2 tHE CHABLOTTB NEWS, SEPTEMBER 1, 1911 Eemy Beattie, Jfs. (Continued From Page One.) Caused Excitement. It was juEt a moment after this that ’'1-, Smith left the room and the cnu/8 session was interrupted. Hill I'arter, one of the lawyers for the de- frn^e, on being asked for some inti- t’.atlon of the message, said: Very Important, cannot pay anything at this • ,:t Wo h:.vo received some very ■iriun' informarion which we are at once to verify.” Crowd to Lawn. Th? crcmd sauntered out on the la- n durins; th- Informal recess caus- Til, absence and rumors "r >- a".i fast th;H atlditional evi- ,'r.re r.-n: iri.iK the alU'Cfed hi^hway- 1 a:; I:.*!.; I-', u rec*'i\ od. The Smith News. ■. !i> .Mr. Snrlth it was -aT. ■ :'rr.i liia s-on in Rich- r- : w‘ r'i. n h;is worked on the - '.niih it was said had ';rT vf i. 1 ! - r>f'w witness. It was U .-rriPd • * h» Alt?i-.sr. viU corrobor- srjr* . a l.fitUville man that he J! i.inv un i won?an who travol- . ' .\fi-ili-'; i.ip ii’rn ike on the - ' r* ,iip imirn • a’ld that the ma- , ; !• i d ot'cc and the woman runpirij; buiird. Tliis fact. . H: i;st' d. " Ill ' o us^d by the de- *■ rovjMt :;,t' tr.->iimn:iy of ■ ■ \,;:r , ■!' tl'.e I'ro.'oou- V r. V a man and wo- .. . (■ . s-!'., to !l- iiiy Clay '• ' >■;. t u« r-'ai nnd tbat the ■■ ]. •: ’ I lua- orotner Some More. . ■ ■ I' ll .!i noy.-; the ■ ■■ .a h.-is « 'II '•!) iiiat the at- I : ■ ;■ l.i.-: rt'at ip tiic oar .... ■ lu'CIured. ". ■- . r.* f-)i. (nurt room at : ( i: ■ his rxatnina- r- I-. I- 'ii I-:.- who was on . ■ : . ■■ t’;-' I'.Liil liour's in- Clergy ana Religious Press Colored Fameis Meet at Biddle endorso Tp' ; of ViE t to Scene. . li -s i‘ : in ■U'tail of his s. I i..‘ I': '; r ir;i:i;ed.\ a fev.- i ... i* 'l and tl'.o fiud- .. ‘ ; I Jif, f r- ii how tiif'Tored back ; • .. t ni;ih' c.-.nying differ- 'i^ '1 ' ccenc. Pl.AN=i FOR TODAY. . : i V r ;i.. \ a.. S: ;>t. 1.- - •-* •, f’- i ::-''nrity of a lonely Ctli in I'u .. ! kl-. ';i'=.- j;;i» hcitv Henry = , Jr.. 'hi., Tii.irnii:^ yaxed ■ »' I'le court house a ’•(ir- .r a . hi re some time today he ' ^^ncd (' i^xi lain to the jv.ry 1’ . oE ! is wife lor v-hich he ■ uv > i ' eib'l^'Pon days acr. ■. T iifony :y the prison'^r v .f ’defense planned to con- ■ ixt car^. To Call Brother. i>u the stard the I . ; I!o^vn to have actually wit- r- iirdrr of Mrs. Beattie, \ "fi for the defense pre- -n i\; ■ :-ouglas H>?atii€. a broth- c the a- ^'used, as well as several :icnry s friends, some of them wo- ■ , !- ‘ ::y n^^ only to the good i. .t.-v*'f>n of t’le pris'^ner ii* liis ■ rt’.iM'ns with .his wife that 'O'dd jireclude any desire for her G »*h. Paul as Witness. ■ ion;-’ly the s-roncest wit- • t !or i i06ec ;rion has been Paul ;tMe. ;* ’:t the ac«used. Paul s.:.., hi- L i-ir Henry the very ' ''i-'un Iil: h the prisoner has identi- f^' ; as t;;- I'un that snuffed out his . • '.T , yet the prisoner himself ».t - I. II' the UiijhuayMian wh’.iji ;• ronn i:ed 'I.-' criino was btaiuod n-i si.\ f-.-er -all, a descrip- • a ^^hich do« s not iU ;>uuriiful Paul. wan •■xiiecivd I'^at the prisoner would rt.'eei his original explanation of t'ue n.afd-'r, tell aa:ain of how the b;jliwa. n an had l.eld iiim up. and de* r , • ncc n that he evor ’.ook part ir. the ! urc’.i.'so of any slu vgim or l.l.;«d w'.-.; p.-Ill about any gun. Siic.i n.; rc:^*iu..>u;‘ a. he coronci's ;n- Q i' -t ar.d cfiuns; 1 for the defense did ■- * to bay thaf it would be ■ ■ owid ricidly by the accused on .li- Paul’s Veracity. The vital in the case, there- f=.;e. Is the veracity of the cousins, Pnul and Henry. Character witnesses ]h'.' t" .’n on tho stand to testify to H-n; .'h rr’ai^ation for truthfulness rr.d In rrbntral the prosecution is pre- to have similar thins:* said s.tim* Paul, despi*e testimony of wit- n-r.'^-ee who have attempted to dls* ‘■reQlt his story of the purchase of tho t un. Henry This Afternoon. It Tvus iH)f ex tecf -d that Henry wc’.’n t :he witnc: a st-ind before ♦he ai'ernoon. ?