North Carolina Newspapers

Vol. XIX.
No 2
J I pre V a strange Hants Cliui,
Keining in her trusty steeds;
Steadily anil true they serve her,
Kagerly they till her needs.
Tis a strangely mixed condition;
Tell me, is it not, I pray?
Instead of reindeers in the harness,
Here's a dear within to sleigh.
Jean C. Havet.
Attempt to Withdraw Hear Because
Independent Hark Wert Hired.
Norfolk, Va., Doc. 13. Norfolk
r.kI Portsmouth have a funeral trust,
which ha broken into court. The
mill in prows out of the attempt of a
npreentatlve of the Liverymen's
Aciatlon to stop a fuueral
iif thi presence of comjietitive hacks
In line with the trust hearse where
in the remains of John Bell were
Ix'ing taken to the grave.
The representative of the trust
narrowly escaped rough handling at
the hand of the enraged mourners.
His instructions to the driver of the
hearse to leave the body and return
to the stable Immediately were only
prevented from being executed, it is
stated, by a policeman, called in by
the outraged family. Subsequently
he was arrested and charged with
disorderly conduct. The action of
the Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Berke
ley Liverymen's Association really
came near precipitating a riot.
A Mother and Her Daughter Perish in
the Flame.
A dispatch to the Morning Post
from Fayettevllle, Dec. 14, says:
News was received here yt'jterday
afternoon of a fearful tragedy by Are
on the cast side of CupeFear river,
about twelve mile from this city.
The daughter of Allen Fenter, an In
dustrious, hard-working nesrro, dis
covered a pile of shucks on fire in an
out-house, and, in trying to extin
guish the flames, ignited her cloth
ing. Her mother ran to her aid, and
the unfortunate girl, by this time a
very column of flame, threw her
arms about the old woman, and in
this furious clutch of death agony,
both perished there in the yard.
The older woman was well known
here, being for many years a faith
ful servant in the family of the late
Dr. B. W. Robinson.
Rerlatrara and Sixteen Cttlaene of Win
ton Charred With Depriving Citizens
of Their Blshta.
A special from Wlnston-Salm to
Washington Post says: The grand
jury of the Federal Court, In session
at Charlotte, has rendered true bills
against three election registers and
sixteen citizens of Winston. The
specific charge is 44deprivation of
rights guaranteed by the Constitu
tion of the United States," which
means a charge that they prevented
various and sundry voters from cast
ing their ballots. A dozen or more
witnesses in behalf of the govern
ment went before the grand jury,
which returned three separate bills,
all for the same offense.
tne wpuumca cf oui
New Cotton in 1858.
A Cape Tiiues correspondent has
Interviewed Mrs. DeWet, wife of
the Boer general. She said: "You
Englishmen will never catch my
husband. He is going to win back
for the Free Staters and Transvaalers
what they have lost. He has enough
food and ammunition to last for
three years, and that is Just how long
the war is going to last."
A Volcano in the Moon.
Paris, Dec. 16. Albert Charbon
ueau, the astronomer, claims to have
discovered an active volcano In the
moon. Its eruptions are marked by
puffs of smoke at Intervals from a
small crater near the crater of Theet
tus. The smoke, says the astrono
mer, hangs suspended for some time,
indicating an atmosphere, in which
case all theories concerning the moon
are upset, including the question of
Charlotte Observer.
One of the o!d newspapers fonnd in
the Colley hou-e The Western Demo
crat, published at Charlotte, edited by
William J. Yates and bearing date of
September 7th, 1858, has the following:
"Two bales of new cotton were
brought to this market on Friday last,
September 3rd, one by W. W. Rae, of
Providence, which was purchased by
R M. Oatea & Co , at ll--and one by
Robt. Cunningham, purchased by J. E.
Stenbouse & Co., at 11. There is some
question as to whose bale arrived in
town firstboth claim the honor. The
weigbmaater is of opinion that Mr.
Cunningham was here first and sold
first. But there waa bo little difference
in the time, we think the credit ought
to be divided between both."
General Clement Fore to Betrent by
tne Boer Commandant Delarey-DeWet
Still rifhtlaK.
London, Dec, 14. Lord Kitchen
er report that after severe fighting
at Nooitgedaeht, General Cltments'
forces were compelled to retreat by
Commandant Delarey, with a force
of 2 500 men. Four British officers
were killed. The other casualties
were not reported.
