North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. ' I.
J. Newsy
Items Gleaned From
Murphy to flsntuo.
fcfcUfckli;tfcfcfc1itfcli1i tfcfcft &fc
Raleigh will vote Mon upon the
proposition to f-KUMihh a dispensary.
Tli" locations have not yrt been an
nounced for the encampments of the
State militia.
HlcV'jry .i to have a chair factory.
It will he built by parties from the
eastern part of the H'.ite.
Randolp county Las f.nt Un crazy
pern inn to th- nay I urn In the last
few wr 'rfH, who wnt crazy on the- sub
ject Of rrtiflrat!'lTl.
r'npt. A. Th3 hrj.-; pom th" Phoenix
rol'l mine in Cabarrus county to the
Miami Mining Company of Pittsburg,
Pa. Th- purr 1 re price was $1X,000.
Mr. John Mr line, of Gulf Township.
Chatham county died suddenly Wed
J.fadny v:!th what I:; thought to have
been niir:'l;il:i of the heart.
new nchanical invention intend
ed t i stop t.nlns appro u hlng cadi oth
r and prevent collisior.a will he put
a tlir.rcjuIi test. at. Golf. ChV.ham
county o.i the 2 3rd Inst. The Inven
tion of Mr. Mf-rtiuiT Kinsley,
end the onf o.-ne of the tent will he
B waited v. 1 1 !i lively Interest.
The rxprrra offir- at. Red F.p'iiigs,
Kohfson county, v.-as entered Thursday
Tiltfht and l.ctw. n firiy and cn hin
'Iied dollars was taen from the wc.od
n box used jih a tnTe. The rollers
titerr 1 through a win low and bored
a I.Trre )xoc R th- top o; the hex to i?ct
to tho money. They left tho hi ace and
hit In the cypress ofl!;".
Ms I), h. .Mai'Ufchy. who livs near
1 Jilb.borv C-dumbus county, was sere-fly
liMfti in the leg hy a vattle
suiake n (ivy or two aeo while in th?
Vf' !
Whirh W
h'U.'ie. The snake.
'tn uimr.uaMy large one, was
Killed hy Jr. M".!-,li-;!)y Immediately
after I " -v.-.M h!if: n. The attending
i hyrdi i:iu n L ! ho vould recover.
(lie ten-yoar old cob
'rlrl wh
:-".'Vt'rely burned
while ni ilviu- a fie wiih kerosene oli
at the i,f 5f, -s rj.ia3- Up--huTli,
1m Cha;!oite. Friday, illc-d at 5: 4.1 in
tln nftern. ,-;n. Fio.n the time of the
accident, until
wittered i.U n-t"
fully hurif'd ah
r.?t:i lame, the child
?: I u. She was frlght
t;t t!ic hody and arms.
I'liiley 'ii!-.'ei-
son of
Mrs. Tom
Camph' !!. n !r:nv, near Viikeshoro.
v. ns lu c-.-bt ho:u from West Virginia In a (c.f'.V.!. He had been
v,orki:r.; o;t thri'e To;- about two years,
li hlilr 1 hy a man hy the nama
of l'ort'T. with whom he was boarding,
on acco'.mt of joa'.ousy" Porter fnd
nhout his v,-!f" and Winkler. Mr.
Win Id.- r w:i3 about years old.
A survey has been completed for a riilirv.d to extend from Whittlcr
to Snco (inu li the Dnlsani Mountains.
The Mtipiucr-ttR. of Philadelphia, the
Ma.son l u'nher Company, the llans
Itc-es'e Tannin. ij Company and several
Kastern t :.j! t"i lists are said to be inter
ested ia r.iad, which about
twenty-four viiks Ions, traversing a
repion of n:i:innl forest oak and hard
wood. It is to be completed by Janu
ary 1, next.
Southern Negro Congress.
Memphis, Special. The Southern
Nesro Congress met here Wednesday.
President A. .1. Golden, of Mississippi,
called the convention to order. Booker
T. Washington 'r expected. The prin
cipal subject of discussion will be that
of plannin?: a way to bring about more
friendly relations between the races.
The congress is an off-shot of the
Southern Nemo Congress, held last
year at C.alvePton, Texas. About 50 del
egates ere here.
W's; on Race Question.
Putin-Ray. Ohio. Special. Four
hundred members of the Ohio Bar As
sociation listened to a long address
from John S. Wise, ex Governor of Vir
ginia, on "The Constitutional View of
the Race Question." lie said the race
question in America was one of the
most threatening with Which the
country had to contend.
Was Not Mown Up.
