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Mo. 12.
Crime Committed At Hlllsville Court
House Partly Avenged Kleventh
Hoar Attempt to Commute Sent
ence Was Foiled When Governor
Mann Returned to Virginia,
Richmond, Va., March.28. Mum
bling a prayer and crying half audi
bly that he was ready to go, Floyd
Allen, a lawless product of the Vir
ginia mountains, whose refusal to
, accept a short prison term for a
minor offenseled to the wholesale
-court murder In Hlllsville one year
ago, limped to the death chair In the
State penitentiary today, eleven mln
utes ahead of Claude Swanson Allen,
his son.
The sentence of the court, held up
for six hours while desperate and
.dramatic efforts were being made to
:save the condemned men by eleventh
hour appeals to the Lieutenant Gov
ernor, was speedily ordered to pro
ceed when Governor Mann hastened
back to Virginia soil to take charge
of a situation which was sensational
and exciting to a degree. The pris
on superintendent, acting entirely
within the law, agreed at 2 o'clock
this morning to defer the execution,
giving Attorney General Williams an
opportunity, meanwhile, to pass upon
the constitutional right of Lieuten
ant Governor Ellyson to interfere.
But the young son of Governor
Mann reached his father in Phila
delphia by telephone less than an
hour after the delay had been or
dered and by 8 o'clock today the
Governor was again on Virginia soil
Incensed, as it afterward developed,
by the unexpected effort to take ad
vantage of his , temporary absence,
when he had repeatedly refused
clemency, the Governor boarded an
early train, arriving in Richmond at
11:30 o'clock.
Men prominent in official circles
of the State who waited in the Cap
ital for a final plea to the Governor
were turned away, as his secretary
handed out this statement from the
"Hearing at five minutes to 3
o'clock this morning of the action
taken in the Allen case after I left
the city, I considered it my duty to
hurry .back. . I simply desire to. re
peat that after the most careful ex
amination of the evidence in this
case, I have not the slightest doubt
of the guilt of Floyd and Claude
Allen, and I will not interfere. The
law must take its course."
Justice is Fighting (Herman And
Simmons Will Daniels Stand by
His Progressire Friend?
Daniels Has Trained With i Both Re
actionaries and Progress! ve-The
Slashing of the Tariff and Hie
Threat to Holiness Canada Wait-
iug for Uncle Sam to Enrichen Her
People -Storm and Flood in West
and Middle West Worst in History
of ; This Country Government
Sends Aid.
sin, airsnci: sniis em cm
That Country Announces Unreserved
Acceptance of Proposals andThanks
Powers for Mediation Balkan .Al
lies Not Yet Agreed. )
Constantinople, April 1, The Tur
kish Government to-day announces
that it has unreservedly accepted the
peace terms proposed by the Euro
pean Powers, bringing to an end the
Balkan war. The Turkish foreign of
fice hand'i the Ottoman acceptances
to the dean of the diplomatic corps
here, accompanying the missive with
an expression of thanks to the pow
ers for their mediation.
The Balkan allies 'and powers are
.still not agreed on peace terms, so
the action does not necessarily mean
the end of the war.
(Special to The Caucasian.)
Washington, D. C., April 1, 1913.
Last week the country was startled
with the news from the West and
Middle West of the damage to life
and property caused by a terrific hur
ricane, which, in part of its course
amounted to a cyclone. It started
out in Arizona, crossed Nebraska
and took a zig-zag course through
Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and
then split up and passed out at sev
eral different points to the Atlantic
The damage west of the Mississ
ippi River was chiefly in the destruc
tion of very many farm and city
houses and a large resultant loss of
life. The destruction in the city of
Omaha was unusually severe. When
the storm passed the Mississippi
river, it was followed by an enor
mous downpour of rain, continuing
for several days and in some cases
amounting to a cloudburst. This has
caused the frightful floods in Indiana,
Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and West
Virginia, which have exceeded any
thing known in the history of this
President Wilson was appealed to
for assistance in the shape of food,
clothing, tents, pontoon bridges, .etc.
