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Yet perhaps not one per cent, of the people who slug It or thorn who enjoy hearing it sung, know that It was the 'voice of the fkuioo Mm. Florence May brick that first uttered the sweet sequence of sounds which go to make one of the most favorite nongs of today; that she It was who first read the lines from the manuscript copy of the composer, and afterward sung them, while he himself accompanied her on the piano. The song was composed by Mich ael Maybrick, a well-known English baritone, who was brother to the to the Liverpool merchant for whose murder Florence, his American wife, was sentenced to death more than ten years ago, reprieved and con demned to a life of prison labor. Maybrick wrote over the nom de plume Stephen Adams, and Is author of many other widely popular songs. He owned a yacht, on which he spent many weeks of each year, and It was on board this yacht that he composed "The Holy City," and that Mrs. Maybrick, who was sailing with him at the time, gave voice to Its melodious strains. During the trial of Mrs. Maybrick for the murder of her husband, Michael Maybrick was on the stand more than half the time, and it was mainly his testimony which con victed her, and sent her, an Ameri can girl of rare beauty and talent, to languish In an English jail. them. George Kllot If woman did turn man out of Paradise, she has done her best ever since to make it op to him. Bhel don. That Is true philanthropy that buries not Its gold In ostentation charity, but builds its hospital In the human heart. Harley. Tlte most common place person has wild regions wilder ue It may be of thouebt and feeling, which even his most Intimate friends hard ly ever enter. A'thnr Helps. The only faith that wears well and holds Its color In all weathers Is that which Is woven of conviction and set with the sharp mordant of ex perience. James lluseell Lowell. How mankind defers from day to day the best It can do and the most beautiful things It can enjoy, with out thinking that every day may be the last one and that lost time is lost eternity. Max Muller. Each man In to seek out his own I siieclal aptitude lor a higher life In the midst of the humble and Inevi table reality of dally existence. Than this there can be no abler aim In life. Maeterlinck. He only Is advancing in life whose heart Is getting softer, whose blood Is warmer, whose brain quicker, whose spirit Is entering into living peace. Ana tne men wno nave this life In them are the only lords and kings on the earth they, and they only! Buskin. 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IBCIB I SOU W3 v. 1 . , Itp, good returning aoUl Aofost Tba above rate also PPy Tajwa, Fauna, Mcaioai. l-rac a rent at fan Fraasclsco and oa aleo Norfolk Bay Une Fuajcnruax, Dir oavmeator lee 01. u cenia. aw n. a, ""ua" '""-""ir IQoona. rioTIoa.OHoait vwbii UckeU either folBf or retaralar tbeace Leblgb v aiiey 'tu . tombsto hbs, Buxjukd Htock or one way only. Uiriofb Fortlaadoi Parties desiring to take tbiatrip Srar .Oil AMYIUINU KLSK, ' r: . " -h 1 a a t a .4 a 1 1 ewe a. n ncmnai Paget Bound, via snaaia isobm or can fmiw .JrTMV ,t write for prtoea, ks way a the Yar To pn di .. in fruit, 'ctr"MC . fcrtilucr rl t:: .tmmrnr So no will he added to rate Pnr tiikta voinr via uaraea. re-1 ue Deouru Air uib inraimi via. la AnimW Han Fran-1 nivtown ticket offlce la a aaa aask - ar ! claco and Bbasta Konte, or going 1 ooroagn noaaw. Mt tieonle have a wish bone in 1 A woman enjoys nothing better 1 h T,i whr th backbone oueht I than to read a letter In the presence Ko I of other women and smile occasion- A Novel Pin Problem. Unique Monthly. Beginning with one pin the first week, two pins the