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voi xi:
So. 7
ller llriualm Taken to Ioolon Haturdajr
Court nlrrd to Monro Una Year
Coronation I'oatponntt.
Queen Victoria of England died
at the royal jwilace, Osborne House,
Iwle of Wight, Tueeday morning,
Jan. 22, a wah rejrted In Tiik
Caicahian Jast week. She wan
surroundl by many royal relative.
The end wan peat-etui; she hij tiered
no jailri. After ruling for sixty-lour
yearn one of earth' mightlent na
tion, this woman t-he wan only a
woman lies cold In death, an in
significant atom of clay. I)eath,the
great lovelor, ha triumphed. It I
said her death chamter waa a simply
furnished room, a Higniflcant contract
to the nhow and glitter of royalty
which attended hor life from early
Queen Victoria was eighty-two
year of ago. She wan queen of Eng
land more than half a century, dur
ing which time her nation attained
the highest development ever reach
ed by a Euroean power. The I'ng
gllsh joople called her "the Good
Queen." Hhe was, we believe, the
Uwt ruler England ever had.
The correHiKndMnt of the Associa
ted press learns that the cause of the
queen's death, as officially given,
was senile decay." The dcx'tors
have adoptd this expression as most
suitable and truthful. They attribute
the paralysis which attacked her as
secondary to tho general weakness
of her condition, nor is it considered
advisable for reisons of state, to in
timate that her Intellect was dimmed
by this particular form of disease.
The body of Queen Victoria was
embalmed, and taken to Loudon
The nvord of the last days of the
reign of Victoria is not easy to tell.
The corresMndent of the Associated
Press was the only correspondent
admitted to Osborne IIouo, and his
Interview with Sir Arthur John
Kigge, private secretary to tho late
Queen, was the only official state
ment that bad Ihvii given out. For
Heveral weeks the Queen had been
tailing. On Monday week she sum
moned Lord Roberta, and asked him
Home very searching questions re
garding the war in South Africa.
On Tuesdiy she went for a drive,
but was visibly affected. On Wed
nesday sh suffered a paralytic stroke,
accompanied by intense physical
It was her first illness in all her
eighty-one -ears, and she would not
admit that she was ill. Then her
condition grew so serious that,
against her wishes, the family were
rum moned. When they arrived her
reason had practically succumbed to
paralysis and weakness.
The Prince of Wales was proclaim
ed King on Thursday, under the
title of King Edward VII. The cer
emonies are described by the Asso
ciated Vtt ss correspondent as follows
London, Jan J.. lh quaint
ceremonies with which King El
ward VII was today proclaimed, at
various points of the metropolis
exactly followed ancient preced
ents When the Inhabitants a wok
the entire way between St Jame
Palace and the city was lined with
troops. About 10,000 soldiers, L,frt
Guards, Horse Guards, Foot; Guards
and other cavalry and infantry r g
iments. had b en brought from At-
dershot and London barracks after
midnight. Everybody and every
thing was In crepe. The ceremont
began at Stft. Jam- s Palace, where,
at 9 o'clock. Edward VII was pro-
claimed King of the United King
dom of Great Britain and Ireland
and Emperor of India, The procla-
matlon was as follows:
Whereas, It ha ph ased Al migh
ty God to call to Bis mercy cur late
sovereign ladv, Queen Victoria of
blessed and glorious memory, by
whose decease the imperial crown
of the United Kingdom of Great
liritain ana ireiaua is sjiwiy ana
rightfully to come to the high and
mighty Prince Albert E Iward, we
therefore, the lord, spiritual and
. . i i i i a
lemoorai oi tais rvaim. ueintr nerc
assisted with these of her late Ma
jestv'a privy council, with numbers
of other gentlemen of quality, the
Lord Mayor, aldermen and citizens
O! ixjnaon, uo now nereoy, wnu uih
J J - . 1 1 I 1.
voice and consent of tongue and
heart, publish and proclaim that
our high and mighty Prince Al
bert Edward Is now, by the death
of our late sovereign of happy
memory, bocome our only lawful
and rlghtfal liege In d, Edward
VII, by the grace of God King of
the United Kingdom of Qreat Brit
ain and Ireland, Defender of the
Faith and Emperor of India, In
whom we acknowledge all faith
and constant obedience witn all
hearty and humble affection, bo
seeching God, by whom all kings
and queens do reign, to bl?sa th
Royal Prince Edward .VII, with
long and happy years to reign over
The King was not present. The
.coronation will n jt occur until 1902,
the court having been ordered to
go into mourning one year.
Albert Edward Prince of Wales,
noV King Edward of Great Britain
and Ireland and Emperor of India
la in h!a 60th year. Ht la scarcely
5 feet 7 inches high, and rather
nn west virgins dm sign- caiee tn item of $3,600,000 for re
ed a petition t hang her husband for I 1. ,Hwow " ' .
U aiiuag oi har brtthar.
Tb !ok I 'poo Opltui mm a ti mat Co roe
and ItlaoMt Korlgofcm for Ilka lJrotrve
lloa It tiring.
