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i -
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State Netfs.
The Mliuiocxry Union of the Fay
etteville Presbytery fi in ftestlon at
lied Springs.
Craven County has voted for the
establishment of a Farm Life School
In that county.
H. Weddlngton. of China'
Mr. G
Grove, committed suicide a few days
ago. Ill health was given as the
cause of bis rash act.
Mr. John W. CroweJI, a prominent
furniture dealer, died suddenly Tues
day night in the hotel at Lexington,
N. C.
Rev. A. C. Dixon, pastor, of Moody
Church, Chicago, formerly from this
State, haa accepted a call to the Met -
ropolltan Tabornscle In Londou. EnS -
The WhlUviUe .Ugh Schoo. c.o.e.
tiptf J-VMn v when th MChfra will
---ivswww., v-. . iioiiua, ouciu;, oiaic j a c u i Huuu .uaaiiui iur, proposeu to-day and defeated after
return to their homes. It Is thought; inspector. A. W. Gilliam, Old Fort; l May contains the astounding state-j lengthy debate 'were to put the re
that the school will run the full term Guard, Daniel, Barton, Winston-Sa- j ment that there is a dog In Hamburg,! districting power in the hands of th
next year.
L. C. Irvin, a brakeman on the;
road from Winston to Mount Airy,
was faUlly nurt wnue coupling cars
at Rural Hail one day last week, and
dying a few hours later.
The Democratic ring ln Eizabeth
City has received a hard jolt. The
citizens ticket won in that city Tues
day by a large majority.
The North Carolina Rankers' Asso
ciation and the North Carolina Mer
chants' Association will both hold
their -annual session ; Ilenderson
vllle the third week in June.
In the city election at Henderson
ville, N. C, Tuesday, the Republi
cans re-elected their mayor and also
elected two of the three councilraen.
Capt. James A. Cheek, of Hills
boro, died Tuesday in Greensboro at
the home of his son, Mr. Clyde
Cheek. Mr. Cheek was on a visit to
his son at the time of his death.
Robert Smith, a young man from
New Bern, was jailed in Wilmington
last Saturday for forging checks on
the National Biscuit Company and
the Coco-Cola Bottling Company.
A boy baby, about six weeks old,
dressed in silk and supplied- with
clothes, etc., was left on the porch of
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Jellard, in Asheville, one night last
The American Cotton Association
v.ill hold their annual meeting this
year in Richmond, Va., May 18th
and 19th. Mr. D. Y. Cooper, of
Henderson, N. C, is President of the
Association and will call the meeting
to order.
There was no term of Court in
Sampson County this week owing
to the sickness of Judge Peebes. The
term will begin next Monday if
Judge Peebles is well enough to at
tend; and if not, probably some oth
er judge will be supplied.
The House of the Colorado Legisl
ature has passed an anti-cigarette
bill, making it a misdemeanor to buy,
sell, give way, or have in one'3 pos
session cigarettes or cigarette papers.
The measure will have to pass the
Senate before becoming a law.
John Anderson, ono of the ginger
cake variety, disappeared last Friday
night and Mr. W. J. Fife, of Char
lotte, a well-known merchant, is short
a $100. The negro had been sent to
collect a bill. He was given a hun
dred dollars in payment of the bill
and he skipped.
On Friday morning a barn of Mr.
C. R. Montgomery, five miles from
Concord, was destroyed by fire. There
were five mules burned to death,
worth in the aggregate of about $1,
000. A lot of corn, fertilizer and
other property was also consumed.
There is no clue as to the origin of
the fire.
In the Federal Court at New Bern
last week B. F. Sanders was sen
tenced to the Federal prison at Atlan
ta, Ga., to serve one year and one day
for violation of the internal revenue
laws. Sanders openly defied the of-
ticers tor a year or more before he
was arrested. Four other prisoners
will be sent to Atlanta along with
a young wnite boy by name of
.Robert Smith, son of a New Bern gro
cer, was arrested in Wilmington Sat
urday afternoon upon the charge of
forgery. He purchased some gro
ceries from a grocery store and pre
sented for payment a $25 check, re
ceiving twenty dollars In change. The
check purported to be given by the
National Biscuit Company.
Loses to Virginia.
vuaiiwucanuc, v a., Ayril 69.
