North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. XVIII.
, , . he t.M i
, .1.1. rorr.,,.,,,,,,, .c,t. j
r. ...
. 4.
n, Aog J.5 A report from!
.-ii. .u .u la lUUf
v demoralized and decisive tic
lor the British force, may loot,
,., peeled. According to advice
tu uiv iriuauconienuer-in-cniei
licUVt bas been out off from the
i n it ward atd has probably recrossed
ii . M ig!.eterg, in an effort to ea
, i nis pursuers by plunges ino the
a ;in nit country of the Orange Itivei
colon v
"t n. Ujberts reports that the Boer
n!y about three hundred same Christian, Mif half a d zen of
i ..iiuwi-rs left and that DeWet has I 'mr best neighbors were to request
i,m -u compelled to bury his guns. -hat the ballot ones be put where
I rub&bly because he was unable tc ! dl could see them and hare an hon
rmiHport tnem during his hurried election would he agreed WT" He
According to official advices Pres
i l' ut Steyn is making a despeiatt
:7ort to get out of the field of mill
ury operations and j in Krngr at
Machadodoip. Kjborts Hays that
u-ya is reported to have recrossec
tl.o 1'ienaars river for that purpos j
Advices Indicate that the burgher !
are in most desperate Uraits and o -!
Mcials here are rxptcmg tews bi i
l Wets surrender at any time. 1
i i also beloved that Steyn will be
( Hpturnd before he can join Kruirer at
15 u Her has had some bard fighting 1
ilnnug us advance. Hubert a report
that he was fifteen miles south ol
lfast Tuesday and that his columt
bus had twenty casulttew.
There was an engagement Tues
lay between Baden Powell and
Urobler's rear gaard, the latter bn
in driven back. While the tihtinp
wh in progress the advance guardt
ruBhed into each other and the Hio
Ifsians had a heutenant-cnlont-1 and
tour men killed aud two oftieers and
six men wounded.
)en. Uoberts' dispatch to the War
office as follows:
"Pretoria, Aug. 22 Bulltr was at
Van Wjk's Vlei, fitten miles soub
of Belfattt, yesterday. II j has had
twenty casualties. Baden Pow. 1)
drove Orobler's rear gunrd back east
of Pienaar's river in a tl git yester
dav Dating the fight ttie advauce
guards galloped into tach oiher, the
Knodesians losing a lieutenant colo
nel and four men killed and two of
ficers and six m n wounded. It seems
certain that DeVet, who has no hope
of getting to the eastward, has re
crossed tne Magliesberg with the in
tention of returning to the Orang
Hiver colony. He has about three
hundred followers. Most of his guns
have been buried. Steyn is stated
to have crossed Pieuaar' river witb
the intention of j ining Kruger at
The correspondence captnred by
the British at Bloeinfontein was puft
lished today. It consisted m jstly cf
letters from Cape Colony oliticians
to president Stevn aid Kruger. Th
members of Parliament whose name?
are mentioned in the correspondence
and Henry Laoourchere, tditor of
Truth, Dr. Qavin Clark, formerly
consul general of the Transvaal t
Oreat Britain, and John Kdward
Millf, Liberal member for Notting
The alleged Incriminating lett,r
were all written before the breaking
out of the war in South Africa Tn
Hole aim of the writers, apparently
was to secure a peaceful solution t
the d tllculty by means of a compu -mie,
tkud they specially urged con
cessions by the Boers. Instead of be
ing in any degree reprehensible, th
letters will impress impartial read
em as being distinctly creditable U
the writers.
i.lrN Ail vised to Marry Country
Thu Colombia, Mo., Herald advl
girls to marry country boys
"The wise girl," says the Herald.
'nts her cap for the country boy."
It continues:
True, he wears overalls and has
brown hands and bis feet are In hh
way when he walks, but he it
worth a dozen of the town dudes,
with their white fingers and high
collars and unpaid laundry bills
Take a country boy who will stay
In the country. He Is a free man ;
the town boy Is a slave. He works
all hid life at a meagre salary and
spends that in ways not always
commendable. There are torn
who do not ex pec c to have their
wives support them by keeping
boarders; there are some who d
not loaf on the streets Sundays and
stay up late at 'nights; theie are
town fellows almost equal to the
boys from the backwoods ; but be
ware of the other kind. Stick to
the country sweethearts and stay
.Mi'Kiuly Mn Will Not He Suppressed
f haft? A rain t Supprion
Morganton Herald.
