North Carolina Newspapers

Rnffes of Advertising;
One square, one insertion, $ (V
One square, one month, I 0;
One square, two months, 2 Oz
One square, three months, 2 50
One square, six months, 5 00
One square, one year, 9 00
.., r- L. ... -,. . .-- .- -,, , ., , , .,, i
- . i . .
THE P&OSPEKOIS SOIT1I. Pontius Pilate.
And have it shipped to the Gwyn-Harkets,Wolen Mills "the best wills
in the State" and have your Blankets, Cassimeres, Jcau Linsey
vul Knitting Yarns made. Comes first erved first.
BELL & SIMS, Agts,
N. B. Highest prices paid for wool
Tlie undersigned onte more comes to th. front and avows his detcrniinal'on
f lead all competitors in the god work of saving the people monej aud sup
plying them with a superior qnalicy of
We are ''loaded to the muzzle," and if our ftock is not speedily tediioed
there is danger of an explosion when we fire off our big gun. Everybody
must "stand from under," for th bottom has dropped out of LOW PRICES,
and ifanbody get? cnught whett it fal s. somebody is sure to get hint. Now
Open your eyes, bargain hunters, and if you ar close calculators and
know a go'd thing when you see it, come and see me if you want to save money
by buying yonr
The beautiful lines below were
written by Col. C. L. Merrill, one of
the editors of the Florida Times
Union, upon receiving a letter from
his mother containing the following
"My Desu- Boy- You are always
boys at home and scattered far
one in Missouri, another in Arkan
sas, the third in far off Florida, till
I feel lone and almost broken heart
ed." A letter from the author's
Dear mother. I have wandered far,
Far from the old root tree ,
And miles, by mountain, cliff and
Have parted you abet me.
Tho' storms may drive us where the?
"will - - -- -
O'er land or ocean's foam,
One bnppj thought may cheer U&
We're always boys at home.
Though time may s.t bis signet mark
On heart, aud hand, and brow
Tho' clouds niay rise and skies grow
E'en as they'ie growing now,
see, I am on the side that sees only official protectionistsaddress ns now,
When iny daughter dieci, I took
home her three children. After
that, when my daughter-in-law
died, I adopted her two. So 1 have
a family. I could nor afford it, but
there was nothing else to do Kow,
the cost of clothing,
Dry Goods, Hals, Boots and Sks,
Grrceiies, provisions and other articles of home use. ' A specialty on flour
which cannot be purchasod elsewhere of the sama grade as cheap as I will se 1
Don't sell your country produce before calling on
P. !S. Thanking you for past favors, I hope by fair dealing and reasonable
pices to merit a continuance of the same.
humem store.
I would inform the ladies of Con
cord and surrounding country that I
Lave opened a new
Millinery Store
they will find a woll selected stock of
Hats and Bonnets
Ribbons, C'lacs, Corsets, Bustles,
Ruching, Veiling, &c., which will be
rokl cheap for CASH.
Give me a call.
Arhitcct ul Contractor.
furnishing hats for these little folks,
so that they may not only be com
fortable, bnt decent enough to at
tend the common schools, makes up
no small item. I calculate the five
cost me, in money expended at the
stores in Middleburg, some two hun
dred dollars. Of this a hundred
and seventy-five go on the backs of
my poor children, and twenty-five
into the pockets of the protection
ists. All the purchases made by us
fanners are at the village where a
year's credit is given. When our
crops come in we deliver our grain
at the railroad depot, and getting
checks for same, go around and set-
in our distress, as their dearly-beloved
farmers, I suppose when iu our
misery dying, as their miners and
mill operatives die, of want, they
will still give us this taffy. And
why ? Because we vote. They
treat their own laborers rough be
cause they know there are so few of
them it can make no difference. But
if we farmers were t5 gtt up in our
wrath, we would make short work of
them at the polls. I don't know
whether this will ever occur, for w e
are ignorant and stupid, preferring
the right honorable protectionists'
taffy to common sense;
Let our agriculturists comprehend
the t'rtie working of this protective
svstem and its region will be short
Let us look at it. I have a few
hogs, a bunch of sheep, some corn,'
Indications of a Season of Siieh Ac
tivity, ns IinS Never been
Known Before.
