North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. 7, No. 3
Charlotte College, Chorlotte, N. C.
December 16, 1955
During the past several meetings the Student Council discussed many
problems which seemed to be of the greatest importance. One such
matter was the lack of participation in student activities. It was rec
ommended that major social events be polled by the students and then
brought before the Council for approval. In this way the students will
be sure to get what is most wanted in their social events at C.C.
Basketball presented another big problem which seemed to lead to
another big discussion. The Council decided to charge a fee to spectators
not having a Student Activity Card. The Athletic Committee will have
the final word in deciding the amount to be charged.
If any teachers or students have any publicity to be spread within the
school or city, they should bring it to the attention of the publicity chair
man, Darrell Avery, 7 to 10 school days before the event is to take place.
This will help the publicity chairman in setting up the material and
planning for its distribution.
During the meeting of November 7, such problems as pictures for the
annual, the Christmas Dance, and the Ow'l’s Roost were discussed and
a suitable answer was found for each of these. It was approved that
eight letters be purchased for the cheerleaders for the Owls.
At the meeting of November 15, the Social Committee, led by Frank
Garner and Patsy Hartsell, announced that the Christmas Dance would
be held on December 20, at the Selwyn Hotel. All students and faculty
members were urged to be on hand to enjoy the fun.
Johnny Culp, Athletic Committee Chairman, reported that Student
Activity Cards would be honored at each home game and a faculty
ticket would be sold for the 8 games to be played in Charlotte. Tickets
for outsiders will be 25 cents per game.
At last the time for the big
Christmas Dance is coming around.
The Social Committee members are
really planning a nice dance. We
hope that it will be the biggest
and best dance that Charlotte Col
lege has ever had.
The dance will be on the night
of December 20th from 9:00 p.m.
to 12:00 p.m. in the ballroom of
the Selwyn Hotel with Neil Griffin
I was up on Tryon Street the
other day among the rushing
throngs of people; and while being
shoved, hit, elbowed and pushed
around, I stopped at a rare secluded
spot to gaze with a most inquisi
tive eye upon this stampeding army
of shoppers armed with packages
of all shapes and sizes. “What’s
it all for?” I wondered. “Why do
we place a little money aside all
during the year or borrow some
as I’m usually forced to do, and
spend half the new year (or prac-
tially to Christmas again) repay
ing it, just to buy gifts, decorations,
and eats (all of which must be
obtained by walking and fighting
many miles, then returning home
footsore ond weary)? What is the
occasion I ask?” If I had stopped
any one individual of the rushing
crowds and asked him this question,
my probable answer would be, “It’s
for Christmas.” Then I would ask,
“What is Christmas and why do
we celebrate it?” And I suspect
that I would catch a large percent
age of my questioners off balance
in their answers, for it is true that
among the jolly good times and fun
associated with Christmas we all
have the tendency to forget the
true meaning behind this celebra
Christmas is celebrated in many
various ways in many different
lands. It has been expressed in
magnificent masterpieces of art by
the brushes of famous men and in
beautiful words by the pens of
world renowned poets. It can be
found in the twinkle of a child’s
eye or the glow of a Christmas
light. It needs no introduction but
the true spirit of the first Christ
mas should be constantly present
in our minds during this season or
we have lost the true meaning of
this occasion.
Yes, the days are getting shorter
and the stores are open longer, the
furnishing the music. Each stu
dent will be allowed to ask one
couple as his guest. Students will
be able to get tickets for this couple
from any member of the Dance
We hope that every Charlotte
College student will come and make
this dance the best that C. C. has
ever had.
Miss Bonnie E. Cone, director
of Charlotte College, was recently
elected president of the North
Carolina College Conference at the
close of its 35th annual meeting in
Winston-Salem. More than 150 per
sons attended the two-day meeting.
During last year’s meeting Miss
Cone served as vice president and
will succeed Dr. Dennis H. Cooke,
president of High Point College,
as head of the State organization.
Other members named were Dr.
D. B. Bryan, head of the Depart
ment of Education of Wake Foi-est
College, vice president, and .lames
E. Hillman, director of the Division
of Professional Service, State De
partment of Education, re-elected
Freshman Class officers have
been elected for the 56 school year.
Frank Garner was elected as presi
dent and Dickie Matthews became
vice president. Ann Padget was
chosen as secretary and, last but
not least, Taylor Hill will handle
the job of treasurer.
streets are brighter and our fi
nances darker, the traffic is heavier
and our presents are lighter. This
is Christmas and let all of us
strive to make this Christmas as
spiritual and joyous as the Christ
mas years ago in Bethlehem of
Harold Hendley
With each publication of the
Charlotte Collegian a committee
chairman is asked to express a few
words about his committee. For
this issue the editor has asked the
publicity chairman to explain his
job. The committee is headed by
Darrell Avery and has seven effi
cient staff members. These are
Jack Meek, Gwen Daly, Claude
Davis, Michael Andrews, Dick
Gilliam, Raeford Brown, and Pat
Kendrick. Dr. Herbert Hechen-
bleikner is the faculty advisor.
The purpose of the publicity com
mittee is to give more and better
publicity about Charlotte College
to the students, faculty, and the
citizens of Charlotte. We of the
publicity committee hope that
everyone will patronize the school
projects and support Charlotte Col
lege to the best of their ability.
The publicity committee has just
purchased a new bulletin board,
which is located on the 3rd floor
next to the library entrance. Please
notice this bulletin board every day
for the latest news about C. C.
In closing we would like to ask
for your opinion on any matter that
will improve the publicity of Char
lotte College. Dr. Hechenbleikner
or any member of the committee
will be glad to hear your opinion.
Please remember that the publicity
committee is just a committee with
out the support of you—the stu
dents. We need your help and sup
port to make Charlotte College a
better place for all.
There is an old saying that
sums up our aims. “Don’t telephone
or telegraph, just tell the students
at Charlotte College.”
Darrell Avery
Publicily Committee

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