North Carolina Newspapers

-raiNi c iiie
Wjws that is .yews
VOL. VI-NO. 56.
1 In E! 'CjT-AjV"
' Ik'"
The weather is in the ex
trenie of chnngefulneas. Th
present influence of Jupite:
and Mars on 'this mundane
sphere hs its equal only in
that of a sugar trust lobyist
on the United States Senate
It has chilled and dampened
everything save the fervor of
tk womalMjffrage advocator and the
aidor of a !Fueion Legislature. As
for me and my house we are hoping
that the hog and hominy, inter-"
epersed here and there with that
hirsaite appendage, in common par
anceinownes rabbit, will prolong
its star nntil the fitful season is
over. - Hog and hominy, unless in
cooperated with some culinary vege
table, is very monotonous diet, 3Iy
of t repeated failures to exchange at
anything - like an equil value car
tridges and partridges precludes the
possibility of decorating my menu
card with that delicacy, quail pie.
This inability, Mob on my part is
neither wilful nor premeditated,
enbtrftcts from this otherwise appe
tite persuader, all its economical
and homelike aroma ; so we are
pfOSewreBori. iu iuu uuuirbbicairu
barnyardNillfor our plumaged
luxuries. The (finSrefifieJietween
the two I may venture to say iir&bput
on a par with Mr. Cleveland's dis
tmction between gold and silver,
both as to quality and size. And I
might add that the gold is about as
far out df my reach as the partridges.
Sometimes our plain, homely fare
fails to please the eye or charm the
palate. It even pulls upon our
muBCulo-membrauous reservoir; then
we have "recourse to that most nota-
' ble, hunger satisfying esculent, the
sleek candle appendaged opossum
Like a populietic campaigner this
marsupial quadruped is a nocturnal
peradtalator and gathers his sua
tenance whilst others are wrapped
in the arms of Morpheus or in bed.
The procuring of this epienrian
feast in its original simplicity is
economical and invigorating and
interesting. We Biniliugly boycott
the powder ai d lead trust meander
forth just after supper and the twi
light ha3 disappearedjwith nobther
-paraphernalia than thooe necessary
luxuries that adorn every well regu
lated household an axe and i
hound then in the wee ema' Lours
we return ladened with a noonday
meal dangling from a split etick.
This trophy is as . dear to U3 as a
senatorial seat is to a populist or the
gold reserve to Mr. Carlyle, not
merely for i8 intrinsic ortb, tut
as an exponent of our discernment,
sagacity and expanded judgment in
dealing with the obstr use. question of
supply and demand.
I begin to think we Tar Heels are
as changeable as this weather. We
have change on the brain. It has
become epidemic. Our heart throbs
come welling up from our m'most
recesses panting for change of diet,
' change of air, change of scenery
change of climate and pocket change
Last fall an attack of political
chaue permeated every nook and
corner of our governmental anatomy
and benold! that change hath
changed or abolished almost all
things. If ta premeditated Thanks-
giying day is annulled, Stanly tur
kevs will be a drug cn the market
"With fear and trembling" I am
looking for the introduction of an
ect to change Sunday to a more con
. veoientday or congenial clime. I
""IT sometimes think that even I am,
Felix hSe,-4almo8t persuaded" to bt
a changling at least I have gone so
- far as to agree to give the boys a
"-Tielping hand in their infatuation
for cnangeana giye me oia cominuu-
ealth another political somersault
in 1896. We will see many changes
ere then.' bnt finance and tariff will
i be to the f oi e. The world will still
F go round with the whirligig of time
and rich and poor, (one of which
go sum) will hang on grasping with
many a heart ache for change. .
This troublesome, tangled skein of life,
With its longing ana vain regrets,
- Would blissful be if a man could live
on the interest of his debts."
' . ....
I see that Mr, Parsons, of Ilvde
county is the popular Populist poet
uf the State Senate.
. -, The Rep and Pop collusion.
Was the office seeker's dream;
Now, the merry son of fusion,
a. "v ' I the poet I'arson's theme.