Nebraska Independent.
A missionary in a upeech In New
York stated that tho chief cause of
hatred of foreigners In China aro-o
from what is called the opium war.
All detent Chinamen look upon opi
um as the greatest curse that eer
befell the nation and they lay the
blame for the destruction that it
cause upon the "foreign devils."
They all know that the import of
opium was forbidden by their em
peror and that England waged a fierce
and cruel war ujHjn the Chinese un
til the einjieror was forced to with
draw the decree. It Ls said that about
100,000,000 worth of opium is an
nually consumed in China. This
terrible financial drain on so poor a
people la the cause of China's ex
treme poverty. Not only do the
better part of tho Chinese curse the
lay that opium was forced upon
them, but the sufferers from it al
so learn to hate a foreigner with a
hatred that has no parallel elsewhere
in the world. All this opium is
shipped Into China from India. The
English owners of the poppy fields
roil in wealth, call themselves Chris
tians and patronize the churches.
while the victims of their business
die by the million after suffering the
most horrible tortures ever Inflicted
upon the human body.
Carpenter, in one of his recent let
ters from China, describes some of
tho effects of opium upon the Chi
nese. He says: "The craze for the
drug is beyond description. I am
told that Chinese mothers often sell
their little girls to buy opium. Fa
thers sell their sons and husbands
tneir wives. Dr. Boebe, who is in
charge of the big hospital at Nan
king, said that he had a neighb r
who was an opium smoker. He spent
all of his money in gratifying the
taste, and when that was gone sold
his three children, one after the oth
er, and finally his wife, to satisfy
his opium hunger.
I sit and watch the Chinese dev
ils at their hellish work and as I do
so It seems to me that I can see the
pictures of the ruins which it is to
create as it is scattered through
out the Chinese empire. I can see
lens in which scores of haggard eyed,
yellow faced mortals are lying and
smoking away the wages which
should go to the support of their
families. There are women as well
as men, and children as well as
grown-ups. Here is a mother with
her baby at her feet lying before the
opium lamp. The piie has fallen
from her mouth and the little one
is playing with it, sucking it. I can
see tne opium parlors of the rich and
the hells of vice which I have seen
at Shanghai a score of pictures."
Is it any wonder that the Chi
nese hate foreigners, when they view
the miseries that foreigners have
brought upon them for the sake of
gold? Is it a wonder that they are
hard to convince that there can be
anything good in a Christian civili
zation that has wrought such misery
and woe in their midst? The gov
ernment that did this awful wicked
ness now demauds that the sover
eignty of China shall be turned over
to it and other nations professing
tne same creed. If China fails to
keep such a contract one that she
was compelled to make by superior
torce where is the moralist who
can blame her? Meantime about
six thousand of our troops are in
China. If they stay until
gotiations are all completed, they
will never see the green fields of
America again. They will die in
China of old age.
Another Alleged Kidnapping- Case.
Atlanta, Jan. 21 J. P. Patter
son has asked the police to fincThis
8n Alon.zo aiterson, a 13-year-old
boy, who disappeared from his home
in tnis city last Thursday. Mr. Pat-
terson believes his boy has been kid
The family of Bass Frazer, who is
believed to have been kidnapped
two weeks ago from the Georgia
Technological School, has given up
hope of ever meeting him again.
Frazer's brother, who left for his
home in Alabama, today, has no
idea that the $500 in gold, which he
paid a negro who promised to restore
the student to his family, will ever
be recovered. The police are at
work on both cases.
Olivia Itaney Library.
The Olivia Raney Library which
cost 40.000. was donated tn tha citv
I w
of naiej0.h. w Thnrsdav nitrht bv
Mr. K. B. Raney, as a memorial of
his wife, Mrs. Olivia Cowper Raney.
The gift was accepted by the city,
with appropriate exercises. The
presentation of the building was
made for the donor by Dr. M. M.
Marshall pastor of Christ Church..
The Way North Carolina Democrat
Liook at the Klection Law.
Philadelphia Press.
Aicum So you've got a political
situation, eh? Do you expect to
keep it?
T a mr a m w
ivaneny f aun, l ao so, an
what's more I ixpict it to kape me,
The first six months after he gets
married a man's heart is so soft i
hurts every time his wife sitrhs.
After he's been married a year she
couldn't drive a hat pin in with
shoe brush. N. Y. Press.
The postofflce appropriation bill
ral free delivery.
Aa Eloqo-at Spoecn IHtw la taw
or-1a jfmmkmrm hj thm Horn- Saa-
bora WriiH, Wka Spot fur its n
While the anti-Child Labor BUI,
which was defeated, was up for dis--U'bion
In the Georgia Legislature,
Hon. Seaborn Wright spoke elo
quently fur its passage. Ills perora
tion, as follows, was a gem of ora
tory: The spirit animating the opposi
tion to this bill la the spirit of com
mercialism. It knows no pity. It
chills every generous thought and
deadens every holy feeling. It
meaun s all things, manhood, wo
manhood and childhood by the dol
lar. The hearts and brains, aye, the
puny weight of children, are valu
able only as they can be coined into
money. You lay our little children
at the feet of Eastern capital and say
all this will we give in exchange for
your dollars.