second week, and so on, doubling the pins each week for fifty-two week, would it require a train of cars to move the pins at the end of a year? A high-school graduate told me that he could carry all the accumulated pins In a bag on his back, and was astonished when I told him the mathematical result. Perhaps the quantity of pins accru ing from such a series of multiplier Bam," Origin of Uncle Sam." Speculation has recently arisen re garding the origin of the term "Uncle Sam" as applied to the United States government. In the war of 1812, between this country and Great Britain, Elbert Anderson, of New York, purchased In Troy, N. Y., a large amount of pork for the American army. It was inspected by Samuel Wil son, who was popularly known as "Uncle Sam." The barrels of pork were marked E. A., U. S.," the lettering being done by a facetious employe of Mr. Wilson. When asked by fellow workmen the meaning of the mark (for the letters U. S., for United States were then almost entirely new to them,) said "he did not know, unless it meant Elbert Anderson and Uncle alluding to Uncle Sam Wil son. The Joke took among the work- A POOB Mil 4, ION AIRE. Lately starved i a London because he could not diet his food. Etrly ose of Dr. Kings New Life Pills would have saved him. Taey strength en the stomach, aid dicestion, pro mote assimilation, improve appetite. Price 25a Money back if not satis fied. Sold by all druggists. Price 50 cts. ally. via Portland and 8hasta Koate to 8an Francisco, returning via Los Ana-elee and Ogden. $13.00 will Del adde? to rate. Stopovers will be DermltWd at and WfSt of Colorado common points Cheyenne toTrln- idad. Fort Worth and Han Antonia, Tex. East of these points ticket will be good only for. continuous passage, passengers to reach point of sale not later than August 3 1st Any parties desiring to take this trin can do so and the Seaboard Air Line will pay special attention to those using its line ana upon ap iHlcation to the undt reigned any information will be furnished. C. H. Oattis, C. P. & T. A. Raleigh, N. 0. H. 8. Lbabd, T. P. A. Raleigh, N. O. a H. Oattis, C P- & T. A. Raleigh, N.C. H. 8. LkaRD, T. K. A. Raleigh, N. a lfclliiiBlni MKS. B. KOWAK mm fMMt nat. bv rata I as, a aMiiw w,wa. AGEIITS, Booker r. Wash! eg ton baa writtea the aton of his life and work.' ti. tivea hia views oa the Ne aro lrobeo nd a'l b e best speeches Wbltr abduiurta ieuLle are giving advaoeed orders. A bonanae rot arenu. 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I have worked this problem "Uncle Sam" himself Uing present, some three different times with the was occasi naily rahied on the in same result, and I am willing to creasing interest of his possessions. vouch lor Its accuracy. Soon the incident appeared in print, My calculation Is based on the es- and the joke gained favor rapidly, tlmate of two hundred and twenty till it penetrated and was recognized pins in one ounce, forty thousand In every part of the country, and pounds to a carload, and twenty cars says John Frost, the Boston to a train. W0W. If at the end of hioinrlan. will no rimibt enntinun sol Reasons Why you Should SOOTHBRH Insure in the the fifty-two weeks the accumulated pins ware moved at the rate of ten trainloada a day, it would take a fraction over four hundred and thirty-fieven years to move all the pins; or, made up in one train and allowing thirty-four feet for the length of each car with coupling, and fifty feet for each of the million And a half locomotives (including lenders), the cars would make a olid train reaching more than eight times around the earth. No won der the high-school graduate was astonished at the result; for the en ormous proportions soon attained by doubling figures In geometrical pro gression is really wonderful to one not a mathematician. W. J. Thomas. Letter CarrIerNo. 