North Carolina Newspapers

I for offering and com meeting on
U Moatk. .
Ho. t 11.
The following item from Rock
Hill, 8. C, appeared In a recent
lmiue of the Charlotte Observer.
"Jlock 8. C. June 12.
Municipal ownership of the water
work and electric light plant In be
fore the people of Hock 1X111. At a
cltlcena' meeting some time back
relation were pained endorsing
the idea, and a petition, asking for
an election for the par pose of the
authorizing the city council to Imue
bonds to the amount of 175,000, has
been circulated among the real
estate owners, and at last the neces
sary names have been secured.'
It la very gratifying to see how
rapidly the correct and wholesome
principle of municipal ownership is
growing in evry quarter of the
country. U'e are especially delight
ed to see that a paper like the Char
lotte Observer no longer bars out
from Its columns such news items;
Indeed, a lew weeks ago the Obser
ver had an editorial speaking favor
facta, at this time, for the sole par-
pone of convincing reasoning and
Intelligent people that the present
red shirt administration of the state
is rooftlsteotly guilty of farcical and
foolish acts. On this score there is
s settled conviction. Now and then.
however, for the purpose of having
a laugh or making the wonder grow
we may bring forward something
which may have e-eaped the atten
tion of some people.
Until a few weeks ago we had in
this state a commissioner of Immi
gration a man whose official duty
was to try to "induce" capital to
come into the state and to persuade
people to come here from other
states to live. Until a few weeks
asro this official drew his pay and If
he ever "Induced" or "persuaded"
anything to come here nobody knows
it. And now this gentleman this
iramigratioi commissioner has
or at least to do business for himself.
Such a fact opens up a wide field
for wonder and comment. For In
stance, we all r- member the red shirt
campaign of 1 8'J8. We also remem
ber the "force and fraud," red shirt
campaign of 1900 which resulted In
the counting in of the "force and
fraud" allies who are now In control
of the state. The wild, lawless and
anarchistic scenes of these campaigns
were not only looked upon with
astonishment and pain by the order
Aycock can afford to go to the Man
ufacturers' Club Banquet at Char
lotte and not be contaminated by
Oea. J. 8. Oarr, if ne should be pre
sent, any more than he could go
when Senator McLautin was there
without being contaminated. Has
not Gen. Oarr recently endowed the
rtza rca urz.
Stast War Bcia M
PltUHurjr, July 1. All the anion
men employed In the mill of the
American Sheet Steel Co., are out
today, in compliance with the order
Issued Saturday by Mr. Shaffer,
president of the Amalgamated Aa-
speech that f&nator McLaurln made i sortition and ratified by the advbary
at that UnoueL and. Indeed endora-1 board Saturday.
.i ici .Mt..,tA This marks the beginning of the
DU UU MTSCUt Mnin. BkUW I ... . , , .
iyx uwi.ruuov . United States Steel Company.
ernor Aycock that there are certain I T5e tattle could not be averted.
tnlngs that will be ruinous to hide-1 Men familiar with the situation
hounrf machine rmnmrv. and he. I knew this weeks ago, when both
I - 1 1 A I t
standlne as the chamolon of that I"" w" p"s
m . mA Cm... lt
species of politics in the South, nQt wHhoat mmiA
should not take the precious Bour- ler 0f ,,rinrirlt either bv the union
bon relic into an atmosphere that I or the trust.
out of the
would be
Into an atmosphere
ratal to its future moss-
We are glad that as a rule there is
economy In public affaire in our
state. It Invites capital. It pleases
our own home people. It makes
taxes easier to collect. It creates a
personal pride in our government
on the part of our citizens. An
honest listing of taxes and an honest
expenditure of tax money are neces
sary complements. N. C. Baptist.
The above appears to be from a
religious paper the kind of paper
that should be a powerful agency
for Insisting on facta and presenting
them. The last paragraph is all
right. The first paragraph may be
A compromise seems
question, and unless one can be ar
ramrod the strike will be the most
serious one in years, as the Amal
gamated Association will go into
the battle to fight for its existence
Ninety-five thousand men are in
volved in the strike.
