresh liKht into the proceo Wnza.
Labor! 'lid what people had expected,
lie galvanized the dormant defence
Into an active, living thing. M. Dem
ons'! is conciliatory. Labor I is a glad
iator and always ajms to touch hij foes
to the quick.
Thii-' fhe great trial moves along
with alrcrate days of hope and fear for
the accused. But little other evidence
was given during Tuesday, n l not rf
It, of a character to Interest the public.
lnrtcs. France, By Cable. The see
fiwi of the Dreyfus trial waa not pro
il'Kthe of any thrilling Incident?. The
prosecution proceeded with the produc
tion of the flimsiest trash, which it
ih'pms profitable to Inflict on the judge3
ami which Is accepted as evidence. An
fCTfiit was made to blast Dreyfus' char
acter by much ridiculous testimony,
tut the bubbles of tittle-tattle were
badly pricked when counsel for the
defence had finished with the witness.
Mm h of thp time was occupied In read-
ins thf tpstimony of Esterhazy and
Mil:'. I'nys before the Court of Cassa
tion, during which many of the au
ilmc left the court.
RcmiPH, France. By Cable. The fea
tures cf the day's session of the Drey
f'H court martial was the long expected
examination of Mercler by La
horl. It fprved only to demonstrate
new tn audacious policy of the pow-
f i ful coterie who are really on trial be
fore the world. Labor! made a gallant
and persistent struggle to bring out the
truth of the conspiracy which sent
I'rryfus to Devil's island and hopes to
t'ptnrn hlni thence, but what couid any
lawyer do to force a witness who takes
Muga In silence when hard pressed
and whom the court encourages hi his
it must b? confessed that Mercier
'we 'he ordpal better than was expect-
ft, some of his replies scarcely telling
At the opening of the session Friday,
ronsldprable comment was caused by
the request of M. Gribelin, the principal
archivist of the headquarters staff, for
PTmlsyion to absent himself for twen
ty-four hours, owing to a summons of
'hp Minister of War, General (the
Marquis) Dc Gallifet, who desired to
t,? him in Paris. It was suggested that
the Minister of War wished to refresh
M. Cribelin's memory which has been
so strongly anti-Dreyfus. Then follow
ed the reading of a medical certificate
fiRnea hy two doctors whose names
ere not familiar to the audience, set-
tmg forth that Colonel Du Paty de
Ham is too ill to leave his bed and ap
pear at Rennes, at which the audience
as not surprised. Madame Du Paty de
Clam also wrote the gove'rnment com
missary offering a written, supplemen
tary deposition from her husband. M.
i-aborl, after securing the names of the
doctors who signed the certificate, ask
d thp court to appoint two well-known
Physicians to report officially on Du
Paty o Clam's condition. Colonel Jou
at, however, declared it waa useko3
to do so as the condition of the Invalid
a well-known.
Most of the other testimony given
waa of a technical character and anti
Dreyfus in its bearing.
Rennes, France, By Cable. ''Dead
men tell no tales." This is the barri
fal behind which General Mercier
8ud the general staff have intrenched
But there is one weak point in.thelr
defense Colonel Du Party de Clam
and the military clique know It and
are striving to the utmost to keep him
t of M. Laborl's clutches. If they
(an prevent Du Paty de Clam, who is
now called the "sick man of the Drey
fus affair," from appearing at the wlt
bar they can effectually put the
"Hence of the tomb between truth and
Justice. M. Labori is fighting tooth
and nail to drag him Into court, but
Colonel Jouaust persists in refusing
1,1 m tae necessary assistance. He ae-
lines to send reputable doctors to
officially report on the state of Du
l'aty de Clam's heajtb, which every
reyfusard firmly ibelleves is only
llplomaMcally affected and that he
will recover quickly enough after the
The evidence, spiced with good
ial of sensationalism, was decidedly
fivorable to Captain Dreyfus, and his
dances of acauitlal seem to grov
Uonter dsy 'by dy.
Red Springs Murderer Caurhf.
Ri,At,2Cl,aiXd Ncck Satuay Deputy
Sheriff C. w. Dunn arrested a man be
lipped to be John Monroe, who killed
Town Constable Thomas Atkinwm at
Hcd Springs, July 21st. The mn now
under arrest In every way answers the
description, even scar, on his lingers,
his weight, height, color, etc. He says
his name Is Lewis Kearney. He work
"1 there last year for Mr. Jack Keel a
-kc:t while, grading tobacco. He says
he came from Baman, Va., and at first
aaked the officer to telegraph a colored
man there. Later he asked that he tel
egraph to a white man at Suffolk. May
or A. . Pcarsall offered $600 reward
for John Monroe and Officer Dunn feels
sure he has the right man. -
State Notes.
The road supervise or Tryon town
Bhip, according to the Saluda Resort,
have given out all sections of public
roadd In their control to responsible
parties. At a meeting held recently
the following order was made: "The
roads mmt 'be higher In the center,
with ditches at the side; all mud holes
filled; all waer turned off the road;
foot fordges across streams wherever
needed; ignboard3 with plain direc
tions at all cross-roads; all trees that
are likely to be blown down must be
chopped down." It was also ordered
that an Itemized account must be kept
of how the money and free labor are
expended on each section.
