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isi legislature ui io nu vi
graceful failure la their effort t en
rttiik :auc;aiiam pcb.o.
Om Year, .
Its Months,
Three Month.
Dr. Venable abmittM bit report!
m President of the I'd lenity to tbe
Trustee of that limitation at their
ion recently held in thu city.
Tbii reat loatitatioaof Learning,
which la the pride and glory of tbe
Hute, certainly deier?e tbe beat
and highest consideration at the
hands of the whole people, and of
the Oeneral Assembly in particular
Ool a few years ago the enroll-
msnt at the UnltersitT was abont
two hundred, while according to tbe
report of President Venable there
are today 501 stadents taking ad raa
tage of the splendid opportunity of
obtaining adcqaate educational
equipment to fit them for tbe great
struggles of life.
No State can achiere greatnes or
become a power in the development
of her resources if her people are
not provided with proper means for
securing an education.
Money eaa not he invested, with
greater safety, than in "immortal
minds." In affording proper facili
ties for the promotion of education
we make a safe investment that will
pay handsome dividends for all time.
We may erect monuments to perpet
uate the fame and greatness of our
noble citiiens, but there can be no
nobler duty than that of building an
educational system that will "defy
the coroding tooth of time." and
give to the poor children of the Htate
a ohanoe to equip themselves for
Iheir life-work.
act a stringent and effective anti
trust law.
Toe proof of tbe fai are i shown
now when anottur a tempt is to
nude in that direction. A? aa'vros
bill has already ren inrodicd,
but the stmt irflaenes dauosi
the l-git'or now that wresopow
no 1 erf ul in 1899, it ean safely b irt
- ?
as dieted tnat n uco erae-ie egi ia-
t on, as is sorely needtd wi 1 be ett
The professional lobby st 1 be
prejent in full fore when tha was
ure is considered, and it is m r than
probable that it will he rmiien ated
as to render it practically a ' !.
letter" on the statute books. Tuey
will have to pass some sort ot an an
ti-trust bill in order to fool the po
pie again.
The trnst evil eau largely D re
moved by tbe action of Htate l-gu
latnret if they are honest and it.
cara in their desire to remove this
eincer which is so rapidly dis roy
insr manv of the treat industries ol
r m
tbe country.
An anti-trust bill ean be s? fram
ed that t will furnish tbe r, m dy.
but the serious question ic: on it be
enected into lawt
Tne shrewd and competent law
yers, representing tbe great corpo
rations and combinations would be
on band to attack certain provisions
and before the bill became a lw it
would be so amended that the au
thor would net recognize it. Far
thermor, tbe victory of the present
anarchistic redshirt element is due,
in a great measure to corporate in
The machine demagogues raised
the "nigger domination" cry aid the
corporations furnished the mney
to supply such literature bsaring on
the race issue as would most effectu
ally arouse prejudice, and in this
way they won the victory and g it in
their work,
This explains why the anti trust
law of 1899 was such a failure.
There is a true saying that you
can "fool part ot the people all the
r fet
or Philippic
lfs!ntloa la O
purtMl Kills- IU-poct
Hii to tba CAtrc'MAJf. j
Washlnsfton, January 2 1901.
Hut five wefka remain of the life
of tbe Fifly-wixth Cmigrp. Many
matter of icrat imKjrtanoe are prww
ing for attention in both branch of
the National IUIalun, and the
tifiie U'twt-cn now and the 4th of
March mewt need b thoroughly oc
cupied if the dominant (arty intend
to enact any 'egtaUtion of national
concern anide from the regular ap
propriation bill for the support of
the Government.
The time and attention of tbe two
Houmcm of Congrem has thu far
mainly been engro-ned in the con
federation of appropriation bllU and
In the peonage of the bill reorganu
ing the Army and increasing It size
to what the Ke publican Adm in Lst ra
tion deems adequate to meet so call
ed ptesent emergencIeH. ThL bill
pawted both the House and the Sen
ate, and, on account of amendments
out on In the Senate, went to a con
ference committee. The report
LETTER. jiniibu I stance. Mcy c aaaical aJ!a
ii.t rre bmtwat m darif !