- -
. ' . With petitions and connter peti-
i. - lions for a higher rate of taxation
; i for graded schools and streets the
: kicking about our fire fly lights
"""V - the question of turning some of the
; 1 corporation out to grass of electing
- commissioners by wards and sundry
i ; . other little things too tedious to
, men tion'l lcok for a merry time
the next muni
X nblica
Som Nort
can pa-
pe rs are profuse over our Jnew sena
tor but they dub him Hon. "Pefer'
Prifcbard. Thy name shalt not be
Jeter but "Peter" for this' rock shal
be eur southern Republican corner
stone. Korner
Peopie Will RMk QncMtiotiH, Bany Hy
or So Jesse Hamilton is Long
Dr. Johnson has a very nice desk
It was not large enough, so he bought
another and the old one will be used
for another purpose in the office.
His clerk, Jesse Hamilton, is a
long Buffering man, or else he'd had
a convulsion and put a head on a
fellow Wednesday evening, and
stopped an avalanche of questions
Here is a sworn copy of a catechism
lesson Mr. Hamilton went through
Wednesday evening t the hands of
another one in business in town;
Q. Where did you buy it?
A Sold from Atlan'a but shipped
from New York factory.
Q Y'here are yon . oing to .pus it?
A Where the old des iio is.
Q What are you going to do with
the old desk?
A Put it where tCe new desk is
Q Vi hat are you going to change
tV We want the new desk at the
old pLce,
J3 Whv?
A'Tgeed a larger desk.
Q Why dcuvt you sell the old
A. Want it for use as a perecript-
ion desk.
Q Jid yon buy it or get it as a
A Bought it and paid for it, by
uniri! ,'
o ,
Q How much did you pay for it?
A I can't say. .-'
Q Did you pay more for it than
the old one?
A Y s.
Q Haw much more?
A C-.o't say.
Q Uj?
A Dm't want to.
Q A:-e you going to use the old
one or ii Doctor?
Q Is it locked?
A Yes.
Q, Why don't you open it?
. A Don't want to.
Q Have you got a kej?
A Yes, two.
Q What for a looking key is ii?
A Here it is.
Q Humph! three tumbler Iock,
lets open it.
A All right.
Q When are you going to change
A In a day or two.
Q Why don't you chang? no?
A I want to see Doctor first.
Q What for?
A To see how he wan? s it.
Q How much longer is it than
the old one?
A Six inches,
Q Will it go in the old place?
A No.
Q How are you going to put it in?
A C it out six inches of the
Q A e vou going to move the safe?
A Y;s."
Q Are you going to keep your
papers in the new one?
A Ys, Fome of them.
Q Wren will doctor be borne?
A T lis evening.
Q Will you move it tomorrow.
A I expect we will. If we decide
to move iL tomorrow we will give
you notice and aek your help and ad
vice in the very grave . and porten
tious undertaking and if yon have
any friends who would like to see it
they can have the priyilege for the
insignificant sum of 25 cents. '
Evidences of Void Weather.
Tfce water pipes froze np and
bureted, all over town, Thursday
night." Water froze in some rooms
where the fire was kept np during
the night.
On some stoves wa'er could not be
made to boil.
Several parties are reported to
have waked up with ice pegs about
their mtuths.
A thin coat of ice is reported to
have formed over several wells in
Pigs, lying close together, are re
ported to haye frozen together and
had to be thawed before they could
Several cows could not be milked
until thawed."
About the only thing in town that
did not freeze are the electric lights.
the dummy railroad irons and the
brass of the newspaper dead beats .
In speaking of big beeves, Mr.
Wi.'ey Troutman recently killed one
for J M Udell that weighed 685
pounds net. This beats Graber's big
stef S9 pounds.
Prtterson.'Wiley Wedding.
Yesterday was a cloudy, raw daj
and in the afternoon snow began
to fall, which kept np to past the
hour set for the mairiage to come off
at Sheltcn Memorial church, but
large crowd was present to witness
the ceremony.
The contracting parties were Mr.
Edwin Milas Patterson, a popular
conductor of the Southern Railway,
and Miss Cadie Janette Wiley, -only
daughter of Mrs. M J Wilej.
The handsome church had been
neatly decorated. . On the pulpit
platform were plants and flowers
and shaded lamps. The platform
was also tastily covered with white
cottons, and the step leading to the
platform was covered with the same
material. .
The bridal party reached the ves
tibule of the church on the minu'e.
