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- - :
Ho. 43
V V --
trust In North Carolina
be dissolved.
II r. Fntflrnrluft
V,strn 1V"U -
. that the price of cotton has
e .-ocratlc politicians will
-o t the President every
ay'so fr a year.
Attorney-General Btckett
. . i- A x ,1 mif hnu! I
... v.,.- orn iw ui
'Covf-rnment really prosecutes
w York lady has discovered
w kind of tea. In North Carq
u the men
are still drinking the
o!J brands of "tea.
-" .
0se Democratic paper charges that
c-r-oos Is no Democrat. Well, he is
t0 Republican, and it is now up to
.v, qocialUt to enter a denial.
Rhode Island, the smallest State
the Union, has five tickets in the
eld to be voted for next Tuesday.
Autoit Claim lie Shot in HelM
fcn am Farmer Wjui Approaching
With Drawn Piaiot.
Shelby. N. C, Oct. 29. Because
he allowed his prejudice against au
tomobiles to lead him to the extrem
ity of drawing a phtol on the driver
of a passing car this evening, Sam
Whither, a wealthy Cleveland County
farmer, lost his life. Facing the
drawn weapon in Whlther's hand.
and believing that he Intended to ex
ecute his threat to kill, Mr. Lucius
Randall, a prominent business man
Gaffney. S. C, shot Whither to
The tragedy occurred at 6:30
o'clock this evening two miles west
of Shelby and just across the river.
Mr. Randall, who was giving a party
of children an outing, immediately
turned back to Shelby and picking
up the sheriff and a physician, re
turned to the scene with them.
Whither had been instantly killed.
His pistol, a 38- caliber Smith &
Wesson, lay near his body. The
sheriff at once notified the coroner.
The President is Hearing the
End of His Swing Around
the Circle
palsies' tnat r t4 iato ffTTC Till ST
TAKtiA fVisaeaisy lite Wli
again become independent wlta sep
arate directors and separate slock
holders, .
Mr. Wlckersaaa further asks the
mr after dissolving the irast to
leave open the Government the right
to come la ana cove ior larwrr ei-t
Host Sweeping Anti-Trust
Action Ever Bronght by De
partment of Justice
ta tall vet, feS t&Se
as isitMtJuua st ih
ror&jrti. SJit 0trai
aa m tsi tar4
It s st tmnXtf m?pmv4 Itst
actia Mpast lie gia&t rertrsU
ef t ail d mf at ka4,
Msay U!:t4 lsi aitit4 Ufc-
a fey tte wi?raUc SNtai ta
IvpfMlinj? Oanditlato for Democratic
Xomiaation Ilaa Chanse4 fYont
Making a Campaign Similar to
liryan's The Tobacco Trust
Cae Safety Appliance Act Vp
held by the United State Supreme
Court Turkey Will Finally IUve
to Give Up Fight A New Era for
China Tlie Discovery of Totaah in
the United States Will Save This
Country Many Million Dollars.
(Special to The Caucasian.)
Washington, D. C, Oct. 31. As
President Taft- comes near to the
close of his long swing through the
West, both the friends and oppon-
dera ot th court any Uae dar MSc lUU tUllf
tela will cave a oeneacja arci iai tLMnn e n'ir'i r(
havjig use decision oi me rean w ui i M .ui tra la
wta t&
rlfd out la good faith, and will alsoj
glfe the Government the power to
see how the plans that are adopted
work, so that If the results do not re
move the evils denounced by the Su
preme Court decision that the Gov
ernment can ask for further orders
from the court to accomplish such
pother case
- of much In little.
Concord Officials Charged with Wink
ing at Lawlessness.
