THE CAUCASIAN Kaleib,N. O., May 2, 1901. KritTwl at th l'wt Office in KaMjrn, N. ('., " scornl-cIafl mail matter. VKKV LATKST NKWh. la t ti Superior Court for Vkf cuauty ttiix week there will b a tri al of the $10,0)0 ltbtl suit or John B. Hoaney t. The N ws and Obiterrer. There are many witntHoM. KeT. Thomas Dixon, Jr., who it well known all over the country, lectured in Raleigh on Tuesday night. Hii subject wai "New America" aod the lecture was giteu for the benefit of the H&ptiat Female I'uiversity. Mr. K. K. Wyatt, one of Kaleiarh't oldest nnd most respected citizen died at his home in the city last Sat urday night. He was HI years ot age, and for three score years nad been identified with the upbuilding aud growth of tho city. The new executive committee of the State Agricultural Hoclety, met In italelgn on Monday and selected Tuesday, October 22nd to Baturda) the 26th as the time for the next State Fair, it was announced that Qon. W. P. Roberts bai been chosen as chief marshal, and bad accepted the appolnment. Numbers of persons from the coun try hare bt-en brought to the pent house near Ktleitfh during the piHt few dayr, some having smllp'x, ba most beiug placed in the dttentieu camp. Humx negro families in th.a township were found to bave the dis ease. Compulsory vaccination is in progress in two or three township. Durham is discussing a report that Mr. H. N. Dak, one of the wealth iest mn in the Htate, will remove to New York. lie has purchased a handsome residence th re it is under stood, and will spend at least a por tion of his time there. II is removal would mean a serious loss to the state as he has been one of the lead era in its industrial development. The Governor baa appointed as Board of Visitors to the Agricultural and Meehanical College Charles W. Gold, Wilsoo; W.J. Peele. Rtleigb; it. L. Smith, Htaoley ; J. B Stokes, Windsor ; W. S. Primrose, Raleigh ; D. A. Tcmpklos, Ctiarlottf; Mat. Moore. Kenansvilli ; W. II. Rgere, High Point; Frank Wood, denton; David Clark, Charlotte; J. Frank Ray, Macon county. Raleigh has been trying to effect some plan for the erection of a building to be known as an audito rlum, the chief purposes of which are to be for the accommodation of large gathering, conventions and the like. There has been much talk about It for nearly two years. It begins to look now as though the matter may take some shape, and the "auditorium" may be built in connection with a theatrical hall. An Interesting case is being argu ed in the Supreme Court. It in volves 804 acres of the estate of the late Paul Cameron, who was the State's wtalthHHt citizen. The lower court awarded Capt. R 15. Peebles and others 84 acres, and George Graham and others 800 acres. Some of the deeds and titles of the lands Involved go back to the time of Chhrles II. Both sides appealed to tho Supreme Court. Chairman Green of the county com missioners has awarded a contract to Mr. Jacob Allen for the erection to the counU j ail of a brick addition to tne kitchen at a cot of $212. The ad dition will be 11x12 teet, interior measurment, one story high. It is proposed to haye this new room for the jailer and eook and charge the apartments now used by them into Quarters for female prisoners so that they will be more completely isolated from the male prisoners. The Daughters of the Confederacy and the Ldies' Confederate Memo rial Association here have sent to the Secretary of War a petition ask ins that the? be allowed to remove from Arlington cemetery, noar Wash ington, to the Confederate cemetery at Raleigh the bodies of one hundred North Catohua soldiers. Governor Avoock and other State officers, at the ptrsjual request of the organi a ktions named, joined in the request. Sixteen years ago 185 bodies were thus transferred from Arltogtoa here People of lor on to, Canada, a writing questions about the dispen saries in this state whether they will replace saloon; whetner they have