North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. s'XI.
NO. 1
Good Work BeinDone By Philippine
He Says These Islands Will Mke a
Most Interesting Showing at the
St. Louis Exposition.
Washington, Special. The develop
ment of the Philippine Islands during
the past year, together with a review
of pending questions of Importance in
relation to the archipelago, is contain
p 1 In tho annual report of Colonel
Clarence R. Edwards, chief of the
bureau of Insular affairs of the War
Department, made public Sunday. The
n romplishment of greatest Importance
t i the Islands during the year has been
the successful launching of the new system. By January 1, next, the
new system will he In complete opera
tion. The new circulating medium
: (insists of 1X.000.000 pesos and frac
liMial silver coins and 10,000,000 pesos
in paper money. To establish the new
system and purchase the silver for
(;irng isuues of bonds were made of
?:','Mi0.riO0 each, both of which were
sold at a premium. The proceeds of
th" File ftf these bonds were deposited
an i drew Interest at the rate of 3V per so that the government actually
iii.i 'e money by going Into debt.
(Nlorud Edwards emphasizes the ne-ccs:-.ity
of a reduction of the Dingley
taiiff intes for the encouragement of
trade between the United States and
tho Philippines. There is an active de
sire on the part of Philippine commer
cial Interests! he says, for tariff con
tentions, and the report states that the
rumo desire also has been evinced by
.lie same interests in this country. The
chief export:; of the islands to the
I'nited States are sugar, tobacco, hemp
and coffee., The latter two commodi
ties already are on the free list.
The educ ation of Filipino youths-in
the country for the purpose of making
1'ifin the future teachers of the native
si hools of the Islands has begun under
an act passed last summer by the in
sular government. Ninety-eight young
Filipinos are now ou their way to thi3
ountrv for that vmrnose. They will !
intend the grammar schools of south
ern California during the winter and in
the spring be distributed through the
Mi'Mie-vvest and Eastern portion of the
Vhito(i States for further instruction.
'loni Edwards optimistically pre
di ;s thaf. the Philippine exhibit at the
St. Ixml Exposition will be the fea
ture of that show. There arc to be
sorm thing il'e 1.200 Filipino partici
pants, and every phase of lvitlve indus
try and domestic life in tho islands is
to by represented.
Co'ombia V-ry li tter.
Washington, Special. The press of
Colombia continues to severely criti
cize and denounce the American gov
ernment for Its action in isthmian
matters and the recognition of the
Republic of Panama. This is shown in
a dispatch received at the State De
partment, late last night, from Minis
ter Peaupre, at Bogota. President
Roosevelt, the United States Congress
and the American people are the tar
gets of violent denunciation. The min
ister's dispatch makes no reference as
to the time when he intends to leave
Bogota on the leave of absence granted
liirn by the State Department. No un
easiness is felt by the Department for
the minister's personal safety.
Ciftlng Mill Wages.
Boston. Special. A majority of the
cotton mills of New England will be
operated under a wage schedule ap
proximately 10 per ceut. less than has
been in effect for two years. In the
city of Fall River alone. 30.000 opera
tives will be affected and in the State
of Rhode Island not lcs3 than 20.000.
At other points in Massachusetts. Con
necticut and New Hampshire, the ag
gregate of employes whose wages will
be reduced will be several thousand.
At other cotton mill centers a reduc
tion will take effect a week later.
Disit-ous Storm.
Berlin, By Cable. Communication by
telegraph, particularly west of Kan
over, has been interrupted by a gen
eral storm. All of western Europe is at
present only indirectly connected with
Berlin. At Frankfort-on-the-Main all
street car traffic has been stopped and
trees have been uprooted. A new four
story building with the surrounding
scaffolding, has been demolished at
Chemnitz. A tug sank at Emden. one
man being drowned. Several lighters
were sunk on the river Eras and it
is believed that numerous lives have
been lost. Seven passengers were seri
ously injured by the derailing of a train
at Zehausen.
Nice Home Purned.