The University of Virginia debating
toQTn f nnlnrTie a wii
vbuau tu-mgut Bvwicu. a Yiutuij over
the team of the University rof North
Carolina in a debate on the income
tax amendment to the Federal Con
stitution. W. T. Jovner and W. A.
Dees composed the Carolina team,
hile Lewis Lyree and M. L. Levy
e Merlin ln UiIas!oa' Frost caused some- slight darusef 5aa to fmhc ium Trmu
1 1 lb H crop on May 2nd in soe Washington. D C, April T A
Lexington. N. C. April 27.Thei tfecUoss of Oklahoma, Afkaacu. and! bin protUl&s for th t&hftmtftt of
firl Sute meeting of the Patriotic! Kaaaaa, ithe National HaW of fleprea
Order Sons of America waa called to ; from Jtl to 433 neobflrs,
here this morning. The contention The War Department will not j aad tfc apportionment of the saea
is for the purpov? of perfecting a -Lscdon Fort McPhersoa (In Ca.). as ? Kr t th. --,. c.-.
Stale organization for North Caro-fa military pott a waa first reported
Una. The town is fall of delegates!
from all parts of North Carolina andi
national officers from Pennsylvania.
Virginia and other States.
Meetings were held this afternoon
and to-night when officers of the
State camp were elected.
After preliminary organization the
following officers were elected for one
i past State President. C. F. Caudle.
J Lexington; State President, T. D.
! Brown, Salisbury; Vice-President, M.
: T. lUy. Italt!Kh; Master of Form.
J- W- Colloeb. Islington; Sute S -
ireUry. SC. r. Smith. Fayetteville;
Treasurer. T. Ivey. Cary; State Con!
r. r- i u'i,i. ck.iu. o.
lem; Trustees, G. W. Murray, J.j
rranK Aaams, jemro Aimona; .a-
tlonal Representatives, W. D. Gaster.i
Fayetteville; D. L. Sides, Salisbury;!
j Assistant Secretary, M,
! High Point; Chaplain,
! Halley.
j The per capita tax was fixed at 7
j cents, of which goes to National
j CamD. " The work of organization
was placed in the hands of the Execu
tive Board, which consists of the
President, Secretary and Treasurer
and Master of Forms. A resolution
of thanks was tendered the citizens of
Lexington and the local camp for the
hospitality and kindness shown the
vistiors. There are forty-seven camps
of the order in the' State and each
camp was represented to-day except
two. Eighty-seven delegates were
present. The membership in the State
now amounts to about seventeen hun
dred. Concord was selected as next
place of meeting and the meeting set
for the third Tuesday in May of each
Man Who Burned Masonic Temple
and Several Other Buildings at
Rocky Mount is at Last Doing
Rocky Mount, N. C, April 28.
George L. Judge, the young man who
was arrested a half-dozen years ago
upon the charge of burning several
buildings in this city, among them
the Masonic Temple, when the city
suffered a loss of about a hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, has con
fessed that he set fire to the Masonic
Temple, and the much conjectured
point in which about half of the citi
zens were divided has been settled.
Judge was by far the slickest fire
bug that this city ever had to deal
with, and there were many that be
lieved he set fire to the Masonic Tem
ple, the Robbins building and other
buildings in the city.
He was taken upon the charge of
burning a stable and feed room at
North Rocky Mount and it was for
this that he was convicted and sen
tenced to five years in the peniten
tiary, though there was little sub
stantial evidence for the man's con
viction and there have been many
that have declared openly and above
board that he was falsely convicted.
P. G. Southern and Twelve-Year-Oltl
Sold Found Guilty of Murder.
Winston-Salem, N. C, April
F. G. Southern and his twelve r
old son, Herman, were convicted in
Surry Court, at Dobson, yesterday,
for the murder of Southern's son-in-law,
John Wall, at Pilot Mountain,
last fall.
The senior defendant wras given a
term of nine years in the State's
Prison at Raleigh, while the son goes
to a reformatory for four months. Mr.
Southern is fifty-six years old, and if
he serves his full term he will be
quite an old man when he gains his
Southern and Wall got into a dis
pute over the storage of some leaf to
bacco In the basement on the tetter's
home. Wall was stabbed, and it was
alleged that Herman Wall inflicted
the wound that caused Wall's death a
few hours after the difficulty.