.r Krv
We are not in the confidence of the
McKinley people; but they are quite
sure to have something to say in th
state for their man at d will not be
found so iiy of nupp'eHniou or com.
poneti of the same class of men, who
very foolishly rented the adoption of
the amendment
We stand Hat footed with' editor Bbl
V"d the Rev White In this matter
Vvhile loath to fling an ugly WStd
Vly confess that we chafe und'i
j se ins a settled purpose to deny
tree speech, even in the matter of the
j - .
r "tor from robesom.
U'liat a Church Mn,U iia vkt
ircbr ald, Thr. ar ton, Good
UAfuo,vux,'Ilrm- ,r0B,
! fraud we. committed
t 6er P'winet. Plenty of fraud
committed at all precinota heard
r0m in tni. county. It aeem, that
..nt-thrftft. J
all the dirty work
but doubled kii ..,
.loomed ,kQnk, would uXoopQ
. ,h -h.m.- .v.-
. to
machine and
some of the red shirt eatthroats hare
lone. I hare been informed thai
n officer of a christian church was
he cause of the ballot box being
'oped off m St. Paul s precinct. One
f the best and most respected citi
zens of that precinct, said to this
replied : No, by golly, you will rote
ike it is or not vote at all."
This same church member mikei
ong prayers, and no doubt says tc
Himself, '"J d, I thank Tho that J
tin not as oth. r mu are aud I kuow
that I am not honest, truihtul etc.,
ud some of my neighbors know thai
&ru not, but r pra eve ni ht b
, ... . . ,
fore retma. ' inney to
uip iut preacners raise 'cam ' in
Caina, and for other missionary pur
j poses, Luke lS, 11-12. Also I know
that I and all
of like character ar
rbe antitype of the cUss spt ken of in
Matthew, sixth chapter aud eleventh
: word in the fit'th verse and pray ac
j cordicgly.''
j I ara proud to say that there are b
j few Christians who are working for
! the glory and honor of their Redeem
er. Church members who took any
part, or in any way, endorse the dev
eltry perpetrattd upon the good peo
pie of this State are not christians or
now have an aching void. A preach
er in this county was heard to say
that he "would rather a drunkard b
elected by the Democratic party that
have a Christian elected by the Pp
ulist party.''
There is more dirty meanness be
ing engineered by cnurch membors
than a majority of the people have
an idea of.
Nr Plus Ultra.
St. PauI, N. C , Au. 20.
Th Hid NVicro-Stale iech Diftfrait
chiMHl The NiuKer Howling Speaker
iio With tb Isnorant Nicxer.
We have been made tired of ti
rads against negro domination For
a genera ion are more, it had been
a burden of Democrat iespeech-mak
ing. The same old speech did err
vice from campaign to campaign.
That great election on last Thurs
day disfranchised both the negro
and many a tiresome old speech.
Some familiar speakers hitherto
will now disappear. It is hard for
old aee to learn new tricks. Thos
who have' with their one speech
kept themselves prominent forthir
ty years will ecarcely find? them
selves equal to the exigencies or
the era of new speech making. A
full and free discussion of public
issues on their merits by many
new men may be expected hereaf
ter. The debates may be cleaner
and on a hlgncr plane Mort
thought will be called for m argu
ment and a wider range of infor
mation will be necessary in order
to meet the demands of the people
Last Thursday was epochal. We
have entered upon an era when he
who would win popular faw r
must work. The old negro in tl.e
woodpile speech has been dlsfrau
chised.-Lumber Bridge News (Dem;
Pruyed For a Bolt of Lightning;
uud Got It.
Hartford, Conn., Dispatch, 17th.
A laige barn on Windsor avenm
owned by George Demlngs was
struck by lightning on
and burned.. Mr. Doming employed
i farm hand early in the season
who left him some time ago after u
disagreement. This workman hat
boosted to his acquaintance s many
lmes recently that he never laid
his head on his pillow at night tha
he did not pray that Dt mine's
barn ovght be s ruck by lightning.
Deming had heard of his formei
employe's enmity and laughed at
it, bnt he said today that thfr
seemed as peculiar and clear a case
f answer to prayer as he had eve)
heard of.
Cousins Drown at the Same Time
ut Different Plaees.
New York Dispatch, 18th.
Stephen Peacock, son of George Pea
cock, of Yonkers, N. Y., and George
Peacock, son of Stephen Peacock, of
Pe kkill, were drowned to-day at dif
ferent points in the Hudson rivf r. They
were cousins and went swimming at
the same hour. Stephen at Yonkers
and George at Peekssill Each boy be
came exhaust d, got beyond his depth
nd was . drowned before aid could
reach him. Each father sent a tele
gram to h s brother telling him of the
loss, and each father received it at the
water's edge while aiding in the efforts
o re. over the body of his own son.
Heir to f 30,000,000.
