ai A DEMOCRATIC PAPER S VIEW. I'ablle Opinion na tb ImparbnMMit Tka I'mpUt llt bo Knpitkr WHb lkJ ! rue 4 1 a a. I Charlotte Obarrtr. In view of tbw Information, both verbal and writwn, which corner from IUIlgh with locroaalng fre tjuency and p-Hltiventa. to the tf -twet that ev ry available Infljwnc In belnfc br ujjht to bar to runnu facture public iMtntlmt nt against the JadjfH on trial before tb ourtof impeachment, and to lolluenco the rtonatorR teal nut thm, we 'eel en tirely warranted In printing la oar news columns thetatmnt4 made ystrday to an Observer reporter by a promlnont lawyer of a neigh bor! town and a prominent bmi nen man of Charlotte, both of whom traveled much In the Htate last wek, a to how they found public opinion upon this matter; and of adding to It that during the nearly thirty yeari that the writer haii been doing newspaper work and observing, more than casually, the drift of public opinion, he has nev er known It so nearly uoanlmous upon any subject as It Is against the conviction of these judges. Ben ators should not and will not be governed In their votes by what they understand the vlrws of their constituents to be, but if they wtre and knew the views of th n , we be lleve that at leant every Senator whose home Is w3t of Greensboro would vote agalnstconviction. The people have no sympathy with this proceeding ; for Impeu-hlng Judges for applying In the White case a doctrlnn which they were applaud ed for applying when its applies tlon kept Democrats In otllc; and to go a little further and say the whole truth, tury are not very tol erant of It nor of the methods which they understand are being employ ed to bring about conviction. PC .HI PASTY PUTira M7 li asva is, ti Tbw People's Party Convention assembled in Raleigh, April ISia, reaffirms the principle set forth lc the People's Party National plat form adopted at Bt. 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TtiH ustticulir ob jwet of thf report ia to ei davor to correct wual ar ea'U ? De erroneous impreRHiono conewrnioK 'ho nanita non 11 iiavaun, aiiu at'-ntioa is called to tue f tct thit. e '. ; v uw can be clined nmn th h-al y eities of the world. A report enuiptrta II a vac a's health 8tt d ug with tao8u of a number of extern aud southern cities of the United Btatfl, most of which are shown to hae a higher death rate than tlvana At present it ia sU ted these cities look npon Havana with saspicion, ba says tno report, llavana will have to guaid against tbem in the near fu ure. Ai to yellow fever, it is shown that in February, 1900 Havana had seventeen va.ies of that disA&B againttt only eight now casus daring me reDruaiy just passed. 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It is sslemnly ordained that any belligerent blue-hen's chick en, domineckcr, damage-foaeanr, or pilfering pullet, trespassing 0n its neighbor's barn-yard shall bo indict ea as principal, and its luckless own er as accessory shall shell oat the sheckels for the aforesaid misde meanor. We understand that it was the inate deviltry of the Cleveland coun ty rootter that inspired this o mady for which we suppose w are indebt ed to Clyde H ey and Yate Webb. If Joe Spaiubour did not exnopt the Burk eaickea, we "ball have him spanked by the old ladies' sawing society. A Woman Saturated her Clothing- With OU and applied m Match. Syracuse, N. Y., March 31. A srteeial from Canastota says: "Last night William Welch and his wife, Marv auarreled. This noon, the woman, brooding over her trouble, saturated her clothes with coal oil, and, going out of the house to avoid setting fire to it. applied a match to her dress. 'People coming from church dis covered her burned almost beyond recognition, but still conscious. They carried her to the house, but physicians could do nothing. Neighbors then gathered at the bed side and sang hymns until Mrs. Welch died. Although the flesh was burned from her face, she feebly joined in the singing until she lost consciousness." Development In Burke. Morganton Herald. The party of timber inspectors representing Mr. M. B Wilkinson, of Aeheville, completed the exam ination of the Cheever lands in wes tern Burke last week. They esti mate that there ar over thirty mil lion feet of white pine alone on this tract, besides yellow pine, poplar ana hardwoods. It is understood that a a result of the examination, Wilkinson, who holds an option o the land, will buy the property and build the railroad from Morganton to that point, provided he ran se cure a right of way on reasonable terms and a site in Morganton for the proposed mills. 