North Carolina Newspapers

    rn.gfnar.trj. -,'.1 -t-.-.j. f.
VOL. VIII-1N0. 36 , 1
SO. 12.
The ratio 16 to 1 ia eyidence that
an inequality exists betwaen gold
ana silver, it- the metals were
coined on 1 hat basis, in order that
thre might be equal chances given
them, the leg$ftender aws ! remain
ing ia foicei. there,. should, "be 1C
tioaeaaV mauj gold dollars coined
as silver dollar's;' ' that Ta i for every
1,000,000 Bilyer dollars there sbonld
be 16.000.000 cnld dollars
" i
On that basis for-the ;PO.ODO,O0O
silver dollaB nowlnfcircaiation in
this country there Bhould be sixteen
times 600,000,000, that is to say
9,600,000.000 gold dollars: . Take
of 600,000,000 dollars for " gold " boV
in circulation, and we have 9,000,
000,000 as the number of dollars
gold is behindv. The capacity of he
mint bpgeoOOOjOO dollar pieces
a year, it f ollowa thato coin 9,0C0,s
000. 000 single dollars would require
1. bOwars, which seems to be the
perioS-as demanded by the ratio 16
to 1, dniing which not a: silver dol
lar should be coined, that is if the
two metals are to have raji, equal
chance in the basis earned above: - '
Of course, it is not advocated that
coinage shall take place, on the above
basis. Neither is. it j advocated, as
some seem to thiuk it should be.that
the ratio 16 to 1 signifies that we
should have sixteen dollars where we
haye one now. " On that" basis the 1,
600,000,000 dollars now ia circula
tion, would have to be raised to six
teen times that amount,that is, to en
nomousBumof 25j600,000,000 dol
lars,which would give us ecirculation
of nearly four hundred dollars - per
capita, and take 480 years to coin it,
deducting the 1,600,000,000 already
in .circulation. The trouble with
thJLble standard seema to be the
efiort to enforce by law an eqmlity
where there ia no natural equality.
It is an attempt to make people de-
sire two things equally for one', o'.
t. r -V. i.i l r r
which they have preference
Now a noun'rv must nave monev
and plenty of it, too, tbis all will
admit, all will admit that the money
should be good money, and that
every dollar should have the same
purchasing power aa every other
dollar. To attain this desired re
sult there should not be too many
standards by which o measure the
dollars. TfihiQ-e'ie morebati one
standard and v they - vary; in "value,
the value's '.'c3Ffethe- standard,, what
they may je,at any f utnre timej be
coming 'o$&1$fsing elements in all
time trattfjl8nB.v The uncertainty
as to whijjtpyUsdA.r.fW.
meaaurejayuimaturity; f '.rjp'e
would baw'effect ofr m.ipg'jtbe
rate of interest high enough to cover
any DossrM&IbftBrfMin ar thana in
the value -the i standard, or the
kind of xdoiey- tb'be paid 'would be
ramed irfcVibe. vnbte- ' Thw would
cause the money rated hy the high-?
est standard to le., wit hd rsi n from
circulation orif. .used as . rrtonr, to
be used ifqmvitientPf;- blower
8tandardy aod'onseqieiTy '-a.' -n
premium. Npbpd.y wculd pny,
hundred doUab. wjth. 8 it.
Be ven ty -fi vedftja rS in 'Jgol wonTdj
buy silver doISrXtV?!5,?' Pajtth
debt. , -ji - n i -'
To avoid this i Beetu? that ,te
world has decided that is -would be
best to gqldvtbe Ni)dTd add
then coin all the gold aud si; Ver ttia
the ;fhtri ,iigh'
need. Mafesgb.1 anrijnl trailed
tender, and'rl.verdpllarf ag'l tp
dr for wbteampqn t luihLaeem
best for tfre welfaa;bfv,all interests.
If silver .is'too hevj and les's desir
able as a. money metal than gold, "to
attempt W'forcfe pedpje ' to rfeeive,
carry and.hapdlet to a uurdensome
extent, would be equiyaleht to using
means to:e8trBy7'it'j3se a . money
metal, the" ery-tMiag '-that11 might
not be desirwL.,,!- .