8;30 o'clock, and ai the organ, pre'
sided over by Mr. E L Keesler, of
Concoid, N. C, sout-ded Mendels
shon's wedding march, came in, in
the following order :
First, the usher?, Messrs. C W
Sublett, George Harvey, Harry Pier
son and Mortimer White, who
marched do-vn to the alter by the
right and left ais'ee.
Then came the groom down the
ight aisle and his best man, Mr.
Clarence Iyans of Chorlotte, N. C,
down teeltftailse.
Down the center aisle came the
ridearxin arm with Miss Delia
Man 4 Chiem of Lynchburg, the
maid of honor. . She wore in a most
J3eceffiing manner a gown of white
silk, en trame, tnmma wilu riboon
and lace. The conventional veil
fell gracefully from a coronet of
orange blossoms fastened with a
diamond ornament. She carried a
lovely bouquet of bride's roses.
The maid of honor wore white or
gandie, trimmed with lace and rib
bon, and carried a bouquet . of
On reaching the alter, the bride
and groom met and walked upon
the platform, fo!!ow3d by the best
mm and maid o' honor and the
ushers, who formtd a ha'f circle
around the bride -and groom.
Here thej were met by Rev. W T
Doggctt, who in a most impressive
manner made two loving hearts one.
The bride and groom during prayer
knelt upon hassocks which had been
placed upon the platform.
The ceremony over, the wedding
party left the church in reverse ors
der, while the, organ pealed forth
Lohengrin's march.
The leception which followed at
the home of the bride's mother on
Church street was a grand affiir. It
wa3 a real old Virginia wedding sup
per. The table was handsomely set
in the dinning hall, and fairly
groaned under the weigh that lay
upon it. There were twelve large
cak-s of different kinds, the bride's
cake occupying the centre; frui s
candies, nuis, chocelate, tea, coffee,
hams, seven turkeys, wines, jellies,
etc. Theie were a number of ia
vited guests, ana all enjoyed them--elves.
When time came to leave
the bride and groom stood at the
centre door and received congratu
lations and best wishes of their
. There was a large nuaber of
presents, and all of them useful and
The brtde is a most estimible
young woman, aud has a large num
ber of young friends in Neapolis,
and other places, both in Virginia
and North Carolina.
The groom is a conductor on the
Southern railroad, id a native of
Concord, N. and is greatly loved
by the railroad employes and has a
large circle of friends in Neapolis.
Mr and Mrs. Patterson leaves this
morning lor lam pa. Jacksonville
and St. Augustine, Florida, and will
be gone about three weeks. On their
return they will reside in this town.
Danyille (Va) Register.
Ueatli From Tight JLnciuf;.
A verdict of suffocation from
tight lacing was returned as the in
quest held a' Preston as to the deatL
of Amy Badden, who di d at a den
tist's 8urger,yafter-reeov?Kng from
the application of gas. It was
stated that tbe girl had habitually
laced herself. She was then wear
ing stays nearly five inches tod
small. The left side of the heart
was greatly contracted and the right
much distended.
Mr. Hileman thinks our figures of
18 for to 13 iigainst the cumulative
plan in the Populist caucus i are not
correct that there were not so many
gainst it. Give us the figures Mr.
Hileman or the "nnlucky thirteen"
will down cumulation. Raleigh
Skating was fine on Phsrr's pond.
The beautiful fell in glorious
flakes Wednesday evening.
. Wh.vj the ground hog got to do
with it, anyway ?
This Weather must be tough on
those who do not wear socks.
R;v. 0 O Lyrely is r Jbuine an
academic school at Bithe', Stanly
county. -
Mr. D B Coltrane is on the sick
list. He was unable to get ou; to
day, Something like grip.
Rev. M G ( bcherer, of St. James
Lutheran church, is quite sick. I
is possibly the gvip.
Ritz is putting up new scenery in
the Gibson Hall. Tne stage 13 oe
mg overnauled.
Rev. B S McKenzie, who has been
laboring m New York, has received
and accepted a call to Hiflsboro, N C.
A petition, asking for the increase
m the rate of taxation in Concord.
as been introduced by Mr. Hileoiau
Koruer writes today. He's oq
changes. In fact he has changed
the day of writing all is change,
except pocket change.
Mr. J Whit Burkhead. secretary
and treasurer of the Cabarrus Cot
ton Mills, is very eicK at his horn
south of Concord.
