THE OAUCAOlAfJ Incrw lwione. N. 0.. July 18,1901. Kntred at tbe Pot Office in Ralelfb, N. C, m cond-cU mall matter. CirUltKNT M)CALNEW8. Jollai Ilervy, the old soldier who wnlercd away from tbe 8oldlete Home eome days ago, haa reappear mi at tbe Home. He said he had bn visiting his aifter In Clinton. The July term of tbe Wake 8a- Waahl the dropping of 38,082 names from . the penaion rolls through the deah ! of that Dumber of pensioners dnr.l Ing the fiscal year ended Jane 30,1 there was a net Inert ata of 4ansl names to the rolls by the gran tin of new pensions, and the nrmber of names carried on the rolls Jane 30, was 997 83 There was an In creaae of 2 273 In the number of pensioners who died during the year as compared with the record of he prevloaa fiscal year. The total xpenditnres on account of dob. sloos and administration was $138.. perior Court adjourned for the term 63M4, being an Ucresse of C9,353 Saturday afternoon. Tyson, who over, the dUbarsemenU of the wm indietsd for bigamy and obtain ing insurance money under false prntecse, was sentenced to the peni tentiary for ten years. previous year. The number of claims filed with tbe Pension Bureau on account of disabilities Incurred in tbe Spanish American war up to Jane 30 aerre- kbiot i,xu, or wmcn .use were Mr. Urria E. Nichols, of Raleigh. who served as sergeant in Company I granted and 7,009 were rejected. C. Forty-third united states Infan try, in tbe Philippines arrived hom Friday. His regiment saw exciting erfice and had in all three hundred mes killod. BaUm br We call the attention of our read ers to the fact that Messrs. S. & D.I Herwanger, who arecarylnga large advertisement In this paper, change their advertisement every Issue and If you wish to keep up with tbe bargains they are offering you will hare to watch .their ad tach week. They are now offering their summer ciothlngat greatly reduced prices. C. 0. Wilbon, of West Durham, was killed on the track of the Hon them railway between Cary and Morrisvllle Sunday morning about nine o'clock. He was lying on tbe track with his head on the rail when he was struck by the train. It is supposed he became tired and sat down by the track to rest and fell asleep. A nak cong talnine whiskey was round on his person. Non-Ualoo Machinist Badly Strikers. Colombia. 8. O , July 16. Tester, day afternoon three of the non onion men who have taken the places in the Southern Railway machine shops made vacant by the striken, were attacked while re turning home by six men, three of whom were strikers. The names of the non union men are Edgar Marshall. T. X. Altman and the latter's brother. E X. Altman Is In bed and Is thought to be badly hurt Internally. He was felled to the ground by a brick bat and then kicked. The other two men were struck In the faces by their assail mats and knocked down. Peace warrants have been issued for the arrest of two of the attacking party, J. W. Wood and Tom Greene. Two t hlldreo Drowned la Small Creek Near IUlelh. Two children were drowned in a small creek North of Raleigh Bun day afternoon. They were Bertha Emery, age i years and Willie Kmery, age f years, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Emery. They were crossing by a footlog when they fell Into the river and were drowned. The bodies were found washed ashore a few hundred yards down the stream. Annual Meeting- of Stockholder. The fifty-first annual meeting of the stockholders of the North Caro lina Railroad Company will be held at Greensboro, N. C. on the second Thursday in July 1901 Stockholders can get tickets to at tend the meeting with their immedi ate families by applying to the Sec retary at Burlington, N. C. Spjinccr B. Adams, Secretary. DAMACINC RAINS AT SOUTHERN PINES Seaboard Track t Washed Out at Aberdeen- Fruit Damaged Considerably . Southern Pines, N. C , July 16 From 8 o'clock last night to 8 o' clock this morning eight Inches of r&in fell here. Lake Lauderdale dam was washed away, and the ap proaches to Plney Woods Inn are now ono yawning gulf. Tbe rush of water through