TtcTd7. April 6. 1311. 3 tnc cacoasia?! EXTRA SESSION BEGINS Democrats Still at Sea as to What Legislation They Will Advocate. riiAJnp nark i Now in !! .Sieaker 1uir ami fr a Wry I5rif Ifkl ,ju- x-mrtj Are HapfT Bryan utl Harmon on HaimI to Help Tttftn SUer tin! Old 3iub- Fight 0-r Tariff lifKlatlon, Wellington. I). C. April 4. Tho - s ?-, ond Congress met in extra , ' hnarv RfcRKion lo-lay. What the t4An will bring forth in the way of i -illation, or when It will adjourn, matter on which no one In Washington care to venture an opin- Tho Democrats took full possession .: House and put Champ Clark, .Missouri, in th Speaker's chair. In i-pee eh accepting the honor, Mr. rk warned th Democratic raem - that the yes of the country . c upon them; that the party was ,; -rial, and that it had an oppor- .:.-,; for the nrst time in sixteen ir to prove its worthiness for a higher expression of confidence the part of the American people. Throughout tho day the shadow of :, coming Presidential fight hover- , aUut the Capitol, and there is no; ju-i:'n but that maneuvers for po :i?ial advantage will play an impor tant part in the affairs of the House and the Senate during the next few juonthJ. lli-van and Harmon Fishing. William J. Bryan, of Nebraska, and. Governor Harmon, of Ohio, were prominent figures on the floor of tho: House during the opening ceremonies! iiitl both shared in the Democratic demonstrations that marked the day Had Governor Woodrow -Wilson been pp'sent, the list of generally accept-' ed Democratic Presidential possibil- ities would have been complete. The Senate's opening was sedate as usual. ' And while the leadership of the up- per branch of the new Congress re mains in Republican hands, the change in the personnel of those as suming command was almost as marked as in the House itself. Al drith, Hale, Beveridge and a dozen others of both the regular and pro gressive factions of the majority were missed. President Taft's message, dealing with Canadian reciprocity alone, will be read in the two houses of Con gress to-morrow. It was with the idea of securing action on this agree ment that the extraordinary session was called. The Democrats of the House, how ever, have formulated an ambitious program, which includes the revision of a number of the schedules of the Payne-Aldrich tariff law. Republican leaders of the Senate have announced that there shall be no tarfff legislation at the extra ses sion. They declare they are not alarmed at the threat of the Demo crats to hold back the reciprocity agreement until action is secured on. general tariff bills. The differences of opinion prom ises soon to bring the two branches into sharp conflict. A legislative deadlock is freely predicted and the length of the session seems now to depend upon how long the Demo crats House will continue to bombard the Republican Senate with general legislation bills. From a political standpoint it is likely that one of the most impor tant things the Democratic House will be to order a thorough investi- gation of the various departments . help After many remedies fail and branches of the Government ser-fed her aunt urge(j ner to take Dr vice. The Democrats claim that there have been no such investigation for twenty years and that much good campaign material as well as much saving to the people will result from them. The session of the House to-day was devoted wholly to the work of organization. The adoption of the new rules was put over until to-morrow. The Republicans under the new leadership of Representative Mann, of Illinois, will make their first fight on these. The Republicans resent i the action of the Democrats in in- creasing the membership of various House committees without increasing Percentage of minority , representa tion. The Republican insurgents in the House indicated their purpose of continuing to act independently by declining to vote for Mr. Mann for Speaker and by giving their support to Representative Cooper, .of Wis consin. The insurgents gained a member when Representative Theron Aiken, of New York, was elected as an "In dependent Democrat," and heretofore carried on the Democratic rolls, cast I his lot with them and chose a seat j on the Republican side. I Representative Berger, of Wiscon- I sin, the sole Socialist-in the House, j