I lift the standard of revolt today,
and in the name of the South de
nounce the unholy traffic.
Mr. Speaker, I stood in the door
of an humble cottage shadowed by
the factory's ma-Bive walls. The
mistress of this home was the wife
of a gallant Confederate soldier.
They ha1 seen better days. Death
had kindly come to him and he
slept. The remorseless hand of
necessity had driven the widow and
her children out from the old home
stead to the humble cottage. As I
stood, the gates of the factory swung
open and amid a hundred children
hers came. They were young child
ren. The kindly walls of the nur
sery should have been around them.
There was no spring in their steps,
no light in their eyes; their cheeks
were white, and I thought, standing
In the presence of the children of
this Confederate soldier, l would
give every spindle and loom in the
South to bring back the light to
their eyes and see the roses bloom
again upon their little cheeks.
I would like to see every boll of cot
ton whose white bosom opens to the
warm kiss of Southern suns spun
and woven in the South, but there
a ra rtr!a T wnnlri nnt nav for if.
" " r. - I
" . . ... . I
seen. Tne men ot tne jn ortn ana
HA3t witn spmaie ana loom ana
treasure, are coming to our cotton
- . i a a ml
fields. The laws of nature, stronger
than all the laws of man, compel
them to come. But, mark this
truth, they are coming as our mas
ters: our cnildren and our children's
children are to be their servants. 1
would put no restraining hand upon
their coming. I would fling wide
the gates and hid thf m entei; but, so
help me God, I would never give
them our children until their little
bodies had grown beyond the nur
sery walls, and the light of know
ledge had dawned in their souls.
Last night I sat with my wife by
the fireside of our comfortable home.
I watched my eight-year old boy lay
his head upon his mother's lap and
close his tired eyes in sleep, and I
thought except for the goodness of
God he might be numbered among
the thousand little toilers in the J
mills of the South through the long
a a a j I
nours oi ine nigni. Ana men, wun
justice in my minu anu pity in my
t a a s I
heart, I said: "I will do for the
children of my people what I would
nave mem ao ior mine." v I
Blll Anthony's Coolness.
"Bill" Anthony was one of the
best examples that came out of the
Spanish War of the man who can
keep his head when others have lost
theirs, says Richard Harding Davis
in Everybody's Magazine. His
coolly indifferent announcement to
Sigsbee that the Maine was sinking,
either showed a soul disciplined to
the condition of an automaton, or a
spirit which nothing could dismay.
once asKea caDtam olsrsoee li the
popular version of Anthony's speech
was correct. He said It was. but
that Anthony did not salute him as
f 1
was generally um, nor preiace nis
peu wuu - I nog w reum bit. -
i HT W I 1 A. l -il l ii .
uuuipeu iumj tcn omr in me
dark," bigsbee said, "and If he had
saiuwju anu spuiten wim mai iorma-
njr, uowuuw nave uwu uiunung
44-.. V.n 1 ,1 - U 1LI-L1
of himseli and of makinsr an effect.
and not of his duty. What he really
Saleof Papers Prohibited..
uape Town, outh Africa, Jan. 24.
It is believed that the presence of
nvadine Boers In proximity to the
western coast is due to preconcerted
Plans With Eurnnean fiHhnafAra to
land a lanre ernislcnmpnt." nf arm a
and ammunition at some point be-
tween Port Nolloth and Lambert's
Bay. .
Many traitors have succeeded in
enlisting in the local forces and there
have been numerous arrests. The
saie oi veynoias weekly JSewspa-
per, or London, and The Review of
lie views and Truth, has been pro-
niDitea nere, as it was lound that
tney nave Deen circulating among
the Dutch.
Girl Student Brutally Hazed.
Wichita, -Kan., Jan. 23. Miss
Pauline, daughter of the late Gover-j
nor Llewellyn, was brutally - hazed
by women members of the Alpha
inew wu. Dociety oi uxe wicnlta
nigh scnooi. Tne letters vA. T. M."
were burned across her - forehead
. . . . . . . .
with nitrate of silver, and she sava
thaAnrtsT h.iraMsiirf w ikAMM
cannot he removed. Rh tiw
1CllK;" W K WK WUlgU,
w... A 1 1 1L.
uuciu w Ktvo utti uuuw
.r110 P14 toths haminyor
w su uw iv jwjFpvosAu ,
Wka "StV Talaaa ot Talmr -.
t ..t.nM not
A as wmw aVam. sa fcraaaai avatst W Noamw awv j m
loped a wIL
The machinery la In the cities and
the people move to it
Hoola Boom Is needed to import
some life to this Legislature.
Senator J. D-Glenn looks as If be
were in search of a hypnotise
Drink cold sage tern for night
sweats, and change your politics.