The prohibition biil introduced
y request of the W. 0. T. U, has
been unfayorably reported by the
committee to which it was referred
Jabez Myers, who figured exten-
yely in Charlotte several months
ago, 13 now connected with tho
Buford Hotel of Charlotte.
No attempt has been in this Legis,
lature to change the Lord's Prtyer.
The reason may be in the fact that
so few of them know it.
Jards are out for the marriage of
H A Latham, editor of the Wash
ington, N. 0. Gazotte to Miss EUa
Osmonia Reed, of Biltmorp, .N. C
Feb. 19 at midday.
ilr: Ii Keesier and Misses Addie
Patterson and Bertie Quantz have r
turned from Danville, Va., .vhere
they attended the marriage of Capt.
Ed. Patterson.
The residence of Judge Bryan, at
Newbtrn, was nearly destroyed by
fire on Wednesday. The loss to tbe
building is about $5,000 and to the
furniture $1,500.
The wife of a Mr. Rogers, near
Salisbury, and daughter of Mr. Caleb
Fisher, of No. 3, Cabarrus, died
Tuesday. Her remains were buried
at Trinity Lutheran church. No, 4,
on Wednesday.
Quite a lot of campers from a dis
tance toot up quarters in the rear of
Mr. Dayvault's store Wednesday
night. Mr. Dayvault showed them
lots of courtesies, enough to make
them comfortable.
Bishop Fitzrerald says: ;It is
diffcult to see how one can secure
greater pleasure and profit from ar
evenings entertainment than by at
tending one of Prof. lord's re
citals." Mr, Sandy Msrs, of No. 11
whose affliction with paralysis has
been noted in these columns, died
Wednesday morning. Mr. Mjers
was a quiet citizen, who attended to
his own affair 8. For a long time he
was mail carrier on Flowe's store
Mr. Jno. W Wads worth, of Char
lotte, whose eerious illness has been
noted in this paper, aud father of
Mr. Jno. V Widsworth, of this place,
is greatly improveu. Tuia will be
glad news to his many friends in
It will coma to rass tnat nil the
churches will adopt the plad of
Tryoit Street Methodist Church at
Cnarlotle in the uiatter of separate
communion cups for eacti members
The teachiugs of medical tcience re
quire this. Wilmington Messiengpr
Little Cleve'and Foreman, infatr
son of Mr. J C Foreman, of Silyer,
this c.unty, while playing in the
yard tbe other day was eten to fall
on his face, and on some one going
to him it was found that he was dy
ing. He lived only a few minutes.
He was only about 20 months old.
The cause of his death is unknown.
Stanly News. -
The Charlotte News of Wednes
day Bays: Mr. Jas. N Brown, ano d
veteran, who fought in the Mexican
and subsequent wr.vand .who' has
been a true blue Democrat through
thick and thin, is here today. Mr.
Brown is outside of Concord today
for the first time in 20 years He
is a type of the gallent old South
ernera of whom there is now bat too
few left.
Advisers lr)fc;nim to Await the
coneiasion of Frand investigation.
Nn8hville,Tenn., Feb. 7 n. Clay
JEvans, who yesterday took oath
office as Governer cf Tennessee, does
not tpppar to be in a hurry about as
eerting bis right to the position. No
legal steps have yet' been taken
compel the deliyery of the executive
office into his keeping. -
Mr. Evans' probable course will
be to perform some act required of
the Goyernor, then call on the courts
to enforce his authority. Some of
me auwaeiB nave urgea mat ne await!
k : , - j , ,., ,
the conclusion of ; the investigation
to be made of alleged f ran Is by the
legislatiye committee appointed for
that purpose before making any
further moye. This advice is
founded on a belief that the inyestr-
gation can be turned to Evan's ad-
vantage in spite of the partisan bia3
of the committee.
why i.cnve on interest o lone?
in it77, uev. bolcmon Pool, who
was Preside t of the Uaiveisity, ob-
tiined a judgement against the.trus
tJtsof the University ' for $4,000
and Interest from February 1877,
for services at the Jniyersity. In
16b7, tne Legislature paid 4,090
stipulating that it should be in full
payment. "On account ofextreme
poverty tne Dor. as were taken, but
protest against this being a full
discharge w?s filled nith the State
Treasurer. Now a bill will be in-
troduced asking for the interest public, and their was a large audi
form 1887. Raleigh Observer. Butler presided. Rev. Dr. J W
All thi3 brings up the recollection Carter, pastor of the First Baptist
of some mighty bad and ugly North church of Raleigh, prayed. Butler
Carolina history, such as wc might introduced Wille'p, of Kansas
haye thought no North Carolinians National Alliance lecturer, who, in
would be founl making, at least troduced Mann Page, of Virginia,
when there was so much general suf . the memorial orator, who read his
fering and sadness. To a man np a address. It occupied an hour and a
tree, $4,000 seems enough reaiun- half, and v as mainly a sketch of
ZZTi't free Pill.
