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ported from McKloloyi tu tubaup
uori ol Mr. iiufco mdw tur
thn uublmbMl, of nooiioent o, n I
whoiaip rted MKiJry. bot lo f (i
drlre thir adbewon to myar, i-u
been ivn to U pubic. Ine
concern rre;enterery part o. our
yaat ountry, ana tne beher now
aiuinjr tr.nih that Bryan m
inic to -wet p the field.'
lu 10 -wetp iu umu.
W. sa.d ihemoTern.nt 'Pfr'1"
every part of the country. fbai is
io uo inrue. Iu North Carolint,
a tnin emutithottjrwnv.
ln McKlol-y "Democrats' wi h
whom we ined in IH'JS uave proven
fa se to tht-ir luiplla 1 piominos, ai d
tne mti of li;ordaui einaieatfl
which hh been MghMug under lit
Uvmocratlo banner seems rent io
twain. The Bryanite tloment lutsj
kop aboluo faith with it allies t r
t? hid Its nosi at th re-
suits of the unnatural anion "
Wo think the Fayetteville Ob-orr
er states pre. ty correctly the prestmt
Httnation, and we also think it atat 8 1
correctly the cause wtilch has pro-
daced it. The real friends of Bryan
and silver, a the Observer states,
d.d all they could to get a co opera-
tion of the silver forces in Nortn
Carolina ia lHyo and run a campaign
on the money qaeation aud get tbe
trusts as the issue. This iffort was
defeated by the monopoly agents,
with the assLtauee of Bryau's loud-
mouthed, but falsi
friends in tbe
Instead of a co-operation on silver
for silver aud Bryan', there was aco
operation between the so called sil
ver Democrats and tbe Monopoly
Democrats on the ntgro as the issue
in tho Interest of monopoly This
explains why we haye bad two negro
oatnpaigas ia North Carolina, and
this also explains why there is now
eiiredsed any djubc about B; van's
carrying the State.
With the co operation of the silver
forces, Bryan carried the State in
lSbyover twenty thousand ma
jority, and it was not necessary to
holler nigger, and appeal to race
prejudice, or to steal a single vo:e to
accomplish that resalt. Tnis aud
more could have been accomplished
ia 1900. The editor of tne Fayette
ville Ooserver and tbe other true
friends of Bryan and silver in the
Democratic party may yet learn
what we suspected ia 1898, and what
we still suspect, and that is, when
tho fusion of the so-called silver
Democrats and Monopoly Democrats
was made, with nigger as the cry
that there was a secret deal to the
effect that the CUvelaad Democrats
were to get the State offices ia the
Aagast electioa, and that no serious
obstacle would be put ia the way of
the moaopely and Cleveland Dem
crats carrying the State for McKin
ley. Unless this was tbe dtal, what
other explanation caa be given ' of
what the editor of the Fayetteville
Observer calls the "unnatural anion"
ot discordant and antagonistic te
meats. It is clear that whatever deal was
made that one F. M. Simmons was
into it. It is well known tbat be is
aot a silver man and not a Bryaa
man, but that he ia a gold-bog and a
monopolist and a hypocrite, to say
the least. Senator Vance's denun
ciation of him went even further
than this. It was only a few months
before Bryan's nom: nation in 189G
that Mr. Simmons, then ona of Mr.
Cleveland's revenue officers, declared
iu an interview in Washington City,
taat he was for Cleveland and for
the gold standard, and that North
Carolina would send a delegation to
the Chicago convention of that kind.
The Democratic candidate fc Gov
ernor, Mr. Aycock, who hv just bei n
oounted in by fifty thousand majori
ty by Simmons ballot-box stuffvis,
was also a Clevolaad office holder,
and while he has talk ad in public for
silver, when campaign exigencies
demanded 1 it is well known by all
who have discuss d the matter with
him in private conveieation, that he
has always bean against silver.
As to little chameleoa Joseph ui
Daniels, he may have been into the
deal or he may not. He promised
Mr. Bryan aod the friends of silver,
to woik for a co-operation of the
it ver forces in this State ia J898.
One thing is certain: he did not keep
his promise. This little political
chameleon is so wanting in convto
tion and po itlcal honesty, that it is
difficult to form any conclusions at
any time from anything that he tays
or does; oat h.s condaot for the past
two years would seem to indicate
a. W a . i. ii .
tut u was into tne aea He not
only sat idly by io the 8tate conven
tion and allowed the Cleveland and
t f ii j . . .
icixiui7 democrats xo control it
9 m a., .
ana turn aown tne silver co opera
tion, but he has s ince played into
toe hands of that element
When the National Committee Meet
ug vi w "ouiuoi auo party was
held in Washington last Spring to
name a time and place for the na
tional convention, it was well known
to every member of the committee
and to.the public tbat Mr. Bryan and
his friends wanted an early national
contention not Utr than J on 6th-
was also well known that Croker,
Hill, Gorman and McLean, aid that
oote rie of Cleveland Democrats were
ia fiforof t UU convention, and
that tbrir dale was Jaly 4tt ; and the
onlroonteit before the Committee
was as to da'. Tn Croker-Hlll
Qurman crowd won out, and ibey
rn i,nt with tha votff and halo
C )iUDiittuD Daniels of North Car-J
When th national contention did L,
m-etat Kansas City, it waa well
kaown to every one in the Convii-to
. . r.nt.M- of .i thkt Mr. Hrvanl"
wanted a specific declaration for tree
Bivr at 1G to I ia the platform.