By hayirfg the sMJgk 'gold stand
ard, a atbp.Vvjdjbe,;"ih
contention beWtt4ftt&ndto;3s in
the tradmjj.nni3ri1.
All time-couiraotf wpnia ctanaaaeiOD
a less donbtfV;It" wbhld fetdp
juggling wijif tb'atfthdvad
thus remove disturbing" forces Which
are a constant, hinderaiice to promote
ing the business interests of the
Aoantiy. t tZ&i'-'"-' ' -'
In the' iatter i (jt8electrag the
tandard"of tsture'whiJh' must from
its valuer cafyaftBBe,!. bi -uuwa,
the eameriBcipleWlnhe casBs Of
train. fr'mC3k4n4
should obt?jii)eite trgracTe
upward thajdbret.
to raise thelejUn'afliL!! 4t)
it, if
adhering to -tfiwBncipie. people
come mortrtr1fttM;1ieftfefhH!
essential . a uiwv" .
thrifty. 'rh1JOtWfe'4Mofra
worth eom?(tiV'f w'
c::? cf ltcl t 1
how tbey spend it. Tbey are likely
to be more economical.
But to make tht standard too
high would not be well. That
might "doinjury to certain classeB,
Tue general opinion of the most
enlightened "people ?of. the world
seem to have settled ' the matter at
least for the present. Gold haa been
selected as the standard, and will
remain the standard until the com
mercial world discovers a better. Its
stability of value makes it fit for
the standard. .. (:. ; (,
If any part of the people really
desire silver as the standard, the
best way to proceed would seem to
be, to set about persuading and not
forcing the" commercial world to
take it!' ' 'Persuasion is sometimes
more effective than force. .
Two Small Towns In the Salilo River
Yailey Xearly Washed Away.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. " 5. A
special to the Chronicle from Pied.
raaNegras, Mexico, says that ad
vices have reached there of the al
most complete destruction of the
towha of Roderiguez and Abastor,
situated Eouth of there in the valley
of the Salidor river. Both places
were wiped out of existence by a
cloudburst, which ocenrred ia the
Sau Bias mountains, back of the
towns. The water rushed down in
the- valley, in a tremendous torrent
sweeping everything before it.
Lt covered the ground to a depth of
eix fret .and the flood was from six
to nine miles wide. The business
houses and residences of the two
towns were built of adobe, and they
melted away before the torrent of
water like so much sand. The town
of Abastor had a population .of
1,500 people.
('mains; Prisoner. " '
Herny Hopkins, a young negro
from South Carolina, was Thursday
Rnested at Harrisburc bv Constable
EJ rf -fe f ,arCfi Tbe o2i..,.r
; ".a bringing h'B game to town to
Ihi delivered cvsr to the Sheriff, bnt
when within a few miles of h:3 des
tination the thief broke away from
the clutches of Mr. Harris and took
to the basbes, Mr. Harris came on
to the city and told his "troubles to
the sheriff whereepoii- Sheriff Sims,
Deputy Kill and Mr. narrs all
three started out in search for the
negro, buL without araii. They
"were close on to hini but be was
clever in evading them, and is still
at liberty.
ffitltNbnry'K C'eiwns IV e are Ahead.
i - - .
Through the efforts of the Herald
j Siabury's census has been taken.
HVr the iiicorporate limits the cen
sns is 4.619 countingjn the suburbs
lie number is swelled to 6.208.
We j J6t most have our census
lake'p- . Salisbury ; was larger i a
1890, but we have reasons for be
4iafing that inside the corporate
Mtnits we have over 6,000, . saying
nothing of our snto'bs. SaUsbury
fea-J hti a gratrying iricrea-.e in 5
years; - '
An ) riii Broken.
Wednesday four young ladies,
Mi 4s --Lou l a Cook, of St John's, and
her guests, Annie and Kcnma
Hearnp, ot A'bemarle, ad Mba
Grace Hei!i, of Mti Plea3aat, spen
dfeveral.h!ira ip thescity.. O i their
return io -Miss Cok'4" hone when
ntarcoid water creek, t? horses b";
came frig'iteaed- anl ahifi. Th"
ladies were excited nd in j'iutjin?
from th3 conveyance one of the
Misses Hearne fell and broke an
Hihh Whnrey Mnrrlert.
