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Mill Men Declare New Tarriff
Schedule Will Close Mills and
Throw Labor out of Work
'Congressman Kim Attacked Wash
ington Hanker in a SjK-ecIi Th
Hanker Jjater Attacked Mr. Sims
Personally m thei Street 'orniJs
sion Form of Government in the
Hooded Town In Practical and
Kconomicnl "Mr. Webb of South
Carolina" Should Have King
Mountain Monument Moved or m
New Ono Mrex-ted in the State.
(Special to The Caucasian.)
Washington, I). C. April 'JL 19U.
A few days ago a dinner was got
ten up at the Willard
Hotel for the
Secretary oi
purpose oi bringing
State Hryan and Speaker Champ!' "ne, " named early Monday
Clark togetlier, to make friends and morning. The loss amounted to
bury the hatchet. They met at the $2,000.
dinner and shook hands and each
handed to the newspapers a state-!
merit which had been prepared for
the peace meeting. .
The statements, however, were of
such a cold and stilted nature as
would seem to give a new cause of
offense to each side.
A Congressman Attacked.
Congressman Sims, of Tennessee,
some months ago, during the last
Congress, attacked Mr. (Hover, the
President of the Riggs National
Hank, in a speech on the floor of th
Hous", charging that Mr. Glover had
been instrumental in unloading a lot
of real estate on the government at
a good profit to himself and for a
selfish purpose.
Mr. Glover, who, by the way was
born in Macon County, N. C, met Mr.
Sims on the street a few days ago
and made a personal assault upon
him for the statement contained in
his speech in the House.
The Constitution makes every
member of Congress immune from at
tack tor any remarks used in debate
in Congress. The House has appoint
ed a committee to investigate this at
tack with a view to having Mr. Glover
arrested and brought before the bar
of the House and tried on a charge
of contempt.
There are a number of precedents
for such action on the part of the
House, where a member has been at
tacked in a similar way.
The Commission Form of Govern
ment. Tlmw who favor or onnose the
commission form of government for hfe insurance policies paid upon the
cities should take note of the fact death of the Person insured shall not
that every one of the cities in Ohio be included as incomes."
and other western States, that have;
been devastated by the recent floods The democratic tariff bill was re
and storms have been forced to ig-; Ported to the House Monday and re
nore their present aldermanic forms ' lerred to tne Wa s and Means Com
of city government and resort to the' mittee and th(Jn reported back by
appointment of a commission of three i committee: the Senate will give some
or five of the leading citizens of each "earing on the various schedules,
town to take charge of the welfare
of persons and property of each city: Tnree stores at China Grove Ilow"
that has suffered so terribly. ! an County, were burned Sunday af-
MnfUno. pni.U lllncfroto mnro f nr.
i 1 Vl" Wlf,
cibly the economy, efficiency and ef
fectiveness of a commission form of
government than what these western
towns have been forced to do in their
dire need.
In short, the old form of city gov
ernment, with ten, twenty or thirty
"aldermen representing so many dis
tricts completely broke down in use
fulness under the appalling condi
tions which these towns recently
faced. Therefore, they at once turn
ed to the appointment of a commis-j
sion of their leading citizens to take! The dead bodies of Mrs- Sleep and
charge of the entire affairs of eachlher two ounS children were found
town. If such a method is necessary!111 a cistern at the Sleep home, near
and so effective in a crisis, how much!E,Sin. m- a few da's ae- Herman
,Ar0 nrv tr hvp this effective I Coppers, 16 years old, a boy of un-
form of government at all times.
Raleigh has just adopted the com
mission form of government, and
Charlotte, the largest city in the
State, has, unfortunately, just voted
down the commission form of govern
ment. Therefore, these suggestions
are now especially commended to the
citizens of Charlotte, who have tem
porarily delayed this great and
wholesome reform.
The Cotton Mill Men Still Protesting.
The cotton mill men of the South
are still protesting by telegram, hy
letter and by coming here in person
against the reduction of the protect
ive duties on cotton by 50 per cent.
They declare that such a reduction
will close most of the mills and throw
their laborers out of employment.