Hill, Croktr, f L in. and all that
.inu unH nnnnnl I
tuiideiireof Mr Brjan. Tney won
oat na-l ucceeded fa taming down
tie wiheof Mr. Bryan, ani tney
id it with the helD of one Commit-
. . . s th Carolina.
. . .
man, wun wnai iununce nu uvuc
be could make ws very active in
whin jinir around fum hottl t hotel
whipjing around fiom hottl t botel
d o, posing the nomination of Mr.
Towne, and advocating the nomlna-
tion of Mr. S evenon, while it is
genr rally understood that Mr. B.y-
an wanted Mr. Tovtue nominalej.
Now eiuee thm touliar conduct oo
toe uart of thie man Dan'eJs, it is
noticeable that he has been
MocUiruin thftt he was the great
. . . - i I
and that it wa his duty to t ty trait-
0r a- .,v-rybody tut did not come to
him for orders. It looks very uiacb
hke a ca" of thief cryinR: "atop
thief T"
In tbU connection It might also be
added tuat tnis fellow is one day de-
noancimr the P puli8ts of North Car-
oliaa, at.l declaring that Bryan dem
ocrats a not want or need any of
their b lp to carry the Sta'e, wbiU
thentx day be is ciying that the
Populists don't want Bryan elected,
and will be responsible for his d feat
if he does not carry this State. We
do not care to comment upon tnis
a8sinirre cry except to observe tbat
Mr. Bryan is much more popular in
MlL vr.
1.1 una voruiiun iuau vmuci uu
if Is or Mr. 8;rnmons, and tbat if Mr.
Bryan caanot carry the Sta'e by no
honest count of the votes, that then
it will be much easier for Simmons
and Daniels, through their
machinery, to cunt in the electoral I
vote f ir him. if thav wanted to do it I .
' . ....
man it was tor inein io steal tne
State offices for themselves by fifty
thousand majority on Augnst the!
In short, under present conditions,
unless Simmons and D tniela entered
into the conspiracy to turn tho State
over to McKlnley. it will not go for
aicn.e,, uecause it win ue very i
easy for them, regardless of how the I
voters vote, to coaut up fifty thoas-
and majority by means of the elec-
tion machinery. If thy are mio the
deal, of course they may stand to it,
and let the State g for McKiuley,
or theymayget greedy and want the
federal patronage i a the State, as
well as the State offices, aod refuse
to stand by tbe deal Wuat will be
the resalt, we do aot know. We do
kaow, however, thai Mr. Bryau's
iaterests ia tnis S ate are in false
and treacherous hands, thonsrh it
may be that their greed for the fed
erat omaes win cause tbem to save
the State for him.
1. b. since the above was writ
ten, the following has appeared in
tae wasuiugtoa lost, aod has been
copiea oy some north Carolina dem-
ocratic dailies with approval:
"The situation in North Carolina.
as between Mr. McKinley and Mr.
Bryan, is engaging some attention
among well informed politicians in
these paris. No one is quite read v
A . Al A a. 1 m TT i -taw m I
to say tuat ine Aar neeis win desert
the democratic columo, although the
story was brought to this city some
days aeo that there was an agtea-
ment between republicans aud dem-
ocrats, made a couaiderable time ago,
uiai lue amendment snoaid oe car-lAm
riedia August aad North Caroling
electoral vote delivered toMcKinley
ia November. Taat storv has ben
told quietly, bat with great empha Slatet why did ihe Democratic boss- was 8toien for him by the said Sim
sis, here of 'a'.e. It has not carried es arrange for the Ameutmnt not mons by fraud and force, werepres
couvictiou tbat any such agreement to go into effect uutil 1902? If we ent We think It a little some
SXiSS, o ..d i, w,. V to helr credit that the,
strong tendency amotg some North bad why wait nntil 1902 10 get rid 8tyed way. When Ransom and
Carolina democrats to fall in line for of it? We content ourselves with d6181" were prosecuting Sena-
the republican ticket.
it ta-lSl&5Sf Catuniaan:
who are in the confideuce of political
parties that there is a movement
among the dmicrats down thereto
issue a manifesto within a few d.ya
o!l ;I l.-rPrer"nc. ow tuat
Mr. McKinlty. Dea Is of the men
and of their iLfluenoe ia various I
XMortb Carolina communities cannot I
how oe given, out steps have acta
ny oeen taxen to tbat end. with
P osptcts of successf al culmination."
