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L 6ta
JAMES P. COOK - - Editor
Uokoobd, Cabarrus County, N. G
That is a sad case reported else
where in this paper. It appeals for
:t?9?tf sharity and mere?, on
its face. Will not seme ore .move
in'thig matter? See that the facts
as given in this issue are not sub
stantially correct.
The boy must not be more than
17; at any rate bis size suggests one
much younger.
He was sent here from Cleveland
county to the chain gang for two
years, of this he has served sixteen
The boy is dying of consumption
the eanda of his life are running
out fast and thick.
My God, shall a youth, who has
served 16 month? of his 24 months'
sentence, die in jail of comsumption
when the ends of justice have been
Were it in the power of the coun
ty commissioners to pardon him, we
, doubt not that they would do it. It
is the Gouernor's power alone.
Will not some one become inter
ested enough to lay the facts before
His Excellency, Gov. Carr, and se
cure his release from prison
Let the poor boy go home to his
mother, his father, the scenes of his
home. Let him die on his nstive
soil and not a prisoner in jail, with
no loved ones present.
Mark yon; this is a youth, not a
hardened old criminal and chronic
law breaker. He's some one's dar
ling boy, or has been once upon a
Congress did its plain duty in
killing the proposition to purchase
the Blaine residence in Washington
for $150,000.
The price is ridiculously high and
the government has no business
going into ihe real estate business,
even when bargains are offered.
nattennt was made in this in
ce to put through a job by force
of sentiment.
Mr. Blaine wa3 a great " man Etd
had an enthusiast
among the masses
But his fame is no.
degree connecte
pile in
caieer. His place in history and
the estimation of the country cannot
be effected by the demolition of a
theatre on its site.
What Congress has do with the
fate of the Blaine residence we can
not smagine. The scheme to pur
chase it with $150,000 to be taken
ont'ot the public treasury was an
attempt at a bare faced job. . It went
whirling through the. Senate, but
the Senate is the starting point for
all legislative jobbers. It is credita
ble to the house that it refused to
concur in the appropriation, and
that its representatives on the con
ference committee finally killed it.
Atlanta Journal.
The newspapers of the State now
haye jl aiVi Tft)va.moral lesson.
The cackling of geese TSsaid to
1 1 1 1 -
have saved Rome, but there werenoT"-"" "" J"
geese to prevent the little goose and
his cigarrette from burning up Kin
ston last week. The boy threw
down a cigarrette in a straw barn
this set fire to it and from it $250
000 worth of property was destroyed.
Th only cost to do this was
cent cigarrette and a boy i raised.
But you can't keep boys in the
right path when they are allowed
to do as they please; have what they
please; go when they please; loaf on
the Btreet wherever and whenever
they please; and you can't keep them
from smoking when they see their
lathers and others smoke cigarrettcs.
What you going to do about it ?
' The Raleigh News & Observer is
the rattlingest best paper in the
"State. It's long way the best paper
ever issued from Raleigh. It is vig
rous, clear- 4 een cut m a'l it says,
Josephus Daniels is doing valueable
atd splendid service in the name of
the State. It is doing much to show
thai there are yet hundreds of white,
v?ttpeoplein UorthCa;
1 I "
If it were not BOserious a matter
it7 would be rediculous to Bee Re
publicans and Populists rising on
the floor of the. house denying that
they voted for Douglass resolution.
Mr. Ewart succeeded in proving an
alibi. The rest of the offer nothing
but their personal testimony.
Thirty -four voted for it, but when
they jc heme, there will not be half
a dozen vho will not vehemently
dery i. But, while only thirty
four actually voted for it, the
peop'e wil probably hold all the
Fusioniets responsible because it
is the legitimate outcome of
fusion unless they promptly repudi
ate Ly quitting alliances with those
who are directly responsible for the
resolution. "I ,am three-fourth
white and one-fourth negro," said
Fred Douglass. "We are three
fourths negro and one-fourth
white," say the Fnsipnista.
Populists who denounce this
action, and we ara glad to hear from
all sections that many denounce it
severely, owe it to themselves and
their families to seperate themselves
permanently from the men who
bring reproach upon them and shame
upon the State. Raleigh News &
"Coming events cast their shad
ows before." The fusionista al
ready feel that the actions of the
Legislature have met with public
condemnation, JSome of them are
trying to improve their own records,
and in other ways trying to make a
sof t place upon which to fall. This
was evident yesterday when Mr.
Paddison introduced a resolution to
the tifect that the country wo ill
breathe easier now that Congress,
A au: u..i :
would aniourn at 12 o'clock. Mr.
