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nn a HT'n a on
The Carolina nnd Georgia Ion ml to
11c tbe Kent Field.
Washington. May 9 The report
of George F Becker of the Geologic
al Survey.who has been investigating
the gold producing districts of the
Southern Appalachian region, dealt
mostly with the Carolines ano
Georgia. These districts have beec
producing gold foi very nearly a
century The entire South has pro
duced about $45,000,000 wcrth of
gold since 1799, $43,000,000 of
which came from Georgia and the
Carolines. " Of the 43,000,000
South Carolina produced about $4,
000,000, Georgia- $16,000,000 and
North Carolina $23,000,000, .
Cabarrns county, in the south
western part of North Carolina, is
thejjrichest of all and famous for
nuggets that have been found there
The largest nugget on record in the
United States was discovered there
early in the century. A few months
ago one weig ling over eight pounds
was discovered.
.TeJortion in which the gold
is foXiml ra-o peculiar that Mr.
Becker adopts the new expression
"stringer belt," as moat of the
stringers of gold-bearing quartz are
extremely thin. The run through
a 6lafe formation split apart by
thousands of tiny lonitudina! cracks,
in which the gold veins run.
The slate, as a rule decomposed,
can be washed down by the impac
of a stream of water. The debris is
carried through sluices, where the
fre gold is caught, 'J he very fine
golu usually'escapep. Heavy pieces
of rock are milled in the usual way
and treated by a wet chloridat.ion
process. Ore assaying $3 a t n will
pay for general mining, while that
worth as little as 1.07 a ton will
pay by the chJoridation process in
vogue. The usual run or ore in the
minftat are worked is about $5
per ton."
Mr. Becker says he eonsideis the
country a good mineral one and
believes mining investments will pv
from 10 to 15 per cent., if made
with prudence.
Cat-Snake Htory.
Mr Jonas Scbiff has a Maltese
ca that not only catches rats but
snakes. Yesterday she caught four
in his yard. Two she killed and
two she carried in the house to play
with. Charlotte Observer,
Gov. Turney'H Inauguration.
Nashville, Tenn., May 8. The
last sent in the conte sted Governor
ihip of this State was taken toda
whenGovemorPeter Turney took the
oath of office to serve another two
years. The inauguration too place
at noon and was witnes-ed by a large
crown. The Republican members
of the Legislature declined to attend
inauguration and instead took the
morning train for Chattanooga to
be entertained by Hon. H Clay
Evans, the defeated candidate.
So Court at Kewbcrn.
Judge Mclver, of Carthage, passed
through yesterday on his way hom'
Judge Mclrer had been to Edenton
to hold court there, but to show
that it takes mor than a Judge tf
h )'.d court, he ha 1 to abandon the
i Jea on account of the lack of materi
al. For there was no solicitor, jury,
lawyer nor other court paraphernal
all on account of the act of the
Legislature which chang d the
Newbern court term from the 27h
to the 6 h of May and the Halifax
date from the 6:h to 27th. This in
formation had not been knowu and
the rest followed. Raleigh News
and Observer
A Suspicious Death.
A reporter of the Standard heard
on the Wes'ern train Monday night
of a very sudden death, about which
there is much suspicion. Tuesday's
Salisbury Herald s ivs ;
"Mrs Keiatler, tbe mother of Mr.
Wellington Kestler, of S;e-le town'
Ehip, dipd suddenly Saturday night
at tbe home of her daughter, in Ire
dell county, where she hai gin on
a visit. Th- body was 'brought bu:k
to her old home yesterday for burUI
at Thyntir.t church. IWauae of
certain suspicious circmstaiK'. thr
burial a furbidden by re a-ive of
thedtceas-d an.d the crpse w.-t-k.-n
charge of by a dvputy sheritT
Cornor l)ortt was r qnes'ed to hold
an it qneat and Iff t lhij orning
for that purpose '
Cotton-weigher Bigger reeeivtd a
letter that fells of the trouble. There
was bad b ood bet ten a son and
enn-in.ltw of Mrs. Keiatler, and tbe
son-in-law was going to bury her
without informing tbe son, nd the
bitter, finding it out, had to get ont
papers to stop the burial, theson-in
law Iin so anxious to have it over
What Is Uoinjr on in the Kortb End
The Meetinc.
