s.tttf ,rr,,r,rt tX ttttCtttttt& EJoman and Home Circle.; The Hide to Carapmeetln. .Twut 'Ion about empmetin' time. wltD prracniir nun en inc Sallr wi t a-goin'-wrll, An'sence Sallr wn agoiir wru, i 'low'' that I would go; i r h.r, d ijduI B.f a crertur tru an' tried iD'hndrd for campnuetiir witb Bally . by my side. 8he meter looked no iweet to me in ao j time or place: The red roue warnt a pictur' to the ronea on ber fare ! An, tealln sidelong g lancet, the thought that c ma wui Ibis: , MTbem irn wut f.r a ncklce, an God made tbem lip to kifa!M We rid past blooroin' meddera, an' teen from left to right "Sweat flel'a arrajed In litlo' feo an' riara of dtliffht!" Hat I lent bad eieafer tally. said, with mih a aiffh : "On Jordan's stormy banks 1 stan' an cait a wishful eyel" An' Pally she wui lUtenin', 1 toP ber tint tha WIT To that dear lit' la hea't o' bera a emed longer dT by da ; an aha taid-a-lookin' at me as cun- nin' as tou d ease : Mnatvou be carried to the sk'e on flowery beda of eaie'?" Tdii tjiarhed mr heart a lesson, but I . " - . tn' f,r on the war. Rinrla "I'd not live always, an f ak- mit nnt for to stat !" An then ahe aaid abt'd have me ! an' I hnuted. full in' fre : M 'Amazln' grace, how sweet the sound, that Raved a ret.cn like me i Vrank I. Htinton In Saturday KV. n- Ing Post. Meeaiee- of tee HUrkbird aad tea PU. "Sing a aoog of aiipence, A pocket foil of rye!" o you know tbe meaning Of the Blackbirds and tbe Pie? Tbe hour are the Blackbirds Just twenty birds and four, Zartb and sky tbe piecrusU. Out of which tbe Blackbirds soar. When the Pie was opened" Tbfa means tbe break of day. When tbe dawn beginnetb, And tbe early sunbeams play, By he King is meant, dear, The sun, up in tn say, And the golden n omenta He is counting, as tbey ny. Then, tbe Queen's tbe moon, dar. The Maid who bangs tbe clotbes Is tbe 'air Aurora. W bo on us thy dawn bestows ; And the Bird that Jumped up And nipped tbe poor Ma d's nose. Tbi first Hour of morning, When Aurora always goes Bo, sing a song of sixpence. A pocket lull of rye! Now you know tbe meaning Of the Blackbirds and tbe rie. By Valentine March ;n August De signer. CtPI i CTTlA MCv D1ZZ CURE ON ESS Two Womn Fall Into Bollioa- Mud MprlD at Yellowstone National I'ark. Helena, Mont , Dispatch, 8f h. Word waft received from Mam moth Hot Borings In the Yellow ntone National Park to-day of an unuHiial accident, which occurred in the irk on Saturday afternoon. Two women, whone names could not be learned, fell into one of the boiling "paint potn" at the Thumb, on the lake, and received burns from which they may not recover. The paint pot at the Thumb are huge natural cauldrons of hot clay. Him liar phenomena arc found in various placet In the park, the giant paint rots being near the Fountain geyser. An elderly woman and her daugh ter, who were touring the park by way of the Monida route, were in Hpecting the boiling mud springs on Haturday afternoon. They were un accompanied, and all the details of the accident may never be known. One of the women fell Into the boil ing mud, and it is presumed that the other fell in while trying to rotcue her companion. I loth women were HUbmergcd . almost to their waists. Friends who were some distance away heard the cries for help, and rushed to their assistance. They were pulled out of the boiling spring, and taken to the Lake Hotel. Medical assistance was summoned from Mammoth Hot Springs. Both women were frightfully burned. W. V. Wylie, of Bozeman, who returned from the park to-day, states that another accident occurred there recently. A German tourist who had ventured too close to the Old Faithful geyser In the Upper iteyser basin was frightfully scalded. "The tourist was standing over the crater of Old Faithful," eald Mr. Wylie, "when a volume of hot water shot up, striking him in the face and throwing him backward in to a pool of almost boiling water which had been left by the preced ing eruption of the geyser, lie was badly abided." Casey's Case. Law Notes Is responsible for the following illustration of the con venient elasticity of a technicality in the right hands: A Canadian gentleman, named Casey, was appointed to a govern ment place which technically had to