a m aaa. I a
e or- i nr. roa s pati wna
a-rd to lUastae and iaetcaae ta
ff c 4T-v of bis arr omeat-
M E. Ciapp, who wa csoaaa
or u lrgi!a Uf of M'isnaou. o
fi'S rb vcor eansed bt tbe dea o
o' Cusbutu K- Uvis. wbien ae)
tf wa b ig temporarily filM by
8ntor Tawae, was pront doriag
Mr T"WB. r mark asd was sworn
m m. m. f . a
in iBiDaiAfc-if alter lie aaa evneiu
)f hu ira Qiicr lha service of
Mr. To wne as a Sena' or. It is tafa
to sy that very fw men aava crea
ted such a faverabSe tmpreaaloo aa
M'. Towne has daring hit brief Hen
a'orlti career, and there are many
expreiaiots ot r-gret upon bis retire
ment from tbe senate.
iU vy;uu
Peruna is a
Sure Cure.
A Most Excellent
Family Remedy.
(Continued from First Page.)
Educational progress in the State
has, Indeed, been slow, but it is grat-l time, all of the people some of the
ifying now to see tne revival ol in
terest in the matter in every quarter
of the State.
Dr. Venable, in his report, says
that "the University is emphatically
the hops of the poor boys of thu
State," and that "our one hundred
and twenty five are working their
way through in whole or in Dart."
Indeed the University, in recent
years, has furnished a great oppor
tunity for young men with no means
or with limited means, to get an ed
ucation. and the fact that over 125
are now, by their own efforts, ob
taining an education, speaka volumes
in favor of the present management.
Year by year the enrollment is in
creasing, yet practically the same
appropriation is made now that ws
made when tne Institution had ab iut
half its present enrollment. Tne
fact is the University ot North Caro
lina is today one of the strongest in
stitutions of the South, though it is
doing its great work on the least
capital ot any similar institution in
the whole country.
Dr. Venable nrges that the teach
ing force be increased in order that
more thorough and effeotive work
may be done. This is a reasonable
suggestlen in view ot the fact that
there are more students at the Uni
versity now than eye r before. At
present the classes are too large and
nnwieldly, and it is impossible for a
professor to do his work with that
thoroughness which is so essential
As showing the niggardliness
with which the State deals with its
greatest Institution of learning, we
quote the following from President
Venable's report:
"The State now appropriates $25,
000 annually to the University. Fif
teen years ago the appropriation
with the land grant fund amounted
to 927.000 and there were
time, but you can not fool all the
poople all the time." and this raot
the legislature should bear in mmd.
They cannot cover up their mis
deeds and failures by howling "aig
ger" "nigger" any more for that is
sue is as dead as Julius Oeaar.
The people will be satisfied with
no hing less than an effeotive anti
trust law.
Last week when the resolution
Inviting Dr. Curry, agent of the
Peabody Fund, to address the Leg
islature was pending, a few of the
members of that body arose and
severely assalld Dr. Curry, alleg
ing that he had lobbied with mem
bers of the National House of Rep
resentatives in the Interest of Con
gressman Richmond Pearson's con
test Both Dr. Curry and Mr. Pear
son indignantly denied the charge
and the next day these hot-headed
partisans, feeling keenly the injus
tice done, made apologies publicly
for their bitter, vindictive and par
t.san speeches.
'Tls a pity Indeed that some men
occupying official positions of hon
or, trnst and responsibility, are so
small and narrow-minded that thty
frequently make ugly spectacles of
themselves !
Dr. Curry was not Invited to ad
dress the Legislature on a partisan
subject, but on the great and absor
bing question of public education,
and if his assailants had been gov
erned by any sense of propriety
they would have spared the distin
guished educator such an un war
ran teed, unjust and false attack.
Away with all such narrowmlnd
edness, and llttlenss I
bach conduct was a most dis
graceful exhibition of peanut par
tisan politics. North Carolina can
the conferees has been agreed to by
the House and i now pending in
the Senate, with every prospect that
It will be finally enacted before the
present week has passed.