Parsons, of Hyde, offered an amend
ment, in substance, that"whereas, we,
the Senate, do not know how much
we have done that does not meet the
approval of the people, therefore be
it resolyed, that we bow submissively
to the yoke of public condemna
Mr. White, of Alexander, who was
gagged by the caucus order to sup
port tbe bill to make Chas, A Cook,
cf vTarren, a Judge, that he was ex
cased from voting, said that his body
Eho'jld judge not lest it be judged
h tr-.rt iudrrmeni it measures t
need cf
it3 snort comings ana
Congress ha3 done pretty bad, we
are bound to admit, but in compari
son with t be Legislature it has been
a shining light. We are glad the
one has closed and that the days of
the other are few. Raleigh News
& Observer.
The Legislature has made a cost
ly and an unwise blunder in abolsh
ing the old rule that the Stafe
Boards of Education shall select the
books for the public schools, and
that the county boards in each of
the ninety-six counties shall select
the books in their respective counties.
There Las never been a complaint
against the present system by any
except the agents of unsuccessful
book companies. There has been
no clamor for a change. It has
ana agents or look companies, anu is
in their interest and not in the in
terest cf the tax-payers.
The result of the change will be
expensive, and open to grave evih.
Book agents, who are known not to
be overscrupulous, will be active to
secure the adoption of their special
books, and will be willing to give a
consideration for their adoption.
Changes, unnecessary and unwise,
will be made, and the children will
have to foot the bills.
This is "Reform." News and Ob
Entirety Nm. Il TS XT A Tltr.
Abr.ost .f t. Tim,iAJjL sJLX X i
.1 brama Jsducmtor. "
Successor of th g
Standard of tlie
U. 8. Gov't Prints
ing Office, the U.S.
Supreme Court and
of nearly all tuo
Warmly com
mended by every
State Superinten
dent of Scbools,
and other Ednca-
9, Colloco President writes I "oi-
ease with, trhlch the eye finds the
word sought, for cccuracy of deflnl-
f or effectiTe methods la lndl- J
ronuncintlon, for torse yot 5.
fensive etetements of facte. ?
r radial use as a Trorklnor
nmar?,' Webster's International'
cels any ether single Tolnme." '
The Or.o Great Standard Authority,
eo vtiics iioi. j..i. uren-er, jusuca u. 5.
bapreme Coiut.
C. Ar C. ZTZXRIA2I CO., Ptthllahers,
ft Sprtn&Geld, Mass., U. 8. A.
- i
mrmA to Wie pnblinheii for tm pamphM.
Do not bay cheap reprlca of ancleut cditlonL
A Realistic Story of Concord and its
Attractiveness, in Which a Number
of Prominent Business Men Take a
Very Conspicuous Part Uncle Josh,
Charley and Polly on a Shopping
"Miss Summers Polly I I
er dare I " But the speaker took
a header over bashf nlness, only to
hear a sweet :
"Yes, Charlev,"
"Can I aspire to er- -to that
Again a lapse into silence, follow
ed by an encouraging :
"Yes, Charley."
"Oh, if I might only hope to er
Another failure of language. It
was seemingly a hopeless case, and
might haye been, only for a de'
"Charley, I have said 'yes' twice,
and if you mean it, I mean it too,
And to this dav that voung man
will insist that he popped the ques
All this happened away "up east,"
and it wasn't long before there was
a wedding. Not much longer be
fore there came a letter from Polly's
Uncle Josh down here in Concord
who wrote effusively of his ddight
at her exhibition of what he called
"grit," and he propose! that if the
young people wouid locate in Con
cord he would start them up in life
as a wedding'gift, and at the same
time give them a lot of good practi
cal advice. Of course they accepted,
and were biddins their friends
A few weeks subsequent to the
above conversation a travel stained
Dartv. arrived in Concord. Oar
friend, Uncle Jqsn, was in charge,
and he led the party straightway to
a hotel. "The St. Cloud" said he,
"is a typical Southern hotel of the
best class.
Mrs. Dusenbery, who,has the man'
agemeat, is endowed with that de
lightf ul intuition that makes a guest
feel at home, comfortable, contented,
and in mighty good luck. The
house is one of nonveniface ;' the
apartments are well furnished ; the
cuisine all that a saperior chef and
unlimited orders on the market can
make it. I have engaged rooms
here for you to occupy until your
own house ia ia readiness."