The sense of feeling in fish is
greater than that of seeing or hear
The measures Introduced against
lobbying purposes make very slow
liow would Cleveland an " Har
rison do for the next Democratic
Geo. E. Badger had to be given 50
acres of land In order to be qualified
as a State Senator.
Mordecal and the Post quarrel is
not only becoming old womanish
but actually 'nauseating.
In the death of Queen Victoria the
would loses the greatest jewel in
the crown of Thrones.
Hon. Joslah Turner the man who
loves a fight is here looking younger
than he did 20 years ago.
The Democats propose to change
the election law mainly to get rid of
the necessity for buying votes.
A law ought to be enacted binding
out the men who have children in
cotton mills and loaf themselves.
The millionaires of New York
should remember the looting of Teln
Tsin and Pekin by Christian soldiers.
The man who used a turkey-blind
to shield his illicit distillery was up
to the modern mark of shrewdness.
If Bryan does not take care he
will become a millionaire and thus
place himself out of the fun of an
other run.
tlt-i TTi t. nrj u: i
i , . i i i ,
frr&eafhllv rmrfnrmvl
The space between the storm doors
of the Yarborouirh House is used bv
the green horns of this Legislature
tor caucussing, introductions etc.
From the distillers point of view
ihe dispensary is better than prohi
bition from the saloon mans stand
point absolute prohibition -is better.
The banks ought to have railings
so that customers may line up in
the order in which they arrive. As
it is the last is frequently served
A man in Rockingham doing a
dren in m M fine
cook range and built the fire in the
It is a good thing that face is not
always taken as an index to ones
character otherwise some people
would form wrong impressions on
Addicts of Delaware, who is hav-
imT such a ,.Ioomy time DUrchasine
MS wav into the U. 8. Senate, is a
ricn He shouid go West and
hnv & fifatA
Gen. B. S. Royster is a convenient
sort of fellow because he can afford
to take the exalted generalship un
der a Fusion and a Democratic ad
Bob Glenn is an Ex-Senator and
as a h pouter has some superiors. He
is evidently bent on making an im
pression. He did not bring his nig
ger typewriter to Raleigh.
In speaking on the Hunting Bill
Senator Woodard said a five dollar
I """ w " w a
cnt Pum. Must be mighty big
irees m 1118 wrriiory vo ue worm as
much M m. of
I .
It appears that there were some
unaesiarDie protessionai tarmers on
I . - . .
the Board of Agriculture, hence the
change in the law which makes prac-
tical farmers only eligible as mem-
I. ... . ,
i Ders or the rJOarxi.
I .... ... ....
Tne Jnmclary committee of this
lawyers was found to be so
puuuuruus iuiittb lb uivx w ins u.iviuu
fvtn V araf aUHrTa Kootrira mlili'llAa
Ud ' Uirht weiirhte and a OTbKXach
eiven to each.
'I'Dem is a otate ana counry tax oi
I mi a m l
forty dollars on every dealer in ,
WOOd. It Is Uhjust because it falls
I chiefly on the townsmen, is there-
fore discriminating in Its effect, and
this same dealer has
to pay pur-
chase tax as well.
It should be I
The man who was tried in Bock
Ingham last tall tor snooting at a
revenue officer and after being re-
leased on bond, was put in a red-
shirt and escorted about the town by
gome of the best citizens is now serv
foe, a 3 years term in the pen! ten-
tiary for passing ' counterflt money.
Uncle Zeke's Sermon.
Down in Oklahoma a preacher in
delivering his farewell address
said: "I don't believe the Lord
I love8 this church, for none of you
AVArdla. Tdnnt hAlieva von ma
I each other : . I never marry any of
I Ton. I don't believe you love me.
for you don't pay me my salary
only in wormy fruit, and by their
W know them, I am go
i lng to a better place ; I am going
fill tht Af h-l-n nf .ha
vi lumtJirv. ' Whnm T am va unnntl AMnt t.Antv.thrM nnt Af ,.
ri -- ... " -
I come, but I go to prepare a plaoe
izj you.- -
Twray 1Vaa ffcs4 UmmM WaiU Aa-
oUmt a 1114 om a Itarrw.
Wichita, Kan., Jan. '21 Mr. Car
rie Nation, the woman saloon-wreck
er, nas now K-ur wrvckwi miooivi to
her credit, wrveking the fourth to
day at Enterprise, near here. Khe
left Wichita lat night to prevent
being hurt by a mob which pursued
her around town and threatened to
lynch her. As soon aa she arrived
in Enterprise she went to W. C T.
U. headquarters and held a consulta
tion with the women of the order
who had advised her to smash the
Shilling saloon, one of the finest in
the town. Later she armed herself
with a hatchet and rocks and pro
ceeded to the saloon of John Shilling
and opened fire, smashing the large
plate-glass windows, and then went
inside and proceeded to ruin the fix
tures. A large mirror behind the
bar, several pictures of women, a
large refrigerator, eight cases of wine
and many bottles of whiskey were
smashed. The bartender drew a
revolver and threatened to kill her.
but she laughed at him and dared
him to shoot. Twenty women of
the town stood guard in front of the
saloon while she demolished the in
terior. After the wreckage was com
plete the women went down the
street singing "Praise God, from
Whom All Blessings jlow."
