North Carolina Newspapers

SEtfDUl dollar;
VOL. VI WO. 59.
The Populists at Their Cazscus Last
Night Betermined .to Fight the Ke-
pnHimni From New On.
The Populist caucus met last
night in the Senate chamber and
gun went off. They eaid we want it
nnderBtood we are Populists, and ne-
tice waa eeryed npou the Repubii
To enumerate the proceedings
witbont fail, it was determined to
introdnce a new bill looking to the
aid of the Confederate monument, to
defeat the proposed bill for the new
criminal district, leaving; New Han
over and Mecklenburg undisturbed ;
"to take out the objectionable fea
tures from the Election bill ; to
fight the county government bill,
until cumulation should be recog
nized in allowing two persons to be
appointed of the opposite political
party to the other three commission
ers, so as to insure safety against the
negroes in the East ; to kill both
the 'Shaffer and Young Raleigh
charetjulls; to oppose the chang
ing bf any more charters, leaving
Wilmington and Elizabeth City the
fflly ones changed ; to assert the in
dividuality cf. the Populist party
and to resist further swallowing up
their hitherto Jonah organization by
tne itepuoncan wnaie. vine kick
was lofty and complete, knocking
over the milk and leaving the can
high in the air. There must be rest
for the wicked, unless the wicked
one be an old sinner of the Lusk
stripe. They don't need rest ; their
dwelling place in iniquity; but the
Pops, are calling a rest, and last
night eoundedj'the first long, song
note. Raleigh Observer.
Uenth of Mrs. Rev. Dr. J. B. DaTin,
After a short illness, Mrs. Anna
Caroline Davie, wife of the venerable
Rav. J B Davis, D. D , departed this
life rather suddenly in Salem, Vir
ginia, February 'i'i, ltsuo, m her
sixty-eighth year. She was a Mies
Mary Sia?, of-GhurenKl.'e,- Augusta
county, Va. She was buried in the
Salem cemetery on Sunday afternoon,
the services being conducted by
Rey. C Armond Miller, She leaves
a husband and six children five
sons and a daughter. Two of her
children reside in Salem, namely,
Mr. Paul S Davis, cashier Bank of
Salem; and Marie, wife of Frank H
Chalmers, vice-president of the
Farmers' National Bank. Her son
Jefferson came on from West Lib
erty, Ohio, to attend the funeral.
To the family we extend warmest
sympathy in their sore bereavement
New Market Church Fapr.
Nearly everybody in Cabarrus
county will remember Dr. J B Davis,
who has lectured over the county,
and who nse to live in Mt. Pleasant
, .Mrs. Davia' many friends will regret
ifif ear of her death, as above sated.
Got AwRjr Again.
Avery Butler, the young white
convict who some time ago waylaid
and assassinated his father at Clin
ton, Sampson county, and was sent
to the penitentiary for life, ia again
at large. Not many months ago he
escaped, but committed a crime in
Cat i wba county, was arrested there
and returned here. It appears that
he got away yesterday for th; second
time. In some way he got possession
of a suit of citizen's clothing, put it
on and deceived the guard, to that
the latter went away, having been
told by Bailer, whom he did not
know, that one of the officials want
ed to see him. Butler dropped a key
to two convicts below who were in
the plot with him and with this key
they opened the door and all three
got away. The othe two convicts
r- 30 year men. The sear' h for
them nil began promptly. Butler,
who ie about 21, is a very hardened
riminal. Raleigh Letter.
We Mad Company.
Our neighbor on the north, the
taliebury Herald, takes ns to task
about say ;ng the Standard was the
first paper in the State to publish
the account of the Lexington shoot,
ing scrape. The Herald had a tele
graphic report and several other
papers had some news of it. We
should have said our paper got
around before any other. It was in
the hands of our local patronage
(few borrowers excepted) long before
sundown. And our neighbor stated
that it was late and it was the only
one having a full, correct account,
so we naturally concluded hat the
Standard wai first to the breeze. '
A Uorse for a Knife.
The bosa horse trade of the season
was made here Friday evening. A
boy from the country brought a
sorry looking specimen of a pony to
town and traded the animal to Dick
Bunion for a 30 cent pocket-knife.