be occupied by a lawyer, which Mr. Casey was not. The benchers of the Law Society, however, undertook to obviate the technicality, and ap- Women Hare a Darning Clu. The women of Central la, Mo., have organized a darning club. Men's socks are a sieclalty in their new organization, and it has been de nounced as an encouragement to bachelordom. The officers of the club are the most expert menders and they as sist the rest by showing how to mend the worst holes. "She who cannot darn cannot join" is the club's official motto, but exceptions have been made in the interest of I uninstructed sisters and the motto no longer has the force it had at 1 feel it my duty to tell of the benefit 1 have obtained through the use of Ripans Tabules. I am twenty years of a $e and employed as sales lady in one of the large stores here. For six months I had been subject to spells of dizziness and tried several remedies without any marked benefit. I then decided to try Ripans Tabules, having seen them advertised a great deal in "The Record. 1 continued to take them for three months regularly, and was then feeling so well that 1 discontinued their use. It has now been a month since 1 have taken a single Tabule,and I have had no dizziness and am feel ing splendid. I have recommended R-I-P-A-N-S highly to my friends and do not object to having this testimonial published at any time, MISS FLORENCE RICHARDS, N. E. Cor. Front and TasVer Sts. Jan 20th. 1901. Philadelphia, Pa. - - " i ... . . . . - . , - There is scarcely any condition of ill health that la not benefited by the occasional use of a R. I. P.A.N.S Tabule. and tba arte, 10 for 5 cents, does not bar them from any home or Justify any on ta enduring nts that are easily cored. For sale by druggists. Inspecting Fort Monro. Norfolk, Vu, July II. -Secretary of War EUhu Iloot arrived at Old Point Comfort today accompanied by Colonel Randolph, chief of artill ery, for inspection of Fortrae Moo-. roe and to designate tiles for new barracks to be occupied by the coat artillery shortly to be sent to that first. Meetings are held fort nigh t ingly and the club boantH of having darned 144 pairs of hosiery at a sitting. Members only are admitted to the afternoon sessions, but in the even ings admiring husbands are permit ted to attend and to watch their better halves at work. No charge is made for the sock darning and those bachelors of Central ia who ex pect to live elsewhere In some period In their lives are very anxious that such a useful institution as its darn ing club shall be imitated as widely as possible. Ex. Acting Jjlke a .Lady. London Spare Moments. A little girl from an East End slum was invited with others to a charity dinner given at a great house In the West End of London. In the course of the meal the little maiden startled her hostess by pro- Kunding the query: "Does your husband drink?" "Why,, no," replied the astonished lady of the house. After a moment's pause the minia ture querist proceeded with the equally bewildering questions: "How much coal do you burn? What is your husband's salary? Has he any bad habits?" By this time the presiding genius of the table felt called upon to ask her humble guest whit made her ask such strange questions. "Well," was the innocent reply, "mother told me to behave like a lady, and when ladies call at our house they always ask mother those questions." The Mercury Iteaclied 112. fckdma, Ala., wa the warmest place in the Sout h, 1 12 degrees being recorded. Montgomery reported 105 and Mobile 102 on July 12. A Shock of Earthquake. Mexico City, July 12. Last night a shook of earthquake was felt. was severe but of brief duration. It Special Baa U . A.L. RaUwrny. On account of the National Cos veation Ep worth Leagu. Ban Francieto, Cal-, Jnly 18th-31et, the Seaboard Air lane Ball way will ell round trip ticket from all point In North Carolina ; rate from KalelEh $ 25. Ticket will be sold from Jnly 5th to 12th, lncln tve, eood returning until a o gnat 3rd by depositing ticket with Joint a gen tat ran Fransciaco and on Da v men t of fee of 60 cent. For ticket either going or returning one way only, through Portland or Poeet bound, via Snaata Route or steamer, $9 00 will be added to rate