Albemarle, N. C July 2. Three
necioes at kerrsvllle. one mile
from this place, have smallpox
They sontravted it while awaj
Working on a railroad. They were
removed to an isolated house three
miles away. Those exposed are
quarantined. Mo farther troub.e
is anticipated.
Ladles Petition to Vote.
Montgomery, Ala July 2. A
petition was presented to th toa
stltutloaal convention ioav by
an honest opinion or expression, but I the ladies of Madison county ask
ably of the principle of municipal
ownerahlhp. This Indicates kreatlovinKind!aWHlbIdImi vwploae the
in rmti Vi that tianar ta wall m for ' ....
i" r-t- state, Dut tney were painted in an
mi correc principle oi guv vruiucut. thlr lurIdneHa and diseraoa bv the
. 1 L I It -I I
n nas oeeu omy auor uu red shirt papers, and the news of
the Charlotte Observer was ridlcul-l . nn wma . m
Iff uai w ssan kvaur vu vv oso dcuv a a vau
iog municij owucramp .uu ocean to an and from Canada to
ring to it as a Populistic vagary and
as rank paternalism, etc.
When the Peoples party was or
ganized ten years ago it was the
only political party that dared to thought of the matter tt M ftlled
advocate municipal owneranin. I tn u.r,tftf1 tK.. , , .
I w vaaaaiaaava Ma aajsv nw uuv aa
wT'mamm & l 1 a xv a v1 xnv I
.Trgr MJWU..IUU.U wwU citizen of a state where such law-
Its water-works, but Its electric light fmmMM .nd -cnnu
Mexico. People everywhere read
the accounts of bedlam and ruffian,
ism that were eoing on. and not a
man of any decency anywhere, who
and gas plants, I tn telephone systems,
and Its street car lines. It is a
proper function of the municipality
to furnish all of these necoHHlties to
all of the people of the municipality
at cost, and, furthermore, give a
better service than private companies
evar have or ever will.
The city of Kalelgh Is at present
a striking object lesson as to the
necessity for municipal ownership.
We have here thwe telephone sys
tems, and the result is that fewer
people are connected by telephone
than If there was only one system.
In the first place, each system
charges more for the service than it
worth, and after a person has sub
scribed to one system he reaches less
than one-third as many people as he
would reacn lr there was only one
system In the city. Why? Because
it is necessary for a person to get
any satisfaction from the telephone
service to have all three of the tele
phones In his house or in his office.
This makes the cost of the telephone
service to a person who has the
three 'phones In his office or reel
nence over $100 a year. Thus, after
paying over $100 a year the subscri
ber can talk to fewer people than If
there was one system operated at a
cost that would enable every one to
be a subscriber. If the city owned
the telephone system In Baleigh it
could be operated at less than one
half the cost that any one of the pre
sent systems charge and would be
worth five times as much as all
three of the systems now in opera
lion, it tne tnree systems now
doing business in Baleigh can live
with less than one-third
Yet Just think of itl Yet, when
red shlrtism got control of affairs it
had the sublime trail the superb
nerve the "audacious", effrontlng
to establish an office and appoint an
officer to "Induce" or persuade peo
ple to come to this state to live to
come where "red shlrtism" and
ruffianism, for a time at least, had
scored the grandest success on record
to come where "fo t-e and fraud"
openly boasted of Uh power and its
purpose to reign and rule!!
Well, who came?
Who, in the name f God and
common sense but a fool or ruffian
could be expected to come?
How much "capital" came?
What capital is it that will wll
llngly expose itself to "force and
There is no need to answer these
questions. They echo their own
It Is utterly devoid of fact. If a
paper of this character, either
through carelessness ' or Ignorance,
can permit su?h tn erroneous ex
pression In its columns, what may
we expect of these democratic ma
chine papers whose sole object ap
pears to be to suppress the truth?
The North Carolina Baptist should
either refrain from commenting on
certain things, or acquire more
knowledge asto facts. Whether it
knows it or not, there is now a
wider extravagance In public affairs,
with less capacity in the governing
power of the state to remedy the
trouble, than has ever been before
ingthe right to vote at least in
elections for schools and where tax
avtion is involved. - -
sTsax MMSicr or aoarat caau.