He ordeeri Secretary -of War Garri
son, to at once fit out a special train
with supplies of. every kind above
mentioned, including medical sup
plies, also nurses and doctors, to as
sist in the work of relief, and to go
with this train in person. At this
writing the flood waters are reported
to be receding in Dayton, Columbus,
and other points north of the Ohio
river, but at the same time the
threatened floods down the Ohio and
Mississippi rivers are growing every
hour and will probably exceed any
floods for many years.
About a year ago this country and
the whole world was startled by the
wreck in a collision with , an iceberg
of the newest, largest and most mag
nificent steamer afloat, the Titanic,
and the frightful loss of life. That
great calamity appealed tremendous
ly to the imagination of the country
and the whole world, but it will not
compare in magnitude to the fright
ful Ipss of life and property in these
floods and storms.
The commission form of govern
ment was verwbellmngly defeated
in the election in Durham Tuesday.
Ex-President Taft arrived at New
Haven, Connectieutt. Tuesday to
take up the Kent professorship at
Yale. -
Geo. M. Bowers, Commissioner of
Fisheries at Washington, Tuesday
sent his resignation to President Wil
son. . y -
Anti-prohibitionists won in Colo
rado Tuesday in a majority of places
where local tickets were elected and
the liquor amendments voted upon.
Hereafter, postmasters In the larg
er offices of the country are to be
held strictly accountable for the time
and personal attention they give
their officii! duties.
Engineer, Conductor and
Were Killed.
A pispatch from Salisbury, N. C.
Monday night says:
Freight train No. 73 was wreck
ed between Hickory and Newton this
morning, and Engineer Will Eagle,
of Spencer; Conductor Ed V. Boyd
and Fireman A. L. Huddle, of Ashe
vllle, were killed. The engine turn
ed over. Huddle and Boyd were
killed instantly. Eagle died shortly
after his extrication, on reaching
Hickory where he was taken for
William D. Haywood, organlzer.for
the Industrial Workers of the World,
was convicted of disorderly conduct
and sentenced to six months in jail
at Patterson, N. J., Monday.
Gustav Puppe, a bs-nker at Kuea
trin, Germany, suspended payment
Tuesday with estimated liabilities of
seven million dollars. Puppe and his
son have disappeared.
Mrs. Jesse May Eaton was indict
ed Friday at Plymouth, Mass., , for
the murder of her husband, Rear
! Admiral Joseph C. Eaton, who died
suddenly some days ago.
J. P. Morgan's body was embalmed
in Rome Tuesday and prepared for
shipment to the United States. A
simple service was held yesterday
over the body of the late financier.
Col. Pascual Orozco, Sr., father
of the former northern revolution
ary leader in Mexico,, has been ex
ecuted by order of Emiliano Zapata,
Rebel leader of the southern Mexico.
Pennsylvania yesterday voted to
have ratified the proposed amend
ment to the National Constitution
providing for the direct election of
Senators. Only one more State is ne
Dr. J. L. Moorefield, a member of
the Guilford County Medical Society
and proprietor of a large drug store
at Guilford College, was convicted at
Greensboro Tuesday on a charge of
retailing liquor.
An unknown man was found dead
n a ditch by the Atlantic Coast Line
tracks near Pembroke, Robeson
County, Friday. The remains were
buried by the railroad company on
their right of way.
President Wilson has informed
the Suffragette leaders that he would
not recommend a constitutional
amendment for woman suffrage In
his mesage to Congress. Mr. Wil
son will leave this matter entirely up
to Congress.
Is Making Fight on Mr. Watt for
Collector f Wtfttni District
Wants no Reactionary Appointed
A few days ago Mr. E, 4. Justice.
of ! Greensboro, was la Washington
presumably to confer with railroad
c facials as to freight rates In North
Carolina. , - :
,r White la Washington Mr. Justice
called oa President Wilson and sev
eral Cabinet officials to enter his pro
test against the appointment of any
reactionary to office in this State.