During the coming week the
IIoumo will be engaged principally
In considering the poet-office and
other appropriation bills. The post
office bill is likely to lead to consid
erable discussion owing to the omis
sion from the bill of the provision
for pneumatic tubes. There is also
a strong effort being made in the
House to press the consideration of
ttie Hill bill, which is designed to
maintain the pari'y between gold
and silver under the existing gold
Owing to the fact that appropria
tion bills originate in the House of
liepresentatives, the necessary busi
ness of the session of Congress is
probably more advanced in that
body than it is in the Senate. There
is also greater latitude of discus-don
In the Senate, which prevents a dis
position of the public business as ex
peditiously as it is taken care of in
the House. Only two of the great
appropriation bills have been passed
by the Senate. The Indian appro
priation bill Is at present pending in
that body, and will probably be dis
posed of in the next two or three
The bill passed by the House of
Representatives reducing taxation
under the Revenue bill has been re
ported by the Senate Finance Cm
mittee. and Senator Aldrich, chair
man of that committee, has given
notice that he expects the Senate to
take it up at an early day. Tae ship
subsidy bill, tne pet measure of San-
. - a a
ator a anna, is aiso panning in me
Senate, and has the right of way
when appropriation bills are not un
der consideration. This measure,
however, is likely to provoke more
discussion than its friends ever con
templated. The opposition to it is
determined, and the prospects for
its passage are very dim. Saould
those who have it in charge endeav
or to force its consideration, therj is
every probability tht a filibuster
would be instituted against it. Tne
Grout bill in regard to the manufact
ure and sale of oleomargarine, a bill
which commands aluost univt-isal
support in tbe agricultural districts
of the country, is nearly in a condi
tion to be placed before tne Senate,
and no doubt, a strong tffort will be
made to secure its passage, with
good cLaneeS of success It seems
as if the Nicaragua canal proposi
tion will have to give way to other
matters, and go over until the next
session of Congress. Senator Mor
gan, of Alabama, in charge cf this
measure, has made every possible ef
fort to have it become a law. There
is a general opinion, howayer, that
its consideration shonld admit the
action of the British government on
the Hay-Pauncefote treaty, which is
now in the hands of the British cab
inet, and this vu w will in all proba
bility prevail. Tne repo-t of the
Taft Commission to the Pail pnine
Islands, recently transmitted to Cen-
New bill introduced In the Sen
By Mr. Vann: To author ice com
missioners of Hertford county to
levy a special tax. J udlciary.
By Mr. Justice: For the relief of
of I the Henderson County Cattle Asso
ciation. Propositions and Griev
ances Committee.
S. B. 245, (by Mr. Henderson), to
provide for the restoration of legal
rights of parties who have once been
insane, or confined in asylums for
the Insane, and who have been re
stored to their right minds, so as to
enable them to manage their own
proierty, etc., was passed.
The following bills passed their
third reading in the Senate:
The London libel bill passed
House bill authorizing comm is
sioners ot Yancy county to levy a
special tax, passed and enrolled.
Bill to establish Guilford Graded
School of Greensboro, passed final
reading and sent to House.
House bill to establish stock law
for entire county of Nash, passed
and enrolled
S. B. 73, to amend chapter 98,
Acts 1899, in regard to the liquor
dispensary at Smithfteld, Johnston
county; substitute for original bill.
Passed and seat to House.
yv m ' "j
I JMfI'7riv
...... . Atifffi
vr. i.rM HL...HI MMlmd Batch.! "We eaa never thank you enough for
L. I., New York, proprietor of "The the ehaagyoo hare ma4 In our llttl
Ri,,mAnii Hot.1 of Parana: one's health. Before she began taking
" gives me plemsure to testify
to the vmlue ot Peruna, I hmve
used It for years mad hmve found
It to be m most excellent family
remedy. For colds, catarrh and
similar Ills, It Is unsurpassed."
Mrs. C. B. Long, box 2M, At wood,
Colorado, In a recent letter to Dr. Hart-
man, says the following:
voar Parana and rock eandy she anf
farad everything la tbe way of cough,
cold and or oup, but now she has bean
taking your medicine a month not quite
one bottle full, and ahe is ae well and
strong ae she has ever been in her life.
Ha not had the cronp once since she
bagan taking it, and whan she has a
little old a few doaea of Peruna flxee
her oat ell right."
Mra Nellie Courier, 14 Centar avenue.