Jim town did great damage to stock and chickens. One horse In attempt ing to swim the swollen creek was drowned, and I. C. Edgenon, the owner saved himself by swinging to the bridge. The streets of the town here are badly washed. All north bound trains are thirteen hours late. At Aberdeen the Seaboard Air Line tracks are washed out and no trains are able to pass. The Aberdeen and Kockflsh railroad Is badly washed. No trains have run for two days. Fruit was damaged con siderably, but enough la left to realize good profits. Week Knd Rate via S. A. L. Hallway. Commencing Saturday June 15, and continuing until Saturday SeDtember 28 h. the Seaboard Air Line Railway will sell week end tickets from Raleigh, N. 0., to the following points : Blowing Rock, llffs, Hickory Jackson Spring, Lenoir, Llncolnton, -Littleton, -Naroln, -Norfolk, Portsmouth, Ocean View, Old Point. Virginia Beach, Rutherford ton, Shelby, Wilmington, -These tickets to be trains each Saturday it N.C. $7 80 4 76 4 75 3 00 180 4 75 2 45 5 30 4 00 4 00 4 00 4 00 4 00 N. C. 5 85 6 35 400 sold for all for Sunday Va. ( 41 it (t forenoon trains, good returning not later than Monday following date of sale, with the exception of Blowing Rock, N. C, to which point tickets will be sold on Fridays and Saturdays, good returning the fol lowing Tuesday Tickets and all Information will be furnished at the Seaboard Air Line Railway's up-town ticket office, Yarborough House Building. C. H Gattib, U. F. T. A. Raleigh, N. O DISGUISED AS A WOMAN. An Alleged Murder Poeec aa a School Marm. Memphis, July 16. A sensation has been caused at King's River, Madison county, Arkansas, by the arrest of Miss Jennie Sears, a young teacher who has been employ ed there for two years. Miss Sears has turned out to be a man In dis guise. He committed murder in Texas several years ago, and since has been posing as a woman. Sears mads a beautiful girl, and the peo ple of Madison county were astound ed by the revelation. Several of the young men of the county had gotten, up a great rivalry on his account. When arrested he had $3,000 tn cash In his clothes He will be taken to Texas at once. Notice to Stockholder of K.C.BB Co. The second payment of the thirty ninth annual dividend, due the stockholders of the North Carolina Railroad Company, three per cent. on the said company, will be due and payable at the office of said com pany in Burlington, N. C, August 10th, 1901. SPENCIB 15. ADAMS, Secretary andTreas. Charbon's Death Rate. Jackson, Miss., July 15. During the first week or two of the charbon epidemic in the Delta, more than ninety per cent of the animals ef fected died, but since a supply of the virus for innoculatlon was pro cured the death rate has been mater ially reduced. Unfortunately the disease is now spreading over all the country, not only in the Delta, but in the hills. Several cases were reported today - In Rankin county, the adjoining county to this, and only a few miles north of Jackson fiiTT AT T UflUU THE lmtleUrug Utore Drue Si AROUND THE COflNER, Pescirf's Pharmacy, 12 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, N. C. New crop Turnip Seed receiving to-day. John S. Pescud Ralcigfe Easiness Director. A newpDtber whose mlnmn(tTMw now with advertisements of busi ness wsn baa more Influence in at tracting attention to building up a town than any other agency that can be employed. People go where there is business. Capital and labor go where there is an enterprising community. No power on earth la so strong to build up a town as a newspaper well patronized, and its power should be appreciated. T. DeWitt Talmage. ttf The business houses named below are establishments whose methods of dealing may be relied upon as the very best known to the business world: ALbEtff, Daniel & Co. 8hoes. ANTICEPH AL QINE-Hoadache and Neuralgia Cure. BLAKE, T. W. Watch Repairing and Jewelry. BRIDGERS, Jno. E. A Co. Tai lors and Haberdashers. BROWN, H. J. Undertaker. BISHOP, J. M.