North Carolina Newspapers

No. 1H
Protest From AH Over the South ,
Pouring in on Democratic Con- s
Kratsnira Against I'rw Trade Tar- j
iff IUIL 1
Washington Post.
"A day or two ago I read in The
Post that the Republicans have i
about abandoned hope of defeating ,
the Underwood tariff bill in the Sen-
ate or even of securing any sub-,,.
stantial amendments to the bill.
said If. A. Chadwick, a banker of
Jackson, Miss., at the Raleigh. "Hut
I think the developments of the last
few days may change the situation
within a short time, and I base my
belief on the fact that on Saturday
afternoon I was in the office of a
prominent Southern Senator and saw
upon his desk an enormous number
of letters that had not been opened.
Upon remarking to the Senator's sec
retary that he was careless in not
looking after his correspondence, I
was informed that he had exactly
1,27 2 letters which he had been un-
able even to ouen up to that time.
and that he had in the preceding day
or two opened and briefed more than
500, and in many cases answered
them. The secretary further told
me that practically every one of the
1,272 represented the protest of
some constituent of the Senator
against this or that item of the tariff
bill. I learned, too, that this was
. .
not an isolated case, but that fully
7." per cent of the members of the
Senate are receiving protests liter-
ally by the bushel every day.
"With such a storm of protest, I
do not believe that it is possible for
the finance committee to resist the
demand for hearings, nor do I be-
lieve it will be possible to pass the
Underwood bill in the Senate with-
out very material and very radical
amendments in nearly all sched-
The North Carolina Association Se
riously Objects to Tariff Hill.
At a meeting of the North Caro
lina Association of Cotton Manufac
turers, held in Charlotte a few days
ago, a resolution was adopted voic-
lilt, Oil Til UUUO U .J IkAVVl.
ton schedule of the Underwood tariff;: . , , , .. ... , i QOri
.. . , . , that probably it would be well fongeance.
bill now before the Senate and the' . . ; t. T i
x . , .. . . . ,tr . the country to suffer the damage in Farm Loan Ikinks.
text of the resolution wired to Wash- J .
o.- . . .t. order to redeem the South from such: This government has iust annoint
ington. Sixtv-five mills, with more , , , , , 111,3 uas jusi appoint.-
.... ... i political heresy and serfdom. ed a commission made tin of men of
than a million spindles, were repre-i ..... . . , . tunumssiuu, maue up 01 men, 01
gented j Indeed, the protests against the more or less prominence, from difTer-
j pending bill are so strong from Dem- ent parts of the country, to go to
Jule Carter Sign Judgment in the!ocriCf TT'Jl , EurP and stud agricultural con-
Million IK.llar Tucker Estate. Predicted that the Senate will be ditions and methods there, and es-
Judge Carter, in Wake County Su-
perior Court, has just signed a juag- Cal reductions in the House bill. ; European countries,
ment in the Tucker estate case in- Republicans May Cot Together? j Every farmer, as well as every pa
volving the validity of the will of the; i' triotic American citizen, will hone
late Mrs. R. S. Tucker, and in which
it is sought to break this will and ,
establish as a fact in law that at the1
death of Mrs. Tucker, under the will
of her husband, R. S. Tucker, the
property passed immediately to thej
heirs instead of into the trust estate ;
that Mrs. Tucker's will created and
which has been in force up to this
time with Carev K. Durfev as sur-
..:..: '
viving executor and trustee. More
than a million dollars of property is
Invnlvon in tho cuit ttnlf thp Vipirs
have taken an appeal from the nil- Re bllcan j
mg and judgment of Judge Carter, overthrow its standpat;
and the case will be fought out m g mugt reo ize its Na. I
the Supreme Court. Llonal Committee so that it would '
Judge Carters judgment directs instead be -
lucil iiuu. r laiiRiiii lutein ic a,.
referee in the case to review all the
transactions of executor and Trustee
. , , . i. , I
Durfey make a complete inventory of -
the estate. I
Gen. Carr and Maj. Hamilton En
gage in a Scrap.
Durham, N. C, May 10. A sensa-
tional incident featured Memorial .
Day exercises here when Gen. Julian
S. Carr, millionaire tobacconist, and j
Division Commander of the United
Confederate Veterans, and Major
Hamilton, commander of the Webb
Camp of Confederate Veterans in
Durham County, engaged in a fist
fight in the court house.; It seems
that trouble between Gen. Carr and
Maj. Hamilton grew out of differ
ences of opinion concerning the line
of march for the veterans.