Concord was among the first places ents of the administration are watch-
to adopt prohibition, years- before ing and trying to determine tne sit
anv other Dlace In the State, and It
la speaking of the Democratic Sen-
riai fight in this State, the Keids-
kjivs "on with the
has stuck to it, but taking the word
of the local papers it is a monumen
tal failure almost as bad as Ra
leigh. It Is charged that the offl-
cera winK at vioiaters oi me iaw
pormlion Named a Urfeswlaata
Mnt IHu)ve !VfeMlaaU
elude Stne of the IUgrt llaan-j
cier In Ue t a n t ry C Waf
. 5 a
I fer
ttt Zm Us to-4sy
sj Sled,
Wilkea CVaty Mm 103 V
W!atca-SW. Oct. St. Agt4
Workwl l QalrUy and tmly Fmr j 10; fears, Mr. J. tl. CalUr feaa -a
Knew That the CSms-Jck ho- l?
f tpead tbm reaaladtr of fets cays wita
m-nt Wa ltepaHa the U jbU Mr. Covae CalUr. He la ta
itm Will IleUry rood health for a tsaa f hit
ac. ror nve yrs c aaa ewa
one of his daughters la Watasga
County, la reality. Mr. Caller was
In Oraafeburs. a C. at a
Ithe so-called "Steel Trust" was be- long ago cast nis lot yiu wx
hM. ih gun her to-day in the United Slate T , 7, a Zl
upholds the uu uc ' . ..-t .-to do so the balance f his days.
a 1 1 aril Fougfit Cium.
Trenton. N. J.. Oct. The Uov.
Safety Appliance Law Upheld by
Supreme Cocrt.
The Supreme Court of the United i
States has handed down a very ini-;
Ion goes
right of
further and
the Interstate Commerce;-"" "
Commission to enforce the safety ap-lnR trust b
. K,iinr Department of Justice.
cnodK from one noini in a oiaie v
cj "
brought by the
The Kind of Man South CWollaa
lnuKTttl Ve For.
uation and the trend of affairs as It
will bear upon the next campaign.
That the President morougnij
comprehends the situation Is snown
by his notable speech in Chicago on
last Monday night. The President,
another point in the same State, even
when the car on any special trip Is
not going to cross State lines.
This case arose on the Southern
i Railroad. The Southern itaiiway
contended that the Interstate Com-!
will be a candidate for re-election
to the United States Senate If I
am alive and not in artlculo mortis.
.... t Tin V tVia fid-! i iV.i U l r.lnnftfti1 anA aog. ofnr roviowinP the WOrk Of hlS ad
j . r ui w nil n t. w uuj v v i tin in mi. tin e 1 1 1 1 in uiculilui cauv. v ic.v. o
Qiliiv - - . . ,A . . , . 4V, ,,v lav
ily obtained. II sucn De tne case n minisirauon auu tuc
If they before It, and also commenting upon
xvhpn vou hear
politicians talking about free trade
i-st remember that free trade is, the
forerunner of free soup houses
four-cent cotton.
the Democratic want the law enforced there Is a the criticisms of his policies and the ! Uneg The Inter8tate Commerce Com
The Government aska not only ior
the dissolution of the United State
Steel Corporation, but for the d ab
lution of all constituent or subsidiary
companies hich aro alleged to h&ve.. . r . . k.iit. Xa, dead
combined in violation of the Sherman j rn u m o0 for me A tU tay.
law to "maintain, or auempi iu tlQW i am not going to htlp a damn
1 v fit th i . . .... .
merce Commission d ot Ja'e business." There, are thirty-six sub-j Tillman, a. quoted by a cor
power to force . them to Put Uidlary corporations named a. de- rrf dent of th(l AttKtttU Chronicle,
appliances on cars that were hauling fendantB. j
State freight tnat am noi croM ,,uri)0nl Mcrfcan. John D.
way to do It. Greensboro Record.
strPtteth of his oDDOsition, closed his
speech by saying that he believed
and THE UPRISING IN CHINA the country would continue in pow-
er the party oi constructive Biawo-
manship which had accomplished so
mission, on the other hand, contend
ed that a road that was doing an
interstate commerce business should
d then! Government Accedes. Some much to make this country what it
Jiiivx. .. - , - . i , it .
is. But he said, rurtner, mat u m
majority of the people should deter-
is Far From Satisfied
Maine went
tent for liquor. Democratic
Mans advocate prohibition
-v thv think Rtich a move will
JCU lut; v,..
farther their political ends.