The town marshal started to ar
rest her, but she dared him to touch
her on danger of being hurt with
her hatchet. He left her alone, and
at last accounts from Enterprise she
was still at large, but had not smash
ed any more saloons.
She Proved to be a Good Fin tncier aa
Well aa a Wiae Ruler.
London Dispatch.
The Queen's private wealth yield
ed an income of about $1,000 000
yearly. This is exclusive of $1,925,
000 annually from Parliament
Ser private income, as gathered
from easily available sources; was
from the duchy of Lancaster, up
wards of $250,000 ; from 37,372 acre
in the Queen's other estates, $125,
000 ; from London realty, supposed
ly, $50,000; In consols and other se
curities, between fifteen aud twen
ty millions. She inherited neirl.v
nil th Prince Consort's estate of
f3 000 000 fort v years ago, and $2 -500
000 in 1852 from John Camdei.
Neild, the eon of a rxh jeweler.
The Qaeen was a clear-headed
business wooian, aad of course, bai
ne best financial advioe In 1881.
v tho advice of Ljrd Cross, Lor..
Sidney and ir Arnold White, sh
0 ught property for $390 000, th-
mtrket value of which Is now n-ck
ned to be $1,350,000 bhe had
ales in s iveral German principal
ales, and inherited a beautiful vil
la at Baden from Prince Hohenlohe
The Qaeen's laces are worth an en
ormous sum. Tnese ana ner private
jewel?, gold plate and pictures, etc ,
are estimated to value more thai)
five million dollars.
Mr Glenn Make a Speech Denouncing
Corporations and in Same Hpeech Ad
mits He la an Attorney for It. J. Rey
nolds Tobacco Company Which Belong
to the Bia-eet Tobacco Trust In the
For The Caucasian.
Hon. R. B. Glenn appeared before the
Senate Judiciary Committee and made
his characteristic speech on the Ward
Bill, against corporations, especially
. .. . ... . .
severe in ms denunciation or tne
American Tobacco Company, which he
said had greatly damaged the business
interest of his town, Winston. Before
concluding he acknowledged be was
attorney for the R. J. Reynolds Com
pany, and benator Fousnee stated to
ibe committee that the R. J. Reynolds
Company was a branch of the Ameri
can Tonacco Company. See what dem
agogues some men are.
She and Her Childr, n Were Boating- in
the Royal Park-Ball Struck Hailing- of
Tendon. Jan. 26. VVnile the Oueen
namnt n! hr nhiidron wiri hntinir
I ft"- o
in h. rai p.rfe on th onrskirfc of
Madrid today." says the Madrid corre-
,nndpnt of rhe Dailv Exnre a. "anhot
I ' . . . . '
I was nred from tne DanK ana peneira
I ted the granwale of the boat.
The park was searched, but the woald-
Qeeo was considerably alarmed.
The Amount Involred in th Various
Properties 1 About 2SS.OOO.
Wilmington, N. C, Jan. 25 The
nine fibre nlant which the Acme Man-
J ufactury Company of Wilmington has
been operating for several years at
rronly, on Carolina Central Railroad,
thirteen miles from here, was today
aold to the American Consolidated Pine
Fibre Company of New York. The
amount involved in the various proper
ties taken ov-r bv toe American Com
pany is about $285,000.
Child Fatally Burned.
Charlotte. N. C-, Jan 25. The four-
year o'd child of Mrs. Mary Medlin,
white, was barned S" badiy today that
it will die rhe mother 1-Jt her chil
dren at home wi-iie she went to her
dav'a work. The chdd's dress caueht
I fire Her brother ran tor a neighbor.
I who fainted when she saw tne little
I girl in a high wind enveloped in flames
I W"hn the child's cloth ng was finallT
wnS"u,"w u.r """J
I aA Iia Kill Minlt
I One of the Yanderbllts has built
I a million dollar swimming bath
- in connection with one of Els pala
to I ces.
I L000 coal miners the world oyer
I are uuea annually.
Maay Bills aad Ileaolatloa latrwtaw4
rw laaportaat Maoaaraa !! IUi
The Senate and llouwe iiawetl a re
solution Wednesday afternona ex
tending sympathy, to the family of
Queen Victoria, and wi-hln King
Eld ward VI 1 a happy and aucctwful
reign A resolution wat also pai
directing that the Hags on the Capi
tol be lowered at half nia-t as a fur
ther tribute of respect to the dead
By Mr. Long: Joint Resolution
(23.J) of respect to the memory of
Queen Victoria of Great Britain,
ordering flag on capitol building
placed at half mast for three days.
By Mr. Alexander: Resolution
and petition from Mecklenburg
Camp, No. 382, United Confederate
Veterans, In regard to the Soldiers'
Home and pensions.