Lord Kitchener's efflclal dispatch
to the War Office is as follows :
Pretoria, Dec. 13th. Clements'
force at Nooirgedacht on the Mag-
allesburg, was attacked at dawn by
Delarey, reinforced by Beyers com
mando from Warm bath, making a
foree estimated at 2,500. Though
the first attack was repulsed, the
Boers managed to get on top of the
Magaliesburg, which was held by
four companies of the Northumb
erland Fusiliers, and were thus
able to command Clements' camp.
He retired on Hekpoort and took
up a position on a hill In the center
of the valley.
The casualties have not been
completely reported, but the fight
ing was very severe and 1 deeply
regret that Colonel Lgge, of the
Twentieth. Hussars and Captains
Mac bean, Murdoch and Atkins
were killed. Reinforcements have
left here."
Lord Kitchener also reports that
the Boers made an attack and were
repulsed at Lichtenberg, and that
Qeneral Detmer was killed. Attacks
upon Bethlehem and Vrede we e
also repulsed, the Boers losing ten
killed and fourteen wounded Vry
heid was attacked Dec. 11th. Snip
ping continued when tne message
was dispatched.
. The scene of the fight is omni
ously close to Pretoria. Nooitged
acht is only twenty-two miles
northwest of Pretoria It is repor
ted that General Knox, co-operat
ing with the British column at Red
dersburg, has stopped General De
wet and that a battle is proceeding.
The report adds that many of Gen.
Dewet's followers have been capt
ured. The scenes at the War Office to
day recall those witn ssed in the
early stages of the war. A constant
stream of excited and anxious peo
pie filled the lobb es. The absence
of the names of any of the officers
of the Northumberland Fusiliers Id
Gen Kitchener's dispatch leads to
the foreboding that the four com
panics of the Fusiliers mentioned
are In the hands of the Boers.
The War Office official evidently
expect a heavy casualty list, but
they are hopeful from the fact that
the dispatch does not mention the
capture of the NorthambcrUnds,
that suoh a great catastrophe has
been escaped
Orders were Issued at Aldershot,
Malta and other military centres
to dispatch all the available moun
ted infantry to South Africa.
Johannesburg, Dec. 14. The bat
tle still continues in the hills a few
miles from Krnzersdor, Gen. Clem
ents has asked for reinforcements,
and mounted men, under General
French, have already gone. There
have been many casualties on both
sides. It is estimated that the
Boers number 2,800.
WllmfBrtoa Still Load the UaaCttlea
Maniac Oraalut Gala In Lent Ten
1 ear are AahvtUe, Greensboro and
C kar Uette- a Uavln w Cenaea
We give below tbe population of
towns in the State, having a population
of more than tTO, as sent out from
Waahington. Raleich is having a new
census taken cf the city.
The first column of flure shows tbe
population n 180, the second tbe re
sult i f the I9 0 census The citiea ma
king tbe laricest gains are Aaheville,
lO.jfSd - 14,6; Greensboro, 341710,
035; Charlotte. 11.N67 18.091 ; Kllxa
be h City. 8,251 6 and Winston,
(Salem not included 1, 8.018 10,008
Some remaraabl gains wre mad by
tbe smaller towoi, aa a glance at tbe
list which f .ws will show :
Asbeville 10.236
Beauf rt J,0"7
Buriington 1,716
Charlotte 11.557
Concord 4 339
Durham 6.45
Eden-on 2,21)6
Elizabeth City 3.261
Fayettoviile 4 221
i.aatonia 1.033
Goldsboro, 4,0l7
Graham 9ttl
Greensboro 3,817
Greenville 1,937
Henderson 4 191
Hickory 2 023
High Point 3,01
King's Mountain 429
Kins ton 1.76
Monroe 1,866
Mount Airy 1,768
n ewbern 7.843
Raleigh 12 78
Randieman 1,754
Keidsville 2 969
Rocky Mount 616
alem 2,711
Salisbury 4.418
rtta'esville 2.318
larboro 1934
Haehington 3.545
Wilmington 20.056
Wil-on x.186
Winston 8,018
2 195
3 62
18 01
6 S44
4 670
4 619
6 877
2 052
2 565
3 746
2 535
4 163
Tke State ITae Xe Railway Terminal-
o Effort Made to Balld ay Trade Cen- I
Newbern Journal.
The United states cenaua of 1900
ahowa that North Carolina baa ao large
, citiea that ran be really so considered
7 910 i ' 01 t'r population .
6.tt7U When mention ia made that tbe rae-
! tropolia of North Carolina baa a popu
lation or a few thousands over twenty must cause a smile when
a place of auch a population is hard I v
known aa a city, mush less a metropo
lis in otber States.