Tlorta Azore Island. By Cable. The
Unite 1 States battleship Massa
chusetts ajid the converted yacht
Mayflower, accompanied by the col
liers Caesar, Sterling and Lebanon,
arrived at Fayal Wednesday and re
ported all well on board. This dis
poses of the report which gained cir
culation at Newport News on Sun
day last that the Massachusetts had
been blown up.'
N -ws In Brief.
Rear-Admiral C. S. Cotton and
some of the officers of the American
naval squadron attended the state
ball at Buckingham Palace, London,
while others were entertained in
Portsmouth. ,
A state ball wa3 given by King Ed
ward at Buckingham Palace, London,
in honor cf President Loubet, of
France, who is visiting England.
The new Viceroy of Kwangst Prov
ince, China, has made a clean sweep
of the o'd officials.
Five United States vessels are re-
I ported captured by Government and
I revolutionary forces in Venezuela.
4 me man i-ana bin was passea
I through the committee stage and was
f reported to the House of Commons in
London amid cheers.
Scene of disorder, in wiich blows
were struck, followed the announce
ment in the Greek Chamber at Athens
by Premier Theotokls of the resigna
tion of hi.i cabinet.
High Russian officials held an im
portant onference at Port Arthur,
and the situation seemed warlike.
Bulls tiied to rally the cotton mar
ket In New York, but failed.
Salisbury Company of Ha'f a Million
to Work it Out.
Salisbury, Special An Interesting
pl.'cc of news whieh haa only now le
cmo available relates to the Consoli
dated Granite Company, whose hifor
pcratlon with an authorize 1 capital
stock of $300,000 was noted by The
Chark.tte Observer's Raleigh corrt-3
pondtnt last week, and the pink
granite dt poults of Rowan county.
Some time ago Mr. L. H. Jansen, of
Kansas City, Mo., a mining engineer
cf 23 yearB experience and standing
very high in his profession, wu pent
hfro by several Kansas City capital
iFta to examine and report ni the
opportunities for profitable inveat
n.i nts in the gohi and copper mines
of this county, and while here on that
mission his attention was attracted
by the pink granite deposits, near
Faith. He was w 11 acquainted with
thi commercial value cf this stone,
which Is unequalled in beauty except
by the finest marbles, and regarded
hi ", discovery as it the first Import
ance. I jr. C. IA V. Iledrick, one at the
gentlemen whom Mr. Jansen reprc
rented, a holder of large mining In
terests In the West and Northern
Mexico, arived to moke a personal In
spection and to consult further with
Mr. Jansen. Upon his hearty concur
rence In the iatter'a view, the most
valuable pink granite deposit was pur
chased and a company was organized
with Mr. W. II. Wiusauk as presi
dent; Mr. Jansen as vice president
a:vl general manager, and Dr. Iled
rick as secretary and treasurer. Mr.
Winauk is vice president of the Na
tional Hank of Commerce, of Kansas
City, one of the strongest financial
institutions west of Ciii'-ago. J)r. Hed
nck is now in Kansas City, but. Is ex
pected to return here next week. The
oT:Ccs of the company will be in
Salisbury and Mr. Jansen, as oueral
n.fnager. will be resident here.
Speaking cf the company and the
v, suable property it has acqu:r?J,
Mr. Jansen said: " quarries are
livafr.d five and onehalf mi!e.' south
of Salisbury adjoining the village of
J aith and comprise 131 uc !-5. of
w.iich 70 acres are of the highly valu
ah'o pink pranite and the remainder!
of au excellent quality of the corimon
giay stone. We shall not neglect the
less valuable commodity, and, pend
ing more Important development,
have already put !9 rat!, to work ou
an order for supplying ensh-e bel3
for the goverrment building at San
Fianelsco. We are planning to build a
fptu' track one and ihict-quartei
li'.les in length to our tuoperty from
the Norwood branch of the Southern
Railway.-All modern equipment noee.s
Miry for h.andHi.r; large clin-cnsion ma
tcria! will be in-talled, alon with a
crusiier to util'c waoiO. and the
pioperty will be operated oa an cxten
oive scale."
Prof. Thos. L Watson, of the chair
oj geology oi Denison Univcji'sity,
Ctianville, O., is here at the instance
of Prof. J. A. Holmes, State Geolo
gist, and under the auspices of the
State Geological Survey, to examine
ana make a report upon the granite
deposits of Nor'h Caroli'.a. Be.cin.uinc
here, he will cover the principal gran-
ii 3 mtas oi me aiate anu viu Ijo e:!
fc&ged in this work unlil September
mi. me results ci mi observation?
will be embodied iu a bulk-tin which
.U be publishe'l by the State Geolo
gical Survey. Prof. Vav-on also e.v-
amlng the copper deposits cf this i ai
med iate section tor United States
Geelogical Survey.