' Ou Thursday at Mooreaville Miss
Nannie Wharey, daughter of Dr.
Wharey formerly paator of Bockj
River Presbyterian church, and
Profi.H A; Gray, who taught at
Rocky River one yew, but now at
wtersville, were married. - Mrs.
P BTetzer. of Concord, and MiaB
Fannie Staff ird, of Harrisburg, at
tended.1 ftaUiy ttcalued. . . . - . .
About the worst don up man we
have seen ' on the streets in some
time waa Mr. H E Bates, an em
ployee of the Cornelius cotton mil's
at Davidson College. On Tbnis
day while working around the big
basin in the slather room, himself
with Mr, Richard Stough, secretary
of. thes com pany , and a M r. Hb n ter
who attends to the slasher machine,
iyere.yictims to a terrible scalding.
The lid Jo the kettle flew oil and the
.slashes threw, boiling composition all
about-the room. Mr. Stoigh was
'wka.'lserioufly.and probably fatally
eteamedV-while the o.ber two. men
'eaeaped "through a window without
any ,rei d amage, other . .lb an their
kfacfa 5 tewibly -burned,' Mr. Bates
iacta.P;,;"ft'Prett' one t0 taze Pon
in its present disfigured condition.
Man to Keaen the Concord Market
With Aew Cotton-JnHl Keven Bay
Later Than LaNt Tear
Aboat 6 o'clock this (Friday)
morning, September 7, Mr. Ben
jamin Burleyson, of No. 10 town
ship, reached the city with a 423
pound bale of tbis year's cotton
crop, which is the first bale fbr Ca
barrus. He was the first last year
by thrue hours, Capt J M Odell be
ing the second. He was just seven
Jaya later this year than last, having
brought in a bale on che 30oh day of
August. Mr. Burleyson says his
crop will be about two-thirds, and
that it is at least two weeks later.
He receiyed 8 cents for his cottdn
this year, Cannons & Fetzer haying
purchased it. The contest between
Mr. Burleyson and Capt Odell for
the first tale was close this year, too,
Capt. Odell having had his at the
giu while Mr. Burleyson's was on
the market.
This old farmer of No. 10 and
Cabarrus is one of the foremost and
as a souvenir he has preserved for
twtnty-seven years the coat he was
married in and the same was the
one be wore to town this morning.
It waa made by Capt. J M Alexander
of this city; and says that not a
seam has ripped or a button pulled
off. The material of which the coat
whs made is a black French cloth,
which at the time it was purchased
cost $7 per yrd .
Npralned HI Arm While Playtitr
Baseball has been the cause of
considerable suffering among the
players during the season, and at
this late hour we yet chronicle acci
dents. At the High School grounds
r"ridy afternoon a game was iri
progress when Master Richard Gib-1
eon waa a ranner. ue stutnnieu,
fell ani sprained his arm. The lit-
tie fellow suffered intensely Friday
night, and not until his arm waa ex- j
amined this (Saturday) morning was
he (satisfied that it was not broken.
But then there is no danger iu play
icg baseball if yoa can avoid acci
Four Dig Successes.
naving the Beaded merit to more
than inake pood all the advertising
cloimed for them, the following four
remedies balle reached a phenome
nalsale: Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption, coughs and colds,
each bottle guaranteed Electric
Bitters, the great remedy for Liver,
Stomach and Kidneys. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, the best in the world,
and Dr. King's New Life Pills,
which are a perfect pill. All these
remedies re g'.ar int' i to do just
what ib cluiine 5 i;r fhui fii'd the
dealer whos.-) name is attached hero
with wi.l be glaJ t o tell joa ruoro of
them. Sold at. Ffuztu'd drug store.
vg Hurt of children's knee pants
just in 20, 25, 40 and oO cents
per pair at Ci&nors & Fetz-r'a, tf
Snys the Wiimiuson Review : The
Concord Standard wants a census
of its own town and proposes to
take onefofsrth of it meif. This
Mr. Joo Goodmin s'ruck town
from Augusta, Ga., Friday morning
tt 8:10; at 8:20 he was selling goods
At bis old accastomod place. This
is rapid tiansr.