Jferwalk. Coaa wrUt -rVruaa
doae woodera for aey
prtlaa It oob. I thlak It w '
bet anedcla on rth ; t m tall
joq why I think eo : My
ba allctd with catarrh alaca h litre month tld.
for yaaxa I bad t watch Mm ail bight
long, and kp bu nwmth a ao be
cvoJd braatba,aa ha ooulJ ot trthe
taromgb hla aoa. Ha baa al aj tn
very dallrau.
1am haeotninBd taklBg tba I r-
rmaa I caa go to twl ajd lpall blftbt.
fie braatba through bta 6oae any
way -a Ilea, aad all that hawking eaa
pltttag 1 goo. My boy U ea waP
tdty m wbB h I'll on talBK m
ad be ooly Uxk on botlla."
T. T. Linallan. a prv.minat jwunp
lawyer of Washing ton. P.O.. and broth
er of W.O.I Jb
JUn,la the U.K.
doeament room.
has taken Parana
for catarrh and
paake of IU ef
ficacy la the fol
lowing word a.
saye: "I rn
happy to write
you that I am
cured of what 1
tbouabU aa well
aa mi doctor, an etrcrlaaling
catarrh, and Uk plaure to aying lh
Parana baa dona It all.
Any one who wishes pcrfec
health must be entirely free Iron
tmtmrrh CmtMrrhl welt-nlzh unl
si aawe a ww - -
renal; almost omnipresent. Pe
runs Is the only absolute sate
guard known. A cold Is the be
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colds, to cure colds. Is to cheat c
tarrh out of Its victims. Pcrun&
not only cures catarrh, but pre
vents It. Every household should
be supplied with this great rem
edy for coughs, colds, etc.
Addreee The Peruna Medicine Co,
Colnmbua. Ohio, for a free book on
The Ixadni Weekly In North
T. T. l.-olUn.
He Farmer and Maoif'
of taxes from tax payers removing
S B. 74, to amend stock l&w of f rom nn onnty to another.
only 200
tnriAnta f.rt Ha fan cr t '
Wii. rni , i ; . . never become a great State if such
With 601 students now at the Uni- i
versity, there should be enongh
money appropriated to meet the
present and increasing demands.
The University is the head of the
pnblie school system of the Btate,
and as such it should be fostered and
It is an institution where rich and
poor boys meet on common gronnd ;
where young men are taught lofty
ideals ; where ambition i given the
fall rein, and above all, where man
hood, morality, moral courage, troth,
justice, freedom of thought, speech
and action are inculcated.
It seems to be a part of the ma
chine programme to increase the
number of judges in the 8tate.
The people who pay the taxes to
support these officers may have some
thing to say about extravagance la
ter on.
If all the judges faithfully dis
charged the duties there would be
no large dockets to be continued
from term to term.
The ballot-stuffing machine raised
a great "hue and cry" because the
Fasionists increased the number of
magistrates in the Btate. Oa every
stump they charged that . additional
offices were created for some "hun
gry Fasionists." It should be re
membered that there was no addi
tional cost to the people on account
ot the increased number of magis
trates, whereas four additional J adg
s, with salaries at $2,750 each, will
cost the Bute $11,000.
On with the dance ; let joy and ex
travagance be nneonflnedi The peo
ple will have their 'innings" in the
near future.
small and narrow men are to con
trol her affairs.
Mr. Spalnhour from Burke coun
ty has Introduced a bill in the Souse
to ' restore srood eovernment in
Mitchell county." What Mr. Spain
hour means by "good government"
Is for the legislature to aDDoint
more county officers in Mitchell Co
so as to place the Democrats in con
trol of that county.
Mr. Spalnhour was elected So
licitor in 1894 by the Populists and
Republicans of the mountain coun
try and then for him to turn over to
the Democratic party and come to
the legislature and ask for the gov
ernment to be taken out of the
hands of the Populists and Repub
licans of Mitchell county, because
they succeeded in electing their of
fleers notwithstanding the rascali
ty they had to contend with, is base
Ingratitude to say the least.
we nave received a copy of the
"North Carolina Year Bok,n pub
lished by the News and Observer
Raleigh, N. 0., which contains abont
160 pages. It Is full of matter of ii
terest to North Carolinians. This
book represents a vast amount of
work and is well worth the nrW
The only thing we see about it that
eould be criticised is the imprint of
a Virginia printing house on it. I
does seem that North Carolina eon-d
print her "yf ar book' -
Johnston county, passed and sent to
8. 13. 213 For the relief of J. B.