The collection of North Carolina bird
eggs In the State museum has been
greatly enlarged by the addition of
the collection of Dr. Smlthwlck of La-
Grange, Lenoir counity. This is liis
gift. He personally collected most of
the egg3 In the eastern counties. CiiVa-
tcr Brimley ihas completed the work
of mounting a very fine specimen of a
shark. A saw fls;h is nearly completed.
The American Telephone company
ha3 completed its long-distance line to
New York and it is now pos?ible for
parties in Lexington to converse with
people In Atlanta, New Yorfc and all
the principal cities along the route.
The southern circuit is one of the
longest in 4he world. The cost for a
five-minutes' chat with a New Yorker
during the day is $5.75. At night It is
jut half thi3 amount. Lexington Dis
Up to date 141 men have been en
listed by Lieutenant Settle, U. S. A., at
Raleigh for the regulars and volun
teers. Of these 67 chose the volunteers.
At present more are enlisting for the
volunteers than for the regulars,
though but a little while ago the re
veree was the case.
We are informed that Bishop Horner
cf the Episcopal church, recognizing
the need of a new house of worship
here, has, after consultation with his
parlshoncrs, decided to replace the
nresent building with a new one.-
Shelby Aurora.
An electric line from Tryon to Lynn
is among the possibilities of the near
future. It will be almost a necessity
when the Lynn hotel is completed, and
of course will be extended to Colum
bus when the new railroad reaches the
county seat.
Seventy-three convicts are now at
work on the roads in what is known as
th Raleigh road district. They have
so far built twenty-three milea of ma
cadam road and eleven of graveled
The roads reach six miles from Ra
The Methodist Episcopal people at
Tryon are taking hold of the church
building enterprise with vigor. ' The
new edillce which Is projected will be a
great improvement to Tryon.
Mr. Hutchison, cf Buncombe county,
has established a canning factory at
Asheville on what has been known as
the Frank Bolick lot, near the depot
De&pite pursuit and search, only two
of the twelve Federal. State and county
onviot who escaped Monday have
been found.
Cooking and sewing have been added
to the course of Instruction given by
the Durham graded school.
Rev. J. N. Booth has accepted a call
to the Greenville Baptist church. Rev
A. W. Setzer goes from Greenville to
More head.
The Fayetteville Independent Light
Infantry has kept its organization in
tact for 106 years.
Mr. J. Crawford Biggs, assistant pro
fessor of law at the University, will go
to Durham in September and become
member of te first Boone and
The telephone line irom t ruiuanu 10
Hendersonville is nearly completed.
Dismal Swamp Canal Opened.
Norfolk, Va., Special. The Dismal
Swamp caral will be opened for ves
sels Monday. The first schooner tnai
win e throueh will be the William
Tvnioi fanfcain Rieein. of Philadel
phia, coal laden for isnzaDein uuy.
Town Wiped Off the Earth.
Newport. Ark., Special. News reach
ed here Saturday that the little village
of Pleasant Plain, situated in the hills
f hft Kouthern part of Independence
ntw ahnut twenty-five miles west
f Vanm-jrt W2LS struck by a stem Fri-
day night and llterawy wipeu uux ui
existence. (Not a nouse waa aau
tn tc .the town nas neuner ieie
irnnh tmr telepnone cuuuwuuu
the outside world, the details of the
storm's ravages cannot ne rearnwi at
this 'hour.
A chest of opium weighing 125
nounda sells for 1.000 rupees at least.
so that the saving in one sob-agency
alone comes to 1,200,000 rupees, which
at the nresent rate of exchange may
be taken to be equal to $400,000. There
are five sub-agencies in Bengal, ana
nrobably the same number in the
northwestern provinces, which give a
total of $4,000,000, to which if Is added
the saving in freight, owing to the
bags being loaded in several layers la
a railway truck, instead of only one
layer of Jars, we get nearly $5,000,000.
Troubles at Darien, Ga, Are Prac
tically Over.
And Oelar el Surrendered Himself in Order
Is Secure Protection All Qulft at the
Scene of Disturbance.
Durien, Ga., Special. The round-up
of negroes in Mcintosh county resulted
in the surrender cf Henry Delegal, the
murderer of Deputy Sheriff Townsend.
and the location for future arrest of
Delegal's brother and the woman dl
rectly'lmpllcated in the killing. Dele
gal's surrender was made to Lieuten
ant Wood, in charge of a detachment
of thirty Savannah soldiers stationed
fifteen"rnjles In the country to back up
the sheriff's posse, who were scouring
the swamp, and Delegal states that he
surrendered to the .troops for protec
tion, as he saw the sheriff's posse was
closing in on him and his capture was
only a few hours or minutes.
No Background for Silver.
Kansas City, Mo., Special. William
J. Bryan stoDDed here hpt
while en route to Denver. "I shall
continue to discuss silver," said Mr.
Bryan, in response to a query, adding:
There was a story from Des Moines,
la., recently, that I was putting silver
in the background. I am not. I will
net. I was incorrectly rermrtArt suvar
will be placed alongside -the other
great issues, and it will be given its
due share of consideration, I stand by
the Chicaeo Democratic nlatfnrm
When a new baby is born in a house
hold the parents do not expel the other
children. Because the Democratic
party is making a fight on imperialism,
militarism and trusts, Is no reason
Why we should send frcan our house
hold the other child. We should
gather all these children into arms and
fight for them."
Awful Crime of An Old Man.