They further declare that it will re
duce materially the price of cotton to
the farmer and are appealing loudly
to the Democratic Congress to leave
the duties as they are.
There is but little . prospect that
their appeals will be heeded. There
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1 Vance County voted for a $2')j,00u
.bond issue Tuesday for good roads.
Wayne County will build a new
(Court houw to cost not over $100,-
Robert C. Ogden was re-elected
i President of the Conference for Fdu
! cation in the South in Richmond
Friday. j
A report from Whiteville, N. C , !
states that Roy Carter shot and kill
ed Lowell Carter at Chadbourn Sat- ,
urday night.
The plant of the Bertie Cotton Oil
Company at Aulander was burned
early Monday morning. The loss is
estimated at $75,000.
Three were killed and twenty-three
wounded by the premature explosion
of dynamite on the Panama Canal
construction a few days ago.
The barns and stock of Hadger How
den, at Dudley, near the Wayne Ccnm-
A negro named Simpson was shot
by another negro named Harris at
Granite Falls Saturday afternoon.
Simpson bled to death about an hour
after t he shoot ing.
Charlotte defeated the commission
form of government last Friday. It
seems there were some objectionable
features to the plan submitted to the
Charlotte voters.
The plant of the Atlantic Coast
Lumber Company at Georgetown, S.
I C, was practically destroyed by fire
: Monday. The damage , amounts to
about a half-million dollars.
j Four Mississipi counties are flood
I ed and half a million dollars damage
is the result from a serious break in
the main levee near Vicksburg; so'
far as known, there was no loss of
The town of Warsaw was visited
by fire Saturday night. Three stores
were burned and much damage was
done to stock in near-by stores. The
total loss was probably fifteen thou
sand dollars.
The home of the Lynchburg Xews,
also the home of The Advance at
Lynchburg, Va., were destroyed by
fire Monday. The loss was eighty
thousand dolars, with insurance for
only seventy thousand.
. .The income tax feature of the tar
iff revision bill has been amended so
aS to Provide that
the proceeds of
lxrl "uu"' 1 "c 111 c OI lIIl a I fu. III me
drug-store of D. C. Swarengin and
quickly spread to the other build
ings. The loss amounts to about
News of the determination of Call-
fornia to pass an anti-alien law di
rectly discriminating against the
Japanese was received with much
concern at Washington; in Japan the
feeling is more quiet than a few
days ago.
sound mind who lived in the family,
has confessed the crime.
Mrs. Story, of New York, head of
the conservative faction, was Friday
elected President-General of the
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion at Washington. There was a
spirited fight over the chairmanship
and. it required two days' balloting
to decide the matter.
Governor Mann, ef Virginia, was
operated on Monday in a Richmond
hospital for appendicitis. He rallied
after the operation and is expected to
recover. Some think the Governor's
condition was brought on from worry
over the case of the Aliens, who were
electrocuted three weeks ago.
Former President Taft has accept
ed an invitation to read a paper on a
subject to be announced later, at the
annual meeting of the American Bar
Association at Montreal in September.
Viscount Haldane, the Lord High
Chancellor of England, will make the
annual address. '
The CrnA Rnth In W.MrA
Continues and is Growing
Worse Daily
v. . , .
.New .Name for the Old-Time Demo-
tratic "Panic" Xo Love f-'eoM j
Nor Picnic in Sight YetOHlce-
Se-ker -Now l'ing Airkhio to Get
Into Die White House The Major
Hunts For a Variety of Potatoes
Timely Advice-The
Signal" or Sign is Another Xor
Wrinkle in Democratic Politic '
Major Hire an Airship.
Correspondence of the Caucasian-Ku-terprise.
(Continued From Last Week.)
Washington, D. C, April 21. 1113.