Leaves no Bad EffeetWhatever,
The Hickory-Mercury in an edi
torial says:
We see that the Governor of
Pennsylvania has signed the bill
calling a convention to change the
constitution of the State so that
hereafter they can vote in that
State by means of a machine. We
don't have to go to that trouble in
this State; we vote by a machine in
defiance of the constitution have
to do that in order that a certain
class of bloodsuckers can obtain of.
flee and get at the pie counter.
The above is very well said, but
It might be added that the purpose
of the machine in North Carolina is
to prevent voting or to count out
votes or to count them for the wrong
person, while, as we understand it,
the purpose of the voting machine
used in certain northern states is to
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aad to all wboea i taaj eoer 1 1& aA cuat iirwsgia- I
Netiee i hervby s;.tt, that the
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Montrose pier, a mile above tne
north end of Lincoln Park, ten
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victim, a boy, who was found alive
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cover. The sole survivor is Wil
liam Anderson. He . regained con
sciousness at the hospital, but re
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H; C.
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A special to Tuesday News and
Observer says : There was quite a
nn nn m&rrisn at the o.onrt hrmaa
The immigration agent drew his prevent this rascality and force the I yesterday. M is j Birdie Overton and
vnifl- h mnnfMi a mat.. tkqu Mr. J obn Hill were married by J us-
- ... . . I nee j . v. vjoi. mips uvettmn, tne
Pore, it is safe to predict that the I bride was 27 years of age, while the
Simmons machine will always be I groom was but 15. Mr. Bill senior,
apainst a vote counting machine.
pay and nothing else for about two
years. Then be took a notion to go
to another state. His office was
then officially abolished because "it
did not pay."
Pay! we should think not.
Rut it paid the agent for a nice
little period of time.
The Statesvllle Landmark, com
mentlngupon the recent refusal of
Governor Aycock and Senator Sim
monsto attend the banquet of the
Manufacturers Club in Charlotte be-
of the cause Senator McLaurln was also in
patronage that one good system I vlted, in connection with the invita
ought to have and would have, then I tlon to the Governor from the same
one system controlled by the city club to attend at a later date, savs:
could be operated for less than one-
third of what each one of the pre
sent systems charges. This is too
evident for controversy.
Again the price charged by the
water company of Raleigh Is more
than twice what water would cost
the people of the city if the city
owned and operated its own plant;
and the same la true of gas and elec
tricity. There is noway the city
government of Raleigh or of any
other city can accomplish so much
"Gov. Aycock is to speak before
the Manufacturers' club in Charlotte
Saturday. The Governor had better
take a body guard of the pure-in-
heart with him from Raleigh. If
he doesn't have a care his politics
will become tainted by association
with the Charlotte Manufacturers1
club and the Charlotte people."
When Governor Aycock went to
speak at Clinton, Sampson county,
last summer be took with him a
bodyguard of 500 reckless, law leas,
drunken redshirts who were not on
lor its citiaena as by taking hold of ' 7.
' who were constantly flrlmr their
these matters and managing them
Sn a business-like and common sense
way. The people have this matter
entirely in their own hands and
when they see fit to save money in
their own pockets and
time double their comforts they can
uo so.
Municipal ownership of these
necessities la so correct in principle
and so necessary, for the comfort and
convenience of the people of the
municipality that she enemies of
municipal ownership no longer dare
to combat the proposition In the
open. The public ownership of rail
roads Is 100 times more Important
weapons to the alarm of all good,
lawabiding Christian people. We
understand that the excuse for this
disreputable bodyguard was that the
Governor waa afraid nf halna nn
ai me aame I k a ..4 n
JJ i iiihuu vuuufcjr u3U
Hsu. ptow it tne uovernor was
afraid to go to Charlotte to the Man
ufacturers' Club Banquet because be
was afraid of being Infected by some
of the company present we suggest
that he take a sufficient body of law
less, drunken redshirts alone to pro
tect his patriotic virtue. A-Jawlees
mob of this kind should certainly
be a good antidote against any In
fection that might eooae from com-
ihan mnnlHnal rtwnorsMrt rf Via
ccl-poratlons. Not only 100 times merclaldevetopment and progress.
more important so far as the cost ofl The Durham Herald commenting
transportation and travel is con-1 upon this same matter says:
cities and different sections of the i11"011 o attend a banquet given
country, and, even greater than this, f V'
100 times more necessary to prevent I?tfce.1!f Prtknjlar
the corrupting Influence exerted by WMr VJ- nw mst.
these gigantic corporations in con-1 We would like the Durham
irouing our pontics. Herald to explain how Governor
was present and gave his consent
to the marriage of his son.