. "After breakfast," said the old
man, "I am ready to go buy your
outfit. To expediate matters I have
ordered a carriage from Brown Bros,
onr enterprising livery men.' When
the handsome carriage, with
elaborate trappings and pranc
ine horses t'rew up in front
of the St. Cljnd. Polly declared
it the "finest turnout she had
ever seen." "Yes," replied Uncle
Josh, "the three S's, 'Speed, Safety
and Style,' is Brown's Coat of Arms
So, young folks, when you w-nt to
take a drive, either for business or
pleasure, go to him for a rig eycry
It was in this stylish turnont that
the rounds of the city were made.
Having provided you with a cage
for your bird, said Uncle Josh, "and
now the first thin? we'll look after
will be the furnishings for it,
Hereupon Polly energetically de
clared that she had heard so much
about Cannons, Fetzer & Bell, that
she had decided to go there. The
result .was that they were ushered
into such a bewildering display that
the girl was at first at a loss bow to
select. But she soon yielded id the
seductiveness of a magnificent parlor
suit, a bedroom set in oak, antique
finish, that would have done credit
to old Antiquity herself. To this
she added a dining room set with
all accessories, and 'didn't forget a
most convenient and ornamental
writing dedk for "Hubby" Charles.
"A pretty good start," said the
old man, "and now we'll go to
Smithdeal & Morris' hardware and
stoye store. Here housewifely in
stincts had full play in marvels of
kitchen a, para t us. There is not an
establishment in the country that
carries a more comprehensive stock
of household furnishings. Every
possible piece of kitchen furniture,
from a tin dipper to a cooking range
is here in styles and variety. If
Polly fails to accomplish wonders
in the culinary art, it will not be for
want of superior cooking ntensils,
for she purchased an elegant stoye
with all equipments needed in a well
regulated kitchen, besides an ele
gant beater for the parlor. While
Polly was selecting her kitchen ap
paratus, Charley bought a supply of
builder's hardware and Uncle Josh
made himself a present of some farm
Lets see I promised you a gold
watch, didn't I," queried Uncle Josh'
of Polly." Correll's Jewelry Score is
the very place to get one cheap.
Thereupon the old man gallantly
acquitted himself of the promise
and directed Polly's attention to the
superior stock of Bolid silver ware
carried by this house. "This is a
splendid house" said the old man,
"and I will guarantee the quality to
be the very best. Pick out your
family cloct while here," he
added Correll carries a magnificent
line. Don't forget another fact," he
continued, "if eyer you nnfortunat
ly need optical goods, this ia the
place to come and sav, Charley, my
boy, when that old 'turnip' of yours
breaks down, bear in mind that Mr.
A B Correll is an expert repairer,
and can make her good as new." -S"Halt
!" commanded Uncle Josh
as the party came in front of4Fetzer's
handsome Dru? store. "Walk right
in." "Why, Uncle, we're not sick.
and " "Guess I know that, but I
suspect it won't be long before this
yonng man begins, to take in intei
est in matters of paregoric and "
"U-n-c-l e!" "Well go in anyway,
Polly may find some toilet articles
she wants," Sure enongh before
leaving she was loaded down with
combs, brushes, face powders and
ounces upon ounces of fine imported
"Don't forget," added Uncle Josh,
"to come here with your prescrip
tions aa Dr. Fetzer and his clerks
are competent pharmacists and use
pure and wholesome drugs. liTou will
find few better equipped drug stores
anywhere than this." But this is the
place for crockeryware, also.
There isn't, positively, a thing
ia the line of china, crockery, glass
or porcelian needed for use or
o 'nament in any part cf the house
that can not be found at Fetzer's
in indefinite variety and at wonder
fnl low prices. lie also has
splendid stock of lamps or eery
description and table cutlery in
abnnoance. PoUy'3 order suggested
her thorough s ppreciation.
At this paint, somewhat to the
confusion of Charles, the old man
indulged in a half serious criticism
of his personal appearence. "Yon
are decidedly off style for a towns
man," said he, "and w'ed better go
to Lowe & Son's clothing store. Af
ter Charles had fitted himself in 1
neat late style suit, from the piles of
fashionable garments that cover
the tables of this extensively stocked
establishment, Uncle JfshWjia2
"Nw - -. like a newly
ueiore leaving,;
T" . r 1 - .
goous at prices irresistible.
Charles also inyested in a complete
outfit of gent's lurnishings, from the
late style hat to a- dozen shirts
Lowe & Son is not to be undersold
in the State.
Uncle Josh inquired if she was
ready to go, she replied, "No, Uncle,
not by a good deal. I have just learn
ed that Miss Nannie Alexander has a
splendid stock of millinery here, and
from what 1 can see in the est.b
lishment she has about everything a
woman could desire, and low prices.