-« It was that f'-un'cl f-.r th- defense fir?t might asi ^;iat the jury go to the scene of tho cri!V‘s Pn rxpedition which would .'iccui'v ! u. -' ‘hree hours in travel- ine: b:.:iU a. d forth. Tho jury never viewi : 'he r»iM)t Where the traa:edy ■ iccurren ‘.nd It was said that counsel for ■'!ef^"^e planned to have (he prisoner ^p11 ‘ story of the bearded hizh" a ii.an Immediately .tfrer the pir'ure of *’ lonely spot on the Mld- D'h^ in tiirn-iike had been fixed In the i .Ind.i of the jurymen. Cross-Examination Late. Cross-ej^amlnation of the prisoner •y the prosecution was looked for late t -day or lieginnlng of the session of cour- trmorrow. With a day to • :tcb ^’ide for final arguments It is be lieved the «use will reach the jury by next Tuesday. MILAM the most reliable Reconstructive tonic an«l blood renovator We,Uie undersiened, hereby certify thal Mre havo taken Milam with very benefi ei&l results. Believing it to be a valuable remedy, we authorize the publication ot aur endorsement. • Rev. J. Cleveland Hall, Rector of Church of the Epiphany, Danville, Va Rev. R. L. McNair, Pastor Presbyterian Church, Charlotte C. H., Vi ReT. J. C. Holland, Pastor Keen Street Baptist Church, Danville, Va Rev. H. D. Guerrant, Methodist Minister. Danville, Va Rav. D. P. Tate, Methodist Minister. Danville, Va “The Methodist” •ndorsas MMam The endorsement of “The Methodist** Ij not to be had by anything of doubtful me^ it, bnt’tliis p.iper stands ready to lend Iti influence for that which it believes will tenrf lo the betterment of humanity, spiritually, morally, materially or physically. VV'hen such men as Revs. D. P. Tat®, Horace D. (iuerrant and others of lii^e higl: character give their unqualijied endorse- r'.ent to the physical benetits derived from the remedy advertised on the last page oi of this paper, we feel safe in commending ii to our readers.—E. G. Mostly, in “Th Methodist” for September. **The Baptist” Endorses Milam. Milnm Is the name of a srreat medicine now he lm: manufaci'.ired i.i P.inville, and from the tes* timoniils of some of oiir bfr't oiUzens we can jsfely recommoml it to ovr friends who are suf fering with any of the diseases it proposes to fure. The men at the head of the compeny man* ufacturina this medicine can be relied on-—Rev. J. E. Uicl’s, in the Baptist Union. Ask your druggist or writo for booklet The Milam Medicine Co., Inc. Danvlll*. Va. T T Messrs. AY. B. Matheson, and Henry Wilson, of Taylorsville; W, D. Turner and Ii. B. Mills, of Statesville, return ed from Fayetteville this morning. As noted in yesterday's News they went there to meet other mill men of the Carolinas and Virginia to see if an ar rangement could not be made looking to the uniting of the mills represented at the meeting under one management. The m.eeting was held in the bank building. Mr. Strudwick, of Richmond, presided, and :\Tr. Wilson, of Taylors ville, and Mr. Chapman, of McColl, £. C., acted as secretaries. Mr. Strudwick expl^iined the object rf the meeting which was that a cer tain chain of milis of the Carolinas- and Virginia, soft yarns, organize a hold ings company to fix a certain schedule of prices so as not to bid against each other, as it were. This association of mills. It was decided, will be organized If 200,000 spindles can be represented. If that number can not be signed, then the association will not be organized. Cotton Fibre Co. to Move to Memphis The American Cotton Hull and Fibre Co., which has been doing business In This city for some months, is to move to emphlB. Mr. S. S. Dent, of 301 Park avenue, is manager of the company. He and his family are arranging to move to Memphis. Both have a num ber of friends here and their going is a matter of regret. Mrs, Hartis Died This Morning—Ihe Funeral Mrs. Maggie Hartis. wife of Mr. J. M. Hartis, 304 East Oak street, died at 6 o’clock this morning. She was 