Seaboard's New Sleeper Service.
The Seaboard Air Line Railway has
inaugurated a new service of sleepers
betwen Hamlet and Wilmington. This
service will prove a great advantage to
persons who patronize the coast re
sorts of eastern North Carolina. Here
tofore there has been no such accom
modation. These sleepers will make
tri-weekly trips, leaving Hamlet on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at
10:4o p. m., and arriving at Wilming
ton next morning following at 7 a. m.
Returning the sleepers will leave Wil
mington Wednesdays, Fridays and
Mondays at 8 p. m., arriving at Ham
let at 6 next morning following. This
service will be highly appreciated by
the traveling public, and shows the
disposition of the Seaboard to accom
modate its patrons.
North Stats Ncte -.
Morganton voted In favor of the
proposition to establish graded schools
by a substantial majority of the regis
tered vote. The number of votes reg
istered was 441. The vote for schools
was 244. and against schools 17. Under
the act the schools in addition to the
tax levy will get $2,000 per year from
the license tax.
The Raleigh & Pamlico Sound Rail
way Company stockholders Wednes
day organized and elected J. M. Turner
president, and Claude B. Barbee secre
tary. Arrangements were made with
a New York firm to take $1,200,000 first
mortgage bond.
Late Monday afternoon, John Mason,
a negro, in the delirium of typhoid fe
ver, was found wandering aimlessly
about in Latta Park, in Charlotte. He
escaped from the boarding house of
James M. Goode, colored during the
morning. When found by Chief of Po
lice Irwin, Mason was half e-ad and
had been ia the water.
The local baggage handlers of the
Southern Railway Company in Ashe-
ville Tuesday went on a strike for an
Increase in wages from an average of
75 cents per day to $1.00 per-day. All
of the strikers are negroes and it was
thought at first that there could be
no help hired to fill their places, but
finally all the labor necessary was se
cured to fill the strikers' places. The
local colored baggage meta of that city
have no union and it is not very likely
that any additional trouble will arise.
There were only about ten men affect
ed by the strike,
Ncroes Threaten to Precipitate Eiot
In Mew York
Arrest of a Leader of a Gang Who
Were Making; Trouble In the Negro
Quarter Resisted.
New York, Spec-la'. A riot which
required the reserves of three police
precincts to suppress, broke out Sun
day night in the negro quarter in
West Sixty-second Ftree-t. The trouble
waa precipitated by the attempt of a
policeman to arreet Wm. Johnson, the
lea ler of a gang of negroes who were
making a disturbance In the atreet.
The policeman secured his prisoner
after a bh.rp fight and was dragging
him to th' station house, when he was
assailed by a mob and volleys of
bricks and stones were hurled at him
from the roofs of adjacent tenements.
On the arrival of 20 other police
men, Connor opened fire on a negro
on a roof and shots were returned
from the windows of the house. Re
serves cleared the streets and chased
the rioters over the roofs, making
several arrests and finally restoring
Qu!et at Evansvllle.
Evansvllle, Ind., Special. The town
has been quiet all day and tho officials
have bed an opportunity to reat up
after a week of excitement. The ne
groes have remained at their homes
all day and the services at their
churches were not well attended.
Many of the negroes who left the city
during the week are returning and by
the middle of the week business will
be resumed in Baptist Town. The au
thorities will keep no extra guards
this week, as they believe the excite
ment is at an end. It is net thought
Brown; the negro, when he is brought
back here for trial for killing Police
man Massey.
The Pope Improving.
Rome, By Cable. Pope Leo has
lived to see another Sunday, and with
the Sabbath ciuiet which fell upon
Rome, came also peace and even pro
gress to the Pontiff. Beginning Sun
day morning with distinct signs of
improvement, he maintained this
throughout the day. At night Dr.
I.apponi made the following import
ant statement in answer to the ques
tion if he thought that the improve
ment in the Pope's condition could
"I believe that if the improvement
lasts until Ju!y 21, we may not per
haps achieve an absolute cure, but
we will secure such a general state of
health in the patient as will allay cur
Storm in Baltimore.
Baltimore, Special. A severe wind
and rain storm occurred here Sunday
afternoon, which was particularly vio
lent in a limited portion of Northwest
Baltimore, where within a radius of
about four blocks SO houses were un
roofed, walls demolished and trees up
rooted. The damage to houses and
household goods is estimated at $100,-
000. Twenty persons were injured, one
seriously, but none killed. The rain
fall here for the day vas 3.90 inches
and the velocity of the wind 46 miles
an hour.
Cloudburst at Winchester.