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Too llad ! Too Bad !
The Landmark has private, but
perfectly reliable information from
Raleigh that State Senator B R
Brown, of Yadkin, one of the mem
bers from this district, is on a big
drunk and his been for Beveraldays.
This news is not a great surprise to
Democrats. Mr. Brown was a mem
ber of the Legislature from Yadkin
in 1879 and during that session got
drunk and acted so disgracefully
that a resolution was brought up to
expel hni. This tjaa charged on
liiui m ie cuuipaiu liieu xttu nuu uc i
didn't deny ir, but the "reformers,"
including uoar.y so'Calleu prohibi
tionists, voted for him nevertheless.
Brown is not of our way of think
ing in politic.?,- but we very much
regret that he is making an exh bi
tion of himse'jf. Statesville Land
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The general average registered by
the thermometers in town, so far re
ported, is at zero, h'everal have run
the mercury down to fourbelo zero.
Tfiisis at.oirt a correct statement to
go out to th? world. Dr. Gibson,
ho ke pa -n close watch on the
weather changes, reports the loweBt
oint for the mercury at two de
grees below zero.
EucKlen'H Arnica Mtlvc.
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Kxerelses at Cemetery and Hall
Raleigh, Feb. 7 The Legislature
had a brief session, m order to at-
of tend tbecermonien at tfie laying of
the corner stone of . the L L I'olk
- 1 monumeut. "A worse day could not
have occurred for, Buch a ceremonj
to J It was noon when the proce eion
atarted. It left the city hall in eight
streer cars. In the first car were the
grand lodge officers, in the next tbe
officers and delegates of the National
Alliance, in others the justices of the
Supreme court and other State and
..I i - i , . -r
city ouiciai, nicmoera oi tne lgis-
latu re, etc. The II dependent Cor
net Band was also on board the long
train of cars.
On arrival at tbe cemetery it was
found that many persons were al
ready there. The stand was erected
near the grave, and on this were
Marion Butler and other officers of
the National Alliance : Mrs. Butler
and two daughters of L L Polk's
ihe exercises were opened with
a brief talk by Grand Master
Moye, which was a euloav of
Polk, Acting Grand Chaplain N B
Broughton prayed, and the corner
stone was then laid. Chaplain
Broughton pronounced the benedic
tion and the andierce, which had
bravely endured the driving storm
of sleet and enow, left the cemetery
for the city, wher, at 1:30, at Met-
ropolitan Hall, the Polk memorial
exercises were held by the National
Alliance. These exercises were
Polk's life. He declared Polk baa
done more for the oppressed than
any man ,iho had f-ver lived in
I America.
Appeal for .c Poor,
To the citizens of Concord :
account ot the severe cold we
there is necessarily Buffering i,:
town for fuel and provision
have had several calls, but not hav
ing any funds in my hands for the
relief of such I had to turn theni off.
to the tact tbat sucb IS The case and
that an organization should be mad
and a committee appointed to see
that none starve or freeze and that
the amounts contributed for such
purposes be given only to those who
are nnable to heln themselves and
such only. I do not feel like taking
the matter entirely in hand as before.
This is why I suggest a committee
whose duty it will be to know who
really does need assistance. I hope
that this matter will be locked into
and action taken at once. I am
ready and willing to do all I can.
J. j, Boger,
Chief Police.
Ashe county last week the
was from six to eight feet
Ex-Sheriff Murray, of Alamance,
died suddenly at Burlington a few
days since.
The treasurer of Iredell county
took his first ride on the railroad
last Saturday, says tbe Mascot. He
went to TajlorBville
Jones, Cox & Co., Tobacco Manu
factures of Winston, made an as
signment Thursday. Thfir- prefer
red creditors are to the tune of
A man doesn't generally get a bad
teputation without deserving ifc.buf
it sticks to bin after he has cease ;
to deserve it.