42 years old. Her husband and one daugh ter survive. The fimeral service wMll be conduct ed tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at her home. Interment at Elmwood cem etery. —Mr. E. T. Cansler Is out after a ^Meht a;tack of the fever. i ^^adine F^ace Powdcf Products a Beautiful CompUxhtu Soft and Velvety III Crten 4 •mi- - CIUL Arra, Bmrmlmta Gunrrmtmad, HE left, velvety appearance remtlni until washed off. Purified by a nev process. Harmlew aa water. Pro frati sunburn or return *of discolorations h'him, rUth, Kuk. immsits. Bte. by Tollit J* *'*•0 Moavr btck H not entlrvlr pletMd. PrVMredb KAr-iNAi, TOJULET COMfAJ^r, ML nm WILSON COMMISSION CO. The incorporation of the Wilson Commission Company of Charlotte, is of import Industrially and socially. It means to return to Charlotte as citi zens, of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wilson for- merly of Charlotte, but for four or five years of Easton, Md. The Wilson Commission Company has been incorporated with an author- Ized capital of $125,000. Mr. Wilson or. ganlzed the company and is the larg est stockholder. The company, it is understood, will handle cotton mill accounts anl also do a converter business. Mr. Wilson was one of the leading stockholders formerly in the Charlotte Supply Company. Associated with him was Mr. E. A. Smith and others. He left here to engage in farming on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Des-Iring to eater business life agalp, he determ ined at once to return to Charlotte. The organization of the Wilson Com- ralsBlon Company Is the result of that determination. Mr. Wilson was recently in Char lotte, at which time, as known to the writer that the company was in an embryonic state, Charlotte Industrially and Boclally will welcome the return of Mr. Wilson and family. Mr, John Cansler left this morn ing for Chapel Hill to resume stud ies for the cominK Bcason. The tenth annual conference of the colored farn»ers of Mecklenburg • county was held at Biddle University 'today, when questions of much im portance concerning agricultural work were discussed after the formal speeches on farm subjects. The at tendance today did not quite equal that of last September' when more than 300 were present but greater in terest seemed to prevail than at any lirevious conference. The convention was to have be gun at ^0 o'clock but the late arrival of Professor Bluford, of the colored Agricultural and Mechanical College at Greensboro, delayed the meeting- It was 11:40 o’clock before ,T. Frank Lytle, one of the best known col ored farmers of Mecklenburg and president of the conference, called for order. After prayer by the Rev. Dr. Drayton, he introduced W. H. Stonson, superintendent and treas urer of Biddle, and secretary of the conference, who, in the absence of the institution’s president, fittingly welcomed all to the University. President Lytle then gave some ex cellent practical advice, urging es pecially that boys and girls should be trained as good farmers, cooUs and housekeepers; and that those who are tenants of farms should take as much care of the lands and buildings as if they were themselves the own ers. State Demonstrator Soia'KS. Mr. ,1. M. Gray, assistan' demon strator of the state departtuent of ag riculture at Raleigh, was the next speaker. He came in the stead of Mr. F. T. Meacham. superintendent of the state farm in Iredell county, who was unable to attend because of aickneps. Mr. Gray spoke for about 45 min utes on “How We Can Better Our Conditions on the Farm.” his remarks being in the main impromtu. He treated his subjects in the most prac tical manner i)o.qr!li)le so that the sug gestions and (fictions he advanced could be put to the best use. He treated more especially soi’ improve ment and seed selection. Professor Bluford was to have spoken of “Manures,” going into the details of the practical use of fertil izers. He had