The series of rncetii-gs being con
ducted by Rev. M A Smith, assisted
by Rev. R H Parker, of Central
Methodist church, Concord, re full
of interest and there is no lack of
encouragenr.ent. Large eiowda at
tend every meeting and some good
work is being done. Services are
held eyery afternoon at 3 o'clock and
at 7;4.5 at night.
Mr. R F Coble has moved his
family into I is handsome new resi
dence on Church street.
The large boiler for No. 4 Mill
that was brought through town last
week has beer phced in position and
is ready for work..
The store of Masters Fred Odell
and Willie Smith has been torn
down. They will rebuild it u un
derstood. Success to the young en
terprising youths.
It is said on the Hill that the
grennd for the spinning mill of Odell
& Son,on the Odell farm West of
here, has been broken. The new
mill will be known as "Buffalo
Rev. McLauriu returned, to the
city Thursday night from Durham,
where he aconipained his wife to
the bedside of her father, Mr. Wil
ham Hamlen, of that city, who is
critically ill. Mia. McL-umn did
not return. "BiN."
Ditched Horse and H'aicon.
This (Tuesday) morning the horsa
used to the dray wagon for G W Pa
tersoii'a wholesale house backed off
a bridge in the rear of tbe store. The
ditch is about 12 feet deep. Wagon
and horse both went down, the driver
escaping. Fortunately neither horse
nor wagon was hurt, though the
horse had to be taken out by means
of ropes.
Confederate Memorial -Venn.
The Confederate Memorial Asso
ciation of Concord pursuant to the
call in Mond.-.y'a Standaid, met
Tuesday moruiug at the residence of
Mrs. B F Rogers. Mrs. J F Wille
ford as elected president of the
Association; Mrs. M M Gillon, Mrs.
D B Coltrane and Mrs. James C
Gibson vice presidents to fill vacan
cies in this list by removals from
b Kennedy minus a Wife. fS
Wednesday pyening Bob Kennedy,
so he reports, found hia wife and
Jim Alexander in a compromising
place one that would cause their
accial position to be contes'ed. Bob
had no shooting iron.
Th.t night both of them left.
This is tbe second time. Bob pro
poses to resort to printers ink. The
runaways left chi'.dren, wife and
husband respectively behind.
Edmund Mcl.cster Dead.
Mr. E:mnnd McLester, who lived
at Forest Hill on Simpson street, and
who had been sick and lingering for
everal weeks, passed away Thursday
night at 9:10 o 'clock. Mr. McLe3ter
was a Christian mau. He was about
30 years of age aud leaves a wife and
two children. His remains were in
terrod at Cold Water cemetery, a few
miles belt. the city, this (Friday)
afternoon at 5 o'clock.
Family edicini:
She Has Ever Known. Words of Praise
from a New York Lady for
" I would like to add my testimony to
that of others who have used Aycr's
Pills, and to say that I have taken them
tor many years, and always derived tho
best results from their use. For stom
ach and liver troubles, and for the cure
of headache caused by these derange
ments, Ayer's Pills cannot be equaled.
When my friends ask me what is the
best remedy for disorders of the stom
ach, liver, or bowels, my invariable
answer is, Ayer's Pills. Taken in sea
son, they will break np a cold, prevent
: la grippe, check fever, and regulate the
digestive organs. They are easy to
take, and are, indeed, the best all-round
family medicine I have ever known."-.
Mrs. Mat Johnson, 368 Rider Avenue,
j Kow York City.