Muucie, Inl.. Feb. 7. MomUv
oer Ijlouiitcville,in o'd boiler used
by 80ui& men sawing wood on a firm
exploded; f.ur men were kiilod and
others injured.
London, Feb. 7. In the house oi
commons' todny formal notice was
siven of ii introduction of th
Welsh chun-h disestablishment, the
lrifch lai.d aud l-ha local vt to bil's.
Tbe Pn'sid&ct TueRday decided
tbe bourd-iry dispute between Bra
zi and thd Argentiuo Republic in
favor cf Brazil. The voluminous
docume its i i tba controversy were
vlellve'ed to the President February
9th, 891, ind he had a jear for their
consideration, i-i which he Was as
sisted by Assistant Secretaries or
SUte Uhl aud Rockhill. - .
Jap-nesa marriages, are rather
temporary aflairn- Miss Bacon, in
her "Japauese Girls and Women,"
teIfaof a servant who was married,
quarfolod with her mother-in-law.
got a divorce, and was back atwork
again, all within a morth. . :
Rocky river is frozen oyer.
H!rrhf:f of all !n T
a 948,000 Residence Burned A Wall
of a Bnlldtnic Falls Ont.
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 7.Jacob Haas'
residence,No. 331 Washington steer,
was burned to-uigbt. Tbe house
cost $30,000 and with its contents
was valued at $45,000. Mr. Uma
has $26,000 insurance on his home.
The fire caught in the attic from a
defective flue.
The fire department has been busy
ail day ana the firemen haye not
bean in their quarters half the time.
At 3:30 o'clock they were called to j
an oa engine house at thesou'h enc1
ui me uroa'i street Dnu?". The
r t .... i
nortn w&u ot tuis building fell o r
and down upon the railroad track 40
feet below. The buildiug v.-urt cc
cupied by the Atlanta Engnvir.g
Company. As the wall brga.i to
give way the employes rushed for
the street and all escaped. More of
the wall near the sidewalk is i-ei.t-
ling and will probably fall before
morning. When this falls the- frMt
portion of the building wi!! fall M-i-h
it. Just beneath the wall that is
tottering a broken water pip is
spouting thousands of gallon? of
water and this is washing awav the
foundations of the building. Dim-
mock & Wallace, wholesale com i
mission merchants, lose $1,200. The
plant of the Atlanta Engnyipg
Company wa3 in the rest of the
building which still stands. The
company's loss is tibout $1,000.
Hugh Jurlen, osvnerof the building
loses $4,000.
IlRiifleufled, Riirked and Whipped a
onrictfor CHcnping.
Asheville, Feb. 7. Superinten
dent H H Whit? and Steward W C
oluder, charged with assault on Tim
McUarty, a convict, in White's gixnz
bad ' Ystj
TCTTioon. Ihe evidence
w.3 thatSluder, ; under White's in
structions, had handcuffed and buck
ed McUarty, and White administered
about 25 blows with a leather etmp.
There was no evidence that McCirty
had done an j thing more than ess
cape from camp a few days before.
White and Sluder were bound over
to court, the bond being Jixe I at
$200 each
A BMsnoess flam
Wants to know th truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth. And be wants that
truth boiled down.
He has no time to waste In skimming about
the edges of a subject, he wants to ret at the
lst of the whole matter, an4 dor not can
for a hundred paces of opinions If he can get
It all In hundred lines of solid facts.
That ts to say he wants the Encyclopaedia
Britannic, for no other work will so
completely meet the busy man's needs. It
has justly been called "the knowledge of the
whole world compressed Into five feet of
book shelf."
Another Characteristic
Of the business man Is tha be has an eye a
the dollars. If his good Judgment enables
Mm to detect the actual merit of a project
before his neighbors get into line he "gets
In on the bottom floor, while his less shrewd
neighbor waits until alt the world wants H
and then he finds " the slocks have gone up.
It Is this characteristic of Carolina business
men that is leading them so generally to
procure th Encyclopedia Britannica while !t
may be had at introductory rates. A thorough
business mai sees how the EHtannica
publishers can afford to permit a great paper
like The Charlotte Observer,
offer their up-to-date edition at Introductory
prices for a short time u il the public
generally has become familiar with Its
surpassing merits. Then all will want It.
and they will have to pay th publishers'
regular price ; while the man who Was shrewd
enough to purchase during the Introductory
period has saved Just $i,co per volum oa
the price ef the work.