For ticket -going via Ogden, re turning via Lo Angel, Ban Fran cisco and Shaata Koute, or going via Portland and Shaata Houte to San Francleco, returning via Los angeles and Ogden, $13.00 will be added to rate. Stop overs will be permitUd at and West of Colorado common point Cheyenne to Trin idad, Fort Worth and Ban Anton la, Tex, Eaat of these points ticket will be good only for: continuous passage, passengers to reach point of sale not later than August 3 1st Any parties desiring to take this trio can do so and the Fea board Air Line will pay special attention to these using its line and upon ap plication to the undersigned any luformatlon will be furnished. C. H. Gattis, C. P. & T. A. Raleigh, N. C. H. 8. Leabd, T. P. A. , Raleigh, N. C. Quick House to Buffalo. The Seaboard Air Una Hallway ha Inaugurated ' a fast scneaaie between KaJelga ana unnaje, leaves Raleigh at louza.m.oo their Florida and Auaata ns Mail, arrive Washington p. nu leaves vrash.ngtoa on the Buf falo Night Exprea over the Penn. R R.ai 7:1 B. m ana amTw Itnffala next morn as? a, m. This train carries Pullman car and day coaches from Raleigh to waan- lngton and Pniiaaaa Drawing noon fcleeDlnr tart and dav coaches be tween Waahington and Buffalo. Th I decidedly the qulckeat route to Buffalo. 1 he rate via thla route, account of the Pan-American fcx position, from Raleigh 1 limited 15 das a from daU of eala. and $32 70, limited until Nov. 3rd. The above rate also apply via Philadelphia and D. LAW.B.R, alao via Norfolk, Bay Line B. AO. R. R, through Philadelphia and thence Lehigh Valley R. R. Parti oe desiring to take this trip can get ticket and Pullman berth reserved and any Information at the Seaboard Air Line Railway up-town ticket office In the Yar- bo rough House. C. H. Gattis. C. P. 4T.A. Raleigh, N.C. H. B. Lkard, T. S. A. Raleigh, N.C. Supply Mf HCNTILT BFOtTLATaK toalrM I tat U arl 4 fblU aV rBCK. I MM. B. ROW AW, aw Mllw M,WkJ AGEHTS, Booker T. Waahing ton has written the story of bis life and work. Htft.ttr nit views on the Ne gro Problem and a'l his beat speeches. White and cou rtd -tupie are giving advanced orders. A bonansa for areata. Both white and colored areola make money with thla book. Write today. J. L. NICHOLS CO, Atlanta, Ga. Cash Buyers1 Company TtTltl fnraiah yob flf CI pan lea the ordvr) anything needed at home, on the farm or In your !ace or busloeaa, ana ba c iw IONET. W keep no gxod. no tore, hire no clerks or collectors ; but. Instead, purchase direct from manufacturers, ol r5T? jobbers, Ac. AT LOWEST CABIl PRICE, and for cash. If you need any AuRU'CLTUaUi-Iwri-EMaxT or MACiiixKnv.FAsui rJKKD Uakiwake,Iron Koorixu, Win Fkjicixo, UROcaaJi. Fruit TRxra, FRt iim, Mlsical Ikstbc UKXTS.HKW1XO MACHm. BOOKS. bTATlOXIKY, rUBJUTClUt, VII Gooua, NoTioe,8Hoa, ciaitbixu, I Tom BriToxE, Bloodsu bloc orl POULTT, OR AN lT lliXHU juna, write for prices. ryiuiaw are pricea oa a few lead ing article, nauvaaan at aey dept ia Nona Carolina: Two horse wagons, neat and durable. $33; one borsa wagon $23 80; dump carta ; cart wheels aad axle U. so; high arm, s-drawer, drop- bead sewing macnine.wi in latest aiiacn menu, 16; nice cottage organ 3; chapel or'gsn $40; beautiful ?H octave pianos, apfecdid tone and Weil made, flift and up, according to style of case and Onish. If we cannot save you money we do not want yourorder. W. S. BARNES, Manager. aws , "v ar w ar awaa v v Kvcr' cotton j.U- ritcforourvalual.! : .itnphlct, "Cotton i ; f.cnt frrr. IS MAN Kill M w i. uiTirs coutct.it i :? Sa Sm Wartlr raTtta! Raleigh. N. C. a HAIR BALSAM MM mm Kalr It T nit t imiii 0'9 , It T-ULll OmimP. FREE ELECTRIC BELT Cnn r.Tiniitf inuaU faMih i eaIT ads aiatsaiaaa ' aai.aatAJBVB tsif evtovg hsa i n at. UIHUUII,, SEARS. ROIOUCK A CO ooeooeeoooaafevveoaccv:i Men can be cured privately and positively at home of all weakness and disease. Write for new free book to Dr. J. N. Hathaway, 22$ . Broad 8tM Atlanta, (J a. tf. Now is the time to subscribe to the Caucasian. Only $1.00 a year. Dr. Tj. Detclion's Anti Diuretic May be worth to you more than soils bedding from incontenence of ter during sleep. Cures old young alike. It arrests the trou ble at once. $1. Sold by Henry T. Hicks, Druggist. A SUSTAIN