9, Lynchburg, Virginia. while the nation. United States remains New Up-Town Officat New York City. The Seaboard Air Line Railway has opened an up-town office at 1183 Broadway, New York City, aaa a A -V A. corner twenty-eigmn atreei. iw down-town passenger office at 387 j Broadway is still maintained. Any information' as to tickets, rates, sleeping r car reservations the State, are cheerfully furnished i.StaildarU KailWay at this ottice. - - 'AY The other day a lady called on an oculist to have he eyes fitted with glasses, saying: "Have you magnifying glasses to make things look large?" "Yes, madam." "Then I will take a pair, for the other day I made a terrible blunder." "How's that?" asked the oculist. The lady replied: "I mistook a bumble-bee for a blackberry." hwilthy portions of the what you might call a God In Many Languages. Unique Monthly. . ' It Is well known that the name of God la spelled differently in every language, but it la not so generally known that in nearly every known tongue it has Just four letters. The following list will show the truth of this statement: A little boy once called out to his father, who had mounted his horse j for a journey: "Good-bye, papa; I love you thirty miles long." A lit tle sister quickly added: "Good-bye, dear papa; you will never ride to the end of my love." Its business is confined strictly to the most United States, thus its policyholders constitute preferred class. It is one of the strongest companies in the World, and its assets are big enough $16,367,636.00 all gilt edged, and are invested entirely in America, thus receiving the constant care and attention of the officers of the company. It is an American company, amenable only to our own laws and not subject to the dictation of various foreign governments. It is not a racer for new business, the watch words of the company being, Strength, Soliiity and Security. Its policies are simple, clean, straightforward contracts. Its management has been practically the same for a quarter of a century. 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C, by ;tbe Columbia, Newberry, ac Laurens Kail- road. All tickets which have been sold at $25,00 and endorsed "not good in State of Florida" will be honored over the entire system, includinr lines in Florida, regardless of such endorse ments . of The South. The Direct Line N all points - - - - - Texas - California Florida - Cuba Porto Rico. Lv WaUlon - Ax Booky Mount, Latin, Deus; Greek, Zeus; Hebrew, Adon, Syrian, Adad; Arabian, Alia; Persian, . Byra; Tartarian, Idga; Egyptian, Aumnpr Zeut; East Indian, Esgl or Zeul; Japanese, Zain; Turkish, Addi; Scandinavian, , Odin; Wallachlan, Zenc; Croatian, Doga; Dalmatian, Rogt; Tyrrhenian, Eher, Etrurian, Chur, Margarian, Oese; Swedish, Codd; L-lah, Dhla; German, Gott; French, Dieu; Spanish, DIos; Peruvian, Lian. James Maginxis. 419 8. California Ave., Chlcago.-Ill. Cvcr-lVcrfe Weakens Your Kidneys Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood. All the blood In your body passes through your kidneys once every three minutes. 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You may have a sample bottle by mall Treasury Department. . Atlanta, Ga., May 12, 1891. A. & Ii. C. KMLROflD TIME TABLE SO To take effect Sunday June 16 1901, at 13 m A M. at Goidsboro. Supersedes Time Table 19, Of Dec. 1, 1900, and all supplement tnereto. KA8TUOUND TMAINS. 