There ia considerable complaint
dbcuc the 0'iwho!-!ton!e utmvpLere
in tLat portion of tb r iy known as
the north end cf Chare ft treet,
Sanitary flicers, take i-o;itv.
There will be three circoata at
Raleigh this fall. As yet none have
signified their intention of com
ing to Concord. They think our
people can go to Charlotte to Bee the
In Wadesboro it required 33bal
lot8 to !elect a county physician.
They have a habit all up and down
the Bboe-etriog district of taking
mauy ballots in any kind ot a con
The Cabarrus . "Black Boys were
inspected on the graded school
grounds Fridty ' night. About
thirty fie of the- members were
present and made a very good ag
1 A hacking cough keeps the. bron
chial tub-s in a state of constant ir
ritation, which, it not sppedily re
moved, may leal to chrenio bron
chitis. No prompt, r remedy can be
found than Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Its effect is immediate and the re
sult permanent.
A white man" by the name of
Frank Dowell - got on a jag at Ad
vance last Sunday and while down
some mischieyious boys got some
black and green paint and painted
the word? ?new brandy"' on his face
Dowell says that the only thing he
objected to, -waa that he got the paint
on hi ehirt.Datie Times.
If you eee it m The Standakd,
it's bo. No amount of inquiry will
change the substarca of it.
' The court house site for Mecklen
burg is yet as uncertain as the sola
tion of the financial question.
Master Jay Sima is quite sick with
fever. Mr. J B Caldwell is attend
ing to the eipiess business for him
There would be more progress in
settling things if a good rain would
fall than by any other process we
know of.
Mr. John Stirewalt, near the Row
' an-Cabarrus line, died Tuesday from
the effect cf a stroke of paralysis six
weeks ago.
North Carolina College and Mont
Amcena Seminary, at Mount Pleas
ant, opened prosperously on Wednes
Mrs. Dr. L A Bikle, after spend
ing her summer yacation with her
daughter, Mrs. G W Means, has re
turned to her home in King's Moun
tain. Not a person in the city is more
generally missed than is Maury
Richmond at Swink's store. He is
quite sick at his home on North
Mam street.
G E Fincher, who has been in the
Monroe jail for six months, charged
with scaling $4,000 from an aged
man of Union county; was liberated
Wednesday on $500 bail,
Mr. J. D. Heath, who has been
associated with Dry, "Wadsworth &
Co., of Albemarle, as cotton buyer,
haajgone to Charlotte, haying accept
ed a position with Heatb & Co., cot
ton buyers
Mr. M F Nesbit, of Coddle
Creek, and Mr. T D Miller, of
Siatesville, spent today ( Thursday)
in the city on business. Cabarrua
loct a good citizen when Mr. Miller
went to Statesvill.
Sheriff John A. Sims (showed ua a
specimen of rare wool brfM'srht with
him from bis recent r.riji io Tixas.
He has about a dozen pieces?, and
will haye them trimmed and finish
ed up for walkmg sticks.
"Monroe correspondence : "Mr.
M L Mareb, of this county, but re
cently of Baltimore, ia here for a
few daya making preparations for
opening up a drug store in Concord
towards the last of the month.
On Wednesday at Norwood,
Stanly county. Miss Frankie Lentz
was married to a Mr. Ingram, of
Rockingham, Richmond county.
The marriage waa a quiet one. The
bride is a Bister to our townsman,
Mr. A E Lentz.
Mr. W A Smith went out to the
Reed gold mine today (Thursday)
where a 10-Btamp mill ia being
placed. Work in that section in
gold mining interests are daily in
creasing and the output ia still very
Mr. D B Overcash, of Cabarrus
county, and Miss Minnie Abernathy,
of Catawba county, were married
Wednesday and will arrive' on the
Statesville train today and dine at
M II Hunter's, on North Church
street. Charlotte Observer.
Mrs. Martin Propat, of ' No. 5
township, wrestled with a shaking
cLill Wednesday. The family waa
very much alarmed, thinking it a
congestive chill, but such was not
the aise, however. Mrs. Propst is
very fl jshy and was cold for several
The Lenoir Topic, in it's Patter
son items, says something about a
former resident of Concord : Rev. L
M Brower gave us a-fine sermon at
Harper's Chapel "Sunday morning.