voted "present" during the Speaker- ship He also chose a seat I W1 tne Kepubhcan side. "Because," I he afterward explained, "I belonged I to the onnrs?Hi Nominations For Speaker." After Clerk McDowell had raiiod j the House to order and Chaplain Cou- aen offered prayer, the clerk called tne roll of States. The roll-r.All .dis closed thj? presence of 365 members vut oi a total membershin of 391 Nominations for Speaker the'n wer In or4er. Mr. Clark wig so&S- naica cy iprewcuu Buriesoa, at Texa, Chalraan of Uw Democratic! CoUaBd trtm ta 1,1 ? caucus. Mr. Mans tra uotnlicd by! ,uckT. c : iUprwentatiTe Carrier of New lUta Tt J 6f XlMlp?H SC., -n, rhairrrn , !L . ' ttor' of No?t! Carets; Ssluu of ?L"' "Un- UThomtoa. of - ConrU: Tl!laS. of TtenZ ft" Ji Carols; W.ts. of Wll AZu? l n . Virginia; Tajior. of Tesr.; O- tb 'ornialljy of noalaaUi tHrtr? Conaof Nr York. I PnntluZ?' n ' i 11 wn that both Sector I licit n! r "'J? f.CfS'm Xona Carols am ta!s44 it, oerrre! au nJuT wa.c, w of Balky au4 Martlit. L th Z; telH When the ote takta fetly V 64 n"?r waa entitle to hla Wi In Ifca r . f W 1 Sena'. r Simmon. oi4 to .m! n v- Ilfpre: tbe or ide. At that time, it! sentatlTe Cooper voted for Norrls, of : ,u.m(Hi ,haf i, Nebraska, for Speaker, and there waa some surprise when the latter voted1 for Mann'. When Clerk McDowell announced thf Vftfo 1 1 tr 1 !t 1 htf !.- h tsi Xfw . - : , M "iciaim en&:or overman. Clark was elected, the House broke- Jf Simmon and Overman bathi into cheering. riepresenUtlves Mann. jitand w,lh lhe conserTative as Lnderwood and reeland were ap- against the progressives, it will de pointed to eicort the new Speaker to : TftI an Inlere8tln? 6ituaUon m u vu,,,.. uhcu .,. 4piw,xorth Carolina, where a shan di-( at the main door on the arm of Mr. Mann, with the other members of the escort following, there was re - newed cherelng and the Democrats WVi? " American flags, with which they had been previously pro - Vidw! . Mr. Mann rapped for order to still tho demonstration. It is a great office, he said, slow - ; ly, "and filled by a great man. Gen-j tleraen, I present to you your Speak- J,,e .Message, er, the Honorable Champ Clark, of; (Special to The Caucasian.) Missouri." j Washington. D. C, April 5. The Mr. Clark himself rapped for or- j President's message was sent to Con der this time to stop the applause j gress to-day and was read in both plausc. Mrs. Taft, wife of the President, with Miss Helen Taft, Master Char- ley Taft and Horace D. Taft, brother ; of the President, occupied the Presi- dential gallery of the House. Representative McCall, of Massa-i chusetts, who introduced the bill at the last session of Congress to carry j the reciprocity agreement into effect,! re-introduced his measure to-day and? it was referred to the Democratic i Committee on Ways and Means, ! where it will be side-tracked for a similar measure bill of Democratic orgain. Sherman Extends Courtesy to Op ponent. Washington, D. C, April 4. Vice President Sherman to-day sought and found the first opportunity possible to extend a courtesy to Senator Kern, . of Indiana, who was his recent com petitor for the Vice-Presidential of fice. The Indiana Senator occupied the Vice-President's chair for about five minutes almost immediately af ter he .had been sworn in. Democratic Contempt for the Rule of tho People. Burlington State Dispatch. ' The ways of the politicians are wiley. Wilkes County officers were placed on salaries by the last Legis lature and the salaries fixed by that j body are less than those fixed for Al amance, yet Wilkes, is as large a county as Wake and is being rapidly developed. But Wilkes has 2,000 majority Republican. See? Averts Awful Tragedy. Timely advice given Mrs. C. Wil loughby, of Marengo, Wis., (R. No. 1) prevented a dreadful tragedy and saved two lives. Doctors had said her frightful cough was a "consump tion" cough and could do little to King's New Discovery: "I have been using it for some time," she wrote, "and the awful cough has almost gone. It also saved my little boy wbn taken writh a severe bronchial trouble." This matchless medicine has no equal for throat and lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottel free. Guaranteed by all drug gists. PUBMOATION OP STJMMONS. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT- April Term, 1911. North Carolina Wake County. Miranda Crocker vs. Joseph Crocker. To Joseph Crocker: This is to notify you that your wife, Miranda Crocker, has brought suit against you to the March term, 1911, of Wake Superior Court, for divorce from the bonds of matri mony; and that the summons issued for you has been returned by the sheriff with this endorsement there on: "After exercising due diligence, the defendant, Joseph Crocker, Is not to be found in this county." You are, therefore further notified to appear at the April term, 1911, of Wake Su perior Court, which convenes on the 24th of that month, and "answer, demur or plead to the complaint which will be filed in this court dur ing the first three days of that term, otherwise, the plaintiff will demand to be allowed to prove the allegations of her complaints and have judgment accordingly. MILLARD MI AL, Clerk Wake Superior Court J. C. L. HARRIS,-. Attorney for the Plaintiff. 3-23-4t ' nit: irxTiu ses&iox. wai a pretty rood Index aa to the di vision between prcreBhre and the conservative. Sine that time, how ever, the ronervativea have begun to . . vision is being already made between ; the rjniocratlr Inti.r rtf th cf9t. iIt M that an organlzallon ofi . Democratic leaders known as pro-. ; gresgive I).mocrats is made allj ;over the state tongbt Simmons. Ov- 'erman, and Kltcbin, and every others man who has beon known as a con.i : servative or who has not lined upt i wIth tne Dr08TeAslvtl f I noon. The message deals only with the reciprocity agreement with Can ada and the President urges the im- mediate passage of such a measure. The message was the shortest ever sent by any President to an opening session of Congress Representative McCall, Republican of Massachusetts, has introduced the McCall Canadian reciprocity bill which has angered the Democrats because he got ahead of them. The Democrats declare they will. Introduce a new bill. l he Senate held a shoit session to day, lasting on twenty-five minutes. ATTENTION Boys ! Girls You can get a FOUN TAIN PEN, guaranteed for one year, absolutely free by sending us two new yearly subscribers to The Caucasian. Or, you may send us four new subscribers for six months each, or eight new subscribers for three months each. 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These pests will soon reduce the vitality of the liveliest chick ever hatched, so that it will be in good condition to take gapes or some other ailment. -From April Farm Journal. A LETTER OP LUTHER'S. The fifth 'installment, in tho April Century, of Dr. Arthur C. McGlfferfs serial narrative of "Martin Luther "CMQUMA" Gasinin A PAIR. OF SCISSORS: FREE! In Order to Double Our Large Circulation New Subscribers or Old Subscribers the REE-Splendid To each subscriber, who sends us one dollar for a year's subscription in advance to The Can. casian, we will send a pair of these 8-inch self-sharpening scissors as a premium, if von will en close 5c to to pay postage on shears. These scissors retail for So cents and are guaranty! Jbv manufacturers for five years. f This ofc is onlyopen for a short time. Addies THE CAUCASIAN, a4 Ilia" 4I f gSaslsrJE 1 tlm masSet ltl '4 m JUaoa o4r ttef tt ttax mm tacUta&t f m a4if n aa . uss it Ue f4li$-g $4'3lelaacMa tttm, Aagw tmrtu aita t4 l.r ly tit fevt. 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Staala effete S tm Cfl t fsJ kariJf lt S lt4 ta tttf Irta, txt jl tf4- 5SEaav. 4rtta .sa.g fi laga. aa4 am ft3a? et lfrtaK IUar ti Sit CarlaU I t itm PX aai fl rs4 all Tale CtnS at aa4 gt life Wt ? tiff a&tt tagfeswa. IkH ko la fs?t4- tfU'tffltt fr aia&ly in a ' CHlf pf&tl 4&&m l0 i-tifc Te f r5t t?f ea (terlearm Try it AGKT w ivrim We aat atau to ?tai TSo Caaratlaa la vtty smty lt?e are at 4r4y rfat4.- Wr!f for reffk-e as4 tm U agtaia, Osr term ate iry Uirat t4 yt-a ran make r4 caey y Otis i yor ikt tis&e l tite wctk. I A dd r4. T1 1 K CA t-CASl AN, s III tm a firm. rfcaf wtfc erf tmit1v8tetft. lb9t9tt mlw etftsttf rrt r mow ttliutl whites kftsr fr a. If jrca ta4 trta Hear 9 Mtk4 Ch r, omt f Nwktet trWr. " r tfJ. Tiitr aust m in tusitttcat ca. u. a I. We Are Making Following Offer: Shears-FRl Raleich, N. C V5 S I U-S-PATCMT 140.700002. L omtCO OtCOKTROtlXO ov l .

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