reduced the amount of drink ing or improved the eaaltty of the drink ; whether they are managed by temperance men. and whether any moral suasion is used to discourage or prevent purchases; whether they are run as any other mumc pal ser vice would be; and what iffdct the change has apon the hotel accommo dations. The cotton men of Raleigh who have been upholding the theory o high prlct a for cotton in the fal are beginning to change their opln Ions. As the season opens up, a ad some knowledge of the acreage and conditions comes In, it begins to look as though the amount of cot ton planted will be abnormally great, and this of course means seems tobS no help for it. There never win be until tne tanners ana planters shall learn the science of organization. Governor Aycock has appointed the following members of the State Board ot Health, their term of office to begin at the next meeting of the Board, which will be held in Dur ham at the time of the meeting of the State Medical Society, probably during the week in May beginning with the 20th. Drs. W. P. lvey. of Lenoir and Riehard H. Lewis of Ral eigh, for six yean; Drs. George G Tnomas of Wilmington, and Fran eis Duffy of New Bern, for four years ; and Mr. J. L. Ludlow, C. E , of Win-ton-Salem, for two years. A considerable proportion of the population ot RUeigu U base-ball erasj. The R&leigh club is a member of the leagae, and daring the season there will be seventy games played here. Last Saturday there was dis satisfaction with the umpire, and at one time the spectators broke into the 11 aid, grabbed the bats and made ready for a general racket, knock down and drag-out melee. The sport is a good one and its influence from an athletic stand-point is desirable, but it seems that too many games art characterised by poor playing or tome unpleasantness. my UnrtW to m M AJlrr U giving thouMitda of women health, beauty and rreedom from the drag, fins palm which made their live to miserable. Wan face, haftard eyes and emaciated form arc the results of suffering. What suffering can com pare with the torture of Irregular menstruation. IcocorrKoea and failing of the womb I Beauty flee quickly before the ravages of such disease. The anarp pains of fslling of the womb deepen the crow tracks In the lace. Menstrual irregularities rob the eye f It fire and the 'complexion of its transparency. Leucorrhoca drains the body of Its strength, but Wine of Cardui restores the natural beauty, brightens the eye. clears the complexion, rounds out the figure and brings back the vigor of health. Every dnitilat m this city handles $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardui. Far T-ea aad lltaratara, addraw, tV aMr .C1'?f r-pto". -n. Lew Atwttf Xb ChnS JlltclM Compear, Ckatuaoof., Tana. waparTBiani, BOOK COMMISSION'S RECOMMEND A-! DATIDNS. I What Will b Uaod For Public KchooU- ( onimlHlun Coat 91 ,700 -Bills Ioclo ld ler Jleui, Jloartl, I.auodr and nil Minor Ksponsaa. The Bab-Teit Hook Commisei .n which was appointed to rxamice and eport npon the t it books that are ti be used in the public schools of he state for the next fire Tears has completed its report. The report is sealed and its contents curfnllv iruarded againnt publicity. It is probable that it will be opened by he state Text Book Com mission. which is to iaally pass upon it either today or Thursday. The sub-commission met hre on March 26 h. Tne act creating the Text Book Commission provides that the sub-commission shall not receive compensation for more thin 30 days lot re are ten members of the sub- commission and they drew their per diem and exponaes yesterday. Each member averaged an expense aud per diem account of $175. The law says tho m rabers "shall be paid a per diem of $4 per day, du ring the time tbey are actaally en gaged, and in addition shall be re paid all money actually expended by them in the payment of necessary expenses, to BE PAID OUT OF THE PUHLIC 8COOL