Dick is gobg to rob that
oritter"op and make something
nt of him. Greenville KelKcto
More Than One S Hundred PennicH
Taken at One Hani.
The house of Mr. Jim Browa, who
lives in No. 3 township, was entered
and robbed some time last Tuesday
by one, Espey Poteete, a neighbor to
Mr. Brown.
Poteete got quite a nice haul of
pennies, having found more than
hundred, besides seAeral pieces of
It is said that Poteete had, some
time ago, stolen a pistol from Mr.
Milas Beaver, of the same section,
and pawned it to Mr. Brown, but
when Poteete was rumaging throng n
the house of Mr. Brown he reclaimed
the pistol with the "brownies."'
Mr. Brainard Smith was deputized
to fetch Poteete to town, and had
gotten within a mile or two of the
city, when the criminal leaped from
the vehicle and tooK leg bail for
sweet liberty. He was, the last
heard from, in Rowan county,' still
Deputy Hill went fur his man
Wednesday, but having no warrant
from Rowan, ha could not arrest
Business Transfers.
Mr. Henry L Propst, who has
done a successful grccory business
n the old Propst store room on
Main street for a year or more, this
(Thursday) morniDg transferred his
stock and good will to Mr. J W Foil,
who is well known to our citizens as
a clever gentleman and good grocer.
We wish him success.
Mr. James Willeford, who occu
pied a window in the same store
room, has taken a space in the store
room af Mr. John K Patterson,
where he moved his bench and is
tinkering on time.
Same Way Here.
That. some people wan t to be neen
and display themselves, vainly mak
ing believe they are the cream of the
land, ia evidenced by this lroin the
Greensboro Record :
""If "an entertainment were adver
tised to open at 12 o'clock (midnight)
6ome people would be late. Last
night that concert at Bogart's Hall
was advertised to:open at 9 p. m.;
yet people were straggling in until
9:30. If, when Gabriel blows his
trumphet he don't make a big als
lowance, some people will be left "
A Rogue Canjtht.
Wednesday night at China Glove
while Mr. Frank L Bobbins was in
attendance at a sociable a eneake-
thief entered the house wherein the
gallent men and maiden were in
stalled and took from the h.ll the
ever coat and hat belonging to Mr.
The thief went to the cotto-. mills
and tackled the engineer for a tradf.
The man in charge recognized thc-
pro perty the thief was . offering
for sale, and forthwith closed the
bargain. Not having the required
amount of change, the engineer lei!
the tramp with his engine while he
went for his cash. Very much to
the surprise of the tramp, a con
stable put in his appearance arrest
ed the man and Thursday morning
took him to Salisbury ail.
HarrlaKe License For February.
C R Tucker and Laura Webb.
J W Litaker and Maggie Ashby.
John T Kirk and Mary F Scarborc.
Wm. B McAnulty and Jennie Sos a
mon. T B Eudy and Mollie J Moose.
Thos. H Reinhardt and Lottie M
Elwood M Fowler rnd Maggie Car
W Frank Blackwelder snd Elizv
belh Culp.
Jonas M Miller and Htttie Propst.
James King and Lydia Spears,
v Chinaman and Jewess Married.
Atlanta, Ga., February 17 Joe
Lee, a Chinaman, and Eila Moses, a
pretty young Jewess, were married
here today. The ceremony was per
formed by Judge Blood worth.
The groom wanted the ceremony
performed in open court, but the
bride objected because of the crowd
of cunona spectators. So they sub
stituted the groom's laundry tor the
temple of justice, and the ceremony
was duly performed. None of the
bride's family were in attendance and
no Chinamen were present.
Joe Lee states that since he cut
off his queue two weeks ago his fel
lowcountrymen have cut him. Lee
and his bride have been sweethearts
for a long time, but it was only re
cently that she consented to marry
North Carolina Patents, Febrnary SO
William H Kerr, Concord, assign
or to Golden Belt Manufacturing
Comnanv. Durham.' bee machine.
J .E-Mc1!an, J Salisbury, cnliuary
or apparatus. . - Stephen .0
3b, Raleigh, vehicle axle.
Here Are the Beprcsntatlxcs That
Honor the Mulatto.