-Bicycle Repair ing etc, BOYD FURNITURE CO., Re novating old Furniture. BE KW ANGER, 8. ft D. Clothiers. CAPITAL PRINTING CO Printers U.B. CROW JILL, ft CU. Trusses, DOBBIN ft FEURALL Dry Goods FERRALL, J. B, ft Co. Grocers. GREEN, J. B. ft Co. Grocers. GIERSCH, R. F. Restaurant HICKS' Canudlne. Headache and Neuralgia Cure. A N, JONES ft CO Groceries. KING, W. H. Drug Co. Whole sale and Retail Druggists. LEWIS, Julius, Hardware Co.- Bug Death. McGEACHY, A. S. Pharmac'st. MANHATTAN Life Insurance Co. Gen. Agency. MOORE, W. J. Grocer. MANN, W. B., Groceries. NORRlS, DR S. P. Dentist PESCUD'S, JOHN S. Pharmacy. Turnip Seeds. RALEIGH Marble Works Mon uments. RE AVIS J. H.- Cobbler. ROWLAND, D 8 Physician. SIMPSON'S Eczema Cure. Phar macist. STRONACH'S, W. C. 8ons. Gro cers. WHITING Bros. Clothing. WILLIAMS, A. ft Co. School Books. FOR SEE National Eduoatlonal Association Detroit, Mich , July 7-12, 1901. One fare for round trip from all points, plus $1.00 membership fee. Rate from Raleigh $18 80 via Rich mond, $20.60 via Washington. Tickets sold July 5, 6 and 7, return limit July 16. An extension of final limit may be obtained to September 1st, by depositing ticket before July 12 with the Joint Agent at Deroit and on payment of fee of fifty cents. International Christian Endeavor Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio, July 6-10, 1901. One first-class fare for round trip from all points ; rate from Raleigh $16 55, tickets sold July 4, 5 and 6, return limit July 14. Extension of the final limit may be obtained to September 1st by depositing ticket with Joint Agent at Cincinnati on or before July 10th, and on pay ment of fee of fifty cents. For further Information write or call on C. H. Gattis, C. T. ft P. A. Raleigh, N. C. H. S. Leard, T. P. A. Raleigh, N. C. The Raleigh Market. Current Prices of Farm and Gar den Produce. fThe prices quoted are paid to the producer. Cotton 8 to 8 FARM PRODUCTS The market continues stiff on all farm products. Eggs and cbiokens very scaroe ana in aemana. Eggs Fresh .11 to 1S Poultry Liive. srooa. Chickens, old bens, large,. . . 80 to 85 Small hens. 26 Chickens, hens 25 Hams, N Carolina i to is Hams, Virginia, 13 to 16 Hams, Sugarcured, IS to IS Irish notatoes. new. per bus. 50 to 76 Lard, per pound 9 to 10 Butter, per pound 16 to 20 Newcabbaare per dozen 25 to 60 New tomatoes, per aozen itww Huckleberries per qt 8, to 10 i Sweat Away la Alamance Co. Burlington, N. C, July 15. The rains here Saturday were very severe Three bridges over Stony Creek are gone. The dam at Swepsonville was broken. Haw river was over the bridge at Haw River station. All the low grounds were flooded, and the corn crop Is very much damaged. S 180,000 Fir la New Orleans. New Orleans, July 16. The Gard ner Motor Works were struck by lightning last night and destroyed. The-lorn on the building, machin ery and stock Is about $150,000. There had been a strike of ma chinists at the Gardner factory for over a month and Superintendent uardner was recently beaten strikers. f Prof. Holme, aa Exposition Juror, Buffalo! July 16. The jury on mines and mining for the Pan American Exposition wa named to-day. Prof J. A. Holmes, State Geologist of North Carolina, Is one of the five persons named. 37 Batldlns B armed a Pinner' Point Norfolk. July 17. Fire broke out at Pinner's Point this (Wednesday) morning at 1 o'clock and destroyed 2 aiLlwelllflgf . causing a loss of $10,000 or $15,000. No casualties reported. NOTICE OF SEIZURE. Notice in hereby given of seizure of the following property for violation of tbe internal revenue laws of the United States: At Norlina. N. C April 20, 1901 four jugs 10 gallons" corn whiskey James Bloe At Greenville. N. C . M av 7, 1901, 20 arallons corn whiskey ofv Jesse Stokes. At Pocomoke. N. C. UtT U. 1901, S kegs 20 gallons corn vbU;y of Robt Fowler ' At Halifax, N C , Hay 1$, 1901, 712 gallons corn whiskey, one 25 horse Dower enaine. one 80 horse boiler, 80 feet lhaftinf .78 feet belting, one wood en still, one srist mill and fixtures, 60 feet piping, on woo 'en aoumer, one mask k.el, one beer wll, four ferment- ers, two cisterns, one piatrorm scale, of It. H. Daniel. At Benson. N. C. May 24. 