iZalryoii Days;
The share which Pontius Pilate
took in the greatest crime that has
been committed since the world be-
Manufacturers Record;
The indications for a season of
great activity in the trade and man
ufacturing interests of the South
are exceedingly favorable. Rarely,
if ever before, lias the prospect been
so promising; The corn aud cotton
crops of 1887 were the: largest ever'
produced in the South', and, as good
prices were realized, the fanners
fonnd themselves at the beginning
of 18S8 in a much better financial
condition than for many years.
Blessed as the farmers of the South
were last year with abundant crops,
piesent indications point to a reason
of still greater agricultural prosper
ed more wheat. How I have,"?- i he yield oi Irmt ana vege
ploughed, planted, fattened, and) tables has been unprecedeiitly
cured for these tells a story of hard j hvy, and the shipments North
' labor and exposure scarcely known ! nave taxed the carrying . capacity ol
Ob, mothers, do not fold your
hands across your empty lap and st
at fifty : "Tim storv i a1,1 V
gan, has given him an unenviable i home ha3 bcen gQ all-absorbing that
1 1-r .1,1
man legneu lniorms us that he was I ,, :,i xK t. .i ,
c m -.r-. ,r imj,uua my orosen enreaa.
- ' o j oi take upn new one, and you wilT
soon find yourselves among tlu
:idu uiai ne was sent ro come as a
hostage, and became guilty bt mur
der. He was then sent to Pontius,
where he subdued the barbarous
tribes, receiving in consequence the
new name of Pontius, and after-
to giiy other pursuit. Now, why
Far from a mother's love and pride j tie that is, so far as the money j HaVi? I thus toiled thfoiigh the year?
Plans and specifications of build'
ings made in any style: All con
tracts for buildings faithfully ear
ned out. Office in Caton's building,
up stairs. 13
For Sale Cfcesp,
with a capacity for twe've pnssengors,
in good running order. Call at this
Our steps can never roam :
Though men to all the world beside,
We're alwaj's boys at home.
You're sitting by the dear old health
To-night with all its joys $
Our mother, 'niid those scenes of
Is talking of "her bots!"
A'?d oh, no happier spot is ours,
Beneath heaven's sheltering dome$
Where youtn renews its golden
We're always bo$-s at hom
The fabled fount by Leon cought,
.This side the stormy mom.
Lay, like a found dream fairy
wrought, In his own Isle of Spain !
Iu vain the dreaming chemiat turns
The leaves of many a tome ;
The alembic, were the yule-log burns,
Is ouly found at home,
t)ear mother, in this world of woe;
Though fickle friends may flee.
And though thy children's children
Iu clusters round thy knee.
Safe anchored in thy tendei heart,
Thy grown up boys maj come,
And claiming childhood's deareet
May still be boys at home.
A mothers homely sunshine spread,
A bister's trust and truth ;
A father's benediction shed,
Renews immortal youth.
There, safe fiotn every toil and care,
A selfish world and cold,
We'll meet in other years, for there
We nevermore grow old.
from our products' enables ns to do
Certainly from no philanthropic
so. Every year the sum t in? t remains j motive. I have done so simply to
the railroaOi. The yield of wheat
in most of the Southern States,
especially in these in which it is
a leading crop, such as Maryland;
unpaid grows larger. We haw theii j EWmre a market : no more, no less. J Virginia, Tennessee, &c, has been
t ,1 i ii i ,.,n l - i A i i ... , . ii)iiiiimiPii;illv Imvcp !)!ld iho nirfrrp.
to Hustle rounu, sen woo:, mmi iz, noes mis purernai suvt 1 tui:i-ul swu-;i-"" - j a cs-- l nm.ili i,,fn.. .i,;i, u ' .....i ,
a.,n ,,vl,?nr trt ,i,s,k0 nn ihU differ-! rhi with ? mnch! ('on- i Sate yield for the SontU mil tloubU . 1 . , : ';!'. . ! tuus covered are cured without
Stii llU VUilij, " " I I'UUMfV
world's creatures. The Summe.
sunshine went with the children,
but your Autumn may be long and
bright, and with real "halcyon days'
here and tliprf tin" Mr i-nm- emmnt
wards went to Sudea as the resident ; Do kaow wh ne; hboi.