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We condemn ite Doiwratio g latere of 1899 for its extravaa aat ax- penditares of public money Amoaalinf to $1,594,766.78 in 1899, as opposed to 1,283,971.11, expended by the preced ing Legislature, an txcest of $310,- 794.6ft, not including the tarn of $100, 000 for public education nor the $S3,250 for Darcnase or Htate larms. we runner condemn saia lesiaia- tnre for the careleas blundering and careless legislation, including more gross blander and nnoonatitatlonal laws man ever nerore enacted ny any General Assembly in North Carolina. We farther denounce the machine leaders of tbe Democratic party for laying tbe whip on tbe backa f the Democratic legislature ana forcing tbem into enacting and submitting a disfranchising? constitutional amend ment in violation of tbe solemn pledges of tbe party, made not only officially in their campaign handbook. but by members ol.tne General Assem Dly and other Democratic candidates for office in their canvass before the people. We denounce them not only for doinjr this in violation of their pledges, bat also for submitting a mea sure most odious in form and danger ous in effect. That General Assembly being composed of. some of the best lawyers or the party, must have known, or at least had a reasonable doubt, not only as to tne unconstitu tionality of the monstrous provision of Section 5, known as the "grandfather clause" in said amendment, but also of the great danger of that unconstitu tional sectional section falling, leav ing tbe remainder of tbe amendment to stand, thus disfranchising by an ed ucational qualification rnty or sixty thousand white voters of North Caro lina, who in 1898 gave the Democratic party power in tbe Legislature, and whose ignorance ia no fault of their own but is chargeable to the neglect of the Democratic party, which now seeks to disfranchise tbem and make their ignorance a crime alongside that of the felon. But even if the proposed amendment were not unconstitutional (as it clear ly is), still it is especially objection able in the following particulars : (a) In that it dignifies with the right of suffrage tbe most vicious, trouble some and obnoxious class of the negro population, and completely disfran chises the most faithful.kindly and or derly element of that race. (b) In that,while clamoring for white supremacy and declaring that no white man shall be disfranchised under this amendment, they have so written their amendment that every white boy be coming of age after 1908 stands on the same footing with the negro, and can not vote unless he is able to read and write. (c) lntu&i by rce lattof provision, they have made it poasibi? for the ed ucated negro after 190S to cast his bal lot while the unfortunate son of the to U car of tae unfortunate daaa ta Aorta Carv liaa aad to an lucre in tn c- aary fa&litie for tbe aam. A aa earnest ot our sincerity,: w point to our pat record ta Uu psxtiouiax, aad , ui mat bo "Leatalauir to which 'opuliat hsv had a con trolling voio ha ever turned a deat oar to tn de mand of tn unfortunate, or bea fol lowed by aa urgent appeal for addi tional pruvuioo as has been recently issued by the Board of Publio Chari ties because of tbe fail or of tb Dem ocratic Legislature to aaaka oft pro vision as seen aad urgently needed at tbe time tbey were oonaumlag tbeir time in enacting political legislation and creatine new ofnoe during: tb east on of Labor u ladisDenaabl to th crea tion and profitable uae of capital. Cap ital increase tbe efficiency and value of labor. Whoever arrays one agaibst the other, 1 an enemy ot both. That policy 1 wisest and best, which har monises tbe two 00 tbe basis of abso lute justice. Men can be cured privately and positively at home ot all weakness and disease Write for aew free book to Dr. J. N. Hathaway, 22 . 