Below we give the names of those
who vo ed to adjourn out of re
spect to the memory of Fred Doug
lass, the negro who married a white
woman. Yet they did not see
enough in Washington and Lee.
They are :
Aobott, Aiken,
Alexander, Tyrell, Bagwell,
Kate man,
Harris, of Gaston; Harris, (Hyde)
Henderson, lineman,
M tchell,
Phillips, (Pitt)
Phillips, RaldolpU Pool,
Reynolds, feeff,
Smith, (Caswell) Smith, Cley'nd
Smith, (Robinson) Speas,
Turner, Mitchell
Turner, (Polk)
Not a
Democrat in th-2 whole
New Trustees for the Vniuerslty.
The following are agreed upon as
the new trusteea oa the S ate Uni
versity board of trusteea to fill va
cancies this year: Democrats: John
W Graham, R B Peebles, M E Car
ter, WHS Burgwyn, Francis D
Winston, A B Gorrell. Republicans:
Abram Alexander, Thos. F Floyd,
Z V Walser, E A White, Charles A
Cook, SpeLcer Blackburn, Jafyes E
Rovd. .Tampa M Mood v. V itlwL S
Lusk. D A Whit". D L Rnssel
Popalists: Cyrus Thompson, J TB
Hoover, John F Hogan, S Otho
Wilson, Harry Skinner, J B Lloyd,
V E White, W A Guthrie.
Knit Ended at Last.
The follawing interesting item we
get from our esteemed exchange,
Stanly News:
Over ten years ego the board of
county commissioners of this county
advertised for sale the public Equare
in Albemarle, but the owners of lo's
a( jicent to the fquare enjoined thf
saie aal the case has been pending
u rourt ever since until hisc we-.-l
when judgment was obtained t'is
solving the injunction and author
ing the sale. The News would sug
gest that the lota on the square
ought to be sold at ence rnd the
proceeds taken to buill a new jail.
Some Georgia XuKarels.
You're not alone in your misery
when the cow kicks the milk over.
You can sympathize with the calf
This world is full 'o sunshine;
but nine meu out ' ten spend half
their daj3 huntin' for tallow candles.
When the tree falls on jour house,
and you come out all right, jerk
your coat, chop it np ana sell it for
If there was a free railroad train
from this world to Heaven, you'd
Qnd hundreds of men eo down on
the excursion business that you
couldn't get 'em to board it.
If the good Lord was to make the
world oyer to snit the people in it,
it would tie sush a jumble that it
would, take n hundred years to re
cognize it. Atlanta Constitution.
The "Moss" Konrd.
The Salisbury Herald says:' Mt
B F Weant has neither big hogs nor
fat geese to talk about,' but he
claims to have the champion gourd.
This gourd "is four feet eight inches
in circumference and holds
gallons and a 4uart of water
Weant has Uken charge of the gourd
and uses it as a "tub" for rinsing
clothea. Mr. Weant wants to know
who can beat birn on gourds and to
does the Heralk.
Fife to be a Jonrnallst.
The Lexington D.epatch says : It
ia eaid that Evaogelistj W P Fife, a
native of our county, swill son as
sociate himself witl Evangelist
Jenkins, of Winston, ia the publica
tion of a non-sectarlun religion
journal. :
Mr. J T Isenbonr, of No. 11 who
has been in Texas and Arkansas for
several jears and who re'urnejd to
this connty last December, has gone
to Illinois, ' -
Eq. D W Turner, of Smith's
Ford, 6pent Wednesday night in the
The distillery of J T Harrison
of Rowan county, waa eeiz-d
A fire damaged the Catholic
church of Salisbury, Wednesday, to
ix Joss cf about $300.
Mr. John A Kimmons who was
spending a while in Wilmington
visiting friends is at home.
A bird in the hand is worth two
in the bush is especially true of that
golden priz?, the United Sta es
Wednesday night in the Lutheran
church of Salisbury, by Rey. C B
King, Dr. R L Ramsay and Miss
Lena Thompson were married.
Uccle Martin Rosenstihl, of No.
i, was in town. He can make
pocket knife that looks better and
cuts better than a barlow knife.