Governor of that provnice His Mrs. Gray, is liked by everybod---.
residence w as at Csarea but during aud lap J ;
tliegrea feast a t Jernealcli, tie took) Itecan80 ghe ncTep takg k..
y u xu m ox iierou, ; trouble,f et better stn, denies ih.
in the northwestern part of the city, t ,,,, 1:;as an N othi .g ,
This palace was adorned with twd teiiii;2 V0U1. lcf to otheiJ Tm
colossal marble wings, facing east- k it to ;irwlf, A BmonMepi
ward toward tno temple and the nre can be founJ Md extinffuihe(T
Mouht of Olives. One of these i.f .V . i , , w ,
' but when coals are scattered, ye
wings was the entrance of the Pra?-! ,in u ..." i,.. .
sorrofr. The place for sad and di-
gusting things is under the gTonu:'
is unf. bpnpfifpd 1,
the Cyclorama of Jerusalem on the j ii;. tu j "
Charity cove
i. .: il. -1 1 T
luiium, me piace wnere Jesus was
before Pilate. This historic build
ing is one of tlie
jji-eai auractions at a Cl! fir
day of Crucifixion. The observer is ; it w ms eye.
near tne marble wiug,andcan see the
ferine-?. The worst of are
township, county and State tnxes.
These hate to be paid, and two-thirds
gress is in session the larger part of
Xct pinch ! Con-! S
lcii be tn
ttest on record. More-
etn a muitituuc ot sins,
j sembled and called for Pilate, who 1 cr.
u C'.rrvrm e, onv-1 oer, me in ae
) t,tll I'VV. O V. 1 V. J
thiu"' for the farmer? Somtimes wheat crop has enhanced values, and
tl.,r,.f,,l,.- nf tl1. 'mr,i't.r!iff, ., ,vmlu.r n enroll in whlVh i OlUllCni iamitlS ai 0
- . ...... " 4,: a .. . 1 1
on farms originates in these. j he bespatters us witn ilattery. Ana
Now, if I eouht have the two hun- ! every year the President sends in a
dred and odd dollars extorted from message in which he speaks of farm
nlv poor little farm of one hundred ing being the great underlying pros
an! sixtv acres, 1 could about make' purity of the land. Do any of them
the Western
both ends meet. And what an iu-1 concern themselves about biif mar-
fernal outrage it is that I, and other ' kei-s ? Again I say, not much! And
farmers like nlvself, should have i vet the most influential committee
for of the House, that of the Ways and
Mean. Its in almost peipetiial ses-
much better prices than a year ago
appealed to consider
transient ; and, when a sorrow i
car; but, once published and coi
.CCUs.X j fi.lj.l fn inuKllJ-inr friiMifla 4-ViorA la 1
The Celoraina portrays the !., i i . i i i? ai
I ' cm m I h. trim lilna Hinir moil none
iU.. c-,n,.:. l, 1 j xl. J J
obtaininff i',tt" ot . 11,11,1 lo lue Keep
cross, gnu an tne ouiuunrs tnat are
The acreage of corn, and cotton iS" memioncu in coiinec-; hc.:llod aud p;lsseeJ) what ft comfor
uuu iMiu tue una oi our oavioitr. : :. :, .
, . . H i lj - one eer
Iradition informs us that Pilate an u
i mi it Husuvci . xAuuauge.
sought to nide his sorrow ;u the! .
mountain by the lake of Lucera; j a sy,,,,,athiin Brother.
and that after spending years of re-j The congregation of a church at
this extortion fastened on us,
which we get absol u tel v notliin;
return .