He is haying good meetings on the
Lenoir circuit, from which we hope
to see grand results., J -
Master Russell . Hatchett, the
bright little " boy of Mr. and Mrs
John D Hatchett, of Memphii,
Tenn., and grandson of. Mrs Esther
Gibson, of this city, is lying at the
point of death at his far away home.
He has diphtheria. A message was
received today bearing the sad intel
ligence. A young man got on the evening
train at the depot last night to get a
dr'nk of ice water. While fooling
at the faucet the train moved off.
He was carried to the coal chute and
let down, from where he "drilled" to
town. The walk waa a delightful
one, eays he, and the. scenery along
the railroad by moonlight ia grand.
Rev. G PBostic; once pastor, of
the Concord Baptist church, but for
several years a missionary to China,
had contemplated a viBit home this
i fall, but he ' writes his father - in
Cleveland county that it is impos
sible to make the trip.
Ths iroa railing for the veranda
ot the Morris house has arrived..
They had a regular gully-washer
in No. 5 Thursday evening.
The Arrington Instigating
committee hav adjoarn d.
"Hull-gull" will be the game
now, since chinqnepins are ripe.
Mr. II C Albea has 'secured a
position with Mr. D P Dayvanlr, a
splendid merchant of Concord.
Lexington Dispatch.
Mr. Will Fisher had to kill a fine
hog Thursday. The animal got its
foot caught in a crack of the pen
and in twisting, broke its leg.
The Durham Sun speaks of one
well known in Concord : Rev. R F
Bampasa, who has been here since
Tuesday, left today for his home at
Thedeath of Rev. RobtrA. Ful
ton, of the Jesuit Society, at the
College of Santa Clara, Cal., yesters
day morning ia annonnced. He was
born in Alexandria. Va, in 1S26.
The Nashville, Chattanooga &
St. Louis and the Western & Atlan
tic roads haye given notice of their
intention to withdraw from the
Southern Passenger Association
within six months.
News reached the city Wednesday
of the dea'h of Dr. Robert S Coch
rane, at Due Wear, S. C., which oc
curred Monday, September 2. He
was a son of Mr. J M Cochrane, of
Rocky River, and baa many relatives
in this, county.
At sheepsbfsJ Bonbueh, the son
of Bramble and Rosedale, and. the
five forlocgs in the opening event
without the semblance of an effort,
in 1:00 2-;, which i.i within a
second of Correction's famous record.
He covered the b.lf m;!e in .4Ti.
Mr. R'tm&ey, whos. mother'died
so sudden! in Iredell county and
about wheae depth then '.vas suspic
ion o" foul play, tells a Str.'esville
Landmark reporter that the matter
w;!l net be r rosecu ted further. The
son-in-law. efftred o compromise
on the will part.
The fact that Eccles & Bryan, of
Charlotte, are to retire from the pro
prietorship of the Central Hotel,
fallapon many people in a way
similar to death. The Standard
has reisons fort believing that they
will live for a long time in the same
ward, yote there and be where the'r
many friends can easily see them etc,
The Gastonia Gazette in speaking
of the selection of Mr. JM Parker
of McAdensville as Superintendent
of the new mill in Concord, says :
"The Buffalo mill is to be congratu
lated on securing as good a mill man
as Mr. Parker. He i3 the iuyentor
of a new spinning frame that has
elicited the admiration ot many mill
Mr. M L Marsh, who has been in
Baltimore for several years, is spends
ing a few aays here. He will open
a drug store in Concord Boon. He
is a young man of sterling integrity
and fine business capacity. He is a
son of the late J S Marsh, of this
county, and a brother of Mr W R
Marsh, of this place. Monroe En
untold msm
C. E. King, Water Valley, Mis ., cared by
Ayer's Sarsaparilia
"For five years, 1 suffered untold misery
from muscular rheumatism. I tried every
known remedy, consulted the best physi
cians, visited Hot Sprints, Ark., three times,
spending (1000 there, besides doctors' bills;
but could obtain only temporary relic, My
flesh was wasted away so that I weighed
only ninety-three pounds; my left arm and
leg were drawn out of shave, the muscles
being twisted up iu knots. I was unable to
dretm myself, except with assistance, ard
could only hobble about by using a cane.
bad no appetite, and was assured, by the
doctors, that I could not live. The pains, at
times, were so awful, ti.t I. could procure
relief only by means of yportermic injec
tions of morphine. I had my limbs bandaged
in clay, in sulphur, in poultices; but these
gave only temporary rllef. After trying
everything, and suffering-the most awful
tortures, I began to take Ayer's Sarsaparilia.