By. Mr. Foushee: 8. B. 221, to
amend the charter of the Methodist
Orphanage. Corporations Commit
tee. ALw (222) to amend chapter
262. Acta 1885. Judiciary Commit
tee. Also (223) to regulate the pro
bate of deeds, etc. Judiciary.
By Mr. Henderson: 8. li. 22,
providing for alimony in certain
cases of divorce.
By Mr. Miller of Pamlico: S. B.
225 To protect the lumber inter
ests. Judiciary.
By Mr. Ward: 8. B. 220 To re
gulate the hearing of injunctions,
etc. ' Committee on Corporations.
By Mr. Smith: 8. B. 227 To
authorize payment o( tees, etc., in
Johnston county. Counties, Cities
aud Towns Committee.
By Mr. Calvert: 8. B. 223 To
regulate fl-tuing by du'ch nets in
howan river. Fish aud Fisheries.
By Mr. Woodard: S. B. 230 To
amend Sec. 1034 of tho Code, pro
viding sluice ways in Tar river, Fish
and Fisheries.
By Mr. Burroughs: S. B. 239 To
authorize the Seaboard Air Line,
successor to Richmond, Petersburg.
Carolina Railroad, to exen-ine powers
conferred by States of North Caro
lina and Virginia as to sales, leases,
etc., Committee on Railroads and
S. B. 91 Senator Brown's bill to
prohibit the sale of cigarettes, ciga
rette papers and substitutes there
for" in North Carolina, was the
special order for noon, but the bill
was not considered.
The calendar was taken up
was cleared of all the bills on it, as
ti. B. 153, II. B. 161: Authorizing
the town of Concord to issue bonds.
On third reading passed. Ordered
S B. 35 : To incorporate the bank
of Freemont. Passed and sent to the
Souse for concurrence.
8. B 123: To incorporate bink of
Bed Springs. Passed and sent to
the House
S. B 33: Exempting Daniel B.
Davis from peddler's tax. Bent to
the House.
8. B. 181 : To incorporate the Dur
ham Traction Company. Bent to
the House.
8. B. 120: To amend Chapter 84,
Private Acts of 1899 was tabled on
motion of its author.
B. B. 190: To Incorporate the Sur
ry County Loan and Trust Com pa
ny. bent to the House.
8. B 57: For the relief of J. B
Arrington, late sheriff of Nash Co
Sent to the House.
8. B. 188: Amendatory of Sec.
616 of the Code regarding tral of
suits to test titles of office. Passed
and sent to the House. (This bill,
extending the legal notice from ten
to thirty days.
A lot of new bills were Intro
duced In the House, but very few
of them are of general interest. The
most important ones are as follows :
H. B 405: By Mr. McLean, of
Scotland, an act to authorize the
commissioners of Scotland county
to issue bonds to build a court
house, county jail ana nome ior
the aged and infirm.
H . B 416 : By Mr. ttayne or cnero-
kee. An act to prohibit the manu
facture and sale of brandy in Cher
okee county.
H. B. 420: By Mr. Boundtree or
New Hanover. . an act to regulate
the return of property seized under
attachments and to repeat section
373 and 374 of the Code.
H. B 422: By Mr Willard, of
New Hanover, an act to Incorporate
fie South and Western Kali way
By Mr. Bobeson, of liuword: res
olution from alumni of University
of North Carolina to increase the
appropriation to the University.
The following bills passed the 3d
H. B 182: Prohibiting sale ana
manufacture of liquor within two
miles of the Mary Stuart school
house. In Harnett county.
x H B 141: Amending section 894
oMhe Code, relating to appeals in
peace warrant cases.
H B 146: Incorporating the
bank of II c Olive.
H.B 151 : Amending chapter 392
of toe Laws ot 1897, relating to et-
tabliabnoeet of graded cbooU la
An act to tBforporaU th Illltoa
Rdand Ugtsf Co.
II U. 17: To lacorpotat Wlatr-tIU-Hlro
rkhooU Put Co.
8. B. II. li. 1VD: To iacorpor
at th tank of Plvmoalh
8 II. 20, II. R. IV.. To ainead
tloea 3k t SMI to aboltah offlc
ol Htavadard Kpr mt Nona ana p
ton cvnaty. Amended by comoslt
Ww muio Inclode Wtrrvn coaaty.
II. B. 1M: ProYldlag addltioaai
Justices of the ptc for Ec field
oort, Halifax eonaiy.
An act to IncorporaU the town of
An Act ntlilwl an act to amend
ecttoo 1 of cLap. XJ of Pabltc
Laws of 1S3!.
t!tATr The SnaU waa a&t to
aeealon but on hour, at noon they
all wect or to the Hoaae In a
body to hear the addrvee of Dr. J.