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The pnrpose of this provision is not only to disfran chine every good honest citizen who unfortunately cannot pay his taxes by the first of March preceding the elec tion, but further to try to bribe tbe vo ter to surrender his suffrage at the ex pense of the public school fund of the State, which is derived from poll taxes. There lurks, behind this proposition a still greater danger to the public schools of the State, for with the adop tion of the amendment the opponents of free schools in North Carolina will at once raise the cry that every dollar raised for public instruction means the increase of the number of negro vo ters, and thus the poor white man's son will be chained in bondage of ig norance and disfranchised to prevent the education of the negro voter. There is no white supremacy in this. The constitutional question pre sented by the proposed amendment is one that must be determined by the judgment and conscience of each indi vidual voter. Therefore, we do not make it a party question. We state the evils and dangers and leave the voters of all parties to pass their verdict in the light of these facts. The question is above party, and no one should be more active and anxious in our judg ment to defeat it than the rank and tile of the Democratic party. The People's Party is and has always been more distinctly than any other party in North Carolina a white man's party, and is more anxious than any other party to solve the race problem. . - 11 A.- - ou iiu lurue mn parties so a uiscusBion of the great economic issues so vitail v affecting the welfare of all wealth pro- aucers 01 tne state ana nation and de cency in politcs. " Therefore, we propose in lieu of this dangerous amendment, the best solu tion or tne race question that is possi b.e as long as the 15th amendment to the Constitution of the United States stands a solution which deprives no wmte man in xtortn uarolica now or hereafter of his right ofrtspffrage, to wn Amend Section 6, Art. w, ui cue Con stitution of North Carolina by insert ing among tne aisquaimcations for office, enumerated therein, the follow ing, via : All negroes and ailpersons of negro descent to the thirdgenera- uon inclusive. If the Democrat o Leartslature which meets in Jnne will offer this safe, con stitutional and wholesome amendment injiieu of the present scheme it will have our hearty support. If they will not, we appeal to the people to rally to our assistance to elect a Legislature pledged to support suohjan amend ment. We congratulate the peopleoffNorth Carolina upon the decision ofgthe State Suprema Cou-t in the case of Harris vs. Wright (131 N. C. 172), declar ing that the General Assembly has power to provide different systems of county government for various coun ties of the State. Acting under this decision, we pledge the People's Party to the maintenance of the system of local self-government in all the white counties, towns and cities in the 8tate as established by the General Assem bly of 1895, and at the same time to provide and maintain a legislative sys tem of coonty government) for all the negro counties of the (State, so tht there can never be any question that the white people shall always have full and complete control of oacnty inithe We denounoe the Demaoratie lria- lature of 1899 for passina anlelMtinn law, every provision of whieh&ia fully and ounningly plannedJand de- visea to thwart the sovereign will of the people of North Carolina hv'whu. tala frand and slcbanahnrv nf th. kMt i ' has, Iff iteta wltara fasr Vf ) Easter hats and bonnets. The world deals good naturedly with the good natured person. 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MoIVER. President. Lv Philadelphia....... Lv N Y. OD 3 8 Co...t Lv Bsltimore B S P Co Lv Wash'n N&W8B ut foriaiiiouu) tt.A.Uy Lv RidgewayJct ..... . Lv Raleigh .... A.r Hamlet .. Lv " at Wilmington, ax, unaxMHte, Ar Aliaou Ar AnxusU C A W C ArMaoonCof Ga. TA) MontK'ry a & W P .. 