Winchester, Va., Special. Sitnday
afternoon the most serious cloudburst
ever experienced here, broke over the
city, submerging the place in from
three to six feet of water. The dam
age will reach thousands of dollars, as
every store, residence and a building
in the centre of the town is several
feet under water.
Dath of Major Brown.
Beaumont, Tex., Special. Cap. F.
Brown, of Asbury Park, N. Jr., one of
the best known operators in the Texas
oil fields, died in the hospital here. Ho
was graduated from West .Point and
served as civil engineer in the Spanish-
American war, with the rank of major.
He was an operator in the West Vir
ginia oil fields and he became prom
inent in the Texas oil field soon after
Its discovery.
Storm in Nebraska.
Beaver City, Special. A terrible
electrical and wind storm prevailed
here Sunday afternoon, lasting for 45
minutes, in which time two and one-
fourth inches of rain fell. The wind
blew with great violence, doing much
damage to small buildings, wind-mills
and the wheat crop, which is just
ready for harvest. The Union Salva
tion Army of Kansas and Nebraska,
now holding a camp-meeting here, suf
fered much loss. Nine of their tent3
were blown down. Commander Hol
land was struck by a falling tent pole
and sustained a dislocation of the
Bank Wrecked By a Cashier.
Newbnrgh, N. H., Special. Joseph
W. Cummin is -In jail here on the
charge of grand larceny. He was sec
retary, treasurer and cashier of the
Cof nwall Bank, and Is alleged to be a
defaulter to the extent of about $50,
000, wrecking the bank. The State
bank examiner appeared at the bank
and before the examination of the
books Cnmmin confessed that he was
short in his aceoupts between $40,000
and $50,000.
Rocd Building School
One of th most Important economic
iroblecus before the people of North
Carolina today 1 the ImproTenient of
their public roads. The people are ul
last a;cued to the necessity of this
work, and within the next ttv yea-s
there will undoubtedly be a demand
fcr a large number of mn who hare
scientific ani practical knowledge of
read construction. In order to mfit
this demand the North Carolina Col
lege1 of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts,
at Raleigh, offer a summer course In
read building fcr the benefit of those
ho. from lack of time or for other
reasons, are unable to take advantage
of the regular college courses in en
gineering Md read building. The
course will be such as to prepare those
who wish to take up this work in the
future, and will also be of great benefit
to those who are already engaged in
Instruction will he given In location,
grading. construction of roadbed,
drainage and the use of the various
materials for the rod covering. Road
making machinery will be discussed,
and the advpntages and disadvantages
of each machine explained as applying
to the different localities of our State.
Practical Instruction will be given In
such use of the level Instrument as is
necessary to the road builder, and also
such draughting as esscntia'.l to his
v.crk. Visits will be made to where
toads are being built around Raleigh.
The course will be charge of Prof.
W. C. Rlddick, C. E.. who will be as
sisted by Mr. C. L. Mann. B. C. E.
Textile Notes.
Eaple and Phenix Mills, Columbus.
Ga., ha3 declared a dividend of C per
Opelika (Ala) Cotton Mills has de
clared an annuU dividend of 15 per
Messrs. Wingert McCuthen, of
HagTstown, Md.. and M. V. A. Norris,
of Berkeley Springs. W. Va.. contem
plate establishing a hosiery mill.
Messrs. J. Fletcher Colbert. R. M.
Gauldin, Win. Thompson. J. J. Wag
oner and others will organize a com
pany to build a $50,000 cotton mill at
Colbert, Ga.
The Newton (N.C.) Cotton Mills has
let contract for the erection of one
f.tory addition, a warehouse and offl"e
building, and has ordered sixty addi
tional knitting machiaes.
Crawford Woolen Co.. of Martins-
burg, W. Va.. has purchased site for
additional building; will erect same
and install more machinery. Present
equipment is fifty looms, etc.
It is reported that E. M. Clemence
has declined re-election as treasurer of
the Eagle and Phenix Mills, Columbus,
Ga., and wi'l organize another cotton
null company. Local reports state
that Mr. Clemence will arrange fcr the
investment of $300,000 in a plant for
manufacturing colored goods.
Messrs. F. H. Fries. John Wr. Fries,
W. A. Blair and Clement Manly have
incorporated the Arista Mills Co. at
WTinston-Salem, N. C, with an author
ized canital stock cf $350,000. This
company combines tne properties oi Side Manufacturing Co. and
Aiista Mills, operating a total of 16,
18 4 spindles and SSS looms.
American Spinning Co., Greenville,
S. C, has declared a dividend of 3
per cent; Brandon Mills, also of Green
ville. 3 per cent.: Monoghan Mills,
Greenville, 3 per cent.: Mills Manufac
turing Cc, Greenville. 3 per cent.;
Piedmont Manufacturing Co.. Pied
mont, S. C, 6 per cent., and Fountain
Inn Manufacturing Co., Fountain Inn,
S. C, 4 per cent.
Industrial ITiscellany.
