THE OAUOAOI AH 1 KE PUBLISHED EVERT THURSDAY BTTUK CAUCASIAN PUS. CO. CSXSCIIPTIOSIIATEt. Om Tmmr tU Moas. Tar Xoataa, ei-OO SS No. council lL TBI RXI SHIRT MAC HIKE AM II IMMIGRATION. Commenting on a proposition to encourage Imlgration in Eastern North Carolina the Aahevlllc sette vary pertinently speaks as fol-lowa: "Emigrant of the better sort teek this country because It la a land where liberty or conscience 1m not only allowed but In protected. They rill not. knowingly, so where me United State constitution, the flag. ' thing, we can't say. They are loud and long for political liber ly, free speech and atscb things. Doubtlem they have just gotton through a glorious revival and have had their backsliding healed, and the Joya of salvation restored. But there fellowa who get religion and about loudeet every protracted meet ing and fall from irrace as soon as the Cbrhtmas festivities come, never Impress anyone as being Christian to hurt. But it does sound so sweet and so Christian to hear them now on their sanctified knees pleading for Justice, free speech and Christian clvlliza tlon. The devil is certainly scared. No doubt he is off pleading with some trust com Dan y to come to his relief. lie doubtless tells them that these papers do believe In liber ty. They believe one ought to be allowed to condemn trusts, and then have liberty to receive trust money for education and for th building up of Christ's kingdom In the world. Yes, these pa pent want free speech Somehow they have tound out we have not had free speech in this state, flow they found out such And how they the laws, nor even friendly con aideratlon for the opinions of others, offers no protection against con splracles of hoodlum mobs. As soon would they trust themselves In boxer ridden China. If eastern North Carolina desires to attract a decent class of Immigrants to swell Its population it must abjure first and for always the criminal red ahlrt political leadership. It must allow all citizens to exercise the rights of their citizenship, and must protect them iu those rights. Two political campaigns have been con- ducted in the eastern counties of can believe that people they educat ed in the principles of the meek and lowly Jesus, would commit such crimes, as throwing rotten eggs, dragging speakers off platforms, and with drunken red shirts, go to men's rooms at night md force them away under threats of death, and not al low them to speak, we can't nee All this was done, though, by peo ple who read these good Christian papers. And it was winked at by the pulpit and leaders in the church And these papers, even, never said a word about it. It may be they never louna it out. it may Baltimore Sen. The monuments of the Mason and Dixon boon ary line between Penssylvaalaaod Maryland nave suffered severity from the attacks of vaedalt, a&d they will soon be replaced with caat Iron marker. KSDtd progress is uowoeiLg msae on the relocation of the line. The eastern portion was originally marked by stone m numoo't at equal distances of oae mile Many of these stones have been removed or destroyed, fbe western portion, owing to the great diffleelty at that time la the region traversed by the line, was marktd by wooden posts, cut on th spot, and secured In place by mounds of earth or stone .lied around tnem rnese posit have disappeared, but some of the mound remain. - Msny o! them have been destroyed oy cultivation of the ground It is believed. though, that enough of them can be recovered to enable the reloca tion of the boundary with precis ton. The Pennsylvania legislature hat. appropriated 97.0GO to reset and re pair the boundary monuments and the Maryland legislature $5,000. Ur W. C. Clark, of Baltimore is cooperating with Secretary of In ternatlonal Affairs Latta, of Penn svlvania In directing the work SUBSTITUTE HQ A Mlffi . VLoomi, 1 ft ua.viinsTxnl Haf NOTICE OF SEIZURE AD LIBEL. DISTRICT COURT Of 1BKUXI1KD STATES aTsa titeicT or soar ctwun. Hicks' jCAPUDINE this states, under Inspiration of at be they found it out, and were political clique calling Itself demo-jsfrald to condemn it. It may be ermtlc which mob law. with all its that Is what they are pleading for accompaniments of violence, Intel- now: next time they want the free- lerance, Intimidation and crlm, has dom to say, "Boys, you ought not unvaried the constitution and the do that." Or It may be they were laws of the state and the nation. No too busy about