North Carolina Newspapers

No. 30
r-hoad spells more rotes.
1 Mr- M. IUjr lUrpHc to Editorial
j In the Southern Republican.
: n Motley wrote history, but his ; rUar.
. . i4 - Charlotte Observer.
.-:-ak is making it. ! .
s n the last issue of the Southern
,-,. Forsythe Democrats are still 1 Jlf, i ..f,? lb ldla en-J
. 4t a11 . . JlltIed Where McGregor Sit U Head
d-rmg how it all happened. , of lhe TabJe .. wUh j
jtrry Cbttaty lttlrKT tor MmwiumtL
I tobo8. K. C. Jaly le Srry
County to-day ltuructM for Jobs
M. Morefcead for State Caalrsa&.
f a r r m e ? i
Into Line for Fifth District Alamance county for iirta tHarm
asr r . 1 Man.
irum ior ouue
"i -' ' - ' - -- T'T I I -ITT ITl S
lee Mr. nw hya.1. l
rasarrsl tfrSM TJfl y
blew up
last Sat
iiican. of thi. t.nn V;; rr HIS ELECTION ASSURED mlnhslru f Present Tan aJ AM tmurkt v ai i lAwrr '
ur.;m flutinn h.. ;:v::: . i1 coar of congressman Mor l6 ?m fftiw,.ISif u
" ""'suic ik me tan- ' ' r, ,4 . . v .
J Graham. .V. C-. July SO. Tbe K-
pablirani of A lama tie Cousty. ta
IcoaTeotiofi here to-day. endorwi lhe
MiflcAdtoff Statements of , nut Smm ;
Grecmboro Newi and News
and Observer Refuted
by Facts.
; tst 4t!? t t& as& et
rptrf tJt Mkfa4k4 &4 ftttft4i
r:orticc aisa ta U tt facta a
and imtructed for Morehead for
ft . a fc. . a ft m. A Mk. .
iTh; rhrrm..hrrf ?t,,,0ri"lmnce- "rngef .ttrry. Congreaa and for Morehead for State Machine Orffan a4 if lrmUc ter ul4ubca aa artkte. adr ki
; the Chairmanship of the Itepubllcan
Tiie farmers are raising cotton and State Executive Committee. i
m uhile the politicians are raising!, do not w,sh to "butt ln-" but do
. 'eel, as a life-long Republican and
tH1 citizen of this State, that I have a
, . a . t uJrIgnt to be heard and to have an I
Mr Godwin says he is in the fight , opin,on on maUerg Qf guch yUaI Jm
,t nniah. That's what it will beiportance.
f,; him. I The editorial says: "Welcome.!
thrice welcome, every such eood re-!
Granville, Durham, m! Forsyth I Chairman. The contention wai ell
Stand by Their Leader Union and !
HayMood in OUier Diatrirta la
struct for Him Wake rrimarira j
attended and harmonious.
Ally Magnify !nirnifir&nt IU-tnrm
4S?Iay ha4ilfer ea Ha fro a I pit..
l'oke-berry juice is said to be an crult to the cause of progress, peace.!
excellent means of committing po-;and happiness But the!
gorge comes wnen such an one ap--
Watauga for Morehead.
Doone, N. C, July 30. Watauga
Indicate Selection of a -ITogre- i CU"t y "epub,lcns bfld tbJIrfCOn-
' vention here to-day. John M. More-
aive I&epublican" IHan and a More- head wai endorsed for State Chair
head IelegaUon 3fe?klenburg j man'
Gives Him I Jig Majority.
litical suicide.
Now that the Chairmanship fight
is nettled, let us all get together and
lick the common enemy.
unworthy." I did not believe that
When a Democratic says it, you the editor of the Southern Republi
can quite make out whether it's i can, broad-minded as he has been in
hominy" or "harmony."
j Hertford County Republican Conven.