The Rock Creek Colliery Company
has been incorporated with capital of
$250,000 for development of coal mines
and manufacture of coke at Madison,
W. Va., by T. A. Dietz, Charleston, W.
Va.; A. L. Noel, Covington, Va.; F. P.
Christian, J. G. Payne and M. Sachett,
of Roanoke, Va.
Cramer & Yeager and George Cobun,
of Morgantown, V. Va., and E. R.
Baker, of Pittsburg, have purchased 1,
7S0 acres of land in Preston county,
West Virginia, and will mine sandstone
rnd erect a $35,000 plant for the manu
facture of fire and silica brick.
The shipments of lumber and oross
ties from the port of Fernandina for
the month of June arrgerated 15,815,
753 feet. .
In Mississippi last week the follow
ing saw-mill companies were Incorpor
ated: Mississippi Cypress Co. of Clarks
dale, capital $20,000; Reauter Manufac
turing Co. of Clarksdale, capital $25,
000; Van Cleave Lumber Co. of Moss
Point, capital $50,000, and Whitesand
Lumber Co. of WTiitesand, capital $5,
000. The Bagdad Sash Factory Co. at
Bagdad, Fla., has added a large dry-
kiln to its plant, which will make it
cne of the most complete and best
equipped plants in the South.
A lumber company of Fort Worth,
Texas, recently sold to the El Paso &
Southwestern Railway Co., owned by
the Phelps-Dodge Company, 60,000
crossties to be used on this line.
A permit was issued last week for
the erection of a factory by the Rock
City Spoke Co. of Nashville, Tenn. The
factory will cost $3,C00, and work has
already commenced on the building.
Fielder & Allen Company, 61 Peich
tree street, Atlanta, Ga., wants quar
tered oak lumber suitable for the man
ufacture of desks. z
The Finger Lumber Co., of Lexing
ton, N. C, has been chartered, with a
capital of $50,000, by H. K. Finger, W.
A. Anthony, E. J. Buchamen and D. F.
T M. Williams & Bro. of O'Brien,
Fla., "have bought out the saw-mill and
business of George Dowling of Bran-
ford, Fla. The purchase consists of a
saw-mill with capac:ty of Zo.uuu reet
daily, a locomotive and several milea of
railroad ia Lafayette county, besides a
large body of timber land. The consid
eration, is said to be about fao.oo
Many Matters of OcneraJ latere! la
Short Paragraphs,
Down In D xls.
A number of persons, m cully Mexican
farmhAnds. are reported killed ly a
iloud-birt ia outhmestern Texas.
A larj:e force of cegrexs was reported
xs RurrounOint; the village of Normay.
3. C. thra:cr.ii.g vengeance for a
baching and troops were hurried to
the spot froai Columbia.
While cros:r. McLlle river In a
akiJf. G. S. Omlorff and thr no-
grots wem di owned by a pquall over
Turning the bont. Other workmen In
the hklff Lad uanow escapet. Ora
dorlf waj a native of Nashville. Tenn.
Tfcefe andldatea for the Naval
AeadiT.iy have ias.:d the mental and
physical exr.minatlous ani have loen
admitted as midshipmen: William T.
Smith. Virginia; G. C. Hickman.
Georgia; H. C. Fry. North Carolina;
W. II. Ix-c North Carolina;
Wright. Georgia.
C. L.
At The National Capital.
Members of Concuss thenten to
S up before both houses the KU-
ff matsa: re if Russia refuses t
receive the
Amebian petition.'.sh North America In-porteJ
ilout $!25.00')."(-) worth of goods f.ora
the United States last year.
The Fertercl grarj Jury indicted A.
vY. Mach:n. Diilcr U. and Stni;u! A.
5roff and Georg E. and Martha J.
Ujrenz for alleged conspiracy to -:r"ud
the Government in c or.ncul-.a
7.1th the purchase o fasteners.
President R ;or-velt has removoj
Daniel II. McMillan as a judg of the
iN'ew Mexican Sjprcnw Court and up-ointe-d
C. C. Smith, cf Michigan, in
lis piace.
At The North.
The Philadelphia Mint the la?t fl-ral
rcir btoke all records for coinage.
M.T.y ii vs were iosi and vast elaru
ige was done by a el ir.dbuiit acd fiooj
it Jeanne tte. Pa.
George P. Hos-sey. colored, charged
with the murder of William G. I")ar.7.e,
aas pc.t on trial in Philadelphia.
The Hammond packing plant at St.