'Strictly FIRST CLASS Equipment on all throarn and local trains; rnu man Palaoe Sleeping ears on all nignt trains. Fast and sale scneouiea. Trarel by the Southern and you are assured a safe, comfortable and expe ditious journey. W2 Why Mr. Hardeman had a policy in the " Manhattan Lire. Lv. Ar Lv ' K. MaJ.'Jos. H. Morgan, Special Aet. Atlanta. Dear Sir: As agent of the Manhattan Life Insurance Company of New York, It affords me pleasure to say to you that my father was In sured in your company, and by reason of the late war, he was unable to rtaca your company and pay his premiums as they fell due; and that after the cessation of hostilities, my father having died during the war, jour company have paid to my mother the amount of hia policy less the amount of premium unpaid. ; - Yours Truly,' . (Signed) R. U. HARDEMAN, State Treaturer. Axd this was not an Isolated case by no means. J So soon as the civil war was over the Manhattan announced that the company was ready to communicate with the old oolievholdera! In viting them to reinstate their policies, making one condition only, that Lt w puuuynuiuen suuuiu ue in gouu ueaitn. . Huch an act of genetoslty was unthought of by - any other company or corporation. '"J.":..''-"... . - ... ,r hi Knowing that their Southrn policyholders werenost ol them, men who had made every sac rifle possible for the land that thev loved, and that bad been reduced from aftuenee to poVertv, they offered, in lieu of ArlCorehead City.... 11 02 5 9 ' ' i -i f :- "r Daily ex. Pass- 4 ' Sun. mixt enger STATIONS ,-soUdfrei't 1 " ' cars and Daily - , passengers. a., a. Goldsboro 7 45 Bert's............... 8 03 LaQrange ....S 11 Falling Creek.. v.'.V.S 23; Kinston . . . . . . . . . .... 8 80 Caswell. 8 46 Dover.... 8 65 Dover Core's.Creek 9 07 Tuscarora 9 SI Clark's 9 25 New Bern.. ....... 9 40 New Bern. ...... ....9 50 Riverdale. 10 15 Croatan ..... w.....lo 18 L Havelock ;: .10 so Newport ........10 43 Wildwood. ....10 49 Atlantic 10 54 110WS THIS t W offer oaa hondred dollars reward for any'case of Catarrh shat eannot be ured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY A CO., '..) . Prop's -Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, bare known F. j. cneney lor the last 16 years, and bs leva mm perfectly nonorabl tusines transactions and financiall able to carry out any obligations made toy their flrau - , t v West Truax, Wholesale Druggists, ' . " Toledo, Ohio. Ifaldiag, Klanan A Marvin, Wholesale Draggists, . .Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken internally and acta directly on the blood and mu cous surfaoes of the system. Send for testimonials, free. ' F. J. Chbnxt & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 75c 1 HaU's Family Pills are the best. reaay money to accept a note covering the entire premium during the time that payments had lapsed. In addition to that they placed these policies on the same footing of other policies of the same date, In regard to dividends and and annuities. ;7 .... -s s t : ..q'; The company went even further ; In cases where . the insurer was unable to comply with these very liberal terms, or did not care to renew the policy during these troublesome times, the Manhattan agreed to pay the purchase value of the policy as it stood on the date of the lapse from the nun-payment of premiums "fit t;;." 2 - Although the Manhattan has made no boaat of this m.tLt mtnamaif. out if you havi kidney or bladder trouble. l,he dtoloyaJty, of Southern policyholders vitiated their, contracts," Mention this paper when writing Dr. KUmar i DW" remaiim uu rwcuru mai ine xxannawan was true and steadfast. I Tismton. N. Y. - : - , . honest and equitable, when all others .forsook the old soldlera In tha time of their direst necessity. f - - i Ratio op Payments to PoiacraouMEBS to Fbxmiuus Received ' FBOM OBGAJrtZATIPN TO JAJTUAJBY 1ST, 1900. atjco NOTICE OF SALE. I will, on Monday July 1st 1901, eOoae to publie sale at the United Stataa f!rtnrt Tlnnaa mrtA X.