Lumberton, Special. The elegant
residence of Mr. J. A. McAllister was
destroyed by fire Saturday night. The
origin of the fire was a defective
kitchen 'flue. When discovered", about
0 o'clock1, the roof of the kitchen was
in a blaze, which rapidly spread to the
main portion of the house, In spite oi
tho faithful work of the fire company.
Only a small portion of the furniture
was saved. The insurance was $2,500.
Want's Army Post.
Washington, Special Governor Hey
ward, of South Carolina, accompanied
by Major Mcah JenUn3, collector of
Internal revenue, George Huggins and
Representative Lever called on the
ITesident to urge him to use his influfi
ence to secure the establishment of a.
rncy post at Columbia, S. C. Later in
the day the delegation bad an inter
view -with Secretary Root on the mr?
iue.stic:i. No aeciaion has yet tccu
i&Cbtd rcgTtTilCf th cutter,
Terrible Loss of Life in Railway Acci
dent In lillnolf.
Peoria, 111., Special. Thirty-one men
were killed, and at least 13 injured, in
a head-end collision between a freight
train and a work train on the Dig Four
Hailroad between Mackinaw and Tre
mont Thursday afternoon. Bodies of 26
of the victims have been taken from
the wreck, which is piled 30 feet high
on tho tracks. Five bodies yet remain
buried under the huge pile of broken
timber, twisted and distorted iron and
On a bank at the side of he track
lie the bodies of the victims, cut, bruis
ed and mangled in a horrible manner.
So far only 12 have been identified, the
remaining bodies being unrecognizable,
even by those who knew them, and are
aware of the fact that they are among
the dead.
All the dead and most of the injured
wero members of the work train, the
crews on both engines Jumping in time
to save their lives. The collision occur
red in a deep cut at the beginnig of a
sharp curve, neither train being visible
to the crew of the other until they were
within 50 feet of each other. The en
gineers set the brakes, sounded the
whistles and then leaped from their
cabs, the two trains striking with such,
force that the sound was heard for sev
eral miles. A second after the collision
the boiler of the work train engine ex
ploded, throwing heavy iron bars and
splinters of wood 200 feet.
Federation of Labor.
Boston, Special. The American Fed
eration of Labor disposed summarily
of the "open shoo" issue as raised in
the case of William A. Miller, now em
ployed in the Government Printing Of
fice at Washington, and the Miller case
itself, by unanimously declaring la fav
or of the union shop in government, as
well a3 private, enterprises, and by pe
titioning President Roosevelt to re
examine the evidence offered against
Miller, and if verified, remove Miller
from the service. Although the reso
lution adopted presented the Federa
tion s views on both "open shop" and
the Miller case, the issues are kept en
tirely distinct. The re-examination of
the Miller case is not requested be-
case Miller i3 a non-unionist, a cir
cumstance formely urged as a reason
for his removal, but because the Fed
eration believes Miller "is totally unfit
to be in charge of working people."
The Miller resolutions declare that
"Miller has been proved in affidavit
aud court recodrs to be a bigamist, per
jurer, defaulter and one totally unfit to
be in chaige of working people." That
he has violated civil service rules and
the revised statues, all of which de
mand dismissal, aud that his retention
in government employ is a menace "to
production of creditable work because
of dissatisfaction with his methods as
Three Killed Ey Explosion.
Kalkaska, Mich., Special. By an ex
plosion of dynamite in a burning store
at Sharon, near here, three men were
killed and fourth so severely injured
that he may die. The fire oroginated in
a general store, it is supposed, .from an
overheated stove. The blaze spread
quickly and in the excitement of the
moment, every one forgot a quantity of
dynamite stored In the building.
Reciprocity Bill.
Washington, Special. Representa
tive Williams, of Mississippi, intro
duced a bill reducing by 20 per cent,
the duties on all articles being the
growth or product of such "tin tries as
do now, or may hereafter, admit na
tural products of the United States to
their market free of import duties.
Cableg-am From Gudger.
Washington, Special. The follow
ing cablegram was received at the
State Department Wednesday morn
ing from Consul General Gudger, at
Panama, dated Wednesday: "There is
a good deal of excitement in Buena
Ventura, and some feeling against
foreigners. The Colombian govern
ment is said to be considering a land
invasion of the Isthmus.
