V THE CAUCASIAN. Vol. XVIII. CLINTON. NORTH OAROLINA, JUNE 28, 1900. No. :?o. EXTRA-SESSION BLUNDERS. A SAMPLE PATCH DISTRIBUTING CAMPAIGN LITERATURE AT THE ' PUBLIC EXPENSE. Our Brave Little Cy" Runs Aycock to the Hen Coop. When the Eagle is on the Wing it is Time for A-cock to seek a place of Safety. W. M. Robbins had his Feathers picked by Thompson at Kinston in 1894 The Shell Fish Appropriation a Fraud. (Jiving Maaay to Thnaa Who Karaad Nothing-Afraid to Trust Tha Secretary of State Simp Too Soprani Court la the Face A Bold Piece of Pollt- eal Left-lslatloa. The legislature which convened in January 1899 undertook to dis place Mr. Theophulus Wliite, who had been apjointed Chief Shell-Fish Commissioner by the Legislature of 1 897 for a term of four years, sim ply changing the laws of 1897 rela ting to the oyster industry of North Carolina so as to oust him and ap point seven commissioners in his stead with like duties to perform with a salary of $400 each besides an allowance for an expense account. Near the close of the oyster , season of 1899 these commissioners met in New Berne and in the absence of Mr. White took charge of the steamer "Lillie," which was then tied to a wharf. They manned her and one or two of these commission ers proceeded on her to SwanQuar ter, where they sailed up and down the bay a few times and appointed deputies to serve at different points, It is presumed the deputy inspectors did no work as no tax has been paid into the State Treasury. Mr. White proceeded to test the validity of the law, which, no doubt, was enacted for the sole purpose of getting him out before his time had expired, and electing in his stead Democrats. The highest court ojhe " TL - expected he would, that trie amend ment is "all right now no danger of its disfranchising any white man now." This is what they have Icji saying all the time; they have len ying, and they are lying still, and! they are going to continue to lie. j Simmons knows and everv it her1 r.t It ... ...... ........... ...1 1.. . 1.. lunnm-iu wan wnu lias K 1 n the matter serious thought that the amendment to the Constitutional mctidment did not make any ma terial changes. The amendment i- ust as dangerous in its present form as ever. MOORE State decided he was entitled to fhe office for the balance of his term, so the new set of Commissioners were in but a short while. The services done for the State in the perform ance ot their duties were mere nom inal. It is a fact well known, that these Commissioners performed no work worth mentioning. They simply took charge of the State Steamer "Little," and sailed 75 miles and back, and laid him up, and for this service the long winded, long con tinued and unprecedented Legislature way down in June, 1900, with a rush, and in a very few minutes, by a law which goes upon the statute books of our State, allowed these commissions, deputies, merchants. lawyers, &c, the round sum of $4, 986,98, ot the hard - earn ed money placed in the Treasury by Mr. White and his subordinates. I was through Fusion legislation that the ovster industry has developed and the most of these men who are given this money have even fought the policy pursued by the Republi cans and Populists in regard to the ovster industry. I ask the law abi ding and good people of the State if it is right and honest to take money from the Treasury, put there by the hard-flsted oystermen, in the shape of taxes, and pay out to- men who have rendered no service to the State, and who are not officers of the State, which has been so declared by the Supreme Court of the State. The Raleigh correspondent of the Asheville Gazette of June 19th says : "The legislature, in their political extra session, made more mistakes, if possible, than they did in their regu lar session in proportion to the time they consumed. They took the pow er to grant liquor license out of the hands of the county commissioners of Northampton county, and the act says license shall be granted on peti tion of a majority of the qualified vot ers in any township on the order of the judge holding the Supreme Court for said county. They have by this act either made Northampton a Pro hibition county or established a spe? cial Supreme Court for that county. In amending the dispensary act for Macon county they strike out certain words in section three of chapter 325 laws of 1899, when the words they legislate shall be stricken out do not appear in section three chapter 325, lows of 1899. The laws and journals have usu. ally been printed under the super vision of the Secretary of State, but to hit Dr. Cyrus Thompson a