Bird Dog Robs a Bank.
Kings Mountain, N. C, April 28.
A bird dog wandered in the People's
Loan and Trust Company to-day and
picked up a package lying on the
floor and walked out with it. Clerks
did not see him. About a half block
away he dropped the package on the
sidewalk and tore the paper ' open.
His action attracted the attention of
a passer-by and took the package
away. It was found to contain a de
posit ticket and $18 in silver and
The dog evidently thought that he
had done something criminal, for he
struck out post-haste down the street
and went up stairs to a law office.
We are not far wrong when we sav
that the majority of people suffer
irom ailments caused by disordered
Blood. Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy is
a most wonderful Remedy with 35
years' clean record as a Blood Purl.
fier and Tonic. Twelve bottles ($10.
express prepaid) will tone up your
system, give you appetite, irive von
flesh. Ask your druggist, or write,
Kittreli, N. C.
General NeiVs.
The Senate Committee oa Jud!cli
ry reported favorably the House re -
oiution for the direct election of
Lnitet btatea Senators, j The proposed s!i of the House is
Identical with that provided for ln
The bank of Remont. in Hast-? the Crumpacker bill, passed by the
lags. W. Va.. waa visited by robbers 1 House at the last session of Con
Monday night. They blew open thetgress. but not acted "upon by the Sen
safe and escaped with $1,500. ate. The Houston bill. pased to-day,
I leaves to the Legislature of the dif
The Democratic politicians of the! ferent States the power to re-arrange
Northwest will hold a conference in j the Congressional IM.trtrt. in thtr
St. 1-aul. Minn.. June J.t. Bryan and
1 Parker wlM b. among the .peaVer on
i that occasion.
tw 1 n- 1.1 ti i
Germany, that can actually talk. The
aog speaxs in uerman.
Forty-five additional postal banks
v. -""au, , " u luoiQiicu iu onuuu-viMs tusi- i
J. C. Griffin,! offices on May 1st and on July 1st !
ithe service will be further extended
to other second-class offices.
ine uatn mud trust case will be
heard by United States Circu
of Appeals in Richmond on
Judges Goff, Pritchard and Rose
Argument of cases have been sus
pended in the Supreme Court of the
United States until next October. The
court, however, adjourned to meet on
the 15th and 29th to announce de
cision. Joseph Nash was put to death in
the electric chair at Auburn, New
York, yesterday for murdering his
son-in-law. Nash was a prominent
citizen of Waterloo, N. Y.
A hundred and fifty thousand dol
lars worth of opium seized at differ
ent times by custom officers was
burned Tuesday under the United
States marshall's direction at El
Paso, Texas.
Benjamin W. Conoway, a young
white man of Wilmington, Delaware,
was arrested Saturday afternoon up
on a warrant in which Conoway is
charged with offering to bribe a voter
at an election in Wilmington.
As a result of orders issued Sat
urday to close the steel rail mills of
the Tennessee Coal and Iron Com
pany at Ensley, Ala., 2,500 men were
thrown out of employment. It is be
lieved that the shut-down will be only
Because of a suspected case of
smallpox in the steerage, the steam
er Haverford, from Liverpool for
Philadelphia, was detained at the
government quarantine station, near
Philadelphia, and more than one
thousand persons aboard were vacci
nated before the vessel was allowed
to go in port.
The $10,000,000 collateral trust 5
per cent bonds issued in 1901 by the
Seaboard Air Line Railway, and the
$4,651,000 collateral trust 5 percent
bonds issued by the same company
in 1904, matured Monday and are
being redeemed in New York. The
officials of the road, say that it is
now in good shape.
r W A w I
1UC ""vicuuns in iNonoiKinim as a merchant Several Con
va.. unaer tne new statute for nan.
dering or defaming- one's own wife
for pecuniary gain, went to trial in
Norfolk Tuesday, when John Ander
son, after trial, was sentenced to five
years in the penitentiary and fined
$100. Joe Epstein, who entered a
plea of guilty and threw himself on
the mercy of the court, was given
three years.
