THE CAUCASIAN iUle.tfb, N. C, March 2H, lWJl EntrrJ at U.- r.t niflr in Raleigh, N . I J., a w,oinl- Ikh mail matter. VF.KY LATKsT N KW(i. Tli'- MainMim iiiiipI1 r Is now I i 1 1 ur t r i - I . Tu j tf"Jj f o'.'.on cold her Mondy for H cut. I.'x.k at tin lnU-l on your paper. It'yojr -u-lriiHoii ii out pi; rt nw. If yoa wijh any or fir incur aoce write lo I.. K. Buler, Ktleigb, N. Th I.rpUtun' to imi-t toUy t noon, but thy will v-ry prol-uMy not httVf a iiortn. Senator I tut I r oja-wd hi law otne in thi Tuckt r building, thin city, aii'l i- in N-w York this wt;k on l-giil lni-iiMT-4. Maj. Martin who is avuM of tMiilx'zlin a kuiii of money in the .Stat- Tra-urcr- otlUi- U on trial this witk. inn adinittnl that he took jwrt of tin- money, but ay h uhm it for charitable nurse. MARYLAND SlIFKKAHK. (Continued fro id Firm Pag.) table political opposition by anwnd- th Baprrrn Court and which a- Ing Ibelr utate constitution! m a lo netted that thm were available .!H'pll IjIgOII I eiul. Winston, N. '., April 2. Serial Joseph Uonx, the yountf white man who was ftablel ty a negro at (lerinanton Sut unlay niglit, died to day. Otl'uers are still looking for the negro. Tat Hiiitn ntilwit; has plactd an rdtr lor '1 G'W freight cars. Ot thi increie m rul.iup stock. 750 wib be hopper coal cira, 100 cok cars, 000 ventiUted box crj nd 550 or dinary box earn. 50 furniture car 100 tuck cars, 100 flit cam and a nombjr of rfrigertor cars. Win atoa Journal. Four I'alrs of Twins. Winston H ntinel. Mrs. Jamea K. Smith, who livet near Mminavillw, jave birth to two children Wedntd-y morning, one bo; and one girl. Tnis mikes 18 children, and tue fourth time they have been blessed itb twina. They have now sixteen living children. A Dun on a Postal Card. Wilmington, N. C, March 23. For trying to collf ct & unall debt by postal card ard threatening trouble if it was not paid, N. Iljxluy White, of Maxtor, was arrested last night by post- fli e inspector Jtro Connal ly for violation of the Federal stat utes and hold under $'200 bond for appearance at the Federal Court here next month. Oscar Ilraey Lodged In Jail. I.umlerton, N. April 2. SherltT (ieo. H. Mrl.eod yesterday brought Osear Ilraey here anil lodged him in jail. In a quarrel Saturday night at W. l. Smith's livery stables, in Rowland township, Ilraey shot and instantly killed Smith. Ilraey claims ho acted In self-defeiu-e. lloth partita are white. Old Man Horned to Death Near Charlotte. Charlotte, N. C, March L8. News reached here of the burning to death yesterday afternoon of an aged wnitt man named Brock In Cabarrus coun ty. The body was fiaally fidhtd out of the fire by means of baibed-wne hooks. It was too Lste, the head of the old man having been burned off. It is supposed that Mr. Brock went to sleep before the fir a and that the fire popped out, settitg to combusti ble material about him. the act Itself. If tbe ItvL-lal ure can impede the exercise of the right of suffrage by any contrivance it may cbooae to adopt there U absolutely no limit to the mean to which It may have recourse In order to per petuate domination of any party or faction. According to thU extra- I f a m . ununary uocinne norjoay no com I plain of being deprived of the sub stance of aright m long at the shadow of It U left to him." CUUTieAL KKFKCT. The probable political effect of the projected dtafrauchlgeuient la being considered somewhat anxiously by both sides. The republicans fear the immediate results, but hope for a reaction In their favor. Some democrat, at the same time, are ap prehensive that even the immediate result will not be pleasant to them. Hays the Baltimore American on this oIut: 'The development last week at Annaitolirt indicated that the demo crats are not in perfect accord on the disfranchisement bill. Just a had been predicted, delegates from the sections where the illiterate white vote will be most affected by the bill objected, for the very simple reason that they knew those whiten who had voted for them would ask, when they returned from Annapo lis, for an explanation why they should be thrown out of the party when they had voted the demo cratic ticket all their lives. This feeling is much stronger in some of the counties than the leaders appear to be aware of. A n Illiterate man who has fought for his party all his life will naturally object to being singled out and held up before the public in a humiliating manner when he has committed no crime that warrants such treatment. The democratic leaders themselves must know that if Illiteracy had been an Issue in the campaign when the present legisla ture was elected the result would have been entirely different. Illiter ate people are acutely sensitive about education, and it is certain that they would never have voted for men who are cow deliberately trying to degrade them in the eyes of the whole state. 