Jnside of two months, I was able to walk
without a cane: In three months, my limbs
began to strengthen, and In the course of a
year, 1 was cured. My weight has increase'"
-to 166 pounds, and I am now able to do my
full day's work as a railroad blacksmith."
fhe Only Worid't Talr Sarsaparilia."
: ATXB'S PIIL8 omp HemfcicA.
Justice Keith Adjndjren Colonel
Staples in Conleiuf Court.
Uolonel Btapies was en gaged in a
cane before Squire Keith to be heard
today a: 1 o'clock, bat Superior
court was late in adjourning and he
was a little late in reaching the J
P's. office.
Wben he cdled Justice Keith in
formed him that the trial was post
poned until tomorrow afternoon
Uolonel btaples had an affidavit or
two prepared and asked that Keith
swear the parties. Very abruptly,
it is charged, Keith refused to do
so, whereupon Staples remarked
he was not fit to tiy a dog, or wordB
to that effect.
His justiceship then ordered him
under arrest for contempt of court.
Colonel Staples at once went before
Judge Starbuck and obtained a writ
cf habeas corpus and the ca.e is to
be heard this afternoon, "after court
adjourns. Colonel Staples in the
meantime being released on his own
How the "learned" justice could
adjudge any one in contempt when
he had just stated court was not in
session is a new procedure.
Colonel Staples is acting upon
principle, with no fear of being im
prisoned, for if Mr. Keith or any
other justice can at will, postpone a
case, thus keeping a defendant in
jail or from being beard as long as
he pleases then indeed have we fall
eD on evil times.
At present it looks like a high
handed outrage and the end is not
yet, Greensboro Record.
Street Improvement.
It ia ueele83 to say that much is
being done to improye the condition
of the 8treets and to beautify the
town in various parts. A payement
is being built on the east end of De
pot street, to extend from where Mr.
Sandy Sapp lives on to the Lippard
roller mill property, which will add
greatly to the nouvenioce and looks,
i-ayor Morrison keepa the street
force continually improving' the
didewalks and streets.
John Mini Insane.
Our readers will remember the
brutal killing of his wife near Hun
teraville, last t Jnne. It was in a
fit of anger, .
The trial was set for Wednesday
in Charlotte. It appearing that
Sims was insane, the court get about
to investigate Sims' sanity. The
jury pronounced him insane, and he
goes to the Morgantan Asylum. If
he recovers, he will then be tried for
Going to Have Hist Way,
At last court, in Stanly, the judge
set a case for Thursday of this court
Judge Timberlake called it on Wed
nesday The attorneys in the case
stated that th6y weie not quite ready
and would not be until the day it
was set for. J ndge Timberlake, al
ready haying astonished the natiyes
of Stanly en his coat business, then
astonished the lawyers by saying:
"I allow no judge to fix cases for my
court so I adjourn." And court
broke for the term.
Twitted Around the Sharttng
John Withers, a little colored boy
who carried water at R, A. Brownrs
brickyard, while playing around
one of the brick machines Wednes
P"7 got his clothes caught by a set
screw on the main piece of shafting
and waa twisted into all kinds of
shapes. In going the rounds on the
shafting hethrew one hand out and
grabbed a cog wheel, which "ground
up several fingers. No bones were
broken except the fingers, but his
clothes were torn in shreds.
An IndnNtrlonn Veteran.
To see a one-arm man pushing a
wheelbarrow is an uncommon thing,
bnt the Bight waa witnessed by a
number this morning when Mr.