Resolutions embodying' appropria-'
tions aggregating $35,000 for special
religious extension work were adopt
ed at the executive session of the
Board of Church Extension of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, South,
at its meeting in Richmond, Va., last
Friday $10,000 goes to Seattle,
WTash.; $10,000 to Oklahoma City,
and $10,000 to the mining districts
of Eastern Kentucky, and $5,000 was
appropriated for work at Key West.
Ohio Bribery Charges to Be Investi
r 1
voiumDus, Ohio, May 2. The
Franklin County grand jury met to-
aay to consider the bribery charges
involving about forty memebrs of the
Ohio Legislature. On Governor Har
mon s advice, the matter waa taken
Deiore the grand jury instead of the
legislative committee, to prevent the
accused members from escaping pun-
a&ument tnrough Immunity plea.
Balked at Cold Steel.
"I wouldn't let a. doctor cut my
"5" "aId H D' Ely,-Bantam.
Ohio, although a horrible ulcer had
been the plague of my life for four
years. Instead I used Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve, and my foot was soon
completely cured." Heals Burns
Boils, Cores, Bruises, Eczema, Pim
ples, Corns. Surest Pile cure. 25c
at all Druggists.
issuvtiiGK notsi;-MctnRnsiitr.
i mis ic
Hoe twurrmmltur lt
, U of the population shown by the
rm JV.t . ' .J
h0jm early this err&i&f fir
j efforts of members of both partiea to
, aEsend it In important Particulars.
j t.on ta... of
21 1 877 of Inhabitam.
! ThV .'n Mm,m,
. . .
j Governors of States, when the Legis
i latures had failed tn rt- an iimiti.
'the House In the future to a member-
Uhip of 430 or 433. leavine future r
appoiniments to tne Secretary of the
Department of Commerce and Labor.
The increase of th t thi
! House was agreed to by members of
I both parties, but many Republicans
! attacked
A resolution calling unon th At-
torney-General to give Congress all
facts in his possession relative to an
investigation of alleged violation of
the Sherman anti-trust law by Frank
B. Hayne, William P. Brown, James
A. Patten and Eueene Scalps In th
formation of a combination to ad-1
vance the price of cotton was re-in
'-Vf ' bI
t?o ,
It on the Ground that it t?nit. k.. , r i
m e the "OU8e raor irrrv-rH
wins .. ;, .";, .,:, , , P w thought of in thin uos
j io investigate itton Trust. 'r,T n ' 8taie1 inaM funeral will take place at Kni4,
In;XTT J . T V V'isfactory. and with the high price of
a7; r. , V , ..ecuus me c tt farmers decided that there
ie."!!:mi.tolMU,tUte a? in"l8 moi money in the fleecy stable
..t) aC5CuuuuSp,iat7
uu ue pari. 01 persons not named to
reduce the price of
price of cotton between
August, 1909, and June, 1910, and an
resolutions were referred to the judi
ciary committee.
The Army Shoes.
A senKatlon was sprung in the""0 . luey "ou,u susuun y sai
House to-day when Representative
Gardner, of Massachusetts, intro
duced a resolution of inquiry in re-
sponse to a charge by Representative
Diffenderfer, of Pennsylvania, that
money and influence were being used
to give an Eastern manufacturing
concern a monopoly in the contracts
for shoes for the army and navy. Mr.
Diffenderfer said he could prove his
assertion, and as a result Mr rjr.i'-
n,n .vo
i tarTofThevy to'r all poj
A New Precedent in the Chinese
"Exclusion" Law.
Washington, D. C, April 27. A
precedent which may be itnerpreted
to lead to liberalization of the Chin
ese exclusion laws, has been estab
lished by the Department of Com
merce and Labor in the case of Lem
Thung, a wealthy Chinese of Wil- tT X " t luw fnnippine
mington N C nmese 01 w Islands than for those in the South-
Thung has 'been held at Boston.' air'
where the immigration authorities CZV f Martha S. Gielow,
found he was attemntimz to ri'P
attempting to re - enter -
this country with irregular papers. '
SpprPtarv Nani h,o aj
v. 1 m ' u. o-l-l",
gressmen made representations In his
The record in the Department
shows that Thung, who is part own
er of a National Bank in Wilmington,
the owner of a large laundry and a
farm, had a New York Chinaman ar
range credentials for his re-entry in
to the United Staes after a visit to
China. He could have claimed the
right to re-entry as a returning la-
Heretofore the Department has de
clined to recognize laundrymen, far
mers and the like as merchants.