Last Saturday. July 30th. was an- llon Endor,l Morehead.
prises the company with which he 'other field day for the militant and j (Special to the Caucasian.)
has connected himself, that he j aggressive hosts of progressive Re-! Ahoskie. X. C. July 27.
comes, as a missionary, to Improve j publicans who have selected John The convention was called to order
their moral caliber, and T90t Qut from j Motley Morehead a:their choice fori by the county chairman, and A. G.
them such as he is pleased to deem t btate chairman and whose battle cry I Baremore was called to the chair as
at!sU to ibot that It fsatiia
HIS Cinintfc to a fait fr Mr. mill ctmtrol ta rUft ros&Ur al
MorrlMad Tte Artttal Hrurr -tra
cou6tr mill dostvltiate tfct eaa
I'fldenre of tmple. I nlrrtAt- Soft rrCAr4j o( lb u&- of l
ins Iletween tlunraa frhlo and and aa!a ttsat ppr earrtat
. int-r$a from lh marhitsa tU,
the iVmocrata Slwtn twHreU Md BeW aa UurtJw ner a iUl.
Interview " ami simlllar Snaf mnt from the iida f ta re;!
ho are opoed to rise rle.
in IkHh Paper.
The Caucasian can now state with
certainty that Mr. Morehead will be
elected State Chairman by a very
lance majority.
From the action of the eountlea
that have already elected delegate.
The CWreet IVrecaal.
For thia reason fcave Ul&
the trouble to tabulate the vote of
each Coacreional District ta the
State, and ran now gtra our readtrt
a reliable estimate as to how the vote
I 7 VUO I Mvj ai 1 1 r. am t : i vv V ;m M v iT h aa Vvff
is "Republican Growth and Victory.' ; tPm nor rv rbairman An motion, a ., i. m. -v,.k ..ifrora each District will itaad in the
j ' axu iiuui iiuui luituuu "mm v w v-
Practically every county, and all of ; committee of one from each township received, that we consider entirely ; hut Convention, aa followa:
the big ones, that is those who cast i was rhospn on normanent orraniia- ' t iho n First District. lth 17 votef. will
I vtiawli aw M v ua "
Unless the pokeberry juice is ex
hausted we may look for another red
headed issue before August 10th.
"Bryan does not show the slight
est chagrin," says a press item. Why
should he, he is used to being licked.
the past, was capable of imputing to , large Republican votes and many of iuon and the committee recommend- be taken on next Saturday by the re-, u to oraa4 41.
Mr. Morehead such sinster motives.
Mr. Morehead is nothing but what
the Republicans have made him.
They nominated him for Congress in
After all, it is only a matter of
principle and brains. Even the op
position could win with more head.
"Mr. Bryan at last meets his fin
ish," says a newspaper headline.
That has happened so often we re
fuse to believe it.
Will the co-partnership between
the News and Observer & Greens
boro News be dissolved on August
Now, just to make the thing unan
imous, won't the Greensboro News
publish one of those black "White"
The Halifax Democrats have split
and are fighting. What particular
kind of sheol this will develop is
awaited with interest.
The other fellows seem to be tak
ing it for granted that all of the
uninstructed delegates are for
well, who is it, anyhow?
Two South Carolina politicians
railed one another liars and got to
fighting. They must have thought
Fhey-werein North" Carolina.
The editor of the Greensboro Newrs
must have a dual personality. He
claims residence in both Greensboro
and Raleigh at the same time.
which are strongly Republican, en-;ed A. G. Bazemore for chairman and T,ti ft . .f rt Second District, with It votes, will
dorsed the Fifth District Conrgess- j a. S. Mitchell for secretary. The re-, that Mr. Morehead will not only be!sUo t0 Morehead
man by their actions. port was adopted. elected but that he will have over rd i11. wth H1
Alamance, in the district which ; On motion of J. S. Mitchell the ...... t.i r " to Morehead 7.
the Fifth District, these same Repub-;he redeemed two years ago, calls s convention went into the election of eleven hundred and twenty-six when Fourth District, with 91 votef. lll
licans elected him; and, since he has j upon him now to lead the State delegates to the various conventions the convention meets on August to Morehead 75.