Highest Honors at World's Fair,
i Ajer'i Saruparilla Circs lU Blood Oisorders
Mr. Odell Loat Speech nnd Hearing
From the ElTcets of Disease IS e Re
J'frninad RothJ. Suddenly Yesterday
About three weeks ago a young
uian applied at Oates' Cotton Mill
for work. He made his request
known in writing, as he was unable
either to speak or hear. He was put
on Mght work, and was regarded by
those working near him as he silent
member. He took a room at one of
the factory houses on Sixth street
nd wns known to all in that row of
fiats as the mute. He w8 in the
habit of trading at Alexander's store
j and when he went there for anything
failing to make tbem understand on
Lis hands, he always wrote.
Yesterday about 2 o'clock he
complained of headache, and laj
down to take a nap. He dreamed
that he was no longer deaf and
dumb but could hear and speak,
and that be was at home talking' to
his mother. He awoke suddenly,
and t! e word ":other" was on his
lips. His dream had come trne In
tbe sleep his hearing and speech had
snddenlv come back to him, and he
ta'ked and could hear just the same
as other peoplp.
Overjoyed at the wondrous change
he ran to tell the neighbors. They
one and all looked upon him with
wonder and some could hardly be-
lieve that he was the same nun.
Later in the eveni ig tha Obaerm
hunted the young man np. He was
found sitting on the porch of his
boarding house reading. He gave
his same as N. C. Odell. He is from
Chicago, where - his mother r.- si.Ies
still. Thirteen years ago he had
scarlet fever, followed by smallpox.
Up to that time his hearing and
speech were, as far as he knew, per-
ftct. He suddenly lost both, and
for thirteen years ha8 neither heard
nor spoken. For the past eix months
he has been;able to wbtsper.Mf any
one came very near to mm. lie jb
now 26 vears of age. He went to
the mill yesterday shortly after rev
gaining speech aud hearing, but the
noise was so painful that he had to
leave. He complainedjn the after
noon of a roaring in his head, Mr,
Odell cannot account for the won
derfnl recovery. He says he had
long ago given up all idea of ever
regaining his hearing and speech.
His yoice is soft and well modulated,
and one could not tell that there
had ever been anj thing wrong with
him. Charlotte Observer.
Kc Is a M'nite Nan.
Mk. Editor: I wish to say
through your paper that the report
which has been circulated that I
voted for Jake Boger is an infamous
falsehood. I desire the people of
this town to know that I am a white
man, and vote only for such.
Very Respectfully,
E. D. Underwood.
Rev. Blair Denies.
Mb Editor: Please allow me space
to correct a report which appeared
m your paper of the 7 inst. The al
leged assertion that 1 would inter
fere with manager Barnhardt is ut
terly false. I Lie and always have
been a law abiding citizen, and as to
the excitement there is in reality
none. Chas B Bl ir
What Mr. Graber says : The truth
in regard io the above is as follows :
Oa the morning after tne whip
ping of Tillie Long, by Mr. Earn
hardt, superintendent of chain g ng,
I heard Rev. lilair say that he
would be one cf a crowd of colored
nv-n to take Barnhardt out and hang
him; he also sail if it had been a
negro who whipped a white woman
he would have been hnng before
morning. This conversation took
pi tee in front of my market.
H. A. GltiBER.
This ia whtre the Siandard got
its information; Mr. Grabtsr is a
truthful man. This ends it. Stand
ard. Mr. J. B. Wiuccoir Dcatl.
For many mouth Mr. J B Wiue
yff. of No. 4, l as Wtn in bad health.
A bcu t one year ago he met with an
ccidfui ilmt resulted in an injury
to his hip aiid fnm which he never
recovered, Hi- xrali.l j failed un
tii death, Friday Mu 10, jutanend
to hisgr. at buT-riug.
Mr. Winw-off ws U tween 50 and
00 yars of ate and In- . us a u?em
K r of B. hptige Prtshyteiian church.