Well, 1 am still here with both
eyes open a-iookin" fer a job. Every
train an boat that euros in iz loaded
down with dymakrats, most ov 'em
bein' ollis seeners or "leggers" fer
the fellers who think they kin git
in the swim. Most ov the trains
an' boats what cum in awlso carry
pertaiers, Hour, meat an' other
things to eat, fer they iz so many
o.'iis-seekers here that a bread famine
liez bin expected. Joseefus Daniels
an' most ov the oiher Dymakrat
papers hev bin preaehin' that the
Uaypublikins had got awl ov the oliis
seekers in their camp long ago an'
that they wouldn't be nothin' goin'
on if we carried the country exsept
love leasts, picknicks an' oyster sup
pers. Rut I find that most ov the
; party, white and black, iz here or
on the road here. They air cumin'
j in awl sorts ov vehickles, by train,
boats an' automobiles. This mornin'
! 1 noticed several objects sailin' in the
t air over the city. Can't say wheth
i er hit wuz airships or buzzards, but
think hit wuz airships or balloons
1 awl loaded with fellers that helped
; to save the country in November last.
' Feller sitizens, don't come onless
I you kin bring grub ernuff to last you
through the seige, fer the faithful air
awlready growin' thin an' pale
arounu tne gins, an even tne saloons
which we hev fout so long air charg-
j in' fancy prices an' new ones air
j bein' opened daily. Ov course I do
not go inside ov the vile places
less 1 make a mistake an' go
thinkin' hit might be a grocery store
whar I may find some new kind ov
pertaters, fer I am anxious to git a
new kind called "Wilson's favorite"
or somethin' like that which will
grow without much laber, fer we
dymakrats jest hain't got no time to
be killm' weeds an' grass endurin"
ov this critical life, an' death strug
gle. Will say that I stood up. under
the terrible strain fer about three
days an' didn't git airy whack at
the President or Joseefus Daniels fer
a little private talk fer I knowed
that the President had fallen a vic
tim ov a bad case ov nervous trans
portation or somethin', so I conclud
ed, after slippin' down to the Union
depot an' lookin' at the thousands
of offis-seekers who got off each train
' inai 1U I,mKt? """"lei upexaie ei-
a . - a. T i i .i j . r
fort to see the President or perish
; in the attempt. Some ov the fellers
I on the same business that I am give
I me the "distress sign" an' we got to
talkin' on our fiRgers like them deaf
an dumb children at tne scnooi ier
deaf and dumb which iz located at
Morganton, we havin' become too
hoarse to talk in the old way. I
found that most ov them were havin'
jist sich experiences az I wuz havin'.
Finally, az I wuz walkin' along "C"
street I seed a man who owned an'
airship. I got to talkin' with him
an' he lowed that he could fix things
up fer me. Sed he: "I hev an air
ship here an' fer ten dollars I'll take
you up in the air several hundred
feet an' then we will sail along until
! we git rite over the WThite House,
! inside ov the crowd collected around
j hit an' then I'll land the airship an'
let you git out an you kin make a
quick rush fer the front door ov the.
White House. Fite your way thro'
the regiment ov police on duty an' i
maybe you kin git inside safely."
Will you gurrantee that I git in" sez
I. "If you hev the proper creden
tials, I will," sed he.
"What air the
proper credentials?" sed I. "A
willin' mind fer one thing," sed he.
"That machine won't bust nor jump
the track?" sed I. He sed hit wuz
wurranted not to rip, rave nor ravel
out, so I concluded to blow in one
$10 bill anyhow without takin' much
time to think hit over. I had been
through the Civil War, the last two
years ov hit when they wuz some
thin doin' in the way ov fitin', an'
on short rations; I had awlso bin
through more than a dozen political
campanes since the war, includin'
the "red shirt" campane. I hev bin
(Continued on page 2.)
iutk om:iu;xck fails.
'ttaJlroad KhctaU axtd Lt;iUt.e
' otnmJtter Fail to Ajrree n K urr
Conference April 2S.
' Official of the various railroad
and the members of the pelal legia
! lathe commission" held a teis!o& In
Raleigh Saturday to discus freight
rate, for this state
A proposal on the part of the o3-
,ial of the railroads to give to North
. , . . , .