Write Sor application blank to
The Observer,
; Charlotte, JV. C
The public pnntiug now . wil le
let o the lowest responsible bidder.
After .repealing the old law, and
dilly dallying, the old one is virtually
reenacted. 5 - ' -
- r-f .
Iletrll TarMiay on n Ki-vlrcu-MHr
. Trip aud Hits rvot Keen IIMirlr
Lexington. Feb. S Mr. M K Gray
left It' a home here la&t Tuesday
about 3 o'clock p ni. on his famous
saddie.hore to g-j to his saw mill
few miles east of Thomasv lie. but
his family was inform ?d to Jay thau
he had not H-ached tln-re nor h-.ia ai y
one any information :u to hia when
abont. As the mil I '.o whir-h 1m
wa? going h not wore tun 10 mile
from hero, on ;i rond
.rr. Cray often
friwi j ;,.
;i sh rtr tir.'ie than two
i? i heii-u.i'is are en-,
to bis wcif-iie.
, i-.n ! i-. is hoped it will.
::0 evil Liu cmie tohirn
; hour?
tertaini'd a'
is t)(-ii! !.;.;
develop t'; i
Just ?ast tt.
$10,000 wo
bur aed on ;
was insur'.L
b'jsiucsj ,
? had abouc
r and gtave.J
h mill. Jc
He is ai
, prosperous
a c:t;z3ti. '
r i
'J ' i s
nem.iicit-.;-i cur own talented
A'orth Curolir.:?., jVo;'. Ihrv
Blount. Prcf. Fovd lrJi
equal neiir.or in!? v vr.v miiT
icry, but i:.; nr. uecc-.nplisbed and
trained reriter, hw is :i snh-tcid tvpe
oi lae ar;io i -m pn
complimentary ly.ti-v
Carolinians who hr.w
bj no ru?ar;s cverd-uv
ss notices and
from North ".
icr.rcl liim, are
n. lift is all
they said cf 1 im.
The wny and t'.ny in which ha
held his aiu'tnce Fndny night, at-i
test mere tl.aa v.vrdj Prof. Ford's
entertaining powers. is, in
short, a genius, in 'morj' wajs thin,
We trust :i!id belit ve th;;t a Land
seme Burn, over a:id above a'.l ex
pellees', was for the Ladies'
Aid Society of Centra! 'lethodist
church, iuu!';r wtiose auspices such a
tieut for Concord people was n.ade
Besides furnishing wood and pro
visions to many of the reedy, Mr. V
li O.Je'l send.i in $j to Chitf Roger,
for the relief fund. Let ohers.foli
loj-MrJi H'3'exaHijdf, for more
wiil be ueede J.
Right Arm Paralyzed
Saved from St. Vitus Dance, j '
"Our daughter, Blanche, now f-
teen years ot age, had been terribly
afflicted with nervousness, and had
Stank:;, i-V . 7. -The ro. '
jeiilt of , ..-;r. inisterf-1
jly Dt.lh. u, A-'- . , '
tori', -, :., . . - -j
to bo i::d'iges-. I
tion, ca. ., :2jr j f
rerly 11 ,v i.ncL- a b U-ih. lie i.-j '
cf the ti.i:i:o-i i;..t' h,- swl:o,v?d i:; . 7
wbir- '.I.-.-;Vt.: w fpriti ecvo-!'.! J
mouth;; ;l
It Is ii ;,-). ii.. i
Friday niht. ''' -.'L
. . 7
lost ine ent ire use or ner right arm. .
We feared St. Vims dance, and tried " "'
the best physicians, with no benefit.
She has ia!:en three bottlea of Drr
Miles Korvine anl ha8 gained 3i
pounds. Her nervousness aud symp- V
toms of St. Vitus dance are entire!- -pone,
she attends school regularly, .
end haa recovered complete ne of
ber arm, her appetite is splendi J." . .
KES. E. E. BCLLOC'K, Brighton, N. T.
r Tr. Miles Kervln'
enarantoe that the i
All druggists sell it -It
will tie sent, prop
by tha lr. liiipg
For sniJhyihil diuprl
.. w
i -

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