We are told
a luma ni
We have heard of that home market j terests iirt to secure a profit therefor
for twentv-five veurs, but have never : 'through law of Congress, instead of
unusually heavy, greater evbn than
1887, when the largest crops ever
raised iu the South were produced,
and so far in the season the indica
tions point to larger yields also than
last year. The corn crop is almost
made and" this .year the Southern
fanners will have less Western corn
5 3m
Respect rnliy,
Cases. Caske
I do not sell for cost, but for a small
profit. Come and examine my line of
Old furniture repaired.
12 M. E. CASTOR.
Mministiator s ISotico.
Having qualified as Adm:ni(-tratr
de bonis non of tho estate of Jas. S.
P.nker, dee'd, JI peisoi's indebted
lo said estate are hereby notified to
makp prompt pnymetit ; and all per
i-ons having claims against said estate
nnut ptent the sanie f t payment on
or hefoie the 4th day of May.
1880. or this notice will be pleaded in
bar of their recovery.
Adm'r de bonis non.
By W. G. Means. At
May 4. 18SS.
Blood Keaovator,
Th's valuable Remedy is adapted to
ihe following diases arming from an
impure blood. Eruptive and Cutan
eous diseases. St. Anthony's Fife, Pim
ples. Tetter, I ingwonn, Rhumntisin,
.Vhilitic, Mercurial, and all diseases
of like character.
It is an Alterative or Restorative of
Tone and Strength to the system, it
affords neat rotectio.i 'rotn attacks
i hat originate in changes of climate, and
season. For sale at Fttzer's Drug
seen it. Small wonder ! for all tin;
people taken,- tlwy tell us from ag
ricultural pur-uits, theie is not one
who eats more or less than he did be
fore. And its for lessening the
number of producers, the emigration
from Europe putsjn three men for
every man takPn out. It Is an oe?4
sort of a protection that pi'oteets hi
bor against the pauper in Europe,
but not from the thousands pouring
in upon our shores every year.
The home market don't werfc It
costs me, as it does any other fanned
in this locality, ontj dollar to plant,
grow, cutj thrash, and get into the
granery one bushel of wheat
The home market, as the
thing is called, gave hie last harvest
sixty cents a bushel. This coming
harvest I ex pact fifty cents far this
is tlie rale of decline; aud all an
other products suffer the same loss.
This sort of thing Hirer occurred
with the foreign market.
This, however, is all fudge. There
is no more market today than there
was fifty j-ws pg? and .here can't
be. After the people at home have
consumed our products to their tit-
most capacity, there remains a heavy
' i 1 11....
.In,, h, h,,H-rnider. and dev seliow ".v J11'1 im lllul Jwus
7 ' r .1 .1 o. .. 1 1 K I....' 1. 1 , - It
! the mining and manufacturing in- w
supporting in. the corn line. While
the cotton crop has many dangers
trade I V(t t0 nicer, its conuuions up to tne
i 1 n)innt. tliiit. ponl"! lif
leavinff these interests to the
law of supply and demand. If a
delegation of farmers w ere to go be
fore that committee and say, "We
rp losing, not money, but our labor,
and we cannot live on tilts prices' of
this market of your making;" the
nVlegatiou wouM te toll tlv
great American systen of protection
whs devoted to fostering mining and
manufacturing industries, and w hen
that was done the farmers would
reap a consequential good which the
committee hoped they would be pa
triotic enough to accept. And when
the door closed on the disgusted del
egation, a.roar of laughter would go
up over the "hjiy-seeders."