If the low price of cotton, high
taxes and Democratic extravagance
does not defeat the Democrats next
jar, then the majority of the voters
certainly hard to arouse.
mine to shift the burden of govern
ment upon the shoulders of the op-
An immediate Parliament and That P
inai iue tuuuuj " " 1
the Army Be Consultea Aoout muCh as it had suffered irom uemo-
.. .. , . nAiiMoe in th ast. but that
Hfnttprs Are Some or tne funner -" w"v"v'" : '
Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie. Chas.
M. Schwab. Geo. W. Perkins, E. H.
Gary, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Henry
C. Frick, Chas. Steele. James Gayley,
ra. H. Moore, Edmund C. Con-
have all of Its cars equipped with j .
safety appliances, ior a iuai r.ivai rinwts. Jr
hauling freight to-day within State Ig Norman B. Ueam, P. A. 13. j
Woodrow Wilson says ne gave up
law because he found he could not be
la honest lawyer and a politician at
the same time. That is certainly hard
oa the Democratic politicians Wil
son included.
When you see Democrats trying to
explain low prices by crying over
production," that means that there
was an over-production of Demo
cratic votes for Democratic Congress
men and Senators at the last election
Ex-Governor Glenn has been up in
Pennsylvania telling the Sunday
school children "Thou shalt not
steal." Might come home and preach
the same doctrine to some Demo
cratic judges of elections.
Demands Made Fighting Between
Rebel Forces and Imperialists
Peking, Oct. 30. The Demand of
the National Assembly for a com
plete constiutional government has
been acceded to by 'the throne. An
Imperial edict was issued to-day,
apologizing for the past neglect of
the throne and granting an immedi
ate constitution with, a cabinet from
which nobles shall be excluded. A
second endict grants pardon to po
litical offenders connected with the
rp volution of 1898 and subsequent
revolutions and to those compelled to
inin in the present rebellion
Concessions Granted Are Far From
Washington, Oct. 31. Yuan Shi
K-ai. the dominating force in China,
will return to Peking in answer w
rmnAiiioi anmrnons only when
TBI U 111 I I 1UI W m mm - - -
Webster's Weekly is now support
ing Simmons for the Senate. It has
tot been so many moons since Web
ster's Weekly claimed Simmons
lands were unclean when, in the
opinion of Webster's Weekly, did he
ash them clean?
the Prince Regent voluntarily relin-
niiishs the power ne now eujuj
- . . I - A A
condemning any Chinese suDject iu
he would have "tne consoiauuu
knowing that after the people had
had one more trial of another Dem-
. . . i . . l A
ocratic administration tney womu
lines would to-morrow naturally be
crossing a State line. The Southern
Railway appealed from the decision
of the Commission and contended
that no authority could force them
to nut safety appliances on cars haul
ing intra-state freight except the va
rious State Railroad Commissions.
The Supreme Court has upheld the
Interstate Commerce Commission on
every point.
A few partisan advocates of so-
called "State rights" have been join-
make haste to return the Republican ' adTn opposing the right
narty aeain to power
The President's enemies have seiz
ed on to this statement by the Presi
dent as an acknowledgment or Re
publican defeat. In this they seem to
i t ArA tViek fart
us very unwise. mucu,
that the President not oijly realized
the situation that the people might
of the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion to thus exercise Its authority
It is noticeable that every big cor
poration that is violating the law or
oppressing the public in any way has
become a strong advocate of State
riehts. They are opposed to, being
regulated by the Federal Government
possibly put in one more Democratic bj tQ fee
administration, but also his iranK
statement that if they did they would
make haste to correct it after one
administration is a most wise and
timely utterance. This declaration
th nart of the President will be
sure to make thousands and tens oi
thousands who may have intended to
vote the Democratic ticket pause and
consider well before taking such a
step fraught with such risks.