L II. Curry, Treasurer of the IVa
bodr fund The bills of ffBtra! In
portaac lotroduced wvrw aa fob
By Mr. ilenderaon: H. R. 215, Pro
viding that peraona who have Uwd
confined In aayluma fjr th Inaaoe
to manage their own property af
ter recovery. Judlclr Cnmltu
Ry Mr. HtrlngUld: M It. 217. to
amend chap Z Acta l&TJ. i oaa. on
By Mr. Travla : H B. 2ol, to regu
late fe of clerks of coorta an 1 reg
isters of dede In recording chattel
mortf(age. etc. Commlttae on Kal
artes and Fes.
By Mr. Warren: S. H. 252, to pro
tect policy holders. Judiciary Ovm
ie It tee.
8. B. 41: To gradaate the tax oo
corporation charters. On motion of
Senator Henderson tb bdi was
amended so as not to apply to
charters granted at this s-nlun of
the Leslslature, the act to go into
effect sixty days after ratification
It was then pissed and ordered
sent to the ilouso for concurrence.
S. B. 45: To prevent hunting In
Washington, Wilson, Biadn, Ca
barrus, Wayne and Pender count
les, without written -onsnt ot
owners of land, wai passed and
sent to the Hous for concurrence.
House The most Important bill
Introduced were as follows:
H. B 460 By Mr. Pearson ot
Wake An act to settle a debt du
the State to Martha Mordecal, ex
ecutrix of Henry Mordecal, dec-&
This bill asks the Stat to pav
motnr Monlat $16.0K) tor iuou
xjrrow.dof Unary Mord.xal fortb
freasurvr wailn Jnatnan Worth
was Governor la 1SC3.
II. B. 5G6 By Mr. ShU. An
act to regulite appeaN in criminal
actions in justices courts.
II. B. 49 By Mr. GattU ol
Orange Aa act for the nupport ol
the University of North Carolina.
This bill anks for an incrt-asM ap
propriation to the amount of2V
500. Of this amount f 10,.r00 is to
be devoted ! needed improvement
and $15,000 is to be added to the re
gular appropriation to provide ad
ditional teachers in the maintenance
of the University.
II. B. 470 By Mr. Smith of
Gates An act for the correction of
youthful criminals.
The following bills passed their
third reading and were sent to the
Senate for ratification:
II. B. 66. amending and enlarg
ing the charter of the Cleveland cot
ton mills.
II. B. 148, changing the name of
Union City to Ash pole and amend
lng the charter of the same.
IT i.w. Inor.rr.or.tlno- who ifll.
ton Railroad and Logging Company.
., . t. ....
II. B. 403, making provision for
the drawing of a jury list in Scot-1
lnrl rriiintv.
ul nuiucr u rui. aiuK
H. B. 192, a. B. 8, esUWUhlng
graded schools in Rocky Mount.
II. B. 204, amending the charter
of the town of Salem.
H. B. 214. correcting State land
grant 1875 formerly of Macon coun
ty, now of Swain.
H. B. 213, authorizing the com
missioners of Macon county to Lue
bonds for the purchase of land on
which to erect.
The election of the State Libra
rian has been set for next Friday.
Mr. Webb Introduced a . bill to
amend section 721 of the Code, re
garding machanles and laborers
Hens. The bill was referred to the
Judiciary Committee.
8ikatc The House bill lncorpor
atlng the Cleveland Commercial
College was passed and ordered en
Senate bill to regulate sale of per-
sonal property by administrators.
Passed and was tent to the House
for concurrence.
House bin to allow commission
- s vrw a. 1 i
f OIx,"
"uu'"ut, w
8. B. 157 To supply certain doc -
nmenta to the Aflrrlcnltnral and Mv
chanlcal College, Passed third read
8. B. 182 To establisn tne era
ded school of Guilford, at Greens
boro. Passed second reading and
was replaced on the calendar un
der the rule.
8. B. 33 To validate and conform
certain articles of agreement and
probate. Passed and sent to the
8. B. 191 To amend the oyster
law of Pender county. Pasted and
sent to the House
8. B 196 To amend the school
law of Person county, repealing
chapter 650, Acts 1899. Passed aad
sent to the House.
8. B. 201, H R 49 -To repeal
chapter 13, Acts 1899, la regard to
It arp!lrtl to Cbrtaa4 Co.
Mt J'l 11 113tT rrUcaap.
Ut Arts i r', repMlisff ta
lavt4aHi rtxaaif aawa-ecnjp Uw"
(ehtch rare reward tor ScsJps of
UvttllM laro)
8 B li II 9.?o ae4
a-tloo l ut ctaptt ?. ArU lty.
Pavd a4 earotteO.
ri B tir.-Toam.n4chap.rrJ
Acts ly-'A ThU bill provides taat
faads of dtspneary ot Ratlrtod
coaaty be at the dtspvnJtloa of the
eonaij ronmta4onrn te beapi
by Ihem as ttsr BU Pan d
rtt to the Hooee.
8. B ZJEi.aip-lnc llryaa Hack
from peddler's tax la fut coaaty.