Anniston, Ala., Special W. W. Dut-
ton, a white man about eighty years
old, was arrested here on a warrant
charging him with 'the attributed as
sault on a ndece, a girl sixteen years of
age. The crime is alleged to have
been committed Friday night at the
Dutton home, in the western portion of
the city and it is said the old man came
near accomplishing his purpose, but
the screams of the girl brought neigh
bors to the rescue. Dutton's' aged wife
being too feeble to interfere. 'Dutton
fled, tbut was found concealed in the
home of a friend cot far from his own
residence. He vehemently denies his
guilt. It is charged that Ukis is Dut
ton's second offense recently.
Important B. & 0. R. R. Change.
M. J. Allen, Traveling Freight Agent
of the Baltimore and Ohio Raifroad,
has boc&me" Commercial Freight Agent
at Duluth, Minn., succeeding Thomas
Miles, transferred to Minneapolis. C
ii. narKins goe8 irom Minneapolis to
Chicago. H. C. Smith, of the general
offices in Baltimore, was appointed
Freight TariTf Agent, in charge of per
centages and divisions, publication of
all freight tariffs, 'the issuance of all
tariff and division sheets and billin
and routing instructions.
- Gen. Gordon Injured.
Richmond, Va., Special. Saturday
morning at Rockbridge Alum Springs,
while General John B. Gordon was on
his way to his cottage, a large grey
hound ran In front of him, causing
him to fall over it. He sustained
bruises about the face, but was not
seriously hurt.
All Quiet at Waynesviiie.
Raleigh, N. C, Special. Solicitor
Ferguson wires that matters are quiet
at Waynesviiie and that the lynchers
did not appear. The jail is strictly
guarded by the military. Burt Smith
whose life wa3 threatened 'by the mob
is white and is aged seventeen years
He is chargea witn assaulting ni3
eight-year-old niece.
Revolutionists Gain Ground.
Cape Haytien, Hayti, By Cable.
News has just been received here con
firming the report of Saturday's fight
ing in San Domingo between the gov
ernment forces and those of the revo
lutionists. General Pacheco, at the
head of four hundred men of the revo
lutionary troops, fought the govern
ment troops for three days, inflicting
heavy losses. It is reported that the
government forces lost 150 men killed
and wounded and that the revolution
ists captured two field pieces. In ad
dition, General Antonio Calderon, one
of the government commanders, was
killed and secretly buried. The revo
lutionists lost only thirteen men killed
besides several wounded.
The McKinleys at Pittsburg.
Pittsburg, Pa., Special. President
and Mrs. McKinley reached here Satur
day evening and were driven to the
residence of Robert Pitcairn, superin
tendent of the Pennsylvania road,
whose guests they will be. The re
mainder of the party were taken to the
Schenly hotel. A large crowd met
the train at the depot and cheered the
Claims McLean's Def. at.
Columbus, O., Special. The follow
ing statement has ibeen given out at
Colonel Kilbournes headquarters:
"There will be from 520 to 549 dele
gates in the Zanesville convention op
posed to the nomination of John R.
McLeca. The opposition to John R.
McLean will organize the convention
end control it imaklng. the nomi-
atioa. Colonel Kilbourne will have tae
largest number of votes on the initial
ballot"' -
Yooof Lady Shot Dead.
Mrs. Geo. Taylor, of Bosue,
husband kcs a :ore ne-ar the
if the Weeks' murder, ecciientally
shot a young girl. Dcra Taylor by name
Friday. Mr. Taylor was absent" at the
time, and as Misr Taylor came into
the store. Mrs. Taylcr asked her if sh?
did not want -to see her ntw pistil. At
the ame time &he handcJ the weapon
o the young lady, when by eoh?
means her finger tcucae 1 the trigir.
there was a fia.-.h and re-vort. and Mis.-
Dora fell deal. Mrs. Taylor i.- pros
trated by the shock. It is feired he
will go Insane.
A Fatal Expksion.
A3 a result cf an explosion of three
of a battery of six boilers at Hitch s
Lumber Mill, Scott's Creek, two men
were killed outright and two others
badly injured. The dead are Douglas
Sheaver, fireman, and bis assistant,
name unknown. The Injured are Gus.
Osborn, skull fractured: Preston Wil
liams, engineer, scalded. Orrbcrn will
probably die and Williams is so badly-
scalded that it is thought he will net re
cover. One other man, whose name
could not be learned, is missing. At
the time-ef the accident this man was
seated en a boiler, and was seen cling
ing to the boiler as it shot through the
air, landing in Scctt's creek, several
hundred yards from the mill.
Hanged for Assault.
Julius Alexander, colored, pri
vately hanged at Charlotte e.t 10:22
Friday morning for assaulting a white
woman last February. Ho showed no
signs or nervou-ness, confessed tae
crime and said the penally was just. A
colored preacher, in a talk on the
scaffold, said Alexander's crime was
"icne for which we are glad to see the
law carried out."
A Negress Murd:red.
A colored woman named Jano
Brown, from Greensboro, N. C, was
found murdered in the outskirts of
Charlotte Friday afternoon. A negro
named Wm. Truesdale from Camden,
S. C, was arrested for the crime. He
had blood stains on his clothe3. The
woman went there Thursday and had
Truesdale arrested for breach of
premise, but compromised the case.
Big Tobacco Saks.
There was the largest tcbacco sale
at Kin.ston Friday since the market
opened this season. Over two hundred
thousand pounds at an average of be
tween seven and eight cents. Tobacco
men here say that there will be 8,000,
000 pounds of tobacco sold on the
Kinston market durln-s ths season.