Woodrow Wilson's Activity.
or not regulated by the State Gov
ernments. The great railway com
panies are talking State rights and
getting every Democratic politician
with whom they have any influence
to do the same. They are as anxious
to be regulated by the State Govern
ments as was the American Tobacco
Company to be dissolved by Cover
trit.Mn under Ms sham btaie
Uui xava v-
anti-trust law.
A New Era for China,
The revolution in China by the na
Since the Attorney-General
Sorth Carolina has gone to New York
to see that the American Tobacco
Company is properly prosecuted,
have you stopped to count up how
many trusts the Attorney-General
tas prosecuted in this State before
storing outside service?
Governor Wilson of New Jersey,
the leading canuiuate - ! .. . v, r,.ia
ant exeW wlthouj . trial t , uon. - hee-nd con
is tne prevalent unues w.uo hpadwav as to frighten the imperial
ington officials, some of whom ex- ing Ms candidacy. In W-tart government tatontlng wonderful
press confidence that the throne at Dailas, Texas he jtacla to eSSS1 S sto? revolution
yield to the demands oi me lief that tne uemocw r -w- imDerial edlct has been issued by
assembly and relinquish tms pow. nominate a P,: the Emneror of China declaring for
Otherwise It mlgnt oe very m and that tne nominee w uu --7-; I the MtowteBment of a constitution to
for Yuan Shi Kai or any otner uu.- ed. Governor wuson . frampd br a congress to be elect-
nese notable to place -tnemseives statement predicting nu own u, &nd &Uq de
within the power of the throne. nation and his election. clared in favor of removing the Man-
The Chinese army is far from sat- sounds exactly like what the an(1 renlacine them with
isfied with the extent of the conces- country has neard from Mr. Bryan minent native Chinese officials,
sions made by the throne yesterday. in tQree successiVe campaigns which Indeed the Emperor of China has
Armrdine to the State Depart- . madA for the nomination and . . wlll SUDmit to a
ments advices a number of demands m after receiving the nomi- Qf goyernm t a3 Derai aS the LJtt to K.w Tork late'tol
on tne inroue maw nati0n. v
of the National Assemoiy nave nut, observers of the political sit-
Widener, and William P. Palmer are
named Individually as defendants.
The United States Steel Corpora
tion. Carnegie Steel Company. Car
neeie Company of New Jersey, Fed
eral Steel Company, National Steel
Company, American Steel and Wire
Company of New Jersey, National
Tube Company, American Tin Plate
Company, American , Sheet and Tin
Plate Company, American Steel Sheet
Company, American Steel Hoop Com-
m. . n 1 J mm. . Amx m w Am. vm
pany, American uriuge umau; ,
Lake Superior Consolidated iron
Mines, all of which were organized
under the New Jersey laws, and tne
H. C. Frick Coke 'Company, Tennes
see Coal and Iron allroad Company,
and the Great Western Mining Com
pany, are named as corporate de
Louis W. Hill. James N. Hill. Wal
ter J. Hill. E. T. Nichols and J. H.
Gruber are named as trustees in con
nection with ore companies.
The Steel Corporation's lease of
the Great Northern itauway s ore
properties, which the directors of the
Steel Company to-day formally ae-
cided to cancel. Is alleged to be Ule-
eal. This action of the directors was
a Von hut a few hours before the
The Government acknowledges
that It was advised of the Steel Cor-
noratlon's intention in this respect.
but states that under the terms of
the lease no cancellation would be
effective until January 1. 1915. and
there is no limit upon the amount of
nra thai ran be taken out in the
Sensational allegations fairly top
ple, over each other In the Govern
ment's petition, which Is an equity
proceeding, praying for injunctions
to estop continuance of the alleged
monopoly and such other relief as
the court may grant.