'The election bill, if it passes in its pre sent shape, will injure the democratic party more seriously than the leaders appear to think. It will solidify all the wavering democrats against the party, and many hitherto regulars, but who are iu favor of honest dealing, may be expected to vote with the republi cans. If it had been denired to get an expression of popular opinion on an education qualification for voting, the open, square method would have oeon to can a constitutional conven- dbfrmnchh-e it and assure the politi cal control to themselves absolutely. "The pm-ent Maryland effort gives away the whole scheme." CAPT. C. tt CQ0KE3 ABU SPUN LtallrOTad Brr tft Stmmf in Bohfelf of tb Jade. (Continued from bust week.) the precedent of enlightened coun tries, adopted that rule. But the State can be sued for a claim. I think I have maintained that Hoke vs. Henderson was sustained by the Supreme Court after 1868, when the constitution was amended, which fact o much stress was laid upon by the prosecution. I think I have satisfied you all that Hoke vs. Henderson was the law before that. I have never seen a judge or a jury to whom I would not have been willing to submit this case. You lawyers in this House know I am speaking the truth as to these office-holding cases. To hold these responsible after this long line of decisions I have cited is wrong. The list of cases, which are precedents for their action Is unprecedented and unparalleled. If you are going to Impeach these judges for upholding this well-established principle why do you lay your hands on two of these judges. Why not all of them? In Wood vs. Bellamy, when a Dem ocrat was in, all the judges sustained Hoke vs. Henderson This may have been a coincidence. Every one of the four living judges and the dead judge sustained Hoke vs. Henderson. It was all right when you were keeping Dr. Murphy In the Western asylum. It was all right to keep Dr. Miller in the Eastern asylum. Praise went up over the State for these non-partisan judges when they upheld Hoke vs. Henderson then. But what since Hoke vs. Henderson kept Democrats out. Then it began to be partisan. Then the assaults were made on this doctrine made by the same people who praised it before. If you are fair and honest in this proceeding, why did you publish and scatter these charges to the world and only prefer charges against two of these judges? Why did you not include Judge Montgomery? The attempt to break the force of Judge Montgomery's testimony by the cross-examination that resulted yesterday meets with my disappro bation. My manhood rebels against it. He is a man of character and if he has no political party back of him. I am behind him, because he has been the friend of my youth. My friend, Gen. Osborne, said yesterday he would not hang a dog upon such evidence. The chairman thm and let the people decide the f1, of ManaSe complain. Thirty Filipinos Surrender. Manila, April 1 Thirty men of General Ca nail's command have surrendered. Of this number five were officers, including Colonels Uerrera and Reloya. ltavaea of the Plague. London, April 1. A Cape Town dispatch to the Exchange Telegram Company says there have boon 304 cases of the plague lo date, and one hucdred deaths. The latter include a doctor and eighteen other Euro peaus. There have been 630 cases under observation. Six Inches of Snow In Kansas. Topeka, Kansas, April 1. Yes terday was a beautiful spring day throughout the west. Tonight Kan sas is covered with a six inch snow and it Is still falling fast. Thoua ands of range cattle will die from hunger If tbe snow remains on the ground several days, as feed has been exhausted by the long winter. The plain snow plows have boon sent west to clear the blockades. question at the polls. The will of the people having been expressed in a constitutional amendment, Its legality would be unquestioned. But to report to an underhand meth od of striking at the ltberties of the voters is something entirely differ ent. Every voter who will be dis franchised by the proposed bill will feel personally insulted, no matter to which