FUND." Tne members drew the per diem of $4 a day and board and lodging to ai d from th- depot, "postage," "tel egramd" "shoe shines," "laundry" and every thing else that could be put into a bill. Tne sessions r.f the Bub-eommiesion coat about $1,700 lne members of the sub commis sion are: J. Y. Juyner, Greensboro ; L.. O. Yrdeil. of Red BDrinsrs: J. A. Butler, of 8 atesville; J. I. Foust. of (ioldsboro; C. U. Wrijrbt, of Bre vard; John C Scarborough, of Mur reesboro, J. L. Ktshr, of Raleigh. R. L. Flowers, of Darant; J. D. Hedges, of Davie. DR. PARKHURST AND THE NEGRO. Ills Opinion na to the Attitude of North ern nod Southern White Men. NfW York, April 28. The llev. Dr. Charles II. Parkhurst preached today at the Madison Square Presby terian church, on topics connected with his recent trip South, he said the conference held at Winston-Salem, in North Carolina, was characterized by the utmost frankness on both sides, and yet from first to last, not an embittering word was spoken. , Keferring to the estimation in which the people of the South and those of the North hold the negro, Dr. Parkhurst said: "The South erner aot'3 not lite tne negro any letter than the average Northerner does, but the two carry themselves toward the negro with just about the same amount of Christian con sideration only of the two, the Southern white man has perhaps this advantage, that he does not make quite so flamboyant a pretense of loving the negro as his Northern brother does. The Southern white man dislikes the negro, and owns up to it. The white man in the North dislikeg the negro and lies about it." RELIEF IN SIX HOURS. Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disease relieved in six hours by Niw Great South American Kidey Cubs." It Is a ereat sur prise on account of its exceeding promptness in relieving pain in bladder, kidneys and back, in male or female. Relieves retention of water almost immediately. If you want quick relief and cure this is the remedy. Sold by Henry T. Hicks, druggist, Raleigh, N. C. Sept. 19-l.v. CATARRH CANNOT BE CURED By local applications, as they cannot reach the seat of the disease, Catarrh ia a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it you muse case inter 11 alls Catarrh cure is not a quack medicine. It was prescrib ed by one of tbe best physicians in this country for years and is a regular pre scription. it is composed ot tne oesi tonics known, combined with tbe best blood purifiers, acting directly on tbe mucous surfaces. The perfect combi nation of the two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in cur ing Catarrh. Send ior testimonials free. Cotton Killed and Seed ted. Supply Ezhans- Atlanta, April 20. A special to the Constitution from Amerlcus save: "Many farmers declared to day that their cotton crop was eith er killed or badlv damaged by last night's cold weather. The seed sun ply is said to be exhausted and the problem Is serious. One field of 15 acres of watermelons was killed by the cold weather and several farm era reported peaches damaged and dropping from the trecS. MARION BUTLER i Attokney-at-Law, 505 and 504 Tucker Building, RALEIGH, N. C. Practices in all State and Federal ' r i Beauty is Health. ,.t W2..l Lk, Ar., 3mm t, IN. I thMk yt tor U UmSI I nottrt tnm ymrtAwU A U. Wl ot Cr4t I took la conditio. KrllhwMMlMiM 1 WM Ot I o m to urtuli via jror mArUm o4 BDd.etB I lznprcr?.. Tb ulu lft tarn aad tk. mtntmm. which em mi. lb eorr ct time, continued Ibxc dr- 1 fml4 Mrvsftfe tod tey wmimhA bM lcrMd. Mr bib.4i4,i th BilieTa k mwU m bUr kioklnf tU.o ir btfon Womwdy Kelth mam fcrtoht tytt, ry thtekj. tUf umphxkm ami tUstkWy fUm ThU U tht ytitfc tmmtMMirU by yr K buty ol perfect wmKoxl. BcMtifel w. " art happier and get more et f We tfua ir iUn whoM faces Indicate tutltrin Wine of Cardul made Mrt. Mannell better lolu M and WiniUly happier became II cored her thoM terrible pain. But aha mm exception. WINE"? GARBLE