A special to the Times Herald from
Asheville, N. C. says a girl baby has
been born to Mrs. George Vanderbilt
In Biltmore House. Mr. Vanderbilt
announces that her name will be Cor
nelia tituyvesant. The little stranger
is heir to a fortune or X30,(XX),(XX).
v bat EBwrt win u ii,o iiiaa-x.ii-
i u stxii uui ud j,ir .ad by
,u mm a rxiter citizen or ,
- iuuib ieanui Deasir is be n bu-
nan or is h a brute.
I shall as
Hume that he is human. I find no-j
thing In the Book contrary to this
assumption. Then, if be is human j
he is entitled to citizenship. If a ;
man is disfranchised be Is deprived ?
of his citizenship and placed on a '
-." ion oear. i
Now what right has any State or j
oernment to ask of a man to sub- j
ecv niniseu and property to taxa
tton, to do the duties of a good eitl-!
zen and perform the functions of
government without guaranteeing ;
to mm the right of free citizenship j
and independent suffrage? '
The Morning Post ' commenting
oa the situation, tried to console
the disfranchised element by say-1
ng that it would "take no part in !
the McKinley nigger issue," that
the negro shoold be allowed to rest.
and that we should try to make ol
h in a good citizen, etc. What new
0autiis in the adODtion of the
a -
intendment does the Post see for
the n gro and poor white man? Can
t show any color of a rainbow that
has been lejton the retiring storm
No, the rejectiou of the Howarc
amendment aud the adoption ol
he Uth and 15th amendments tc
the United States Constitution hat
;lven him a taste of free suffrage
and American Ubertv: and nevei
will he be content or happy. Hit
country's flag has been folded, as tc
him, and he can no longer rally
around it or sing his songs of lib
erty beneath its shadow.
Make better citizens out of sucl
conditions? No, instead of mak
ng better countrymen of them you
have either driven eighty thousand
ood laborers from the State, oi
else you hae turned loose eighty
thousand negroes who. will degen
erate into so many Boxers or an
And what will you do with tht
sixty thousand white men who wil
be disfranchised under the grand
father clause? Any man who can
read or spell, and put two words to
gether, can see that this clause
crosses the 14th and 15th amend
ments; and any one can understand
what Webster ment when he saia
that ' six men can sit on one long
b ach," can read a second time and
know what is embodied in the 14th
and 15th amendments.
Prince Daniels or Lord Sim in on
might say that Webster did not
know what he was talking about,
that six men were too many on on
bench This might be so if it were
a short bench, but this State is long
enough and broad enough for eve
ry man in it who behaves himself,
to vote, and Simmons and Danlelr
are as poorly equipped to test th
qualification of a votoi as any 'sim
Uns' in it But thev have cast the
lie without the count, and without
the test. The State has been rav
ished of its splendor and civil lib
erty, has been robbed of ns glory,
ree and independent suffrage is a
thing of the past century.
Cecession has been repeated, out
compact with the Union severed ;
how an oath has been disregarded
to accomplish th'S end. Power has-
been taken out of the hands of many
and concentrated into the hands o
a few. We are virtually out of the
Union, and are regarded by othei
states as a iot of perjured fools.
The distant impe ialism that w
have been hearing so much of, hat
been established in North Carolina
rbe empire is complete, and tht
Emperor is A Cock, and he will b
combed when the ravishers meet at
Raleigh next winter. May God
save the oor inconsistent mob.
This is a nice step for North Car
ollna to take. It looks a little be -
ter for South Carolina, the home o
cecession, rebelism, Tilmanism and
riot. But they say every man vote
in South Carolina that wants to
Phis is not the case. Every man
who accepts the empire can vote
for the Emperor if he chooses, if
mot he is elected all the same. I
believe too they have some kind ol
a row up there now, as to . whom
shall be Emperor, but it is all in
the family.
But how does the adoption of the
amendment look from a Christian
standpoint, and where was the re
liglous press during this conflict
for humanity? Looking at it even
from a moral standpoint, we see
sixty ' thcusond white men and
eighty thousand negroes whose
chances for heaven have been re
versed. The religious press, with
a few exceptions, was silent. The
leading Methodist paper said but
little, what it did say was for the
machine, or at least that is our con
struction upon it. Since the elec
tlon the same paper says edl tori
ally: ;s--.. .
"For some reason many colored
men did not register, or go. to the
polls" - ' v. -;: V
Is it possible, that the editor of
that paper does not know why the
negroes and many white - men did
not register or vote? - He does not
'read hU tichauf, (or porbap.1
they are all machine papr) !!
he would fcav atd t many of the
Uoloied, a wH m the whit, menj
artven rrom the poll by mobs of.
rva anirts witn snot guns etc. The
'fame paper further says every poe-
slble argument was presented on
both sides, and all had a good op
oonunlty to understand the merits
of the political measure."