Prof. Bassett Resigns.
Raleigh, N. C, Special. Prof. Bas
sett, occupying the chair of English at
Trinity College, at Durham, has ten
dered his resignation and the trustees
will act on it Tuesday night. Prof.
Bassett's resignation is due to the
fierce criticism of the press on his ar:
tide in The Atlantic Quarterly on the
negro question, In which he stated that
Booker Washington is the greatest
man, except General Lee, born in the
South in a hundred years. College
patrons were threatening to withdraw
pupils and Methodist churches were
demanding Prof. Bassett's dismissal.
Another Serious Attack.
San Domingo, Republic of Santo Do
mingo. Special. Wednesday at noon
another severe attack was made on the
city without effect. Th rebels, had
many killed and wounded, but the
government losses are small. The fir
ing continued during the night, the in
surgents using heavy cannon. The situ
ation here is desperate. The poor are
fnfferine for the necessities of life, and
the prices of provisions axe rising. The
sanitary condition of tb city is gocd,
Preferred Aj aiost Geo. Leonard Wood
He Says General Wood, While Gov
ernor of Cuba, Accepted Money
From Gamblers.
Washington; Special. Major Rath-
bone, formerly director of posts In
Cuba, was given a hearing Friday by
the Senate committee on military af
fairs, which is investigating the
charges against General Leonard
Major Rathbone filed specific written
charges with the committee. He al
leged that Gen. Wood, while military
governor of Cuba, had accepted money
from the Jai Alai, which was, he said,
a gambling concern, and asserted that
he had made a personal friend and
boon companion of an ex-convict. He
also charged him with giving instruc
tions of an entirely unconstitutional
and un-American character to the
He also charged General Wood with
authorizing the use of ex-parte deposi
tions in the postal cases, a proceeding
which he asserted is contrary to law
and the principle of law, and in this
case contrary to instructions given by
the Secretary of War.
Major Rathbone charged that in ac
cepting gifts from the organization
commonly known as Jal Alai, to which
Major Ratbbone said General Wood
had granted a ten years' exclusive con
cession. General Wood violated the
Foraker law, -which prohibited the
granting of franchises or concessions.
Other charges were made against
General Wood, as follows:
With complicity with another army
officer in the preparation and publica
tion of an article reflecting discredit
ably upon an officer who ranked both
of them, in violation of an accepted
canon of military service, and consti
tuting an offense commonly known as
"conduct unbecoming an officer and a
Wih directing and causing the audi
tor of Cuba by a military order to vio
late the law in the treatment of ac
counts. With utilizing the services of an ex
convict in an effort to displace his su
perior officer, and by such means to
secure to himself the vacancy thus
Major Rathbone offered to produce
evidence and testimony In support of
these allegations.
flenace to United States.
Washington, Special. It is learned
here that the situation at Bogota has
assumed a critical phase, as far as
relations between the United States
and Colombia are concerned. Minister
Beaupre, on the 16th instant, was
pressed very strongly by the Colom
bian government to kwow whether the
United States intended to recognize
the new Republic of Panama. It is un
derstood that the request was in such
shape as to constitute a menace in the
event that the recognition had been
Bank Closed.
Washington, Special. The Farmers'
National Bank, of Henrietta, Tex., has
been closed by direction of the Comp
troller of the Currency. Miller Weir,
national bank examiner, has been ap
pointed temporary receiver. The bank's
capital Is $50,000, deposits $103,191,
loans and discounts $172,145, surplus
$2T,0E2, cash on hand $34,149.
Hurrying Gun Boat to Colon.
Washington, Special. Orders have
been issued at the Navy Department
for the preparation for sea service at
once of the gun-boat Bancroft at Pen
sacola and the gun-boat Castine at the
League Island navy yard. The first
of these boats in.readiness will be dis
patched to Colon and the other to duty
in the waters of Hayti and Sail Domin
go. It was reported to the Navy De
partment from the Norfolk navy yard
that the cruiser Olympia will be ready
for sea about December 5. It is in
tended that she shall proceed at once
to Colon as Admiral Coghlan's flag
ship. Two Men Killed.