lick thev Dut the matter in the hands of the Commissioner of Labor and jarvis then;aho:jarvis;now. man was disfranchised, we cannot disfranchise WADDELL'S WAR RECORD. Ilrinnimtii Violate Their pel They Have fooled ihe People And Are Trying to Io It Again. In ii sjK'ech delivered in the court 'Mii-e in Ilendersonville in October, I K9X, Gov. Jarvis said: "They say if you ever let these leinoerats get into power they will disfranchise the negro and oor wliite man. Well, we came into lover in '7 and no negro or white The fact is them. The Constitution decide that." Gov. Jarvis then said that his pledge was backed up by an official pledge in the Democratic handbook. He then read from the handbook as follows: "The Democratic party is the poor man's party. Nine-tenths of itsmernlers are poor men. How utterly absurd, then, is the false charge that the llepulicans are trumping up to deceive the unwary. In order to give some color to it, they quote something from a'' Yan kee newspaper, whose editors and owners are, we have always under stood, Republicans, that Gen. W. It. Cox, who lives in Washington, told a reporter if the Democrats succeed ed, they would disfranchise the ig norant negro. Rut Gen. Cox pub lished over his own name a dec tion that he never said that ut never said anything like it, formo well knew that if even the DeaVt, crats should succet.nl and should hUiU control of the legislature they wo THE FIRsT NEGRO PARTY. made irroes. 1k itowerless to disfranchise a body. The Constitution forbids i "The Constitution gives the i. lit of suffrage to all male ersons ov 21 years of age not disqualified crime, and the legislature canno add or take away a letter from that" That can only le done by the Iso lde themselves, and the Democrats He Will Not Shoot Don't Be Scared He Would Itather Bead Theology. Johnson County, N. C, June 18, 1900. En. Caucasian: I see in your paper of June 14th extracts from a speech of Hon. A. M. Waddell, delivered in Randolph county, N.'C, June (, 1900, in w hich he said that any man voting against the amendment ought to le to transact buisness with ne- oiid t!tq lift Mmc ii'illitiir t - auu i nai Jii- f ttii- n uiiii iw shoulder his gun to make them do it. In reply to this let me say a word of encouragement to those who may lie intimidated by these threats. The ex-Lieut. Colonel will not shoot. He was Lieutenant Colonel of my regiment ( 1 1st Cavalry) during our great war from 1861 to '65. As soon as he found out that he would have to go w here there was danger of getting hurt. When the old State was calling on her sons for their help, it was then that A. M. Waddell resigned his commission and deserted the starry cross of the Confederacy and went to preaching to keep out of the army. Andafter the war was over he being a self- constituted preacher, not called of God, he abandoned preaching and went into politics. I think that he was the first Southern man that I heard make a speech in favor of negroes voting. If they were eligi ble to vote then, just out of bondage, they should le better qualified now after thirty-live years citizenship among Christian people with their churches ami schools. I am not ad vocating the negro claims, but would like to see them treated right. Especially the old negro who stayed at home and took care of what their owners had while they were in the army. I always "have a kind word for these old ne groes, which is the class that will be "the white man's party." It the lesser lights would say that . - a i a I ii i t it a a . w ill never submit any proposition to disfranchised it the amendment is the people to take from a man his adopted. It is the white man, the right to vote. No Democrat has ever proposed such a thing. The charge is only intended to mislead, to deceive and to make political cap ital. It is entirely false. There is not a "Democratic convention that would not spit upon the man who might make such a proposition. There is not a Democratic candidate for office who would not pledge hir iself most solemnly against it." P'N.t only did Gov. Jarvis make this pledge, but also did every Dem ocratic sjieaker from mountains to sea, as their platform pledged that they would. They not only pledged the people that they would not do this thing, but they also solemnly assured the people that they could not do it if they wanted to, Ieeause it'would lie unconstitutional. f. They have broken their pledge. That is bad enough. Hut n.ov aro now trying to fool the illiterate white voters info voting fortius unconstitutional, bastard, disfran chising scheme. They are now tell ing the white voters