9 au pm at Mobile LAN 255 am at Ner Orleans LAN. 7 30 am at Nash rill N C & Ot L 5 35 am at Memphis " 4 00pm KOBTHBODHD. Daily No 405 10 20 am 11 26 puj t 6 iOpm osupm 10 c5 aa. 210 fm 4 i7 via 7 4u pm 8 05 pm 9 0J pm 12 6) am .3 0am 6 30 am 6 45 am 12 uo pm 9 Si am 3 3j Dm n 10 cm lii 45 5 ttu am 1140 11 10 am UOOam 4 12 pm a 30 pm o oa pm 810 am tlMuy axof Monday. Wmhj axon Enoday. WlimlDjnon ana w siaon auroa. i ma kin Division Main Una Train laaves w 11 mlngton 9 0U a. aa-. arrives Jayatiavlll IS OS p. nu, leaves KayettarUia U SO p. bo. arrives Banford 1 13 p. m. Eetornln lesv Banrora au o p. m-, arrive raveneviua leava Favettevllla IK) n. m.. arnv rtlmt niton 9 ii p. ta. Wllminrton and Weidon Ballroad. Ban- nettavilla Branch Train leaves Benuetta villa M6 a. m, Marlon 9 (A a raM HC Bpnns 9 05 a. m., Hope Mills 10 6i a. m. arrive rayettevuls 11 1J. return ina leave Fayptteviile 4 43 p. Hope Mills 6 00 1 . m.t aaa epnum tuv. m., Maxtoa o is i . m., arrivea Bennettsvilla 7 15 p. na. Connections at Kayettevilla with train to 78 at Marlon with the Carolina C t Kali road, at Bed Bpritia with tho tU. 8prinnand Bowmora Railroad, at Baa fold with tne bea board Air Line and Boa therm Railway at Golf with t Durham and Charlotte Railroad. Train on the Scotland Neck Branch Koad leaves Weldon 1 56 p. nu. Halifax 4 17 n. m. arrives Scotland Neck at ft OH p. m Greet. villa 6:67 p. ra., Klnston 7:55 p. m. Return. Ing leaves Klnston 7 60 a. n., Greenvilif 8:52 a. m arrivlnr Halifax 11:18 a. m. Weldon 11:33 a. m ..daily eroept Sunday. Trains on WaahinKton Branch leava Wash lngton 8:10 a. m. and 2:90 p. m. anivs Par mels 9:10 s. m. and 4:00 p. m., returning leave Parmeie 9:35 a. m. and 60 p. m., ar rive Washington li 00 a, m and 7 80 p. m. daily except Bun day. Train leaves Tarboro, N. C-, dally arorp' 8nnday 5:80 p. ra.. Bunday 4:15 p. m., ai rives FlymoQin 7:40 p. m.. 6 10 p.m return ux Ibavee Plymouth daily except Buudav 7:50 a. m., and Bunday 9 a. m., arrive Tai boro 10:10 a. m. and 11:00 a. m iTain on Midland n. U. Branch leave OoJdsnoro daily, except Bunday, 5:00 a. m arriving oraunneid fcrio a. m . rH.nmit,i lea yes Binlthneid 7.-00 a. m., arrives at Golds- toro B.xo a. in. Traini on Naahville Branch leave Sock) id aunt at 9:80 a. m.. 3 40 1. m., arrive Naau Vi 16 10 21 a. m., 4 03 p. u.. Sprier Hor 11 w a. m., 4 ji. returcJmc leavf dpring Hope 1!! a. is., 4 55 p.m., ttatbrlLc 11 45 a. m., 5 25 p. nx, arrive at Rocky aouni izojt. ciM s p. na., dally axoep; Train on Clinton Branch laavea Wim for t iinton daily, eroept Bunday, 11:40 a. nu, an. 4;25 p. rc., returning leave Clinton at i;v a. m. ana 2:50 p. m. ej i i i Aimuu 40 muw ciue oonnecilon at W eidon for all points North dxily, all xali jim ivfuunona. H. M. EMKRfcOW. Gen'l Ha Art, j H KEM.i,tD lMin. V VifHP.fN Tram y..,,,. rariUMA ai toaaw faaeeuie UUy. 0 4 h At W W LaiJiaDiv... ratline Crwa .lnsun Caawall.... Davar 1" A4. tl ut a 10 4a s m u S 10 231 B 10 11 f US) 9 0 Oora Creak s rnaoarora f Claxk s f 20 ftswbern.... Croatan. Daily No So Lv AttantaS 8 A L Ry... 1 00 pm Lv Charlotte. 6 3jpm i'V. Wilmington, 3 Sjpoi nT Hamlet ... 8 30pm Ar Raleigh 950am Ly Bid'way . 1 0 am at roramuuvn 7 00am AxWaah'ton N A, W8B at Baltimore B a P Co. ax Aew York O C B o Co ar Pniladelphia N YPAn 5 46 pm ar uew York . ...a 3a pm Lv Tampa s A L Lv Jacksonville Lv Savannah Lv Columbia ... Lv Hamlet Lv Ridgeway Jet 44 9 00 pm 10 20 am 150 pm . 6 sc7 pm 9 40 pm 12 28am 2 loam LvRicomond 510am at Waaningiou, r. 8 45aiu at Baltimore P R R ..xOoSam Ax Pullaoelghia PkR. U 27pm at New xoraPRR ... 8.5pm 9 00 pm 000 am 8 05 am 1130 am 2 00pm o ooput 7 00am 7 uOam 130pm ft 10am 8 0Uam 66 8 0oam 7 45 pm 1159 ami 6 45 am 9 20 am 11 07pm 215pm 6 oopm v auun 11 &pm 2t)6a. 6 80am waimtku Two reliable travel. ing salesmen in .ach State fperma nect position; salary andUxpecsea; Bipenence not aosoiateiy essential Address Pidemont Tobacco Works, ureensboro. N. C. THE UNIVERSITY Law, Note : Daily except Tims lEastern Time. bunday Central Dining care between New York and Rich. mono, ana nam let and Jacksonville on trains hob. si ana 44. Tickets on sale to all points. Pull man births. Reserved and reserva tions made on outgoing steamers from .Norfolk. Baggage checked irom hotel and residences without extra charge. Call at the of NORTH LakOLINA xnjfi HJAD OF THE 8TATE'S JSDUUATIOJVAL. SYSTEM .inn acaaemlc courses leadine Professional courses in Medicine and Pharmacv. 