Asan illustration of his attitude he
let it be known that he is opposed
tolf . A. D. Watts for collector of
Internal revenue in the western dis
trict and told the President the party
ccnld never be made progressive in
this State if. reactionaries are ap
pointed to fill the offices. It is un
derstood that Senators Overman and
Simmons are supporting Mr. Watts.
It appears that "Democratic har
mony" in North Carolina has some
He Got a Slave WEkli Hid Ixbj
Beat Heeded
f niMii Tt;t writ! mi: own.
hard sledding ahead of it.
Used Public Money to Pay Political
Debts Provided for Party Pets
But Could Not Properly Provide
for Schools.
McIU &nl nUkla t Bad Bos
CVat Cotton aad For Oral To
bacco Sail Frrh ia the Memory of
Southern People A Minority Pres
ident Tills Time So gmtifflPBt la
Politic, Xr la Ilai4amw A Oa
lamity Now Pending Has a Talk'
With Pmddent Let Off Eay.
mikinsTllle. N. C, April 1. 1S13.
(Correspondence of The Caucasian
Enterprise.) I her Jit gotten back from Wash
ington, whar I went to help put ia
the new administrashun. I orter
a'bin back sooner but hit took a guda
deal or time to git things straight
ened up an' pulled together after the
woman suffrage riot an' awl the cr
emonies wuz over. I stayed a gude
bit to help hold Josephus Daniels, fer
I wuz afraid he would git the navy
into trouble. The woman suffragists
and Josephus air both fierce. An
other reason why I didn't git back
sooner wuz that I had ter stay an'
After giving the Legislature credit
fnr what littto rr&Ait fa 1iia it. th
Progressive Farmer makes the tol- u bUl , u"1 "
iw tinta mn ago my old friend Phillip McRae. ov
lowing criticism on the shortcomings
of that body:
"Despite promises of reform at the
outset and despite the fact that so
good an authority as Mr. J. A. Brown
declared to the writer that $10,000
Harnett County, held a mass-meetin
an resolved that ho would never git
another hair-cut until a Dymokrat
wuz elected President. About the
same time I resolved that I would
Mr. I relr ShJj"fcr Ar Kwt
HUONd aad lltattww CWperatfcs
(muiUiMlowrt for If Pr44wiftg
Mr. II. K. C lUyaat, gpci3 WV
isgton rcrrespoadeat of t Ne
and Obrr, at Trs4j fff
the foiiowisg special
John C. l"ortr, triary
Greeshoro chats br of coiamtrt.
aad .W. G. CrdsMoa. of the Char
lotte Manufacturers aad Hcrcsattu
Association, r4 tptfor the la
ter lit Commerce ComtnlMion to
day and protected asint las chars
of tho South era Railway attorneys
that North Carolina shippers and
merchants are salUsed ith the
prrut freight rate char.
Mr, Forester said toalHt that
Commissioner Clements said that h
was dlgutd wtth th North Caro
lina Corporation Commiatiaa for
sitting through the hearings her
two weeks ago Aid not prottl&c
arsicBt tb claim that North Caro
lina shippers were satUfied.
Mr. Forester declared that be did
not think the North Carolina com
mlssloncrs knew that the Southern
Ratiaay Is not sincere tn Us promtMi
to adjuat rates.
Measrs. For tcr and Creijtbion
represented ether coramerrial organ
ization In the State. They apok
for Raleigh, Durham, Wilson, Fay
ettevllle, Klnston. Aahevllte, High
Point and Rocky Mount.
Mr. Forester Is particularly bitter
against the North Carolina commis
sioners, whom he charges with neg
lecting a good opportunity to hit a
lick for the shippers of the State.