1901, two lusrs corn whisker 8 gallons, of J. H. Wheeler. At Huffman. N. C, June 21, 1901, 22 gallons corn wniskey oi D. F.Tnomp-on. At Huffman, N. C , July 1. 1901, 13 barrels corn whiskey 689 8 gallons, dis tillery premises No 3786. 1 coppers ill, 1 copper doubler, 2 caps, 1 w rm, 4 fer menters, 3 mish tubs, 2 cisterns, of u. F. Thompson At Seven Springs, N. C, Tune 29, 1901. 5 packasres 228.1 gllons corn whiskey, one 90 gallon still and cap, 2 copper worms and tubs, copper fittings to condensor, 1 wooden condenser, S cisterns, 4 fcrmenters, 2 mash tubs, 3 sections of iron and copper pipes, of W. R Grantbam. At Pocomoke, N. O, July 11, 1901, 1 mule, buggy and harness, 2 jugs. 1 tin 7 gallons corn whiskey, 1 lap robe, of James Denton. Persons claiming the above properly will Ills their claims with me in my nfflM within thirty days as required by law. nr she same will be forfeited to the use of the United States. - k. C. Duncan, uouector. By J. P. H. Apams, Deputy Collector, , . Baleigh, H. C, July 18, 1801. " PEACE INSTITUTE AND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC. No better or more advanced School for girls. Leachetlzky fWfmof MUSIC. It will pay you to ask Catalogue. J AS. DINWIDDIE, M. A. BALEIUB, M. C. YOEIE2 YEEY Are eithsr the pride or baas of voar life. I f voar tee! a need attention von wm do weu to eomsait DR.&P.NORRI8 at New York Dental Association of flee. Prises are right and all work mrantsed. Interstate 'phone 308. uaes. uoilea an Halidivg. Cob saltation free. Dr. D. S. Rouland, Pbytid&a tsA Surgeon. Room 21 . Pullan BuUdinar. Ofilce hours, 9 to 10 :30 a. m. and 2:30 to 5:30 p. m. Bell 'Phone, No. 253. RAXEIGII, X. O. A COMPLETE LINE Lowest Price. OURLEADKR 2 Quart Fountain Syringe, S hard Rubber pipes, fully guaranteed. tl.OO. C. B. CROW ELL & CO., Dramlat. 120 Fayettevllle St. i STAPLE, Melon tot Year SOLE? If so get EEAVI8 to replaee It for yoo. BUOE3 re-aeelsd and half-toled. owed, 9100. Half soled, avww 75 cent. For tacking heals an half soles, 75 ceeta. For tacking soles 50 et ata. Caeap- er rata given oa ladle t aad chil dren shoes. All work neatly doae and guaranteed to give satisfaction. S3 J. B. ReiYis, Cor. If organ A Wilmington St. RALEIGH, B.C. Interior Decorations, HOU8BHOLD ART, PRICELESS HEIRLOOMS' B NOVATED and repaired made to last another century, such as desks, chairs etc Advice and estimates gladly given. Order work a specialty. - eotd FunnunE OZ? If. 106 South Blount 8treet, RALEIGH, N.C. la tfc.r:":rr. q Finance), bet ytw aavevoar chele ef all Ue faacy aad pUla TTm iislixnliij jjT slat tfifrJa!.UeOW!or AUiHtieceawfer ill JloaoVrSr10 go oew tat aaSofb-s J city ; at ear closing oi prices Uy are real bargain. . All Neccecsary Alterations Free. Special Trouser Values. $1 50 for pants worth tlX 12 50 for pasts wonk U 50 to ft 00. tM 00 to peat worth 4 1 a 5o It s the BBAnafactarsrs loss, sot ours. Tos are tae gainer by oar esUaordlaary parcaaeaj Uls late la the sasoa. Come as early as possible for your else. 111 CO sun 10 CU to tale Great many Specials in Furnishings. See our Window Display If you wast one or two of oar Whit aad fancy trash Vests yes eas have taess la yeor them they kelp along la making pleasant caaages la drees dsrlag Ue saevoa II to tX y ef One Prico Clothiers B0 YOU WANT ANY PRINTING? ALMOST EVERYBODY DOES SOMETIME. SEND YOUR ORDERS To The GROCERIES, I FANCY. Capital Printing Company, The Hustling Printers" of the South. QUICK WORKGOOD WORK PRETTY WORK. RALEIGH, N. C. W. B MANN ON EAST HARGETT STREET Prompt Attention, Best Prices. RALEIGH, N. C. RL IF, 01EIB(SM BISHOP REPAIRS Bicycles Lawn Mowers, Sewing Machines, Guns, Rifles and Pistols. Prompt and Skllfnll work, most Reason- ble Prices. , J. M. BISHOP, 332 South Wilmington Street, RALEIGH, N.C. FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AN INVITING AND PLEASANT RfiSOHT. EVERYTHING IN SEA SON. The Public Schools are nou opsnln ow too State, and uill ncsd supplies. Tto school boots and snpplios!!cao