The above shows that 'others be-
iaej ihs Caucasian- believe that
m . ...
such a deal was made in 1808.
The Democratic machine in thulP08 la adopting the amendment!
State is already howling against
imperialism in the Phililoines.
xms is the machine that inaugura
A.. .!.--. .
tea ine reign or terror in certain
sections of North Carolina to intim
idate voters and to rob ballot boxes
and to break u
p free speech byk; , x, n' .
of redshlrtism, ruffianism
and and anarchy. These things are
worsethan .imviriaii. 7 l.V.!!!
who are honestly gaiot unperiaT
iam Aann., i . 4T. imperial -
gin at home to practice what they
preach. If Mr. Bryan is honestly
against Imperialism he will not en-
North f?55!CfSic maclline In
atal'nat ,,75?
against that that is at our doors
oeiore Deing against that which
maV exist In th lalnnH.. . tk. r.
-in" I v . LiTLh kV u r-
clflo Inhabited by barbarians.
Major Wui A. liotchkles. editor
of the National Republican of Mia
neeots, ao able vert-ran wbo has
bwen battling la the racks of re
form for a quarter of a txatarj.
writs the following leading edito
rial la nie lata of Aug. l?tb. with
rtf rence to ths Vice Prtaldsattil
FtAd hlr. Towne'a declination I
ni.,Ani. nnniiornmtniTftd Pf
hlra In od faith and expected him I
remain ia the field. We think igro rale North Carolina; and plant
declination a mistake Jt will
on of electors. By nominating Mr.
Bryan the People's party proved ita
patriotic aeeire ror tne necessary hr
I0?",.. wl , f .5 '"P?"
Ml 1 H A I illl7 j MA l(J III A A A n
.OPfnriimnat m-r he thft n,m
ocrata In the same generous apirit.
ir It la, tnere will be harmony in
Minnesota ana victo y will result."
MalOr HotChkleS if! the abOVe has
firnroad fimrtlw thA MntlmaiitaL.
i 1
of PopullsU In North Carolina.
uu U1
will not be di
will not be d
nd of the rank and file of the party
ine feopies- party
delivered bag and bag-
N?K iwnwcnwic lyf ana
tbose wbo are advising it and are
attempting to accomplish it are
vwrJ unwise ana loonsn, u tney
think they are doing it In the in-
Iterv.t or Mr. liryan. ir there are
OQy doing thin, hoping to carry fa-
vnr wl l.h Mr. Krvitn and t hurahv I
cure federal patronae, he should
cau a naili on iavm wnnouiiurxner
delay and pray to le delivered from!
ftuch friends.
Tho Democratic returniug boards
in the 14td Honatonai District has
counted out Mr J T. Knnuedv. the
Populist Senator elected ia that dis
tempte,i to ha
County It .tarai
tnot lbe Simmons machine at-
ave tbe - Democratic
taming B ard ia Sampson
county to steal enough votes to beat
Kennedy and put in the Demoeratie
e&nma&ta. i nn in a ava, ian
l,j.j , u . .
votes ia Smps.a county by
throwing out four large Populist
townsbip, carryiag that many Pjd-
uusi oiai ruy wiiaout any cause
i ...
whatever, but sttll this was not
enough to count in the Democrats.
So their next fctrtn wun tn nr.lar tha
nm t- ... m . , e n,
aen coanty to send ap the returns
r. xr i
with Mr. Kinnedv a ntma wrnrnr.
Wfl notiua t- . nmiim.
nara h.a . M I
Kenned. th P.nnii.i a,. .
daf-tftd h,, hU nama W-L.
ed ron .n .. a .... vnt . . .
B,.d Th- . ih . a
THf catjoasun has ia its doss..
ion ftnn:A, of th- ti.. a
nna . Mit .. .
gidftJt tha ,Atnrn.
waav ma aa u ld :a aiariar: Klin . iih
1Q Blad(m in tQwn
onft w-rglMnf lfl K 1 ..'
oorreotiy Tae dJVi try WM COin
mitted by the Democratic eouaty re
turaiag board of Biaden. Taese Dem-
AAH . .