State Notes.
Mr. Samuel Cook, of Win&ton, was
jumping from the north-bound passen
ger train on the Norfolk and West
ern road, just before it reached Avalon.
He was told by the flagman not to
jump. His head struck the oil box of
the passenger coach.
The Fayetteville Observer says 'that
in 71st township hail fell cn Tuesday
night three inches dee;), some o the
stones being as large as hen eggs. 'Cot
ton was completely stripped.
It is said that all the banker ponies
were drowned in the recent terrible
storm on our coast. A gentleman from
Beaufort tells the Gcldsboro Argus
that one man counted 52 dead ponies
within a distance cf a feT miles.
The Mt. Airy News, says: The.
well known Peach Bottom copprr
mine near the state line in Alleghany
county 'has been sold 'to icxic New
Jersey capitalists for 21X00. T'.ie
mine is an exceedingly rich and val
uable one. The nearest railroad ship
ping point is Mt. Airy. The came par
ties offered $9,000 for another mine
across the line in Grayson county, but
the offer was refused.
The eastern terminus of the Eat
Carolina Railroad company, of which
Henry Clark Bridgers is the moving
spirit, will be in Tarboro near theTtot
ton yard on Water street. Work on
the road is now being pushed and th
road for part of the way is expected to
be open for traffic before the first of
the year. Shipments of steel rails for
the road for eleven miles have bsen re
ceived. "Bob Horton," of the Valley, telli
the Watauga Democrat of a petrified
hog that was unearthed by high waters
on the Yadkin recently. The bog died
some years ago and was buried on the
hank of the river, and when 'washed
out recently it was found to be
thoroughly petrified.
So far this year 22 cotton mills have
been granted charters by the State, as
follows: Gaston, 1; Rockingham, 3;
Davidson, 1; Forsyth, 1; Alamance, 3;
Liincoln. 2; 'Richmond, 1; Moore, 1;
Edgecombe, 2; Cleveland, 1; Halifax,
1; New Hanover, 1; Wayne, 1; Ca
barrus, 1; Cumberland, 1; Guilford, 1.
Miltioa Dollar Cotton Mil!.
Arrangements are on foot 1 joking to
ward -.he building of a mil'I'ia-lo'dar
mill at or near Gastonii. N. C The
mafn spirits in promoting the sch:mo
are Messrs. George A. Gnry and John
F. Love, who have done 1:0 muoh for
the material advancement of the town.
It has not "been decided yet' whether
the mill will be an export mill or cot
ton duck mill. The cotton duck mills
of the country have gone into a com
bine, and there is a gocd opening for
a mill of this character outside of the
Porto Rican Question.
Washington, Special. It is believed
in high quarters here that many of the
important questions relating to Porto
Rico will be left for Congress to deal
with, instead cf being settled by ex
ecutive action. One of these relates to
the free exchange cf commodities be
tween Porto Rico and this country.
Another plan of relieving Porto Rico
was to permit her tobacco to enter
Cuba free of duty. This would give an
easy market to Porto Rican tobacco
but the point has been raised that it
would depress Cuban tobacco.
Ike Sostk.
The etrirmrfklp Kaaa CUy. which
saJled from New York Tutday after
noon at j o'clock, reached Savannah
Saturday nlgit at midnight civJ was
flocked by 1 o'clock. The Kansas Cty
it 55 hours ovcrJue and great anxly
was expressed over her delay.
The fire which broke out Friday
night in the warehouse of Lee. Rlco
art"ccn & Company, in Vlcksburg.
MLas., was gotten under control Satur
day morning. The loss will approxi
mate $160,000. well covered by In
wixanc. Internal Revenue officers have pelzcd
the Key Manufacturing and Distilling
Company's plant at Statesville? N. C.
for violation of law.
In a pitched battle with horse thieves
at Lebanon, I. T.. Deputy Marshal C.
A. Burns was killed, alter fatally
wounding ooe cf the gang.
The North.
Mrs. Isabtlle Kane, of New York, fell
down an air shaft and was kilcd.
Fire Captain John Watt, of Engine
Company No. 5, Jersey City. N. J., be
came overpowered by smoke at a small
.fire Thursday and died.
While trying to board a moving
train at Lake Forest. 111.. John V. Far
weil, iQillIonaire, was thrown and bad
ly hurt.
llie Chicago Union Tractioa Com
pany Is negotiating the purchase of the
Chicago, Edison and Commonwealth
Electric Companies, at Chicago, Hi.
William J. Bryan will speak at Tip
ton, Mo., In the interest of Judg?
Shatkleford, Democratic candidate to
succeed the late R. P. Bland in Con
gress. Lena Metzgar, 11 years old, and Rosa
Salbisamer, aged 9, were burned to
death by the explosion of a can of gas
oline at Chicago, 111., Thursday night.
John Zcltner.accomplice of his broth
er, Paul, in the murder of E. II. West
enhaven, at Bowling Green, O., hao
bsen sentenced to twenty years' impris
onment. Jack the Bum, the veteran dog of
the Third Battalion, New York Fire
Department, the savior of four human
lives, was run over by a truck and kill
ed. While searching for a sunken ship,
150 feet under water, off Tacoma,
Wash., Thursday, William Baldwin, a
diver, was suffocated by the bursting
of his air pipe.