Joseph. Mo., valued at $3.O0.OQO. was
burned, with nearly a total loss.
John Douohue. a sculptor, of New
i."ork, committed suicide at Whitncy
rille. Conn., and his body was identi
ied by a friend.
A British, n.ival squadron, under Ad
miral A. L. Douglass, will be enter
tained at Bar Harbor this week.
Mrs. Wsrren Thorpe and h"r daugh
ter, Peail McDonald, were anerted on
a charge of murdering Warren Thorpe
it Jackson, Mich.
Judge klrkpatriek heard testimony
i itii!.o;x, in. .i., on tni appucatioa i
lor a rer-eivc-r for the United States
Shipbuilding Company.
From Across The Sea.
Violent debatcR concerning the canal
in the Colombian
. oiaic, t
"S ,
W. K. Vondertilt, Jr., while repair
ing his automobile on a road near Par
is, was badly burned by aa explosion
o." gasoline.
The last sacrament of the church
were administered to Pope Leo XIII,
who is critically ill of pneumonia in
Senor Augusto F. Pulido. Venezue
lar.d Charge dAffaires at Washington,
was appointed secretary of the lega
tion. Gen. Jose M. Hernandez having
just been appointed Minister.
The European Squadron of the
United States will visit Portsmouth.
England, this week and an elaborate
program of entertainment has been ar
ranged with the idea, as reported, of
outdoing the Germans in hospitality.
Miscellaneous flatters.
Five hundred tens of exhibits for
the St. Louis World's Fair were ship
ped from Manila, P. I.
Dr. M. L. Margolis advocated before
the conference of Jewish rabbis the
Edoption of a now creed for Reformed
Senator A. J. Hopkins, of Illinois,
declared it was a shame that the
Southern States sent no more negroes
tc Congress, and that they would stand
disgraced until they sent them.
The treaties granting the United
States naval and coaling stations and
fciving Cuba the Isle of Pines Tere for
mally signed ii Havana.
A Chinaman and a negro carried off
the highest honors at the commence,
menr of the Yale Law School.
Two of a party of Colorado convicts
who used the warden's wife as a shield
to break from prison were mortally
The trustees of the McKinley Memo
rial Association met in Senator Han
na's office in Cleveland and announced
that of the $600,000 needed for the
memorial at Canton. Ohio, about $500,
000 had been raised.
The Mississippi Election Board has
ordered a primary for August 6 to de
cide upon a Senator, Mersrs. Money
and Longino being the candidates.
The Cunard steamship line issued a
statement giving its reasons for with
drawing from its agreement with the
steamship combine
Industrial Notes.
Weldon (N. C.) Cotton Mill Co.'s
three-story addition reported last
week will be 18x40 feet, being an ex
tension to the knitting mill. Finish
ing machinery for underwear will be
installed. The improvements will cost
about $5000.
E. B. Chester of Obion county, Ten
nessee, has purchased 2.000 acre3 of
timber land in the vicinity of Browns
ville, Tenn., and will erect mill for
the manufacture of lumber and dimen
sion stock.
Meat I svortbU BwIWtla Iw4 By
the Dptlat This
Th weather derl&g the pt vr
va extremely fsvorsbU both for
rapid growth of crops an 4 fur tt a4
anrement cf farm work; maay cor
respondents state that conditions cM
the tnual tx-nflrls! et j-rtrncevl sofa!
this season Tte week a character
l't J by ronunuoas snh:tje. great
warmth, and general absence tf pr
cipttatioo uatll near the close of th
werk. when cry light showers or
curred at many places which were
beneficial. The mean temperature fit
the Stat was Q degrees, t aUwt I
degree! above the normal; th we a
was. In fact, the first with tempera
turc above the normal since the lat
ter part if May. Maximum tempera
tuns above SO degrees occurred tear
Iv everywhere on every day cf Gie
week. I'nder favorable conditions fa:
work much grass and many w-e-Jt
were killed, plowing progressed well
and lu nioit (ictluns crips were
placed In an excellent stat f cu'll
atlon. The two rlrcum1ani -s: god
warm grow ins weath-r. and ex.-tl
K-nt tilth, cauitd a marked Improve
rnt:nt lu crops ge-ncra'ly. anj i-rhsp
with a continuation of fa oral 1
weather the very backward condition
cf moht ci-ops may )-t be largely
Cotton improved considerably, an!
has now begun to grow rapidly; lice j
..i vtin i, ,rif..i in tii l ut n.,t !
of lh. ni have disa!:ai.d: while still
in revral countlea. the wori ;
gi assy
of placing the crop in nd rultlvatlon J
l.s advancing favorably; cotton Mourns '
are reported in Ft-vrral southern coun j
tics, Drunswlik. Column-!. Scotlnni. i tu"" r"r n - r.n. i.m
Ar?on and alio F.-lg- ombe. Corn J lag to the inner "tt or the Vatban.