Li . l.u .
visum iiuv ivr nuuuia everv nno no i
indicted. Mr. Kennedv shoald con-
test for his seat, and if his Democrat-
ic opponent is au boaest man and al
geatlemaa he will aot accept a sto-
len seat.
tarred and feathered for
The press dispatches rtDurt that
an attorney named Baker in Okloho-
ma has jast beea tarred aud feath
ered bv th hnnMt
people of his county because he was I
caught staffing ballot boxes. Mr. I
Baker should come to North Caroli-1
na and join the Simmons machine. I
where tne more rascalitv ha wna I
rni nf in tnffin. k.n u j
e yw"B" Ul wnlM, men' ,ne
moro respeciaoie ne would be with
Mr, Simmons and his crowd, and he
would no doubt oe rewarded with an
. i . , . ,
6 J"d rascality
If we had negro dominatiou in this I
asking this question now. With la-
- -re
"eaoticetaat some Democratic
PP" are continuing to say what
they said so frequeatly during the
P"011 of tho amendment will be
re1 neHD me negro, and espe-
eialiy stimulate tbe education of his
race. This prompts as to stir .
what we have said frequently, that
if all the negroes are going to be ed
ucated so thwy can read and write
within the next few years then all of
the same negroes will then be voting
wno nave voted in the past. If this
is going to happen what was the onr
I1 th PMPle remember . these
I things'
and watch later develop
The New and Observer in report
ing Mr. Bryan's speech in accepting
th Pnnnliat nn'm;.;M.
771-?. " 7 UM
L 7I "utarism." won-
!er lf ha Mld anything about ihe
2 T T
1 m North Carolina, nndar th.
of redih,rt?
- Te negro racket is now confined
wtirelJ within the ranks of the Dem
ocratle politielana. The eood JSli
0 the 8tat6 wiu now bwathe easier
ana wok on complacently at the hair-
I -. .. .
wiwiout even ine nana sym-
athv far th. -ni., 1
w wva y
The Democratic party of Mortis
Carolina ha la the last two cam
paigns conducted a warfare, tbw
niAnur of whlsh will forever leavs
a atAlo upon the p da ted page of
the history of the State. The as
sumption of the Democratic Gfice
seekers, who had for to long be
nuMng their wrath against the
eommon people of the Bute for o j
anewrwmonfaustw and with nnhMrd
udacIty removing them from
pnoiic pap in i3, was tnat tne ne-
i a W 4 . w a -
ingr themselves a do a this falsa at
none knowing better
lbn they Iu baselessness, they
proceeded in their revolutionary
to fwe aaote their rlffhuoas
declaration) "lift the ruthless heel
or tne negro trom tbe neck of tne
. . .
wnue man. . j.ueir pian oi cam-
paign necesaltatea an attack upon
the Nwo. They well knew that
Uhor r.a nn hnrw fnr tham arm
1 ,
Stete against him, and to do this it
w&a necessary to make them be
iieve that his was a dangerous race
arrogant and vengeful. The Dem
ocratlc press and politicians de
lighted in telling of his Insolence to
the whites, of his threats to burn
and to kill. Were these threats
either made or executed? No man
m the State can say, of his own
personal knowledge that they were.
n. ti. rv. . i.
pers, papers which are to day In a
flght among themselves, each
awearlog the others to be the blg-
gest Hats.
But the conduct of the negro him
self through both of these cam
paigns tells more eloquently tban
j can be told of him that he belongs
to a race hlch bears no malice
and which cherishes no resentment
This too, by the way, proves more
conclusively than page upon page
of argument bow unnecessary were
the anarchistic methods of the
Democratic party ; and better than
anything else could do, tears from
the stalking horse of the party the
mask of "white supremacy" behind
which it revealed the hungry, ca
daverous look ot the office seeker.
But even the worm turns, and in
this case the turning is in a way
which is of no small concern to the
white people, especially to the far
mers of North Carolina The ne
groes not understanding that the
movement against them was for
the aggrandizement of Democratic
office seekers, have come to believe
that for them, North Carolina is a
dangerous State In which to live.
Already they are leaving it in large
numbers, and from every part of
the 8tate we hear tne Stressing
y r -scarcity oi labor." This is
a serious condition and one which
should be changed If it can be. The
most distressing part is that the
element which seems to be leaving
r those who work the farms, who
m5ver Intended wrong and wh
neve ld It, except as all men are
liable to do wrong. Of course Mr.
Bellamy's "aristocracv" have no
cau8e to fear and are remaining to
!3?y T dl8tinctin ot easting
xur. ueiiamy in controlling tne
state government.
So it seems that the only com
pensation the State sets for the
shame of lawlessness in which N.
Carolina stands before her sister
8ttea the relSn of terror that has
been lnfllcted uPn her OVfn cdl
zens. the Inconvenience to farmers
whlch the driving out of the negro
labor means, is that Democrats now
WH.. .
noia jods. is tne state to be con-
gratulated upon having driven a
good bargain ?
It is noticeable that the unveil
ing of the Vance monument in Ral
eigh last week, that neither ex-Sen
ator Ransom nor his political hench
man, ballot-box staffer Simmons,
nor the so-called governor elect, Mr.