Now, let us see how the system
works as to the farmer ? His mar
ket is a foreign one. All the sur
plus that is over the home demand
goes to Ihi rope, where our Congress
has no jurisdiction, and where the
price ?s fixed, not only for w hat is
sold there, but for all that is sold at
home. This is free trade, ltd is
free to sell, without tax or charge,
morse in its recesses he plunged into ' Elk Rock where much (shocked upon
asked, and it is ontv reason
look for a good crop, with ii strong
probability of a yield equaling even
the splendid outturn of 1887. The
cotton manufacturing interests of
the entire worltl ai'e in such flour
ing condition that the heavy crop of
1887 has been absorbed at good
prices and stocks are smaller than
even a year ago L naer inese cir
cumstances it i.s but fair to look for
a continued active demand at profit
able prices for all the cotton' which
the South will produce this year,
even if Ave should again have a
7,000,000-bale crop.
The prosperous condition of the
agricultural interests is, howcterj
only one of th? features of the bril
liant promise of the south. Two
years ago millions of dollars were
invested in tlie building of new fur
naces, foundries, rolling, niills and
kindred enterprises. Many t;f these
great enterprises have been under'
construction, yielding no profits,
but virtually locking hp all the
thus invested. .Now they
are all getting iiho opeiaiiuii, uuu
before 1888 ends there will be such
an enormous production of manh-
thelakeon the summit, thus endin
his despair. According to the popu
lar belief, 'J;i form is often seen tl
emerge from the gloomy waters, and
go through the action.of one wash
ing his hands; and when he does so
dark clouds of mist gather first
round the besom of th'ei Infernal
'ibie td ' ja'ie pn then, wrapping the whole
upper part or the mountain in dark
ness, presage a tempest or hurricane;
which is sure to follow iu a short
Having qualified as administrator
of Erwin Allman, deceased, all per
sons owing said estate are hereby
notified that they must make imme
diate payment or suit will be brought
All persona having claims against
said estate must present them to the
undersigned, duly authenticated, on
or before the 15th day of June.
or this notice will brf plead in bar of
their recovery.
GEO. C. HEGLER, Adm'r.
By W. M. Smith, At to. f22 Gw
) .(
1 slid keep on hand a stock of
Champion Mower Repairs. My
old customers will find meat the old
-land, Allison's corner.
i.l tf C. R. WHITE.
rmrsilit?. thev don't help us, for
these same consumers were consum
ers before. As for lessening the
number of producers, as I have said,
these people get pauper labor from
Europe for has than thev would
have to pay native farmers; and get.
them they do. These, miners and
manufacturers, fter squeezing all
they can out of us by law, proceed
to squeeze labor ; and they do that
by draw ing on the labor of Europe.
I am bnt a short distance, as a crow
flies, from the Hocking Valley coal
mines. I saw the natife Americans
driven out by Welsh and Irish.
These in turn were crowded out by
Poles, Bohemians, and Italians.
These in turn, as thev obieet to he-
cotton mills, wood
working establishments and indus
trial enterprises of almost every
variety, millions of dollars' worth of
manufactured goods are being turned
out to help swell the tide of South
ern prosperity. A1 .of this is cre
ating a vast amount f profitable em
ployment for laborers, and the
I will deliver at any time,
aud leave your ordeis.
Belford's Magazine. j
Now, to begin with, my house, a
frame one, may be valued at eight
hundied dollars. This, if I were
building, would be the price; but
when I had deducted the protective
tax on lumber, glass, shingles, hard
ware, and paint, I found the real
cost of my house was only five hun
dred dollars. Here is a dead loss td
me of three hundred dollars.
I had paid three hundred dollars
to the Carnegie set to keep up their
palaces and tally-hos at home and in
My stable, also a frame one, cost
mo four hundred dollars. Calcula
ting as before, I found the same pro
portion held good, and I am skinned
to keep up the protectionists to the
tune of one hundred and fifty dollars
another loss to me of that amount.
I have a pair of old work horses.
The harness on these cost me forty
dollars; the unnecessary tax is four
teen dollars surely a loss.
Mv three ploughs cost ma thirty
dollars. The tax on these j,ltl steel,
iron, and lumber, the neat little sum
of, as near as I can calculate, twelve
Four years since I bought a bind
er; I paid, in instalments, .$225
An agent, who had quarreled with
his manufacturing company, told
me that the binder cost fiftv dollars.