Bladen Commissioners Fined $10.00 ;
Each and Given Severe Lecture.
The Commissioners of Bladen
County, who turned a man out of
jail without requiring him to give
a peace bond, as ordered by Judge
Ferguson, and who were cited to
appear in Fayetteville for contempt
In consequence, admitted their guilt
and threw themselves on the mercy
of the court. Judge Ferguson gave
them a severe lecture and fined them
$10 each and cost.
Charge Officer With Malfeasance.
Sacramento, Cal., May 10. Frank
Jordan, Secretary of State of Califor
nia, is charged with malfeasance in
office by a joint legislative committee.
ci ...
rfOgTCfSIVe Element Want to Rc-
organize and Save Country
From Ruin
surpriM.l Tluit President
Wilson Should Strongly Insist on
the Currency Kill Desired by the
Democrats Planning to
lKstroy the Civil Service
rr, .. ...
.,. r," -mm t)e ke(m,st jnteregu kiRdofcur.;met County. Maryland. Monday,
nients in the Future Cheap rencv bill that the Democratic ad- Vegetation in that State was se
Fnn Iui lUnks Could ltilie ministration puts forward. The peo- piously damaged by the recent cold
pie, generally, are well enough in-'spen-Funds
From Postal I tanks or Gov- formed about the currency question!
nt Could I.,an I ron, Ila.fks
(Special to The Caucasian )
Washington, I). C, May 13, l!M3.
Never in the history of this gov-
eminent have there been so many
vigorous protests against any piece
of legislation as are now coming up
to Washington, from every part of
the country, against tho proposed
Democratic tarii'f bill. These pro-
tests are not coming simply t-'um
... .
. manutacturers and irom northern
and Republican States. Strange to
say, they are coming in greater vol-
ume from the Southern States and
from Democrats.
We learn from a number of
sources that these protests that the
proposed Democratic tariff bill will
not only close most of the manufae-
turing enterprises in the South, and
throw laborers out of employment,
but that the value of farm products
; have been and will be most serious-
j ly affected. We understand that
!most of these letters contain threats
that if the present tariff bill is en- Democrat should squeeze over the
acted that the South will not vote 'dead line and get a grade of 70 or
the Democratic ticket any longer. j71 per cent, that then the two Re
A prominent Western Progressive ; publicans who receive the high
Congressman today observed, that if grades, showing greater efficiency,
the adoption of the present Demo-
cratic tariff bill, as bad as it was,
would have the effect of curing the
people of the South of voting for the
, ... ., , . .
iorceu 10 mane, at least., some mou-
ifications to some of the most radi-
Republicans was held, a few days
ago, in Chicago. Leaders of this
conference, including Senator Cum -
mins, of Iowa, and Borah, of Idaho,
and Governor Hadley, of Missouri,
ripnbrpH tht tha nnn-titinn faeinth
' patriotic duty
er ait T?nnhi;nc fn rt tnthor
v, Qa or, QO
... . ..' .
possmie, ot Democratic rule ana
These leaders and the conference
l nese leaders, ana me conierence
'in -' h i r h thov woro fVin rt nm inont fitr
ing made up of machine men,
, . , .
Duncan, of North Carolina, and be-
sides must regulate the representa-
ion q gtates gQ th&t the number;
, , , . , , . ..
oi delegates would De in proportion - . .
to the number of Republican vot-! tud these quef ?n. because the
erg j kind of systems of cheap farm cred-
Th.v nftint.H r that it wnS thJits in Europe are well known to all
frauds resulting from these evils that
split the Republican party open atlum . pi"uieu' ;uai any European
Chicago, last summer, and that with ;untr has had to face, in making
these evils removed there was every
reason to believe that it would cause
the Republican party to come to
gether and make the organization
truly Progressive, as it wras under
Abraham Lincoln.
Also, it was pointed out that the
legislation that the Democratic party
is threatening to put upon the coun
try, is enough to make Republicans
sink minor differences and get to
gether to redeem the nation, as a pa-
triotic duty.
The Democratic Currency Bill.
Many Democratic leaders, as well
the country generally,, ha ve been I
prised that President Wilson !
surprised that President Wilson
should strongly insist that the cur
rency bill, desired by the bankers,
should be rushed through the pres-
jent session of Congress. Attention
is also called to the fact that the
Democratic party did not point out
to" tha country, in the last com
paign, any specific measure of cur
rency reform for which they stood.