that it is con stitutional. How can they expect any one to U'lieye their promises and pledges now? They saw in the last camiraign that such an amer.fl- his heirs and my heart in Confederate soldier, ancestors, that is on this amendment matter. I know many of them without an education on account of the war, and various other causes, erhaps sixty thousand in this State, who will be disfran chised if the amendment is adopted. I would hate for these old heroes or their ancestors, those who followed Lee, Jackson, Johnson, the very best citizens in this State to be deprived of the privilege of voting if they wish to do so. I trust that they will watch these demagogue politi cians who tell that if the amendment is carried none but negroes will be disfranchised. I don't believe it no more than I did in the last cam- aign when they promised that if the Democrats got in power that they would not try to disfranchise anylxnly. There is no danger of negroes controlling this State. The whites have about 250,000, while the ne groes have only 120,000 voters, hence they will never control this State. Resiectfuly, C. M. Ellington. The Democratic Papers Gira the Secret Away The Negro Party la Yet to be Organised. Ever since the News and Obser ver has been under its present con trol, it, with the second-handed Democratic papers of the State and South, has wrorn itself into a frazzle and then worn the frazzle out squalling "the negro party,"and saying the Democratic party Was and the Republican party was "the negro party." When the Republicans would start to show that it was not, these papers (Observer and others) wrould drown the sound or argu ment by the frantic squall of "nig ger! nigger 1! nigger!!! The people had actually begun to credit the Observer with not know ing any better, with having no bet ter sense. But the Observer has given itself away on this as in a thousand of other things it has said In its issue of the 7th, it gives its own self the lie. For under abig head line "For a Negro Party,'' the Observer says: , TEe first step looking to the or ganization of a Nat ional negro party have been taken in this city (Phila delphia). Prominent negroes Bish ops, ministers, editors and lawyers at a meeting yesterday decided to place a party ticket in the field with negro candidates. The plan is to organize the party in every State of the union, nominate candidates for State and Congressional offices. It's true this was an associated press dispatch, but the Observer did not correct it by an editorial. And in publishing it without comment, ather shows that it welcomes such a party. The Observer knows that as the people have begun to think, they can no longer be fooled with the cry of negro party. In this State, the Democrats car rv the negro counties, in the na tional elections, the Democrats carry the negro States. So the negro either votes the Democratic ticket or the Democrats steal them one. POPULIST TO SIWMON5ITE: WM 1 T COUNTY POPULIST CONVENTION. NOTICE. Komlaatea a Strong rtoket and Paea Tell ing Rraolatloaa. The Populists of Moore county held their Convention on June 14th, and put the following ticket in the field : For Representative. W. C. Wilcox, Republican ; for Sheriff, K. M. Jones, Republican; for Treasurer, Daniel Hannon, Populist ; tor Kogis- ter of Deeds, Hugh Shields, Repub- ican;for Commissioners, W. M. Kivett, Populist : T. N. Wood v. L. S. Johnson, Republicans : for Coro ner, G. L. Mathewson, Populist ; for Surveyor, J. S. Seawell, Populist; all of whom are men whose records and ives command the highest respect, and the full confidence of the citi zens of the county ; and they confi dently believe the ticket will be elec ted on the 2nd of August. The fol- owing resolutions were unanimously adopted : RESOLUTIONS. Whereas, In the matter of the re cent sale of Ixrads of Moore county. it appears from the record in the of fice of the Register of Deeds of said county, that the bid of W. J. Ed- Wards, Sanford, N. C, for $7000 of said bonds, at the rate of his bid amounted to $7,140, and the rate of the bid of Seasongood & Mayer, of Cincinnati, Ohio, for the same bonds Amounted to $7,516,25, and accrued interest, amounting to $116,661, and the rate of the bid of W.J. Hayes & Sons, of Cleveland. Ohio, for the same bonds, amounted to $7,300, and accrued interest, amounting to $116,- 66f, and the rate of the bid of Deni- son, Prior & Co., of Cleveland, Ohio, for the same bonds amounted to $7,508,50. And whereas, By said record it also appears that the Board of Com missioners of said county sold said bonds to said W. J. Edwards, at the price bid