Twenty-five dollars went to adver
tising, and when the agent sold one
he was allowed twenty-five dollars.
Of the rein.ninjng hundred and
iwentv-iive, seventy-five Went in as
profit to the company, and fiftv to
the protectionists.
This is on)y a beginning, "There
is nothing a farmer purchases that
does not pay toll to these protection
ists. I take my two horses to the
, . ii. i i r,...
niacKsmun s io oe siiou, iui- e.cim- Was
pie. The blacksmith charges me, improvements
for all-round shoeing, one dollar and i factn
twenty cents. Of this, forty cents j SOrt. Even a gii i or child can stand
U rphiirert for nrdtection. To have I hv and regulate the machine.
a new roof on a shed leaves two dol- " I said the protected labor was the i fording him an
. . . - . under the law.
lars in tlie hands ot 31 r. I arnegie j poorest paid. 1 must quality tnat. j am vvritiilg tfais as any other old !
and such,- to keep up payees in j There is very little difference be j iiml .rfd wTo suffers in himself a j 'uoyil
SnnM.nwl !t.ul ;it hoiiic. Mr. Blame Uwn th:it and farm labor. At the' ! m;blic wromr, while 1 know t Here
vwection is a Republican prin-! raf v c have been sinking in the 1 are thousands of abler pens engaged ;
., , , t . i.:..,.,i itJ, . , ... , ;., flvt i in exr;
ciple, anu must ne m,, u,,m twenty -me ... . , worthy of publication, I
was roUmg along over English pikes, j twenty-hve we shall see tauoi uu. , win Lvn,ct the sentences, so as to ! g0 louj tt,at I can hear it,
l;n.l fmir blooded horses, and sit- i hotter than the old sertuom or iais-i til(.m readab e. ior .mv stur
beauties in the system. But, youj
wherever he finds a demand. And
in this market he copies in contact money
with the lowest form of pauper la-
surplus that has to find its market j bor known to the world. How is it
abroad or rot on our hands. This j w hen In conies to buy? It is pro
market abroad fixes the prit'es atteclion. Every article of clothing,
home, so that no law of Congress every material that goes to give him
can le&sen or add one cent. When a shelter, all that is necessary to car
thev talk about taking laborers from rv on his work, is increased, as to
f..,;., .m,! miHiii'T HiNii itt. other I ti-"oi rr fuiee or thrice its value. ilnl)L
I l I I I I 1 1 1 1 (lllll rill.l.. . . . - - ll v.
o i 1 . ,
Ilc then buys under protection ami
sells under free trade.
Small wonder the poor man stands
airhast in the midst of his overtilled
fields, and sees the very ground slip
ping from beneath him; as, year by
year, this fearful abuse goes on. To
meet hjs loans he borrows money on
mortgage, in the vain hope that the
next season's crop may prove more
nrnsnerous. nav him out, and save
r -x . '
his poor home and few acres to
fomiit That-, sojison never come
1 ,1 I story once of a man confined j ment could not be had
Tlife (ii-ohlilst Ealer on Ilei-wrS.