Ruben Fink, the one arm veteran,
passed along with his vehicle heavily
ladened with provisions. His form
waa bowed and great beads of pers
piration stnod on the old man's fore
head, but with a steady s'ep he
toddkd along. About his neck was
a large cord arid waa fastened to the
barrow handle at a convenient
I. neth. With his assistance and
his left arm. he wended his way
homeward, and was happy and con.
tent ith his ppor lot. Mr. .Fink
lost his arm during tbe late war
lie is a penfioner, but iadustrons,
and each day be fills his engage
ments aa a wood chopper. There's
a crown, for him.
Tin Trot.
If the Democratic party will re
main true to its sacred and immortal
principles, .and -not adopt every
political fallacy that is' introduced,
tt may expect to continue to be the
great and only true partf in North
Carolina Cleveland Star. ,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A Bust of I'harle Nnmner By Kd
monia Lewis, of Rome Chief of tbe
Various Departments for the HI ate.
The work of installing exhibits at
the expositien is going farward
rapidly. A contribution to the sue
cess of the negro exhibit, will be a
bust of Charlea Sumner a fine
piece of sculpture by Edmonia
Lewi?, of Rome, Italy. 'I he sculptor
is in Rome looking to other exhibits.
Active preparations are being made
by directors of the exposition, look
ing to the enterfainraent of the large
number of colored people who will
attend the exposition from 'every
section of the conn try. Persons
have been engaged to thoroughly
canvass the city under the direction
of the chief of the negro department
and arrange systematic manner for
the comfort of colored visitors. A
colored hotel of 200 or more rooms.
to be conducted on the European
plan, ia a surety, located at a con
venient Bpot near to the exposition
Captain Valentine Howe, Wilm
ington, has been appointed chief of
the firemen's department for the
State; Sylvester Dibble, Washington,
S. C, assistant fireman; W M
Schenctc, Wilmington, chief director
of baseball clubs; L J Houser, chief
director of bycicle clubs for the
State, Captain C S L A Taylor,
Charlotte, chief director of military
department; J L Montgomery, Con
cord, chief director of barbers;
Jethro Sumner, Charlotte, assistant;
Frcf. Murphy, Statesville, musical
director; H II Hayden, photographer
for State of Nortn Carolina.
Very truly, W. C. Colemax, in
Charlotte Observer.
Concord, N, C Sept. 5, 1895.
' .Vti
Onee the Karliest,
Mr. Martin A Ludwig spent Sat
urday in town, but he did not bring
tbe first bale of new cotton. Years
ago ths race was between him and
the late Jo'n H Morrison. First
one aid then the other beat. Mr.
Ludwig has many a time ginned
cotton to 3 o'clock in the mornine
and thea leaded up the bale and
made tor town.
One of the Street Forrc Ilukesa Find.
While the stieet force was clearing
the grass and trash from the ditch
on East Depot street this morning
Henry Plunket, one of the faithful
hands, found in the crevia of a rock
in rear of the bank a small, double
barrel, brass handle pistel, known as
the "pepper-box" kind. The bar
rels are about eaten up with rust,
but tbe machinery part is in food
working order.
Lock Your Chicken KoohIh.
The following from the Charlotte
Observer sounds a warning :
"A colored man, calling himself
Alexander McCallum, frsm Red
Springs, struck the town yesterday.
He claims to haye been working in
the turpentine field one day when
the Lord appeared and took him to
Heaven, where he saw mauy angels
and the Lord. He did not Bee Panl,
Peter and John, for they were still
in paradise, but, being inspired, he
came back, and is now interpreting
tbe Bible for his brethren. He had
something wrong with his mouth
and cannot be well understood at
first, but one will soon catch on to
his story,"
A NnKgeHtive Motto.
' I've bought' a bulldog," aaid
Parsniff to his friend Lessup, "nd I
war.t a motto to put overliis kennel.
Can you thing of something ?"
"Why not nee a dentist's sign.
Teeth inserted here ?' " suggested
Marvelous Results.
From a Jettsr written by Rev. J
Gunderman, of Dimondale, Mich.,
we are permitted to make this ex
tract: "I have no hesitation in
recommending Dr. King's New Dis
covery, as the results were almost
marvelous in the case of my wife.