party he belongs. To ex pect that they will not resent the effort to stigmatize them in such a public manner is to show an aston ishing ignorance of human nature. "As things look at present, the democrats are preparing a Waterloo for themselves at the November election, when a new legislature is to be chosen." The Baltimore Herald thus calls attention to an inadequate provis ion in the proposed law: "By the election law which Mr. John Prentiss Poe has prepared at the direction of ex-Senator Arthur P. Gorman and Governor John Walter Smith the register of voters who fails to ask Judge Alvey or Judge Clabaugh or Bear Admiral Schley or any of the American soldiers serving in the Philippines the questions necessary to disfran chiso them shall, upon conviction, le punished by imprisonment in j iil for not lees than thirty days nor more than three years, or by a line of not less than $50 nor more than $1,000, or by both such fine p.nd imprisonment. "By the same bill the maximum penalty which can be imposed upon he supervisor of elections who will ully disfranchises the people of a Gold Found in an Iron Pot. Lew 1st on, Me., April 2. A spec ial to The Journal from Da mar id- cot t a say?: "A lot of Spanish gold, estimated to amount to nearly $12,000 In value, has been found iu the wall of an old building here. The hou-e, which was purchased ifcently by Uobert Johos, was being torn down. The gold was enclosed in an iron pot." Shot Russian Minister. Berlin, April 2 The Vissiche Zeltung today prints a special dis patch from Iemburg in which, based upon information received from Warsaw, it Is said that the Ilu-sim minister of the interior. I'rivy Councillor oipiaguin, was recently shot at, but that the plot to nssasina'e him failed. conceded that the language was not classical, but we stand by the proposition. They say the judges ought to be impeached. They say that Juge Clark had been denied the privilege even of expressing his views in a protest or something of the kind. The Chief Justice said the writ was not an order of the court, but he said he did not disavow any res ponsibility. Now don't say any more that these judges were twist ing and shifting. It is too big a case to bring in such a contention as that. Maj. Guthrie grew very eloquent over the information that the high est court was in a wrangle. I am not saying anything about the judges individually. But these two respon dents conducted themselves with credit on the bench and on the wit ness stand as the evidence here shows. Then comes a page I regret to re fer to in this trial. It is a judge of the Supreme Court advising the Treasurer not to obey the mandate of the court. He says I told him if he did that there would be three empty seats over yonder. Listen Senators, listen a. ikt a. rt i. t senaiors, as jon Carolinians, ii., . , . ir. .i this of him kui io.ib.iug w juu. xiaa mere evu been a time in your life that that communication or threat to you would not have roused your blood? Tne leading associate justice in time of service, the only justice there with a dominant party behind him, threatening three judges of the Su preme Court. There was nothing that touched fund In the oyster fan I for tbe ymrttt of th- White claim.) Tne attempt to impr on this smate the view that the judge did not Investigate this matter at all, leaving it to tbe auditor b unfair and unjust. But it is always so that even tome men attempt to go where angels fear to tread. Tbe Supreme Court declared that White . was entitled to bis salary They didn't compute the time, but left It to the auditor to audit the claim. If Hoke vs. Henderson was still the controlling principle in North Carolina, w as not White entitled to the emoluments of the office. These judges did not want to try this case. It came to them agreed in conform ity to tbe law. Tbe speaker quoted from Garner s. Worth. He said Judge Robin son issued a writ of mandamus against the State iu this case, where it was claimed that the claim was a claim against the State. Speaking of Major Guthrie's barb wire, Captain Cooke said: 1 don't like a barbed wire fence on the farm. I don't like a barbed wire judge and I don't like barbed wire any law. Taking up again the case of Gar ner vs. Worth where Judge Kobln- son granted the writ of mandamus for a claim against the State, he said this was a peremptory mandamus one to be issued by the first train one that could not wait. And who do I see as counsel asking for this writ of mandamus