ba bad at a discount to teachers and doalors frnn ALFRED WILLIAMS & CO.. 210 FayettoTllls St., Raleigh, N.O. BANQUETS AND DINNERS A SPECIALTY. GOOD REMEDIES "King Quality" Is Everything Bearing our Label. DR. BUDD'S SAR8APARI LLA CORDIAL DIRECTORS: W. H. King, Julian E. Johnston, B. S. Jerman, ! Hon. E. C. Smith, Prof. B. W. Kllgore, ICapt. M.W. Page. Purifies the Blood. Pull Pint, 75 cents. KING'S HEADACHE TABLETS; Sample mailed on request. Regular boxes, 25c. KING'S FLY KING. w. c. STRONACH'S sons. Keeps Files off Horses, 25 cents. crosnsrsTOisr's worm candy, Mailed on receipt of price, 15 cents. KING'S ANODYNE POROUS PLASTER, BEST PAIN PLASTLB, By Mall, 15 cents. We carry a big Stock and give special attention to Mall Order bust- ness. we invite correspondence. Simpson's Eczema Ointment Cures All Skin Diseases. CURED TO STAY CURED? YEH CITUEn TO HTiY t-umviu And that means CURED TO STAY CURED! Sent by Mall for 25 cents. 7illi:a Sicpsos, Fhjrasrist, E$, D. C. Agents for Chase & Sanborn's Coffees and Teas. The Thousands Kitchen Boo quet Highly Recommend ed by Mrs. Borer. w BOX 288. Wholesale and Prescription Druggists RALEIGH, N. C. JNO. R. FERRALL. JOSHUA B. HILL ROLLER CHAMPION FLOUR. HE-NO TEA. HOLLOWAY'S BUTTER. Gordon A Dlllworth's Table Delica cies, s GTROtJAOH'O SONG. Wholesale and Retail Grocers. SBS ptrttvill Street. Largest and best stock of STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES in the city. Oce Here How. - 511 l T A. I A.. 1 a - business. If a girl's in Love, that's her business. If they marry and want Gbocxb- nes, that's our businkss. A. Jones & Co, Cor. Fayettevllle A Davie Street. RALEIGH, N. C. Anticcphalalginc The Original HEADACHE and NEURALGIA CURE. safes; - illS - BEST S5 and 50 cents a bottle For Bale by all Druggists. S w o o s H w CI o fob DRUGS OP BEST STANDARD. fob TOILET ARTICLES OP TASTE. For Soaps of Sweet and Dainty Perfume. For Fresh and Proline Garden and Flower Seeds UCCEACHY, 183 FsyettevilleSt. RALEIGH, N. C. POLITE W ATTENTION. Raleigh Llarble Works COOPERUBROSn sr. o. LTonnments. Shipments made to any part of the state at ,. v ... . same pries as at shop. UrltJ te? Oatxltjas. wC3 WATCHES A1ID JEWELRY, High class Goods. Lowest prices. My Clocks are reliable any style. The little intermittent alarm clock is a sure worker. Every home needs one. Repairing Do:s Hcsestly Carefully. If you are thinking of purchasing a Watch or watch-charm or other Jewelry, come to see me. Local Inspector for 8. A. L. JOEID E. G (50, nOO9OOOC)OO0OO TA0ILORl. " -AND- HABERDASHER9. Latest Styles In Neckwear, Collars, Cuffs and Shirts. 121 Fayxttkviix STn BALEIGH, N. C. ML IB MUM Public Schcol Ecote co-h:, 1st. o Our Ladies' Ready to Wear Over Garments, Tailor C3adG Sous, Ssparato CEiIrto, Shirt Oaicts, Silk and WulubU Klnib Largest and Ilost Select Stocks AT L0T7T3T FIUCEH Come to Baleigh and be fitted. Ho extra any attentions to runner perfect the fit ZZall Promptly Filled. fer Ordera BUY YOUR GROCERIES FROM J, Q.Q RULlJuCO- BEST GOODS AT LOWEST PRICES. No. 9. East Harcett Street, RALEIGH, N. C. H. J. Bmi CsOi Hohb. JOHN WJBROWN.PROPRIETOR F UEIUL Dirc8t:r&:j Ech:fc:r, . 207, 209 and 211 SOUTH SALISBURY STREET ' RALEIOIL N. C, The Man With the Ax HEEDS ClOEES TUT Kill UU!L This Is the klhd Make a Sreialty ot, at Popalar Price XIea,f and Boy'i Bhst3,:76w 01.00 0U5 and 01.60. i ; Our SHOES ars all new ; Usrsfors tasy are is right style sad do aotrlp tat wear belter. They are oada etpedally for ns, therefore we guar antee erery pair that dose not five satlafactloa, aad sell thesn eaeaper than yea can bay taea elsewhere where they are sosjht ef jobbers, as we sare the middleman's profits. . Tkelr style Is risks, their service is right, tbe pries Is right these are the J things to consider. Em them and eosntaos yomr esIL DANIEL Anon warn. ALLEN EHOE DEALERS, QALGICH . c QOUNTPY pRODUCE BT err?. THE GROCTL niGXICST CASH PRIC23 PAID, 02 FIlESn COAGTED PEANUTS All The Tics. IrfS Cctj tar Qsari. isa nt ci St.;

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