"made good," the Republicans of his ; forces to victory, as he did his dis- For the State Convention, A. S. lf)fh ThP ari th fart nflh Wtrlct. with XSI votes, will
district, together with a host of oth-j trict. Orange, in enthusiastic terms, Mitchell. 11. A. Hobbs and J. H. ' . give to Morehead 47.
. - - -- i uiuuuuaici;, a iif;i- uu wwi J . . .
makes the same demand. Surry, one ; Evans. ! rwi .i.n.n.i.nt ,nn h Seventh District, with 11 votef.
of the banner Republican counties of j For Congressional Convention. A. Greensboro Daily News and the Ra
the State which gave him a magnfl-; G. Bazemore. O. P. Snipes. G. H. ,eigh Newa and observer, its ally ln
cent majority iwo years ago, aiso . Mitchell. B. S. Liverman, J. II. Hollo- thls flght to perpetuate
calls to him to lead the party, be- man and J. H. Howard. news as to the political
cause mey Know oy past experience For Senatorial Convention, R. H. ig noticeable that both the News and
wnat ne can ao. watauga, anotner j Holloman, J. II. Eure, Jno. A. Par
Republican County, passed strong Uer, J. D. Godwin, J. E. Overton and
resolutions and instructed her dele- t. W. White.
gates to vote for him in the State! For Judicial Convention, W. M.
convention. Granville seiectea aiCorwin. J. T. Colston. H. S. Liver- . w-
j ' - ' : ur ianeu iu imiii lue auu iuc
Morehead delegatiorn the report from manf isaac Newell. I. P. Outland and ; actlon of guch conventions. On the i
there saying there was "ut one Dun- j j. Rawis. j Qther hand tQere u not a conven. ;
can man in the convention. Hert- The convention passed strong reso-; tIon held tnat declares for Duncan i
ford, .one of the eastern counties re- j lutions endorsing President TaftBj.n(i rnI? rni that a rpnort is not I
lied upon to back up the , machine. : administration, and instructed its ! published lu both papers and unduly
uuiucb oui, iui progressive xvepuuii
The dignified Charlotte Observer
does not approve of Democratic at
tacks on Mr. Morehead, especially
when appearing in poke-berry color.
Cy Watson was not the man who
should have cried at that Fifth Dis
trict convention. Ex-Judge Jones
should have done that, for he paid
the freight.
Those poke-berry editions certain
ly did help, for it showed the Repub
lican voter the real reason of Demo
cratic opposition to Mr. Morehead.
They fear him.
That politics makes strange bed
fellows was never better seen than
the News and Observer and the
Greensboro News wrapped up in the
same bed-spread.
The simlliarity in the political
news columns of the News and Ob
server and' the Greensboro Daily
News, when referring to Morehead,
is strikingly apparent.
They say Chairman Bellamy made
the first big mistake at that Sixth
District convention. May be, but that
was no excuse for everybody to fol
low suit and try to make a bigger
Having been turned down and hu
miliated by his own party five suc
cessive times, Mr. Cyrus B. Watson
is now ready to resign his title as
"the most popular Democrat in North
ers throughout the State, appreciat
ing his great victory, desire him for
State Chairman. If a majority of
the Republicans of the State prefer
him for State Chairman, they should
and will elect him. If they do not
want him, he has no power to force
himself upon them, even if he were
so disposed. Hence, if you believe
in the old principle of majority rule,
how can you criticise Mr. Morehead?
Is it a sin for a Republican to seek
preferment at the hands of his par
ty. In North Carolina, unless he has
the O. K. of two or three men who
have grown fat off of its patronage?
Is it a sacrilege for privates in the
ranks to rote for Mr. Morehead?