When the average North Carolinian
goes to Wilmington, Charlotte, Raleigh
or Greenoboro. be feels aa tbouch be
2' ! was in a large city, and so he is by
24-j7 joomparia' n with the same country
2680 town he lives in, or by tbe change from
13 644
2 190
6 277
3" 976
Mak'a Doable Trouble For Electors, Two
M celiacs Ncceesarjr.
Davie Record.
Kaleigh, N. C, Dec. 5. The elec
tors of the President and Vice-President
of the United State-) met here
and adjourned until the second Mon
day in January, when a second meet
ing will be held, and the vote will
be cast. This first meeting is use
less, and is th result of ignorance in
framing the statute calling the meet
Ing. This was parsed by the Fusion
Legislature of 1895. The electors
meet twice on the first Tuesday in
December, to comply with the State
law, and on the second Monday in
January to comply with the Nation
al law. This latter is the date on
which the electors in all the states
assemble. Winston Journal.
Some of our Democratic friends
are s proue to pack all such blun
ders on the Fusion Legislature that
it gives us great pleasure to inform
the Journal that if he will turn to
Chapter 507, St-c. 83, laws of 1899,
passed by his Democratic legislature,
he will find that it is a Democratic
blunder, and not a Fusion blunder
at all. Bead:
"The governor shall thereupon
immediately Issue his proclamation
and cause the same to be published
In such daily newspapers as may be
published in the city of Raleigh,
wherein he shall set forth the names
of the persons duly elected as elec
tors and warn each of them to at
tend at the capitol in the city of
Raleigh at noon on the Tuesday pre
ceding the first Wednesday of
December next after his election, at
which time the said electors shall
meet, etc.
Were to Flrbt the Duel nt Lee Monu
ment O rounds.
Richmond, Va., Dec. 13 A duel
between O. B. Jarman, of Jackson
ville, and George E Hugby, of
Statesville, was prevented by the
friendly Intervention of Prof. J. C.
Freeman, of the faculty of the Mas
sey Business College, In which the
young men are students. It was re
ported that knives were to be the
weapons. The young men had
trouble in school, and decided to
settle the matter afterward at the
Lee Monument grounds. Mr Jar
man and a few school companions
went out to the monument in the
afternoon, as they agreed to, but
Prof. Freeman prevailed on Mr.
Hugby not to go out. The students
afterwards said they only intended
to hare a fidtcuff and not a duel.
Squadroni In Hampton Bonds.
Newport News, Va., Dec. 13.-Two
squadrons are now assembling in
Hampton Roads. One is the squad
ron of small vessels destined for
Manila. Of this squadron the gun
boat Annapolis, c nverted gunboat
Frolic, and the tug Pisca aqua are
at anchor. The gunboat Vicksburg
and tug Worn pat uck will complete
the force. Of the big squadron to
sail South January 4, the Massa
chusetts and Kearsarge have ar
rived. The Indiana and Alabama
and several torpedo boats will com
plete this squadron
a farm.
To the people of these d'iea, whose
p pn'ationa are now made public, the
nnmhar nf t hjir inh.Kiftnt. mum Ka
? ??I !diappoioti sr.
ni m 7 M I . .
Mui to ne carerul observer or the
student of how cities crow in popula
tion there I an unmistakable rraaon.
a log cal and well defined ea-on, wb
North Carolina has no larce cities, a d
even more, why in the future, uoles
pre ent con Mil ns change, there will
be no specially large cities in th s
North ' arolina being an agricultural
Stnte will be given by ome as a cau-e
for no large cities But tbis rule d ea
not hold good, for othr agricultural
Blates ran be named wh'Ch have cities
with lare populations.
The reason in Morth ''arolma is du
to its peculiar commercial dealings at
home and abroad, and that these com
mercial faces tions are carried on is
flue to tne railroads wtich traverse tbe
State passing tbrough it, frm North
to fiouih.
C nsider the traffic parsing over any
of tbe g-eat trunk a s ems through tbit
rtate and it will be found that foreign,
that la good from other State, are
coming t Kaieign, Charlotte. Greens
boro or Ashev lle, and their h-ime pro
ducts are b ing carried by these rame
railrod to other Mates.
1 here are no p aces in North Caroli
na whi' h can be c-lled great home
markets for the state's prod -cte, w ere
t apittl centers, where people neter
and build up great business bouses, and
so a grebt population, with am pi cap
ital, gro int'i a great city of ne or
more hundred thouaaud po oiatioi
hese great railway system-., admtra
ble in heir way, create no large cities.
because 'hey hae no terminals in tbe
State. Raleigh ia sta ion, Gren-boro
and .rarlotte arestati ns, where pas
sengers may get a meal, or there may
be a ahifc of engi es.