Carolina shippers a schedule of
freight rate reductions on account of
Virginia city rate discrlroina-
;tions that is estimated to mean about
jflve per cent reduction; the refusal of
j the Legislative Freight Rate Com-
j mission to accept this proposition a
. uot Jn accord wlth thelr former un-
, derstanding; the submission of a
i counter proposal by the legislative
i Commission stipulating a basis of ad
justment making about 2 5 per cent
j reduction and the granting of the
! railroad officials, at their request, un
til April 29th to make formal answer
; to this was the sum and substance of
the conference.
One of the railroad officials inform
ed the legislative Committee that if
the railroads were required to give
i an answer at that time they should
refuse the proposition.
ZATION. Commit tev on Constitutional Amend
ment ApMints Committees and Ad
journs to Meet Again June 1.
The commission on constitutional
amendments met in Raleigh Monday
and perfected its organization Tues
day by the appointment of fourteen
committees and adjourned to Wed
nesday, June 4. at 12 m., in the Sen
ate chamber.
Mr. A. M. Scales is chairman and
Mr. J. P. Cheshire is clerk to the
The following committees were ap
pointed: On Article 1 Declaration of
Rights: Ward, Bailey, Wallace.
! Article 2 Legislative Depart
ment: Houghton, Cooper, Stubbs,
j Connor.
, Article 4 Judicial Departments:
Vailey, Connor, Doughton, Ward,
Article 5 Revenue and Taxation:
Justice, Page, Ward, Rouse, Williams,
Article 6
jt0 Office:
Suffrage and Eligibility
Stubbs, Washington,
: House.
' Article 7-
Municipal Corporations:
Cooper, Wallace, lvie.
Article S Corporations Other
Than Municipal: Rouse, Cooper,
Article U Education; Alexander,
Haymore. Williams.
Article lo Homestead and Ex
emptions: Wooten, Grant, Washing
ton. Article 11 Punishment. Penal In
stitutions and Public Charities: lvie,
Wood, Haymore.
Article 12 Militia: Washington,
Devin, Stubbs.
Article 13 Amendments: Wal
lace, Bailey, Wooten.
Article 1 4 Miscellaneous: Wil
liams, Page, Grant.
Prize Awarded for the Rest
Lumberton Robesonian.
Mr. Fred Brown tells of
a recent
meeting at a negfo
church in Lee
County, in which two of Ham's sons,
ministers, contested for a prize, the
prize being offered to the negro who
could make the best prayer. This
contest was decided by judges and
one of course was awarded second
largest Ship Kver Built in fireat
Hritain is Launched.
Glasgow, Scotland, April 21. The
lagest steamship ever built in
Britain, the Cunarder Aquitania, was
successfully launched on the Clyde
to-day. The vessel is double shelled
and carries boats sufficient to accom
modate 4,250 persons, the entire
complement of passengers and crew.
The vessel has forty-seven thousand
tons gross displacement.
Fourteen Barrels of Whiskey and
Several Men Seized at Salisbury.
Sheriff J. H McKinzIe, of Rowan
County, and two of his deputies Mon
day night seized fourteen barrels of
liquor near Salisbury alleged to be
i the property of P. H. Thraah, of
I Asheville. The latter was held un-
der a bond of $50, and Jim Luck,
Lem Walker and Lee Springs, colored
employes of Thrash, were jailed in
default of bond.
Upon his return from Raleigh
Monday Sheriff McKinzie was inform
ed that a liquor plant was in opera
tion on a large scale near the city
and at once made for the scene and
captured the men, the whiskey and a
full supply of equipments.
It is said the plant was started Sat
urday, while the sheriff was out of
the county, and that the owners were
planning big things.
Republicans Declare Ad Valor en
Daties "i Delusion And
a Snare"
Tar-ifl Hill Kubmittrd bj D-mirrat
InrtruvaMr am) t'nrallrd for, uid
it Snmon Will !w II Hd IUi
fdlde Som Articles PLml on tlx
Frtr MM Whl!i a PnKertJte Tariff
i luUd on tlfcc Material I 1 In
Their Manuf&rlurr ikr Hmttli
on the HuiKt Importer.