Simply because these two or three
men want to continue in complete
party control? If so, I beg forgive
ness. We need recruits and must have
them if we ever expect to carry North
Carolina. We must put party suc
cess above the control of party pat
ronage. But we dare say that if the
chairmanship carried with It no pat
ronage nothing but hard work and
sacrifice for principle Mr. Morehead
would have but little or no opposi
tion. Harry Skinner would, doubtless,
have been appointed to the Eastern
Judgeship, instead of a Democrat,
but for the opposition, yea, I might
say, treachery, on the part of some
of the very men who are now oppos
ing Mr. Morehead for Siate Chair
man. Instead of the criticism and
abuse that is being unjustly heaped
upon the head of President Taft, the
responsibility for this appointment
ought to be placed where it justly
We should put party success above
party patronage; throw open wide
the door of opportunity to all intel
ligent and respectable men; and let
it be understood, distinctly, that our
souls are our own, and that we can
vote and act as free men and not
have to bow at the feet of a man in
the East, or a man in the West, and
say: "Lord, what wilt thou have
me to do?" But, on the other hand,
we have seen the sorry spectacle of
some of our leaders standing on the
bank with a club ready to whack
every man who dared to stick his
head above water.
Let us get down to business, gen
tlemen; elect Morehead for State
Chairman; send him back to Con
gress from the Fifth District, where
he will work in perfect harmony with
McNinch, Cowles, Grant and the oth
er Representatives we will send from
the Third, Sixth, and Seventh Dis
tricts; and, then, two years from
now, inaugurate him for Governor
of the grand old Commonwealth of
North Carolina. Let us do more than
this: put North Carolina permanently
in the Republican column, and there
by give unto her and her people the
place she forged for herself in this
great Union of States which was
welded together in the furnace of hu
man liberty. CHAS. M. RAY.
No Better Man Than Morehead.
Lincolnton Times.
We see Congressman Morehead
says be will accept the Chairman
ship of the party in the State, if
thrust upon him.
The Times believes no better man
could be selected. Wilth him as
chairman, the party would grow and
prosper and succeed in carrying the
State. Will eventually do it anyway,
sooner or later.
Observer and the Greensboro Daily
News either misrepresented the ac
tion of most of the large counties
that elected delegates for Morehead,
will give to Morehead 85.
KlRhth District, with 171 votef.
rine rule for U1 Ive to Morehead S7.
situation.' It N,nth &1,tr!ct wIth 153 votef. will
give to Moreneaa 9 4.
Tenth District, with 157 votes, will
Rhe to Morehead 109.
Total for Morehead SI 4
Total for opposition 312
Grand total 1.126
delegates to the State Convention to i matrn(Ap(i
canism and John M. Morehead and vote for the Hon. John M. Morehead
instructs her delegates to stand by i tor stat Chairman. Magnifies Insignificant Thinas.
him. Craven, one of the old-time! Convention adjourned to meet on
reliances of the now broken-down call of chairman of the county exem
machine, was in the hands of the , tive committee to nominate county !
true friends of the party, and the ! officers
machine boss, "little boss" made a i
pitiful speech and admitted he was
"down and out."
Duplin, in an enthusiastic conven-
For instance, when the county of
Edgecombe, with only two vote in
Union County for Morehead.
the State Convention, is captured by
the ring, because the party Is so
small that the ring and their hench
men can easily control, the fact if
These figures may be slightly
changed by the action of conventions
on next Saturday, but our readers
may clip out thin table and preserve
it to check up at the State conven
tion and tee how accurate la The
Caucasian's information. Mr. More
head will not receive lesa than $14
votes; we feel sure that be will re
ceive much ln excess of that, for our
estimate Is ultra conservative.
It will be noted thai Mr. More-
Waxhaw. X. C. Aug. l.. of i raMed from one end of the SU.e
tion endorses Morehead and instruct, ! the t enthusiastic Republican j " VJZ, I trict. e.cen, the .eeond. ,nd that It
PnTlOn wast hp n at nn. tuonnuc aiiu ao a ucaiu nuctt iu i
S , .UnJS h, ,hJ Morehead and the ru.e of the people, i " P ' "
her delegates for him.