-,m Offl I w J w v, auA no- 1 - - A w V1UOS I honorable in all Building, in this eity, a lot of Old Furniture, consisting of Lounges, wasnstanajt, t chairs, carpets etc. Terms of sale cash, i : ; "a . - 1 E. C. DUNCAN, ' - . . Castodtan:. June 12th 1901. ' " . . Commenced Business. Men can be cured nrlvatelv and positively at home of all weakness and disease. Write for new free book to Dr. J, N. Hathaway, 22$ b. Broad ess quanta, ua . . t. Premiums Company. Business. Received. Maariattan Life, Aug, 1850, 955,763,054 Mutual Lifer " Feb., 1843, 72853,694 Mass. Mut. Life, - Aug. 1851,. ; 60,268,275 Penn Mutual, -4 Mayv 1847, f 87,749,054 New York Life April, 1845, " 527,888,388 Equitable, : July, 1859, 593,109,594 Northwestern; ( h IJov., 1858, ,i 209,752,220 National Life, FebM 1850, 36,598,233 Union Central, ;u March, 4867, This is how the M&nhatttui ; Paid to . Policyholders. $45,340,055 '5l0,i49,l69 37,647,180 r 62,215,29a 298,198,195 : ; .322,786,211 - 107,816,914 ; 18,606,228 17,344,844, . Paid per $100rec'd 81.31 70.09 62.47 - 59.51 66.49 v 54.42 61.16 49.20 43,864,891 ; has earned its title, "The Gi4 Sellable." v . , BUTIR &yEl eral Agents, Bailiff 01 SOfiToxierBnUdlngl " ' r"S I P.M. 6 40 6 00 . 6 09 6 20 6 81 6 46 6 6t 6 66 7 07 7 19 7 2 7 40 7 50 8 II 8 18 8 80 8 43 849 8 51 9 01 9 07 9 15 Apply to ticket arents for tlsse blea, rates and general information, or address (No trouble to answer questions) & H. HABDWICK, Q. P. A.. Washington. D. C. R L VERNON, THAD C STUROIS, TA UTA Charlotte. NC . Raleigh, N C Si A. L. RAILWAY Direct Line to All Points in Lvtf orenead City. .... .11 OT Auantio iiocei. v ir 1L City Depot. . . . .11 15 vWJEaSX'BOTJMI TBAINS, Passenger ceptSan y pTA 110.99 wauy r a, Alabama, Florida, Texas' j j0iiba and J . A.L :....vuo6 Goldsboro Best9.. '. 10 43 LaOrange a fU 82 Falling Creek,.. . a 10 22 Kin8ton... s Q 13 Oas well. , . . f 9 60 Dover.. ..... a o 43 Dover. a a'V aa'asstiaaa 9 40 Core Creeks., a 9 80 Tuscarora.... s 9 20 Clark. ... ........... f 9 12 New Bern..- s 9 00 i'..r . 8 87 f 8 18 f 8 09 ...... . .... O V w Newport...... ...... a 7 46 ; t ildwood.-: 1 7 89 Atlantic ; v. . 1.1 .Jt 7 86 Ar Morenead City. .. a 7 37 Ly M orehead City 7 32 jr Atiantae jttocei. W w Ar Ly W Ar Lv: New Ben. 1 Riverdale......... day,Mxr H . PortoSBiCO. soiid Frt' J - p;aengetr74?T iSMFFE? AND EXPRESS f 1 TRAINS. FIB8T-CLAS3 EOU1 8 55 - ' - :- ' . 8 8 88 MENT and the beat accommodation. 8 8 22 - . -r -p - 'it ,. t ... on aU tnans. - r Travel by the "FLOBIDA A1?D lUSTBOPQLITAH LI1ITED,,' r and you are assured of a,' quick and a comfortable Journey. . If I 87 St 87 20 f 7 13 8790 W. R. R. . AND BRANCHSS. .M AT LAN lit COAST LlN A K K COMPANY OF SOUTH CAROLINA eoarnaxsan aonaouia TRA1K8 oonro aurtTH DATSD Jan 18,laOL LvTarboro.. LvRoeky Lv Wilson.. Lv Balms.. Lvrayattef ArTlonnos Ooldsboro Maxnolia ... WUssingtao. df 4 62 3 4J Q Kft -o icft aksA a. au r. m. r sl a. h. "rst. U CO ft- 1 00 w 63 .... 13 31 ..... 6 00 1 Ot 10 C24 17 i7b Itbt 1 OS 10 40 ; it 4$ 67 340 3 6b 11 1 4 SO 12 S3 . 7 86 St r. . a sr. I 66 t S 30 .... ..... ... 7 6 4 16 . ..... ... 93J 600 rji. 1. r sr. TRaixi eoixa mono. 4 Lv Lv lyattariUa.. Lv Balms , at wuaoa. Lv Wilson.. ArBoekyMoant, aUTarborw. LV a. 'r. a. 9 50 .... 3 36 ..... 13 lft .... fl 41 . 1 60 .... 11 IS ... r 386 li IS aau T.m.k.9 .... ..m. 7 00 9 38 ..... ... ..... 