In the 'Dictiofuilre. 3es Sciences
Medicles," Dr. Percy tells of a sol
dier named Tararc. This man was
born near Lyons, and came up' to
Paris, where his first exploit was to
eat a basket Gf ipples at a frjend's
expense. On various iJccasions he
swallowed a series of coiks and other
indigestible materials, Avhich produ
ced such violent colic that he was
obliged to attend the Hotel Dieu,
aud while being examined ajiposj
managed to swaUow the wrttchfc'hain
and seals of the surg:-on in attend
ance, M. Giraud. Ou the occasion
of one of these attacks of colic it was
tried to frighten him out of gross
habits by declaring that it would be
necessary to- open his stomach, and j
the doctor proceeded to arrange his
instruments accordingly. Tarare,
however, found an opportunity to
run away, and releived himself by
taking copius draughts of warm water
Soon after he found that his appetite
had really increased to an excessive
amount,' probably owing to the ir
ritation produced by these absurd
tricks. At sev
heal ing that their preacher had de
parted undtr inost discreditable cir
cumstance,'?. On the following Sun
day it seemed to hush up the scan
dal, and under great restraint, many
uuinteresliug courersations were
held, merely to prove that the mem
bers of the church could rise above
seusational gossip. Just before the
services were closed Brother Elijah
P. Brookrpd and said :
'"Brethren and sisters, since wo
last met in this house something
which seems to cast a gloom over
this congregation has occurred. Wo
were all much attached to our minis
I : fi i j i j t
propose that we offer up a prayer for
the wanderer-"
A sensational wave swept over tho
audience; Another brother arose
and, turning to Elijah P. BroOkrod,
said i
j '-'I am astonished that you should
dosire this congregation to pray for
our erring minister you, above all
"Because he ran away with your
"Yes, I know," Elijah replied, "and
that is the reason why I think that
he will need our prayers.'.
A 'nt"f Memory.
P. J. Beals, has a at which
weighed 14 pounds. When a little
kitten he was carried from .the store,
tft the house iu a basket. When
ready to start all that was required
was to open the lid pf the basket
and kitty was always on hand.
After a time this method of trans-
enteen years of age, ! portation was abandoued, but the
factnres ih the South as vvb'uia have j when only wigying one hundied other nay it occurred to Mr. ueais
seemed impossible 'five years ao. pounds, he could eat twenty Jour j as he picked up the basket, to try
From mines and furnaces, rolling Punds of beef in as many hours. , the cut and see if two years or more
mills and foundries, car works and He '.'r he 1,aa fWtt the method of
reCCgmzea Oy DUlgeou MUJUI ' tr.nn.iiorh.nn'n. Onein-no- iho lul
Courie e, of the Ninth Regiment of . v
h. ' , . . v.a of the basket he was soon convinced
Hussars, was detained for tlie fcake . .
ilu a '., T. ,ii r i that cats have a good memory, for,
of curiosity, From the day of his' -
admission he was ordered quadruple itliough a tight squeeze, Lion was
i i.:.-. ,i .,...t...i
rations, with pickings and waste meat " r"'"
but often" sliptJed into the dispensary j down as ready to be carried as ui his
and laid hands on anything eatjble.
One day he was observed to geiie a
large cat, and after sucking his bl ood
left in a Toy short time only cleanly
voting davs.
-Belfast Journal.
South is rapidly becoming a hive of j ked boues tieuair beins rejected
industry, Heretofore thousands and ; in the course of half an hour like
tens of thousands were idle for a tlmt cf other carrmora. He. was
i" ii . . . . l : r 1 t , .,w1 oJc etva11r.u-
i greater part oi me year, urani!i; i juuu ui s.uii;ma uu
!;i ui 'a .....w J incr them whole. On another occa-
ineie as uu tium w , . ' . , i. . u-f.iv
Xow there I 610,1 he consumeu in a .ew j".
Mr A. was a very timid man, but
was accustomed to ask a blessing at
meals in a mumbling sort of way
when onley his own family were,
present. He always omitted the
ceremony, however, if any visitors
at the table. One day, when a
a repast spread for fifteen German ! friend was dining with the family,
, . -i it. il i ,1 ! p 1 ill! ..f l.isf fliii nivjtn.
incr Starveu TO cie-ain, are i lnettieueu i or a wimiov . , uu, at ia;i, im.
by negroes; and we should have j rious walls of death closed in on
Chinese did not the law forbid. So j him. '1 h.s is the farmer ; and the
.. . "l.Tit
oa T non find on -. i ft't nor.r-! noof f fl ow cannot unuersranu in
est p
protected labor
I i ir 11 . . - tk!
to solitary imprisonment in a round j work ior an i. u .n y - j work pple,
i ;-!-., n eM-elP nf win- South, and the industrial aeveiop
tower in which was a Ciicie oi w.n- .