Roanoke. Va., Special. Two men
were killed and another seriously, if
not fatally injured, in a head-on col
lision between two Norfolk & Western
freight trains near Matewan, W. Va.,
Thursday night The dead are: En
gineer Lewis Tarrar, married, of Bine
field; Brakeman William Penn," of
Biuefield. Tarrar's body was partially
cremated before it was recovered.
Baseball Leagua.
Savannah. Ga., Special. A confer
ence of the ..Promoters of the South
Atlantic Baseball League held here
J Wednesday made -arrangements for
the meeting to be held here, Novem
ber 24, when organization, it is stated,
will be perfected. Ted Sullivan will
leave to visit the several cities that
are to come Into the league, and is em
pewerad to act for the promoters,
The Cuban Bill in the House Goes to
the Senate.
Cuban Bill Passed In the House.
The House Thursday, by a rising
vote of 333 to 21, passed the bill to
make effective the Cuban reciprocity
treaty. The dissenting' rotes were
about equally divided between Repub
licans and Democrats, but there was
no record vote, the minority having
too few votes to order the yeas and
nays. The Democrats, under the lead
ership of Mr. Williams, sought to the
last to secure amendments to the bill
in accordance with theaction of the
Democratic caucus, but were defeated
Mr. Williams made the final effort
when he tried to have the bill recom
mitted to the ways and means commit
tee with instructions to amend, but a
point of order under iha special rule,
provinding for a vote on the bill with
out any Intervening motion, was sus
tained. Mr Cannon received the applause of
the Democratic side wlien lie enter
tained the appeal from his ruling, made
by Mr. Williams, the Speaker saying
he preferred to err, if he erred at all,
in giving the House the right to ex
press its will. The appeal: was tabled
bj a strict party vote.
In th - Ssnete.
The Senate held its longest sitting
of the session Friday, beginning at
noon and concluding at 3:15 p. m. The
entire time was consumed in debating
a motion to defer the Cuban reci
procity bill to the committee on for
eign relations. The political line was
sharply drawn in the discussion, the
Republicans advocating such refer
ence, and the Democrats contending
that the measure should go to the com
mittee on finance. The motion pre
vailed with out division.
The debate served to bring out some
incidental references to the merits of
the bill and while it was in progress
Mr. Teller took occasion to correct
published reports that he has hope of
defeating the bill or that he intends
to unduly obstruct its consideration.
Messrs. Allison and Aldrich an
nounced their willingness to have the
bill go to the foreign relations com
mittee. But they united in an expres
sion of opinion that such reference
should form no precedent for the refer
ence of revenue bills in the future. Mr.
Allison denied that there was a pur
pose of revising the tarff by recipro
city treaties.
Messrs. Bacon, of Georgia; Bailey,
of Texas, and Money, of Mississippi,
on the Democratic side, advocated tho
reference of the bill to the committee
on finance.
Mr. Bailey said that there was quite
a probability of all tariff legislation be
ing accomplished by reciprocity trea
ties and it became important that the
finance committee should control the
pending bill.
Mr. Bacon said this was not an iso
lated case and for that reason was Im
portant. It was a question, he said,
that would largely relate to the su
ture action of Congress.- Mr. Bacon
said that as a member of the commit
tee on foreign relations he had been
the author of the provision requiring
the "approval of Congress'' on the
treaty, but he said he had not believed
the language to be correctly used. On
the contrary, he considered it quite
absurd to suppose that Congress
cpuld approve a treaty.
German Steamers Not Stopped.
Washington, Special. The Navy De
partment has received a report from
Admiral Coghlan, at Colon, replying to
an inquiry whether there was any
truth in the report that the German
steamers Markomana and Scotia had
been stopped at Colon by American
men of war. Admiral Colghlan states
that the Markomania stopped off Col
on on the j-oute to Cartgena. The
Scotia arrived about sunset three days
over due; was informed that no armed
force would be permitted to land, but
the vessel was not interferred with and
only darkness prevented her getting
alongside the dock at once.