... . . I no hav anvmore till the country
a session couia oe saved oy orainary " 77 ; , .
business economy we predict that nuia moKra' 1KWWl
the records will show that this Legis- 1 1 to th; InKuratlon
tX.ll , 4 L IUD DUO f (U V n -
man's suffragists an the other side
shows. Lots ov people air sayln that
five or six-cent cotton an other
lature has been one of the most ex
travagant on record. The members,
as usual, started out by paying polit
ical laVkta TirltVi nnMIc flings hv cm.
ploying an unnecessary number of M in the m proportion air
clexks, laborers, etc.. and the men ahead ov us an that the country wll
who had quaked with terror at the again be full ov tramps. -What do I
"deficit" -when public schools were
care for that since I got my whiskers
cut off! The civil service iz what iz
More Officers and Rigger Salaries.
Union Republican.
The recent Legislature did its share
towards increasing offices and sala
ries in Forsyth County. It created
five new offices and increased salaries
to an amount of some $4,000 per an
num for the tax payers to settle. In
the last campaign in this county, the
issue was, made by the Democrats on
Register of Deeds Lentz, who propos
ed to fill the office, if elected, with
out any extra compensation and for
his $2,500 salary per annum. But
Tiis political friends and the Demo
cratic Legislature gave Register of
Deeds Lentz a lemon by having a bill
passed increasing the salaries of
Sheriff George A. Flynt and Clerk ofJ
the Superior . Court R. E. Transou
and left Mr. Lentz out in the cold.
If Republicans had created five new
offices and added $4,000 to the coun
ty pay roll, Democrats would doubt
less have called for; special legisla
tion for impeachment proceedings or
the appointment of extra - officials in
the vain fear that the county was go
ing to the bow-wows.- : -
The Slashing of the Tariff and the
Threat to Business.
It is reported that the Democratic
tariff bill, which has been completed
by the Ways and Means Committee
of the House and which is now be
ing considered by President Wilson,
makes slashing cuts in the protect
ive duties affecting millions upon mil
lions of dollars of property and
thousands of laborers.- This country-
will be lucky If it survives such a tar
iff bill without a disastrous panic.
A Canadian paper, The Montreal
Star, has a cartoon picturing Uncle
Sam tearing down the tariff wall be
tween this country and Canada. Can
ada is represented as standing off
looking on with pleasure and gratifi
cation and saying, "Uncle Sam is
working for .us . and asking nothing
in return. We voted down the Taft
reciprocity treaty, because that tore
down only a part of the protection
wall and made .us pay dear for the
conditions we got. Now, uncle Sam
gives us everything for nothing."
The New Income Tax Law.
It is understood that the Demo-
Hr tariff 'hill, as Drenared,, con
tains a provision placing an income
tax of one per cent on all incomes
above $4,000, with a percentage In
crease by steps until a tax of four per
cent Is levied upon incomes of $100,
000. It isestimated that this in
come tax will raise $150,000,000 rev
enue and that it will take this much
to make up the deficit in the reve
nue, caused by the Democratic tariff
It will be remembered that the
Democrats have always claimed that
they are in favor of a tariff high
enough "to produce sufficient reve
nue," but it now seems that they
have slashed the tariff so low, that
it vlll take $150,000,000 of income
: - (Continued on - page 2.)
mantinnoH froolv vrt(1 Pltm
and extra' mileage to almost every- botherin' me an' thousands ov others.
hc6 in sisht around them before ad- An' just to think, the civil service Iz
. t a uymonrat rerorm sranea wnen
"It is also to the discredit of the Cleveland wuz President. Hit hex a
honorable body that almost before It few eude Pints- Dut after awl, Iz a
was allowed to do any other public S 'raua' BO" ovt poui cf 1 t1
tcina nH Whiift thft "deficit tho benefit ov the ins an to keep the
a v.a. fnnn I ouis at a. saie uibiance. iu uiai rv-
nhn,,. imnt AVPrv other annronria- sPct hit ir. un-American an should
tinn thft lawver members rushed nev bin thrown on the trash pile
through a plan providing four -new year8 as- A ne orainary uusines
judges and four new solicitors and tru8t kin be kePl in cneck DV aw- lf
nut thA "nltneher" on it So that it lue iawB are V
could not even be reconsidered to al- 1Itical tru8t knows no ,aw 8UCh
w nnA nf th four to serve as ane- az hit passes to add to hits own
Hi id of the Torrena Land Court strength. The longer hit goes on
i a nt the stronger hit gets, no matter
Attempted to Publkly Whip Hi Wife
Wliile Waiting for Urn Crp of
His Mother.