Robert LIbbey and wife, of EastWar
ren, N. II., were struck and killed at a
crossing of the Boston & Maine Rail
road, over which they attempted to
Rev. Julius O. Worth, 82 years old, of
S?a Cliff, L. I., is learning to ride a bi
cycle. A tornado Thursday night smashed
a House and Darn at tauiKton, b. u.,
and killed John Sherman, aged 17.
George King, charged with murder
ing Eugene Van Ornum, at Malone, N.
Y., in 1887, has been arrested at Spring
field, Mass.
William Funk, arrested in Columbia,
?Io., charged with killing William
Brooks in Washington, D. C, lias been
identified by Detective Weedon, of
Popular subscription in Nebraska
was insufficient to bring home the dts
banded First Regiment of that State
from San Francisco, Cal., and the men
will, pay their own way.
Suit has been brought at Cleveland,
O., against Secretary Hay and the In
terlakc Transportation Company for
$42,364 by the owners of the steamer
Ohio, sunk in collision with the Siberia,
of the Interlake Line, in Mud Lake.
The Massey-Harrls and H. A. Lozier
bicycle companies, of Toronto; the
Gould Company, of Brantford, Ont.,
and the Welland-Vale Company, of St
Catharine's, Ont., have combined, with
$7,000,000 capital.
Senor Jose, a member of the Spanish
Chamber of Deputies, has been arrested
at Barcelona, charged with embezzling
$300,000 from a railway company.
Surgeon Erwin, of the Marine Hos
pital Service, now in Philadelphia, has
been ordered by Surgeon General Wy
man to proceed to Lisbon and make a
report on the situation regarding the
bubonic plague, which has made its ap
pearance in Portugal.
William O'Brien's Unit;?. Irish
League is spreading in Ireland so
speedily that it has provoked restric
tive measures.
The Cabmen's Trades Union has
driven the taxameter, or fare-register
ing and computing cabs, off the streets
of London.
The highest Prussian Court has de
olded it to be a punishable offense to
keep for sale American meats and saus
ages which have not passed examina
The British steamer Strathdore is
stranded near Norrskar, and is in da:
ger of wrecking.
Colonel Egbert B. Savage, U. S. A.,
arrived at New York Saturday from
Matanzas, Cuba.
Private Charles T. Brown, Company
F, Eighth Infantry, died in Havana o
chrcnic nephritis.
John Pitcairn, of Philadelphia, has
made a gift of $400,000 to the Church
of New Jerusalem (Swedenborglan), at
Chicago, 111.
Among the passengers who arrived
at New York from Europe Saturday
were Captain A. T. Mahan, U. S. N.
and Senator Spooner, of Wisconsin.
A committee from Chicago, 111., ha3
arrived at Mexico City to invite Presl
dent Diaz to attend the laying cf the
corner-stone of the Federal building in
William Waldorf Astor intends to
put his, son into the British Household
In reply to a cable inquiry from Sur
geon General Wyman, Assistant Sur
geon Heiser at Naples Bureau that
there is absolutely no truth in the re
port that the plague had appeared at
Naples and Palermo.
Booker T. Washington waa bitterly
denounced at the Afro-American coun
cil at Chicago hy Rev. RJ C. Ransom,
of Bethel Church, in which the conven
tion is being held, and also by B. T.
Thornton, of Indianapolis. Washing
ton has been in the ciity, hut has re
fused to attend the sessions cf the con
vention. Several of the most serious and in
fluential Berlin papers," including The
National Zcitnng and The Frankfort
Zeitung, prtoLed strong editorials last
week on the relations of German'?
with the United States, vigorously re
commending the acceptance of invita
tlcma to th Philadelphia mmerci5i
Biil Thinks Dre)fus is ! ard
is BeinK Persecuted.
The Vfro rrtblcat is Dsisel Sa
Districts wfcere lh?r; is So Trostt'e.
Pfscteatury Statistics.
It 1 iuJrid -insular Low rauh syrn-
Iithy and uhut an turns intt;e-i the
trial of Dreyfus Las excited a!l ov i
the civilized uorid. The life or the l.b-
erty of but enc man a Jew of na re at
consequence Is at stake and yt the
world looks ou w ith more concern than
given the Philippine war. whie
hoiuauds have dird in bailie since the
rial of Dreyfus began. The great hcut
cf the people believe the Jew Is inno
cent nnd is being persecuted by the
military Lecause hi Is a Jw. Cnii-
ans everywhere are gotting more and
more jealous cf the military power,
and well they may he. for it U aggres
sive, cruel and intolerent when not
kept under restraint.
The long suffering of Dreyfus ha. In
tensified the pity of mankind and re
calls the pica that Shakespeare makes
r Shylock, "I am a Jew; hith cot a
Jew eyes and hands, senses, affections.
passions. If you prick us do we net
bleed? If you poit-on us do we net dl?"
This persecution has been gain; tn for
five years and the end is not yet in
sight. It reminds us of the historic
trial of Warren Hastings that lv gnu in
April, 1790, and continued until April
795. Never was a man to unjut-tly a-
sailed. The subllmest oratory and I02
ic cf Burke and Fox and Sheridan
came down upon him with withering
and pitiless force. Burke spoke tbrre
days and amazed the world with his
matchless eloquence, and the world
pronounced Hastings guilty before any
evidence had been Introduced for
Burke's j-pecch was an exordium, a
presentation of the bill of indictment.
Poor Hayings, frail, small and sickly,
knelt at the bar and then heard 'th
terrible denunciations cf his accuser?.