6 V-11 18 60 9 67 13 36 r.m. s ar. r.m. r m. S3S6SS13 1110 aa f is 8 SO 16 10!lJ 8b U 33 1 S9 4 I I , I I bed a h- t, 3roj 13 45 r. . a. v. r. . Vmtij. tDaihr azasrl tDalry vonoay. - . WUmlngtoBi and Waldon aHros4. Tad- am wrmum miMln Mm Tiala Isavas rf il- BBIJKIO81 SRJ a. arrtvaa FayatlvTllls mvw m. uk, mm isa aajsjuavuiS) unaa. arrrvwEuiord 1 43 p.aa. Csterahnasm oanxwy aw a p. m- avmr yaxstSsrU 4 llTO? P. am, TOffisrto. j sad Waldo.. lUttroad, vuls 8CS a. a. Xtaxton 9CS pprtaaag a a. aa. Hops MUJs 136S arrira FarattaTills 11 10. Patnnin aajattaTUla4 46p. as-. Com tUUa 6C9a, m., antvaa BamaartsvllJa 7 16 p. sa. -Oonrtantlons at rayatUTma wls traia a 19 a hiiwb wsa lam uazcaa Or Eailroad, at Sad f3sttorvwST thaT Bprtanaad Bowaaon Ba.lroad, at Caafosd Jtauway a wu wsa V 1 Chartoto Ballroad. Train on tha Ffrtlaml Eaak tsavas WaUaa 8 (6 p. aa Ea2az 4 17 blIT! yllk.8 p. gu, lUaatanTia p!m. A a. aa.. an WakkmllSa. Trains oaTTat "SftSa ? !4? . Pa laava Parmals 83 a. a. aad tui lTia and 73 : SafiiSrsr rlva WsJilntonii.-o ZZm Croatani, i J Havelock. WT; 6 47 10 JAfXU. BARB, 1st Vice-President tt aII y nd Ueneral Mana-er. 1 5 43 i C11 on or write for time tables, a 6 87 roes ana ouier lniormaUon to 5 86 Ai: ;n.CityDepot LvJT 06 ' ' 6 20 : W Yfater station. f Stop on Slg naLvv8--ReguUr Stop. Telegraph Station. S. L. DLLL, 3a. fiupt. ' CH 0ATTI3, 0. P. and T. A , 't-yi-lL: Raleigh, N. C n.a UaAiAp, t. p. a v - ' JUifLBT.N. a iLtLi Buncn; o. p: a; 5 SB m, - - - " mmmmmm bbjbjbbjb BaraaaSaaiaar W S 8Bka 1303 a. va. aad lL-O a. a i:KUnd B. a ssa 1 aa t r, iiaall BOfO SdUaVrt. - xrataa aa x.2savUs r?s ummm r- liantrt8.iIOitSlZ JSCJa, 1 8fw al Sy Ilascst f;jq rirrxin fzs tarmTTi Tnia Ea. 7J tsrB SriaJSLfi1. y. au im - n.r.r aaBBBaaaaaaK ' 1 Vestibuuj TrAH8 Double Daily Smia "CAPITAL CI1 Y KOl'TE." Short line to principal eitUi et at 8onth aod Sooth west, FjordiCta. Tazaa, California aod Mi ne m& ing the Capitals of air Hutas. , I effect Mat 2G, rn. aUltliltlULM' DailT Datf hm.il aa.f. Lv BaJaijrjt.. .... ar Uolnabta Ar BaTasnah at JacasoBTtre .... Ar Tsjb pa ........... 410am TP, . 7oosm masii 105 am 1 8XB 147 pa . . SlOpm ( SlAarn t.sil ao 21. Lv BaJefea SlOaia ar aaaklat 7 0J am ar WliaainciAsi ltUfiu Af.unariona, luO.a. UUH Ar AUaata ........ 36tMa last ArAmrosuCA W c... aiopii' A7 Maoon J OI Us. 1 M t,in uu at Monto'ry A A W F .. 9 pm Ar MebiM LAM 3 66sm Ar V Orlaans L A H . 7 80 am at Vsabnlla II C Ash L 6Stam At Mtmoba 4 oopta I ttfS 18r lUt iav it I montttrnxfumu. DafJy Vo s DatfJi Ly RalaUch.... AT .aortal iatn UJOaa1 t. van ua a umjb l At Waah'ton Ms V8B 7i AT Uammara BsP Ca. 7 AT aw York O D 83 Oo ar FauaoMa4ite m YP Ah 6 46 pm W arnew York a Q dji 64 Lv RaJats 1 Zaia 13 a. Norliaa SIS am UUP ar Btaoaaoad esjam AT Waamncioai. r. A.K 10 .Oaa 7 V Ar Balttsaora P B B ... il 3jam U tf Ar Pailaoelphia F B. 1 IUp ! AT Maw lava, P B 4 Tftpm Vota- -.Dally Tbma. - azotpt Bundsv I ' Connections at ' JaeksonvUls Tampa, for all Florida tst poinu, and Cuba. and Porto fi-eo. i New Orleans, for all points in Tax llazico and Califori.U. SLzsriso can bsavicb Noa. tl and 34 Florida aod Nrtrv politaa Limited. Drawing Ko" rleepinjr, and Ihrough Dsy Cok between New York and JarksonTiU Throogh Drawisg Rvotn Buffet Sl T log Cars between New Turk aod At lanta. Noa. 37 and 68 Florida and Atlw Fast Hail. Through Drawing J Buffet Sleeping Car bat wee a York Jackaoof ilia, connecting at Haw lt with fUeeplBg Car so aad trom At lanta.. .... , Tickets on tola to all points. Pod raan births. Heaerved and reserva tion mad on .outgoing teaart tresx Norfolk. Baage eheckad from hotel and residenoes without extra charge. Call at the Up-town Ticket Office . f crtcfci Usss BsiMlar. C. q. G:tlij - C. J.'izi P. Ball, Ealah and InUrstaU Phows lfr II. 8. LJ1A MD, Tl P. A-, Ral.lgkrIiC II. E. L,BUncn,Oenl Paps. Ag Portaoath. V- - , , JAB. H. BAUS. lat Ylee-Pr-aideat and Oeneral Janager. 8 11 I 4 mTmf - -rimy i. ...a. I 7mT - ' lev - ! . " "-4 1J.U.L

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