McFarland, late sheriff of Ruther
ford county. Passed and sent to
Senator Marshall's (Rep.) bill pro
viding for an amendment to the
constitution and the re apportion
ment of the legislative districts, "on
a white basis," was next taken up,
with an unfavorable report from the
Mr. Marshall asked that it be re
committed; that he would like to
appear before the committee, and if
he couldu't, persuade it to adopt
this bill, he had a substitute to offer.
But the bill was tabled.
S. B. 221 To amend the charter
of the Methodist Orphanage. Passed
and sent to House.
S. B. 230, H. B. 46. Authorizing
payment of salary by board of com
missioners of New Hanover county
to pay a salary to its chairman ($50
a month). Passed and enrolled
S. B. 231, H. B. 395 To print
500 copies of Gov. Aycock's inaugu
ral address. Passed and enrolled.
8. B. 238 To incorporate the
Vance Banking and Loan Company.
Passed and sent to the House.
- S. B. 240 To incorporate the
Fayetteville Savings and Trust Com
pany. Passed and sent to the House.
8. B. 242 To amend chapter 410,
Acts 1891, in relation to obstruction
of Swift creek. Passed and sent to
the House.
8. B. 252 To protect policy-hold
ers in insurance companies. (Pro
vides for the bringing of a new suit
in case of loss, within one year after
a non-suit should be taken in first
suit) . Passed and sent to the House.
. S B 255 Restoring to Governor
and board of public buildings and
grounds the power to appoint keep-
H B 285 A.mending section 353 of
the laws of 1897, relating to stock
H B 286 Amending section 752,
ralnma one of the Code, relatinsr to
!the printing of county statements.
This bill is only applicable to Jack
son onnoiy.
M B 287 Authorising the school
directors of Jackson county to pay
certain claims.
8 B 99, H B 292 -Appointing D.
Worthington, of Wilson, a Justice
of the peace, and allowing him to
practice law.
H Jt 2aa An act ror tne protec
tion of deer In Onslow county.
H B 367 For relief of the Hend
erson County Cattle Association
B B 188 Amending section 616
of the Code, relating to the trials of
titles to office.
H B 300 -Amending section 157.
laws of 1899 relating to trapping of
H B 320, S B 17 Incorporating
the Security Life and Annuity Co
SB21.HB 321 Authorizing the
incorporation of street railway com
panl s under the general law.
S B 62, H B 322 incorporating
the Egle Hose Company, number
seven, of Greensboro.
H B 333 Amending chapter 360
of the laws of 1899 in reference to
hunting in Wilkes county.
H B Amending chapter ly, pub
lic laws of 1899, relating to dlspen
sary in Northamptoon.
H B 432 Incorporating the Car
olina Art Company.
H B 23 -Giving extra pay to the
county commissioners of Craven
H B 96 Repealing chapter 65 of
the laws of 1891, giving to Superior
Courts jurisdiction in cases of cm
elty to animals.
Sknate There were no bills of
special importance introduced in the
Senate. The bill that seems to be
of most interest was the one intro
duced by Mr. Warren from Jones to
gressbytbe President, and strong- er of capitol and public buildings I amend the Code in relation to the
ly recommending that steps b j taken
to supersede the military eovern
ment of the islands by a civil gov
ernment, has aroused great interest.
and much speculation is indulged in
as to what action Congress will take
in regard to the matter. Mny think
tnat ii something is not done before
Congress finally adjourns in the line
suggested by the report, an extra
session of Congress will be inevita
ble. It can be stated, however, that
an extra session is not desired by the
administration, and, therefore, some
proposition looking to the establish
ment of a civil government in the
Philippine Islands may be looked
lor during tne present session.
Oa Mondav, February 4'h, the
Senate and House will meet in the
hal of the House of Representa
tives, and exercises commemorative
of the one hundredth anniversary of
the assumption by John Marshall of
the office of Chief Justice of the
United States, will be held. The
president will attend these exarcises,
aad hey will be ver? impressive.