A special from Kluston, N. C. Sat
urday says:
Alonto Price, a Greene County
man, crared by drink and grief, at
tempted to publicly whip his wife
while waiting at the depot in Know
Hill for the remain of his mother,
who had died In this city. Byttand
ers prevented his mlttreatment of
the woman. When Sheriff Williams
went to arrest Price the enraged
man attacked him with a knife. In
flicting Blight injuries on the hand.
He was taken before a magistrate
and fined. Price cursed the court
and was imprisoned for contempt,
but released after an hour, lie had
to be remanded because of violence.
Incalculable benefit."
Stephen Humphrey, 14-year-old
son of Mr. -James Humphrey, who
lives near Lumberton, Robeson
County, accidentally shot and it is
believed fatally injured himself a
few days ago while hunting.
In arguing against a reduction in
their ratea before the Inter-State
Commerce Commission Monday, rep
resentatives of the principal express
companies declared their business
had been reduced 25 per cent by the
operation of the parcel post.
Jlovernor Sulzer, of New York, has
demanded the resignation of State
Senator Stephen Stilwell, of New
York City. The Governor received a
complaint from President Kendall, of
the New York Bank Note Company,
alleging that Stilwell had demanded
money of him to pass certain stock
exchange reform legislation.
James E. Hussey and James F.
Thompson, police inspectors, and
Captain John J, Murtha, formerly
acting inspector, of New York City,
have been indicted on charges w of
bribery as a result of the district at
torney's crusade against graft in the
police department. Two patrolmen
and a civilian alleged to be a graft
collector also were Indicted. Nine
teen indictments were handed down
and bench warrants issued for the
six men involved. '
The body of John Sillmon; who
was killed in Houston, Texas, last
week, arrived here this morning and
was shipped to Guilford College for
interment Monday afternoon.' Sill
mon was a Greensboro man and sev
eral years ago went to Texas to en
gage in the contracting business. He
was caught beneath a falling wau
last Thursday; and his life ""crushed
out. - He leaves a wife and two
children, who Were visiting at -Ran-dleman,
N. C, at the time of his
which party iz in.
I said I went ter Washington ter
help put the new President in hlz
seat an' ter make the seat comfort-
The Democratic Legislature the "Rig- able- ike more than a hundred
gest Lemon That the People of the uiousana or omer painom, wenv
State Have Ever Rought. nP1Q j i I JI7 i
shave. My old friend. Phillip McRae.
Waynesville Enterprise. ov Harnett County, an myself wuz In
The weight of opinion of the State the same boat. He made a vow sev-
press, regardless of political persuaa- enteen years ago that he d never git
ion. Is to the effect that the Leglsla- niz nair cut unui anomer uymaarai
ture just adjourned was something President wuz elected. While hit
of a lu-lu. The term "worthless" Is didn't git Into the newspapers at the
too dignified for descriptive purposes, time, I resolved that l d not git a
Says the Asheville Citizen: shave till the same tnmg nappenea.
"The Legislature which expires to- So two ov us Dymakrals bev now got-
..I m. t - lit. a. a l
day or tomorrow, it doesn't matter ien reuei. vn wun me oance, iev
when, will go down In history as one joy he unconnneai But nit cost me
of the biggest lemons that North fifty cents to git the shave In Wash-
leader of Ixndon Suffragettes May
Serve Iong Priaon Sentence.
Ixmdon, April 1. A true bill
against Mrs. Emeline Pankhurst was
returned to-day by the grand Jury
on a charge of indictment to commit
damage. Mrs. Pankhurst was arrett
ed on February 21 In connection with
the destruction of the country resi
dence of Chancellor Lloyd George.
The offence is punishable with penal
servitude for a maximum term of
fourteen years.
Carolina ever bought."
Superior Court Judges Reversed.
Statesville Landmark.