Wat.hir.gton. April 2 That ad
valorem duties suco a are propoM-d
in the iK-mocratlc tarifT bill ar- "a
delusion and a Miar." that the radi
cal tariff revision submitted by the
Democrats is inexcusable and un-ull-ed
for and that an accounuiu: iil
come for its enactment into are
contentions of the Republican of the
Ways and Means Commute. n a Iul.
nority report presented to the House
"There is HO excuse for the radi
cal change iti our revenue sMeni
proposed by this Democratic bill."
says the report "The p-op!- h,v
not asked it. The party propin:
it is in power, not by the grace of a
majority on other questions than that
of protection. The administration
has the power to enact this legisla
tion. The accounting of abuse of
that power will tome later."
The report contends that the bill
has caused "intense and widespread
alarm in business circles" and quotes
the message of Democratic C(oernor
Fos to the Massachusetts Legisla
ture describing the proposed act as "a
non-protective tariff for revenue only,
nnreciprocal. destructive, downward,
Asserting that the Democratic bill
"seems to meet with universal ap
proval on the other side of the At
lantic." the report declares that the
protective feature has been entirely
eliminated in the. framing of the bill.
"Xo one will accuse the Democratic
Committee," It adds, "of seeking to
! make up the difference in rot here
and abroad, or even of trying to put
the industries here on a competitive
basis with the industries, abroad.
'"It 5s easily apparent that many
of the duties have been placed on
articles used by our manufacturers
and imported wholly from abroad as
a 'tax on manufacturers' that many
duties have been lowered so they are
much less than the difference In the
cost of labor at home and abroad;
that many articles now paylnc very
low rates of duty have been put on
the free list while the comparative
cost of production here and abroad is
such that it will be Impossible for
business to continue without bringing
down our scale of wages to the level
of the rates paid abroad.
"In many cases articles are put on
the free list while a protective duty
is laid down upon the material used
in their manufacture."
Attacking the ad valorem system
the report says it imposes a greater
tax when prices are high and compe
tition not so keen and a leesr tax
when prices are low and competition
is keener and much more injurious to
the American producer and "that it
bears more heavily on the honest im
porter and favors the man who by
perjury and fraud undervalue his
, goods and escapes his fair share of
Gov. Hooier Vetoe Hills by the
Governor Hooper, of Tennessee,
: Monday returned forty bills to the
Legislature without his approval. In
the case of a majority of them the
Governor held they were Illegally
passed as they were not acted upon
I by a quorum of the Legislature. By
this action he refused to recognize the
"presence" of a band of legislators
: who left the State, but who were re
corded as "present and not voting"
on many ballots. It is reported the
Governor will send back 100 more
bills vetoed on the same grounds.
Abrogation of Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
Washington, D. C. April 21. Ab
rogation of the Hay-Pauncefote
; treaty and the Clayton-Bulwer treaty
which preceded it, is the object of a
joint resolution Senator Chamber
s lain prepared for consideration of
the United States Senate. Upon the
; Hay-Pauncefote treaty Great Britain
j bases her protests against free pass
! age of American ships in the Pana
ma canal. Abrogation involves
joint action by both Houses of Con
gress and the President's approval.
The last treaty abrogated was the
Russian treaty of commerce and nav
igation, because American Jews
were not treated on an equality with,
other American traveling in Russia.
!nYTt.M.iyi TAKI M1TIII.
kA lrrd fler A we
Mttefc?1 t1l TtU
Trrrituri 4 uNilil t "!
Cttu.. VloftttrBttro, Ap-rd 21 -v-u?AM.
j rctl-!!r Ut Turtia
troBicbo'td ia tte HU. fell to.;.