NO DIET. These are m enervating a ays, j$ioo if you have a child who wnen, as somtDouy nas saiu, men drop by the sanfctroke as if the day fire had dawn d. Tbey are fraught with danger to people whote systems ar poorly sustained; and this bads us to say, in the interest of the lesa robust of our readers, that the full effect of Hood's Sarsaparilla is such as to suggest the propriety of call ing this medicine something besides a blood purifier and tonic. say, a sustaining diet. It makes it much easier to bear the heat, assures re freshing sleep, and will without any doubt avert much sickness at this time of year. Take NERYO TABLETS, The Great Brain, Blood and Nerve Tonic. that act dirert- DIS DISTRESSING BTOMACH EASE. Permanently cured by the master ly power of "South African Neb. vine Tonic." Invalids need suffer no longer, because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a cure for the whole- world of stomach weakness and indigestin. The cure begins with the first dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleas ant and always safe. Sold by Henry T. Hicks, Druggist, Raleigh, N C. r. r a " I Rovitillzinir and renlm-itur WILXU-1 NlTVe Kon. and I KtrwigthenMtnd fowls the Tired Brain. Builds up tue ImpoveriKhert isiooa, mage u reu, auu rich, and the pale cheeks rosy and plump. A SEXUAL TONIC Acts Immediately and directly on the Sexuitt Orpins, at once Impart ing tone, BtrenKth and vigor, no matter how hopeless your case may seem. Positively stops night losses at once. Cures Nervous Debility. Dizziness, Fainting Spells, Loss of Memory, Bad Dreams, Sexual Exhaustion, Languor. Tired Feeling, Sleeplessness, Indigestion, Constipa tion, and Kidney Diseases. . THE LATEST DISCOVERY For all diseases caused by a weak, run-down condition of the nervous system, cures the bad effects of tobacco and whisky, opium , etc. The very best remedy yet discovered for lost nerve force, and will not harm anyone or leave any bad effects on the svstem no matter how long used, but on the other hand nothing hut good results will follow. If you simply feel bad there Is nothing better to bike. ARREST DECAY By taking this latest aclen- tiflc discovery, hlrengthens, cleanses and puri fies the entire system, make the old ffel young. Try one box. after that if they were VW a box you would have them. JUST FROM EUROPE. Latcrt and t--t dis covery In medical science. Ouarunteed to cure any nervous disorder. Produces warmth, Ticor and power. 1 in pans the feeling and power of youth. A RE. YOUR SEXUAL OROANS WEAK OR INDIFFERENT. If so your nervous system needs a tonic before you bei-ome a total wreck. Write us for this latest scientific discovery. It is a positive cure for all nervous diseases, or weak parts. DO YOU SLEEP WELL? If not. we gnnr antee this late discovery will cure you or refund your money. THE BEST DISCOVERY OP THE AOE. Makes your skin clear and smooth. fi;i out your pale cheeks, gives you a healthy, robust appear ancc. Makes lift enjoyable. PRICE 60 CENTS A BOX. Which is ten days treatment, (scolctl by nvtd.) 5 boxes $2. Postage stamps taken same as cash. Convenient to carry and take. Try one box and you can have your money back if you are not satisfied. THE NERVO REMEDY CO., 3S8 Vtamt Jefferson Street, louisvilis. Kv. solc Aetata roa tm u. s . Ml. The Only High Class Monthly, at 25c a Year, in the 0 World 00 0 0i a Simtttn Pagts. Four CotmmmM 10 IA rag. r I A Every pace a Magasina la Itsalf; each department edited by Mea who knows iw;" every number a tniae of taforma .(ion and eatcrtaiamcat. CONT4tiS JUL toil H , VETAK1T4EW . Om Short Story BiHjt.ft,,. ,. Til s Popalar Science. Anwtrc l i r. .., Atl tbe Comforts of Home, it, Lawyer. Dcpartmeat o( Hcih th Editot-a Half Holiday; lit Qu. c 'prita qaestioa department. It L).Cw ioait) Shop. Sports, Otmn art f r m Home Stady. Tbe Tbe First Thoaaaad. and MI1 t. u With It, (practical sacot Crpf.nm The Story of the Wot Id. Whtn tt, D. Work la Doae. StMpla Cop tor rha Aakinf . AAA ft GOOD TIMLVS. Columbus. 