The English naticn was against him.
and even his friend and patron. Wll
liani Pitt, dc.-erted him. Hastings, as
governor general of India, had nc
pleased the party in power and was to
be made a victim. That was politics
then, and it is polities now. It waa
like the execution of Mrs. Sr.rratt and
Captain Wurz in 18C5, for two more in
noeent persons could not have been
found, but the thirsty public demanded
some victims and these were chosen. In
1795 Hastings was triumphantly ac
quitted on every charga and pub'b
opinion had already turned in his fa
vor. Lord Macauley rays that be ad
niuittered the Indian government with
more than the capacity of Richelieu
and John Stuart Mill says he was the
best governor that India ever had.
Well now, if Dreyfus can have such ,
hapiiy ending to his long suffering and
trial the world will be satisfied. La
bori is already a hero the brightest
star in the galaxy. He has made 110
blunder in act or speech during h'13
long and arduous labors and when he
declares with folded arms and glisten
ing eyts and impassioned voic that
Dreyfus is innccent the world believes
him. I? be is again condemned, France
will be disgraced and degraded in the
eyes of the great powers cf the world.
A government that cannot save one in
nocent man cannot save itself when
revolution comes.
The next biggest thing before us is
the everlasting war that, like Banquo's
ghost, will not down. It drags Its slow
length along from day to day and
week to week until its blood and cost
ha3 almost reared to agitate us and
only its politics is considered. The
question uppermost is will it roll M
Kinley in again or will it roll him out.
Imperialism is a bir-er presidential 13-
euo than silver or the tariff.
But just now the question that seems
to concern the South is what shall be
done with the negro. In some portions
of the country there is no di"-tvf re.
no friction, no outrages of any kind
The two races are getting along a3
peaceably as in the years gone Ly.
There are whole counties down in low
er oeorgia ana wnoie cisincts in some
of the western States where the ne
groes as a mass are industrious and
humble and give no trouble. In upper
South Carolina there is peace and ha
mony save an occasional disturbance
that bad men like the Tolberts pro
voke. Most of the outrages that pro
voke the lynchings come from negro
tramps who have no settled home, no
family, nor occupation, but go and
come when they please. They are the
ecurf of the towns and cities the over
flow for cities breed crim? and cor
ruption, both among white-3 and blacks.
The piison report is interesting and
instructive reading and shows the meat
careful and humane treatment cf the
convicts. The commission with Gener
al Evans- at its head, are all kind.
Christian gentlemen and no Stale in
the Union can show a better record of
its prisoners, both male and female.
But it is impossib'.3 to kp up with
the lies and slander that are einuli.f;
by Northern politicians and Southern
negro editors and educators. It is all a
scheme to get money from the North
ern dup.-s. Even as notable a woman
&3 the wife of Booker Washington, who
is chairman of the executive committee
of the National Association of Colored
Women, says in her published address,
"The white people preach and point to
the immorality cf young -colored girls
and yet the Avhlte people themselves
are to blame for this condition of af
fairs, for in this convict leas? system
the girls and women are not only
worked in the field with men. but are
shut up at night in the same cells with
them. Can you expect a poor, ignorant
colored girl to te pure and virtuous
when h- is eVjt in night after nisht
with a man?" .
General gyans writes me that to
tuh rioji!.oi eiltts la Corr'-A aa
bi r esi.tet. aal tt foe lea yrt
pa' I the f.?ua asilrti as act
t n versed cn firs wtla tie met
bet t.e ta '.- 4 to rpirt roa
tract. ha orfc Uto bat tb o&.ei
i-s m fsiia lb oafs aWvt titty is
numlwri ..rk tcttbr. eat together.
h'.fp tcwrtbrr as! are aStalrty
rsu 1 irom mn &4 boy sad 1 ? 00
fctiie.y Olrent farm. TbrM '.oatea
r cet ccaScrd la re'.'t at all. but lite
la a Louse tar mere ctnfcrLb tbsa
thry lUe-d la before tbrtr roavtctSva
The ciea and women do aot sxwt at all
at try time or any here.
Ho it that? What ijUaa:lcn ria
tint f03-.:n nVe Wbat raa !Ujkr
Wah!nton sy abuut It? He hid brt
ur uy m iblLC about it. for be Las
had the oupport and aroaractMOl f
the vuthrrn rrcple and be will b
be!d rejtpr.s.L!e fcr ura tii'.itnsct
TLIs plen report bot that 44 per
c:ia cf th com Ids ran read aa
That 4 j jwr cent, are minted.
That t per cent, are beten the
arts of ecntrn aul I wenty -seven.
That only for.y aere In slavery be
fore the war and only eighteen are old
tnn.iph to remember abat slavery i
Another inpulur table in the report
U filled the table cf "recidivist.
v; LUh means. I suppose, the ' return-
t rs. TLere are 7b9 servluc a aecond
.vriii. . a i uira lorm; a inmn term.
and 3 a fifth term. They w a to like
the bu.incd. A good wrapping or two
or three good whippings wuuM have
stopped all thane ret idlv 1st. If a man
likes one kind of punilim nt mi f'l
as to o Lark to It. It wo-jM he to
tbauge It and l-t him try another.
But M tit keep on agitating and d!s-
coIur and let no man boot that be
know it all. for be doesn't. Bill Arp
in At laca CouMltutlon.
t.actand Helar War a Ik rtir4 rest
Ills Career la the I ailed Mate.