not arrived at this time on the program, but will speak after the 2 o'clock recess. A general discussion followed on methods of planting and cultivation, selection of seeds, use of manures, general gardening, poultry raising and kindred subjects. Before the speaking and later In the day. music was furnished by the Hunter.sville band. On the roomy platform of the hall were cxliibiied specimens of corn, v\'aiernielons. sweet potatoes, cotton, and other products. The women's ex hibit was attractive, including bread, canned fruits of several Ainds, but- •cr pickles, sweetmeats and fancy v.ork. This afternoon prizes were award ed for the best of the various ex hibits. Negro Women Held Fo7 Higher Comi Julia Sims and Mary Ellis, two color ed women, v^•ere this morning bound over to the September term of Meck lenburg superior court under a $300 bond each on a charge of attempted arson. The charsc was originally against Julia Sims only, who was to have been heard yesterday morning, but the case was continued to this morning's session of the court. It developed during the hearing that Mary' Ellis, who was called as a wit ness by the state, had abotit as much to do with the incident as Julia Sims and the recorder took the view that p jurv should decide whether the wo men were guilty of the grave crime with which they are charged. A few days ago Julia Sims w'ent into Mr. J. J. Padgett’s store at the corner of Third and South Alexander streets, asking for a certain kind of meat which Mr. Padgett did not have in stock. She was about to go out of the store bv way of the back door, which Mr. Padgett had forbidden her to do several times, as he had also done other customers. She started to push past him and go on out anyway, when Mr. Padgett shoved her back. She cursed him and told him she would have him up about it. He then pushed her out the front door and kicked her as he did so. She called back to him, “All right; I’ll get even with you.” It was the next morning' that some of the colored residents of the neigh borhood called Mr. Padgett’s attention to the fact that a fire had been kindled imder his store on the side away from the street and that it had burned a little while and then gone out. There w'as evidence of some kind of liquid having been poured on a pile of trash and the fire had blazed enough to draw resin out of one of the planks of the floor. Several witnesses were heard this morning, most of them colored people living in the neighborhood .and among them Mary Ellis. As stated above both the Sims woman for whom the original warrant was sworn out and Ihe Ellis woman w'ere placed under $300 bond each. In default of the bond they were locked up. Mr, Jake F. Newell represented the Sims wo man. RETURN NEXT WEEK. Mr. and Mrs. Jno, M. Scott and fami ly will return next w^eek from Kanuga where they have been spending the summer, 60ME ^ ~ TONIGHT. Mrs. R. L. Gibbon and fam ily will return tonight from Kanuga V, here they have been spending some time. MISS CANSLER RETURNS. Mis>s Sarah Cansler, who has been visiting Mrs. Jno, M. Scott at Kanuga for the past two weeks, has return ed home. LEAVES TOMORROW. Mi«s Margai'et Ivey, who has been visiting Miss Cornelia Dowd for the past two weeks leaves tomorrow for Henders-onville, w'here she joins her mother, Mrs. T. N. Ivey. PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE ALUMNAE The Presbyteiian College Alumnae Association will meet at Mrs. C. N. G. Butt’s tomorrow afternoon at 5 o’clock. All members are urged to come prepared to pay their dues. RETURN from ATLANTIC CITY. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Patton have re turned from Atlantic City, where they spent a fortnight. ♦ TO SEE MRS. SANDERS. Mr, L. W^ Sanders left last night for Atlantic City, where he will spend sev eral days w.-.