8nmmer School for Teachers. ScbolarshiDS anfl loans to needy. Free a union to candi dates for Mlnlstrv. Minister's Sons and 1 Teachers. 512 students besides 161 in Rnm. mer school. 38 teachers in the fac S y" Jfor ctalogaes andlnforma- F. P.VKNABLisPridaiit, Chapel mil, N.C. Tuition $60 Up-town Ticket Office J CftSll Yarborough House Building. A av . u. n. uattis, c. T. and P. A. THE Beyers' Supply Company RALEIGH, N. C. 'Phones 117. H. S. LEARD, T. P. A, Hamlet. N C B. E. L. BUNCH, Genl Pass. Agent. General offlces: Portsmouth, Va. GUARANTEED SALARY $900 YEARLY. W - . rWmen ?f ood address to represents, some to travel appoint ing agents, others for local work look- " our interests. 900 salarv guaranteed searlv: extra ram,..... fVlKiXInief;rI'id dncemeot, old established hoos. Grand chance for earnest man or woman tn an permanent position, liberal income and future. New, brilliant lineal Wml STAFFORD PRESS, 28Chnrch8t., New Haven, Conn . .tectutt ShiagELl OFFER fll THAI in jouova, lurnuui ur eeooin wauuiiucTumui to ut tihHiii I ..4- J " Will furnish you fif cah .p panies the order) anything needed laim or in vonr MONEY. We keep no eoods nn Jtore hire noclerii or S. but, instead, purchase direct from manufacturers, wholesale dealers jobbers, &c.. AT LOWEST AqV? PRICES, and for cash. rs . ai you neea any Agricultural fMJXT orCHisERy,FARM Smds Hardware, Irox Roofi vg ' cubical isstru ments, Hewiko Machines. Books Stationery,, FnasrruBE,-i)BY Goods, Homos. Shoes, Clothikg . """vui-u o TOCK rir write for prices. . , - 1,SB t aBST'.Below'are price on a few u.'a in North Carolina r Two horai. P Jt ueat and durable, 136; oblE,' 35 ; damn carta tn . f .WaSn axle iil- hK 7, wheels .and ewinr:?C''?er drop-head n avuiuE. lav i r n i aa A- - . chapel organ WrbVanttTul 7jF ocSJi lao and on. icmM no and Bnish. - 3 UA 5 "J? we c0110 yon mt ner wp tin not want your orders. :. ?? -I tf:: BARNES, i 4- At Lv iiaveloca Newport.... wuuwooa . .. . Allan tic Morebead CUjr.. Allan UoUoM... at. Lily Depot w I S 9 su tlJ Ui r, u S SL 7 t 7b ;u i r. M a U ir (i t ta it iir- i. t n . 7(X a. at. r a W -Watar staXMOa. f-tof. ou a Atimrmpa muoo. S ar 4.. iili. tfQfn YEARLY to Chrirtiat VJUUinan or woman to I. a! tor our growing buwiLt u this and adjoining Couutix. to act as Manager and Corna poudent ; work can U dou- at your borne. Enclose a Sf -addressed, atampfd envt-loj-' lor particulars to 11. A. Nh ruiaa, Ut.n'1 Man'g'r, Corcoran Hioi, oj.porilto U..Treasur, Wi. lugton, I). C. 1? ? r fIL It t KK wttv. 11. K IHMIIwi r.W rikl r - m -'V'J 1 1 1. 1 i i i mmm roVAia curymj i a a Our fee relumed if e fail. AnjtrenL ing tLctch an l ilcv rljicn cf any invrti'ial promp'.ly receive wr opinion fiec riwmai the patentability of same. "How to Aiuxt Patent" snt upon request. I'ateiits vest: hrwugh us advertised ( jt aale at our j-Tat Tatents talcen out through us receive if motiie, Without charge, in TliE l'ATtvr x. OED, an illustrated anI widely circulated ya nal, co&Milted 1 J Manufacturers aud Invest; Send it sample copy FREE. A ! in VICTOR J. EVflllS & CO. (Patent Attorney g.) Ewf Bu!!d:r.?. WASHIKBTOM.D.: AGENTS, Booker T. Kafbitf ton has written t etorv nf hla lif in work. He gives :hla views on tie Problem and all his beat peect white and colored people ar jri tf advanced orders. A bonsoit f agents. Both white and color ajrents make money with thi ted Write today. J. L. NICHOLS & CO, Atlanta, Gt- .PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM MM ui I. i . r. . . ..w " Win i . a hizansM frti I5Tfrlli to HMIon Ormr Broken A Majon aJCcmcil RemtSib RUBBER MAJOR'S LEATHH r-rn a KM tt.o.. ,w sreatt WorU W O tf n1!"" w nwam ia a--" Wilbur r.r-. rSl X: ITr ,. L " w . saiTirs comet. uxiiii;'4. r. S9e for t-UiiVau. h.c lm ar paaifem. M B-kfttren. SCfn -r-. t-... TtH. ar. Katct:nHTrttr Ihrt .um ralc.- NJ VVAWTED I Reliable man far Manager O Branch Office we wish to otn B this Vielnitv. If -vonrrpcordisO K. here U an opportunity. Kindly gH good reference when writing. THE A. T.U0BR1S WHOLESALE HOUSE - C1KCINKATI, OHIO. i rn . - . . Aucstravea eauioae 4 ots. itavmp

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