He leaves a number of children, his
wife having died years ago.
Remembered Kortb Carolina College.
Mrs. Keisthr, whose dea-h oc
curred in Iredell connty about one
week ago under suspicious circum
stances, in her well and heart v days
did not fail to remember North
Carolina c allege at Jit, Pieasant
In making her will f everal y ars
ego she v)Ie1 half her estate,
amounting to eeveial thousand dol
lars 'o tl e college at Mt. Pleasant.
It's a wire business the telephone
force is doing.
Mr. Will Wilkinson is preparing
to build three houses on Simpson
street in rear of Mr. F Coble's
Theie was something liKe . forty
bales of cotton on the market
The "doctor" who was egged
while on our streets last Tuesday
night, met with a like xrc-eting at
Lexington and TLomasyille.
Wednesday afternoon while a train
was standing at the depot everything
was so quiie that yod could hear the
air brake.
Mr. D F Cannon ib haying his
residence enhanced by a new coat of
paint. Repairing inside is also be
ing done.
Mr. D A Caldwell contemplates
going the reunion of the Confederate
Veterans at Houston, Texas. Many
otheis will join him.
It is almost an assured fact that
stores, groceries and all, will close at
7 o'clock, beginning on the evening
of the 13th.
Preparations are making f r en
larging the furniture store. The
two story part will be extended bick
the entire depth of the building.
Citizens who have canary birds
report that there is considerable
trouble in keeping lettuce birds and
English sparrows away from cages.
Rev. E Floyd Alexand r, a young
Presbyterian diyine, aftor severa
days sickness only, died on tLe 6:h
at his home in Green Banks, West
Virginia. He was a son of Mr.
Daniel 1j Alexander, of Harrisburg.
Mr. S A Hamilton this (Friday)
morning broke dirt for the founda
tion of the handsome new residence
of Mr. A H Propst, on North Main
street. The house will be two story
of model design.
We have been informed ihaf
Capt. W SBiDghi iu, of the Cabarrus
BlackBoys, ia thinking of arranging
for an encamping of bis company at
the Falla tbis summer. Stanly En
About seventy-five Concord ladies
were delightfully entertained by an
"At Home from 6 to 8," given by
Mrs. John P Allison at h"r lovely
home on North Main street, Thurs
day eyening. It was one of those
enjoyable occasions, the memory of
which lingers long and constant.
Messrs. J B Caldwell, Rdbert
White and James Willeford spent
Thursday on the banks of Rocky
river. While they were fishing the
horse became frightened, broke loose
and ran about three miles. The
horse was stopped by a prly meet
ing it.
Governor Carr, on recommenda
tion of Adjutant General Cameroni
yesterday made the following mili
tary appointments to rank from
date: John M Allison, Captain and
Quartermaster, Fourth Regiment;
Charles S Jourdan, Captain and As
sistant Surgeon, Fourth Regiment,
Dr. L M Archey, First Lieutenant
and Assistant Surgeon, Fourth Regi
ment. Raleigh News.
In another column there is re
ference made to a death, in Rowan
county, under suspicions circum
stances. There seems now no doubt
Enongh is known to warrant the as
sertion that poisoning was the cause.
The bowel , liver kidneys and por
tions ol the brain were sent to the
Stite Chemist for a complete
Mr. Will Chambers, of No. 4
township, reports that a c'ond burst
in his neighborhood Monday after
noon, played sad hayoc with a field
of wheat that was knee high. A Mr.
Furr, whose ind adjoins his, had
lust finished ploughing, the rain
came up and washed all the loose
soil oyer the large Geld of wheat,
which is now almost buried.
It waB amusing to see the citizens
buying medicine Tuesday night
from the man who ppetred in his
gowu of black Bilk at Fetzar'a corner
on D p t street. We are informed
that ' the boyB" got onto him, and
mi.t it pretty hot for him with
Fg3. Master Frank Montgomery
was struck on the shoulder the egg
and bis coat were 'he only things
d miitgcd. The medicine man left
town very early Wednesday morning.