Southern Railroad Merger.
Thomasville, Ga., Special. T. Jeffer
son Coolidge, president of the Old Col
only Trust Company, of Boston, and
H. Atkinson, his Southern representa
tive, have bought the stock of the Tif
ton. Thomasville & Gulf Railroad,
heretofore owned by tre Georgia South
ern & Florida road. This is under
stood to mean that the Tifton, Thomas
ville & Gulf will be merged with the
Atlanta & Birmingham. The date on
which the merger Is to be effected, it is
understood, is December 3. when a
meeting of directors will be held here
Quarantine Against San Antonio.
San Antonio, Texas, Special. The
official proclamation of Governor Lan-
ham, raising the quarantine against
San, Antonio, which has been on since
October 23, went into effect Thursday,
and the towns and counties all over the
State of Texas have been lifting their
local' Quarantines. Train service will be
resumed on all railroads tomorrow.
The proclamation of Governor Lan
ham states that there Is now no yellow
fever in San Antonio, no case having
been reported for 10 days, and that the
sanitary condition is perfect.
Trial5 Postponed.
Washingtoa, SpeciaLThe trial of
the postal cases of August W. Machen:
former general superintendent of the
general delivery system; Samuel and
Dillon Groff. of, this city, and Dr. and
Mrs. George E. Lorenz, of Toledo, O
arranged to begin in the District Crim
inal Court here, next Monday, has teen
postponed until January 11. Attorney
Chase. A. Douglas, counsel for Ma
c hen objected to the delay but ths
court granted the request of District
Attorney . Beach, ou the ground thai
the latter was not ready to'
with me ealet ,w
Yoaoj German Restaurant keeper
Three Hundred Applicants ho Were
Willing to Srll an liar for
Philadelphia. Special. Dr. Andrew
Nelden. of New York performed the
operation of grafting an ear upon the
head of a Westers mi.lionaire. whose
name, the surgeon says, he is under
bond not to divulge. The operation was
to have been performed in New York,
but District Attorney Jerome is said
to have interfered. Mr. Nelden U said
to have advertised for a man willing to
sell an ear tor $5, 000; and of 3o0 ap
plicants he selected a young Gerraan.
who conducts a restaurant in New
York. Dr. Nelden said:
"The operation has been performed,
and promises to be successful. I am
under legal ocntract and heavy bond
not to reveal the nam'1 of my patient.
"Generally speaking .he is a
wealthy man from the West. How he
lost one ear, I don't know. It appear
to have been cut off with a sharp in
strument. I believe he says it was ac
cidental, but I never asked him .0 ex
plain. "The operation took place at a pri
vate hospital here, where I wa3 as
sisted by a Philadelphia physican.
think they will be willing to have their
names known later.
"The two men were placed in oppo
site directions, upon an elongated bed.
One-half of the volunteer's car the
upper half was cut off, together with
about four inches 0 the skin behind
the ear.
"This was twisted around and fitted
to a freshly prepared wound upon the
patient's head. The half ear was held
in place by bandages, and the two men
bound so they cannot remove their
heads. They must retain this position
for at least 12 days to allow the cir
culation to come through the flap of
skin that still remains a part cf the
volunteer's scalp.
"If this half ear starts to unite prop
erly, the lower half of the ear will be
grated in the same manner."
Recognition Denied.
Washington, Special. Tho revolu
tionists of San Domingo applied to the
State Department for recognition by
the United States. The application was
presented to the department by J. M.
Giordan, who represented himself as
the provisional agent of the revolu
tionary government cf which Gen.
Jiminez is the head. The State De
partment has declined the recognition,
informing Mr. Giordan that it had
been the unbroken policy of the State
Department to recognize only defacto
governments and if Minister Powell,
who is ' on the spot, finds that the
revolutionists have actually estab
lished a capital and opened ports and
is able to protect life and property he
will recognize it.
Millionaire Dies.
Roanoke, Va., Special. George W.