3farsliall Serves Papers.
Trenton, Oct. 26. A Deputy TJ. S.
Reported That Five Thousand
Were Slain tnd Seven
Thousand Captured
Turks and Arabs Havo Re-Captared
Outskirts of Tripoli's Capital
Austria Threatens Attack Mutiny
in Army and Revolt U Brewing.
A Democratic exchange says that
conditions in the Nation are very
yet been granted. Among tnem arej Governor Wilson has
the following: ' nQt strengthened his position before
. An immediate Parliament; that country during the last month,
constitutional amendment originate The people have begun to compare
in Parliament; that the army, muus" !Ms ormer very conservative uu,er-
iihiect to the control 01 me - U.M and reCord with his very aa-
1 . . J I Jnmasflli trnil- . ....Minil 11 A
c!.v,n , tona nornr tie noi usea in wwuv.w I ronpod views now eiyicoacu "
77, 7 k TI bles except under regulations adopt- ;:ing for the nomination. One
And the voters should remember that , -v Parliament: that Parliament irifV fnently Btated that If
year following 1892 the price of th Premier, he to appoint Wilson a few years ago
otton nttom. Certainly theUfiutAra of State: that Parliament ftninloris on public quesUons bo
voters do not wish to face those con- approve the budget and an treauw radIcally different from what he nas
ju.. i nffnnf!nc ttiA eenerai micicai, fh.t t i nest ior uie tuuuu;
unions aeain. ,io f :
mnntrv: that tne quauuwuuui. v I titq ft tn Ree D.OW long 11 Wlii ue ucw
i Tnpmhprs of Parliament L , vIaws aeain before
Some of the Duncan insurgent Re- npA. and that the army4s to j ... at the neim 0f the gov-
Kublieans are advocating the re-elec- bft consuited in regard to these maj- t. of tne greatest nation on
tion of Sotiatnr JJlmmmis on thel rora. I A9.rt.h-
ground that he is for protection for Fighting Continues. Dissolution of the Tobacco Trust.
umDer and cotton and that he Is a Pekine. Oct. 31.-jms"""b . .. , mtrom has
" w i t ifi. a aviiav-i ynMi hi ww iii -'"-- liw
and the lmpenaiisw
parliamentary government of Great RarVo ,100n J. P. Morgan. Chas.
Britain, wnere we inB Schwab. Elbert H. Gary and John
only in name and has le3s power
hon n President of the United
w ' ' 1
States. The concessions made by
the royal family meet every demand
of the revolutionists except the es
tablishment of a genuine republic
with a president to be elected by the
D. Rockefeller copies of the bill In
equity filed here asking for the dis
solution of the U. S. Steel Corpora
Caae Was Worked Up Quietly.
Washington, Oct. 26. The filing
Pretty, good Republican anyway.
Mr. Simmons wa honeatlv for pro- continues. ia . J'-J I na9 Deen charged by the Supr
tection mr Q.,. ,MM reDeis"1"f" .:r;.Ti hl court with the duty of directing the
uj luiufc xw "'v o cfanoo I .RTft anvices I .... . I j iV.
Democrauc party and Join the that Hankow city was; not re- lTeZ.
. i ... mm. iijMn o irnniiwri i-hiil v&ca?w
wny or protection. We can't have taken by tne imperially, . . . c f the nlaM of dissoluUon
Tchang capturea ine r- ""i.---' the Amer-
. . ...I
ior anything else in the South, unless way.slL " -however, the ican Tobacco Company.