Eight Persons Burned to Death in
' Their Homes.
in the fire in which his mother, Mrs.
J .H. Nunn, and seven children per
ished. Edward Nunn, a' brother, is
in a critical condition, while Miss Le
lia, an elder sister, who Is suffering
from injuries, will recover.
The bodies of the mother and eight
children will be taken to Martinsville,
Va,, Sunday morning for burnal. One
thousand dollars was raised by sub
scription to-day.
Oklahomans Order Preacher to Hunt
Another Town.
McAlister, Okla., April 29. In
censed over his remarks on last Sun
day when he preached against danc
ing, twenty-five prominent citizens of
Indianola called on Rev. John L Tin
dell, a Baptist missionary, to-day and
told him that he must leave. They
offered him a buggy and driver to
transport himself to other parts. How"
ever, the minister was allowed to eo
to the residence of another preacher
for the night. - - . r-
Farm Topics
Tt Utl attrta etpitsrt! from
lb air ever e la Wa4San wa
received If Mr. Jaae A- Lk ia
f dr aro. Tb 12b Manufactor
ies Company, of Maxtes. mfx&&
la cri& a assail ass on a l of the
fertiliser from Germany, which they
divided with Mr. Leak, letting him
hat ah-eut sixty poaads. The oil
tare Is a n bUck powder aad sat lit
like coal tar. It Is said to aaalyie
IS per cent ammonia, about half f
which becomes available almot Im
mediately after it U put la th soil.-
Wadesboro Messenger and intelli
gencer. The Department of Agriculture
estimates that there are C20.000
acres in wheat this season In North
" ""'T .1 ' L"lV"
I, 7 .. .
J fJV"?"!. h fV""
vw w rv v.
snow, but reports from the principal
wheat sections now to the State IV- f
part men t or Agriculture are
- ' her is
rapid development, so thattnd .h 1rtJ. ..: -
of 95 is about a
comparison with the
estimate of
- -i
. ..." t found their daughter on tit ' .
A special from Spencer. ltoan'(iR,H fm , Kltiu, , 5
County, to Sunday-. Charlotte Ob-.teBp. She left a note ".U r ;
seaver. says: "Engineer V. A KIs-1 , , llred of Tlnc aI1., , s;;
2l3h, well known on the Southern! aa
for strawberries in this section of
North Carolina and Mr. Klzzlah is
receiving congratulations on account
of his efforts in this direction.
There will not be much more than
half of an average tobacco crop
liiauicu ill LUUIllJ mis
not get plants. Another cause I. that
last season the price paid waa unsat
than the weed
Strawberries, of the Klondyke va
riety, sold in Tarbor as high aa $13
ed. It is now thought that the berry
crop will be short, and this accounts
for the high prices paid, and which
will more than make up to farmers
VlS Inn. i. U . t J . t . . .
Experts Leave This Afternoon for the
East Good Apple Crop.
Mr. A. Connon, of Henderson
County, a member of the State Board
or Agriculture, Is In Raleigh. He
S3V8 that onrtlaa tit 111 T.n. nl.t f 1 t
ms section of the mountains thu
Dr VSiS' W
memDer 01 tne uoard, and they will
leave to Inspect the test farms in
Edgecombe and Pender Counties.
Mrs. Gielow Says We Are Doinj? More
for Foreign Children Than at
Washington, D. C, April 28.
Americans are doing more for the
fYl fir? TT"1 rt f!llrn A A 1 nL11!
jn ' 1""?
llru- oue saia
children in the Southern mountains.
of Tennessee were compelled to walk-
flnSnnn ?ho1' More than ThrSA Pullman to AtlanU.