looks verv creen and thrifty: laying1 Tie am t-eat f.-rly cm th flsln
ny has ne arly 1 eon completed In th ' hite t'autte rs wh! h sh-?trr th- Pope
cast, while much cf ti e crop is belnfc ! rcoui. an-1 al! s ere f umed I -laid
by rat:ir small in the wist; for ' wards them. Corr.par.d with th msg-
ward corn is coming into hllk an ! ,
! taste!. Tobacco has alio improvec. j
! but late set appears to be better than
. , A , . . , . i . i ..., . i
that planted early, as it Is not button- ,
ni eo low; tobacco wm laie. i.ui
is beginning to rii-u more rapidly;
cutting and curiug continue on a Mode-rate
ca'e in the cast. Sweet l
taloes, peanuts and gardens are
ins well. The prospects for rice aie ,
piomising. Thc-ie are still home Hpilufc
oats to be cut in Uie west; thrashing
the cc-rlal continues. -V fine crop of
hay was made and sa'ely houec.I ur
.1 q the week. AppW ore tlll drfi
I pins to some exU-r.t. whkl
at thdr
, piesont size is lot pronumng. mourn
I a . . t.. .it .
j. lairiy goou crops is euu luuiiiiify ; tn.aii crow, t-i iiib. urmn btij tnii
1n tho rpntral rust. Gratis annoar tc dr t all dffcrriMhni !!rr1 lb
1 e les abundant than antlrlpatM. :
Melons are late. Bains report vi:
Goldsboro. 0.30 Inches; Greensboro.
0.04; Lumberton. 1.7S; Newbcrn. 1.12;
aia v.-n
mitigton. 0.30; Asheville, l.0 and al
clh. 0.16.
Killrd by Lightning
Louisburg. Special Lightning struck
tho home of Mr. Frank Dikes, who
lives near Louisburg. Monday after
roon and instantly killed Mrs. Nannie
Dean, his wife's sister, and hl3 10-year-old
son. Mrs. Davis and her older son
were badly burned and Mr. Davis was
shocked severely. The house was
greatly damaged.
Two Killed.
Tallegada, Ala., Special Jos. B. Gra
ham, one of the mo3t prominent law
yers and educators in Alabama, end
Miss Jeannette Joiner, were run over
and killed by a freight train at the
itatlon while preparing to leave tho
?ity. Mr. Graham was circuit court
solicitor, field agent of the Southern
educational board and a noted leader Ic
general educational matters.
Twny Lfves Lost.
Jeannette, Pa., Special. As a result
of the breaking of the Oak Ford Park
aam, twenty persons are known to be
lead and 16 are missing. The property
less in the valley will reach $1,500,000
and the distress is so great that out
side relief will have to be aeked for.
The number of lives lost was not so
eicat as estimated
m mi '
Will Be Sentenced.
Kej West, Fla., Special. Fred
Ewart was convicted of murder in the
first degree and will be sentenced to
hang. Ewart was tried for the murder
of Frank Whitaker. He made a full
confession of the crime, claiming that
he had invited Whitaker :o go on
beard the New Venice to get some
clams; that while tbere Whitaker curs
ed him, and that while enraged he
(Ewart) picked up an axe and struck
Whitaker with it. He did not remem
ber striking him more than once, bat
admitted that he might have done so.
Car Strke Qrowlng Better.
Richmond. Special. The Street Rail
way Company has been covering prac
tically its entire city territory without
military protection, militia guards
being placed on the cars of the Man
chester and Seven Pines lines only,
The troops will from this time on be
withdrawn by degrees and is quietly as
possible from the city. Passenger travel
on the cars is rapidly approaching nor
mal proportions.
let Uirtctilk CoLS Eis On it Uc
Cbse if first Week's IPjcsi
The Manner U Uhk Sese tw
tne U lil tv CasMa Many
Candidate Sfik Uectton.
ILoae. ty Cable Tie trt nt rf
the I'opea ser'.uua il wtl
fcts coalition pra-tU-s'.ly uahaagtd.
To ;rstlvi. hse tn ff!J.
acd for a man of years he Las stcl
the strain of dsn ferula tttrea remark
ally veil. T of Lis nx-: dsi-trl at
tendants fce dlrd d-:!TLg Ite week
from tte constant slrhltj at his t J
side. The world has wstcted his lx
Bs with exie tanry. hourly lklcg
for his death. The uI'.rtJrts f Satur
day give the fclloatng accoact f his
A gereral frrlng f trstsu'.l.ty
narked the dsy In ltcn yetrr.1sy.
due to Widespread brl.ef. tbst though
ths Iops days ar- n-jn.berej his hour
has not y I ron.e.