Viuuuai; , vw . r "
The Attor
nmisea. uuwcfc, 1 . . . ji...
have protection for the not been, resumed neyeneralpomu ou
nd the labor of all the remainder of n0r
vice rBHm it comply with the decision
has tftlegrapn coaauu - - .fvnnnd com-
people. It is doubtful wnetner even of gtcel Trust suit to-day was a
these great concessions will satisfy 1 bombshell to official Washington.
the revolutionists and stop hosui- It ls tbat only four men knew
itles. of it. so closely did the Department
The native Chinese who have been cf Justice safe-guard Its r action
forced to wear a queue as a badge of against leaks. . e
subjection to the Manchus who con- Attorney-General Wickersham, his
quered them nearly four hundred secretary, Frank Cole, and J. M.
years ago are cutting off their queues Dickinson, former Secretary of War,
as an evidence of independence and tne Government's special counsel !n
eternal hostility to the -Manchu dy- tne case are the first three who were
nasty. in the, secret.
The wonderful upheaval in China j It u'nreaumedVtf course, that the
is one of the most striking evidences ffmrttl WM the President of the
yet in the world's history of the united States.
great reform that is going on every- soecial aeenta of the Department
where toward local self-government cf justice have been at work on the
and the rule of thep eople in all gov- case gathering evidence at various
ernments. It was only six years ago times during the last three years. It
that the people of Russia forced a wag stated at the Department of Jus-
constitutional government from the 11 that this evidence eo gathered
Czar., Only a few months ago the bad been supplemented by some of
people of Mexico overthrew the Dlas the testimony given before the Stan-
C Continued on page 5.) - jley Committee of the House of Rep-
Trieste, Oct. SI. Italy has seised
and occupied the Turkish Islaads of
Rhodes and Lesbos, according to dis
patches received here from lit lan.
This is highly offensive to Austria.
Vienna, Oct 31. The outlook in
Italy Is alarming to-day.
King Victor's forces in Tripoli are
threatened with worse than the dis
aster which has already overtaken
them. There Is danger of a clash
with Austria. An anti-militarist and
anti-monarchist uprising ls immi
African news ls still meagre owing
to the Italian control of the cables..
but It seems certain that the Turks
have re-occupied the outskirts of the
city of Tripoli and are likely to drive
the Italians out entirely.
Think Italians Lost 5,000 Killed,
Reports' that the Italians lost 5,000
killed and had 7.000 taken prisenera
are accepted here as true.
Should the Turks recapture Tri
poli they can hardly be blamed If a
slaughter of Italians follows after the
brutality of the Italian massacre of
the Arabs men, women and chil
dren Inside the city Just before the
Turkish attack began.
How many were slain ls uncertain,
t . AA I- 11.1.1- 4 W. Va
native population was practically
wiped but under the pretense that
they might attack the Italians from
the rear while the letter were en
gaged with the Turks.
The shooting of Colonel Btroppa
by Private Gaetano Masetti as the
Twenty-fifth Infantry was leaving
Bologna for Tripoli yesterday was
not an isolated act of mutiny. Near
ly all the troops on their way to the
scene of hostlltles are rebellious and
the utmost difficulty is experienced
by their officers in handling them.
Official dispatches say his comrades
wanted to, lynch Masetti. The truth
Is that wide-spread sympathy is felt
for him.
What especially concerns Austria Is
the Italian Cabinet's decision to carry
out a big naval demonstration In
Turkish waters in defiance of Aus
tria's warning that Italian activities
must be confined to Africa.
The Impression In official circles
here Is that the Italian Government
has lost lis head and that the gravest
consequences may result from its
present outbreak of irrationality. The
rfdfenlons eua of th Italian vic
tories at the beginning of the Tri-
polltan campaign Is attributed to the
fact that the Turks were taken whol
ly by surprise. It is believed they
are ready now to put up a desperate
fight : ,
Turks Capture Two More Forts.
Constantinople. Oct 31. The
Turks have captured two more forts
at Tripoli, according to Government
information here, forcing the . Ital
ians to entrench within the city It
self, abandoning quantities of arms
and ammunition.
been - re-established.
nnicsa an ." -

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