I would iik fnr thAtm that
Christian journal to tell his sub-
scribers what chance the Fusion
speaker had at J-mlthfleld to ore-
sent his argument, when he was
dragged from the stand, which had
been erected especially for him to
-peak from, and kicked through
the streets by a mob of red shirt
Boxers. This lookslike presenting
arguruuitsff) It looks more like
, . .
'civil war or missionaries lu Pekln,
surrounded by mobs of Boxers than
place 1 n civilization, where freer
dom of speech Is tolerated
The editor goes still further and
says: "It becomes all good citizens
to accept the decision of the ballot
box, adjust themselves to the situ
ation, aud do all they can to ele
vate all classes of our countrymen.'
There has been no decision at tht
ballot box, the decision that he it
speaking of was reached at Raleigh
when those Southern atheniant
adopted that infamous election ma
chine called the election law (?)
There has been no other count oi
ny other decision since, and doet
it not look like elevating a country
man, when you place him on a lev
el with a mule for a foundation
from which to build a good citi
zen? And now I come to the most
pitable scene in the conflict Just
passed. I know one or two gospe
ministers who became officers
in the campaign clubs, and paradeo
and churned with the balance pi
the mob.
I have heard of one who laid asid
nis clerical garb and donned a red
shirt and claimed to be 'clothec
and in his right mind,' but I am
not advised as to his course outside
of this. I don't know what to think
of this kind of religion, but I think
it must be a very cheap kind, so
common I would not risk my chan
ces on it.I could just take on a litth
more sy mpathy for the Boers ano
the unfortunate of my own native
land, and risk getting to heaven on
cnat rather than such religion.
There is another thing that loo&
strange ; that is, to see a minlste.
get in the palpit and preach a bh7
sermon on prohibition and pray
most fervently for prohibition tc
'Weep the country, and on electioi.
day allow some political fanatic to
lead him from his own ticket and
vote with him. Why can't a man
vote the way he prays J Why ask
God to direct you and then allow
the devil to lead vout I believe Id
consie-tency . . I want to hear no min
ister preach prohibition who did
uot support that ticket on last elec
tion day, nor I would not go far to
hear him on any other subject.
J. E. H.
Did Th Democrat Aek the C onsent of
the Governed f
Iowa Sent'nel, Aug. 10.
Hosv many of the Democrats ol
this vicinity are aware that in 1853
tne United States mlaiaters to
Grett Britain, France, Spain and
the Netherlands, Russia and Prus
sia, all Democrats, met In Ostend,
Belgia, and Issued a manifes o de
claring It was the purpose of the
Democratic party to annex the ls
and of Cuba, to purchase it peacea
bly if possib'e but to acquire it
forcibly if necessary. How many
are aware that the Democratic
platform of 1860 (every faction) de
clared for the annexation of Cuba?
This plank received every "vote it
every convention held by the Dem
ocratic party that year and not a
word was said about asking the
consent of the Cubans to the ar
rangement When the Democrats
under Jefferson in 1852 annexed
Louisiana they did not ask the
consent of the inhabitants - When
under toe Democratic administra
tions of Polk and. Pierce about half
of Mexico was wrested from hei
and annexed to the United States
the c insent of the inhabit hts was
not asked. The sadden interest In
the doctrine of consent now enan
elated by the Democrat is in oppo
sition to Democratic history -and
prezeueui wen as to ineir p es
en practice in North Carolina acd
ot it.r Southern States.
l,2U3,6W7.8ouls in Philadelphia.
The population of the city of Phil
adelphia, according to -the official
count of the r turns of the 13th cen
sus announced is 1,293,697, in 1900,
against i,oio,otf4 in ltjyu
These figures show for the city
as a whole an increase in DODula-
lion of 246,733, or 23.57 per cent from
isyu to iyw. - : .
C A Cause Tor Regret." :JJ
A country paper has ais person
al item : i hose who, - know old
Mr. Wilson of this place, personally,
will regret jo hear that he was a
saulted in a brutal manner last
week, but was not killed!,"
,r xw.,
J "
ruber ton Argus, (Dem.)
Is It poible that there la any
end to the cry of nigger In Norih ',
Carol lea political Was not the
chief argument of the ltU Campaign
that we should not have to listen to
that old itump speech any more.