for a claim against the State. The president of the Board of Managers for the House Is down here in the reports asking for this writ. Who else do I find as counsel? My distinguished friends. Mr. J. H. Pou, Simmons A Ward. Did you sek to impeach Judge Ilobinson? Because you believed in his honor you would have come be tween him and impeachment. You may talk about volunteers in this case, but if you (addressing Mr. Pou) had not volunteered to him in that event you are not the man I think you are. I can take an oath that I never knowingly attempted to lead a judge astray. When that case came up to the Supreme Court the decision was written by Judge Clark. He said in that opinion oh, I cant give you this writ, Mr. Pou; and what did Clark say? Judge Clark said there is no legis lative appropriation for this claim. Continuing his argument Mr. Cooke claimed that impeachment trials do not establish any fixed pre cedent or "mark any lines" between departments of the government. In the opening speech of the prosecu tion the orator had to quote from Ben Butler, and when a southern man has to take recourse to that quarter then he is quartered. In the articles of impeachment the managers united the late Chief Justice W. T. Faircloth with the respondents In their charges of of ficial misconduct, and the effect of the conviction of these respondents would be a defamation of his char acter. I would not allow this with out speaking some words in his de fense. Chief Justice Faircloth was not an accomplished scholar, but he was a man of strong mind and ster ling integrity. This was evidenced by his life as well as the character of his opinions on the bench. In integrity he was the peer of any one of his triars in this hall. It would be difficult to persuade an impartial mind that Judge Faircloth, who at the time in October, 1900, when the alleged act of official misconduct oc curred, being conscious that he was affected by a fatal malady and that he was then walking in the shadows of his tomb, should violate a sacred official oath, and disregard the Con stitution of his State and that he j should within a little more than 1 two months, just before his death iby his last writ and declaration make a valuable contribution for the education of the boys and girls l of this State. I will not believe Sores aod Ukcr Drrcr beevmc cferook asJcaa Um bkwd u in your cvodUkw u elugxuh, weak ad uaU to throw ofl tbe poiauea Utt accuuulie ta il, Tb yatna mast be rr hnvd ot I he tuibeehhv coattrr through tbt sure, aad frctt daatt to life would follow tbould it oral bef art the blood baa been mde pure and brallby aad aU impariurs ehmiMtnl frma ibtitv tern. 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As typical of the outside newspa per view the following comment up n the situation by the New York 8u:i Is interesting: 'The obvious, the unconcealed purpose of the attempt to disfran- The press played upon it. came here expecting to hear sensa tional things when Judge Clark was cn the stand. Oh, they said the de fense showed its weakness when it failed to cross examine Judge Clark. We counsel reached over to the res pondents yesterday and asked the chief justice if we should cross exa mine Judge Clark. He said: "No; I have no fight to make on Judge Clark. He is a member of the Su- Ttromn "Villi!', u utaII aa mraolf " We have met your, charges we defy them. We have answer them respectfully. We believe these judges are going back in association with Judges Clark and Montgomery. It is right that they should. They have leas than two years to serve on the bench. We want them to go back in har mony. Had we listened to some French. Against British. Tien Tsin, April 2. Another j serious affray occurred between the .British ana tne Tencn. captain Barnett of the Madras infantry, was assaulted by seven French soldiers. He made the best resistance he could, but they attacked him with their sabres, and wounded him RGVfirelv. but not daneerously. An Indian sentry belonging to the British East India force stationed here, was shot in the thigh Satur day night. These incidents have added to the strained feeling be tween troope of different nation- ialities. A Strong Woman The Public Schools are nov opening ovei the State, and will need supplies. These school books and supplies can be had at a discount to teachers and dealers from ALFRED WILLIAMS & CO., BAT .TniO-IBI, 3ST. C Do You Suffer From Catarrh? Then Use Simpson's ? Catarrh Cream. rrXs INSTANT RELIEF. CUKES MOOT OBSTINATE CA8I. Prif 25 f fenta. Address WILLIAM 8IMPHON, Kalfigh, N. II laws City. Iowa, Ana. 15. Mr wlla waa sick lor ior y arrarrthin without relief and apaat noah money. 