, hm viMim woke even i ment ,i0W 111 V2& 13 raPld,y
, .i j. i ii i. i, 1 hasteninff the day when no man i swallowed at one
morning to tne iaci tiKit u.a r.iu ; , . , , ,
i in-f-r he i! e because oi me lac w miuumujxiu.w - o
.... i;i.,. t.M- n.ifn
work, The comomat.on ot great;- ' ,1 , , , . , -11(r throat that vou so fnctiines do before
"rew smaller by the disappearance i
of milk, etc.. after the little fonr-vear-old daughter,
which he was blown out like a balloon ' af ter bowing her head a few moments
n the presence of some officers he ! i he:irii!L' " hothins. innocently
sitting Jhntyr . ,f t
His iu- ' . r ' ' ' . .
kis j make that tunny little nois in your
agricultural properityr-great at
least as compared with any other
year since the war and vast manu
red to cany a correspondence be
tween General Beaubairis and a
French colonel, which was inserted
we btzan to eat!'".
was built above him bv the patriot
ic fathers for the sole purpose of afr
nd his 'eiuial rights
The Society Efiilor'M woe
Ph ase send us the names of your
frieuds visiting you, as it is trouble
for us to have to aak every member
of your family-, 'Who's that visit
tng you and your folks?" aud the
answer h. "Gieat Gbddermity, don't
preaa u.ier iu-.- luhvu appect. Alter death his itomf-cn voa jcnow anything, and you in the
crop during the corning mo'.tb, wo was found iu a very diseased condi-, )u.;gpaper babines, too ?" Wo don't
niav look for a season of suc-h b'.iii- j lion. London Standard. , ijIi0W your cousin MoJle from your
.tv5tv thti Stth has tiever n- ' o ...... r tho '. ucce Millie.
. I .4-., am railvooi l iits ! in o 01 ( tivn fllVK : lilt iie Was
,id labor in the Lniteu Mates iSjawlu! system tnat stow j nn -e,, - . f. 1; ,r;!,r ar ) ca0J?ht aud soundly thrashed. On i
'ork never contracts about h.m with its worse j ; ? raT(i(Hv inilkl ! one occasicn be fell under suspicion
skilled labor, and, owing to the Than death; tor it 13 perpetual ser-, i . ; ., . ' . . ! of having eaten a child fourteen;
i in machinery, manu vitude to his children's chiiuren, ; - ; t months olo. It is alarmed that he:
iMorrh-is reased to be of that ! wronThr out by a government tliati3-" ' . . ". was Ot mil a ana srent.e mauuei :
' ! .i i.: i... ii..-.
1 W. W. Scott. Jr, editor of the .
I Lenoir Topic, has recovered from j
! his late attack cf sicknesi. i
lie l Know merei . 1 , ,. r. ,
bier pens engaged j ? The Maxton Union
.rime. If found said, ''because when I h my h Coast Iload for ;
ion, I hope yon against your breast your heart beats ; aiftPOntinue tLe , um)j
Tlie Robesoniaa says the Lumber
ton Presbyterian Church is again
The Maxion Union commends the ! vacant. Its preacher, Rev. Walter
it resolve, to j Johnston ha? gone to Cana-ia.
tin by Mr. Carnegie. . Probablvjf i sja. .-We are coming to the eighteen j fingers and dull head are not accus- j
I were fixed that way, I would see dol lars a year, and the sheepskin tomed to this soit of work. .J"
ea Lsf me sysL. But, you coat. And as the right houorablej coxcluded Cxh p.ok.J eart,
a iiai, j (,.al;ig
I gasped the poor fellow, as the truth j
ned upon him. "that is not my;
inuii-g of Sunday
Chattanooga's new Directory
that's my Waterbury watch." i shows a population o? 46,000.
F. X Stiudwick, Esq, is on his
feet again and is arranging to take
part ia the canvass. He i3 one of the
most eloquent speaker's of the State.

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