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32 Broadway Iand;G 9 Hew Ba, Now Tork.
JOHN P. JONE3, President.
Hon. John P. Jones, Qold UJlLNev.
U. 8. tSenator and nine owner.
John X. Fowlar. CK. MeCvUen
i Attobnkys-at-Law.
Clinton, - - n. C.
Will practice wherever services
are required. Special attention given
to collections. Ofnce over O. J.
Powell's Store.
OF Nfi!?TH CI l?ni IMA I Hoa. Jamas B. Grant. Dearer. Cdo
- -"-I Ex-Qov. of Colorado, cf Grant
To is MB ad I uinana BstelUss Co.
Of the State's Educational System.! Hon R. F. Pettd-rtw, Cloux Falls,
Law Hon. WUlard Taller, Denver. Colo.
vv - I m A a. w m
Pbama I ' i Philadelphia,
. I neat csts ana insurases.
Eighty-five Scholarships. Frosl Job O- Montcomery, Denver, Colo,
tuition to teachers and ministers' I Pre- Uontomery Investment Co.
. ians ror the needy.
ojs ? Htudents. 43 Instructors.
new uormittmes. Water Works.
hbub oysiem.
$120)00 spont in improvements in
1900 and 190L
Fall term begins September 9, 1001.
P. P. TENABLE, President,
Hon. AcSUsy T7. Cols, Crooklya , W .
(Hisircan Ecard cf CUU Ball-
icsi CcacttrrVrsm. v
Ctilsca Estlsa, UttMrton, D. C
Pctllrcr tl olc9 owsar.
Harry II. Oc&a, Carrsa City.
rv. Pm Eria Ieiasr
Y. U
Jcrcsa C Larilatt, Jr Da;a
tza, n. Y. Clrtator Elrc31
J. O. Lfiadfiald, Jr.. Cortty aa4
aatoea I wboto paraV
ear aaa mental
narar ears; an
Vttl HM A MM ton .rk i . . .
anartaWr ha M p u rt caa oSTSrilS!
htmaal at some. It U nUalass aaS eauTiJI
earesvrmasBsoC abort)aoa.radacln thm iw
tf a stmOar zetastf
i or
t. Hatkawars swKdattr U
.vnaaryaiiC Stool
rao ssr umiwv oamm t u as
t saarn awa aw
JoalrbyDr.rsraswsj. .
CVTTCt HATHAWAY, 13. Cb .'tiitX iinLTL
- lSki-aCaswavSliA ' . .- j
raw -
BAVKEBS: - - .
W 'WJiSt: BMk 63 Broadway, Nar York.
0H:r 200.C23 Stocs Trry Sl::i d S3X3 w Jti.
The Callfornls Kins
ouiw ay oirsct roaa mm lotat, iris.
Development work has been In oro cress for lhn text tlx vean. aai
Sd'ffil0'.' ut. VPS-
pietea and paid for by the ownera,
all o? wTi1fhUJinfii i11 f r A now ready for the mill.
I TJSS?.!?? U ' bJ open cuU at a nomleal cost.
. ia tsWB eQtPW Into tor the erection of a mill sad
Smnitth1..1 SllM" ona of SyVwhUh will In
completed this year. The directors guarantee that this plant wlU bt
The net prtkflt after eonnmriB. ..r - Mnmn a
mlit saca m ( - - 41..- & :
2P Property is owned by C: dirtctcraTrSre uS oroootis"
anockorjnotlca oney. flo JSTr-l-
'??ir C3 llo the trarV to r fSr U. P1a-
Not aharo cf stock rSSd'SS1
Ac?lS!Si,S?lifa- trM ridlrjtSi proparry.
catioW- Jllti:tsttiAtt onappM
V Cubserlpiks received by ' . '
wots, Pwrca d Oo, Iro , Crts inr n-'lP
Atlanta, tia,

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