But where are the railroad running
from the Wes to East, carrying tbe
State's varied products t tbe coast.
where the products are to be handled,
and be used at h me or shipped ab-oad?
it is tti way iatin situation o
North Carolina cities, which op-rtes
againsa their grow b, sad becoming
Ire cities, aid which mo-t con una
for it is against the inter sta of the
railroads that any change b made in
their long hauls of passenger and
freight, and without railroads r aat -nd
Weat, t carry home, and freig pro
ducts to cities in tbe State, to be ae-
aiea by tnete ci lea, mere can be no
larg-centera of populat'Oi in North
Carolina, and no disappointment need
be reit or expressed over census re
4 r- Xs. V
v .. . I ' .1
J .n-
Arizona Syndicate Sttra TJp the Pnatora
of Phoenix.
Phoenix, Ariz., Dispatch.
Ministers of Phoenix have aroused
indignation in this place over a bull
fight scheduled to take place here
Monday, the opening day of the car
nival. They planned to telegraph
the President and United States At
torney General, in hope that thy
would instruct the territorial offic
ers to prevent the battle with
bulls. Acting Governor Akere was
waited upon today and the Uaitfd
States marshal at Tuscon was noti
fied of his duty to prevent a viola
tion of the United States laws. The
special act of 1896 makes bud-fighting
a felony. Tbe Acting Govern-ir
declares he will call out the militia
to stop the bnll fight.
A local syndicate at considerable
expense has engag. d six celebrated
matadores, or bu I I-flg titers, of Mexi
co, and a number of picadores and
tandilleros, with a herd of wild
bulls, to faithlully reproduce the
bloody bull-fight as witnessed In
University Atadente Dean n Fellow Sta
dant With Inknnd Compl utrn te Han
tk- aaatlt.
Chicago. Dec 14 Frank Lua a-tu
dentinthe NortbwesUrn Univeraitv
Academy, was hated Iat night by
twelve maaaed students. He waa tak
en from the uneraitv rimni.litn
where be was pract cinr. to eeeluded
spot on tbi Iae bore, wnere be was
blindfolded a d bia clothes rem ed
A coat of blark Ink and soft, soan wa
then daubed over hia entire b Jy After
tne treatment oi ink and soap, tbe tu
denta lined up and oom.iell l him to
run the gauntlet. He fainted whi e be
ing taken to his home
L.ast week l,uat received a threaten.
ing et'er signed by several fictitious
name- in wi-ich be was naked V wau-b
out tor di'e treatment It ia thought
tbe victim reoognlted several of his tor-
meti tors.
Last Knday nicbt F R. Saed -never
waa visited in bia room br half a dot n
student aud treated to a ooat of flv
Porto Rlenn Women Proline.
New Orleans Dispatch.
Officers of the Southern Paeifle R R
hioh has the contract of eatrynff
Porto R can laborers from New Or
leans to 8 u Kraaciae", wh nee they
g to woik upon the Hawaiian sugar
plantations, are started over the jnesa of tbe wamen of the par
ty, aad fear their contract is an nn
iroatabl one Tne first party which
loft here for Ban Francisco consis
ted of ninety persons, men women
and children, and went in a siogl
passenger coach. Six children were
born on the route and th comfort of
the mothers and babes otnp-Ued tbe
railroad to pat 00 a second paasen
yer eoaeh. There is no money in the
contract, a railroad official says it
all the Porto Riean women are a
proline aa this.
Own Mor Than n M UlUe Dollar Went
of aarrh fropmrtf - arewn mt the le
noailaatioe Thn different reporU to the North
Carolina Coofrreno- an aa follower
The report on church property
hows t at th r ar aix horeirvl
and fifty cnurchen In tb confer
enw valued at e ght hondmd and
flxty thousand dollars; one hun
dred and twenty x 'Sraoosra,
valued nt one buadrwd and slaty
tbouan1 dollars.
Tbe Sunday acbool report shews
I x hundred and t-n schools with
five thousand -fiWrn and teachers
and th ny-nlnn thousand and ocn
hundred and nlaetv eight scholnrn.
Tbe report of Epwartb Ine-un
hoard ehows an lrcr. ae of tea
League gnd four bundrwl m-m-her.
Th namb r of acceselnna la
choroh memberarip this year is
mr than counterbalanced by
deaths, with jrawali and expulsions.
Will Incresvnn Vnlunllons.
Wilmington Dispatch.