by him as aforesaid, not withstanding the same was the low est bid offered, thereby losing to the tax-payers of Moore county $376,25, if the bonds had loen sold to Season good & Mayer, and $160, if the same had been sold to W. J. Hayes & Sons, and $368,50, if the same 'had Int-n F ? L e It . L kit. s fc i JK!? WsvCSTV i' They Have to be Tagged to let People Knew They are White. WORK OF THE ENGINEERS. sold to said Denison, Prior & Co., and this, without taking into account the $116,66? accrued interest, which should have been paid by said V. J. Edwards and alnuit which the said record seems to be silent ; now th re fore, Be1 it resolved by the People's E'arty of Moore county in Conven tion assembled : I. That we unhesitatingly con demn the said transaction as a crime against the tax-payers of Moore county. II. That we condemn the Demo cratic party of Moore county for Gathering Vote for Lacy and th Amend ment frightened Dromroara. Mr. John B. Kenny, of Charlotte, who is quite a friend of Mr. B. R. Ijaey, narrated the following inci dent yesterday that will interest the friends of the candidate for treasu rer. Several drummers and Mr. Kenny were iasseiigers on the ca boose of a freight a few days ago. As the train was neanng a crossing the a i a a passengers were startled iy nve . ... i . ii i x : snriii mows, ironi ine hh-omhhi". Thinking danger was imminent the xcuants of the calnjose cleared the car. Looking toward the engine their anxiety was relieved for his face was in laughter. The passen gers interrogated the man at the helm to ascertain whether there was danger. The engineer replied, "No danger: everything's all right." He WADOELL-IZ'NC THE WE9T. The Cheviot t Obaerver Rbenld br mp aad Learn to Talk Dec-eat The Weet Will Kettle With th Machine la Aogaet The most delightfully variegated ass that has MipM up his head in North Carolina of late is one D. M. Carpenter, of Maiden, Cat aw I Co., who apj!- to have Miniewhat to flu in a managing ravcity with some or all of the cotton mills of that town. Charlotte Oltserver. The above indecent, venomous INGRATITUDE A FIEND If the KepaMleaa arty Mad Ho mm Vm. gra efal for tava-n Hefewr4 ae IWa aid liar af Ik Oa-at wr U. 1kN Waald X er Have Keen k-rkil One writer ha said : "Ingratitude is a tiirhle-henrl4d fiend." Aim4Imt that "ingratitude i llMnl lth by God and man." legrati'ode i.rliar-nHeri-1 ic of nly an iirmi vagc. The lower animal-, from tltemopt f-roi-iou- to the liio-t domett iwated, arc T1 ( at t . Ummam. u.llr.l a.r.i...t .! UICllIO I I floral lUMe. llMP' gH the most highly res.ect"d, honorable j l".v thing- in life which gn'hijrluT and siHvewdul bunnes men in - "" oercr " --n-i man ..i winking at such a crime simply be- explained that the locomotive engin- cause said Board of Commissioners were members of that party. While failing to renominate a single mem ber of said Board of Commissioners the failure of that party to condemn by fit and proper resolutions in its recent County Convention, said crime was well known to the members of that party, and to the delegates to said Convention, and first exposed by expressions from Democrats, is evidence of the fact that said party desired rather to condone than to condemn said offease. eers had each aereed to furnish five colored votes for Ben Lacy and the amendment and that he had just se cured his fifth man. Hence the whistle so as to inform the approach ing engineer of his success. Morn ing Post. The above is interesting, reading, and will, doubtless, please Mr. Lacy and his colored brethren. We would like to ask Mr. Lacy if he did not ask, or suggest once that a white Democrat be taken down from a cer tain position which he had held for Resolved by the Peoples Party of years, and that a negro be put in his place? But we will not ask him. We hope Mr. Lacy will not take all these huge jokes serious. The only thinsr that can save Mr. lAcy, accor ding to a Democratic lper, is the Democratic registrars. Lacy letter furnish the registrars a list of the ne- esiecially jn-oes who are going to vote for him, of North en their names can tret on the books. If the negroes in every county will agree to vote for some Democrat, they may be able to register. Moore coluitv in convention assem bled: That we most earnestly endorse the splendid course and the wise and untiring efforts of the Hon. Ma rion Butler in the United States Senate in behalf of the whole people of the United States and of the people of the State Carolina, and challenge those who oppose his re-election to point out one failure of duty or one objection to his splendid record. We point