Tbe V!oTrr.rcri& r le fall je
loa of the fon After a tri raj.ifc3t
efctfj Into the city
The f2i fu!lorfcJ loot ii ful-
tut&t!nc tth ft and KicM of 4e.
peiale hafid-lo-b&4 Cchtiftft bt r-a
the Mosteamria trvip of KS Nich
olas n4 the Turk Thre thousand
Mon!etierin and flte thouaa4
Turk are nu:x.berd amo&r the dd
Thouaaad on ech Ue f
ou tided
"We he tJiefrdy fvtketi cut
own " Aid Kir.R NlchnU "Wc
hold Scutari j;a'.rit the l'ort
rourateoualy an e f.uctt lh
Turku " The fll of Scutari brini a
Kfae international i!ua!toa. a
Moiiter.t gro tun flagrant Ij dW d X
Huri-peali poef. ho '.!;. trd that
the !ee b ratted of Uoopa muiJ
be landed from the w arhip btiw-k
ading the Montet.'egriti filt
siiiiii i: m.MiM itnc now.
i pi a( ton ( iiiiiil.lortf r IVII rtil
u.m fir lo.itj moil lrttt-r li i
lertllt K."0 n vr I lie I ni-
miiikiici .
If turi. out that Ho- writr i !!,
atoI.MJiOUO lil'.r e!lt Ut to tt.e
!e w Hpap.rh from Haleigt4 durlt:g the
l. g:?!at ut e. at!aki!.g the few ini
bill on aowM of the it ni'ni!. nl
aiiil tax o iii in i s ion feature, wa
Ceo! ge P p.-ll, a member of tlf Cut
potation ('ii!niii;r"i"ii 1 li! oiifu n,
the Mihp ion w- had th- tir;,e
The (teation of a T. i'oiuin!hii
would hae i.ik n f i mil ea 1 irpo
ratKin Commissioner tin- f.'iOO 5ded
to his salary by the prelou Legisla
ture on account of adding to fh du
ties of the c-m mlssumer thai of tax
commissioner. They failed grevioua
1 in performn.g the n.-w duties im
posed on them, but diew the addi
tional pay and too It fright ot the
prospect of haing to surrender It -New
ton Knterprise Democratic .
The case is well stated; and it w a
Bmall business in Mr. Pell, under the
circumstances, to try to alarm the
State about the re-assesmnent propo
sition, -specially in view of the fact
that be had just been provided for -Statesville
Landmark (Democratic
Simmons Refill-- to Help TliMe
Ulio llelH- Ilim.
Statesville Landmark J
Quoting expressions of di?.it ihfac
tion with the tariff bill frim many
cotton mill men in Washington last
week, the Washington orr spon dent
of the Cieetijd.Oto N' WH pays
"A North Carolina manufacturer
said that Senator Simmons had 'obi
him that he could noth elp the tua
tion. He said een if Senator Sim
mons was so disposed, his committee
would prevent his aiding the cotton
mill men."
That will be startling information
to a good many people While Sen
ator Simmons may not have been re
sponsible for creating the. impression,
a good many mill men who were very
enthusiastic in support of hla candi
dacy last summer were largely moved
by the idea that the Senator would
be in a position to help them in jut
such a position as is now facing
them. The further statement that
Senator Simmons could not control
his committee if he wanted to aid
the mill men. Is alo enlightening
"A Heart and Head the 8iz of a
Wayneeville Knterpriae.J
Secretary Joephus Daniel ihtsi
to be taking a rather high hand in
the matter of pie dlapenilng a pas
time for which he eprei.d the moat
extreme contempt when indulged in
by those of an opposing party.
Somehow it does not strike ua a
seemingly for a Secretary of the Navy
to be messing in matters of this kind.
However, those who know Mr. Dan
! iels are not surprised. When it come
', to politics it is simply impossible for
him to leave any part of the boauing
to others of his party. It would be
1 no surprise to ua were he to roll up
l his sleeve and dive vigorously Into
I Wake County matters. And. too, he
would feel more at home there, for
; the littleness of the man even exceeds
his ability. The bitterness and the
narrowness which our Naval Secre
tary has displayed in the past could
not by an possibility spring from a
head and heart larger than a hickory-nut.
The Durham County Offlcem Satur
day poured out sixty gallons of corn
; liquor into the gutter in the Jail yard.
'The liquor was some that had been
'seized in a raid on a blind tiger. The
'destroying of the whiskey attracted
a large crowd, some of whom stood
close to get a last whiff.

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