The fhhing par'y that .went to
Coddle creek Friday afternoon had
no little trouble with the beast they
were driying. Tbe horse was very
backwurd about going forwa d. He
backed the wagor, loaded wuh fish
(?) and game, several hundred yards
down the road before he ccnld be
coaxed to tarn, his heaa forward.
Mrs. C H Moore, milliner, Golds
b'oro, has made an assignment. Lia
Labilities. $1,500.
Mr. M O Walter is moving hia
house preparatory to erecting
handsome resilience, nn Wf at Uenot
We have heard of b irrooms on
wheels, but not until today have we
ever seen a barber shop on wheels
and drawn by a mule.
No particular disrespect ia in
tended the Queen of May when men
put on their straw hats in her pres
Refrigeators are a great necessity,
and if vou will consider what Can
nons, JFetzer & Bell Bay in their ad
vertisement, you can possibly obtain
A typographical error and an
oversight of the proof reader made
the name of Mr. and Mrs. Rapp, of
Philadelphia, who were in the city
appear "Pupp."
Mr. John A Cline carries the ban
ner over all other gradners yet heard
from this year. Mr. Cline had new
Irish potatoes today (Monday), raised
in his own garden.
Mr. J M Barrage has been
elected delegate by Cold Water Lodge
No. G2, to the meeting of the Grand
Lodge -of Odd Fellows, to meet at
Greensboro this week.
The Committee appointed to
arrange for the anniversary of the
Concord hose end real company, is
requested to meet in firemen hall
Monday night at 8 o'clock.
One of the very heaviest rains
Known to that section fell in East
ern Cabarrus county, Friday evens
in. The branches could not be
crossed for one hour where there
were no bridges.
Mr. P A Correll, Bon of Mr. Philip
Correll of our in Oregon,
writes his father that ho has just
worked up a tree that netted him
$46. It takes an acre in t'ns
country to cut a caper like this.
Mr. Fred Smith, who for a long
time has been traveling for T C
Williams Co., tobacconists, of Rich
mond, Va., has located with head
quarters in this ctty and will con
duct a mercantilebrokerage.
The "steeple crown" hat is com
ing into fashion, for, feminine head
gear. If the towers pro
portion to some of the hats worn, it
will not be easy to tell at a distance
whether it" is a woman scudding
along or a rerambulating church j
Wm3ton shipped over 250,000
pounds of manufactaredtobaccola8t
week. The stamp sales aggregated
$15,237 97. The leaf sales here this
week have also been quite large.
From all sections of the country
comes reports that farmers are mak
ing preparations for large crops of
The Southern will begin tomor
row to ran a Vestibule limited train
over the Western North Carolina
road, to operate between Washington
and Chattanooga. This arrange
ment ia beneficial to both morning
newspapers and the trayeling public
From all reports it looks as if
Jonh S Henderson ha? the inside
track on the several candidates for
the collectorship. His appointment
would please us all down in this
part of the moral vineyar 1.
The Yadkin Fall fishing party
returned Friday nigbt. Besides
having burnt faces, they brought
back a wild turkey. They did not
break the law; the turkey tried to
bite them and was otherwise very
warlike, so they bad to kill him in
self defense.
F V Snell had a sudden attack of
heart failure last night and for a
while it was thought he would not
survive, but Dr. Beall was successful
ia his remedies and to dty Mr. Snell
was up town but Dr. Beall saw him
and ordered him home in a hurry.
Friday's Green boro Record.
Miss Bettie V Alexander of
Marion Art School, Concord, W, O
will open a summer Art School in
th? up-stairs room of the old Acad
eruy in Lincoln'on cn June 3rd,
1895. Miss Alexander takes a
personal interest in all her pupils
and will endeavor to give satisfac
tion. Licoln Conner. -
W A Day, a well known and re
spected colored man, died at his
home in this place Thursday. He
was first taken with toothache, so we
learn, and in using some kind of
pain soother it is said he became
poisoned. He came to Greensboro
from Durham several years ago and
for a long time bought tobacco, but
recently has been engaged in other
ba jiness. Greensboro Record.