Aycock, whose title of certificate
r Vance during the last months
Ufa when he was a sick man,
Z "a 7, "
with him, and were backing him,
sucking the public teat bv the ffrace
of Ransom. If Vance had been Hv-
ing, no such infamous red shirt
and neither one of these men v
occupy the position that they now
occupy in the party. .
We notice that tbe Democrat c
red shirt convention of the Sixth dis
trict has renominated Congressman
Bellamy. It is an exception to the
rule when a North Carolina conven
tion of any party condescend to nom
inate for a high and honorable posi
tion, or for any position, a man who
has shown himself to be an arrant
coward; and even when snch a thing
is done it is a still greater exception
when the people at the ballot box
endorse snch conduct and such a
Politicians in their wild yells of
negro rule and outrages are but ap
plying the fire brands and then fan
ning the flames of race prejudice
Thus the boys are growing up with
murder in their hearts towards each
other, and the only remedy-to pre
vent brutal extermination, and mur
der on every hand, is to separate
the races. There is more reason and
religion for the church to take, hold
of this and push It as a great moral
question, than it was to free the
slaree. -
Jure. I
The Vance Monument, which was
22nd, 1900.
Prove That The Methods Until
By The Simmons Machine De
feated the Will of the People.
(Continued From Last Week.)
From Newton precinct: "The
steal in Newton Drtciut is larer
manwequotea you sometime ag ..
We claimed Voters. Oar bnvs nr.
anxious to sign them. I dou'c thiuK
tbe rope busiuees will work in eld
Catawba any more. No Bryan a d
Stevenson in old Catawba for our
boy 8. Some of us would rather b
found dead in the wocds with a
sheep in oar arms than vote for a
a 0 . trt m
n. letter irom money lirees: pre
cinct: "Those wbo held the polls
were all democrats. By our outside
count we were about twenty ahead
Wilh their count they were from 150
co 200 ahead. They had their tickeit
folitd with two sets sometimes, aud
they went through all right. It v&o
be proven that some vo ed two sets
of tickets."
A letter from Reidsvllle : "It is no
fault of ours that we did not carry
this county, for the county, by a
large majority, was for our ticket;
but with such an election law and
such electioa officers we have no
voice whatever, even though we had
four-fifths of the vote. If this elec
tion ia allowed to stand, and with
such an election law, many of us ia
this section will never go to the polis
agaia to take part ia the farce of
casting votes to have tbem counted
as we did not cast them. We wo a Id
have given a good majjrity in onr
county for our ticket, out we were
simply robbed out of our votes, that
is all there is to it. The democrats
picked two of the best men they ecu d
to do this, and selected for us the
most ignorant man i hey .could fi d
and one that would do to suit tbem,
and (hen put these three men ia a
dark hole to do as they pleased
Two years ago our men were care
less, but this time they were aroused
and enthusiastic, and are jastly enti
tled to the mhjmty, which would
have been ours bat for the mixing
up of boxes and the unfair count.
No people have ever been treated as
we have. Spaiu never treated tht
Cubans half as bad as we have been
A letter from Quitsna precinct :
uThey took from us in this precinct
170 votes. Did it by counting our
votes Democratic.''
A letter from Elizabeth town:
"At Cane's Creek we had a clear ma
jority of from 140 to 160, which was
thrown oat ; in White's Creek, an
adjoining township we had a large
majority, but the Redshlrta from
Clarkton appeared on the grounds
at counting, and votes were
counted and returns signed under
drawn pistols and rifles. In French's
Creek, heavy frauds In the count.
At Brown Marsh at Clarkton, they
had a revolving table so that the
boxes were continually changed.
A few of onr men voted, balance it ft
In disgust and from fear to vote as
they wished.
A letter from PowellsviUe: As
we here In this precinct stood
around the polling place .on elec
tion day and witnessed the fraud
and rascality of Democratic office
seekers how. they deprive good men
of their ballots, e were forced to
the conclusion that civilization and
the Christian religion was a thing
unveiled in llaleigb n August
o ti e past, in this part of thecoun-l
ry at ttaai. Under tbotlfCtion lawldently re erson s friend, ttated tbat
nen who opposed the Democratic
a m WW
think it time for every lover of lib-j
orty to walk out of the Democratic!
party. It is like a cage of unclean
i birds, so filthy and so stinking that
all honest men should have no part
iu it A good many Populists in
this section say they will not vote
for Bryan if he endorses the red
j shirt ruffianism of the Democratic
party In this State.
A l.tter from Gay's precinct says:
'Dowa iu Bniusanck county.
it G tys pre;iuor, tt Iraud. was per
eti&t-a during tb canirign just
ohs , whicu tor barefaced, unprin-
ci ph d deviltry his nt been excelled
a' any time, so tar as I am informed.