Why, Uncle Josh, I could'nt match
them in Cincinnati." The girl lin
gered for some time iu the millinery
department, where she chatted with
the clerks and found out that the
trimmer had had a long experience
in the business and was a close stu
dent of the changing styles, which
was a guarantee that work left in
her hands would be done according
to the dictates of fa-b ion and by a
competent, artist. Polly declared
that Miss Alexander would always
get her trade in veiling, hats and
millinery generally.
At this point Uncle Josh suggest1
ed a resort to some place of refresh
At tha refreshment table the old
man waxed philosophical. "Neyer
neglect your larder." said he. "That
important adjunct .to housekeeping
controls masculine temper. To that
end you must patronize a grocer on
whom you can depend for honest
goods. Through a long acquain
tance I have found Messrs Sims &
Alexander perfectly reliable. You
will find him a careful dealer, al
ways full stocked with every pos
sible thing in tha line of staple and
fancy groceries brand ne v, fresh and
first class, no shelf worn goods there
while the prices are down to brass
tacks. And then too, this is the
place of all places for shoes. Polly
found oocl 3 and prices so seductive
that she purchased an outfit from a
comfortable house slipper to a hand
some walking boot. Charley in
yested in gents fine shoes, while
Uncle Josh indulged iu a stout farm
boot. No one needing footwear can
resist the styles'and prices offered by
Sims & Alexander. Polly seemed re
luctant to leave.
Now to locate a meat market
where you can get fiesh, wholesome
meats at ali times, Fred Btck is the
man to supply you. This ia the
boss meat market in the city and is
popular with everybody who is par
ticular to have the hes. The reason
for all. this is because they are care
ful in the selection of stock and gat
the freshest of everything and keep
nothing but the very best, To keep
AVOID Bulk Sod" I
Bad soda spoils good flour.
Pure soda the best soda,
omy in packages.
bearing this trade mark 35"
It costs no more than inferior package soda
never spoils the flour always keeps soft.
Beware of imitation trade marks and labels,
and insist on packages
bearing these vrorda
Made only Dy CHURCH CO., New York. Sold by grocers everywhere. 0
O Write for Arm and Hammer Daote of valuable Recipes FREE.
We have placed in our window 160 pieces of Lace and
Embroidery, and selling it for just half the former price.
Buy what you can use this summer
25c Ladies Hose 15c. Ladies "Vests for less than cost.
The price on "Ribbon has been
Our entire stock, of Dress Goods at nst cost. Oc Seersucker
at 5c. 10c Saline, figured, at 5c. All of the best Frints now
at 4c. Wool Blankets at vour
Nine Ladies Wraps for less than the goods cost 6 and
7c outing for 5c. We are going to quit
and will sell ovr stock for less than cost. We have an im
mase line of Pants from 37ic to S3.50. Every article in
this department a b rgains. Men's Undershirts and Drawers
the price is now less than wholesale cost You have never
heard of prices like ours on ,
The price has beed cut in the middle. No person can afford
to wear old Shoes. We are overstocked and going to run
them ont, and to do it quick it
eise. vve utvgui mis siock at a price mat we can
and we are going to do it in every department of our estab
lishment. There was hundreds ot bargains went out of our
house last week, but wt are going to push still harder this
week and will show some
Come and see us even if
LO W Et 8 O N.i
ESST'Suecessors to
your 'Hubby' in a good humor trade
at Beck's market eyery time.
Uncle Josh turned to his niece
and 8id, "Polly, I know you to be
too sensible and industrious u girl
not to want a sewing machine, How
would you like to haye a Singer ? It
has got all the latest improvements,
you know." Why, Dear Uncle, you
couldn't please me better. I always
have been partial to the Singer, they
are such nice machines to work
with," the girl replied. "Lucky,
Lucky answered the generous old
man, "and Mr. J W Walker is the
agent for that very machine." "Sell
her a Singer, Mr. Walker, and I'll
foot the bill."
En route home the party called at
the Standard office. "You will
want the news every day," said Uncle
Josh, and I will subscribe for the
Daily Standard, I hate to Bee peo
ple borrow newspapers It is one of
the meanest habits on earth, and
what's more its downright robbery,
I want to see you all start out right
and pay for what you get."
Upon rejoining Polly sne began to
volubly express her thanks. "You
haye bought us everything' she ex
"Only one thing," replied Uncle
Josh, Cannone, Fetzer & Bell always
3 a nice line of them anu you
can get one whereyer y?a wan't it;
I'll pay for the best."