In the primaries
held, Durham't-i uruI ! Pr,,t,niiv nn .ffrtrt h. wHand is a typical machine district,
went for her old favorite. Morehead. no oe 'or Morehead ! "UU the exception of a few conn-
Morehead, despite some opposition by I e come t ion as gotten , , tle8.
a few old-time "pie counter" men ; to iest and in a bus! Jn u h? CoweM , dlitrkt
and at the county convention to be ; nne who are striving to re-organize theiln lch ring bos,, nominated
held next Saturday a solid Morehead ! na'mD! P!Tg' ! narv and head it toward victory have ' In the la8t campaign a postmaster
delegation to the State convention ! ""T" " , "1; been concentrated in the counties i r Congress, and In which the Iem
will be chosen. ---- ! ... a . Ponnhl!r9n VfttA wW j ocratic majority n. lnrrraeL
lisr wnpn rnp rnairman ana pxppii- a-- . -
On Monday, the county conventions ; tive committee wjn put out 'a full ; the People could rule in spite of the
of Union, Person and Haywood in-j tlckeL The following delegates were i attemPted domination of the ring
structed their delegates to vote fori . A . A -ibossps and their henchmen.
Morehead for State chairman, while sVte Con7entir to S Si These twin organs hare gone even- -t W ring method.
MPf ennnrc n i ion w rn rrn ro no n- . . ' r,. -4 , r- in v, r u ;
. o, , Greensboro August 10th: J. D. A.
ers wno worked tootn ana toe nan gecrest. C. J. Braswell, J. E. Haigler, County, in saying that
ior Duncan, give i m u fourteen , T c Bra8welI j. L. Condor, J. W.
delegates to the Fifth District man ; Wall Leonard Latham, IL M. Bau-
while the Republican majority waa
greatly increased in every other
Congressional district in the State.
The stronghold of the "machine,'
(Coin, J. W. Hasley, M. C. Haigler, J.
J. Parker, W. B. Love.
Wake County, wherein are located
iue org inteiuai icvcuu omctr, tiic . noiOMtM wprp instrilCtpd for J
large number of postoffice employees, , parker for the Sventh Congres-
ring results, and if the ring
- t A l i . . -
It had df i tw-lu n in cr7 luuin;
. - a J - t a t
clared for a continuation of the rlng,!coun nu eer ouKrr.B.onai aia
when, as a matter of fact, the coun-jlrlct In lhe Slate UBt what h
ty had declared for Morehead. ; Pened in that Congressional district
j two years ago would bapien this
An Inspired "Interview."
Recently, a staff reported of the S In North Carolina.
This Is another
year In every Congressional District
illustration of
the marshals office, all of which com- . , , , i Raleieh News and Observer was in i
bined to defeat the will of the people, Tfthn L I Morehead City. He sent an article why the Newa and Observer and the
was swept by the militant Republi- j 31 ' -vloreuedU u ion the Republican political situation j Democratic ring if so greatly Inter-
cans who favor Morehead. Desper-; j to that paper which was published j estea in tne aereat oi Moreneaa ana
ate efforts were made to defeat Les- j Person County Endorses Morehead. ' In great headlines on the front page, the success or Duncan and
ter F. Butler in his home ward; the; " "The substance of this article was an henchmen.
representative of the "big boss," i Roxboro, N. C. Aug. 1. The Re
thniifrh nvfnc in anothpr ward, went I Dublicans of Person County held a
out and made speeches and worked
night and day. The vote in Raleigh,
despite the large number of office
holders was strongly for Morehead.
The county convention on Saturday
will elect a Morehead delegation to
the State Convention. In the United
States Marshal's ward he was de
feated for a delegate by a vote of
14 to 4.