Charlie Hardie, a firtman on the
Southern railroad, stole Miss Eve
Peay away from her home at Bur
lington last Sunday and were mar
The workmen are all done with
placing the machinery and shafting
at the Cabarrus Mill, and every
piece ia working swiftly and
Northern capitalists have recently
made several propisitions tj prop
erty owners arouud Glasses, with a
yie;v to purchasbg for the purpose
of building cotton mills.
We have heard men preach on
many things Defore, but Wednesday
is the first time we ever heard a man
preach on horse back. He is a
crans that struck town.
The Empress Dowager, of China,
e studying the bible recently pre
sen ted to her, and has got another
copy for her boo, who is deeply
interested iu the troubles of Jo'.
The young man who boaa'g that
he works vith his head instead
his hands is respectfully reminded
at the woodpecKer docs the same,
and is the biggest kind of a bore
at it.
So many Congressmen will retire
this session they can t shake the
dust of Washington off their feet
Their farewell tears will turn the
dust to something whose name is
Mr. Lusk's bill to regulate rail
road passenger ratea make3 the first
class fare cents p r mile, second
class 1 cents, children under twelve
half these rates. Penalty for viola
tion of this act.
Populist Senator Franck, of On
slow, died in Raleigh Wednesday, of
pneumonia. He wa3 38 years of age.
He was the biggest member, weigh
ing oUS pouuds. This makes the
second death.
One of the most earnest advocates
of tobacco as an indulgence of value
in i he case of the sick and convales
cent, under certain conditions, is Dr.
Ludwig Jankan, the eminent phys
sician of Munich.
The negro boys who were fright.
end so badly Tuesday while escort
ing Maggie Brewer honr:.', who lives
a few miles above town., are named
John Gibson and Jim Pickens Thb
former works in Carter's barter
shop at Forest Hill
Only a few pairs of license were
issued during February and three
ame in on the 27th. The fear that
the blackberry crop would be a fail
ure, owing to the much cold weather
during Febrnary, accounts for the
small number tiiut was willing to
risk matrimony.
Mr, W Brunily, an electrician.
from Atlanta, fell from a ladder in
the L'icy Cobb Institute at Athens,
Georgia, jesterday morning and
broke hi3 arm, 1113 arm was
broken in the attempt to keep the
falling ladder from hurting a young
lady who waa near by playing on a
Gov. Caar has remitted the fines
of $75 each imposed on Messrs. M
F Kurr, A L Morton aud Caleb
Green for shooting Duncan T
Tucker some time ago. Their ap
plication to have these fines' remitted
waa signed by -Judge Boykio, who
imposed the sentence, and by solic
itor Webb. Sf.auly News.
Able councel have" been retained
by Dr. R L Pavne, Jr., to prosecnte
Mr. Sbeinwell in the court?, viz:
Jas. E Boyd, of Greensboro; B F
Long, of Statesyille, and S. E.
Williams, of the loeal bar. The de-fendant-'will
have 0 B Watson,. f
Winston, R Z Lmney, of Taylors
villc; Robbins & Raper, and Pickens
& Welser, o( the local bar.
March 1
Ice cream is always nice.
Greensboro as well as Charlotte
gave the Dewey Heywood Concert
Company a black eye.
Senator William Moody of this
district waa an honorary escort of
the remains of Senator Franck to
Onelow connty.
March came in a little blustery
Now will it go out a little like lamb
and a little like lion a kind of fus
ion, you know.
The Miller Opera Company, which
had an engagement week,
will not appear. The Company
closed for the season at Danville.
The condition 'of Justice Howell
E Jackson has,changed for the bet
ter, and his family hope he will soon
be able to resume hi place on the
Master Henry Ringstag, of this
place Bends as a chicken with fonr
legs and four wings. The freak
liTed a very short while. Monroe
Mr. Baxter Moore, a prominent
citizen of Mecklenburg, died Wed
nesday night It was sudden, an
hour before he felt perfectly well.
His age waa 62 years of age.
Baseball umpires for the coming
season are: McDonald, Keefe, Lynch,
McQui'de, Emelie and Betts. Hun
was not appointed. Fred Pfeffer's
disabilities were removed, and he
is assigned to the Louisville'club for
The Wilmington Messenger says
Tne white folks in south Carolina
are trying to get together. In nn
ion there is strength. In division
there is Tillmanism ard Botlerism
and Otho Wilhsonism and 'Luskism
and other abominations.