Ever since the ancient and rather
boastful declaration of the rparrow.
that be bad killed Cock Robin, a large
portion of mankind has believed that
the tparrow. the English rparro
should pay the full penally for the
crime, and h's ref-atnointed
and executioners have l-n legion. But
le has lived and thrived in rpl:e of
them. Other crimes of many kinds
have L-a charged against blai la
many countries; a price has been put
ou his titHd In this land of the free.
and he has been declared an outlaw by
state &vernmect and municipalities
The department of agriculture has
fulminated Its lightnings against bim
from Washington, and learned societies
have thundered his doom. But erery
spring he chirps and twitters with re
ncwed vigor, and mate'and nets and
grows in number amazingly. Now.
howevrr. the cable brings the news
that he has leen condemned In the
house of his friend, in Merry Eng
land Itself. Mr. William II. Teet
meier, a naturalist cf renown and an
author whese word on rcientific eub
Jeels carries greet weight, bas pub
lished a buoh about the rparrow. and
in it declares that the bird 1.4 a pest
and that In England alone he Inflicts
damage which amounts yearly to mil
lions of pound striding. Through all
his trials and during all the crusades
againrt him the pert and chipper spar
row has b?d boats of warm friends who
have defended him gallantly and have
met the onslaughts cf his enemies with
all the vigor and cftn with the bitter
nc?s cf Jealous partirars. But afcat
con they ray now? Foucd guilty by a
judge In his own heme, what remains
but to pass the sentence cf death upon
him finally and forever? It seems clear
that the confeescd murderer of Cock
Robin is doomed for good and all and
that at last the rparrcw must go. That
looks simple and easy, but it ln't, for
little Mr. Sparrow In answer to the
condemnation, and the sentence of the
court will simply cock his head oa
one side and ask: "Well, what are vou
going to do about it? And his su
rreme confidence Is Justified by experl
ence. Ever since he was first Intro
tiuctd Into this country from bis na
tive heath, about fifty years ago. he has
prospered and multiplied immensely in
spite of ail efforts to keen him In
check, and against convulsions of na
ture and the machinations of powers
and Driaclnallties" The blizzard of
1SS3 came, and be was frozen by the
tens of thousands. Ore jtorm In the
summer of 1893 scattered dead spar
rows through the city parks and In
country lanes "as thick as leaves that
trew the vale3 of Vallombrosa. Pot
hunters have sought his life and sold
him by thousands as reed bird. Email
boys with air guns and pea shooters
have Leen bis sccurge. and the man
who spread nets under bis roosting
place at night acd shook him down to
death in hundreds hzs been his bane.
But he Las lived on aad brought rap
his wonderfully increasing families
year L-y year. Poison has been tried.
but it was found that other birds and
animals were hurt mere than the spar
row. who Just winked and passed by
oa the other side from the envenomed
morsel. Boston bas lately been stirred
up against the sparrow. The Ameri
can Society of Bird Destroyers, who
headquarters are there, and whose ob
ject it is to bring back native ong
birds which have been driven ut by
one means or another, has taken up the
cudgels agaimt the flayer of Cock Rob-
la. and 13 carrying on a lively crusade
against him. A petition thirty feet
long was presented to Mayor Quincy.
asking that steps be taken to extermi
nate the bated bird, and tbe mayor
went Into the work with a will. The
methed which is being tried In Bos
ton to execute the condemned criminals
is to destroy Lis nests and eggs, and
the enemies of the bird heps for great
results frcm the warfare. The Bos
ton indictment against th? sparrow In
cludes his crimes agai&Et Cock Robin
and other mild-mannered birds, whom
he drives away with his vicious and
nagging tactics, ss well as his destrue
tivecess to trees and shrubs and his
general course as a public nuisance.
New .York HeraM.
Order may be heaven's first law, hat
i: U tsiti's last rcs'liatlTn
NO. r.9.
RACE 11 Al Oittl, GA.
Much Arretj Eef; Fet la ttt
Tcn ir.J CouM'i
! Is I 1st Arrest f tbwy Ma(H f
Atsaa'l tae Cast 1 sf tat Oaibr cat - 4 1
Pefatt Sacn'f irce a4 4itr
Itert.-e. Ga. Pfrlst -tVLI'e all ta
c,ult here now. -i."s a &i tf
great a us'. Mr al ta'tj i timi t
aoocg the wblte pcie A a ..(Nr
by tbe r.rg:ars tus teeB ljn?iM-t.tH r
rtpeCed s.nce the kill rg of JLa l -
241 a Bcro. t J.;b Tc.i. I a
prorcltctt cltliei aad dtpatjr fci',3 t
this county. Thursday fclsbt fit lay
f LertS lllouat s'rt tbe fcil.ow.t-g to
Governor Candler-
"lleae ordrr Uberty lnlpet.d-rt
Troop to rep-trt t trie. rnouMrd. t
one, fl'.uattcn cr;tlal ie
killed a -id another euad1
iS:gcHl -T. II II! jot sr.