* Mrs, Sanders. The many firends of Mrs. Sanders will rejoice to know that she is Improving. U. D. C. FIRST MEETING The first meeting of Stonewall Jack son chapter, U. D. C., for the season wiU be held tomorrow afternoon at 4:^) at the American Trust Co.’s buld- ing. Delegates are to be elected to the state committee w'hich meets in Wins ton. October 25. Mrs. Gordon Finger, president of the chapter, asks all mem bers to attend. MRS. FOREACRE’S TRIP NORTH. Mrs. G. J. Foreacre has returned to her home in Charlotte, after a most enjoyable New York, Boston and Washington. She spent some time at Beach Bluff, Mass., visiting several historic old towns on the coast of Massachusetts. Marblehead, Salem, Lynn, Swampsett and Nahaut. She was accompanied by her daugh ter?, Mrs. Brantley and Mrs. Sneed, of Georgia. RETURN TOMORROW Mrs. F. M. Shannonhouse and chil dren return from Switzerland tomor row. Teachers and Pupils Meet To-monow According to the previously an nounced arrangement Charlotte’s body of instructors who will train the young minds of this community, met in an upper room of the south building at 9:30 o’clock this morning to arrange details for the sessions opening. Nothing save routine mat ters occurred. Before 9 o’clock the teachers began to assemble. They were w'elcomed by Superintendent Graham and the teachers’ committee with Major S. F. Tomlinson at its head. The teachers numbered over' ninety and made a very impressive appearance. Tomorrow morning at 9 both teachers and pupils will report for duty at the various buildings through- out the city. The revised book lists will then be issued, Saturday is being utilized instead of Monday because the latter Is Labor Daj* and there fore. a holiday. On Tuesday the reg ular work will begin. MRS. MONTGOMERY ENTERTAINS. In her richlj^ appointed house, pret tily set yesterday with sunflowers and autumnal roses, Mrs. Hugh Montgom ery gave the first of her series of Thursdays. The color effect in the din ing room was yellow. In the centre of the table w'as a gt>rgeou9 vase of sun- fiowers, which rested on an exquis ite lunch cloth, handsomely embroider ed. Iced tea from an old silver pitch er, sandwiches on handsome silver sandwich plates, and sweets in silver bon bons were offered in dainty style. Mrs. Montgomery wore an exquisite gow'n of soft batis-te, hand-embroider ed, w ith a modish white satin bow with streamers at the w'aist line, in the back. A gracious, charming hostess ever, Mrs. Montgomery w'as never more delicately assiduous than yester day. HAD DELIGHTFUL TRIP. Dr. and Mrs. C. E. W’’alker, who have had a delightful trip to Atlantic City and New York, returns home tomor row. MRS. PLATT TO VISIT AT SKYLAND Mrs. Chas. Platt leaves in the morn ing for Sky land, to visit Miss Lou Brown, who Is with Capt. and Mrs. Harrison Watts at their cottage. THE BRYANTS LOOKING HOMEWARD Mr. and Mrs. C, B. Bryant* and Mrs. A. W. Bryant, w’ho have been touring the west, w-ere in Denver, Colorado, yesterday. They expect to start east Tuesday next, arriving at least by the latter part of the week. Cotton days are hero again, and Mr. Bryant is im pelled by the in-coming bale to return, being a cotton man. To Have Charge of Greenwood Schools Prof. W. E. Black left this morning for Greenwood, S. C., where he Is to have charge of the public schools of that place. Prof. Black is a son of Rev. Wm. Black, Health Restores color to Gray or Faded hair—Removes Dan- druff and invigorates the Scalp —Promotes a luxuriaat» healthy hair ^rowth—Stops its tailing out. Is not a dye. $1.00 and SOe. at DraC Stores or direot atm receipt of priee tod dealer • fiene* Srad lOo* lor ■•iBple bottle.