Tie news cf Kttlay n-ii cp
eratlon rent rsrJ.nsU aal arr.taa
dcrs driving huitledly in the Vatican
oi the former. t nly ty g.
ses. The sombre b'acx ratrlacrs
hornes of the f r rkl t. Vs otn bj the
rl '1 .ruj-rt. cntrast.!
trangely rh lb t itllisnt eui;
cf tho ambMdTS. ti-.ti!V St IVter'n
ordinary tititrrs V.irilel I-Mt the
r.ifl nee ih.w. th tb
ar.J l rich
colon, of t.e pspal -tit.
attire f the guards, the hatterel win-
clows are p-aant-lifc In their ulirllf-
Jfy Auo. ,.r H,n(?ow 43M h. rr
jTJia nu(l.,in j f:. !ia treaHirl In
c-n Itaphatl s .rir1if frt-oea an1 Hi
up 'he .!eat garble portbo. "Wlthlu
tber-." rial! a pa:el httendnt. "the
frMin.a are ii'I Oreella the
cardwial d-,ori. wln will re'.gu djr'.iig
th- Inteir tniirn." The hhik Ki!n p e
pcrstlcn Is apparent on a!I ln. imi
rxl. a HM'1' of the lyuc Pl.
v caring a straw hat an I f!4:ieta. aat
lu the firo iur'r1 h m op(.oite th
private eiilraii.e t th' Vatican chat
ling with tie fl: Carriage after
canlar drove Into ;l.e co-i:t. All th
rarlinals and omit 1 r.n ttli.'i . and
r, 0(ita came to ava.t th bHtln
. . . m - m .
door where the news vu to be ilten
From the epj-tle cf St. Ar.ecV. came
the boom of the mMlay ?un an 1 then
j U' palatin- gver l gave the ftrnal f r
! the anxlo'w ciowl !.- I alrjltfd.
I'EsIn; thioush th" on J lor es !i re
ceived a slip c f vh1:- piper on which
th morning biilMln was already
printed. Intently i-a i:nc th-.e pajrs.
the crowd filed out through another
door psst tho ariiiel ttuari and Into
the quiet streets. Dirir:c the remain
der of the day but fc-w a j-.Kht the Vat
ican .Then came the !.U!!ln an1
far larger crowd Cur. had gathered
during the day an.;:cd to the Vati
can in the cool of th? evenlue. The
Swigg Guards had received Inst rations
only to adroit a small portion f the
irquirers prior to the printing of the
bulletin, and even th' restricted num
ber almost filled the court of the Vat-
can while many a?te-l in eus?cne on
the steps of Ft. Peter's.
The Sl'CC si or.
In the event cf the Pop' death bis
office will be fillel by Oreglla the
resident cardinal Ikarcn for fifteen
days, when an ! tlon will be held
hy tho collwce of Cardinals.. The elec
tion will then be entered Into, and the
candidate who ii chos.-n as the future
Pope must recvJvo a two thirds ma
jority. A number of Cardinals are al
ready avowed candidates for the papal
tiara. The prospects are that the sue
ceseful candidate will be an Italian.
In this connection the following Is
Tne Pope's end being near, public
attention is almost cscluslvely con
centrated on his possible successor.
and the movements of the cardinals
are closely watched. Heveral of them
have Ulted Cardinal Oottl. Prefect of
the Sacred Congregation of Bishops
and Regulars and of Regular Dis
cipline. Gotti. In the first ballot lugs
in tne Conclave, win nave many votes.
but certainly no tthe two-thirds ma
jority necessary to elect, because
there Is a strong party In the Vanati-
telli and Rampolla groups, about ten
In number, will vote agalnu hlm.
The attitude of Cardinal Francis
Satolll. Prefect of the Confrc-gatlon of
Studies, and formerly papal delegate
at Washington, in this wholesale can
vaszing attracts attention. He lives a
retired life, avoids meeting his col
leagues, and only goes to the Vatican
when it is absolutely necessary. He
U evidently posing as a neutral on
whom the majority may fall If the con
flicting factions become tired. Cardi
nal Satolll has no enemies in the
Sacred College, and is of the most re
spectable antecedents. Tne foregoing
are the current who will vote against
Gen. Longs t reet III.
Macon, Ga.. Special. A Gainesville
dispatch to The Telegraph says that
General James Longatreet Is danger
ously ill and that physicians will per
form an operation for the removal of
his left eye, destroyed by a cancer. On
account of his age, CI years', be may
not be able to withstand the shock,
though be has assented to the operation.

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