8ome alarm is becoming evident
in Republican circles Owing to the
enormous appropriations which have
ren made by the two sessions of the
56 h Congrets. Cnalrman Cannon,
of te Appropriations Committee of
the House estimates that the appro
priations for the present session will
reach the enormous total of $800.
000,000 The appropriations for the
last session ot the 56;h Congress ag
gregate about the same amount, so
that the total amount appropriated
during the two years will not fall
short of a billion and a half dollar f,
and some even figure that they will
reach the stupendous figure of a bil
lion and three quarter dollars. Tnis
fact is sufficient to arouse tbe fears
of the Republican managers, and a
policy of economy is accordingly be
ing broachfd.
Senator Towne, of Minnesota, ad
and grounds,
the House.
S B 260, H B 155 To validate
certain probates, in regard to privy
examination of married women, etc,
Passed and enrolled
S B 264, H B 146 To incorporate
the Bank of Mount Olive. Passed
and enrolled.
Joint Resolution 286, providing
for election of State Librarian. Pas
sed and enrolled.
S B 236 To amend section 3410
of the Code in regard to sluice-ways
in Tar river, repealing present law.
Passed and sent to the House.
house rne most or tne oiiis in
troanoeu in tne tiouse were zor pen
sions, and are, of course, of only lo
cal interest
Mr. Nicholson, of Beaufort, intro
duced a bill to pay certain claims to
Fred. W. Latham, in connection
with the shell fish commission.
Mr. MeCulloek, of Bladen, had
nothing else to-do, so he stepped
over into Sampson and introduced
an act to repeal Chapter 78, laws of
1901, incorporating the town of Par-
The following bills passed their
final readings:
SB39.H B 434 Providing for
Passed and sent to deposit of the State funds so that all
the money coming in to the treas
urer's hands by virtue - of his office
shall be deposited in State banks
only. Mr. Glenn of Guilford intro
duced a bill to increase the license
on the bar-room men in the town of
Mr. Arrington introduced a bill
in reference to apportionment of
legislative districts for House of
Representatives. Referred to House
apportionment committee.
The calendar was then taken np
and cleared, tbe following bills being
meet at 10:30 another at 8:30 aud
one old gentleman who did not ex
pect to be there Monday made a mo
tion to meet at 7:30 and the motion
was carried.
H B 642 By Mr. Gaither of Ca
tawba An act to amend chapter 98,
public laws of 1899, relating to
physician's license.
H B 547 By Mr. Morgan An
act to regulate the stock law.
HB 550 By Mr. Willard An
act to secure a proper assessment of
property for taxation.
H B 551 By Mr. Yarborough of
Franklin An act to authorize the
commissioners of Franklin county
to issue bonds for the purpose of
paying for the construction of a
steel bridge at Loulsburg and for
other purposes.
H B 552 By Mr. Spalnhour of
Burke An act to appoint a board of
examiners to State institutions.
Mr. Hoey of Cleveland, intro
duced a bill giving the governor the
power of appointment in the insti
tution for the Deaf, Dumb and
Blind. The bill provides that the
regular annual appropriation to the
institution be increased from $12,-
500 to $20,000 and carries with it
also special appropriations amount
ing to $32,000 for improvements
and repairs to buildings.
A bill was introduced by Mr. Wil
bird of New Hanover, which makes
the Corporation Commission a Btate
Board of Tax Commissioners, cloth
ing the members with authority to
Increase or lower the assessment of
all property in the State and giving
them general supervision of the tax
system In the State. All tax officers
in the counties are placed under the
supervision of the board by the pro
visions of the bill, which increase
the present salaries of the commis
sioners $500 each.
H B 258, amending the Stock
of Edsreombe county.
tl B Zoo, autnorising tne umioit
sioners of Jackson count v to levy a
special tax.
H B 313, authorizing the Cmtnis
sioners ft Brunswick county to levy
a special tax.
H B 317. authorizing the town of
H gh Pnt to issue bonds.
H B 339. for the imorovemnt of
the pnhlift roads of Pernon county.
II B 381, authoring tae Co amis-
sioners of otoxes county to levy a
special x.
H B 274, an act to keep in repair
fences i Macon county.
11 15 372 repealing teuton two.
chapter 353 laws of 1897, relating u
stock las
H B 467, a resolution author:z:n
the Siat- Traurr to py J. N.