"Why," exclaimed Polly wifh
ereat surprise,. "Uncle, what can it
Well, it's a baby carriage,
and " '
But Polly had fainted.
Couuty Government Bill Passea Pro
ceedings In tbe Senate and House.
In the Senate bills were introduced
denning fraternal beneficiary s
cieties, and to increase the number
of dirf c'ors of the penitentiary.
The bill to allow oyater dredging
which was tabled yesterdaj passed.
The bill to alio the people of Kich
mond county to vote on the creation
of school and county paesed btal
The bill to provide for coun'y
adoption of school books passed.
Bills passed amending the charter
of A8heville, to incorporate the Mor-
ganton and Shelby Kail way; to in
corporate People?' Fire IoRurance
Co ; ti amend the charter of Con
cord ; to change the county seat of
Kutherf.ord girom ' Rutherford to
Forest City.
InAbe Hons, a resolutloaadopteCXFCHD C0.,Z
comes K tfju
takes prices below e very bod v
you ilon' t vant to buy.
The Lowe C Jipany.
and sent by Markm Roberts, pos
Grand Army of the Republic of
Ashevilie, xo.3 read commending th
Senate for passing tbe Confederate
monument bill and urging the
House to pass it. A bill was intro
duced to amend the charter of Ral
eigh providing for a police board.
Bills passed to incorporate the
South Atlantic Endowment Co; to
incorporate Atlantic, Yanceville &
Riedsville Railroad; to' incorporate
the Carolina and Northwestern Rail
road. The bill to change the system of
county government passed the Sen
ate by a strict party vote, 70 to 30.
1 here was quite a sensation on the
vote on the amemendnsent by Ray,
Democrat, providing that the peo
ple elect magistrates. This w -b
lo8t,ayes 12, noes 73. The Senate bill
providing for the election of three
additional magistrates by the people
at the next election passed by a strict
party vote, 72 to 31.
like to have those books conven
iently and properly arranged.
We manufacture and sell sev
eral sorts of book cases, diction
ary holders, etc
BeinK manufacturers, we can
afford to sell them at the usual
retail prices and to give a valuable
present of books with each pur
chase. With a $5.00 dictionary holder,
for instance, we give you a choice
of several sets of books, each wotth
from $1.00 to $4.00. With a larger
purchase, we give more books.
. bend for price lists, catalogues and
Usts of premiums. i
A postal card will die
Oxford Wheel
tot men, women or boys at prices ranging
1 rromfistotso. We sSlp from factory oVJeet
to ipprnvtl and are the only manniactur
erssellinKdireettoConramera. We have
Agent. We offer greater Iqe In onr
Oxford Gladiator wheels at S6Q to $8Q than
other mantif aetnrera with prices from SlOO
tot 150. j Every wheel ftally tjyarranteel.
Don't pay local delr m profit of Fifty
pereent.t Cut this ont and write to-day for
qui tuuidsome catalogae. Address,
3 r?&&
A crowd of eager people were
surging into Smithdeal &
Morrib' Uardware to see their
fall stocK of guns. Each
man proceeded to arm him
self with a deadly weapon,
bat as tbe guns were un
loaded seteral accidents were
Id the hous of this firm jonr
life ia cuiefully guarded, (no
loaded gnna unchained) and
in the purchase of their
goods, your money goes fur
ther than in any other Hard
ware store in the State. If
yon don't believe it, come
and see our stock of
is complete, and mnst and
will be 80ld at tde lowest
possible figure. We also have
a car load ct Buegiea and a
stock of GUNS at low TanS
Smithdeal k
holgsalG and
No house in North Carolina can possibly make lower prices
on Shelf Goods, Agricultural Implements of the latest makes,
Buggies, Wagons, Hacks, Mowers. Guanos and Acids.
Try their Prices and Quality They've got the Stuff
Yokre i Wadsworth
We Bidn't
To cur many friends and customers we would say ihat
"When the Clouds Roll By" yon will? find ns at the "uld
Stand" with the red hottest line of
ever shown in Concord. We
what we say. When we say we
prices, and 11 yon win out give
you lots of good Furniture for
Gannons, Fetzer & Bell,
We have by far the harHbpest line of Molding iu the
city. Bring n 8 your picturV
Wo are Sole SELLING V
ia this market for the
Casson Lime Co's.
When in the market we would be
pleased to have your orders.
Will have a big lot of FLORIDA
ORANGES for the Christina
'. T It A D E
"Wholesale ard Jtetiil Grocer,
loiail $
say what we mean and nu an
have the goods e have ihe
us a cnance we wijj exenange
a little cash.
'We-wait your bidding.
4r -!,-

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