—Philo Hay Bp«cl*lti*a Co., Newark, N. 0. S. A. Hay*s Harfina Soap ia oneqnaM for Shampooint the liair and keeping tbe sleaa and heattkr. alao for red, rooh ohappoo handi and faee. Sc. at DmUlata. RBPUSB ALL SUBBTlTUTBft For sale and recommended oy Wood all & Siheppard. WHILE JMP Salts, Calomel and Cathar tic Pills are Violent-They Act on BoweJs as Pep per Ads in Nostrils. Take a Cascaret tonight and thor oughly cleanse your Liver, Stomach and Bowels, and you will surely feel great by morning. You men and wo men who have headache, coated tongue, can’t sleep, are bilious, ner vous and upset, bothered with a sick, gassy, disordered stomach, or have backache and feel all worn out. Are you keeping clean inside with Cascarets—or merely forcing a pass ageway every few days wijh salts, cathartic pills or castor oil? This is important. Cascarets immediately cleans and regulate the stomach, remove tjio sour, undigested and fermenting food and foul gases; take the excess bile from the liver and carry off the decom posed waste matter and poison from the intestines and bowels. Remember, a Cascaret tonight will straighten you out by morning. A 10- cent box from your druggist means a clear head and cheerfulness for months. Don’t forget the children. Why Can Stopped- 7 here Was a Reason The burning out of an electric switchboard at the Dilworth auxiliary station of the Southern Power Com pany yesterday afternoon tied up traffic for two hours—from 5 to 7— while the board in electricians’ par lance, was being “w^orked over.” The delay caused great inconven ience because of the time at w'hich it occurred. Those at the baseball game were forced to malk home to supper, many of them waiting vainly for the power for some time before starting to “foot it.” Twenty-One Years Old Begins Business Career Mr. Geo. E. W-llson, Jr., who recently celebrated his 21st birthday, started his business career today, accepting a position in the Merchants’ & Farm ers National Bank, of which his father is president. Mr. W'ilson took his college course at Davidson college. Preferring business to a profession, he enters the bank in order to learn by practice, rather than theory, the minutiae of that business. Mr. Wil son is a young man of bright parts. Traditionally, he should be a lawyer, his father and grandfather before him having been among the most promi nent lawyers of this section. The bent of his mind is to commercial life, for which he is splendidly equipped. Mr. Wilson is one of the most popular young men in the city. of the First Baptist church, of Raleigh, was a 'guest at the Central Hotel yes terday. WIFE GOT TIP TOP ADVISE. “My wife wanted me to tako our boy to the doctor to cure an ugly boil,” writes D. Frankel, of Stroud, Okla. ‘1 said ‘put Bucklen’s Arnica Salve on it.’ She did so, and it cured the boil in a short time.” Quickest healer of Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Corns, Bruises, Sprains, Swellings. Best Pile cure on earth. Try it. Only 25c at W. L. Hand & Co. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind Ygu Havs Always Bgught Bears the Signature of Littleton Female College Fall Term will begin Sept, 20, 1911, Fcr Catalogue address LITTLETON COLLEGE, Littleton, N. C. 25-20t. The Bingham School ' > Orange County, near Mebane, Morth Carolina EstabVitlud t71S ^ A busy and lorable home for boys, on Southern 1^1- ^•ay, in tho country. A location famcns for aafety, hcftUh and be.%aty. Strong trraduate facnlty of Chris tian men, griving constant and indiTidoal attention. Military discipline, firm yet affectionate. Outdoor life, with Tennis and other healthful sports. abborred. Bible, Physical culture and fine PcnmauBhip. Bpeetaltio. Fnll Claraical, Commercial, Sclen* tific and Music CourEeB. ^maUclassrD. Tcrma te&sooable. For lUnstjated catalogue, addrcM PRESTON LEWIS 6R«Y. B. L.. Bas B8 , Mnmi. N. C. DYSPEPSIA iii\d Diseases of Ke SiomsLch 8Li\d Iivtestmes may be speedily relieved and in a short time entirely removed by a safe and absolutely harmless remedy, recommended by the medical pro fession of Europe. jOsteopa. 4 DR. A. J. little dr. O. D. ^ ? T - - ‘ ^ ^ - f I I ♦ - ' * I 607-608 REALTY BUILDING ▼ f ♦ Phones—Office 1073—Residence 1SS8-J ^ CLOSING”WEir —OF— Lakewood FRIDAY NIGHT Balloon Ascension with Pyrotechnic Display in mid-air. Flag Dance. Saturday—Esverybody’s day. Saturday Night.