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' They say we can forgive you for In Maryland there is no possi- the office holding cases, we can for billty of negro domination.' No give you for other things, but there pretense of fear of It is made or can is one thing that we cannot forgive Le made, for only about one-fifth of you for, either in this life or the i he population of the state is color- life to come. That is for giving a ed. The purpose of the disfrancbis- writ on the public treasury to a Ing movement Is purely partisan, man named White instead of a man It is simply a democratic scheme to named Hill, both of whom were gain partisan advantage by reducing claiming the salary of an office, the number of republican voters. Every lawyer in my hearing: It indicates that at the bottom knows that a case already constitut- the purpose of negro disfranchise! ed may be heard in another county. ment in southern states generally is l protest ior me rapunuems the same. The great mass of the in lhe name of the Constitution and in politics in the name of justice ana lair piay Notice is hereby given of seizure ot the following property for violation of the internal revenue laws of the United States: At Franklinton, N C , Feb. 26, 1901, 10 gallons corn whiskey, of Jos stay. t Patterson's Bridge, 3 barrel of corn whiskey, 140 gallons, as property of unknown. AtElinCitv. .N.c, Marcn ii. iwu. Fifty Thousand Copies Of TURNER'S N. C. ALMANAC will be issued for the Year 1901. THE YARBOROUGH . HOUSE, RALEIGH. N. C Is btvulquarters tor Everybody. Kates 2.00 and $2.50 per day. Elegant Rooms With Baths, 50 CENTS PER DAY EXRA. L. T. BROWN. Manager. FRM COACH AT ALL TRAIN 8. To advertise is simply to make known, who yon are, where yon are, and what you have to sell. How to do this effectually, and at the small- rct nnaaihia MMt ta tha nrabtam for von to solve. The failure to obtain 5 packages of corn whiskey, 193 7 gal- desired results from advertising is due to the way some people do It, and a - a. 1 f KA.awa a an va. stJ aa nvia uSh f na I " . m ions, aiauiurry -r," thv Invariably sav It does not Day." The lUdlClOUS way IS to use a of registered grain distillery. No- ,98t and 6 packages oi corn wmsaey, o gallona and one package 11 gallons, aa property of E. A. Norris. At star, . u. marou o, itoi, o uuu and 2 kegs of corn whiskey, about 360 gallons, as property of B Aum&n. At Star, N. C, March 15. 1901, distill ery premises, still and fixtures etc., and 10 bbls. of corn whiskey, about 450 gallons, as property of B. Auman. At Maysville, N. C, March 12, 1901, two jugs 4 gallons each, aa property of W. K. liumpnrey. madinm that has renntation. circulation and permanency. Turner's N. C Almanac has been the State Standard for 64 years, and has an annual otTv.nin.ttnn of 50.000 coniea. and remains a standing advertisement for a year. Advertising rates upon application. ENNIS PUBLISHING CO, RALEIGH, N. a N.B STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, City or Raxxigh, Wakx Couktt. Rransphton makes oath that he Is of the firm of 8.8. whites are on one side and the negroes on the other, and that any farther question of fact in F laWt or the same will be forfeited to ye. 19XX). the whites ha vine securea tne con-1 tne recorus do aispuwu. ijuubdi xne usew wic 7 ' - " i" . I Maroh 18. 1901. trolby coniessea violence against i nere reu irem ww - , c jjuhcak. Collector. the negro's right of snflrage they! ment by the treasurer andaCOunse-B . p.h.Apas, Deputy Collector, proceed to get lid of an unoomfor-! Ibr both sides, which was left witti i" Raleigh, N. C, Persons claiming the above property Bronghton, Printers and Binders, doing busiaeas in the city of Raleigh win hi t.hfir claims witn me in my i and that tna aaia nrm nave maae a contract viu use jhwuinn fuavvaB office within thirty days as requirea oy ig Company to print oU,UUU copies oi Turners n. u. nimanae ior as? Sworn to before me and subscribed in my SEAL. presence, this the 27th day of August, A. D. 1900, W. M. Buss, Clerk Superior Court, by VpsTvrna BoTSTSBy Deputy Clark. CACSROLLTOW MOTEL. BAT iTDXG-EC, 3ST O- (0 (0) -0 0-0) Under New Management. Has been Thoroughly VDOTtL RATES 2 : PER : DAY. Joe Wolf. Proprietor,

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