They wuz a rite smart crowd ov
people in Washington to Mr. Wil
son put In, though not many from
the South. Our people wuz afraid
In handing down decisions In four- they'd- meet six cent cotton an four
teen cases this week the State Su- cent tobacco. I reckon the greatest
preme Court upset the Judgment of site at the inauguration wux Jose
the lower courts in eleven of the phus Daniels, Secretary ov the Navy,
fourteen cases. From which It would ex-State Printer and "ex-State sav-
appear that there is some difference er." He put the polish on the whole
of opinion between Superior and Su- business. . This iz the second time
preme Court Judges; and It may the North Carolina folks hev shoved
mean that some of the Judges on the him off on a Dymakratic admlnistra-
Superlor Court bench are not as good tion. Hit gave the Cleveland crowd
lawyers as the position demands. a terrible Jolt an will be hard on the
Convict Kills Deputy Sheriff.' Wilson folks. I reckon they air go-
Deputy Sheriff Ed Strickland, of in' to sell the great battleships the
t t a -
Johnston County, was stabbed - to country nez Din ouuuin aunn me
death and Deputy Stanly badly cut Past thirty years. Judgin by the man
a few days ago by Noell Massengill, they hev put in az head ov that de
an escaned convict, whom they were partment, An I had thought that
attempting to arrest nine miles from onr People air proud or their navyfi
Smithfield. Massengill escaped. iena wuson goi in py acci
dent, lie iz a minority tresiaeni u
they ever wuz one. In round num
bers seven million or more Republi
cans got divided an six million Dy
makrats elected a President.
But a few hundred men, a few
Virginia Sets Example
Durham Herald.
for North
rarnlim criminals nmialW
. .. .1 thousand, at moat, can elect a man
saimim vsfna rTn m UTOFlfiTl nr
rr,n anyway. A few men get together
M mm. I "Hiiuui auracua xnuca aucuuuu u
hsnVIn a fa niiinf9inrrf a fa
Fatal Shooting at Goldsboro. Lfg men an. the Job u done
At Goldsboro Monday Joe Motzno awl but the shoutin. Fifteen mil-
shot 'his father, D. Motzno, a Rus-Jlion voters wrangle an claw the air
sian shoemaker, of that city.- The an 'imagne that they had much to' do
senior Motzno went to his room to
raise a rough house. : He began heat
ing his wife when his son shot him,
killing him instantly.
with hit. The men behind hit awl
didn't go into hit blindly last year.
But they didn't want Mr. Roosevelt,
(Continued oa page 3.)
Ietnocrats and Free Whikey.
Lincoln Times.)
There Is one schedule In tariff
making on which the Democrats have
reversed themselves. That Is the
tariff on liquor. Before the Repub
lican party was born there was no
tax on liquor. It was free of in
ternal duty. The Republicans put a
revenue tax on it. The Democrats
waged several campaigns on "free
raw material and free liquor." But
of late years, since it has grown pop
ular through the efforts of real pro
hibitionists, the Democratic party,
especially in dry States, dotes on pro
hibition. And they would almost
deny, that their party ever stood for
free liquor that is, liquor free from
all revenue or Federal restraint. Yet
such is history.
Beautiful Scheme to Pacify a Long
Suffering Public!
Wilkes Patriot.
The six months' school Mil only
provides for $25,000 additional to
the present school fund of $225,000.
This amount will not lengthen the
school term to six months, but the
bill very generously provides that
any county in the State may .raise
sufficient revenue within its own bor
ders to stretch the school term from
four to six months. It is a beautiful
scheme with which to pacify a long
suffering people.
Body of SeJm Man Cut ia Two By
3Ioving Train.
John Warren, aged 55, Southern
Ralway repair foreman at Selma,
was run over and instantly killed by
a freight train at Greensboro Mon
day morning. The body, which was
turned over to a son from Wilson,
was horribly mangled, a long string
of cars having passed across the
chest and dismembered the corpse.
I The deceased leaves a wife at Sel
ma. Also several children snrvivo

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