Sprny minted Oli;ori.avender Around
the Rooms.
"I neyer use window screens,"
said a .wise hourekeepf r the other
day, "because I have a fancy that
they shut out all the air in the hot
weathei; and, besides they serve to
keep the flics in the house equally
as well as out"
"But I never see a fly in your
house," said her friend. How do
you manage it ? For my pari, I
must confess that, screens or no
screens, my summer means to me &
battle with the little pests."
"My remedy is a very simple one'
said thegood housekeeper, "and I
learned it years ago from my grand
mother, when I used to sit and watch
her putting bunches of lavender
flowers around to keep the flies
away. My method is simpler. I buy
five cents worth of oil of lavender at
the drug store and mix it with the
same quantity of water. Then I put
it in a common glass atomizer and
Vspray it around the rooms wherever
flies are apt to congregate, especially
in the dinning room, where I
sprinkle it plentifully over the table
linen. The odor is especially dis-
ageeable to flies, and they will never
venture in its neighborhood, though
to most people it has a peculiarly
fresh and grateful smell." Detroit
Free Press.
irinm Springs and its Manager.
A reporter of the Standard, ttv
gether with several preachers, Rev.
J Q Wertz among them, and others,
several daya ago visited Barium
Springs, N. C. It was the first and
a surprise to the rt porter.
The manager of the Barium
Springs property, which consists ci
90 acres, is Mr. W M Dayvaulr,
father of the Messrs. Dayvaults, of
Concord. He is the cleverest and
the most jolly-spirited man this re
porter ever met To go to his loveb
ly country home, where everything
ia neatness, order and cheerfulness
(one of the niceBt country homes
eyer seen) and to remain there sev
eral weeks would be health-giving
even without the use of the water
Mr, Day ault is the youngest old
gentleman we haye ever seen, and
his great hospitality is not confined
to his neighborhood no man goes
there that does not- receive one of
those cordial welcomes that he can
never forget.
Between Mr. Dayvault's home and
the Springs property is located the
Presbyterian Orphanage, of which
we speak elsewhere.
This spring was discovered about
1775, It was formerly known as
the 'Toison Spring," bo called un
der a mistaken idea of the early sec-
tiers, who, because cattle refused to
drink the water, were led to believe
that it was injurins. Experience
and Chemistry, however, have dis
proved and entirely reversed this
supposition, and the water is known
now to be a valuable remedy for
many diseases.
As calling it the "Poison Spring"
tended to create a prejudice against
the nse of the water the name has
been changed to the Barium Spring.
The spring is peculiarly situated,
being on the top of a rocky knoll,
about fifteen feet higher than a
brook over forty feet distant, and
eight to ten feet higher than eight
other springs around the base of the
knoll, and about one hundred feet
It has no visible outflow, and the
water remains at a constant level,
never freezes, never stagnates, and
it will keep pure and retain its cum
tive efficiency indefinitely.
Tbeae remarkable springs are well
known to the Indians, and their
waters were so highly esteemed by
them for their potent curative
properties that they made the lo
cality a regular rendezvous, as is
proven by tradition and by numerous
fyidences of their former occupation.
The other springs all contain vary
ing mineral ingredients, sulphur and
iron being the most prominent ele
ments in lh-m. The use of their
waters are free to visitors.
Mr. Dayvault keeps the spring
under lock, though eight other
springs are free and open. He is
just as proud and careful about this
mam spring as wonld some Concord
men be of a fine girl baby. He ib
kept busy looking after the property
and ev. ry morning he goes driving
into Troutman's, one and a halt
miles distant, to make shipments of
water. These go to all parts of tLe
Sonth, in sealed jugs.