Palmer, the richest man in southwest
ern Virginia. mea weanesaay at
Saltville, of pneumonia, aged 61. He
panie to Virginia from Syracuse, N.
Y., before the civil war. started to
work as a clerk in the big salt works
In Smythe county, afterwards becom
ing sole owner of the plant. He re
cently sold an interest for $1,000,000
cash. He owned valuable property In
New York and several other States.
He is survived by one son, Charles
Palmer, who inherits the entire for
tune, estimated to be worth 14,000.000,
The Treaty S'gned.
Washington, Spec ial. Secretary Hay
and M. Philippe Bunau-Varilla, the
Minister from Panama, at 6:40 o'clock
Tuesday evening signed the Hay-B; -nau-Varilla
treaty providing for the
construction of the Panama canal by
the United States. The ceremony 00
curred in Secretary Hay's study.
Hearty congratulations were exchang
eJ and it was agreed that the news of
the signing of the treaty should be
kept from the oublic for the present
President Roosevelt wa3 immediately
advised of the signing of the document
and Minister Bunau-Varilla sent s
confidfiential cablegram to his govern
ment stating that the treaty had been
Boll Weavil in Mail.
Washington. Special. Acting Post
master General Wynne Wednesday is
sued an order directing a rigid en
forcement of the section of the laws
and regulations which absolutely pre
eludes all reptiles and Insects from
the mails. The action is the result of
reports that specimens cf the Texas
boll weevil, an insect very destruc
tive to cotton plants, hive been found
In the mails.
Solvation Army Council.
Chattanooga, Special. The annual
council of the Salvation Army officers
cf the South convened here Tuesday,
representatives from ail stations south
of the Ohio river being present- Tee
sessions will last three days, bein
presided over by Staff Captain Berry
man. assisted by officers from the
North and East. The Salvation Army
headquarters and hotel was dedicated
Manjr Matters of General laterest la
Short Paragraphs
Down la Dixie.
Roanoke is in the midst of oMejt
over a rearraa cement of it city ward.
Milk !rkss caused a ounbrr of
ieath lu Tennessee.
John Wires, a IlilUboro tVa.1 boy.
was fatally tabled by his s hlma'.e.
Hti:r.phry Potts.
Norfolk Mctali:s are stirred us
or the Virginia Conference trly.
t:oa r-gardins transfers.
Th? Mayor of Newport hat surend-
e! Chief Stow, of the Fire Ivnart-
Six m-n wr.-e killed near New Hope.
Kr.. in a collision between freight
trairs on the Ixmisvll'.e and NashvllU
President Alexander, of the Hrag
and Northern Railway, declares $200.
H"0 of Its securities were Moler. from
him at Dallas. Texas.
At The National Capital.
Little Is scheduled for the Senate to
do until it leceives the Cuban bill.
President Rosevelt is trying to har-mt-nize
his party leaders in the matter
of hi Panama rolky.
The Cuban reciprocity bil was re
fercd to the committee' on Ways and
Merits of the House.
Senator Hoar, (Hep.. Mas.) intro
duced a Mil "providing home and
employment for the homeless tK-cr."
The House minority will suppoU the
biii making the Cuban reciprtKlty
treaty effective, but urges amenl-
Geneial Crozicr. Chief of Aruy Or
dnance. alls attention to the lack of
sencoxst defenses on the insular !.-
Politicians in Washington aie m
sbierini; the availability of Senator
Gorman as a Presdeutlal candidate in
view of the result in Maryland, where
the nesrro Issue was the leadimr one.
In order to avoid friction the I'nit'-d
States has offered warships for a met-
ng between the Colombian peace com
missioner and the Ianamaians.
I'x-Reprcsentctive James A. Norton.
of Ohio, says Democrats of that State
favor Senator Gorman for the Piesl-
dential nomination.
Senator Mr Comas. (Rep.. Md.,l in
roduce.l a great number of bills, one
f which provides an appropriati-.m
of $:j.5o:,000 for lmprovinz the Pa-
tapsco river.
At The North.