Everybody is now wondering what
kind of currency legislation Presi
dent Wilson means to force through.
One prominent Western Congress
man observed today, that all he
knew about the present currency
i e s was that he warned to endorse
the Aldrich currency bill In a speech. I
; in the last campaign, and that re
cently the President had been quot
ed as saying that It .ras important
to set up a currency bill that would
meet the approval of the banker.
Within the last few days there
has been much general discussion
about this proposed currency bill,
and in connection with the discus
sion there has arisen a susirestlon
hat the fact that the President is
t-o strongly In favor of a currency
hi miht ,hrntt. BAm .ui,.
about where the large Dernocr itic
ramnaitrn fnnic p9m frrw luut ci:m.
thing is certain, and that is-
that the country will watch, with U
today, to understand the difference;
between the currency laws that Wall
Street wants and the kind of lw
that the people want.
A Big Pie Counter Scheme.
It has just announced by the
Postmaster General thru the Presi-
dent will revoke the orders issued
by President Tafr. placing all of the
fourth class postmasters tinder the
civil service, and that a civil ser-
vice examination will be held to se-
left these postmasters. It hvs just
. . -
developed, however, rhar the plan is
not to appoint the postmasters that
receive the best grades in this exam-
ination, but that the Postmaster
General, after holding the examina-
tion, shall be allowed to select any-
one of the three highest that pass;
the examination.
That will mean that if a Hepubli-1
can should pass the examination and
should secure a grade of 19 per cent
of a possible 10 per cent, and
if another Republican should pass
the examination and secure, say a
grade of S3 per cent, and that if one
could be turned down and the Dem
ocratic mediocre politician, securing
the grade of only 70 could be ap
pointed. This is merit, under the
i . , ...
pecially to study the system of cheap
farm loan banks, which exist inmost
; that the tnP of this commission will
result in manv reforms that will
jmake farminS more Profitable and
country life more attractive,
' For half a century there has been
an alarming drift of high class far-
mers to the cities. leavinS negroes
or low class tenants, mostly foreign
ers, to conduct the farms. This has!nounced its purpose to appoint wo-
.meant nnt nnlv n fniiinp- nfr nf thai
- " . . . T .
i production oi tne iarm. wnich has
. . . ....
' aaaea to tne nin cost of living, but
I T- '1 Tl 1 1 1 HA17A 1 . rtnc ..1 n..t V n V
V-W-- CA1IU aUJ 1 U It IICIO lllCdliL lliat L II e
farms would ceas.- to furnish high
class new blood from the country,
which is all that prevents the cities
frm rttlnf This is a question that
calls for the highest statesmanship
ucuttuse ii Luis leiiueucy is not cnecK-
- . ..
ed it will threaten the foundation of
the republic.
TI .
However, it was really not neces-
sary to send a commission to Pnrone
! reading a"d formed people. The;
these farm banks a success, has been
the securing of a sufficient quantity
of cheap capital to be loaned to the
farmers at from three to four per
cent interest.
This country is in a position today
to solve this question, by using the
enormous deposits in the Postal Sav
ings Bank, on which the government
pays only 2 1-4 per cent interest, for
that purpose. This money could be
loaned to the farmers at three or
; four per cent and then leave a profit
large enough to cover all costs of
'the transaction, and besides leave a'
sinking fund.
This country has been lending
enormous sums of money To the na-
enormous sums or money
tional banks without interest, and
has only recently began to charge i
the banks two per cent interest on
government money. If the postal
savings banks should not furnish
sufficient money to finance these
farm loan banks, then this money
that is being loaned to national
banks at two per cent interest could
be loaned to the farm banks at even
a greater rate of interest, to supple
ment the funds from postal savings
banks. Here is a great field for a
little statesmanship and common
The Grand Udse of Odd Fellow
or .North Carolina u! hold it "nth
annua.1 meeting In Greensboro. May
20. 21 and 22.
Reports frori Mexico Tuesday indi
cate that the federal forces have
been completely routed and are fil
ing toward the gulf.
W. C. Griffin, who killed Clevt--
land Campbell in Chatham County
j so m e months ago. as acquitted in
Chatham Superior Court last week.
There was a fall of snow in Som-
Diue ana minor aoc
umenis nae u'n bltm' ironi Ult?
navy department at Washington. De-
tectives are trying to apprehend the
Dersons iruiltv of the theft.