with pride to the fact that he is the open candidate of the Peoples Party for re-election to said exalted office having been formally declared so by said party of North Carolina in convention assembled, itic or human made irti. TIminh Iki think all who differ with tliem in religion and ilitic an Mgota, li ars and Mirtiudrel, deti-ive no one but thciiiMt-lv. They otilenin themselves a- mtirh, for having changed their own opinion- I'mtu what they once thought were infal lible. Ill that cartoon in tin New and Olw-rver aliout Pritchard'n appoint ing fii-u enumerator, and ridiculing lU-jmbllean tnttiagi ex hibit gnu- ingradtitudf to It ali tor. Forifue have l-n rightly Informed, Ik ha Un a recipient f "IUHi!licati atrofiagV direetly or indirectly from hi youth ui, and struck the wrontf i ' v n n w, mine oi nia mauve an a f. ae an made their attack t ,n ' wonny n-ipienia oi iu-Kibiican tawlta county. It is a sample of the abuse and vilification the Simmon machine organs an using to roenv and bulldoze prominent Ite-MiMi-cau and Populist business men and drive them out of jiolitics or foitv them to join the Democratic ma chine. This plan has long lieen mic eessful in eastern counties where high-toned Christian gentlemen have been slandered, vilified and threat ened by this remorseless gang of pie hunters until they were omielled for the sake of business and family to endorse the machine and its meth ods. . This plan may work In some counties and with some men in Western North Carolina: but the Simmons crowd man when they on Mr. Carpenter, and the wrong county when they selected Catawlw as the scene of their intimidation. The good people of Catawbg are de termined that their county sham, not be Waddell-Ized. They do not endorse such methods and will set tle with Mr. Simmons and his little mud-slinging machine at the polls in August. Hickory Mmmry. NEGROES ON THE JfRY. faal Kegra, Bat I'ea HlflS aatd Then Ha; Thy are (rppoeed U egre Kale. Democrat make much ado alxtut patronage. IT the National Ilcjiub lican irty and rv-nator Pritrhard were a- ungrateful for TvUm . ren dered and a Mindly irti-n a tin Otiprver is now but I leutI lean would get jo! anywhere. TIe Bi ble "he that will not rrvid for hinwlf and th'- of hi own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel T - So it fol lows that lie who tun not appreHate or Ls ungrateful for Mexsing I avow ed outside the iiou-ehold, i a brute, vagi, a fiend. Hickory Mercury. Senator Pritchard ha actively In terested himself in trying to wTtin AN APPEAL ' Greene County Popullat Convent ten. At the meeting of the Greene county People's Party Executive Committee, on the 4th day of June, 1 0Ort a PVn-vnt5rn rf trio TVktMlUct Partvof Greene county was callel UIoner.01 labor an.d pnnting) to print to assemble in Snow Hill on Satur- To The Pepnllata ot Nor I a Car ! lea. Mr. Editor: The people of my section are as badly oissalisneu as they were before the General As sembly met. They are bitterly oi- oosed to the amendment and will while the effort of the Democratic ... - . , . a Printing without savins how much party is to cowardly keep their can should be printed or how distribu-ldidate behind the curtains until after ted I the legislature nas Deen eiecieu, mi. . wis Ai.an thereby requiring tne memners oi ask every Populist in th roinm ssioners of Labor and l"11 w - 10 una ?.. man wnose name ana cnaracier w Imizhtv Uoa every negroes lieing on juries, etc. In Bun- j tin appointment of omlie eoiintv. in Linn-stone town-' brotlier of the late ship, two white Democrats had a lawsuit. It was deciclen . to draw a iurv. The Asheville Gazette in ret- erence to it says : "Yet when the jury was drawn for this Limestone cax, lo and la- hold, three negroes were on it! We have their names but do not know their attitude regarding white su premacy. Uimn these colored men David Daglcy, Worth Baglev. and other tiicmUra of the family. In fact. Senator Pritchard ha dot all lie could to git IU-mbli-an t ronage for thi- family, notu it h1 a tid ing the Newt and 01nervT ha ln alMj-Ing tlt Senator and hi rty. Tle Olr-crver I- on !. Printing (there isonly one CommLsJ . not support the G. O.P. I want to J devolved the resnsibility of deci- North Carol i-1 ding the late ot ft white man : mis . I . 1.