The case is thi : ys precisrt
usually gives tbe fusion ticket 100
inj ri y. Owing to ti- c ose ui' j
ray ni tho euutv i i 1898, the wist
iSilonswho manipula.ed in Brans -
:wuK, ,nougbt w w "'8'rnenise
1 liAtri iTtP n t m ant II ,mnn o i inr.
f " J - -
cess. So thev went it in the man-
uer following : It was decide 1 that
a reirtstrar t bo aid be ap;oiuttd ho.
a was understood; would resign ; beu
; tne davs of resis'ration Da8d hv
and tae 100 free cit.zias or B.un-
i wick ounty were of their
liberty. But afur all, tne P.pu!ist
carried the coanty by a ma j jnty f
party were not anowea to vote, weiis not true, ine iacts areinai i nao
143. I torgjt to utate taat tne 12 r- wntier, a brother ol Senator But
Democrats of Gays preciact wr ler. will fare equally as bad if he
registered and voted ia the election.
Thi more c mclusivelv shows th-
inarduess of tbe couSoircy.
A let er from Clay Fork, Cumber
land county The democratic regis
irar and tbe dtm jcrnio ju Igrt or
dered a hoase built to hold the el?c
tioa in. It was roped oft all around,
but a small place to ; t the polls
and vote was left, aud a sinaii i.lace
to depart from the polls. Tae elec
tion constables were all democrats
and oae of them, (M. O. Ballard,)
bad two pistols iu his hip-pot ket.
The constables did cot stay out
amoig the people where disturbances
might occur; bat tney passed along
the entrance tj and from the house,
uut uatuijr crm umeiue me rope.
They stayed in the house more than
anywhere else. Tbe people think it
was the most damnable election that
was ever held at our preciact. Tney
bailt 'he pea so they could sto ft
box es and steal, and that was j ist
what they did. Tne couaty canvass
ing board threw oat the Hales School
house piecinct, whici bad a Pop al ist
m j rity cf from 18 to 30, beoause
there were 24 more tickets ia the
menduieut box tbaa there wre
names on the poll books."
We notice that a number of the
redobirt organs are now saying it is
time to stop talking about the last
campaign, and the so-called elec
tion. Tuis is perfectly ualural oo
their p.irfc. Wuo has ev r heard of a
thief wanting to hear the theft dis
eusittd. He is always anxious to
bae tbe matter hushed up, and no
more said abont it, as soon as possi
ble. Democratic papers still publish
that 8naiir Butler will stump the
State for MeKinley. Tney know bet
ter. They have no authority for say
ing so. To say a thing you do not
kaow, is lyiag. Bat to pat some ed
itors on the simple basis of what they
know, and you jast as well close
them oat of business; they know so
little and getting bigger fools everv
The Dioioerat who wants to carry
the '-negro raeket" into the Federal
electioa, has no confidence i a Bryan,
bis platform, his party's record or
his own ability to meet argument
and fact with argument and facts.
He is a skunk; he fights only with
his own c ff ensiveness.
Fixtb United States cavalry and En
glish and Japanese dispersed tbe Box-!
ers near Tien Tsm; 100 Chioeee killed;
five Amerieans wounded. .
Ha tM Mraa,Vntow
On Monday of last wtk a tuo
nanit-d lVlron took adaniaxvuf
Kx-OongrrwAmaa Fowler and hit
him ooawar-a IVtrrwoa claim d
that he t Indlgoaai and fe'.t out
ragl baa MT. Fowler la hi
ptH-h at tbe Indignation metlux
at Oltntoo on Saturday the l'.
charged that Vtroii wm n ui
tb int-n who oieil Wtocbwttr
rill 's and rel hitt. Tre ivport f
tbl affair was grvatly dletorUtl ty
tbe Dwmocrailc pnw.
V. give below a card from Wr.
Fowler to tb Wtlmtugton 5lar
which eta tow tbe facti:
I'LIXTOX, N. C, AO!. 2l
Ei.itor Stak: We notuw io v if
to-day d papwr, an ace mat of lit i
pcrp" bre a tbw 'JO.b lust.
twea Cleorge Pler-a, ot ih.s pla
and tuy-lf, n which oq vy ih
iiffisulty t'mm oat t.f th- f et tba' I
tuade tir chare- hre oa Saturday
to at George P.teraon bad goituti
auimuuitioo, t ber bwfor th
eltcuoa to intimidate Poulits auJ
antt-men!ment vottts. 1 made to
suuu cbargr. 1 did uibc(ua Sat
urday at tae ladigna too invetintf at
Clinton, tbat I bad bowu away from
hume lor a few wteks ir-r to tbe
elc;i-Di aod tttat oa my way home
Tuesday prior to tbe il-ction. I wt
painttd to see at Waisa" a liUObtMt)
oi reu sniru aid wurb tr r n s
waiting tor ti e train to brio? tbem
to Clinton. 1 alo statfd tbat I was
informs tbat they wrr nrderid by
a merchaLt in the town f CItotoi.