The dead body of an unknown
.white man was iountl in a river in
the vicinity of Norwood, Stanly
County, Wednesday night. The cir
cumstances indicated foul play,
The International Peace delegate's,
no are planning lor tne celebration
- ... 1. .. . 1
ot trie UMitn annnersarj 01 me ngn-
of the treaty of Ghent, visited
Washington Saturday, and were en-
tert;.intd by the government ollicials.
Martin, of I'lizabeth City, a
member of the Sophomore Class at
the University at Chapel Hill, was
arrested Friday charged with taking
from the automobile of F. W.
Former Judge Armistead Rurwell,
for a number of years one of the as -
sociate justices of the Supreme Court
of North Carolina, died at his home
in Charlotte Tuesday morning. He
was about 65 years of age.
The County Commissioners of
Cumberland County have decided to 'year or more. Ov course I took des
have their meetings opened wlthperate chances ov glttin' killed. An
prayer. Probably a good idea, espe-jl did git arrested. I had thought I'd
dally since the judge had them up keep that part ov hit sorter quiet.
for disobeying his orders.
Dr. Charles P. Neill, United States
Commissioner of Labor since 1905,
and recently made Commissioner of
Labor Statistics in the new Depart-1
ment of Labor, resigned Tuesday tt'
take a position outside the govern-
ment service. j
B- B- Evans, and attorney of Co -
lumbia, S. C, has been debarred
from practice in that State. He isitime he bites off a chaw ov gude "au ( OM a!"ut yv dollar rifii
charged with misappropriating mon- j home-made twist terbacker. an' will;'1" wuz fir,it 5uK an' walled up. The
ey and defaming character. Evansihev ter make affydavit that he hez ,oun mmiHHionerH claimed that
is from a very prominent family injnever chewed the same chaw before. nit OHt tn tow fiur hundred an'
Columbia. A day's perseedins ov the North Car- flK,lty 'iollars ' well
olina legislature iz ennuf ter give a! up Nww " a,r (arrln' water from
The Henderson County school i man the delirous tremens. distant fprlngs down on the branch
board, at its last meeing appointed! Az I sed. President Wilson wuz,wfef of ,n' ,own ,Sl,llt tr Kit up
two ladies as members of school com- ! powerful glad ter shake hands with ''rn,,rr -"timent in favor ov dlKgin
mittees to fill vacancies and an -
men to at least half the vacancies atlsuueezed hiz hand real irude. Hut
u '
uie ueil meeiius.
u'.m t tt : . t
Vi 1 I. 1 .1 I I I 1 Pi I " I I 1 I .1 VI III
. . ..... v fc . - - - - - - I' .
Charleston, S. C, died on a steam-j
was on his way there to consult a
ship of the CIvde Line, en route!
from Charleston to New York. He !
specialist. He had been postmaster
at Charleston for twelve years.
;nary trespass. The man what took "'1 ' rau lr Iurn,Bil aM-'r Iyr
A bill to make it unlawful for any J me ter in front ov the White House ;our Eltlzens
employer to in any way attempt to j door picked me up in Pennsylvania! ' wuz orter mad at Jodeieevui
influence the political activities of
his employees, was introduced in
Congress Monday by Representative
Papper, of Iowa. The measure would
impose a penalty of $1,000 for vio-
! lations.
Many of the militant suffragettes
of England are now being tried on
charges of conspiracy under the ma
licious damage to property act. Sev
eral more bombs have been found in
public places. It is rumored that
the suffffragettes are planning to
blow up Parliament.
Governor Tener, of Pennsylvania,
has signed a bill prohibiting the sale
or gift of cigarettes or cigarette pa-
norc tn ncrsnnc cs than 1 vi r of
? age. Such sale is made punishable
by a fine of from $100 to $300. A
I minor in possession of cigarettes is
! required to tell where they were ob-
tained. Refusal to do so is made a
"There are a few fairly intelligent
and capable men in the Philippine
Assembly," writes a New York Her
ald correspondent from Manila, "but
there are also many others who lit
erally do not know the use of a check
book. As a consequence that body
Has done some remarkable things,
por example, within the last forty
&ght hours it has solemnly passed a
bill forbidding the police officers of
tVe country to make arrests at night
oi- on legal holidays."