And did not all the newspapers
burst into rtjjicl og fu,r toe elec
tlon beeanse ww must bdgia U,
study pojltics with a wider view
than the race isue, and predict that
statesmen would now grow np in
the place of harranguers and rant
ers? And is it not almost Incredi
ble that some of our chief paper
should begin so early oa the old
hgwl! They must tav grown old
in tbe btiief that politics la nigger
aud 11 nd it Impossible at this late
day to readjust their minds to the
new state of things. If we revive
the race question now, we revive it
forever ; it is Just as nearly1 settled
now as It will ever be. If a man
a3ks yoa to vote against McKrnley
on account of the neg o, tell him
that he is a a enemy to the peace of
the State; and that if you vote
against McKinley it is fur othei
reiiOLB. The North Carolina De
mocracy has won a great victory on
that slogan, but it can Lever win
auotber that way. Wit is so un
wise as to fall back Into the old
rut, it falls to its own hurt. Are
the editors fogies, or do they take
the people to be.
An Insult It is to put such an ar
gument to a good citizen, and the
party that does so commits. a great
folly. It is hih time to awake out
of slet p, and see that wo have put
our feet on the edge of a new era.
rhs weak man is he who canno
change with the changing times.
Condition of Cotton.
There is slight improvement in
the condition of cotton In portiom
of Mississippi and Louisiana
where, however, complaints of in
sects, suedding and slow growth
c ntinue. uver eastern Dortionaoi
the cotton belt the reports are gen
erally unfavorable, indicating pre
mature op. nine, sheddine and
prevalence of rust In Tennessee,
Arkansas, Oklahoma aid Missouri,
the reports are alao unfavorable
rust and pr mature opening being
general. IaTcxs, tha crop as a
whole, has Improved, but is shed
ding And has sustained damag
from rust and insects in many lo
Another Simmons Trick.
The tally sheet shows that in th
Ashtboro precinct Dr. ri. A. Henley,
Democratic candidate for coroner,
r ceived 102 votes and that Dr. S.
W. Cadde;!, Republican candidal
received 126 votes. On the abstract
A the to al vote returned to tht
cle k, the six, where written, i
jrased and the figure six is conver
ted into a na jgat, making CaddeU't
vote 120. This Democratic ttick
elected Henley by two vutes. The
abstract is on tile in the clerk
office and every citizen in the cjun
y i3 invited to call and see it.
Randolph Argus.
"Political Farce Comedy in the Acts"
By the Political Clown That Covets the
"Sinecure" 3,300 Salary.
The News and obierver in its is
sue of Aug. 23d saj s :
(By Charlotte Observer.)
Act. 1. Before the Democratic
Convention in Chicago :
"Loyaity to the p.atform of th
National Democratic Convention it
the supreme test of the party fea'
ty. If this test is not recognized,
vbat is the use of party organiza
tion? ILpw can a party hope to ac
complish results? a man who de
nies the validity of this supren e
test is a political Quaker, a mug
wump, an Uitlander, He cannot
wear a party uniform and drill in
the ranks. .And a bolter is worse
still a traitor. Charlotte Obser
ver. Act 2. After the Democratic Con
vention in Kansas City: 'The Ob
server will not support the plat-
icrrn nor we candidates." Char
lotte Observer. ;
Act 6. ihief owner and boss of
the Charlotte Observer appointed
to a $5,500 sinecure Job by McKIn
ley, for President.
Tit For Tat.
Mark Hanna puts two negroes on
nis aavisory committee. He Is
welcome to them. tie miebt add
more and we would interpose no
oojecuons. Washington Progress.
Mr. Bryan put himself into the
advisory committee of the ' negro
league in Cnicago. They are wel
come to him. They might aid
Jo Daniels and Chairman Simmon.
and I would Interpose no objection.
They ought to get P. D. Winston U
organize negro leagues. HU friend
George H. White, of color, might
am mm. jtie can - "read , and
writew and hence is an intelligent
voter ana has the right to hold
office according to the Ameadment.
D. F. 8.
Green boio aldermen have enact
ed an oid nance prescribing a' fine
O $2 for: spitting on the sidewalks
of he city. Loafing - or loitering
round tbe passeueer station and
, the federal building is also nrohlbU
tea oy uw same ordinance.
30, 1900.
Mc4 ,, . . pnlf
Salted to Future Reference.
SeUic Butler In New York Indent. W-ut, Au . lei
In the eiectlun wbUh wu rld
oa Thursday the pnminntqueitloo!
was the pruol atoeodtuent to the
Constitution of North Carolina,
which, t ripped of lu subterfu
and dteguLs, and put In plain Ku
gliah, according to the purpose ex
pected to be accomplished, may U
coudeuMxl tu follows:
After July 1st, i02, kuo negro
uot sbi to read and write (ejutpt
those or their deMceudant who o
tod lu the State prior to I8ii, or in
some other mate ou January 1st,
lbti7, or prior thereto), shall register
in any election therealter to be held;
but all white peraous who now vote
or Urouie entitled to Vote prior to
December Ut. lyus, the UeMcvud-
ants of thorn who voUd on Jauuar
st, 18ti7, or prior thereto, rJull
continue Uivgiaier at all elc-ctiou-
which are held during their live,
although unable to read aud wriu;
but after December l?t, iyo, nc
mate pennon coming of age tdiall tw
allowwl to rejrister units able ic
read aud write. After Julv list.