February Marched right out as
calm as could be and April May
come sometime before June if July
doesn't make its August appearance
and make things too hot for us in
September to color the leayes in the
uth of October.
pa Cruse, a colored man
5 township, had a warren t takeN
for his poor old father, John Cruse,
on Thursday for drawing a razor on
him and threatening to cut him.
Deputy Cruse served the warrent.but
"upon non-appearance of the son the
father was released.
uount lion de Castellane. who is
to marry Miss i.nna Gonld, Monday
next, had quite an experience with a
cab in New York Wednesday after
noon. The horse p tumbled .and fell
throwing him out and bruising him
considerably, besides tearing his
trousers on the knee.
The murder trial of Tom Coving
ton, which was held at Newton, fills
12 columns in the Newton Enter
price. It is, in its entirety, the work
of Master Robert R Williams, a
youth not yet 12 years old. It is
the fieest piece of work by a boy
we eyer saw. Editor Williams ought
to be proud of his boy.
While at his mother's sale in Lan
caster county latt week Dr. S J
Welsh, of this place, purchased some
very yaluable family heirlooms,
among them Is a very fine quilt that
Mrs. Welsh picked op in her yard
after Sherman's raid and a lot oi
fine chioaware that had been iu bin.
Welsh's possession for sixty years
and has neen handed down from
mother to daughter for more than a
century. Monroe Enquirer.
A mm, a very shrewd man, was
on the streets Thursday and today
endeavoring to trade .watches with
nearly erery man he would meet.
The man possessed an old time-worn
watch, the case of which waapcxter,
that he wanted to trade to Dr. Ar.
chey for hia elegant gold one, The
trade could not be affected, however,
as the unknown man wanted too
much "boot," Thta freak that hi.s
struck the city wears a red ribbon
on his coat and a blue card with red
tassel on bin hat
Was it the Iumny Line
About 11 o'clock the little son oi
Mr. Chac. Sherwood was driving a
double team to a grain drill, going
from town to his home a few uiilet
above town and when iu front of
Mrs. J S Fisher's, on Main street,
the horses became frightened, rear
ing and ruuning, turning the drill
Bp 8ide down and breaking it all to
It was almost a miracle that the
child was not instantly killed. The
little fellow swung to the reins and
after ruuning and draging behind
the furious animals for some dis
tance he got them under control.
The question now arises, was it
the dummv line that caused the
He FlooiU the Town With Obscene
Pictures Six Men Lose Their IohI
Thursday a tramp s ruck town.
He was an nrtist, so to speak, and
flooded the on with vulgar, ob
3cene pictures.
Not only did he paint aud sell his
"beauties" in tha heart of the ci'y,
but took in the North and West eu's,
Nearly every boy in the city has pur
chased or seen one. He retailed his
pictured yice at 5 cents a copy, meet
ing with ready sales wherever he
Down at the bleachery six men,
so far as known, were beguiled into
purchasing some of the shameful
stuff, and when discovered by the
foremen Mr. W A Stone, they were
fired out withiout warning.
Ed. McCombs, a Xegro Thief, Who
Made Bold to Rob Mr. (iraber's
Honey Drawer.
For some time a sloven acd very
trifling, tall, lean, lank negro has
been loafing around town in idles
ness, now and then doing an oad
job, and right recently he has made
headquarters about Graber'i?
market. When Mr. Graber would
leaye his market with hi trust
worthy assistant, little Tonimie
Hopkins, the negro would invariably
creep in behind the counter and offer
to assist Tomroie in making some
little trick.
In this way he would disengage
Tommie'd watchful eve and take his
chances on the msney drawer, which
is yery convenient.
Several times Mr. Graber has
missed money from the drawer, and
no longer than yesterday more than
a dollar was taken.
This morning, very early, when
Mr. Graber went to his breakfaet
the negro put in his appearance as
usual and helped himself to the
contents of the drawer, which
amounted to about $1.25.
When Mr. Graber returned he
missed his money and suspicion was
at oHceu'p.a this conspicuous pen.
Bonage, Ed McCombs.