0 CURRENT RAILROAD SHEDULES AND ANNOUNCE ME NTS. Reasons Why you Should Insure in the New Up-Town Office! New York City. " The Seaboard Air Line Railway has opened an up-town othce at 1183 Broadway, New York City, a 4 a a a WA corner twenty-eignin sireei. ai down-town passenger office at 387 Broadway is still maintained. Any information as to tickets, rates, sleeping car reservations; building and manufacturing sites in the State, are cheerfully furnished at this office. Major Belle Reynolds. The only woman who won the commission of major by reason of services rendered at the battle of Shiloh during the Civil War was Belle Reynolds. When the soldiers were sent to the Philippines during the Spanish-American War she en listed in the Red Cross Service, and in her spare time undertook school teaching. Major Reynolds has col lected several dainty and beautiful pieces of Philippine Embroidery and Drawn Work, showing the extra ordinary results secured by the Philippine women who have so much time to spare for their one accomplishment Needle-work. Il lustrations of this Needlework ap pear in the August number of The ti i mi i tnwt c v I -mums oi our rattiers .mine him 13 to hU knowledge of feS?'" the law. healthy portions of the what you might call a "Well, Casey," said the examiner, what do you know about the law, anyway?" "Well, to tell the truth," said tf a a . . a . a Lissey, moaesiiy, "i aon't Know a single thing." 'I have examined Mr. Casey as to his knowledge of the law," the ex aminer stated in bis affidavit, "and to the best of my knowledge and belief he answered all the 'questions entirely correctly." work should not fail to look at the specimens shown. Its business is confined strictly to the most United States, thus its policyholders constitute preferred class. It is one of the strongest companies in the World, and its assets are big enough $16,367,636.00 all gilt edjjed, and are invested entirely in America, thus receiving the constant care and attention of the officers of the company. It is an American company, amenable only to our own laws and not subject to the dictation of various foreign governments. It is not a racer for new business, the watch words of the company being, Strength, Solidity and Security. Its policies are simple, clean, straightforward contracts Its management has been practically the same for a quarter of a century. .- It has paid its policyholders since organizatiod over $45,000,000.00. We judge a company as we do a man. What are its morals Wheu otner companies aesertea tne southern Policy-holder, and - used ot the money he had contributed towards their success, and their influenc to destroy him, the Manhattan stayed firm as a rock "Justice" wa their motto. See what a distinfiruiahAd fttataam STATE OF GEORGIA, Treasury Department. Atlanta, Ga., May 12, 1891. MILEAGE TICKETS REDUCED. Seaboard Air Line Railway one thou sand mile tickets are now sold from all points on its lines at rate of $25.00, in cluding those previously sola in the State of Florida at $30,000. These lick ets are good over tbe entire Seaboard Air Line Railway system and are hon ored between Richmond and Washing ton by the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac and Pennsylvania rail roads, between Portsmouth and Balti more by the Baltimore Steam Packet Company (Bay Line) and between Clinton and Columbia, S. C, by ;tbe Columbia, Newberry & Laurens Rail road. AH tickets which have been sold at (25,00 and endorsed "not good in State of Florida" will be honored over tbe entire system, including lines in Florida, regardless or such endorse menta . 1 if: !-fll A. & II. C. RAILROAD. - TIME TABLE 20 To take effect July 101901, at 12 .-01 A. M. Supersedes Time . Table No. 20, Ju a e 16 1900 EA8TBOUND ' TRAINS. Dear Slr:- Lv. Merely a Suggestion. From the Baltimore American. "Now, my hearers," asked the lady orator, who had Just finished enumerating the qualities which should be possessed by man, what should be done with this ideal hus band?" "Have him stuffed," suggested a coarse, frivolous person In a side seat. Ills Own Interest. From tbe Chicago News. Stubb Do you notice how the keeper of this hotel promotes love- making among his guests? Penn Yes, he has found that people lose their appetites when in love. wny jar. Hardeman had a policy in the Manhattan Life. Maj. Jos. H. Morgan, Special ' Agt. Atlanta. As aeent of the Manhattan T,if New York, it affords