As we go to press, we received
word that Morehead City, in the
home county of National Committee
man Duncan, and only a few miles
from his home town of Beaufort,
went solid for Morehead ln the pri
maries. Orange for Morehead by Big Ma
jority. -
Hillsboro, N..C. July 30 Prompt
ly at 1 o'clock p. m. to-day in the
court-house at Hillsboro, W. E. Ham,
the Chairman of the Executive Com
mittee of the Republican party of
Orange County, called the County
Convention to order. Upon the roll
call it appeared that every township
in the county was-represented.
Resolutions endorsing the national
administration and the course of
Congressman John M. Morehead were
adopted by a large mapority. The
delegates to the State Convention
were instructed to cast the vote of
the county for Morehead for Chairman.
Interview which was, no doubt, given
by Mr. Duncan or inspired by him, toi
largely attended and enthusiastic the effect that the machine would
convention on Saturday. j have every delegate in the three
The following county ticket waa j strong Republican Congressional Dis-
Legislature, F. O. Carver; Regis
ter of Deeds, M. W. Satterfield; Sher
iff, T. D. Winstead; Treasurer. O. L.
Satterfield; Commissioners, A. P.
Clayton, J. P. Wade, and David
Long. Clerk of the Court was left
open to be announced later.
The convention endorsed John M.
Morehead for State Chairman.
Durham for the Favorite.
Durham, N. C, Aug. 1. The
most non-partisan of the Republi
cans believe that In the coming
County Convention Congressman
Morehead will get fifty delegates and
that about thirty will be against him,
this estimate being based upon the
result of Saturday's primaries. The
delegates to the State Convention
will be solid for Morehead.
Yadkin Favors Morehead
Yadkinville, Aug. 1. Yadkin
County Republicans In convention
here to-day were addressed by Hon.
E. A. HoTton. There was , a large
and enthusiastic attendance. A full
county ticket was nominated, but not
without considerable contest, involv
ing some feeling. On this account,
(Continued -on Page 3.)
tricts In the West, namely, the
Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth, and that
the large vote of these Dittrlctf , with
the other counties that had been cap
tured by the ring, would give them
a majority, even If they did not se
cure a single vote in the East.
The nameless Interview proceeded
to state, also, that Morehead would
get only one county ln the East, and
that would be Sampson, and that the
rest would be solid for the machine.
Since that Interview was published
every eastern county that has held a
convention, with the exception of the
little county of Edgecombe, with
two votes, and the county of Vance,
with only six votes, has elected a
Morehead delegation, and in Vance
County there Is a split, with two con
ventions, and we understand, of
course, that there will be a contest
ing delegation. The people of that
county are against a continuation of
ring rule.
When the county of Duplin held Its
convention, the largest ever held In
the county, with the Hon. Thoma
Settle present as a speaker, nnkint?
the occasion a notable one, neithe
the Raleigh News and Observer no
the Greensboro Dally News carried b
line about the convention o:r the
speech of Mr. Settle. cr the fact that
Falne Report That Haa Been Indus
dustriottsly Circulated By "the Pie
CJouater Machine Nailed By Mr.
Morehead -A Dignified Response
to a Contemptible Lie.
In the present campaign. In which
the machine forces have striven so
industriously to defeat Mr. Morehead
for State Chairman, they, finding
nothing true to bring out against
him resorted to Democratic methods
and published lies. One that was
most literally circulated was to the
effect that Mr. Morehead, If elected
Chairman, would favor the appoint
ment of Democrats to oSce. To
the numerous letters written him re
garding this, the Congressman makes
the following dignified disclaimer:
"Spray. N. C, July 23, 1910.
N. C
My Dear Sir: Your letter stat
ing that a report Is being circulated
in your county to the e-ect that I
am In favor of Democrats holding
the Federal offices In North Carolina,
etc., received. My whole course la
my roiitlcal career gives the lie to
this latest organization tale of the
machine gang. As a matter of fact,
my efforts have been bent toward the
preventing of the bosses ifrom having
(Continued on Pago 3.)
I f I
J i
h If
i f
1 afi
- .- .. : -, - . -
" .'." .....i.m in .1. . in' I. IHI.M in ! ' ' j

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