The crowd then ritted tbat I
name biro and I called the name ot
O rge Pctersou.
Your eorresp indent, who is evi-
I we quarrel led on the streets. Tins
I m. m .
been an invilil for tbe past tifieu
mjntbs. lrsterday morning i gor
I out of a sick bed and etarUd to tbe
loffl $e of my physician for a prescnp
I tioi?, and just as I starttd ap stairs
I Peterson, who wi 1 weigh lt0 pounds,
I without any warning whate ver, ap
pro ma, ana oerore i could veo
tara to aim, hit me ia th fare
Tnere were no words exchanged b
tweeu us. I never even euspecUd
tbat be was mad till he hit me. and
I was totally unprepared.
Ihcsearethe facts As to which
one of us got the best ol it I doxt
suppose tbe public iscooueraed.
R 'Spectfully,
Jno. K. Fowler.
Now In order that our readers
and the public may see how Dear
these Democratic red shirt organs
ever get to the truth, we make tho
1 following extracts from" their rt-
m of the affai
i it..,.. tU i ,.. i .
uu'"8 -ruwier
Badly Beaten at Clinton," tho Kal
leiirh Potof the-lat Inst mntninaH
the following special from Golds
I Dor:
"Passengers arriving here to-
I nignt say that z-i.ongressman
wier was badly beaten at Ciln
ton yesterday, and that George
I doe8 not retrace certain statements
cnarea to nim."
With reference to Major George
Butler, the report no doubt refers
to the article which appeared
in the last issue of Thk Caucasian
headed: "The-People of Sampson
IndJgnaui,' which article showed
up ihe thievery and rascality of the
Democratic election officials In
stealing more than one thousand
vo-es in tbe county. That article
stau d the facts and the truth, and
any set of cowardly thugs that
think they can force George Butler
to retract statements that are true,
nave mistaken their man.
The Raleigh post, in another is
sue, in a dispatch also Irom Golds-
j boro gayg.
"Parties arriving from Clinton
to day say that the feeling ajaiuat
George is strong because ot
a rocent tetter in The CaUcakIan
and that Butler do. not walk I tit
streets.' Every ooo in linton kaows how
basely false this u. George Butler
has been on the street every da
attending to his bushier, and those
who pretended that they w6r look
ing for him have aiways looked
M0 It 11 JED T XQ0AL8 fHItOIlA,
. MIm Swaaa Wywkar.
Mlas Baeaa Wrmar. teaclr
la th
Richmond acbool, Chleaco. Ill ri
thw following Utter u, Dr. Hartman re
gardlng Pe-ru na, fib says: Onl
those who have suffered as I have, can
know what a blMsing it la to be abU u.
And relief in Pe-rn-na. Tbla a as bwea
any xperlencs. a friend la nesd ts e
frtsnd lndwsd, and every bottle of Ps-rw-aal
erer bought prored a good frisad
to me." Soaan Wymar. .
Mrs. Margaret ha Danbsn, 1214 Kortk
Snpsrlor St., Racine City, Wta, wrltest
"Ifsslao well and good and happy bow
aatpeneaanotdsacrillt. Fw-ru-naU
everything to me. I bare taken asTeral
botttes of Pe-ro-na for femalTsxi.iVT
I am in th.,i, J,?.!M
bange of life arad Itd.
tood. Pe-io-na has no oonalrin ti t
the Irregularities and emsrgenciss pw
collar to women eanswd bw Mlvu
eatarrb. . J M
Addxsas lr. HaVtmaa, Colombas. O.
Is a free book for vtaii .!.
jwhwrw they knw
fied blm.
epxtal to tb- 'bvoM
bttty hua at ,
-f- Mvj'l-r. .f , ti r ., .
ttuOcr. will far ..4u. ,
h Jim, ttot r. t r
tt-roeat. '
Thn v timtojttot; M. ......
-fn to Im prtu I ,
lan ui uriog in. X C
anr. In It r-.ort rm ,
' :
a2lr. eayw :
to h tV bu off Ut- ,... , ,
rcaU n4 in ,lt
t k rti.i..u i . i
ait'l arrijit it Ut .nt i,
Mtrtl U U ! i , -i v:
etou, a ititfhlv r- , .
wtrtilat.nt m..rri. ,.f
1lln "ladignaut P.....!
the Ovmrat lo milmi i4t v . .
lUtw 11 urg-4 th. Pup j'j.t.'
txiycott Mr Vtt-r.o' t-.r.
not tj trade with blm T.u , , .
Mr Fw U-r pe"b ar,u.l t ..
rial ion th wnnij war. It a
l'frhn n hUrtr, and .:.... 1,
morning at CUt ton bn h.. (w : ,
Fowler and gav. him a irli.:..
i a. j , a a
uirg. it aam mat row r t.
the rrctad to takt- hi in "
The aboe U atM.ut a. n. nr y .,
truth as the Mtnt-pg, r !