H Ming $250 for Ie?al eervires be
fore the Printing Committee in th-
legtfla'ure ot '99
H B 519, prohibiting the sale of
qnor withiu one mile of certain
churches in Pitt and Macon count
ie. These churches are B ;ar Grass.
Connoho, Greit Swamp and Briery
Swamp. The sale of finger ale and
pop and the taking ot pictures on
the Sabbath are also forb dden in
the bill.
OVEtt the;
(Continued on Third Page )
A Canadian Want aa International C a-
nal Without Forta or Hold i era.
Nw York, Jan 27 -The Hon. R.
B Dobbelll.a member of the Lau
rier Canadian ministry, arrived on
the Etruria, today. He said It the
United States would be only a lit
tle more generous an agreement
mignt be arrived at by wnlch the
United States, England and Cana
da could Join In bullutng an Inter
national Nlcaraguan Canal without
forte and without soldiers The ab
senoe of forts and told. try on an In
ternatlonal canal at Nicaragua
won i a De tne best possible euaran
tee of peace. In case it were threat-
a a m
enea dj ioreign nations tae com
blned fi.ets of Eog.snd and the
United States would insure Its de
S B 249 To revise and consoli
date the charter of the town of
Elkin. Passed and sent to House.
8 B 237 To amend the charter of
town of Boxboro, Person county.
Passed and sent to House.
SB 238, H B 22 Authorizing
the town of Franklin, Macon county.
to issue bonds. Passed and enrolled.
B B 155, H B 24 To allow com
missioners of Craven county to levy
a special tax. Passed and enrolled.
S B 26 L, H B 152 To incorporate
the town of Biaooe. Montgomery
the indexing side notes and publica-1 county . Passed and enrolled.
tions of the captions to laws and res
olutions ratified by the General As
sembly of 1901.
H B 147 Authorizing the estab
lishment of graded schools in En
8 B 63, H B 323 Incorporating
tne js&ok nr. Clinton
H B 228 Prohibiting drunken
ness in Taneey eounty. This bill
gives magistrates power to cause the ,
the arrest of any person who shall j
be drunk in any pnblie place. It is
intended to put a cheek on unusual
privileges which visitors from Ten-
dressed the Senate today on a reso- ne&see assume when they enter Yan
lution introduced by him a few days cey county.
ago favoring the independence of the H B 233 Jit quiring the board of
S B 246 To authorize the muni
cipality of Durham to issue bonds to
be known as "market bonds."
Passed and enrolled.
8 B 291, H B 223 To authorise
the trustees of the graded schools of
the township of Goldsboro to issue
bonds. Passed and enrolled.
8 B 315 To increase the liquor
license tax in the town of Greens
boro (not to exceed $1,000 per an
num), via agreement with county
commissioners, etc. ; Passed and en
rolled. 8 B 8, HB 192 To establish grad
ed schools at, the : town of Rocky
Cape Police Surrendered.
Cape Town, Jan. 26. Twenty
Cape police surrendered to the Boem
at Devondale, north of Vryburg ! -pin0 PP1 presented by Senator
January 21, without firing a shot ' I Jeller recently, spoke of their fitaess
It is reported that onAri p.i- or self-govern meut and declared
. VH'waWA a jL4aa
Filipinos He presented a masteriv I commissioners of Forarth to amr. 1 Mount. . House amendment con-
wBuiuem sua was iriven eioe atten
tion, many members of the House of
Representatives coming over to lis
ten to him. In beginning his rem vks
ne reierrea to the petition of th Fil
a, a. A. a. 1 XT a - m . .
sloo was wounded in the fhrhtino- nf t u" ea ?IMM era hound grant 730 tor Macon eounty. -
January IB hgn ttag of . by eTOTy obli?ation to acoor4 tnde. H B 282 Amending section 3692
1 V ' pendeice to the people of the Phil- of the tow relating to tht aoUtotioa
sign boards along the pnblie roads.
H B 272 For the relief of tax col
lectors ana sneruis. inis bill eiva
authority for the colleetioa of back
taxes for the years 1895-99 Inclusive.