The Mfjf U Read? to Take AflJ
Job Wkkn Oa i Out
Ron Him
Itiikins i Arrrtfs! tr lUdini; in An
AIrhl He Amur the
titan to a standstill a In ?s,
called I sn , t;UM r.HHW
ing Trra.sUm: on lhe UlUtr
llt.u-e Grounds The Major Haa
An U)e I Hiit the Jt4 of Natal
Stump luller Ma (Iran Out
"rafter ami
(Continued from laM -k t
Washington. D. C . Mav 12. 1M3
Correspondence uf Th CauiaMan
Well. D. C. Mill hrr a-huMllu' f.r
a gude job an like
iinist o uh dytna-
krats. 1 am read) tr ta- whatrt-r
gits in site i:i the wax u a j(jh.
videl hit can t outrun me
Hut llit
inust nol (ijmu tuo hjh.
ni;tny ov us dytuakrats hex
a faitit
nope ov gom' up party high o:ur-
time. Hut a, long a, this dymakrat
adniinistrashun lasts an' asl ov us
alr expectin' ter be put on the pen-
sion list an' g.t about $ i per memth.
though many ov us newr smelt gun-
powder durin' the whole ov the civil
Var, we air teetotally oppose d ter
, oin' upward or forward.
When I writ you last I had just
j gotten back to my boardin' house
after a visit to the White House, fcav-
in' bin forced to go up in an airship;
j which 1 had hired for that special
'purpose, they bein' so many ofilct-
seekers in Washington a-tryin ter
! git into the private ottis ov the Presi-
j dent that 1 could study out no way to i four different lanuaea for their
j reach the President face to face on-! ruf' gleck H allow In a dl to
less I should hev waited at least aiK,t a uddy an' endangerin' the
But the policeman who pulled me Bed
that under the civil servis, whatever
that iz, I'd hev ter rayport everythin'
to awl the people in my home county, j natl kv11 the mayor the "red uhlrt
That iz az onconstitutional az the ; listr, hK signal." or. at leant, they
search an' seizure law or the law nH(1 tak' a drink or two tRther.
that sez you must not hev more than f'r tn Inaor ' onie ov th boy
a quart ov licker in your house at;w,'r' awlwaH buyin cloven at the
one time. If they keep this prohibi-! drilK h,tm' an' th,'f na1 a Ku1
tion business nn much lnnppr an 1 : "liin ei.presn packagec a-floatin' in
jdon't think they will, a man will hev
ter take out a special license every
; me, fer I gave him one ov these real
j old-fashioned
handshakes an'
auout gmiu airemeu. me airsnip , . '
.cost not 1-hk than IHOO tn fllir th
naun t. more man sirucK tne ground
...i T i .m
H H I 111111 11(1 TJL fl III! "1 T 1 ' 1 I f O TTl in
" " fJ k I V. V.. liiUll
trotted up an' told me ter consider1'0 l''n earB a' ,f , 1 wu not
myself under arrest. "What for," a 8,nal1 taPav'r I'd l-t Vrn rip. Ax
sez I. "For tresspassin' on the bit ,z 1 may ht'v r ',f',, m' town
White House grounds," sez he "Let l01' lnc,udIn m horn. f"r I
j her flicker," sez I, fer I kin prove be
! yond doubt that I haint frpnatwl
Avenue. They ain't no law real nor IJaniel8 whtn 1 writ last. He hez
imaginary erginst ridin' or walkin' i takn m out fer nupper at a re
on Pennsylvania Avenue nor no oth- taurant sence that an' for a ride on
er street in Washington City. Me an' the switchback in one ov the parks,
the avyator sailed up a thousand which et him back rbout 30 centi.
feet or so an' then cum down rite ! An he awIto nz toJd 1 erbout
at the White House door, an' nijBonie ov tne hiK battleship In the
bet you a glass ov root beer, the j Rovernment fleet. He aez the battle
same thing that Thomas Jefferson J shP8 nev uns on them that will
the father ov demockracy, used ter I Bboot through a solid stone wall fifty
drink, that they ain't no law, pres- fe1 thIck at a distance or forty
ent nor perspective, that forbids a j mJI-8 a tkat he iz goln ter M-nd
man from ridin' on any sort ov a , Mrs- Bilking ten yards ov purty cloth
vehicle on Pennsylvania avenue or i ter make her a nice dress when I
that will punish a sitizen fer standln' K hom-
or walkin' on the gravelled walks j Az evr. ZEKE BILKINS.
leadin' up to any ov the doors ov
j the White House. I could see that
j the policeman wuz a greeny, a new
man on tne rorce wno nrobabiv USd !