That -r will Dot pubSUli a truit,
when it knows It, and It u.r tri.
U find It out, wh-n It. tar.un
prejudiced are ua the l.l...r th. : .
Th report of thi affair li. !
Wilmlngtou Ntar, at .1 the . ,
which Corigraman Fowler r. , !
-A "scrap- to which atta
eom political ltttort U r p.rl..
irom Clinton. Saturday, at tt.
ruontiter indignation iii.tli.l: ' tu
that town Ka tongrf.ina(i J t,u
K. rowler. wbo -aaa on .f il,
pakerfi. in eaid to ha v.. in.l .:,mi
In bitter pt-reonalltltw and to Uo.
aecuned Mr. Ut-orPe P,.. r-..u a
merchant of the tvian. of La
bmught to Cllntou arnm ami am
munition with which U, intlm da
"opullst and antl-amttndiiifnt ...t-
The allegation wan not nr
eu by Mr. Petersen until .Ht r.j)
morning, wnen be met the F.n ,,.
greasmau on the strtn-ta. - r. j.u
diaUtd the chars-o mad in ii.-
speech and denounced the autii.T
On word led to another with iir
result thta flatcufl was inviuli
In In which Fowlor gut -on.i-ra
bly the worst of it. Further parti,
ulars were not obtainable v. -t. r
The Charlotte OWrver of Aup.
23d contains a special from llai
elgh, under a big heading, an f.j
lows: "To Whip Major Butler "and
with tho following ub bad Im
ocrats of Clinton said to haw It In
for him.
The special reads a follow
"To day a man was wen h-r !m.
was at Clinton, Sampaon count) ,
when George Peterson, a leading
merchant of the town, b. at I t
Congressman Fowler, Populist, m,
badly. He says Mr. Fowler de
nounced Peterson by name and
called on tbe Populists pr nt u
boycott him. This speech wa mada
at Senator Butler's Populist icdi
nation meeting, at which Ave hun
dred Populists, or thereabout r.,
present. Tho Democrats t.f Clii
ton are after Major George C. Hut
ler, the Senator's brother. Majr
Butler It appears, edits the Km
tors paper there, and in it editori
ally denounced tbe Democrats in a
very personal way, my Infornaa
says. The latter says tbe Clinton
Democrats d clare they w 1. 1 swept
no apology but Intend to whip Xaj.
Butl.r He says they looked for tb
latter a oon as bey haw th -!:-torlal
complained of. but tbat b
had gone away. They say they
will carry oat their purpot who
he ret urns."
The above Is another lie out of
the whole cloth. The Cacca!
is reliably informed that Maj. But
ler has not been out of Clinton
since tbe article referred to was
written and published. In fart
the article appeared a week b.-fore
this special in the Observer, atd
thOM was plenty cf time for Major
ButU-r, who wa In Clinton -! y
day and on the streets every da-,
and In his office every day, to le
found and whipped If there n
any one who was willing to under
take the Job single haodd aod
alone, or even with the help of a
cowardly mob.
Out break f l'liol-ri.
Loxdo, Aug. 28 Th pr-efit
epidemic of cnoiera, aaye tbe ri tu
la correspondent or the Iaily M ,
"Is one of the worst outbreak .a
record. The bubonic jiaue i
child's play eomparv-d with it.
"The natives are dying like f!i
at the rate of 3,0o( a week. The y
Idemic Is undoubtedly due to tb
pollution of tte scanty watr up
ply during the famine
LV Drop the Vjrr Question.
Stme of cor newspapers are til!
trying to foree the nepr it so m tbe
November campaign. W thick this
w a sal mistake. The fcople of N
Carpuna understand tt'ee tbe ad p
uoo of the c onstitaiio 1 amend aiJt
Ang 2d, that there will never be dan
ger of negro domination in tn ta'e
agia, heace it is foUy rerivs tie
old stereotyped issue ct negr j domi
nation. Tni a are pier, y of blund
ers made by tha prewen adrntoisira
tion to give Mr. Bryan ' ie ci toral
vote of the 8tate, let b . aegio vote
as he may. Mehtinlsv is only a tool
In the hands of trusts cd c moie
atid many of his tnpp r srs in W'
all over the United Sis aredeelt r
ing almost every day t' t they v i
no longer support tlu present ad
miBistratiOB. Among t nose are n.a
of much irfloeaee in their re !
tiotfk. Several D ta ocrats who
BmTB nru,ror Ppo- d . 1" J
aaeount of his views os the s.Ur
s - . .
question are now advocating bit lee
tion. Expansion and iapenalura
are the paramount issujtbe are
more than enomgh togiva M'. Bryan
a jonty of lis elwetoral vote,
without wonaidertsg trusts or ttgto

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