-- I rv . . : i.raver to AI-I we. nan suinniseo wa nctni mmii'ii- i ne ipemtaTBiir - i . - - . . .. ..i dav from now Ition: but with negroes In lemocratici ua- the largest. Twne ia Ea4r4. (By the Arjriatil l'n. Mixk.ims MixmJutip in. State Convent iot i imo-1 haruionioiia day the 7th day of July, 1900, at one o'clock, p. m. The precinct pri maries will be held in the various precincts on Saturday the 30th day of June, 1900, at the usual place for such meetings. W. E. MURPHRKY, Chm'n P. P. Greene county. N Keep Democrats IS etc r Chatham Citizen. Democrats used to say that if they ever came into power they i abolish "the abominable revenue sys tem." Thev came into power and in Chatham county abolished it by and distribute immediately thirty thoufand copies of the election law and two hundred thousand copies of the constitutional amendment. This has always been the duty of the Sec retary of State. Was it the inten tion of the legislature to put this work in the hands of a Democratic officer so as to have these documents distributed for campaign purposes? If so, it is a cheap way to have cam- Promises, j paign literature printed and distrib uted at the expense of the State. They passed another resolution di- i a m a a . 1 T 1 would I recting tne tjommissiouer oi uauur and Printing to have five thousand copies of the report of the commit tee to investigate the management ot them is unknown and as to whose fitness for said office the ordinary voter Ls not allowed to judge. - ( ntting His Sermon Short. A certain minister, during his dis course one Sabbath morning, said : "In each blade of grass there is a sermon." The following day one of his flock discovered the good man pushing a lawn mower and j.aused to say: "Well, parson, I'm glad to see you are engaged in cutting your sermons short." Ex. until the election in August for our headquarters at Raleigh sending hh success nd the defeat of the amend- j white supremacy literature, and ne- ment. While doing this do not fail I groes selected by Deuuicrats to try to work for this end in every way! white men we can't unravel the ...... n .w1 in oluptinn .lav rn in I til VsderieH of the "Vital" isMHH of tua noil with a.lilertv lovinc- Miiritlthis caniwugn fnun a Di-mfiTatU- a-'v--- ar rr a burning within your breast, and lstandouit The Charlotte Observer says the T?oriii Vl iran! Viq-o nniriina i m a efrr.no ment would be unconstitutional, and ticket ; but the candidate for Vice- .ura nave DroKen their sol- TwirtPTit i mm.h . emn pledge not to amendment. submit such an didate. That may not. stronger can- may be true and it nhano-ino- hA number of Deniltv OUtW prison ua ntunui.. v & " I . . . . 4J .1 4il 4,..l Marshals from 3 to 9 (one of the 9 aepanmem F" uu U1SUIUUI being Mr. J. D. Mclver, Democratic Wonder if this document will be nominee for the Legislature). This sent out by Mr. Simmons from Dem- was a practical illustration of Demo-1 ocratic headquarters crats carrying out a pledge, . ' I 4 Simmons is now saying, justas we with a determination to cast your Iwillot and see it counted, and we will hist as ure win as this earth rotates. Believe me, for it is true. Yours for success "A Wake Pop.' Teh Copies For One Dollar For ONE DOLLAR' Club of Tea Subscribers " -a until the election in August. Now is the time to act. Populists ai requested to go to work and send in clubs at once. - CAUCASIAN PUBLISHING CO. Now w e do not say this w as wrorig. It is not our busines. Hut Hipn Republicans had iut negro s on thy ...... . a an a jury 7 hy, they would ne car tooned all over the State. Then there is nothing said about tlw two negroes in Franklinton rttnning for aldermen on ft Detmicratic ticket in ' A 1 I 4... I.. and enthusiastic known fitr'jvar. . Charls A. Townc, of Ihilutli, PouIist iKlMate frr V Presi dent, wa given th lMrtM kiinl of an ciuhirseiuent and tin (k'h-gat to Kan City were instriKlt-l lo -4i p tit him. Tlie nolutioiis alopttI fvr tin fni; -inage of -ilv-rat tli'fxi-tlug lgal ratio," which -irtuHy -toeatia Di to 1; deiHMiiMcM tru-ts; ih-inaiMl that trust article ! placol mi I In f: list ; exjtre-f syniiathy w ith th Bovrs; dcntftiHj' irKlepenIeiHe for Cul; ak the rei-al of war taxej.; a Democratic town, and helicltode-Und favor the iiM-ime tax. feat three white Democrats. CaiM aad Effect. Digention. muob like lo?e and wirvt, no trtflioa: will brook: Ilia oook ooce a polled tti diabf of an emperor or oin, . The convention wan warm in allegiarMe to William J. Bryan. it, The op-.ition sentiment in tlie State against the Amendment ; U The dinner spoiled tbe troprr of Ilia 1 growing every day. If the people Malesty.ftBd then. The E inner or mftde'buiori aod-no one hiamra toe oook 1 r.F. MacBxath in Tbe Smart S.t can get ft fair election, and a fair count, it will be defeated by at least , 75,000 majority. . . t I .3 I . 1 i (1 n i 'it i -1 4 0 .11 , 4 I : II It

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