Tbis authority eeases December 31 it,
HB 274 Correcting State land !
grant 730 tor Macon eounty.
curred in and passed. : Ordered to be
8 B 104, H B 125 To prevent
fishing and shooting' from bridges
over Trent and Neuse rivers. Passed
and enrolled. ' - i
, house There were several mo
tions before the House Saturday as to
the time they should meet Monday,
H B 327, changing the boundary
line between the Counties of Bun
combe and Madison.
H B 315, prohibiting the felling
timber or brush in Meadow fork of
Spring creek or any of its tributaries
in Madison county.
8 B 86, H B 365, amending sec
tion 82, of the Code relating to the
qualifications of Justices of the Peace
and matters incidental thereto.
H B 876, an act to prevent hunt
ing on lands in Craven county with
out consent of owner of land.
HB879, an act to prohibit the
Killing of birds in McDowell county'.
H B 385, incorporatinsrthe Cham
ber of Commerce of Wajthinrfon.
H B 398, an act to -prohibit the
sale of spirituous liquors in Bun
combe and McDowell ngntif with
in six miles of Black Mountain.
H B482, prohibiting bird hnati
t- PI....JW ..-
o B 181, H B 478,
Negroes Going to Hawaii.
w ureans, jan. 23 a car
load of negroes from Kentucky and
Mifcslseisslppl passed through hr
today for San Frai-isco wher thv
will sail for Hawaii to work on the
sugar plantations of that country.
jiiey come irom around Hopkins
vine and were Fcurd by a labor
agent ;or those Hawaiian pi n tors,
who bul teve that the negrroes will
make better farm laborers than the
forto Klcans. The emigration
movement is be'ng forwarded by a
numoer or colored ministers, who
nave rormaiiy and officially recom
mended Hawaii as a paradise for
negroes. The emigrant agents de
cline to have anything to do with
city negroes.
Domestic Export Statistics,
- Washington, Jan. 26 The total
vame or domestic exports for the
calendar year 1900 was $1,477,949.
66, aga!nst$l,275,467,971 for 1899.
The exports by chvea for 1900 and
: their value were: Products of airrU
lneorporatu g ; culture, - 9 904, 658,958; products of
Dn;!!!flW. i manufacture, $441,406,942;
-!.JT rT n1"' u- aucts or the mines. $39 222.902-
H B33S. for the better drainage of . , w lue IwnenS 18,074,684;
land on Caik creek in Lincoln
HB119 author: sins; the
tion of roads in Taneey eounty.
miscellaneous, $5,167, 027.
For Single Subscrip
tion One Year, $1.
Send us Five Cash Snbscrin
tions, and we will send yon
the Paper one year Free; or
if you are already a Subscri
ber we will move np your
date one year.
Home & Farm
The Caucasian
Ob Year for $1.25.
Burning at the stake was a legal
punishment in 1760 and 1766.
Dr. Hathaway has
known aa tba lea41og
tpecta&st to tba car
at chronic dlsaaaaa, Io
carahla caaet ara aeot
to htm 4aJ)V fmn .1
partsof tbe coootry by ptar&ldaos who hare bad temoBstrated
to them tbe larariabfflty o( hU cores. To him nocace it -bopek.-Iflinetlod
of treatment U bis own. It U a system whlehhaa
'auiw ao pmeaea aonng us nag years at acUre.
Uni practice.
Tfcs IIOLIE AND fkm is aa
fight-page, Seni-EaathU
AgriccItcrrJ Pc;:r!
If you wish to reach the
People advertise in THE CAUCASIAN.
dlsaases-tboee of the Blood, tbe Xerres aad the cit
Urinary organs. His caret of Varicocele and Stricture without
upcrauw. uj means a painless bone treatsaeot. are tbe ;
oi we neaKai profession. Men wtwi ti in rn.
atnre or whose blood has been poUnted br eonttoo t htM
bekTlutoaierfestateofb . AfiTntS Wanted In KP1K.
HeteTttsean those who bare any form of chrooie disease or " J
w caa at bis office, or write bin. for free eoasnitittn. . ' . .
raTJLB. aad nrantnarloa aad adrtoe.- Be wm also send (mb. t a. norDOOA. Yfit6 for T?ZL
d-rrxtrrc iuarcv-fAY. cd. i
Castaway 4ila.
PB ,nMinutW Broad Ctrtst
tfeata, Ca
CAntiAciAn pua ca

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