NOTICE OK .SEIZURK Notice in hereby given of seizure of the following property for violation of the internal revenue laws of the United States : At Mayesville, N.C, 7 packages of oorn whiskey, 285 4 gallons and stll cap 2 copper worms of O. P. Rogers, March 27, 1901. At Carthage, N . C, 17 barrels corn whiskey 754.4 gallons and copper still cap and worms, 8 mah tubs, 4 ferment ing tubs, 2 cistern barrels of W. R. I rog-don, March 29, 101. At arthage, N. C, 10 barrels corn whiskey, 405 gallons of W. R.Trogdon, March 27, 1901, At Ransom's Bridge, N. C, 85 gal lons corn whiskey, of Jim Wilder, Apr. 15, 1901. April S3, 1901. Persons claiming the above property will file their claims with me in my office within thirty days as required by law, or the same will be forfeited to the use of the United States. E. C.Dcncan.CoI lector. By J P. H. A dims, Deputy Collector, Raleigh, N. C Special Ratee Vln SAL Railway. Southern Baptist Convention Meet ing, New Orleans, La , May 9-16 1901. One first-class rate for round trip from all points, rate from Raleigh $25.50. Tickets sold May 7, 8 and 9, return limit May 20. Extension of final limit may be obtained until June 1 by depositing ticket with Joint Agent at New Orleans on or before May 16, and on payment of fee or fifty cents. United Confederate Veterans' Re union, Memphis, Tenn.. May 28 30, 1901. Special low rates from all points; rate from Raleigh $16.45 for round trip ; tickets sold May 25, 26 and 27, return limit June 4. Extension of final limit may be obtained until June 30th, by depositing ticket with Joint Agent at Memphis and uponpayment of fee of fifty oents. International Christian Endeavor Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio Ju ly 6-10, 1901. 1 One flrst-class fare for round trip j from all points ; rate from Raleigh j $16 55, tickets sold July 4, 5 and 6, return limit July 14. Extension of i tho final limit may be obtained to September 1st by depositing ticket with Joint Agent in Cincinnati on or before July 10th, and on pay- ment of fee of fifty cents. National Educational Association, Detroit, Mich , July 7-12, 1901. One fare for round trip from all points, plus $2 00 membership fee. Rate from Raleigh $18.80 via Rich mond, $20 60 via Washington. Tick ets sold July 5. 6 and 7, return lm- t July 16. An extension of nnal lmit may be obtained to Septem ber 1st, by depositing ticket before July 12 with the Joint Agent at Detroit and on payment or lee oi flifty cents. Triennial Conclavve Knights Templar, Louisville, Ky , Aug. 27- 30, 1901. One fare for round trip from all points; rate from Raleigh $18 35 via Richmond ; tickets sold August 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28, return limit Sep tember d. For further information call on or address, U. U. UATTIS. C. P. & T. A. Raleigh, N. C. baking - ironing v) anything that can be done with a wood or coal fire is done Ik Jvli u etter' P an quick1" on " VtW ; 3D tows' j p jj FOR OVER FIFTY TEARS Krs. WiHiot'i PooTstaa Starr oi used for children wbi! Wibio. It south tbe child, aofwn lb gMtxtt, allaj all pio,rtirr wind colic, and is tb bral remedy for Diarrhea. Tarn-ty-fl? e enu a bottle. Bold by all drsf f it tbrougboet tbe world. -Pectoral! A riCK CURE FOR X COUGHS AND COLDS Very vi!si! c Remedy ia aul afleljons of the THROAT or LUNGS! 2 Lare Rattles. 25c. 1AVH LAWKE5CE Of)., Umitad, X 1'ru",. of iVrry Darte' Pi!