The lia?l!st Congress In Philadelphia
ended Its session
The City Hall demonstration at Chi
cago strikers met with no results.
Methodists at Omaha appropriated
over $700,000 for foreign mission.
The search for Rev. Joseph Clrri-
gcone was continued In New York.
Wages of 2-1.000 cotton-mill opera.
tives in Rhode Island are to be re
duced. Senator Reed Smoot. of Utah, denies
that as an apostle of the Mormon
Church he took an oath of any sort.
Contracts for building five light
ships were awarded the New York
Shipbuilding Company, of Camden. N.
, at a cost of $S2.000.
It was reported in Pittsburg that the
Ro kfellc r-Gould syndicate had se
curedcontrol of the Steel Corporation
and was after the Baltimore and Ohio
and other roads in order to central
tiansportation facilities to the coast.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union convention asks the right to cen
sor the shows on "the Pike" at the St.
Louis World's Fair.
It is feared Rev. Joseph Cirringone,
pastor of the Catholic church of the
Immaculate Conception, at Williams
bridge. N. Y.. has met with foul play
at the bands of the Mafia.
.n explosion of nitroglycerine In
Philadelphia wrecked a house and led
to the capture of a gang supposed to
be safe blowers and postofflce thieves.
Mrs. E. DeWitt Walsh, a prominent
society woman of Monttlair. N. J., in
dead from a bullet wound inflicted by
herself under mysterious circum
stances. The United States Circuit Court or
Appeals at St. Paul. Minn., decided that
the Tobacco Trust might charge what
it pleased for its products.
r "tn Arrots The Sea.
M. Combes spoke in the French Sen
ate on the Teaching bill.
A dirieiblc balloon of Lebaudy broth,
ers mad? 40 miles in OS minutes in
The daughter of Henry lAbouchere
was married to the Marquis di Rudini
in Rome.
At the first public consistory of Pope
Pius X Mgrs. Merry del Yal. Callegari.
Ajutl. Tallianl and Katschrhaler were
made cardinals.
Russia and Austria threaten danger
to Turkey unless the Macedonian re
forms are carried out at once.
Mifcrllrneous flatters.
The world's sugar production for
1903-04 is estimated at 10.423,800 tons.
William Ziegler. the New York mil
lionaire, was indicted by a Missouri
rand jury for alleged conection, with
President Roosevelt was ctitised at
the convention in Boston of the
American Federation of Labor for hit
stanc' on th "open-shep question.
TLe " Benato Military Affairs com
mittee has held up the nomination
of Leonard Wood to be a major-gen
eral, pending an inquiry into his mil
itary career.
The Virginia Senate appointed a
special steering committe . to take
charge of revision bills.
Reports of the Virginia conference
r.howed 4.200 chapters and 0,u0
members of the Ep worth League.
Archaeologists discovered papyri
m arly 1.S00 years that art saltl to re
ccra aiay lariflci or Jttai warm.
Wi tan
in he nits
Newsy Its m s OUaa4 Fr-
Murphy te riaat. J
The Roll Wratll Joker.
The CotbtulMt-ccvr;- vt Agrtcultw
tail rrrcUsl tbe folio laf letter from
Actinc M-oera! Sor-Helen Jet Alex
arJrr Grant. cT the railway mall rr
icr; "Permit tr,r arknovlotlf T
tript of jour letter of tie Zk fast.
aJdr tLe Iotmatrr O-orral.
and by Lira referred to tbU oflce. la
LUh pretext is ra1e rrcardia lae
admission of spec ins es of the Tela
to!i mtvUl to the mails, an 4 to rply
to ame stale that this matter U fully
coerr. by tte tuiTrct postal la
and reRu?ati't;s. huh absolutely ex
dude all lUMxts and ipul frou th
mails A general order was Issue V
the Postmaster General, under dat
! the Klh lnt. tallina Attention to
nction lt rf tLc !tta! laa and
regulations and to the fart tha til must
le rlshtly cforc-l It U boptsj thl
will rac.t th- enl sought by j out self
anl other who bate written rcrtl
inj; th nn.- matter.'' lomraiioner
of AfCrb ulttite PattefM.n. speaktnc tf
thiN matter. ald he Loj-1 rrbo4y
in the State would t- on the 1 lookout
for perou nenditse boll weevil lnt
North Carolina. re;tort such cae
promptly, aud sev that then- are prt
cutious of tLe ender.