j ter belong to the "red shirts" in
! North or South Carolina, an' from
j the looks ov hiz eyes he didn't hev
j less than a quart ov blockade moun-,nm
j tain dew under hiz jacket at the
moment. By this time he began to lDe president, u round guilty or
sober up a bit an' seemed ter be conspiracy in connection witb the
bumfuzzled. I told him I had just!faHure of the bank aw a teen years
had a friendly talk with President a- and wa nteneed to serve two
Wilson an' if he doubted hit we'd years in the penitentiary, wai for
waltz rite in an' I'd prove hit tojmal,y sentenced today and placed in
him. Why, sez I, I am here iookln 5the custody of the marshal. He will
fer a nerlitieal inh an th Pr!d.nt
hez promised we somethln', probably
somethin' in the Navy Department,
which iz overseered by Jodeeseevus
Daniels from my State. I don't know
what hit will be yet. But I may be
appinted ter blast the stumps out ot
the Caribean Sea so that Jodeeseevus
lr.U! ts't fc fr4i4 to (M4 la
t,et tit-it- t!jry fa oirf t trvt jc t Ik
Or. if J .: ti.f. t tv
: lUlilmofr : S.h a S oli
"ftr! tit tt. a! h t:i t t.tvm a into
it llj; Lj ti.r !ir oi Hfcilitiief
lUlSiu.nrr. it dyurm! tiij as fen
lut V t r tfrrf ; ftitisia'
d an :.;'e. Sutid arJ - k J
all j r. 4 j ;, r, i, uom th , ot
,lA:nj5-,Tr ' 5-if ot
f dtirAin t-r-r ti that outo
t! :r:n rt Kst nit fr.hy ti trr r
du '. i.f ;! ot t!;rifr jfoyp.J
t!.- ait th- air a;J to rr !..!
()fMt an that iiuki th rib
r bfrak n.!t ..ft. n au the trah
urn iUf vrukvti mt-l tl an
Othrr lr;th ttti' .Jutap hit it. to th
Iia -r-r daj it; thr )tar t
rourM- '.!. la "Z uh trit h.u!d
t' biirrud at tt.-j i( sn th-r cSU-
Hut luitin.otr- i.-x lot o trifirr
an" thr) lt jrrat t i t ps k t itj
tf. ir c'Hitlir 1 hr Mir tl.otir) fur
'hf X.t f o thr t l afi tuf
- -
moM o h a h !i .id !Ti thrir
o-au j--. k!. m ii,.- that !j it
s ; ) i
J S l t to ,n him t;- . . ; I
1 ;! u ti
i ti ar.Mii, t h
Mump. I vciil r.t that ift :u h!is.-
!iilkl! ill.-. h;d a k
.il !o ..r t hi r :; jj. " that
!". m ientiit or Mtm.-thur M-t.t out
the State Hoard of Health Utm-
'1 w u nVan,; nat.-d uith tvj.hoh
' r, annnalculei. ail-
cator an' v, r.l other fata! thi!.K
aulso k ! that to drink the vat-r
from thl well wed a I b- 1 1 k I to
'l'' the toe n h, ii. h ui
the onl direahe h- could think of
at '" time, f. r he had bin afT.kte.i
wHh hit hlmxelf in e.iriy )outh. At'
he looked terribl) Mdrmti about hit
r'r h wuz gittln" $7 per da) an'
expend s to rc ue u HilklnvHlr
People from the toe itch H hauled
,ht Hoard of Town CommiMioner
j "P an' them ga In thre or
lives ov posterity. The major ov
our town told the town cotnniliiHloti
ers that they ought to be Impeached
fer malfeasance In offU or iom
thin an Bed he'd resign on the upot
if they wur not Homethln' done at
i on ,s 1 P,'rf the health Inspector
fro,n "Ichnjoiid. Chattanooga an
' Jacksonville. Fla. Well, the ton
a n e w
well on the Fame view ov
I water Kornethin' like thirty feet from
the old well. The town commission
ers intimate that hit will n.lui,iv
" " ' " ;
new well, w hich, az I ned. rtist but
' "
expect the new well will cost ax
much az the Panama Canal before
l,,, am iHck,,, Ordrrrd .r-
rtrhleil and to IViaoii.
Asnevnie. May 13. Joseph
- uicKerson. director in the defunct
National Bank of this city, who.
j company with Major W. E. Uree.
o taEen TO Atlanta tomorrow.
Major Breese, who had also been
ordered to report for sentence today,
was not in court, his attorney declar
ing that it would be a physical im
possibility for him to be present.
His bond was forfeited and a capias
issued for him.

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