The police were noilied aud But
on to it, but not in time to
then a long, hot chase. As soon
the negro saw the officers advancing
towards him he broke to run, and
the last Been of them, officers, thief
and all, they went "burning the
wind" down the Southern railroad,
the negro in the lead.
Policeman Bocer being so fat he
could not run. returned to the des
pot in time to catch the 11:15 train
and went to Harnsburg, where he
will no doubt catch the villian.
Tommie ana another boy found a
purse that naa Deen put away dj
he negro under the cabinet snop of
Mr. Caster, containing 1.85, wLich
is in the possession of Mr. Graber.
Wo Eo Gladstone
The grand career of one of the
greatest men of modern times, now
drawing to its close in the ordinary
course of nature, is one of the greatest
object lessons which can be set for the
youth of to-day.
Not all can hope to attain such
eminence, for not all are endowed by
nature, with such wonderful talents,
and backed by a rugged physique,
which can endure the strain of an
active life in the public service for so
many years.
Education Knowledge
Is the foundation for success in a
great career. Thousands of dollars
are expended yearly by men of wealth,
that their sons may be fitted for the
life it Is hoped they will lead. But
there are other ways open for the
resolute youth who will diligently
apply himself to the advantages he
finds at hand. The
Greatest of These
May safely be said to be bound up In
the twenty-eight volumes which go to
make up the new up-to-date edition of
the wonderful ENCYCLOPEDIA
BRITANNICA, which for some
time has been offered to our readers
at very low Introductory rates. It Is
also offered on such easy terms of
payment that any youth with a will
may own this great work. Only ten
cents saved each day will accomplish It.
For full and complete terms and
sample pages address .
Highest of all in Leavening-
" It seems to me," he said to her,
"That Lent must surely lag,
For when amusements all are gone,
The time, I know must drag."
"There you are wrong she made reply
"To say the days pass slow,
For during all the whole of Lent
Its fast time, don't you know."
Excitement is Not so Great and Things
Are Quieting Down To be Tried
Kt lonrt.
The funeral of Dr. R L IV. ne
took place today in Lexington. Hid
daughter, Mrs. Dr. Breckwith, of
Pennsylvania, came in this morning
on the Florida Special and took the
local train at 8:45.
C B Watson, of Winston, who is
engaged as counsel for the defend
ant, came back this morning at
10:15. He. talked to a Record-man
for a few minutes and while he of
course, declined to gay what the line
of defense would be, he said enough
to show exactly what course . they
will pursue.
He said : "We shall contend, and
feel that we can show, that our ui:m
(Shemwell) is guilty of nothing in
the world not on6 single thing."
This means that selfdefense will
be the plea ; that Sneuiwell was on
on his way home, the Paynes, i r.
and his son, being in front of him ;
that suddenly Dr. Payne, Sr., turned
towards him ; thinking that his life
was in danger and that father and
son intended to kill him ,Sbllc-mw
fired to save his own life.
Watch and see if this is not the
case tc a dot.
Mr. Watson, being asked if he in
tendtd to try the case in Davidsou
county, replied: "We don't want it
tried anywhere else ; we should ob
ject if it was contemplated
court, weeK I
sist on going to
of course, well-known throughout
the county. So is our client and we
have nothing to fear."
Ihereareof course two sidts to
every case. So far Shemwell re
cuses to taiK ana Air. uatson sajs
his mouth will remain closed, of
Let him get in the newspapers and
he will be executed in short order.
Greensboro Record.
Miss Catherine Harkcy Dead.