I ire at Wllmiacton
Wilmington. Sj ial. Kite, whub
1 rtAe t.Jt from an unknown ourre,
eaily Thursday mortiinc. In the naval
stole rd o ft!.- I Mcllarbern
Comiat:y. the w et side ff the rler.
opjKfite the tlte, Uetroyel l-etwr?!
3.000 -u4 !..." batreU of rosin.
longing ti Patterson. In!njc 1 Co.
and the Mrllatbcrn Company. an4
about l.So" ru?s tie h longing to tfc
B. U. Keith Compxuy. The loss mU
protulily arKtegate t.Io'. whUb U
fully c.vere.i .y tnnutauce. Harbor
tug and an etirlne. sent oter by the
city fire dcpartiu'nt. rendered timely
ai-'.nnc. and saved a large ware
house on the giouud. in which spirit
turjwnline a stotel. and a schooner.
ling nar the whaif. oade with 14.
0 cro-s tie.
Affray at 5alisbury.
Salisbury, special A brief but !!
ly affray took plac e on (ouu II st.-ert
near the pMnger depot. While walk
ing aloliR the Mret with two xm
I anions Douglas Brown, a young whlto
man. was attacked from the tear by
another young white man. Frank Sow
ers, w ho approached on tip to al
dealt him a heavy blow in the back.
Sowers tLn took to his heels across
the street. Brown firing at him three
timeH with a pitol t-fore he gained
the tafe ide 01 the opposite fence.
None of the shot took effect, lloth
men Wf re promptly arretted, but were
released uin giving cash security for
their &;i-araii e.
Prevented II scape.
Conc ord. Sp- lab By the timely In
vestigations cf Jaib-r Robinson, an at
tempted escape of a prisoner. Felli
Holt, by name, was prevented. Felix
Holt wa iniprUoni-d in one of the
front roorus. and when discovered had
already rawed one of the bars across
the window in two. The instrument
used was a saw ten inches long. It
M-c-ms that the prisoner bad the saw
n bis pocket reveral days. Just bow
he came into poieion of the saw U
royfttry. unless it had been smug
gled into his room by hit wife, who
was in town a few days ago. making
sundry purchases'. Holt Lad been sen-
fenced to the Kang for seiliog whis
key, but w-a in Jail pending an ap
State Notes.
Mr.. Leo. I). Hart, of lUltigb. has
been elected president, and Mrs.
Franklin McNeil, secretary, of t the
Johnst in Ptttlgrew Chapter. United
Daughters cf the Confederacy. Tb
chapter will celebrate the birthday of
General Robtrt K. !.. January lth,
that being a State holiday, and CapL.
S. A. Athe will deliver the address.
On that day cro--i of honor will Le
Wilmington. Special. Owen Haa
ley, a young farmer living near wi
tic Haynes. thU ctxanty. was crushed
to death under train No. 42 of the At
lantic Coast Line, as it was passing
out of the yard In this city. Hansley
was late in reaching the station on his
return borne and came down an em
bankment, and ran up in front of the
train as it was leaving me siauon. tie
attempted to board on? of the ears,
but in doing mo he tad miscalculated '
the speed of the train, and was thrown
under tte wheels. The remains wer
taken to an undertaker's shop, and are
being prepared for shipment to his
J. P. Caldwell. Jr.. son f Capt. J. 1'.
Caldwell, fed iter cf the Charlotte Ob
server, ecmraitteed sulcVle last Wed
nesday eveuing at his none In Char
lotte. by schooling himself. . .
The substitution cf gasoline boats
for sailing craft Is being rapidly made
In this section. Several commodious
freight boats using gasoline aa the mo
tive power are now making regular
trips between New Bern and Oriental
Vaactb&ro. Beaufort and SwaasUir-,
New Bern Journal.

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