You have no idea just what this
property is until you see it. The
ownership is in the heirs of Donald
McRee, of Wilmington, and could
not be purchased for $6,000.
All Sorts ol Paragraph.
Not a snake, lizard, toad, frog, or
any noxious reptile lives in New.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
n m g& .
All Will Be Flensed That lie Has Been
Can glit in the Art.
A ''raihoad hog" the other day
piled the space next to him in a car
seat with hiB bundles, and when a
gentleman asked him if any one was
to occupy it repiied that the bundles
belonged to a man who was tempor
arily in the smoking car.
"All right," said the gentleman,
I will Bit in the seat till he come3,"
and he proceeded to remove the bun
Pretty soon the own r of the ban
dies ai rived at his d stination, and
he started to gather up his effects.
Bat the gentleman at once put a
veto on this, with tbe remark :
"You can't take these bundles;
you yourself said they belonged to a
man in the smoker."
The fellow got mad and abusive,
but the gentleman was inexorable.
Finally the conductor was called in,
who delivered his dictu-n as follows:
"If the bpndles are not claimed
by any one on the train, then by
coming around to the depot tomor
row and identifying them satiefac
toiily we will gije them to you."
The man's face was red with rafje
but he could do nothing. So, amid
the laughter of the passengers, be
rushed out of the car just as the
train was pulling out. And he
meekly came around .to the depot
for his bundles the next day.
Is the Biilenlum Here ?
Yesterday was the day the gov
ernment advertised a sale cf 200
barrels of whiskey at the stoie
house in this city. Depnty Leeper
was here and did his best, out for
once whiskey went begging. He did
not sell a barrel. A lot of old cop
per, stills, etc , were sold, but not
the whiskey. Charlotte Observer.
Some Wayne Comity .UntfiNtrmeH'
It is tnly by degrees that we learn
the character of the new Justices of
the Peace who were appointed by
the Fusionists, In Wayne county
there were three who cught'to be in
the penitentiary instead of acting as
judicial officers. They are :
1. B R Edgerton, who plead
guilty of larceny at the term of the
Superior Court next preceding his
2. John W Smith, who had been
convicted in the United States Cir
cuit Court for abstracting a letter
addressed to other parties, from the
3. Wm. Garris, who has been con
victed of obtaining money or
properly by false pretences.
These are only three. Eow many
more are of the same character is
not yet known, but if there are as
many such fellows in all the other
counties as in Wayne, the State is
cursed with 288 Justices of the
Peace, who ought to be in the peni
tentiary. RUeigh News and Ob
A Probably Fatal rtgttt Orcr the
Hilling; or Two Dogs. -
McAdenville, May 10. Near Mc
Adenville, a fatal cuttmg scrape oc
curred on the night of tne 8th be
tween Jno. Perkins and Thos. Alex
ander. Perkin3 was cut by Alex
ander, and was disemboweled, the
intestines being severed. The
chances are the wounds will prove
fatal. The wounded man was at.
tended by Dr. Frank Robinson. Th
fight occurred over tbe killing of
two dogs.
Tit for Tat.
"You say that the drsporadoee
came in and cleaned out the town '("
'Yce; and now tbe town people
are out scouring the country."
Indionapols Journal.
Who is the Mau T
There is a man living in Concord
and well known, who8esername will
make a good cost mark for a mer
chant; the name having ten let ers,
and no two alike. Don't al! send in
answers. at one time.
The closing exercises of Cherry
ville Academy took place last Fri
day. The annual sermon was
preached by Dr. Bikle a d this is
what the Lincoln Courier says : At
10:30 Rev. L A Bik'e, D. D.,
preached one of hia list sermons
from the text: Gut wisdom. Wisdom
is tbe principal thing. It is useless
to comment on the sermon, for Dr.