-K: Tbe Slate Noraal and Indsitrial College. OF NORTH CAROLINA Offers to young women thorough literary, clasaical, scientific and indus trial education and special pedasjogical training. Annual expenses $94 to $182; for non-residenta, $163. Faoulty Of 80 members. Has matriculated about 2,000 students, representing every county in tbe Btate except one. Practice and Observation School of about 250 pupils. To secure board in dormitories, all free tuition application should be made before August 1. Correepondence invited from those desiring competent trained teachers. For catalogue and other information addresa until August 15th PROF. J. Y. JOYNER, Dean of College ('HAS O MoIVER. President IPyny x Fifty Thousand Copies Of TURNER'S N. O. ALMANAC To advertise la simply to make known, who you are, where you are, and what you have to soli. How to do this effectually, and at the small est possible cost is the problem for you to solve. The failure to obtain desired results from advertising is due to the way some people do It, and they invariably say "It does not pay." The judicious way Is to use a medium that has reputation, circulation and permanency. Turner's N. C. Almanac has been the State Standard for 64 years, and has an annual circulation of 50,000 copies, and remains a standing advertisement for a year. Advertising rates npon application. ENNIS PUBLISHING CO., RALEIGH, N. C. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, City or Raleigh, Wakk County. N. B. Broughton makes oath that he is of the firm of Edwards A B rough ton, Printers and Binders, doing business in the city of Balelgb and that the said firm have made a contract with the Enmiss Publish ing Company to print 50,000 copies of Turner's N. C. Almanac for the year 1900. N. B. BROUGHTON. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my SEAL. presence, this the 27th day of August , A. D. 1900. W. M. Russ, Clerk Superior Court, by Vitruvius Rotstxb, Deputy Clerk. CALIFORNIA King Gold Mines Company 32 Broadway and GO Jiew St., Xew York. JOHN P. JONES, President. CAPITAL 1,000,000 SHARES PAR VALUE, $5,00 FULL PAID NON-ASSESSABLE. DIRKOTOKS : Hon. John P. Jones, Gold Hill,Nev. U. S. Senator and mine owner. Hon. Janus B. Grant, Denver, Colo Ex-Gov. of Colorado, of Grant & Omaha Smelting Co. Hon R. F. Pettigrew, Sioux Falls, S. D., U. 8. Senator. Hon. Willard Teller, Denver, Colo. Attorney at Law. W m. C. Kean, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Real Estate and Insurance. John C. Montgomery, Denver, Colo. Pres Montgomery Investment Co. BANKERS: ; wells Fargo & Co.'s Bank, 1 n nnn nnn ou t Offer 200,000 Shares Treasury Stock at $3.00 per Share. The California King Gold Mines Company owns 23 claims in Pica cho Basin, four miles from the Colorado River in California, and 20 milts by direct road from Yuma, Ariz. Development work has been in progress for the last six years, and more than 10,000 feet of shafts, drifts, levels and cuts have been com pleted and paid for by the owners. Upwards of fi teen million tons of ore are now ready for the mill all of which will be mined by open cuts at a nominal cost. A contract has been entered into for tbe erection of a mill aud cyanide plant capablo of handling 1,000 tons of ore daily, which will bt completed this year. The directors guarantee that this plant will bi placed in operation .regardless of the amount of treasury stock subscribed. The net profit after commencing operations will exceed $60,000 a month, and probably reach $100,000 a mo atb, within a year. The ore in sight will supply such a plant for more than forty years. The property is owned by the directors. There is no promotion stock or promotion money. No salaries to officers. Every dollar real ized from the sale of stock goes into the treasury to pay for the plant. Not ft share of stock has been offered for sale before. Reports of J. Ralston Bell, London ; Wm A. Farlsh, Denver ; Emer son Gee, Denver; P. C. DuBois, Berkeley, Cal ; J. L, Sheperd and others, all eminent mining engineers, agree in recommending this property. Application will be made to list stock on the Boston Stock Exchange. Prospectus and any information desired will be furnUhed on appli cation. Subscriptions received by THE CALIFORNIA KING GOLD MINES CO , 32 BROADWAY, N. Y. Notes & Dana. 27 State St., Boston. ' Wtmnk, Prince & Co., Ixc , Betz Bldg. Philadelphia. Pbkston, Watt SOUTHBRII RAILWAY ItiStandard Railway of The South. The Dirt-et Lm U point Texas California Florida - Cuba Porto Rico. 2trioiy FIRST CLASS Equipment on ail through and local trains; Pull man Palace Sleeping oars on all sight trains. Fast and safe schedule. Trarel by the Southern and you are assured a safe, comfortable and expe ditious Journey. Apply to tioket agents for tlsse ta bles, rates and general information, or address (No trouble to answer questions) 8. H. HAEDWICK, O. P. A.. Washington. D. C. R L VERNON, T P A Charlotte. N C TBAD C 8TUROIS, C T A Raleigh, N C will O be issued for the Year 1901 8. 