their "Master's bus! man's life in those counties was sale ness.' They may have been off who dared to seriously protest praying for the poor heathen in against this red shirt movement and Africa and China. It may be they as to the elections held, there was were trying to convince some one no pretense that they were not rot- that negroes have souls and are hu- ten with fraud. All this must end man oeinga. before eastern North Carolina can Now when there is no campaign Invite lmmiflrratlon." on they can talk loud and long. Do In the beginning the men who thy n,ot know th U men now 4kt . . . omce in ine state got them oy sup- came to this coun ry and made it preMing gpeech and by a ma great and powerful as It Is were ner of hellish crimes? Do they not those on whom in the old wot id the know that men who will resort, to heavy hand of intolerance and perse- such schemes to get in, will resort cutionlay. For hundreds of years to thena to stay, in? Do they not . . . . 4Ka . know that the religious papers will men had been denied the right to expected to dryup for think for themselves; in fact, to liberty as soon as the next campaign bold an opinion was a crime 11 that opens? And don't they know they oDlnlou cauiein to en let with the win ao ht how an this ado on WHITE MAN TURNED YELLOW Great consU-rnation was felt bj the friends of M. II garty, of Lex ingtOD, Ky., when iny saw he was cursioe follow. His skin slowly ebauged 6' 1 r, also his eyes, aud he suff-red terribly. U s malady was fellow jaundice. He was treated b) the beat doetors, bat without benefit Then he was advised to try Electric B.tters, the wonderful Stomaea and Livr rsmedj, and nt write: "A'ter taking two battle I was waolh ear-d " A trial irovi us matcblesr merit for all stoma'" 'iver and kid is? troubles Oul. 50 j. f d old by all druggists. views of some one who happened to be on a more favored side. Thus they were driven to find homes In another laud and America became their refuge. The growth and grandeur of America la primarily due to this Immigration Impelled by a desire in the hearts of the wanderers to be free. fertile soil. It has grown and pro duced much fruit. Liberty of thought and its concomitant, liberty of speech, have long been reckoned priceless possessions of American manhood. The safeguard of liberty has been the ballot box. It Is evident that men settle and thrive where liberty is Dest pre served. It is also evident that in North Carolina liberty has at times become an excuse for license, and that certain men have so far for gotten themselves, become so un mindful of the struggles of their fathers, and abandoned themselves so completely to the lust of power and office that they have endeavored to choke the liberties of their fellow men In the hateful folds of "red shlrtism." The Democratic ma chine has debauched the sanctity of the ballot, polluted of purity of elec tlons, destroyed the llberities of their fellows and enthroned hood lumlsm, ruffianism and thievery in the high place where honor and good conscience are wont to sit. Such acts as these, such vile abuses of the rights of suffrage are not con' ducive to the location -in the com munity of desirable immigrants. They may draw knaves and thieves as foulness draws disease, but good men and true men and worthy men are not attracted by such hideous blots as the Democratic redahirt machine has placed on the name of North Carolina. many causes may operate to re tard the advancement of a state, but there is no more potent cause than the debauchery of its elections. It Is time that North Carolina should purge Itself of such' drawbacks to her advancement. their part disgusts honest, Christian men. "Freedom of speech" is only good for off years, and between campaigns. Are they In earnest? We will see." Italy Orders Southern Coal. Knoxville, T na , J uly 9. Local mining companies received a joint order today for 100,000 tons of East rnnessee and boutneas'ern Ken tucky coal to be exported to Venice, Italy, within the next six months SAVES TWO FROM DEATH. . 