Vloui A. It I-aUn. isle (mmiv
drr of the frcittt 1 tiifg a Il'l.C!' r,
Ulilted HaW a YtduMerTs. a'. wire I
the Govnecr to nod a quantity t i r
blne? aad rupp'y f srarmctU n ft r li e
toldlers. ('don-! lwtoa here te.
investigate the ltuitWn. Aft.r a cm
feretce tsl'h tbe oCMsls t.e rrluttie.
to Savannah. When the netn'r te-
ee.d I be tr.wage frtta fLettff ftiM
be ord-r, -?o'n.ul I jitin Ut return, .f
nerearary. and take nmnnar.4 r tbe
military, lie Is nrw L'fe in that cp -Ity
and baa enough mti. It I WiM-.t.
to easily bsndle tL i(uil m Tb
fberla and bl drj.utl.s mtln:e 1
bake arrests of the ti-ct- si. 1
the jail Las a large burnter In K. !.
Itbotandlng tbe f. t that the u n
b;vt Iris, left here KriJi ts xlii k f . r
fvivannah with rioters ! ba t b-n
arretted. TLIs aas a r"-auti.nkrr
measure to prevrtit an attxk a th
jail by tbe begro fiiends f tVte lai-
prlnoced and to make rm for .hr-i
wbo have been arretted nc e tbe re
The situation here t'rardel as
critical, alibougb with d intuitu d mili
tary control, i: It thought tht fuf-sfxr
trouble ran le trevent,d. Tt.e efrs
apparently Lave r. leadv upon a bom
they ran rely. It Is cvMniMJ th
negroes outnumber tbe a bite in-ole li
this part of Gerg'.a five to oe. .11.
the whites are consequently ', .n-
JoLu Iwlacel, tbe nrro hfv k!ld
D puty Sheriff Jos idi Towns-nd uZ
wounded Iv puty Hopkins. TLurtdy
night, car. not le ftnnd. He I the tou
of Henry IHag-l. bc rtt for r-
wit started tL ra.-e war. ILe t
deputirs vent to the Louse of llrn.v
Delzgel to arrest Lis two oa. Jot.r
wan found at t i- bourf end Tcinwnd
entered It. The cegro ms no ria-a-
rtreo-e. but tbowed L's elllingntss to
accompany the Cifflffrs. Hopkln. vt'
was In tbe tnnonllgLt outU?e, aas J j'n
ed by Toansrnd and the tao ali-!
for the negro to come out. He cair.e t
tbe door and a n;ro hn l'.ii
him a fired on the oTfl'tn.
Townsend died !n a few mlnut". anO
waa brought to this place ,y Ilcpilu-.
who Is badly wounded. I Le white t-
p!e thought this would te a rU-ra! f'r
attack and many slept cm tbir anus
all night Tbe oegroia bave remained
sullenly client up to this time. rtb.
ing la crowds and lcoklug dfrr'llj at
the military and the ofllcers of tbe la.
The county oflb-lala hare offered !'
reward for John Ielarl. and Gcnervr
Candler will be atked to lntrae this
The sevenly-flve member .f iL?
Klrrt Georaia. wb were left bere 't
days ago. a ben old man Iv-lagd was
taken to Savannah", are patrol)!. 5 1
town. All saloons ere closed and tbr.
strictest order Is mi! eta Iced.
The faak Clearmfs.
New York fpecla': The total Lank
clearings In tbe United Kta'.es fir th
week were tl22.812.C1; pr tent. ln
crease 22.1. Ezrlnaive cf New York.
$36.129,&32; per cent- Increase 20 1.
Make I acel cat Seldters.
A tattilion cf Porto Rican s. new la
the service of our government !n forto
Rico, are said to make excellent sol-
Keg re Irgea1s far Pfcilipaiact.
Washington. D. C. Special. Great
pressure bas leen brought to bear oa
the administration to organize a color
ed regiment for service la tbe Philip
pines. Tbe matter is still under con
sideration. It Is reported that William
P. Duvall. captain of the First Artil
lery (regulars), aad lieutenant colonel
of tbe Twenty-sixth Volunteers, will L
made colonel cf tbe regiment. If It is
decided to raie the organization. It Is
also aald that tbe lleatezuast colonel
and other field ffirers will be taken
from tbe regular army, but that tbe
company officers will 'all be colored
A S gmfxaot teqirsL
Washington. D. C. Special : Surgeon
General Sternberg baa received a ca
blegram from the director general cf
the army aedical service of GrcaC&rit
a!n. asking bim for 399 copies of a
publication cilled Siaitary Lesuoaa of
the War. If this nuroebr coull got
be obtained, the director general ask
ed authority to reprint tbe pubMcalfa
for the purpc?e of dls HM-tlng It among
the medical ofUceri of the British ar
my. The publication was read at the
meeting of the Americas Mfdlcal Asso
ciation, at Columbus, in Joae. 1&99.
Vessels for Patrol ft ty.
Washington. D. C. Special: The Mi
rine hoepital service has applied to tai
Navy Department for a taitiide rest-el
to assist ia the paired of the Florid s
ccast. to guard against the ro&db't
In trod action cf yellca fever aad cASer
contagious diseaser. Surgeon General
Wyman lus bsen ruliUci ly aetlsg
Secretary AHn that the :--thti Oneid-t
at Norfolk, ctl Kanawtha ti Sev
York, arc tb caly naval vcsieli avail
able for tint ; urroe. He ij-feJ
tail the ra..ria5 horItal at'th-.citl-s
!B35Ci ti.ei.8 vciiTxls tit oVtentiuj o Cicn 1: 123a f ulub'.e.
! I
! (
i t
i . '
I :
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1 1 1
i. '
. :1
s' in
" ' i
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1 i
ajasi'rir'sriinsTait sa D

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