—Dance. Monday—Labor Day celebration. Full program will be announced later. Remember—This is your last chance at the roller coaster, ruerry-go-round and other amusement feaures for the season. Why There’s nothing to be gained by waiting until every other man in town has selected his FALL before choosing yours you’ll have less to choose from and less time to wear it before the fashions change again. Come for a Look Right Now. ' We will show you the most attractiA*e clothes you ever saw. Beau tiful in design with all the Fall curves worked in, elegant in finish, handsome in fabric, perfect in fit and always at moderate price's. Suits at $12.50, $l.‘i.00 and Up . to $30.00 Yorke Bros &Rogers Schools and Colleges A COiiDIAL WELCOME WILL AWAIT YOU AT OUR FALL OPENING, SEPTEMBER 5TH. iHCORPORATEO the oldest, largest, best equipped, most progressive commercial scnool of North Carolina, offers thorough courses in strictly modern business methods, shorthand, typev/riting and all allied subjects. Facilities for securing the best situations are unexcelled. Write for catalogue and special offers. CHARLOTTE, N. C. OR RALEIGH, N. C. as this remedy ia named, is introduced the American public as the best and safest treatment in all cases of weak, sluggish and impaired dr^Kestlon, indicated by the following symptoms: Coated tongue, lack of appetite, vomttins:. Jaundice, Darning paias Iq stomach, headache, acidity, dizziness, constipation, colic, general depres5ion, aversion to certain foods, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, flatulence, stooiach acne, etc. Stomali»is prepared by Sai* de Carloa, a physician, sureeon and pharmaceutist of highest standing in Europe. iSrlmportazit. Stomaiix is not a mere stimulant, making the patient the victim of a medicine hamt, but restores the di gestive functions to robust health, with «»e capacity to do their work without further aid. For Sale bv all Druaoiata York The Presbyterian College for Women The leading Institution for women in the CaroIInas—Best location, com- pletest equipment, strongest and lar gest faculty of trained teachers. Su perior advantages in collegiate 'and a cademic departments and in Schools of Music, Art and Expression. The equipment of the Presbyterian College is unexcelled in the CaroU- nas or this section. The handsomest college building, one of the most con veniently arranged and imposing col lege buildings in the South, Is being thoroughly overhauled from basement to roof. All rooms are being made as new, hardwood floors being laid in main hali and corridors and offices, and all other floors being planed and finished in the most approved manner The cluinary department is conducted in a thoroughly acceptable m-- ner and particular pains and care are taken to the end that all food u. is the most wholesome procurable. Athletic grounds and gmynasiiim complete and conveniently srrrn~r\ libraries; full equipment for schools of music and art and everything ne'to sary for the successful conduct of the best college in the South. Atmosphere of Christian culture. Rates extremely reasonable for the advantages offered, Fof catalogue and information, write to REV. DR. JOHN L. CALDWELL, D. D., President, Charlotte, N. C. Job Dept. Phone 15 ect • f- >ioim- .1’ i: tt - r;: ' ■:Ua -- rnrner, new m Special tj Lenoir,) Lindsey falling fij Mexico bridge, The Interl deceased[ elsewherd to har of| he went ter spen^ Arizona, 'klahomj health, in the or a t le s-irni s^’Cti] visit his ^'reck Lj6n r. ■^arlov.' '■urlow raet the I ‘ 'inied ^^r. Bj Kjla 3/a^ is \vf«n stfite. Some ■erest Ii selves. Keep tablel ioi If yo| you will you or made m| rashes o| by pimj skill tro| ■o try We R.i ZKMO yon a ^'Ur 32 ^he feid stamps ;>-:ny, 3| •^O., TO fi-i '■'■'iiGiherl -on. Wo kj “esults 2LM0

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