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In a recent address before the Bar Association of Ala bama, Mr. Herbert took occasion to proclaim himself weary of the brand , of democracy of which the upright and honorable News and Observer is such a persistent supporter. He expressed himself strongly on the folly of attempting to make live issues out of dead firebrands. The question of the retention of the Philippines is, he says, by the force of circumstance and the verdict of the people settled. While opposed in the first place to the retention of the islands, he bows to the inevita ble and accepts the result. Then he passes on to other ailicles of the democratic creed and takes much the same position as has lately been taken by Gen. Jule Carr to the con sternation of Brother Daniels. Verily, these are bitter days for our contemporary with the large circulation and larser self conceit. So conscious of its righteousness that it Is "unwilling to believe" a democrat can be a democrat without being of the News and Observer variety, it insists on being officially informed by Gen. Carr that his declarations on the political situa tion were really "responsible." We tremble for the solar plexus of the valiant News and Observer when Gen. Carr srives it the dished in formation. With Mr. Herbert and Gen. Carr thousands of true democrats are taking their stand and the number Is growing every dsy. ' We beseech our venerable contemporary to wake up, cast the beam out of its eye polish up Its "range finders," forsake Big Clothing Store Burned.' raettevllle, N. C, July 9, The big clotalng store of Mike Po;b was partially destroyed by fire today. The $18 000 stock was damaged from $8,000 to $10,000, mostly by water. Nashville, Tenn., July 7 A rain storm approaching a cloudburst swept over Lynchburg, Moore coun ty, and vicinity, yesterday after noon. 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We sunrest ir 8ucn things are possible to a con- that the papers that are crying for stltution so steeped in political in free speech In the "off years" paste I We assure If that with cor- lt In their scrap book for ready living and right thinking its reference in the next campaign. circulation may wax still stranger "Seemlnsrly. freedom of soeech and mightier. Is becoming a leading issue in this State. But this Is an off year, you know. The issue may shift back to red-shirt ism by next year. Geese, Some days ago the editor .of the News and Observer, after being ask- like chickens,' go home to roost, I ed to make a statement in regard to what he thought of CoL Julian S. Can's northern speech, said that he had written Col. Carr but at that time had not heard from him. bat he did not folia vn fh.t rVvl n.. I -"W v - wMw WU T ri when the sun of light and liberty, goes down. Democratic papers are practicing with diligence on this subject. 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Twenty -one ar desired immediately; six for farm work, six for carpenter's work, four for masonry and nlaut- ering, four for painting and one orlCAPITAX wuw printing, jror further par ticulars address Rev. Chaa. R. Tay lor, Principal, Littleton, N. C CALIFORNIA King Gold Alines Company- 32 Broadway and 09 1 ew St, New York JOHN P. JONES, Preaddamt. lyOOOKX) 8nARE8PAH TAXUE, f5(O0 EACH. FCLL ru- zzazzzizszuL Dixxcrosa: Diversity OF NORTH CAROLINA. TBE HEAD Of the State's Educational System. Academic Department. Law, Medicine, . Pnarmacy Hon. John P. Jones, Gold HUl,Nev. u. o. oenator ana mine owner. Hon. James B. Grant, Denver, Colo. Ex-Got. of Colorado, of Grant A Omaha Smelting Co. Hon. H. F. Pattigrew, SIoox Falls, o. un u. d. oenaun. Hon. Wlllard Teller, Denver, Colo. a aVA .a V AHura7 LMW. O. Keen, Jr PhOadelpala, Real Cetate and Insurance. John 0. Uontgomery, Denver, Cola -re. uonieomery investment Co. Pm. Hon. AaMey T7. Cole, Brooklya -Y- Coalman Board of Btata l& Ctllsoa Hutshlaa, TZaaaiagtoa, D. & Pntttaasr and rains owner. Harry XL Gersaa, Carson City, Hev. Pres. Dalion Excharf Bank and Capt. Coostock ml- Hon. etepnsn w. Dortey, K Y.U U. B. Cesatsr and Bias owner. Jerooe B. T -gH Jr, Binf ban ton, It. Y. Director Bingham to Trust Oo. J. B. Lsndflald, Jr. Secretary s4 Treaaurer. OS Broadway, Xew York. Eighty-five Scholarships. Free tuition to teachers and ministers' sons. Loans for the needy. 527 Students. 43 Instructors. I Wells. Faurgo Co.s Beuik, New cSSW0 0,fcr 2OO'C00 S? Trccn Sti ct $3X3 a Shae. SizuXX) spont In improvements In 1900 and 1901. Fall term begins September 9, 1S01. Address, P. P. VBNABLE, President, CHAPEL DILI, N. a 9. r7WTC3rXCAXAWAxVBJ. f OA al lJ."7 aevarenre; aa ':- non via not care , ewe a sots XboC Tbe onhr mtnaTuTvhaaaraaV tnai of Dr. taaprSsd by MTartaMr sa so par cant, ct aa TUs oxetostrs BSfltto4 of at hoow. 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