8. EACH. Hon. Ashley W. Cole, Brooklyn, N Y., Chairman Board of State Rail road Commissioners. Stilson Hutch Ins, Washington, D. C. Publisher and mine owner. Harry M. Gorham, Carson City, Nev. Pres. Bulion Bank and Supt. Comstock mln s. Hon Stephen W. Dorsey, N. Y Ex U. S. Senator and mine owner. Jerome B. Landft Id, Jr., B ngbam ton, N. Y. Director Blngbamtun Trust Co. J. B Landfleld, Jr.. Secretary and Treasurer. 03 Broadway, Xew York. & Schoyib, 411 Wood St., Pittsburg. DANIEL ALLEN HHOK Our DOBBIN & Ladies' FERRALL Ready to Wear ; m mcteis ciore. Over Garments, Tailor Made Suits, Separate Skirts, Shirtwaists. Silk and YVuh&ble Kind The Largest and Llost Select Stocks AT LOWEST PRICES. Come to Raleigh and be fitted. No extra charge for any attentions to further perfect the fit Mail Orders Promptly Filled. t Public School Books! Tbe Public Schools tne State, and will school books and supplies can be bad at a discount to teachers and dealers from ALFRED WILLIAMS & CO., BAT .THIGHS:, 25T. C Simp sons Eczema Ointment Cures All Skin Diseases. CURED TO STAY CURED? YES, CURED TO STAY CURED! And that meanH CURED TO STAY CURED! Sent by Mall for 25 cent. William Simpson, Pharmacist, Raleigh, It. C. Make a Speeialty of, at Shoes, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 and THE YARBOROUGH HOUSE, RALEIGH. N- C Is headquarters Sates $2.00 and Elegant Rooms With Baths, 50 ENTS PER DAY EXRA. L. T. BROWN. Manager FHKE COACH AT ALL TRAINS. Anticepbalalgine The Original HEADACHE and NEURALGIA CUBE. SAFEST - AUD - BEST 25 and 50 centa a bottle For 8al by all Drng&iata HICKS' V Headache Cure ; LEAVES NO BAD EFFECT -WHATEVER 15, 25 and 50a. at Drngguta Our SHOES ar all v . Uervtov Uy are ia right atyU aad do ot rip bat rr bants. Tay er mad evpecSaltj for as. tka-rafor r guar. aau srvry pssir afca doa not give aattefacUoa, a4 s!l them cpr taaa re ran boy ifcesn ! br wbr tbay r bwncbt ef jobbsre, M V aavo Ihm nilUdle4naaa prvfltav Thadr atyU U right, tkalr nric U right, tb pctca la right Um artr tha I tblnge to oo&aldar. Ms fhem and ooailac yvitr aolf. AND COMPANY, DMA t.KltS, RALEICH. rj. O. are nou opening mi need supplies. These The Man With the Ax NEEDS CLOTHES THAT Will WEAR. ThU Lt tbe kind lsmrnnG BROS. Popular Prices. Men's and Boyg $1.50. for Everybody. 02.50 per dayj WATCHES ABU JEVELBY. High caks Goods. Lowest prioaa. My Clocks are reliable any style. The little intermittent alarm clock ia a sure worker. Every home needs one. Repairing D::s H::2stly tzi urersiiy. If you are thinking of purchaalnjr a Watch or watch-charm or other Jewelry, come to aee me. T.7.BI:lo,n;!::;Xn.C. Local Inspector for S. A. L. Pimples, blotches and all other spring troubles are eared by Hood's Barsaparilla the moat effective of all spring medicines. THE CAUCASIAN Tc IjtGmt WtU to Sik Tbe Farmer and iletkaiiiVs Paper. CONTAINS ALL TMC NKWS OF INTKEKbT FKOMJALL FARTS OF TUK STATK . AND FROM ALL; OVKR TUK COUNTRY. For Single Subscrip tion One Year, $1. OUR GRAND CUB RATE. Send ns Fire rab SnWrip. tions, and w nill aend yon the Paper one year Fre; or il you are already a Snbarri ber we will more uj yonr date one year. Home & Farm AMU The Caucasian Ou Tear fir (1.25. Tb ::zi ia fta b t If joa trith to : reach tfcs People advertise in THE CAUCASIAN. Agents wanted in every Neigh borhood. Write for rates. CAUCASiAii rua CO,

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