4,000,000 American children, she leaves Raleigh' 4.05 p.m.. arrive! At
said, were being brought up without lanta 6.25 a.m.. making close co
educational facilities of any sort, and nection for and arriving at Ha
pn7tnlL ,f mCaS WUb "ttle that 8omer3r lowing day after leaviu
tend toward civilization. j Raielgh, 11 a.m.. Mobile 4.12 aju
. , " New Orleana 8.30 p.m., Birmlnifl
ANOTHER DEMOCRATIC SCANDAL 12.15 noon, Memphis, 8.05 p.
lirihe Fund Raised to FinoT Votes of and connecting for all other poiiU
Regular Democrats Sensational This car also makes close connectici
ieiopment in Tennessee Legisla-
Nashville, Tenn., April 28. Out of
Tennessee's politico-legislative dead-
lock this afternoon came a develop-
ment bordering on the sensational hv
the publication of a dispatch from
-.-uuaiu, ui .
County, by Judge E. Ci Rnnri.'
pasture of Livingstone, providing MrJ Greensboro for through Tour
McDonald agreed to bind himsAif t'SleeDer fnr n-nfi, noints.
rr !ll ..
me so-called "rocri-.
Democrats on all questions coming
before the Legislature. The alleged
agreement in writing, McDonald
n K was ne asserts.
on December 31st of last year, but he
explains, for fraternal and political
reasons, he withheld a revelation of
;.uc ulcBea onoe attempt up to this
in a statement to Oia a0
Press at Birmingham thfs atteTno
np absorptioh mm,
home by ihTr,! yourself at
Jffl alao send tM. vtretlaent; tod
free tor trS SS LLhoma
-Tr. Pn-anent cure ui o
Dame, lad, . Suimaea, Box p, Uoto
Mr. McDstSJ.
psu" flita!r. wt
m to p tztt iLy"-
a tertb was Strta tm fi71
b oi4 with th "ttur't
crati la the tuixizt9i
defate4 la la Ui G;n
contest bf a fsslon J t .t
ocrm? and UepahUcar
tern 00 a.
aid held
He dea!el tii v?
a written
pledged Heprwnuti Mt-jv
vote for the repeal of th
and a Bute liquor u. f
Goodpatture declirts MtiJ.?lt
cot sign It and Godpit-.-rL5j
asserts there was ro (
sideratlon Involved. f
Ml IaIm !Urriarr r
(Vmmiu ui.u-
New london, April : M .
Rarringer committed saici
home of her father, mfeo u,r '
mile west of this pUcr. tfc, & n
. it i,i
her sister were In th rAA
momenta after her iuter Mt 7
of a 22 rlfl v it:
! rushing to the room, thr ...l
Oflicer F. C. Wnialiui Fuuml (.U1li;
fur Killing John Hill ItunUnC.
In Buncombe County Sur-n-r
Court yesterday the jury in th raH
of State vs. Watkins, charRa t
the murder of John Hill Iluntint. t
a Black Mountain hotel aboyt $
years ago, after being out all nsRt!,
returned a verdict finding th if
fendant guilty of mantlaughter.
This was the second time th ra
had been tried. The jury could tot
agree at the first trial. Mr. Pa.i
Collins, of Hillsboro, who wai
verely wounded by Watklns at U
time Bunting was killed, wa
principal witness against Watklm
Direct Line to AH Point Nona
South, East, West Very Lo
Round Trip Rates to All Prindp!
at Salisbury for SL Louis and otttt
Western points.
Through Pullman to Washings
leaves Raleigh 6.50 p.m., arrive
Washington 8.53 a.m., Baltimore
1C.02 a.m.. Philadelnhla 12.25 boos.
Xew York 2.31 p.m. This car iaaW
o vuiwigu, auu
POinU North snrl wh;L and
- " WV- I
tor all Florida points.
Through Parlor Car for Ashe!
leaves Goldsboro at 6.45 aia..f"
lelgh, 8.35 a.m.t arrives Asi
with the Carolina Special and tm ,
ing Cincinnati 10 a.m. followluj 4"
after leaving Raleigh, with close
nection for all points North
' Pullman for Winston-Salem
Raleigh 2.30 a.m., arrives Gree
boro 6.30 a.m.f making close coc
tion at Greensboro for all V&
North, South, East and West Jf
car is handled on train No- J
leaving Goldsboro at 10.45 P
If you desire any Inform
please write or call. We are hcr
furnish information as well as WJJ
T. P. A., 215. Fayetteville St-
tickets. W. H. PARNELU T- r
H..P. GARY. General
-"- r
Agent, Washington,
a-b I :

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