While I was pastor of the Biptist
church at Rives Junction she was
brought down with Pneumonia suc
ceeding La Grippe- Terrible parox;
ysms of coughing would last hours
with little interruption and it seem
ed as if she could not survive them.
A. friend recommended Dr. .King's
New Discover, it was quick in Mb
work and highl ' satisfactory in re
sults." Trial .bottles free, at Fet
zer's drugstore. Regular size COc
and $1.00. ; ' '
. Miss Etta Cochrane, of Harris
burg, in is visitingthe city, t'
Karnes Nepc. 251 h for the afeetlngr af
the Friends of Silver of All Parties.
Tonight the follwing was issued,
signed by Ed Chambers Smith, N B
Broughton, B R Lacy, S A Ashe, J
O Scarborough, W C Stronach, B C
Beck with, O H Cooke and others :
"Wheras, A great many prominent
Democrats from different portions
of North Carolina haye Bigned and
sent to us a recommendation for the
holding of a State convention at
some early date of all persons ep
poaed to the eingle gold standard, -now,
therefore, in obedience to this
rcque8t, we hereby invito all persons
who believe that he unit of value
which exiated prior to 1873 should
be promptly restored, and who be
lieve in the immediate free and an
limited coinage of silver and gold at
the ratio ot 16 to 1, irrespective of
the policy or action of other nations,
to meet in convention at Raleigh
September 25th inst., tor the pur
pose of consultation. This invita
tion is intended to embrace members
of all political parties regardless of
their convictions on other subjects
What Women Can Do.
She can throw a ball with a curve
that will defeat any catch in the
She can look like an aneel under
a shaded lamp and cheese cloth dra
She can endure more discomfort
for a longer period than an able-
bodied man, and remember it longer.
She will go into hysterica oyer a
mouse and walk under the nose of a
prancing team .of horses without
getting hurt. ...
She can tell to aTiust what is com
ing, and yet meet it with a baby stare
of innocence that would do credit to
a five-yer-old.
She has been known to deliver a
certain lecture that beat all the ser
mons in the world for teaching and
and long-suffering.
She can swathe her body in woolen
and sealskins and haye only a rim
of cold jet on her head, and yet not
believe she is taking cold in the bit-.
terest weather.
She can accuse a man 83 confident"
ly that he makes a clean breast of
his shortcoming, supposing she
knowa what Bbe is talkie g aboat,
when she is only guessing.
She can be too smooth and sweet
for anything if let alone with the
woman she hates, while a man un
der the same circumstances would
get himself arrested for assault and
The colored Baptist are holding a
reviyal at their church on old Mill'
Friday afternoon master Alex
Boyd killed twenty-three rata at
Fetzer's drug stoie. He found them
in a barrel.
- aus miaufc cuiia (ii-jjir. anuarra.
John Taylor, of Forest Hill, died
late Friday afternoon. Its remains
were taken to China Grove for in
A .- " -
Kre. f.P.Bett, Oiiatcatomite, n.j
wife of the editor of The Graphic, the toad j
Ing local paper ot Miami county, writes "r
"I wm trembled tetth heart iUmwm
for six years, severe palpitations, short
ness ot breath, together with mch
trame nervousness, that, at times I would -,
walk the floor nearly all night. We
consulted the best medical talent. - '
TktfMM tfcgrc wsi as fceysv w,
that I had organic disease of the heart for
which there was no remedy., I had read
your advertisement In The Graphic and
a y ear &g as a last resort, tried one bottle of
Xr, jrae A Cum fmr t h Hart,
which convinced me that there waa true
merit in it. I took three bottles each of the '
Heart Cure and Beetoratlve Nervine and
It complete! cured , me. I le&
well at night, my heart beats regularly and
I have no more smothering spells. I wtah
to say to all who are suffering as I did)
there's relief untold for tbem if tbey wlU ;
only give your remedies Just one trlU." ,
Dr. Miles Heart Cure to sold oa a mrf- j
guarantee that the first bottle will b- - ,
AH druggists sell itatU, 6 bottfce for,
lt wilt be sent, prepaid, on recent of (
bytlMlnaUtaAteiUcalCo Whart,
Dr. flliles' Heart fcrc;
Restores U;::'.
For, Sale by U Prnggigt.

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