me pleasure to say to you that my father was in sured In your company, and by reason of the late war, he was unable to reaci your company and pay his premiums as they fell due; and that after the cessation of hostilities, my father having died during the war, jour company have paid to my mother the amount of his policy less the amount of premium unpaid. Yours Truly, a a. iSigned) R. U. HARDEMAN, State Treaturer. I Aid this was not an isolated case by no means. So soon as the civil war was over the Manhattan announced that the company was ready to communicate with th niri vltlng them 10 reinstate their policies, making one condition only, that Lt M iAiivjuwiuwD duuuiu ue in goou ne&l Ml v . A. - M cuuu au act oi generosity was nntnought of by any other comnanv corporation. . i Knowing that their Southern policyholders wore.moet of them.men bad made everv s&crific noHHihin fnr tha lanH that th. that had been reduced from affluence to poverty, they offered, in lieu of Ar ready money to accept a note covering the entire premium durine the Lt time mat payments had lapsed. In addition to that they placed these 5 Daily Rheumatic pains are the cries of protest and distress from tortured mmscles, aching joints and excited nerves. The blood hal been poisoned by the accumulation oi waste matter in the system, and can n longer supply the pure and health sustain ing food they require. The whole system feels the effect of this acid poison ; and not until the blood has been purified and brought back to a healthy condition will the aches and pains cease. Mr. James Ketl, f 707 Ninth street, X. K, Washington, D. C. writes as follows : A fen months ago I had aa attack of Sciatic Rfceuma uam in its worst lorm. Tne pain was so intense that I became completely pros trated. The attack was an unusually serere one. and mr condition was regard, ea as being; very danger-, ous. I was attended by on of the most able doc tors ia Washington, who is also a member of the fac ulty of a leading medical college here. lie told ma to continue his orescrio- tions and I would get well. After ha-Hng 1: fines' twelve times without receiving the slightest benefit. X declined to continue hi tmtnunt an longer. Haring heard of s. a s.(swifl s spnc1 IiZ 'WiZ ipB. ia auaiwon to mat tney placed these recommended for Rheumatism,! decided, aimed I policies on tne same footing of other policies of the same date, in regard ! dePur.h?w5rT' " medicine a triaj, to dividends and and nnnitiR. - . regara aua aitcr 1 naa taiten a lew Dottles I was able t I rrv. bobble around on crutch, and vmano.. h I 1H6 COulD&DV Vent AVAn fnrtnoi1' Tn mdu mlm.n u after had no u,e for tW at .H a a Sn, unable to COmDlv With these Vfiri 1 1 harsTl rrnTr hTA T" " W cured me sound and wen. Aii the distrain! I " Y ' ia laese very liDerai terms, or did not care to renew STATIONS 3 Passenger Daily Ar Ly Ar or who ;- ; . passengers, - ; "A. M. P.M. Ooldsboro 7 50 640 Best's 8 05 6 00 LaOrange . . , 8 13 6 09 Falling Creek 8 23 6 20 Kinston 8 SO Si Caswell. 8 46 6 46 Dover.... v 8 66 6 68 Dover 6 66 Core's.Creek 9 07 7 07 Tuscarora . .-. .9 11 7 19 Clark's .;..9 25 ; 7 25 New Bern .9 40 7 40 New Bern 9 60 "7 60 Ri verdale M 10'15 8 16 CroaUn 10 18 8 18 Havelock 10 30 8 30 Newport 10 43 8 42 Wild wood 10 49 '8 49 At Untie... ..10 54 8 61 Morehead City.... 11 02 9 Oi MoreheadCity 11 07 9 07 Atlantic Hotel. M. City Depot. . ... 11 15 9 16 health. HOW'S THIS t we offer oae hundred dollars reward for any case of Catarrh shat cannot be urad by Han's Catarrh Cure. P. J. CHENEY A CO., , . Prop's Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be lieve him perfectly honorable in all buaines transactions and financially able to carry oat any obligations made by their Arm. West df Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Walding, Kionan A Marvin, . ' Wholesale Druggists, . Toledo, O. KJ 1 PSaT f pains hare left me my appetite has returned" I lne POllCy dUrlDg these troublesome times, the Manhattan agreed to nsiv and I am happy to be again restored to pcrfed the DUrehase Value of th nollw as ifc tJi Vl VJl iTt T from the non-payment of Dremiums . purifier and tonic, ii Aiihough the Manhattan has made no boast of this act of generosity the ideal remedy in all which was not followed by other Northern Companies, on the eround rheumatic troubles. I that the dislovaltv of Ha fit, horn rniinkni. vitiate At A w r . .. . .1 .... , - - " -..