1UU2, no person shall be eligible tc
reg bier unlern lie shall have paid b
tlio tint of March preceding Uh
election the toll tax tor which Im
may be liable.
Although a plain violation oi
Article XV of AmeudnieutM of tht
Constitution of the United State.
this Amendment was proponed, aim
the white people aroused to a frenzy
and urged to declare whether the
favored "negro rule" or "white su
premacy," when not a ningle candi
date for the" .Legislature was a negro,
and when the Ijegialature of 1&9S-
was overwhelmingly liemocratie
and had declared through the cam
paign of 1898 that a restoration ol
the old legislative system of count
government for the negro counties
of the east was amply sufficient tc.
lift "the ruthless heel of the negro
off the necks of the white men" lb
such counties.
In addition to this, we had an
election law. in comparison with
which the Uoebel law would U
considered just and fair, and undei
whwh no provision was made that
registrars should be sworn, and no
punishment was provided for the-
most arbitrary and despotic conduct
of the registrar. He might exclude
such persons as, he chose from the
fight to register. The two judges
of election, appointed to act in con
junction with the registrar, wen
required to be of opposite political
parties; but if one did not appear on
the day of election, some "discreet
person" should be appointed by the
registrar in his stead. . Those recom
mended by the Fusion party were
in most cases rejected, and men who
would not appear were appointed,
so that in many precincts only Dem
ocrats had charge of the election.
In addition to this, especially in
counties along the South Carolina
border, Kedshirts were organized
and negroes and white men intimi
dated, and in many counties the
negroes especially were not allowed
to register. In New Hanover coun
ty only two votes were cast against
the amendment, but in that county
the Democrats simply excluded the
negroes, who were in the majority,
and intimidated white men who
were opposed to the machine from
registering. Challenges were al
lowed on the -day of election, and
many registered voters were rejected
and deprived of their votes.
Under this law no mandamus,
injunction, or restraining order coold
be issued until at a regular term ol
the Superior Court the facts stated
in the petition could be tried by a
jury that is, after the election wat
orer. This was a practical denial ol
all right of redress or appeal from
the arbitrary and despotic ruling of
the registrars and other election
officers. The registrars and judges
of election bad full power to refuse
registration, to hold the election a
they pleased, and make what return-
they saw fit. In many instances,
although the law provided that the
ballots should be counted in the
presence of as many electors as chose
to attend, all electors were excluded
and no onlooking was permitted.
In large negro counties, where In
nue cases the white . vote did not
number two thousand, the negroes
who voted against the amendment
ana tor tne - f usion ticitet were
counted as voting for it and for the
Democratic candidates, and a major
ity of thirty-five hundred returned.
Candidates for the legislature, who
were Populists or Republicans, were
v Ek Gor. James E- Boyd, the only
Demoerat ever elected aa governor
of Nebraska, ha announced hU op
position to Bryan on account of hla
free silver views.': - , -
in a Brief tou Cmutsc
okiixI out, rl lnurrmtlc
twr return tn tbrlr ptav. Hy
tbw UM-ihod a majority if Uty
thotind Uclaiuinl for tb A lurod
tuent and for the IVtuotTrntkr Mate
tkket; aa Ubi In Ox Mornlurf
!ot, a "glorious vktory a ho n
by fVrv " About fuur-nfUw ol
the Sena to and ticMue of ltrprve-n-UUvcM
will U Democrat. KrmUd
and rascality have reign! mivum
aud hon DvimarraU are dl-utnl
with fictitlou rvturua and the cwal
lugof count In which lite 1'Uftiou
iU have nujotlll ranging a hlh
a two thousand. lVmuvralic speak
er, from the candidate for tiovrtn
or down, rej-atedly di flared durtiig
the campaign that lh eod ju4inrl
the ujean. Ttn-y ilnliml tl-ir
detenu lnation to rule,- whetlwr
for-e or fraud. They taul Um Ii
preference tu rule bylaw whwn
Mas the law legmlliitig fraud. iS-ui-
cK-ratic members of the Ij-gbdaiun-
toldly declared that theelevtiou law
was made for the purport of adoM
ing the Amendment and a-rpi lus
ting the iowcr of tlie i K-iuoi.-rl u
Irty. To theMU ateineuU then
arose a mighty protect from lVu
lisbi, ItepublieatiH and dlutd
iVmocratM, cx)mioniiig a Urge major
ity of the voters of tin; Mate, hut
whose voice wan arlly atltleii lu
many placm byaruieil iiitiiuiaalion,
consLsting of ltednlrt rnola organi
zed and encouraged by thecauliJal
for Uovernor, whom they eriel
from place to plav; aud further bi
lled and overthniwn by "the litl'a
mous provisionof an election law
wliich lelize-i fraud and lawlo-nes-.