Inia aged mother departed this
life on the 20th inst, at the residence
other eldest living daughter, Mrs
Catherine McDaniel, at the ripe old
age of 93 years and 11 days, having
been born Oct. 9th, 1801. Wha
wonderful even', changes in ail
the conditions of life have occurred
in all those years, Born m the in
fancy of the American Republic she
has been a witness of its proud posi
tion she now ocnupiea as among the
first oa the roll of nations. O.u
enough at the period of the eecou
struggle with Great Britain to re
member the stirring events con
nected with it. She has witnessed
its phenomenal rise and successful
overthrow of every obstacle. Iu
deel, the changes, vicisitudes and
dangers this old mother has wit
nessed and passed through would
fill a goodly sized volume alone, hi e
has six children liying W J liar
key, Hged 79; Catharine, 65; Riley
Harkey, 62; I M Harke,
59; Mary Armenirou, 66, and
Adaline Trobridge, 52. She bat
grandchildren living 65; great grand
children 205, and great great grand
children 11, making a total of her
Jecendants ot 287 now living. Mrs
Harkey retained her physical vigor
to a wonderful degree ud to aoout 2
years ago, when she was crippled by
an accident, before which Bhe wr.s
able to walk the distance of a mile
without assistance from others. Her
numerous descendant in thiscoun'y,
both male and female, are noted for
their fine, robust physiquee, energy
and thrift
The dear old mother has put oh
mortality with all its aceompmyipg
trials and sorrows, to put on immoi
rality m the presence of hi
Aid "vome unto m- an w
weary and heavy-laden and
give you rett. cao baba (uxaej
(Mrs. Haikey was a native tf Ca
barrus county and a distant reh
tive Of Mrs. B V Rogers, of our
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
A T.cnton Tn;ljla!io:i.
Now social gayetics arc o'er,
The Lenten season's here;
Nor tripping feet, nor music more,
In pleasure's halls you'll hear.
So women fair will lay aside
Her silks and satins rave,
While jewels will no more abide,
Or glitter in her hair.
For forty days her mind must turn
Away from worldly strife,
Her soul for holier things muat yearn
Than those of earthly life.
Alas.there's Enstcr just ahead,
Her mint! m1 .-t 1 upon it:
And then her hapless thoughts are led
To that new Easter bonnet!
Jickcd 1 1 at ICiUMlom.
A Maltese cutis being sent around
the world without a c;nt.
The Mardi Gras festivities at Nt- t
Orleans are being held amid di:li; ;'it.
ful weather. Thu city is full of
A number of depa; ttnents in tho
Carnegie Sel
Works " ere c!o;ed
.tin! 1,500 employes
down yesterday
thrown out cf .vor
The ifc!!0?!!t Police
South has t ' on the
of members from th;
'it to bcotu
iinacayor .iCsi . i or
the Epwor: K L ; .
John Ni.'v IiucK, of
his wife f ) 'v-'v-' ';
(Tiio, gaya
. ai Is us
years ago as rccority fr a debt cf
200, went Vc&t t;; cum money to re-,
deera his spor.3.i and hasn't been
heard fro u Bince.
Mio Juinjird in the tVcll.
A gentleman who wa; at Kerners
ville yesterday fells Tbj Hej
Mrs. Alia Ingrain, residing abo
two miles in the country, was missad
Sunday morning sou-.e time after
mew bat It-niente l
d the worst was
':i;ig around the
re some
to the rope for dear life.
Another rcpe was secured and
lowered down to her which she se-
cured around her waist and was
drawn to the top. Che refused to
say how she got to the bottom,
though it is eaid she eyidently went
down by means of the rope tor she
was not bruised or injured in any
way, thoug'i she said the water waa
too cold for her.
The well was tbii ty feet deep.
Greensboro Record.
The I'UHioYn Wile field NcrvireN.
Beaver Falls, Penn., Feb. 2C
Rev. George Turbusb, pastor of the
Episcopal church here, was taken
suddenly ill Sunday and was unable
to attend the evening fceryice. His
plucky wifa determined that the
congregation should not be disap
pointed. t:o bhe conducted the
SeryiceS Leiseif. nrnnan.
a 6ermon, s::u! the mxt I thing,
iiaJ tea-Tone of Taln.age's. The
congri".;atioii v.v.a surprise.., but de
Shortness of Breath, Swell-,
ing of Lejs tnd Feet.
"For about four years I wa3 trotH
bled with palpitation of the heart,'
shortness of breath and swelling of
the legs and feet At times I would
faint. I was treated by the best phy
sicians in Savannah, Ga., with no re
lief. I then tried various Sprincv
without benefit. Finally I tried j
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure!
.ilso his Nerve and Liver Pills. Af
ter bemnninn to take them I felt betterl I
luea retKing tnem ana larnjy."!
It will beV
by the Dr.
For sael by ah

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