-.jwuvjumtoio Tiuaivtt uiir coubracus. I teaa to ruinous naoits. h-... h..i Z eoiuiers in tne we have prepared a special book on Rheumatism which every sufferer from this painful disease should read. It is the most complete and. interesting book of the kind in existence, i It will be sent free to any one desiring it. - Write our physi. dans fully and freely about your case. Wt make no charge for medical advice. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO, ATLANTA, GA. NOTICE OP SALE. I will, on Monday Jaly lt Ratio of Payments to PpmcrraoLDKBS to Premiums Received 1 FBOM OBOANIZATIPN TO JANUAEY 1ST, l900. . mmencea Premiums Paid to . Paid per f wusmess. ? ? iseceived. Policyholders. 100 ree'd I Company Ar WE8TBOUMD TRAINS, Daily ex . Passenger cept San STATIONS uauy day, M xr solid Frt cars and ' Passenget A. Urn r.u. Ar Goldsbpro,.,... 1105 855 Bests a 10 43 a 8 88 LaGrange a 10 82 . a 8 22 Falling Ureex.... W Kinston........ CftSWCllaaaaa i Ar Dover Lv Dover W Core Creek......... s 9 80J32s7 80 , - Tuscarora... s9 20 s7 20 s 10 22 8 8 12 8 10 12 8 02 f 9 60 ,f 7 60 .... a 9 42. 43 a 7 42 S 9 40 s 9 SOfTs 7 Manhattan Idfe, Aug, 1850, $55,763,054 - f 45,340,055 1901. expose to pnblie sale at the United States Court House and Pjst OffiA Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internaiw BoildiDflr. in this eity. a. lot r.r n.A end acta directly on tbe blood and ma- Furniture, - eonsistinff t of Lonn tons aarfaoea of the svstem. Send fnr ( sfAUjnoniaia, xree. t - F.J. CHBNKT& Co., Toledo, O. ouiu uj urnrgisH, VOC. ' family Pills are the beat,. .WashsUndf , Chairs. Car nets Terms of sale caah. - . E. O. DUNCAN, ..'r -.. Custodian. . ?ant 12th 190 Mass. Mut. Life, ; Penn Mutual, New York Life -Equitable, Northwestern, National Life, Union Central, HAug. 1851, May, 1847, April, 1845, July, 1859, TNo.; 1858. Mfeb.,d850V March, 1867, ; 72853,694- 60,268,275 87,749,054 527,888,388 593,109,594. 209,752,220 136,598,233 51049,169, . 37,647,130 l 52,215,293 298,198,195 "322,786,211 107,316,914 18,006,228 . .17,344,844; f81.31 70.09 62.47 . 69.51 56.49 54.42 61,13 49.20 89.54 43,864,891 mm 9 . t-rn a. m I T,"8, now ManhatUll ,,lias earned its title, , The 01d,Rellable; ; BUTLER & AYER; General Agents aighj N, C; N ' Tucker Building. ! - ,i. Ar Lvl W Ar Lv sr Clark's... . f 9 12,f 7 New Bern. . 8 9 00 s 7 New Bern............ :. 8 87 ' 6 47 Biverdale.;.... f 8 18? f 8 23 Croatan . f 8 09 s 6 19 Havelock... ...... s 8 00 s 6 10 Newport... 8 7 46 Wild wood. J.. ..U...f 7 89 Atlantic. .. f 7 35 Morehead City.;, s 7 27' Morehead City....... 7 22 Atlantic Hotel . M.City Depot Lv'.. 7 05 12 00 85 66 - f 6 49 15 42 J 85 87 : 5 35 SODTHERH AV ISiStandard Railway of The South. The Direct Line o all points Texas California Florida - Cuba Porto Rico. "Strictly FIRST CLASS Equipment on all through and local trains; Pull man Palace Sleeping cars on all night trains. Fast and safe schedules. Travel by the Southern and yon are assured a sale, comfortable ana expe ditions journey. Apply to ticket agents for time ta bles, rates and general information, or address (No trouble to answer questions) S. H. HARDWICK, O. P. A., Washington. D. G. R L VERNON, TP A . Charlotte, N C THAD C STURGIS, U T A Raleigh, N C 5 20 t W Water station, f Stop on Sig nal, s Regular Stop. 'Telegraph Station., r . p i --. ' t S. L. DILL, Gen. Baps." S. A. L. RAILWAY Direct Line to All Points io Georgia, Alabama, Florida, 1 ; - . - '..' Texas Cuba and Porto Eico. FAST LIMITED AND EXPRESS TRAINS, FIRST-CLASS EQUIP MENT and the best accommodation. Day coaches and Buffet Sleeping cars on all trains. - : - . . -t ' Travel by the "FLORIDA AND ' 1 METROPOLITAN LIMITED" and yon are assured of a quick and a comfortable journey.. ' U:s5'jaled Dining cr Service JAS. II. BARE, Ut Vice-President and General Manager. - Call on or write for time tables, rates and other information to C. H. GATTIS, 0. P. and T. A , ; - 1 Raleigh,-N.cl ILSLEARD, T. P. JL, - . 1 - Half lit, O. R. E. L. BpNCn, G. P. A, i. PCiTtOTrra, Va W.