Passed and sart to tbs Boo
M It ?l-ToamBd chaput VL
AcU l&tt in rrgard to i of
hrt8 laccar)leK prtsonsra from
oe county to another. Thspraat
law pruTidm for pajat ta lbs
shsrlff of aaii oooty wbsao prts
onsr fld only, this bill stlpalaU
that lthrr raa bm paid, sU. Paaaad
aod nt to tbs Hoom
Ttw following rr th nn4 Im
tant bills lntroduord:
II. It. by Mr. Martin oT
Vllkn: An art to iroCrrt uvum of
timlirr In Wllkm county.
II. It. by Mr. S-aell. of
Moore: An art u anwtvl Hrrtloos
1MI, I S t :. and llU of tho Oah Ut
prevent th tnUYiuarrtagw of whito
aTuii and tht ofChlnrvwdnrr&L.
II. II. by Mr. rpalnhour. of
Iturlu: An art Ut nUr guud gov
ernunt in MiuhH cxiuiity.
II. It. AOI, by Mr. WlnUKi of IW
tie: An art to prorid a vfmanMit
ret(UtratUm uiMbr Artlclff 4 of tb
The following bilN tblr
tblnl nnuling mwi wert rn to tbt
Senate for ratification:
II. II. 40, H. It. Incuriura
ting th- hurr County ln aod
Trut Comjwny.
II. H. 9, s mending tho charter of
the Winrdon-Saieni Railway Cnm
pany. II. It. 21 , allowing the rotumU
aionen of Halifax to u funds do
rived from the al of bond.
II. It. t0, amending thorhartor of
the Fries Tower and Manufacturing
II. B. 43, n-Ruuitlng the cot of
claim and dfllvery, whlrh was
amended ho a to apply only to Hamp
Hon county.
II. B. :i'. 1 , ! nrorporat I ng the Golds
lKro Oil Cmany.
S. B. 171, II. B. 47fi for tho re
leif of B. K. Kidder of WlUon.
II. It. 174, ainnding the charter
of the Mxre County lUllnd.
II. B TJ'J, itMt,rporatlnjf the
WrighUville and Ouiow Smvlgm-
llou toinpiny.
H. B. 3t, H. B. '2'J0, to repwl
rbaj.U r 170 oftbn lawn uf 1HS9,
whirh prohibit the fir mat Ion of a
c rration with a capital stork ex-
noting one million dollar. This
bid doHM not limit the capitol stock
of coritorationn.
II. B. nC, to atnen! bapU-r 22,
Private Uwi of 189.1, relating to
the lUxkri-h and Atsrdeu Itallruad.
II. B. 106, to aboliMi tho offlee of
Htandard kee-r In Warren county.
was tabled.
(Continued on Second fags.) '
Charged Tkat Fowlar DaaS Wu rr4
Wilmington. N.C , Jan 14 A so-
aational turn was riven a e Id Hu-
perior Court here today, which started
aa an action to correct a ded mads by
the late W. O. Fowler to nJa wife. ZU-
lab Kowler, conveying to ber certain
city property. oaosel for J. J. Vow-
let. defendant In tne actios, to wbom
aa nephew of W. (J Puwler, with other
neira, tne property would refer; If tne
leed were declared void, set op tbs
conlentisD tfast the deed was forged.
, T,, IjimmU nif
I a aeoaation. fb amount Involved Is
less than $1,000.
I " T r t
p4rkeritrjrr, w. Va Jan. 15.-Tbs
I discovery was mads in a cemetery in
Itnls city this moralor tbat tbs rrsv
"r Tracy baa been robbeo.
1 ' t-f av awaa A ft. M aJK anil I aaaa
tnt : iheHo thl de" ZZ
man wore and valuable breast pin
been stolen.
15,000 Fire at Davidson.
Charlotte, Jf. O, Jan. 21. A f 15,-
000 fire ox-urred at Davidson, twen
ty miles from here, early this morn
ing. A livery stable and several
stores were burned. The student
! at Davidson College were given a
holiday to amit those whose pro
perty was damaged. The origin of
the fire is unknown.
AnatraUa SaffrlBT rroaa m Ho Wih.
Victoria. B. C. Jan 25. A heatwave
Is passing over Australia, blighting and
withering everything, many
deaths and being indirectly ths cans
of bath Ores of widespread dimensions.
rb thermometer id some places nas
i riaen to 120 degrees la the shade. Hon-
a At m ' .
dreda of families have lost their bomes,
I stock implements and grain.
- 1 Kuc reward wM mh Liwr.
The Queen's will provided for the
payment of King Edwards llttl
1 MU- whlch .nioanted to 15,000,000.
This was over ana above nis income
- 1 as Prince of Wales.
A dispatch from London states that
t is rumored there that Lord nalisbory
will rot be Premier after bs re-aasem-
blieg of Parliament on Feb. 14th, as
there are strained relations betw
tbe King and his Premier.
According to ths 8tate Pactcry
Ia'peetor of Pennsylvania there
were 453 000 more persons employ
ed tn that 8tats In 1900 than In
A London banker In a recent in
terview says that the Boer war Is
I costing Great Britain tZM a mlncta.
Imperialism comes nlk,

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