Horn McKane would have gloried
in these frauds, by the 'ulv of w bu b
his reported returns te into insig
niticancv. lie was sent to the Peni
tentiary, but the recipients ot tlifr
fraudulent returns, go to the lA-gb-lature,
and their boss, biuanonM, by
the aid of their votes U to go to the
United Hlates Senate! ( tkmi-ka,
( MOH!
These fiauds eoinmencvd yean
ago in Eastern North Carolina, ami
for a lonr; time were denied. They
were praciicttl especially in the
beconl district, in which tlie Demo-
crabs tbrougb their professional
poll-holdeis, ?U)c-ied a member ol
Coiiitre-tfi. They were exiosc,d in
the ccjutest of Cheatham vs. ood-
ard, but the Coininltbv on Klec
tions, like Oallio, "cared for none ol
these things."
The election of 18'JH wa.- carried
Dy such methods, and today the
stench is awful.
The law abiding iieople of the
United Ktates must face the question
whether the Fifteenth Amendment
to the Constitution of the United
States can be nullified by a State or
shall stand as the supreme law. Il
this amendment cannot Ije enforced,
were n not better lor me morals ol
the nation that it lie rejiealed
Every voter In N'ortli Caiollua is
sworn before he can register, "to
support and maintain the Constitu
tion and laws of the United Ktate,
and the Constitution and laws ol
North Carolina uot lucoiwsteut
therewith." How little regard is
paid to this oath! White fuprema-
cy Is the slogan, but it has degener
ated into the itedshirt, the symbol
of anarchy. Imjierialism was the
"paramount issue," but it is the des
potic sway of tlie Boss and his
henchmen. We flrot endure, then
pity, then embrace; and th judge
of election, under the orders given
them, select our rulers, and all w ho
do not tamely Kubmit, are denounced
as traitors to the white race and
told that they ought to be expelled
from tlie Bute. The Declaration ol
Independence was read on July 4th
at the Convention in Kansas City,
and made a part of the Democratic
platform; but by North Carolina
Democracy it is not considered to
apply to negroes nor to white men
who do not vote the machine ticket
The claim is made that "the Con
stitution follow s the Flag." Perhaph
it has gone to the Philippine or to
China It has certainly departed
from North Carolina during thih
election t and many of the provision
of the Constitution of North Caro
lina are placed i.v xubii s until the
fraudulent returns of this election
are made. Thus voters are deprived
of their right to elect their represen
tative's aud officers, as no law was
left by which they could get the aid
of a judge to protect them u their
right to vote and have true returns
made. Unconstitutional regulation
have taken the place of the guaran
teed right of suffrage and represen
tation; and those In a little brief au
thority are the masters who select
the rulers and servants of the peo
ple. At first It was cheating ne
groes, but now It is depriving of tlx
right to an honest ballot and fair
count thone who were bora free.
These men may attempt a repeti
tion of these methods, but there is
retribution In history. "Itighteoo
ness exalteth a nation, but sin Lj a
reproach to any people.
. Raleigh, N. C.
A 15 year old boy waa found
drunk on the Streets of Wil mine
ton a few days ago. Why not get
the redshirts af ur the men who
voted for the' liquor. '
No 3D
m:u itkvv
.'ra,i tit
ffvm Two Tai
A tare LuUy ,f fu. tttmtm.
ha lka tb
l.lo t ruatlaw th rof a
uf daatat.w al Aty.
W rteai tier iu k aikM
twriicU r"raa,at teii)4iaf
Th fcwpaiur and r'mprM lsw
r Uft Praia aal mml rtwarj
Mil trorU4 to bm mir4
th. arv4 lliy of p.ku Anf. lUh
J. W MrAlllair.o: iUlrlch.
allied lu a aaJtn la Nwvrt Nw
truU-r lUfiba rijiev,U- tl i4a that
lrr at Nwf,.,t, a,4ir4
lrt Lar4ar- fUUnLa..i.
tut l on.
Itv tratur carrll otf hj lb u aaiU to hav
iiiuunul U day tnlhtoa tala.