Col John W Hlrtsdal. tvtnosel for
tbe'op4railonf'onimla ion In h rail
road ta 1 aeement e ae, atat a tbal I t
hs epinion tbe rreult of lb- raae elll
be a very large iereaae In the valua
tion of all property If tbia result re
ally does ome. It will have been a
mighty good thing that th cae was
started. It is far better for proper if
ewnera to gle In their proper tv at iroe
va-tie and have n low tax rale, than it
Is to have a high tax ate and have
property value SBinimited,
Happy is the man who owes
thing aud whom jo one ows.
K intnekiaa Hs 0 ailed as a
New Yorker And what did
d t
Kentockian I went to the f antral.
Detroit Tree Press.
Tbe Newton cotton mill is build -!"g
school bonse for ltn b'B. fit f
t e factory children. Nwu,n I m
ter prise.
IVtVorirci. A rranwmi'nta whis made) :
quietly, but since strong opposition ; ,h car building line were
is developed the management de
clares It will put on the tight strip-
where Miaalonary Work la Needed
Raleigh correspondence Wilmington
The Baptist State Convention dis-
i cusaed state minions and destitution
in fiortn tjaronna, wnere it is greatest,
covering ten counties.
Y n a : a - ti
i iiev. oruioa iraijc eaiu in tueair
t counties are people who never heard of
Jesus; that in Edgecombe alone, there
are 8,000 people who do not believe in
Ood and have no church connection of
any kind.
Ve night wind howled like a giant's song,
puucb waa hotte, y punch was strong,
Ye knigbtes were gay,
0 ppe was emptie ere 'twas fulle,
juat how many a goode strong pulle
1 could not say.
Ye girle U sweet, ye glrle Is fay re;
Sir Ueoffry holds op high in aire
Ye mistletoe.
Both handes are filled, she cant resist,
So Juste how often she is kissed
I do not knows.
Jean 0. Have.
At Glad Xew Tear.
De Gary It won't be long before
you 11 forget you ever promised to
marry ne.
Madge Bout say that. dear.
wrote it down in my new diary last
Seaboard to Build Her Own Tmlne
Keep tbe Money in the South.
Norfolk Dispatch.
The Diptch Is glad to learn from
the news columns of a contemporary
that the Seaboard Air Line is prac
ticing what all Southern roads are
preaching. It La building up home
enterprise, and is keeping some of
the good money that has been going
North and WVst so long right down
here in the South.
Over In the big shops nf the Sea
board Air Line, at Portsmouth, Va.,
they are building passenger cars.
a n n e
wild! Lne na n"eaHa new equipment.
It wanted to put a half d-ix-m new
trains on for service between New
York and Tampa. Am it was deired
that the cars for thi service should
be, nf thn flues t posdble make, It
would probably have b-n le-e trou
ble and just ab mt as cheap lor the
road to buy outright from the Pull
man Company.
Instead of doing this, however, it
was determiued by the management
that it would be better to keep tbe
money in Virginia and not to send
It to Chicago. Accordingly the cars
are now under construction at the
Portsmouth hhops of the road. A
Virginia industry is being built up.
ped of its worst feature. Recently
an unrestri' ted bull-fight was held
in Tuscon, Ariz., and there was not
a protest.
Saved by a Ring.
Parkersburg, W. Va., Dec 14.
Mrs. John Tucker was hung up bv a
finger Thursday in a peculiar and
painful manner. She was about to
descend a flight of stairs when she
lost her balance, and to keep from
plunging head long down the stairs
she threw her arms up and the ring
on one of the fingers caught on a
hook in the wail. The whole weight
of her body fell on the one finger
and she was unable to regain her
footing until help came. The finger
waa honiblv lacerated tar the acci-
brought here and others are being
Some of the cars have already been
finished, and others are nearing com
A reporter, who has seen these
cars, passes judgment on them as a
popular expert, and intimates that
they beat anything that Pullman
ever turned out in his palmiest days
He eulogizes the cars, and states that
they are "veritable rolling palaces of
the most modern design."
The World Is Sick.
Cardinal Vaughn, the eminent
Roman Catholic churchman of Eng
land, declares that the whole world
is sick and that he sees no hope for
humanity in the dawn of the new
century. The spirit of greed, ne
says, has mastered Christendom, and
tbs prospect for humanity is almost
''The bother of present baying Is purely I aginary. Now, I have
my mind made up as to what I shall pure has , for Angelina.
Yes. that Is Just what 1 4niended getting, but perhaps she would
ike something else better."
-Great Seott I What shall get? If
And this Is why Angelina waited In rain for a Christ
from Harold I
nightChristmas S start Set.
Idt&t and had to be amputated.
as bad as it can be.

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