Bikle never preaches any bnt good
sermons. The people were all well
pleased with this . effort and pro
nounced it one of the Doctor's yery
beau - ''; ,
The Presbyterian Home.
While in Tioutman's recently we
had the pleasure ot seeing "Thd
Home,' the orphanage maintaineh
by the Presbyterian church of North
Cfcrolina. The property is well
situated and ia right on the AT &
O railroad.' Besides several smaller
buildings, there are two large hand
some brick buildings that make
splendid homes for the orphans.
Being there at such a time, it was
not convenient to call up Rev. Boyd
and go through tho buildings. What
we saw was on the,outside. .
Everybody in tne community
speaks highly of Mr. Boyd and what
we could Bee ceitainly endorsee the
complimentary term3 in which Mr.
Boyd is spoken of.
This summer a v?ry large build
ing in to be erected between the
present bui!ding3 toiccommodate the;
growing demands upon the orphan
age. Between 50 and CO children
are now thsre. The Standard Baw
one, whose face is familar. It waa
Master Yangnn JViliott we saw
him with manv others, undercharge
of a lady teacher, marchirg from at
tenuance upon church at Trout
man's. Tho scene wie cue to make every
man fed pran.l t' ;;,t eo mHch.H
being done j o: the orphans of oar
State. The I.:
Baptists ::
palians sit
f t Oxford, the'
cvar.'ilje, the Episco
rloite, the Lutherans-
at Sout.'i Vk'v
;it Bariu:a ;ir
Bible co: :
,ind tb'i Presbyterian;
? doing jnst what cha
&3 rcsirding the or
is reiitkiaj after all.
phans. Kucls
Iho Rnno niii tlie Tanrd:
She wis co longer a rok-buo'.
Indeed, the was in full bloom,
and had bos. a ro throusl: reveral
Bat the had monej, and ho lovel
How often men do that way.
Oh, money thou art a honey.
So as time wore on find she grew
no younger, hia heart throbbed by
proposing to her.
He was so sure of her. at her time
of life, that anything but a prompt
acceptance never occurrel to him.
What waa his intense, nay painful
surprise then, to hear hzr ' ay Bho
was wy much oldipeu fo -Min for
k's V.iiducs, but she 'rally nana?
'Oil, why, wliy
he pleaded,
heartbroken tones.
"Because I do not love yon," she
"But you can learn to love me,
he said, coaxintdy.
"IthinknoV she persis'ed.
Too old to learn.
The Tannery at Mt. 11 canon .
Messrs. Hartsell & Lentz, of Mt,
Pleasant, ere loing their best in
leather business. Besides making
quite a large lot of leather, this firm,
is manufacturing much of its pro
There 8 re shoemakers, harness
makers, coilur makers, saddle mak
ers etc. among tbe force.
Little by little machinery is being
added to aid in the quick manufac
ture of goods.
The shoes the firm is waking com
pare with the very b6;t.
A leather dealer of Baltimore, w
is tryingpbuy urajl the leather in
this countrybM of the advanc
ing price, sent- a representative to
Mt. Pleasant on Friday to drive a
Right Arm Paralyzed!
Saved from St. Vitus Dancer j
"Our daughter, Blanche, now fif
teen years of age, had been terribly
afflicted with nervousness, and had
lost the entire use of her right arm.
We feared St. Vitus dance, and tried
the best physicians, with no benefit. -She
has taken three bottles of Dr.
Miles' Nervine and has gained 31
pounds. Her nervousness and symp
toms of St. Vitus dance are entirely
and has recovered complete use or
ner arm, ner aptetr
Dr. Miles' Ner.y
0"Tt. Miles' Nervine Is cold on paeftfra
guarantee that the first bottle wiU Iwneflt.
All druggists sell It at tl.t bottles forts, or
It will be sent, prepaid, on receipt ot pria
J1Ltb-.1r,y MwUcal i Co.. EtkhnVlttd.
JFor Sale by all Druggist. JZZS

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