--&.W. R. R. AND BRANCHES. IN D A'ILaKIIC COAbT LIN It H l. COMPAMT OF SOUTH CAROLINA ooMnavsao scaaooi.. T&AIHB OOIHQ BO jTH DATED Jan l,lbOL Ly Weldon ArBockyMoont, at. U AO 1 oc Ly Tarboro. LyBocky Ly Wilson. LySelma.. LyFayattay at JTionnos Golds boro.. Magnolia .... Wilmington. r. ar. 8 61 M 521 11 U l a 1 SB S 66 4 IC 7 SS T. 2f idi 10 C 2 10 40 11 IS 12 S5j 2 4t A ii 1 rji SL 6 17M9 J6l 1 10515 07 8U 7 6i i. FX. IS 81 ttO I SO 4U 6 00 r. at. tkaini eoura btostb Ly Florenea.... Ly Fayatteyill.. Lt Balms Ar Wilson Ly Wilmlnztoiu. Ly Maenolla Ly Ooldsboro. Ly Wilson.. ArBocayMoont, Ar Tarborow..... ut Xarooro.. Ly Kooky Moont, kx Waldon 9 SOI 13 l&l 1 60 S KM r. m l is i to 53 T. V. 4 60 r. at 9 B5 41 U S5 lt U 5U 8 10 KJ48I a l 12 IS 1S4&I T.U 7 00 s SO 917 r. at. 10 4&I U 1J Ui4iri .... X tsFs) r.. SDauy a. at 9 K 11 10 12 26 r.at. 1 II 1 a szesrt fDally Sunday. Wilmington and Waldos KathesA Tad kin Division Maui IJae-TzalBlMvsB Wit mlnrton 9 00 a. mn rriva Fayattarilto Ugp. ju, ayW yayattayille llOpTxat, arrtr-sBajQford 1 43 pm. Kstarninj lr eanford SO ftp. m antra FajsttoyllM 4 20 Wilmincton and Waldoa BallraadJ nettayiUa Bruob Traia lamyaa Ba rwm nn a. m, uaztoo 90S a- saw Bed 8prtnci 9 OS a. rcu, Hon Mills lO&Ta. HZ Fsyettyaia4U p. nu, Hope MiUaSOoT tau. azrtyas BimktaTill 7 U p. a. Connections at Faysttoyllai wttk tnda Ho 7S at Maalpn jrith the CaraUma nS uinaH, a am eprmawtta tbe ommmina iMtwmorm iiauroad. wua mm laajinim AXr '-Ta Railway at Gulf with Chmriotts KaHmad Train on the ' SaA it.m.. kwraa Waldon I fie p. a- Halifax 4 17 aTia" ylOe6J7p. nu. Klnson7sx laulStarnt njuuwi 1 1 . a. noauy .atGamfoid l Bon Dnzhaaa maJa fclo a. nu and 440 aaLaSiS ?f!?nnle MS a. aa. and SpTaLTai: rirs Waahtngtaio LuCO a. aa-and 7JQaT 1. aauyazaapi amm nut 740 a. nu, and soto iouq a. nu and l - Train, oa MMiaM 1 tzaj asaavm. rw r - aaxrf j xar L-C9 a. nu 1 v. a U. arrfvaa aa fii - aMias xxw a. au. a b v t i.-4-xi EondsT. " Trata Ea. 7 aaakaa eloat aQaaaew a. W w ry -w a m. 1. qjuu'MUL VESTlBUUfi IMIHD Doubu Daily Service "capital ci1 v koute." Short line to prioeipel cities of tat Sonth and Southwest, Fiordi.C&N, Texas, California and Mexico, taefr ing the Capitals of six Hiatea. IW KKTICTMAT26, l'.JL BHItTIHULU Dal) ho. 2 3 Ly Baldch.. 410am 7fia ar Uaaolat..MM......... 7uuulttH ar Oohunbia 10 6 an Itosi ArBayannaJi 1 47 pa at JackaoBTil'a MMS10pffl ! Ar Tamps.... 6 15 am ao SI. a A- Ly BaMxb....M 4 JO am I ar Ha.Ut 7 0ism 3" ar W liimlj. Itll.f.m A'.Caariotaa, iu0ia uiit AJ aiaania ISjm I' ArAogoaUOat W O... aiOpmUs Ar ttaoon O of Ga. 7 20 tin ArUontg'ry a WF.. 90va ! Ax Mouia LAM 266 am 4UV Ax Nsw Orleans LAN. TSOsm 9P Ar NaahniUN CAjhL astam eMaB AiUempbs 400pm fiOi mUKTMHVtuJ Daily No Htm Ly Baldcjb . Ar .Norlma ' ax rxmaauoutb.... ...... Ax Waab'ton HsWBB at Haiti more EbP Co. at aw York ODds Co ar Pnuadalf4iia YrAfl m Yor.... ISfcam 3 IS am 1 11 SOaa 200 n Tooas 1 2 S4pm 'lJU J 40 pat ... S4 Ly Balalxn.... 1 2sxa 13 r. Norlina 318 am lit9 ar -aii esau AT Waaningwn. T. Awxt 10 tfjmm ArBalUmoraPBB ... xlzvam 112 AT Padlaoclphi r uB. 1 Sepam rw XoraP 4:6pm Kot .Dally exespt Bandar E" 'Connections at Jacksonville Tampa, for all ' Florida E act points, and Cuba and forto & Near Orleans, for all points isT Mexico aad California. ' imma can bkbvick. Nos.tLsnd 34Ploridaaod Urvr pobua Limited. Drawing K" r leaping, and Through Day tosd between New York and Jacksonti' Through Drawisg Boom BuCrt Shr ing cars between New York aad if lanta. Noa. 27 and 66 Florida and Atls Fast MalL Throogb Drawmx ttuffet ttleepma" Car betweea York Jackaonill. i.ratHa let with Bleeping Car to and iro TlckeU on aale to all oolnts. man birtha. Reaerved and reserrr tiona made oa outgoing usf from Norfolk. Barrage eheck from Aotel and raauinoes wlthov extra charge. Call at tbe I Up-tpyn Ticket 0ffil i Vcrfccreri Hssse Bdklist C. lUGaitb' C T. acJJP. 1 - Ball, awb and LaiaraUta 'Pbooa lfi H. S. LEA UD, T. P. A, JUIeif W1 R. E. L, BUflCH, Genl PasavAT1 Portsmonth, Va. t J AS. M. BARR. let .Vice-Presid . and General Manager. 1 1 a 1 II . Baaaaaar Silt -VxSLJt: yv wsffwarrvaf wf - auarv f ff a.f a f UVIaaaalaWaav

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