1 bairiutn J. n- Jrinr rrpuru that
rrnau-r Juha I. Jwr I, a. fuiW
rliaU r M'krt tutu llv tU-pJtH-a
lU" I'niud Mt cw rutu-tit
. a m ut r-ly 1.1 liua i
r. J.c iug lu apj-al vr a i-alUi'
ut ha l.itiMiu Cbma
New Lnland mill uin arv rharc
1 with tuiptinj 10 civu Ut
tail. (a tlon aniung ouraiors la
'"KfUtUiru cotton tniila.
UuU, it i r-porUd, la LutU
ling w itu tn muraiH romtalM
u lUw UulUd M tat. hi tor a luaa of
Ure,. baudn-J mllilou ruubl-.
Kutua Krnrick, f Wk-nld.
XI , has lt t fcro, j far, a a
npailoA llruiluior. fie Oa
copd k6,V aparrowa and ;,
gK"- ' m
Ht nry D. Stringer, of Svw York,
went intobaukrut tcy rM.oi!jr witn
tiMbiliiies amounting ut ii,2M.
ti uiauagel av flu for bl
Tlio Weather Uureau report
flight Improvt iii .nt In condition of
cotton In parta or Mltwipp and
Loumiana; in Teiaa the crop ha
unproved; over the caibrn por
tlous of tb-lelt the eondlllotia ar
TbeSoaboard Air Line ratlwaya'
(lrst motgage to the Continental
Irust Company, of Halt tm r, to
cure au usue of ilt&njif) foar
pc-r cent, gold bond, na been fill
in the cl rk a office of the Hu parlor
court at Atlanta Ua.
Man'a siil Utmliia
A cableKratn from Paris say : Oa
ot lu must wondriul storus of to
transmigration ot souls ever told
cvtnes liomL Orient, an Eastera sea
port, wbcre seven poraoos of ioUlli
gouee aud reputation for troth swear
up ja their honor that a dog spoke to
iom intell getfl. Tn year ac,
aco dit-if to their teaumony. a air
n. r by tne name of Kerbee, who had
aUayt butin a firm tM.hevt-r 10 the
uaj.tDiratioa of the Ltuto aool to
ih body of ao in f trior being, told
n;s wile that alter he ditd he would
returu to her in the dutnia of am
idotnestie pet.
Fuor yars ao a atranredor waa-
oered into the tioase and reaiaioed,
bug well taken care of by too fam
ily. Toree days ago widow Keibee,
ner ibre grown ebildreo and three
otiKbbor-, including a tkeptieal
cfaooimastr, were speLdiag the eve-
oiLg tcsetner at the facnae, cbattiag
liaaantly, wbtn anddecly the d g,
crisUfeaiiig awav io a dark corner, b
gn to njjan pitectulj.
Evrry one tnooot that the animal
waa dreaming, but pretenU h roe
ou toa hind legs aid spoke duuaet
ly, ia a faraway unnatural voiee,
mse words: 'Aden( wife and chil
dri ; aditu, friend .n
Taen the u till over atone dead.
Noinitg can shake the eoavietioo
ot lue Wttaeasts cf this tctut that
the dog really spoke. Toeacfaoolmaa
ter even aaers Uiat be saw Uie am
maf jw mot aa ho atUred hia
at-cabay fare wt 11.
Many of the citizens of L'Orient
are derply inrenacd becaaao the
Cath'hc church antboriues doehao
to hold religious ceremonies for the of the dog Exchange.
Crimliiul Ffdly tlie People Will
.Vot Submit io It.
The attempt to con tin Be the ne
gro a an itpue in politic afur the
adoption of the aineodmect la no
.hiug abort of criminal folly. The
people will not submit to It.
As an excqrslon waa returning
from Wilmington to Wilson Friday
night Kome one threw a brick lato
one I the coaches at Jet. Uhve,
barely mleslng the heads of two
occupaLts. The same thing wis
repeated when approaching Dudley.
W en Moore's g, about four
miles frm Ooldtbro, was teached, -a
1 rer bettle was thrown through
wind .w, cutting the face and arm
of M as Mamie Pittman. A larre
piece of th bot'lo also struck the
bed of Mies F orence Pittman, but
tbe'injary was tlighL
Ought to Htop the Negrr Howl.
Reform ("Larch Corinthian.
"How to nae the victory la thequee
iion which iat.racUrg the atteotion
of be more tboujtblfn nea in tb tuc
ceeful political party fa North Caroli
na It is gratifying that thee men are
saymg that the promisrs made daring
the eupalga shall be carried out; the
oero sbalf be protected in all bis
ngbu and that no political canvas
shall "be made upon the iaaoe, of 'nig
ger. Leas than this can hardly be
done and mala tain party integriti.
- f
-1 .

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